Buhari will save Nigerian economy as he did in 1983 – APC

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari, has assured Nigerians of succour from the effects of the nation’s current economic troubles.

In a statement signed by the Director of Media and Publicity of the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation (APCPCO),          Garba Shehu, the APC observed the “panicky and uncoordinated management of the national economy by President Goodluck Jonathan and his economic team”.

“It is apparent that the Federal Government has suddenly found itself in a bind with plummeting crude oil prices in the international market, but typical of a team that lacks capacity for anticipatory actions, the Federal Government has been running from pillar to post in a vain bid to stabilize the economy. Unfortunately, all conceived palliatives applied to save the nation’s declining economic indicators have merely scrapped the surface of the problems leaving the mass of Nigerians desperate, confused and hungrier.”

The team said the nation’s debt profile under the current Federal Government grew exponentially even while the country recorded the highest revenue accrued from impressive crude oil prices over a five-year period before the downward spiral of international oil prices.

“With external debt standing at more than $10 billion and our internal debts at more than $5 0billion, it is without doubt that President Jonathan is driving Nigeria into economic wilderness. This should be a cause for concern for all well-meaning Nigerians, more so when the Federal Government responses to these rising economic challenges have, at best, been casual.

“Emblematic of this casual, non-profound approach to the management of the national economy is the Central Bank of Nigeria’s devaluation of the national currency in November 2014 while retaining the Retail Dutch Auction System (RDAS). Dramatically, just under three months after that devaluation, the CBN, obviously buffeted by unanticipated dynamics in the foreign exchange market, announced the closure of the RDAS and the Wholesale Dutch Auction System (WDAS). This shows clearly an uncoordinated template in the management of the national economy,” the statement by Mr. Shehu said.

He added that the mismanagement of the economy by the Federal Government is turning Nigerians into economic derelicts, a people incapable of living up to required standards of existence, but help is on the way.

“Though we are conscious of the dire economic strait the Federal Government has pushed Nigerians into, we can assure the mass of Nigerian people that help is on the way. We know that an APC controlled Federal Government will obviously inherit a huge debt profile and an empty treasury from this PDP Federal Government. We are confident of turning the situation around.

“For our presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, it is a walk back through history. Recall that the Nigerian economy at this time shares characteristics with the Nigerian economy of 1983 when he took charge of the reign of government on a rescue mission. The Naira was weak, crude oil prices were plummeting just as the national treasury – coupled with a heavy debt profile. Hopefully, APC will turn the nation’s economy around.

“Our party’s economic policies are consciously conceived to be people-centred. For the first time in over three decades, Nigeria will experience a truly pro-people Federal Government. This is our commitment to the mass of our people, help is on the way, they should not despair,” the statement said.

APC campaign restated Mr. Buhari’s commitment to end profligacy, mismanagement of the nation’s revenue which is dwindling by the day and block leakages with a view to saving needed funds to drive an APC-led government’s economic and infrastructure development.

“It is crystal clear that our revenues are dwindling by the day and if we must survive, we cannot continue on this path of near absence of accountability, mismanagement, outright waste and jamboree that has characterised the management of public resources under the Jonathan-led PDP government. General Buhari by his antecedents will run a lean government that will free resources to be deployed to his envisaged government’s interventions in critical infrastructure and economic development.”


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  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Does senile, illiterate Buhari know what economy means? I suspect that the certificate forger and perjurer will be in jail by the time the elections come around. That is if he is not dead by then.

    • progress

      Omobastard it is you and your paymasters that should afraid of what becomes of you come may 29th 2015.

      • Philip Musa

        How do you run an economy without a first school leaving certificate/waec? And when presenting “evidence” of secondary school attendance, you show an F in math? How do you make sense of nnpc’s balance sheet if you fail ordinary hausa level mathematics? You’re a dreamer

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè.

    • August January

      When would you get your brain back? Undoubtedly, PDP has kept your brain in a cooler somewhere, but I only hope the cooler won’t be missing as our money has been missing and unaccounted for under Jonathan the corrupt thief

  • BlackieUmukoro

    APC should stop insulting themselves and assaulting our sensibilities with their blatant lies and sickening propaganda. They should stop reminding us of the dark days of 1983 to 1985 when buhari stole into office with the barrel of the gun. If he so managed the economy, how come IBB introduced structural adjustment programme (Sap) in 1986 and consequently devalued the Naira for the first time. Buhari’s changing the colour of our currency and the 53 suitcases besides others smuggled through the northern border effectively marked the beginning of the collapse of the Nigerian economy

    • progress

      Am very sure you were a baby in 1983-1985 otherwise. You won’t be making this poor comments.

      • Richard

        Even if he was a baby then, can’t he asked his elders the history . you acquire more knowledge by asking questions.

        • Titi

          he can even type ‘GOOGLE’ on his toy

          • Guest

            Good one! leapfrog pad comes to mind.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Your father has not known your mother then, hence you do not have a first hand parental briefing of buhari’s atrocities then. Sorry Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Dis ppl are just having a laugh.

  • Yusuf

    the announcement alone of Buhari as a winner will create a local minimum for our negative economic indices such as stock market capitalization and value of naira

  • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

    I didn’t know APC does comedy too.
    I was putting them down as only alarm specialists.

  • Action_Nigeria



    The All Propaganda Congress (APC) is an Alliance of Powerful Crooks (APC) who completely deficient of All Progressives Confidence (APC)

    • mahmuduxp@gmail.com

      Qwhat will you call your PDP if j are calling apc crooks? jonathan government has mismanaged over 50 trillion naira in the last 5years.

  • Oluwole


    Buhari Is An Irresponsible Liar!!!

    It is regrettable that Muhammadu Buhari (73), the Presidential candidate of Nigerian first Islamic Party, the APC will descend this low in his act of dishing mountain of lies to Nigerians.

    On Thursday, the former Military dictator was flown to London for medical attention. He was admitted at a Private Hospital at Cavendish Street, Cavendish Square, W2 London West End, London.

    Buhari and APC denied that he was sick and hospitalized and according Hope For Nigeria, APC released pictures of Buhari taken on March 05, 2013 and labelled it, “Buhari strolling on the street of London on Friday, February 20, 2015”. What a shame!!!

    Buhari and his party were not satisfied when we bursted the first picture, they went ahead and shameless through the indicted former governor of Kwara state, Senator Saraki, who tweeted a group picture of himself, Buhari, Gov Amosun (who was campaigning in Nigeria), and Tony Blair (who was in Gaza, Middle East.

    Like the deciets of Buhari’s school certificate, below, according to Hope For Nigeria was a phone Interview Buhari had with Thisday Newspaper to cement these lies.

    Question: THISDAY: They said you were hospitalised in a London hospital?

    Answer: Buhari: “I am in London with Senator Bukola Saraki, Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State for a short working visit.

    “I just finished talks with the former Prime Minister of the UK in his country home.

    “I would be having another meeting with the Awujale of Ijebuland soon. Apart from this, I am also visiting some friends. As you can hear from my voice, I am hale and hearty with some of my friends around me”.

    As you can see, from the picture attached by Hope For Nigeria, Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is on Peace Mission across the world in the last 4 days.

    Blair was in Belgrade, Serbia on a visit to their PM, Aleksandar Vucic. He later visited Rwanda till Saturday. The former British PM left Rwanda to Israel en route to Gaza, Palestine.

    One wonders why Buhari who claims to be the oracle of integrity, will lie to the world that he visited Tony Blair’s country Home and APC announced that they visited Tony Blair’s office. sadly,Tony Blair’s office was closed on Saturday. We are demanding more explanation from the self claimed anti-corruption crusader, Buhari.

    Buhari has not been able to attend two official engagements and the major events in his claimed working tour of United Kingdom’s itinerary.

    Lies must be seen and treated as lies. Buhari is very dishonest and will not be trust. It is a shame that Buhari do not have the courage to apologise to Nigerians for the chains of lies his dishes out day-in-and-out.
    Courtesy: Kadiri

    • August January

      I can see you’re a carbon copy of Fayose! God has been disgracing you. Keep on cooking up lies, God will keep on disgracing you. Awon ole! Jaguda paali!

  • Jaja


    First of all, when did Duncee become a General? Why is it that they refer to her as a General? She was only a Major General when she was sacked from power. Or is a Nigerian Major General = General? The same way military certificate of 9 moths training is equal to Masters degree- Possible only in Nigeria.

    Duncee has no shame at all. After 32yrs, he is still fighting to become president. While the whole world and even Mandiba rejected Abacha after killing the Ogoni 9, Duncee stuck to his boss till the end. —and some demented folks tell us that somebody will ‘save; Nigerian economy.

    By the way, how did he save the economy in 1983? Was it by abolishing free education and introducing school fees in UPN controlled states of Ondo, Bendel, Ogun & Lagos? These Oluwoles peddling this falsehood in a Joseph Goebberg style will live to regret their actions soon. …when that time comes, we will not forget. We will remind them and grant them no aid/loan no matter how hard they plead.

    • mahmudu

      1atalk about what is happening now in the economy dont insult buharis reputation cos he is far better than all of your families.

  • Peter Irene

    Buhari Integrity alone will immediately drive our currency northwards without even doing anything. We all know that these people in this present Government are looting the treasury changing them to dollars to either keep in their houses or transfer them through cronies abroad. No accountability. He (BUHARI) has promised to declare his assets and liabilities publicly and would encourage his colleagues in Government to do same while attacking curruption frontally unlike what we have now when the people in Goverment and their wives are billionaires in dollars. When few dollars is being chased by billions of stolen Naira how will Naira not fall. I bet you if the present Government wins the dollar will be 400 Naira before the next four years. If Buhari wins which a majority of honest Nigerians are praying for the dollar will be less than 100 Naira in the next four years. The same effects are expected in the stock market which has lost up to more than 2 trillion Naira since the postponement of the election. Clearly a win for PDP will be an unmitigated disaster for the citizens.

  • kenny G

    The economy is in shambles, Okonjo iwuala has destroyed our economy under the “able ” supervision of president Jona. Before you jump up to attack me, ask yourself these simple questions, 1- how much I’m i earning today and how much should I be earning? ,2- how much do I have in my bank account? 3- can I afford a better education for my children, ……… I can go on and on, but each of us have questions that demand answers from this government.

  • Bestvoice123

    Buhari save yourself first from evil, anger, wickedness, egocentric, bigotry, intolerance, rascality, your theology of death, your violence ideology. Just to mention but a few.

    • mahmudu

      Su are referring to your self jare not buhari.

  • Darandu Okemmuo


    • August January

      A supreme spirit that does know the spelling of TERNURE. I pity your miserable life, because you’ll hang yourself and die when Buhari will be sworn in as the president of Nigeria on 29 May 2015. Next time, write TENURE. ok? Empty barrel

  • evi

    How did buhari save our economy in 1983 ? They forgot to state it here,no facts or figures or graph.they took time to criticise Jonathan but failed the HOW test .Apc is very good at promising heaven on earth but when you ask them how they will achieve it,they don’t have an answer. Buhari was asked what he would do about falling oil price in the world, buhari’s answer was that he would.stabilise the oil price, is buhari OPEC,can even OPEC stabilise the oil price? Buhari that retrenched hundreds of federal workers and turned our economy to trade by barter economy , cancelled lagos metroline project initiated by shagari that would have cost 60 million and rather paid the fine of 600 million for breach of contract. How exactly did buhari save the economy?

    • Garden-City Boy

      He knows two ways to “save” economy:
      i) 1st century TRADE-BY-BARTER
      ii) Return to the era of “ESSENTIAL MATERIAL” era.
      And that is where Buhari’s economic sense begins and ends. In anticipation of possessed, masked men parading as politicians, electoral laws baring fellows without requisite qualifications were put in place. What do you expect from a semi-illiterate, holy cow who seeks to bulldoze his way into Aso Rock except ideas from his ancient history trade-by-barter cookbook?

    • mahmuduxp@gmail.com

      He has save from inflation of 23% to 5% .

  • warry

    This is a lie. The economy never improved, ordinary milk,sugar,rice,etc became essential commodities. In fact it became so bad that IBB had to pursue him away. APC has an Ideology. Of lies,propaganda,deceit,hypocrisy,manipulations and more lies.

  • Original_Raskal

    Shagari was president until Dec.31st 1983. Probably buhari saved the economy from Dec. 32 – 100th 1983? Because in 1984 – 1985, nigerians were already dying of hardship and the term “essential commodities” was invented. The worst years of naija history. Those of us who live through those years never pray to see it again. APC is stup1d party!

    • Isi Agwo

      My brother, you stole my thunder. How people think they can turn the lowest point of Nigeria’s economy (trade by barter), international isolation, wanton trampling on all forms of human rights to become anything else than misery, 31 years, after beats me. People are bent on making a known Satan to an angel. Propaganda has limitations.

    • Buhari is so demented with his 1983 magic.APC is a toilet party!

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Vanguard News: The Nigerian economy is facing huge financial haemorrhage as politicians, corporate bodies and foreign investors are moving funds massively out of the country as well as from Naira to dollar.

    In a survey of payments made by the CBN on behalf of the public, a total of $22.1billion went out of the country in five weeks, an average of $4.5 billion a week. While about $3.083billion went out in the week ending 31st July 2014, the amount of foreign exchange flowing out of the country rose to $4.2 billion for the week ending 30th August. It however dropped to $4.1billion on the 30th of September and moved astronomically to $5.29 billion for the week ending 31st October 2014. The foreign exchange outflow went further up to $5.35billion for the week ending November 30th.

    This capital flight has resulted in the crash of the Naira exchange rate which had remained stable before the election and the crash of the international crude oil price. But CBN has attributed the collapse of the Naira at the inter-bank to currency speculators who buy and hold currency for them to sell at a future date to make some gain. The movement of funds out of the country comes by way of Nigerian residents buying up dollars with their Naira and moving it offshore

  • excel

    The present leader lacks character and integrity to improve the country economy. GMB stand a better chance to revives the nation economy. Nigeria need urgent CHANGE

  • Abdullahi sanisokoto

    Yes, iam sure Buhari can save nigerian economy bcs he did it when he is a president and I believe that the control nigerian economy is simple to bcs he a man of trust.

  • blueeyedkitten

    for me to still be buy fuel @95N per litre, despite the reduction by the FG? i know what to do come march 28. am gonna vote for GMB; because i know, this nonsense would not happen under his watch. never!

  • Mr. Abdin

    The economy of the country is in a very serious condition and we need the intervention of prominent Nigerians like the team of the APC so that they can fix the country well. Buhari is highly prepared and he will surely fixed the economy of our dear country Nigeria. Change is what we need.

  • Zirem

    Yes! there is no doubt Buhari will save the economy, he has done it before. Its no rocket science, Nigeria is blessed, but they wont stop chopping the money. Stop robbing the national treasury for God’s sake! or Change will stop you.

  • brown

    buhari na wao…even when you need Jesus Christ to help your soul against all the people you killed… you’re busy at your very old age thinking politics is all your problem… the soul that sinned shall die….

  • Es3


    The way he saved Nigerian economy in 1983 and inflation rate rose to 40%?????

  • deji

    Nigeria economy was in a recession by 1983 with the economy shrinking by -5.05 %. in 1984 Buhari worked hard to stop the decline with the economy shrinking by -2.022 % and by 1985 when all the measures put in place by Buhari started yielding result, Nigeria economy grew by 8.323 %. The fact is that Shagari Government could not pay workers salary for many months and the economy was in shambles.
    Now, compare Buharis performance with Barack Obama of US. .

    In 2008 when Obama became the US President, the US economy was in a recession with the economy shrinking by -0.34 %, and unemployment at 5.8% in 2009, the first year of Obama in office the US economy further shrink by -3.1 %. and unemployment rose to 9.3%, and in 2011 the economy started to grow by 1.81 %., unemployment dip to 8,9%, and by 2012, the US economy grew by 2.2% and unemployment reduced further to 8.1%.

    Buhari reduced inflation from 23% to 4% by 1985. Buhari is a “miracle” worker unlike some people who inherited a prosperous economy between 2007 – 2009, but today, they have dragged the Nigeria economy into another recession. As I write, the FG can no longer meets her obligation to the states, government workers are being owed many months salaries, soldiers are buying thier own uniform and so on and so forth.

    Like Daddy Showkey would put it in one of his songs : Somebody tun ile se, somebody ba ile je