Buhari will never rule Nigeria again – Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has claimed that the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari “will never rule Nigeria again”.

Mr. Fayose spoke on Sunday in a statement through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media.
Mr. Fayose also challenged the former Head of State to swear by the Holy Quran that he did not visit any hospital in the United Kingdom last week.

Mr. Buhari is currently in London on a working visit, according to the Directorate of Media and Publicity of his campaign.

Mr. Fayose said he predicted his victory in the 2014 Ekiti governorship election and therefore boasted he could also “see spiritually” the future of the country, including not only President Goodluck Jonathan’s victory on March 28 but also his successor in 2019.

He said, “I wish they can see spiritually what I am talking about that Buhari, despite the hullabaloo will never be president. I predicted my return as Ekiti State governor and I am saying it again that Buhari will never rule Nigeria again.

“After President Goodluck Jonathan, there will be a young element in his late 50s from the North that will be Nigerian president. I want to liken this revelation to the story of Elijah and Elisha. I am the Elijah while my followers are Elisha.”

He said he never wished Mr. Buhari dead, but added he was duty bound to expose the “antics of APC cabal” over the APC candidate’s health status.

APC leaders, including former Governor of Kwara State, Bukola Saraki, have released pictures of Mr. Buhari’s engagements in the UK, including a meeting with former Primie Minister Tony Blair, whose specific purpose was however not stated.

However, according to Mr. Fayose, those pictures were “photoshop pictures” meant to “deceive Nigerians.”

“I owe it a duty to Nigeria and its people to expose the antics of the APC cabal whose only interest is to seize power to further selfish interests,” Mr. Fayose said. “Without doubt, it is obvious that members of this cabal in the APC is trying so hard to deceive Nigerians on Buhari’s health status. That is the reason they have been using photoshop pictures to defend their lies on Buhari’s UK trip.

“First, they used a March 5, 2013 picture, claiming that Buhari was taking a walk in London on Thursday. Later they came up with another poorly cropped picture of Buhari with former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

“The same people who lied in September 2012 that they received a gold card invitation to attend the Democratic National Convention in the United States of America are behind the dressing of Buhari in the garment of lies and I challenge Buhari to swear by the Holy Quran that he did not visit hospital in the United Kingdom last week.”

However, in a swift reaction, an Ekiti based APC group, the Action Group, has berated Mr. Fayose for his “actions and words.”

“The indecorous governor is bent on seeing the APC presidential candidate dead before the March 28 presidential election because his party is sure of losing the election, and he feels he will stew for it,” the group said in a statement by its spokesperson, Segun Dipe.

It further accused the Ekiti Governor of spying on Mr. Buhari in London and “may soon start toying with the idea of snipers, that is, if he has not already.”


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    Confirmed! God bless you, Governor Fayose, certainly that is the voice of GOD and not man. The HEAVENS have declared it. The EARTH (witches) foretold it. ALL POWERS in HEAVENS and on EARTH belong to God. God has said it, we believe it and that settles it. No vacancy in ASO VILLA, GOODLUCK IS COMING AGAIN. GOD BLESS NIGERIA!!!

    • segun

      So God was part of the Ekitigate audio tape? Just asking.!!!! This must be god of Ayo Oritsejafor’s CAN!!!

    • Maitama Tambari

      Patriotic Prostitute, money for hand back for ground. PDP distributing public funds to prostitues to have nothing but abuses. God Willing, GMB Will be the next President, then we shall see where Ayo Fayose and his prostitute friend will go. GMB has ruled Nigeria and God Willing he would do that again as Nigerians are tired with GEJ ruling of deception. Late President Yar Adua directed the Military to flush and secure Maiduguri before his trip to Saudi Arabia. GEJ took over from Yar Adua when Boko Haram was caged in Maiduguri, every Nigerian have seen what happen in six years of GEJ reign. Boko Haram over running Yobe, Borno and Adamawa States and want Nigerians to return this person as President? Electricity project commissioned in 2006, GEJ recommissioned it again claiming fulfillment of his 2011 election Campaign, and you want Nigerians to return this President? Soludo and Sanusi Lamido Sanusi said billion of dollars were not remitted into Nigerians Account from sale of crude oil. T. Mbaki, Africa Unity Chairman of transfer of money from Africa to foreign countries also made similar report to AU. GEJ is defending the position thinking Nigerians are fools that his Government had never budgeted such money and National Assembly never appropriate it. However what the three personalities are referring to was money stole without reaching the treasury. Sanusi told us the money was never credit into Nigerians account in his bank. Mbaki made references to such activities Soludo ice the cake. GEJ is referring to appropriation funds. You want Nigerians to reelect such a person? NO. God Willing, CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

    • Richard

      The Almighty God is not a hypocrite , a hater and everything Fayose stands for. His prophesy is as a result of hallucination. As the Lord Lives, Buhari will be victorious in the coming election.

  • Gabriel Ola

    This thug is really disgracing Ekiti people with his uncultured utterances. His fear is that, if GMB win, there will be rule of law and definitely he has many cases to answer. Only under people like GEJ someone will beat a high court judge and go free.

  • julius oke

    Yes mr. Fayose, we make a strong point out of your ignorance that Buhari will never rule Nigeria by rigging like how you come to rule Ekiti but Buhari will rule Nigeria through good mandate given by good people of Nigeria.

  • Festuso

    Fayose, Fani-Kayode, Omisore, Adesiyan, Obanikoro….all birds of a feather flocking together. President Jonathan sure knows how to pick them. Of all the intellectuals we have in Yorubaland, just look at the calibre of people he’s picking to represent the Yoruba…what a shame! By their fruits…yee shall know them!

    • TrueNja

      You forgot to mention on you list fugitive drug baron Buruji Kashamu, ex-convict Bode George

  • Jika

    Why are you so obsessed with Buhari?The fact remains that wether Buhari rules or not is not for Ayo Fayose to determine,but that of God through the instrumentality of the Nigerian electorate.The last time I checked,you are neither God nor do you have more than one vote.It is sad to see this level of desperation,indiscretion and indecency being exhibited by some one who is supposed to be a Governor of a state with arguably the highest number of intellectuals in the country.It is because of people like Fayose that GEJ is loosing more supporters.

  • Don Messi

    I do not think much of Fayose nor PDP. But on this one, I share the same ‘sentiments’ with the stomach infrastructure govnr.
    It is against ALL laws; Natural and Spiritual for Buhari to rule this country again. HE IS CARRYING TOO MUCH BAGGAGE!
    I will mention just two(2) of these luggage that will make his DREAM Continue to elude him;
    1. REGIONAL, ETHNIC AND RELIGIOUS Gaffes as comments by Buhari which is un-becoming of someone desirous of ruling over a MULTI cultural and religious country.

    2. Subverting the constitution by overthrowing a DEMOCRATICALLY Elected civilian government and now desiring to rule as ‘Democratic’ president using the same constitution he scorned.


    *it seems to get worse with every shot. The last time he cried uncontrollably..just wondering what it will be this time…

    • Don Messi


    • Festuso

      If you lived in Nigeria during the period 1979 to 1983, you will realise that Buhari was Heaven-sent to have mustered the courage to overthrow the Shagari government. Democratic or not democratic, a bad government should not be allowed to remain in power a day longer than is necessary. Most people (with the exception of the Akinloyes, Umaru Dikkos and others benefitting directly from the misrule) actually rejoiced to see the Shagari government overthrown!

      • Don Messi

        Maybe if we had been patient and worked on our democracy, we will not be where we are today.
        One illegality(Buharis coup) usually opens the floodgates of other worse ones.. IBB.. Abacha..etc.
        It’s obviously a case of one step ‘forward’, a hundred steps BACKWARDS!
        The military incursions in our governance ws the bedrock and foundation of all the evils besetting this nation.
        Once again, I do not think much of the present regime in Nigeria, but for the discerning, Buhari has been put on a scale..and is found terribly wanting!
        His past will keep haunting him..

        • Festuso

          The question remains whether you are in a position to judge Buhari…..were you an adult living in Nigeria in 1983? You have to see the rot to believe it….people like Akinloye NPN Chairman, reveling in Akinloye-branded Champagne while millions could not afford one good meal in a day. There is NOTHING sacrosanct about democracy if the government cannot meet the needs of the people. China does not practise democracy but they have devised ways of caring for their over one billion population. The system of government is only a means to an end, not an end in itself. If a democratic government cannot perform, it deserves to be kicked out!

        • Yusuf

          its an african mentality to allow the criminal and ask the innocent to be patient and take heart, the only reason Jonathan is doing what he is doing is bcus Nigerians didnt crucify shagari who is responsible for all our pains from 1979 to date

      • Yusuf

        who will not rejoice to see this one overthrown? for example

      • David Abiodun

        Festuso .. you will notice that it is people with your mentality that support GMB. If a government is bad, you vote them out at the next election. Simple as that. You don’t overthrow them. It is undemocratic and unconstitutional to overthrow a government. GMB is not worthy of that Presidency. His records confirms this and his current associates in APC, makes it even worst his situation worst. HE WILL NOT GET THERE.

        • Festuso

          You said “If a government is bad you vote them out at the next election. Simple as that”!
          I wish it was that simple….maybe you live somewhere in Europe or USA where democracy has taken root over centuries of practice and where the citizenry have matured inwardly to enable such practice to give rise to a stable system. In Africa, it is a completely different story simply because we are not spiritually mature enough for it. Go down south to Zimbabwe and tell me whether the people have been able to replace Robert Mugabe by simply going to cast their votes against his regime. Or do you think it is because the people have not been yearning for a change of government in that country? Mugabe is just one example….there have been several other TYRANTS in the history of democratic rule in Africa to buttress the fact that Africans are not ripe for democracy….the people and the leaders have to be inwardly/spiritually mature for it! African get power and they sit tight as if it is their father’s heritage!
          However, as someone said, those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable!
          Furthermore, as noted in one of my earlier posts, there is NOTHING sacrosanct about democracy if the so-called ‘democratic government’ cannot meet the needs of the people. China does not practise democracy but they have devised a system of governance which cares adequately for their over ONE BILLION population. The system of government is only a means to an end, not an end in itself. If a democratic government cannot perform, it deserves to be kicked out!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    I agree with Fayose that Buhari will be rotting in jail or would have died by the time elections come around.

    • SAM .A

      Another moron who cannot think of his own . Omo ale ni Femi Fani omo Ife.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè, Orafidiya.

  • Festuso

    How come Fayose did not see spiritually before Obasanjo kicked him out during his first coming as Governor? Was his spiritual eyes blinded then? This guy really expects people to take him serious after we heard how he was screaming at the General who helped rig the Ekiti elections in his favour. Now he will have us believe that he is the Lord’s anointed and he can see spiritually….what a joker!

  • Preco01

    My take on this?”WE SHALL SEE” Nigeria is long over due for total PM and complete overhaul, we shall see who will laugh last!

    • djay

      Jonathan knows that as he is now campaigning himself since his supporters have failed to sway the masses to his side. His supporters including his e-rats.

      • Titi

        when he predicted his win he was relying on the ekitigate military robbery plans, he knows what he is relying on now but the Nigerian people are all out on this

    • Okey

      Yes, that’s it ! Lagos lagoon shore-burst which money for the checking was drained by Jagaban through Alfa Beta Ltd. Every little drizzle in Lagos, the shorelines are wiped out by ocean tide, houses are submerged while the woes of the average Lagosian are multiplied, made worse and hopeless as seen from the plight of this Isale Eko Lagos-Brazilian descent seen in this photograph.

      Certainly, Lagos shall be free from bondage and inhumanity of man to man !

  • sylvester

    how can someone who nipped Nigerian democracy at the bud rule Nigeria under democracy . there is no justification absolutely none for military intervention except personal interest, amassing of wealth, vengeance and greed for power and to distribute power to all the generals at the detriment of Nigerians. Nigeria was unable to move forward because of the military coups that interrupted democratic principle. .Nigerians be wise do not forget so soon what we suffered in the hands of the generals. how can you allow your great grand father to pilot the very plane you are in- expect the worst. Nigerians should not mortgage your future to APC because the leader is sick and old.

  • Yusuf

    Nigeria is your mothers property, old foool

  • SAM .A

    The Aja digbolugi of Ekiti, says he is possessed with spirit, who doesn’t know is a demon spirit. He has it in legions . He says he own a duty to Nigeria.NO ,your duty is essentially to your stomach infrastructure dependents of Ekiti, if this hydrophobic dog of Ekiti is not put on lease,he will not only start biting Ekitis ,he has been barking at Pa Obasanjo since ,people are not paying attention , the Digbolugi of Ekiti who insists that Buhari will never become a president may attempt something dangerous on him which will definitely fail . The man with legion demons knew his attempt to manipulate army will not work this time. He has resulted into putting his foot in the mouth and rant out nonsense . The Elders of Ekiti have a duty to put this mad dog on lease before he goes wild and dent this fragile democracy .

  • Dayo

    Things have really worsened for Ayo Fayose of recent. It is a pity. Does he have children? Does Fayose have a family-both immediate and non-immediate? Does he have children? Things are getting worse for this man. Are you okay Fayose?

  • ilesanmi

    I never like Fayose and his party but I will say a big AMEN to his prayer that “Buhari will never rule Nigeria again” (Amen again) How can a tyrant from whom God rescued Nigeria in 1985, come around to lure us back into the captivity. Those who did not personally experience Buhari’s madness (1983 – 1985) may not understand the type of Babylon Buhari made of Nigeria and if God has not used Babangida (sometimes God uses satan to fight the satan) Nigeria would have become another Golgotha. Buhari’s attempt to rule Nigeria again using some demonic forces such as Obasanjo, Tinubu etc is a big temptation. A vote for Buhari is a vote for the devil. The so called “Change” is a ruse. His claim to have fought corruption during his tyranny is a complete nonsense. Buhari is corrupt, he overthrew a democratically elected government just because Shagari’s government dared probed the missing $2.8bn in NNPC when Buhari was Fed. Commissioner for Petroleum under the “Akogba-tugbaka” of Otta. Buhari has also exhibited this corrupt trait when he falsely swore to an affidavit over his educational credential, is this a man who working with PDP rejects that can effect a positive change in Nigeria? ABSOLUTE NOT

  • Francis Nwazza

    ilesanmi if we were to depend on the past we shall never make a head way. I do not know that particular offense Major Buhari committed against you, but do you believe that Nigeria in all aspects is at a crossed road? Do you accept the fact that Nigeria needs an urgent help, permit me to say, even if it were from the worst ‘devil’? Please for goodness sake let us be objective in our assessments.

    • Okey

      Then, is a movement from the sick bed to the mortuary an actualization of the “Change” you are yawning for ? Please, mean your words / phrase: “let us be objective in our assessments.” De-robotize yourself from sainthood built on propaganda.

  • JB2000

    Mr Ilesanmi or Pa Ilesanmi should be reminded that he was not the only Nigerian alive during Buhari reign in 1983. Agreed there were excess but Buhari didnt kill as many people politically as your GEJ has done economically in the last 6 years. Maybe you are one of those stealing Nigeria blind and afraid of GMB. I hear your likes, the NNPC and the Minister of Pet and NIMASA are all having running stomach. You are also speaking for your self and cant even convince your household not to vote for GMB. Your likes abound the Afenifere with expired ideas. Your votes no longer count in Yoruba land. We will open the gate of heaven for you to enter immediately GMB (your so called devil assumes power on May 29 2015). I do hope you will not wait a minute to meet your God Mr Holier than thou.

  • bello audu

    Mr. Fayose spoke on Sunday in a statement through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media.
    Mr. Fayose also challenged the former Head of State to swear by the Holy Quran that he did not visit any hospital in the United Kingdom last week.

    Mr. Buhari is currently in London on a working visit, according to the Directorate of Media and Publicity of his campaign.#GEJNaija

  • Francis Nwazza

    Jika pls tell him if he will listen.