Buhari is healthier than Jonathan, says Kwankwaso

Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso

The Governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso, has stated that the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari is in a better health condition than President Goodluck Jonathan and is therefore, fit to rule Nigeria.

Mr. Buhari, a former Head of State and Retired General of the Nigerian Army, is presently on a working visit to the United Kingdom.

His campaign office had issued a statement Thursday saying in the course of the visit, Mr. Buhari will hold meetings with key members of the British political establishment and interact with some global institutions with interest in the affairs of Nigeria.

“General Buhari would hopefully give a talk at the prestigious foreign policy hub, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatam House in London, the spokesperson for his campaign, Garba Shehu, said.

However, there has been wide speculation by supporters of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, that Mr. Buhari was actually ferried out to receive medical attention because his health was failing.

The Kano governor who had a chat with newsmen in Kano on Sunday said Mr. Buhari has no health challenges.

“By my judgement, since we finished our party primary elections, he is sound, hale and fit to rule this country.

“In fact I feel he is healthier than the incumbent occupier of the seat because he went to all the states on campaigns in addition to other engagements that come in between,” he said.

Mr. Kwankwaso also accused the Federal government and the ruling PDP of sharing money to win the presidential election fixed for March 28.

He said money alone cannot give success in the forthcoming elections.

“The Federal Government and the PDP can use all the money in the treasury to bribe whoever they want, but God, the Almighty, has his own way of doing things.

“Power belongs to Him not to those with money or who control security agencies. Nigerians are wiser,” he said.

On his stewardship as governor, Mr. Kwankwaso said every state governor can work to develop their states unless if they chose to steal instead.

“People are surprised and many are asking questions that where did we get the money to do these projects we are doing in Kano. But the truth of the matter is that – you cannot steal and perform. It is the money for projects that people steal that is why they are not performing. In Kano we don’t steal,” he said.

He enumerated some of the landmark projects he undertook in the state to include the award of an Independent Power Project at Tiga and Challawa-Gorge Dam at the cost of N14.2BN, establishment of one garment factory in each of the 44 local governments in the state and the establishment of a Micro Finance bank also in each of the 44 local governments.

Mr. Kwankwaso also said 44 Schools for Islamic Studies and 44 Technical Schools were built in the state.

“These were with a view to ensure that all our children that finished primary school get space to proceed to have post-primary education

“I feel so fulfilled that our governments as been able to encourage Kano people to accord education the priority it deserves,” he said.



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  • thusspokez

    “The Governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso, has stated
    that the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress,
    Muhammadu Buhari is in a better health condition than President
    Goodluck Jonathan and is therefore, fit to rule Nigeria”

    Governor Kwankwaso should know because he is the physician of
    both the President and Buhari!

    • Abdul

      Yes now, just the way Fayose is a physician to Buhari.

      Is it true that Jonathan has LIVER PROBLEM?

      • Adebenson

        Jonathan may have malaria, liver, digestive or whatever problems.. however he has actively been carrying out his functions since 2009. However whatsup with GMB who retired after 2011 elections, came back in 2014 and now falling sick… Old age sickness, prostate cancer or what?

        • Dan Arewa

          It is you that should answer that question because it is only you who said he is sick. You have to tell us but remember, don’t you ever try to use the old trick by producing FAKE medical certificate.

          • Adebenson

            Ask Abdul na? he asked first….

      • thusspokez

        Ask Governor Kwankwaso, the President’s physician.

  • Maria

    Jonathan has been suffering from liver cancer which is a result of excessive consumption of alcohol. He goes to German hospital more frequently and secretly too for treatments. I understand this is what Mr Kwakwanso is referring to by saying General Buhari is healthier than GEJ.

  • Adebenson

    Oh please… That is not what we are seeing… Buhari is SICK

    • True Nigerian

      What you see depends on your brains, not just your eyes.

      • Adebenson

        and my cattle rearing brain indicates that he is sick.. possibly mad cow disease.. what do i know, im a cattle rearer

  • babatope

    I find if comfortable to believe the governor of Kano state and am sure jona must have liver cancer due to his consumption of ogogoro. Loooool. Ogogoro master

  • Adebenson

    From pictorial evidence and from the activities of both, Buhari is Sickier (if such word exists)

    • Dan Arewa

      I think our drunkard president is sickier (if such word exists).

      • Adebenson

        looool…. at least his skin is not peeling off

    • progress

      Jonathan is the sickest, a drunkard is a time bomb.

      • Adebenson

        loool.. really??? you should see recent pics of GMB… nigga is quarter to go

  • True Nigerian

    Everyone knows that Jonathan is an alcoholic, a hopelessly addicted alcoholic. Anybody that knows anything about human health would know also that alcoholism is a deadly thing. Looking old and looking healthier are not the same thing. Buhari certainly looks older than Jonathan, but looks certainly healthier than Jonathan. Taking the damaging effects of alcoholism into consideration, there is no doubt that at 70+ years, Buhari is probably younger than Jonathan’s 57+ years by more than 6 years. Gbam!!! Just watch Jonathan when he hits 64. He will look by far older than Buhari is looking at 72.

    Is Edwin Clark not the same age as Olusegun Obasanjo, but just take a look at both of them. Obasanjo is almost looking like a son to Edwin Clark. 🙂

    Without any bias, I have no doubt on my mind that, medically, Jonathan is older than Buhari, and by far less healthy.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Yes this is a man of the people speaking and an agent of change. Carry on APC.

  • Aboki u need ur brain check.

    • bashdo

      Agent of the DEVIL

  • Fairgame

    Another muslim Hausa Fulani born to rule northerner salivating over political power to steal Niger delta oil. Na only frustration una go get. You can relocate to Niger, Chad, Somalia where you fellow jihadists rule but as for Nigeria, never will you have political power over a United Nigeria. All the oil in the Nigerdelta will burn up first before that happens. Tell that to you Buhari. Evil parasites.

    • Otile


  • Bobby Omoaghe

    My first comment ever on any social media talk ever is, Kwankwaso is either blind or e nor know book. Finito

    • truth is bitter

      too bad for your first comment.

    • True Nigerian

      Well, for a first comment, you can hardly start on a lower point than you did on this occasion. I have to congratulate you for taking your first step to partake in the discussions. But I must pity you for such a poor start.

      Keep telling yourself lies that Kwankwaso nor know book. This is the same guy that damaged Jonathan’s agenda in the Governors Forum where he and a few others taught Jonathan a painful lesson on peer politics. Kwankwaso is the man whose political exploits humiliated Jonathan and made Jonathan to damage himself by claiming that 16 is greater than 19. Those were the beginning of Jonathan’s undoing. The same Kwankwaso, in conjunction with Amaechi and others, midwifed the cross-carpeting that gave the opposition party the enormous strength it gained when the number of states controlled by the opposition was increased as a result of the cross-carpeting by the 5 governors led by Amaechi.

    • simon tor gideon

      You must be a very naive person to give a first naive comment.For your information,Kwankwaso is a Ph D holder in engenering and a fellow of Nig society of engenering.What is your educational qualification if I may ask? Secondary school cert or manipulated ond?

  • Otile

    No doubt Imam Mohamed Buhari is sick both body and mind. Aboki Kwankwaso is a big liar.

  • Ayo Odunsi


    A whopping 44 Islamic Schools ………… which obviously makes Kano a production factory for Boko Haram.

    How productive or rather destructive are the products of these Islamic schools ?

    But the question is …… why use public funds to build Islamic schools in a multi-religious, multi-ethnic State operating under the so called secular constitution of Nigeria ?

    Yet some are fooolishly asking …….. How would APC Islamise Nigeria ?

    This is the true color of APC …….. Buhari will even do far worse.

    • Otile

      Islamization is their goal all the way.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Well done, Rabiu Kwankwaso, the Physician-in-Charge in Rabiu Kwankwaso Hospital, Fagge Quarters. I never knew you had this unassailable knack for certifying people healthy! Well done for certifying that Buhari is healthier than Jonathan! There is no nonsense people would not hear this election campaign period. Please give Nigerians direction to this great hospital of yours; Nigerians want to visit it to check their health status.

  • Philip Gokir Musa

    Good talk Kwankwaso, now bring both of them on TV for a national debate. Buhari has been dodging it for reasons best known to him/APC/shekau. But if he is healthy, bring him on tv to discuss Nigeria’s health, and maybe his health too. That’s not too much to ask for

  • Shut UP

    This almajiri shud shut up. Who is fit to rule who? No more shall parasites lay their hands on my resources again. NEVER!
    Better be thinking of how you will beg to survive, bcos when Jonathan completes his term in 2020, we shall revert to pre 1914. Pure & Simple. You think Nigeria is Kwara State?

    U can see that ur Boko haram did not work. Your arms bunkers did not work. Jona is cruising to victory.

  • Zainab Ibrahim

    How POSSIBLE!!! This cant be true. GMB is sick and cannot rule Nigeria. GEJ is health and hearty and will lead Nigeria for the next four years.#GEJ4Naija

    • ama

      Stop impersonating just be bold and put down your name. By there word we shall know them. There bearer of the name you are using will type nothing but the truth. Stop being coward .

  • UYI111

    If anyone beleives you they will beleive anything .But i beleive you are sikcer than the two.

  • Eze1

    PDP wishes GMB death… God pass them

  • Ismail Ibrahim Bakori

    Kwankwaso is the brooding viper that directed northerners to stone the devil. You indirectly told them to stone Jonathan that he is the devil. But the good news is that in the Holy Quran C8V30 Allah said summary As evil doers plan, Allah too plan and Allah is the Best Planner. It is Allah that gave Jonathan power and no amount of evil conspiracies from any quaters that can consume him.

    • Otile