Jonathan vows to reclaim areas seized by Boko Haram

President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday vowed that the Federal Government would regain parts of the country seized by the Boko Haram terror group.

Mr. Jonathan gave the assurance when he paid a courtesy visit to traditional rulers in Epe, near Lagos.

“I have made all the tools and machineries available to fight Boko Haram.

“I want to ensure that Boko Haram will not disturb or cause any violence during the forthcoming elections.’’

He said that he would ensure that the election would be free and fair.

Mr. Jonathan promised to support Epe people by providing them with power plant that would boost their power supply.

“I am aware that power supply has been the major challenge in Epe community. I will assist in boosting your power supply”.

He also pledged that the Federal Government would complete the ongoing seaport and free trade zone project in Epe.

Earlier, Oba Akeem Adesanya, the Alara of Ilara, a community in Epe, offered prayers for Mr. Jonathan.

Mr. Adesanya, who is also Chairman of Traditional Rulers in the Epe Division, described Mr. Jonathan’s achievements as laudable.

He pleaded with the president to keep his promise to Epe people when re-elected.

The PDP Governorship candidate in Lagos State, Jimi Agbaje, said the presidential visit would assist in the development of Epe Division and Lagos State in general.

He said Mr. Jonathan was a grassroots man who recognised and respected traditional rulers.

“Traditional rulers are the grassroots people that know more about their community.

“It is, therefore, important to work in collaboration with them to develop the rural and urban areas.’’

Mr. Agbaje promised to move Lagos State forward if elected.

The National Chairman of the PDP, Adamu Muazu; former Anambra Governor, Peter Obi; former Ogun State Governor, Gbenga Daniel and ministerial nominee, Musiliu Obanikoro, attended the event.



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  • Maitama Tambari

    Effort to reclaim part of seized territory from Boko Haram. Ummm. Part of. Boko Haram activities were limited to Maiduguri when late President Yar Adua gave the Military the mandate to flush and restore security in Maiduguri. Mr. Jonathan took over as Acting President and President, after the death of President Yar Adua. Boko Haram spread like bush fire in the North East for six years, during his reign. Is it now within six weeks for the period election was postponed that Boko Haram would be flushed out of some part of North East? In six weeks what was failed to restore in six years? Haba. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

    • Awarawa

      Maitama, it is people like you that covertly supported BH to thrive. Don’t worry. You are witness to the great strides the military has made in one week. Before the end of the six weeks, your boys and all their collaborators would be singing a new song, begging for their lives to be spared. The francophone countries that has provided safe haven for these scums of the earth has agreed that this BH is a global problem, they are flushing them out like rats. The equipments the USA was bragging of not selling to us has arrived from Russia and China. What is left is serious whipping….

      • bib

        Pls read my reply to Okey above to clear your ignorance.

    • August January

      God bless you. You remember Fela’s song on “magic”. Magic has started taken place. Jonathan has started releasing the captives he abducted in the name of “Boko Haram” to score cheap political point. How come it’s now when his forture in next month election is dwindling that the captives are now being released by Boko Haram, and even at a time Shekau is threatening to disrupt the election at all cost? Or Boko Haram is releasing them to increase his chances of winning the election? Jonathan the snaky guy! If he was not the one who abducted the people his army is now presenting to the world as being abducted and released by Boko Haram, let them also work out the release of the poor Chibok girls, and the whole world would then know Jonathan’s hands are clean. For now, I have my reservations about the recent purported release of captives by Boko Haram. I rest my case

      • Okey

        The answer and reason are quite simple: It is the quest to take over Government that has moderated the perfidious support for Boko Haram. I am told by some friends in the Army that the military now feels at ease to give casualty figures on the part of the insurgents because political attention is now at capturing power. Hitherto, the military will be afraid for a total onslaught, much more giving out casualty figures because some Northern elders would be more concerned with “the military are killing our youths” than the murderous activities of Boko Haram on Nigerians.

        To capture the presidency, nobody is now complaining that “Gen. Ihejirika has killed our boys”; nobody is making a case for Boko Haram murderers to be treated same way as Niger Delta militants; nobody is heard saying that implementation of sharia criminal code is right that must be allowed to flourish. They all know these positions will damage their electoral chances. You no longer hear anyone say “Boko Haram is caused by poverty caused by misgovernance of the federal government (as if there are no state governments) you must negotiate with them.” Besides procuring new equipment for our military, overt and covert support to Boko Haram by Northern elites is presently considered by them as embarrassing for their own purpose. But for the need to capture power at all costs, the military would not have announced the killing of 300 Boko Haram without a Northern elite complain to the international community of “wanton killing of innocent youths.” Ironically, you seem to have just arrived from planet Moon. Be that as it may, that’s the answer to your question.

        • bib

          No sir! It is the ulterior motive of GEJ to punish the NE for not electing PDP by reducing their population to make them insignificant in future elections. Instead of using the power he is using now to reclaim the lost land 6years ago to prevent this war,he used it to arm the Boko Haram to the teeth. He watched as the army under his command were abandoning arms for BOKO HARAM to pick easily. GEJ WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS A PRESIDENT THAT ARMED HIS ENEMIES SO THAT THEY CAN KILL HIS SUBJECTS AND GIVE HIS ARMY AND THOSE OF NEIGHBOURS A GOOD FIGHT!

          • Okey

            That is scripture from Sambisa Forest. Boko Haram predated Jonathan. Although the nation had just procured some military equipment, I hold that our successes over Boko Haram is because we are now fighting them now as a nation, as one people, thanks to “March 28, 2015.” Were it not for “March 28,” Northern elites would have been shouting that the Army are Northern youths extra-judicially.

          • Jika

            I thought they said Boko Haram was designed and created to make governance difficult for GEJ? How come you are now telling us that it predates GEJ?

          • bib

            Let me say right away that Presidents are supposed to solve problems of the nations they rule. Those they meet and those that crop up during their times. The way they handle these problems is what make them good leaders or bad ones. Government is a cotinuum. And bucks stop at good Presidents’ tables.
            Suffice to say that GEJ is not a good leader. He met a weak BOKO Haram problem and watched it strengthen and expand from an enclave in Maiduguri until its impact covered almost the whole north including Abuja. He didn’t only promote it to Sambisa forest, he was feeding it fat with arms.
            Now that he deems it pragmatic he is fighting it. And you expect reasonable Nigerians to be clapping for him.

          • bash bash

            the world is always very difficult to please. when the military lack the weapons to do the job you all complained and blame GEJ. when he tried in desperation to secure arms true the back door when all means officially was frustrated by the complain against our military about human right abuses by our Northern elders you all complained and now that God is helping us and the terrorist are now being destroyed and territories are being reclaimed instead of being happy and thanking God i get the impression that you would have been happier for things to remain the way they were. you all scare me. truly.

          • bib

            You have not addressed the issues raised. Is it not true that the weapons the BOKO Haram are using now are those bought with Nigeria tax payers money, and dashed them by GEJ’s soldier? If those arms were properly handled by our soldiers and C in C had given them the correct command and support, wouldn’t this war have been warn since? But the ulterior mentioned would not permit.

        • August January

          I know some Nigerians would see my view as too radical, because many don’t bother to ask questions. How come it’s at the same time that Boko Haram is threatening to make the country more ungovernable for Jonathan, especially with regard to the threat to disrupt next month election in which Jonathan’s chances of winning are dwindling, that the same Boko Haram is releasing its captives to Jonathan’s government? It’s simply against logic and commonsense. Critical minds would easily smell rat here. I insist, Jonathan’s hands are not clean in the recent purported release of captives by Boko Haram. Those were Jonathan’s own captives! He’s only using the name of Boko Haram in order to score cheap political point. If not, let him use the same strategy he used to secure their release at this time of election propaganda to secure the release of the poor Chibok girls, whom Jonathan didn’t say anything about on national TV until almost 2 weeks after they had been kidnapped. So, again, I insist, Jonathan is playing some dubious snaky game here

          • Jika

            I see your point!!!!!!

          • Okey

            The issue of the Chibok girls is heart rending, but more worrisome is the deployment of gross dishonesty bordering on wickedness to humanity.

            Simply, Governor Shettima of Borno State was advised by the Federal Government to relocate those girls to Maiduguri to write their WAEC examniatin due to security concern in Chibok. He refused but instead gave assurance that he had security for the girls. But in reality he had none except an old “maiguard” in the school. After an exam session the girls were abducted by Boko Haram but before the time of the abduction, the Principal and her daughters who are Muslims had disappeared from Chobok. Thereafter, it took Mr Governor 18 “odd” days to inform his President of the Chibok girls abduction. Yet, Nigerians like you have not been honest enough to ask Shettima to account for those girls or vacate his office, having deceived the nation and which deceit resulted in the abduction of the Chibok girls. No wonder, therefore, today Mr Shettima is in the front front of those seeking for “Chnage.”

          • August January

            Your rhetoric has done little or nothing to fault the logic of my position. How come it’s at a time when Boko Haram is threatening to make the country more ungovernable for Jonathan that the same Boko Haram is purportedly releasing its captives? It’s against logic and commonsense. Those were Jonathan’s own captives! Jonathan’s hands are not clean. He’s only using the name of Boko Haram in order to give the impression that he’s now working and gain some support from Nigerians who may not know how to analyse this kind of political propaganda. Jonathan appears gentle like a dove, but is actually a dangerous, crafty snake

          • bash bash

            pls be informed that the girls where released over a month back but where keep by the intelligence agencies for verification. so pls let the truth be told

          • Okey

            Because you don’t know the meaning of “rhetoric” that’s why hard facts appear to you as rhetoric. Those who want to make Nigeria ungovernable are now in a lull because they desperately need a space to take over power. Suddenly, their field soldiers are making releases of their captives. 70 Boko Haram died in Baga under Gen. Ihejirika they shouted “extra-judicial killing.” Now 300 of those same terrorists died and they kept mum. Why ? If in the end they fail in their mission to take “their power”, abduction, terrorism, killings and blackmail of the nation in the foreign media will ensue. But they are highly mistaken. Nigeria is not and will not be up for grabs through blackmail, mischief and gross wickedness to humanity.

          • Jika

            I thought mama peace said that no girl was abducted? It took the father of the nation sometime to acknowledge the abduction as well.It even had to take the persuasive ability of a teenage Malala for our father to agree to meet with the parents of the abducted girls . clearly, there was abdication of responsibility from all the leaders(at local and Federal).

          • Okey

            If your daughter is missing and it takes you 18 days to inform your village, who will believe you ?

            Mama Peace and in deed any other right thinking Nigeria were misled by by the callous dereliction of care and concern by Governor Shettima who is now prancing up and down as a “Chanjee” apostle.

          • Jika

            Did you say 18 days? I don’t know wether you are resident in Nigeria or trying to be down right mischievous. In any case, if as a father of the nation you are not aware that over 200 of your citizens are kidnapped, untill ’18 days’ later,then it speaks volumes as to your capacity and intellect to lead.Little wonder we are where we are today.I notice that you have developed selective amnesia regarding my other point on Malala!!!!!

          • Okey

            You are the one just arriving from the outer space, possibly from planet Neptune.

            It is on record that your Governor Shettima said “You can’t believe it, the President spoke to me on the matter only after 18 days of the incident.” Bringing the question: Chibok girls were abducted, you could not tell your President until 18 days after the incident and at the promptings of the President ? Haba ! A man had his daughter missing and refused to to tell the village head ? That is terrible. That is callous, if not inhuman.

            It is obvious that with you I find myself engaging in the dialogue of the deaf. If after ruling this country for 39 years and you still blame Jonathan for the unacceptable level of illiteracy and poverty in North, why can’t Shettima’s callous dereliction of simple and basic duty of care to Borno Children be blamed on Jonathan ?

          • Jika

            You are trying to be clever by half.The question still remains; what will you say of a President of a country who claims(according to you) to know of the abduction of 200 girls in a country he is a President of 18 days after the fact? Will you say that he is on top of his job?

        • Jika

          You may be right.I am also told by those that ought to know and,who are fighting these terrorists that,finally they have started receiving the required equipment to confront the Boko Haram.They also said that,hitherto Boko Haram was better equipped and more motivated than our gallant boys and girls.My sources are just wondering why it took all these years for them to get the requisite platforms to deal with Boko Haram.Some of them are of the opinion that perhaps now that the elections are afoot,the powers that be have decided to do what they should have done six years ago to bring this war to a decisive end.In any case,we are all happy that the President has given the army what they need and,the army is winning the war with the help of God,the encouragement of the Nigerian people and the active participation of the Neighbouring countries.By the special grace of God the people of Nigeria and particularly those of us in the North East will make sure we cast our votes to those who will ensure that these type of problem does not occur again.

          • Okey

            If only you will bring to judgment those who have refused to equip the military all over the years; those whose utterances put swords of blood in our body polity; and, those who have in any way justified Boko Haram, then you shall have been honest to yourself.

          • Jika

            I am sure you know the right authority that should ‘bring to judgement ‘ those that needed to be brought to judgement.You are also very well aware of those that were the first to violently overthrow an elected government thus heralding the introduction of ‘sword of blood’ in issues of governance. In my opinion, leadership is not about whining and lamenting about the failures or inequities of the past, but of being firm, fair, decisive and taking charge of contemporary situations. I feel you will be honest to yourself by agreeing with me.

          • Okey

            I agree with you that those who violently overthrew the democratically elected government of His Excellency, Alhaji Usman Aliyu Shehu Shagari, have no business today sermonizing to us about their love of, or for, democracy.

          • Jika

            Same way as those who believe that stealing is not corruption have no business in Government! !!.By the way, can you please do me a favor and remind me of the names of those who were the first to introduce the ‘sword of blood’ in governance?

          • Okey

            Oh, yea, they are not not difficult to be found ? They are those who, “insha Alla, will use the last drop of blood in my veins to see that sharia is practiced all over Nigeria.”

            There and then Yusuff Mohammed and followers placed the two demands: (1) Sharia must replace the Constitution of Nigeria, and (2) a Muslim must be President of Nigeria. To actualise these two demands, they moved in the Sword.

          • Jika

            Yeah they were preceeded by their fellow demons in the names of Nzeogwus, Ifeajunas etc and supported by the present day patrons like the Ihejiika’s and the Sherriffs who are incidentally the current buddies of you know who!!!!!

          • Okey

            Those are the generation of Obj, Buhari and co. I cannot defend any of them – those that are dead and cannot defend themselves and those still alive writing history and praising themselves – as I believe God will surely judge them.

            That’s why I enjoin my generation not to allow the remnants of that generation to drag us along to their graves through their Do-or-Die and Baboon-and-Dogs politics.

        • bash bash

          point blank and direct. i have often wonder why they have stopped the condemnation of our military for taking on BH. they fill more sympathy for BH killed than for our soldiers fell by BH bullet. a big eye opener


    Rather than make comments that are reasonable and considerate,commentators here have decided to say things they know very little of,to accuse individual persons and government of things they can not stand before God and defend. How on earth can one claim government is responsible for BH?Is the same government responsible for ISIL?There is obviously and situation that Nigeria,Syria,Iraq,Afghanistan,Cameroon,Pakistan etc are caught in.We have seen humans slaughtered alive in the NE,Libya,Iraq etc.We have seen abductions not only in Nigeria,but also in Pakistan,Iraq and Libya.Of recent,we have seen humans being burnt alive.Are all these masterminded by the Nigerian government? how about the French Nationals caught fighting on the side of BH?Did the Nigerian Govt hire them?

    On the issue of arms,the easiest and fastest way to procure arms is at the black market.Nigeria had to resort to buying arms from the black market because it was taking too long to procure arms using legal means.Probably some of us here are not aware that overflying another country carrying arms and ammunition is one of the most difficult things to do.Does anyone reading this know that at some point in time arms shipment to be flown into Nigeria were not done because a certain Middle Eastern country did not give overfly rights to the Nigeria?

    Concepts and beliefs like “Jonathan has started releasing the captives he abducted in the name of “Boko Haram” to score cheap political point”,” I insist, Jonathan’s hands are not clean in the recent purported release of captives by Boko Haram”,”It is the ulterior motive of GEJ to punish the NE for not electing PDP
    by reducing their population to make them insignificant in future
    elections”, are not only VERY BELITTLING of the intelligence of commentators,but reveals how wicked the thoughts and hearts of the commentators are.

    Finally, my religion has taught me this-“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”.Exodus 20:16. How about you?

  • Jerry Marok

    When the governor of Borno State told the nation that the military was ill equipped to fight BH, what was the response of GEJ’s government? Now what equipment is he telling us he has made available to the military? Very shameless lying president.

  • Enumah

    God help us and bless the efforts of Mr President.

  • Emeka215

    May the souls of those soldiers who lost their lives in service to this nation rest in peace.

  • Nwaobilor

    Is been almost a year, i wonder how the families of those girls are coping with their absense?. God help Mr President, his security advisers, head of defence and foot soldiers out there.

  • nwaeke

    And i say security is a collective effort, enough of sitting by the road kerbs assuming and pointing fingers at a man that’s trying his best despite no assistance from any foreign intelligence.

  • kingsley obi

    Our brothers and sisters will be so glad to have their lands and homes back. GOD bless Nigeria and GOD bless Mr President

  • kemi

    it will be total recovery

  • ubong ekanem

    thanks MR PRESIDENT for your commitment

  • uzo

    we are taking over our territory

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    Finally Nigeria will be at peace.

  • Nelson David

    Your efforts will never be in vein. We will live as a one and united.

  • Divine West

    Carry go mr. president

  • ahmed

    GEJ just said it and the Boko haram sect are already drowning in lake chad…thats the voice of a great president!

  • Mrs benita akpan

    A very big AMEN to that Sir

  • uko bassey

    The boko haram sect are feeling the heat already#GEJtill2019

  • faith adams

    They are on their way out. UP GEJ

  • nafisat

    thank you sir for putting an end to insurgency in nigeria…

  • definitely, those guys shouldn’t feel they are immortal, all this will come to an end soon.

  • it’s time to flush out the rabbit from its holes, their eye go clear dem never see anything.

  • amazing2012

    Reclaiming empty towns ?