CAN denies collecting N7billion bribe, demands probe

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has denied a claim by a Borno State-based pastor that President Goodluck Jonathan gave the leadership of the association N7billion to campaign for his re-election.

The allegation followed an earlier one by the Rivers State governor and Director General of the Buhari campaign organisation, Rotimi Amaechi, who recently said Pastors were given N6billion to work against Muhammadu Buhari and for the president.

However, Musa Dikwa, the Executive Director of the Voice of Northern Christian Movement, told reporters in Kaduna, Thursday, that CAN was actually given N7billion, not N6billion.

A statement by the General Secretary of CAN, Musa Asake, said the body has no knowledge of “any N7 billion transaction as alleged by Musa Dikwa who claims to be the Executive Director of a non-existent group, Voice of Northern Christian Movement”.

The statement also said CAN was not a political party, let alone get involved in partisan politics.
“Christians who are members of CAN belong to different political parties. It is therefore surprising to hear that CAN is campaigning for one candidate,” Mr. Asake said.

The CAN leader said revered men of God including Ayo Oritsejafor, CAN president; David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel and Bosun Emmanuel (Secretary-General of National Christian Elders Forum) are too upright to be linked with such deal.

“CAN is therefore not surprised to see Musa Dikwa doing a yeoman’s job the next day through his allegations. This is the hands of Esau but voice of Jacob,” he said.

He added that the allegation by Mr. Dikwa was masterminded by those who were not happy with a recent press statement in which CAN denounced the endorsement of Mr. Buhari by a group of people using the name of different Christian organizations to perpetrate fraud.

“We still insist that Buhari has fallen into wrong hands because his endorsement for the March 28 general election by Northern Christian Leaders Eagle-Eye Forum led by Aminchi Habu is fraudulent,” he said.

Mr. Asake called on security agencies to commence investigations into the activities of the Voice of Northern Christian Movement and Mr. Dikwa himself, to unravel the N7 billion mystery.

“We repeat for emphasis, that neither Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Bosun Emmanuel and CAN was given any money by the presidency, let alone N7 billion.

“The allegation is the height of mischief and desperation. Unfortunately, our psyche as a nation has been bastardized and abused by the institutionalized corruption introduced by successive military rulers (in uniform and out of uniform) that we no longer believe that anyone can speak the truth without financial inducement or gratification. Fortunately, there are still people in the nation who act without financial inducement.

“We are Christians and our candidate is Jesus Christ. So long as we believe that the Church is under threat, we will speak for Jesus Christ and maintain the Wake Up Call to the Church,” he said.


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  • senghor2013

    Now I see y okupe is Jesus Christ. So Jesus Christ is Now CAN name for Jonathan. GOD will punish you all..

  • BoT

    Animals parading themselves as christian leaders. The fiery wrath of God, whose name you dogs have dragged in the murky waters of Nigerian politics will devour you soon.

    • Olu from South Africa


    • Awarawa

      Ordinary books written by Oyedopo would fetch more than N10bn a year. All these noise makers are pained that Buhari would never rule Nigeria.

      • TrueNja

        Only Lucifer can answer your prayer. GMB is president from May 29, 2015 says Almighty God.

  • bib

    The mere mention of some these CAN leaders makes one smell a rat.

  • Ette

    If you are aware that GEJ and the presidency have given CAN money to endorse him and campaign against GMB, may you perish with the blood money, may the fierce anger of the Most High God whose name you are profaning rekindle against you and all those who shared in the blood money, may it not be well with you and may you be treated the way GEJ is treating Nigerian masses in Jesus Name. Amen.

  • I quote from above: “Unfortunately, our psyche as a nation has been bastardized and abused by the institutionalized corruption introduced by successive military rulers (in uniform and out of uniform) that we no longer believe that anyone can speak the truth without financial inducement or gratification…” This is where the type of President Jonathan, Corrupter in Chief, has taken the nation.

  • Dazmillion

    When you hear the name of Oritsejafor and Oyedepo in one sentence, you know immediately that righteousness has taken flight in whatever activity they are involved in.

  • endingNaija

    Ayo Oristejafor, Musa Asake, both of you are immoral characters and un-Godly people. Anybody who receives blood money is a criminal. You are criminals for receiving and distributing blood money. Both of you have used CAN to campaign for your candidate Mr. Goodluck Jonathan. Ayo Oritsejafor, you are completely unscrupulous, you have used the platform of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria to campaign for your candidate Mr. Goodluck Jonathan. You mentioned Bosun Emmanuel. Can Bosun Emmanuel inform Nigerians how he was mobilized -in terms of resources and OIL money-to produce the hate CD he produced (against another faith and Nigerians of other ethnicity other than his) and whose political interests does Bosun Emmanuel CD serve if not the political interests of your candidate-Goodluck Jonathan? Musa Asake and Ayo Oristejafor-you are un-Godly and un-Christian for even having the temerity to look Nigerians in the face and deny the obvious. While our God will not allow this, your un-Godly, irreligious and immoral actions are capable of permanently tainting the image of the Christian Faith in Nigeria. But we Christians outside your useless leadership of CAN will not allow this. We will wait and send you out of CAN at the right time for the Body of Christ must never be desecrated anymore. The Body of Christ Shall be retrieved from you before you finish CAN completely and before you accomplish a permanent damage of CAN.

    • Awarawa

      Shut your mouth and stop displaying your foolishness for the whole world to see.

  • Action_Nigeria


    What CAN should do is to take the people who made the false, defamatory and scandalous claims to Court … period.

    • amazing2012

      Yes then they will be expose more. For CAN to only make few noise it means they have something to explain. No smoke without fire !!

  • Jika

    In the fullness of time,the truth will be revealed.

  • New Nation

    Personally I feel pained to see the dent this present govt is bringing to the name of respected men of God that we all look up to. This is supposed to be a president that should take a strong stand for Righteousness in govt and fight corruption in all forms(considering his humble background) but the reverse is the case with blatant lies and deception.

  • Maria

    An armed robber too upright to collect bribe? Really?

  • dd

    When I saw Oyedepo’s name there I knew it was all lies.If you had said they gave him 10 trillion, I will a little buy it. Saying 7billion for him and some others, is totally a big lies.

    • If like Pastor Oyedepo, one makes one’s money by deception, there will be no satisfaction. His greed knows no bounds. How much did Oyedepo collect from Jonathan? Tell us.

    • Dumbo

      Shut up. Oyedepo is currently banned from the UK because of £1 million pounds and others infractions in handling church funds. Convert that to Naira and you have just a quarter of a billion. A greedy man that can trick poor church goers to collects even 10 Naira as tithe can do anything.

  • amazing2012

    No smoke without fire ! Judas who sold his master for few coins !!

  • wode

    For those who have shame… this is in deed very shameful. And this is the type of result you get when you flagrantly mix religion with politics.

  • August January

    How come it was Oritsejafor’s jet that was impounded with millions of dollars (cash) of Nigeria’s money in South Africa last year? What has Jonathan’s government done to assuage the mess? So, anyone who says Oritsejafor is “clean” should think twice

  • dubya

    I have not been hearing good things about these allegedly revered gentlemen Oritsejafor and Oyedepo. Is it not to the churches of these people that our president have been running to recently to get blessings and prayers for his re-election? Contrary to the secretary General’s assertion, these men of God have abandoned their cassocks for the mammon of Money especially Oyedepo. They lack credibility and honesty

  • Maryam Audu

    A sane person understands this a blunt lie from the APC again. So a thorough findings and you would realise that there is no such person called musa Dikwa. APC is synonymous to lie. #Gej4Naija

    • SAM .A


      • Maryam Audu

        That’s what Buhari is suffering for. But i wish him Goodluck

    • Tayelolu

      Is this how you dress to church?

      • Maryam Audu

        What does my dressing have to do with my comments…?

        • Tayelolu

          Maryam Audu, you are an Ayo Oritsejafor “Christian”. Do you dress this way to “fellowship” with “Pastors” Ayo Oritsejafor, Musa Asake and Bosun Emmanuel, and the “Christian” candidate Goodluck Jonathan? The good Nigerian Christian Community just want to know Maryam! It is a simple question. Can you answer please?

          • Maryam Audu

            Am not a Christian so go and ask them….

          • Tayelolu

            Ah Maryam Audu you are denying the Ayo Oritsejafor ‘god” of oil money!!! But you are an oil born against Ayo Oritsejafor “Christian’!!! Do not deny the “christian” oil bottle that feeds you!!! Madam or Ms. or Mrs. or Miss or just Maryam Audu do you dress LIKE THIS to fellowship with the Churches in Ayo Oritsejafor, Goodluck Jonathan, Bosun Emmanuel, Oyedepo(otta western Nigeria Winners Chapel), Musa Asake CAN “Churches” ? Just asking “Christian” “lady” Maryam Audu of Ayo Oritsejafor’s CAN!!!

          • Maryam Audu

            May Allah have mercy on you for comparing God with man…

          • Tayelolu

            This is how Goodluck Jonathan has used Oil money to destroy the christian faith.”Deaconess” Lady Maryaaaaamu is this the way you dress to the church of the business man -Ayo Oritsejafor of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria? Answer us “Deaconess” Maryaaaaamuuuu!!!

          • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

            Stay on the topic.
            When people are told the truth they tend to beat about the bush.

          • Tayelolu

            I know that “Deaconess” Maryam Audu is an Ayo Oritsejafor and Musa Asake “Christian” But “Deaconess” Maryam Audu should at least try to dress well when going to “fellowship” with “Pastor” Ayo Oritsejafor!

          • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

          • Tayelolu

            “Deacon” MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal and “Deaconess” Maryam Audu , how now? How is the “Christian” Fellowship in “Pastor” Oritsejafor’s “church” going on?

    • Otile

      Maryam, you are superb and intelligent. God bless you.

      • Maryam Audu

        Thank Otile…Allah bless you too.

    • Eze

      hahahaha. he meant u are dumb like jona.. hahahahah cos already if u are not, u will realise that the Oriajefo man acknowledged the existence of the man and even asked security ppl to probe him. hahahahah mumu girl

      • Maryam Audu

        APC gene is running in your blood, always insulting people and leaders but you will be put to shame by March 28….

  • BT

    Premium Times please use your investigative journalism to help us locate Buhari’s whereabouts. Pointblank news and Gov. Fayose said he’s in London. If yes, what’s he doing in London?

  • Olu

    Oyedepo’s brother was the one involved in the Ministry of health saga few years ago that dragged the then Minister of health in mud rubbish! Only in Nigeria would these Pentecostalists call the name of God in Vain and be dragged into PDP crisis. When pastors use private jets to smuggle arms for the ruling party. The CAN was given the money; no smoke without fire.

  • concernednigerian

    There is no need to issue denial or call for a probe. This all part of APC propaganda. To date, the only policy of APC is propaganda, propaganda, propaganda.

  • Clean Water

    the battle CAN president had with late ach bishop Idahosa over sharing of church money that resulted in the death of hundreds of people make me believe that he can do anything for money.i pray God change him for the children sack

  • aderibgbe48

    CAN we will call for investigation but not now. You want investigation under your brother, Jonathan. No. We are to wise for that. We will come back to that. Later, you’all better get your international passports ready. B/cos we will probe and jail.

  • evi

    So how much did buhari give northern leaders christains eagle eye forum, aminchi habu and Mr dikwa to endorse him? The useless tape buhari’s family member circulated did not work for apc so they decided to use shettima’s kinsman to continue their propaganda .

    • solozo

      My heart bleeds that the Church has been reduced to this level. Did CAN and PFN not exist in this country when other elections were conducted? How come this kind of accusations never emerged? When you drag maggot infested lizard into the house, do not cry when maggots and maggot eaters invade the house. The Church in this country needs to repent. Politics must be removed from the house of God

      • evi

        That is not the answer to my question. Since all the men of God in Nigeria are all crooks and collect billions to endorse candidates,it then follows that the Christian organisation that endorsed buhari including shettima’s kinsman, Mr dikwa ,collected billions as well.

    • Yemi

      Haa! No wonder . So Bosun Emmanuel is an executive of can? Chai! Christianity has become cash and carry in Nigeria. All these capitalists who call themselves pastors should realise that the money belongs to the poor Nigerians ; blood money. They should take a cue from Moses who despite his royal lineage with pharao decided to be on the part of the people. Can should realise the nothingness of acquiring materialism in place of objectivity and return the money . I put it to the can leadership to sincerely come out and boldly tell Nigerians how jonathan has epitomised a real Christian for him to deserve another 4 yea

  • amazing2012

    Jonathan is a cancer and curse, see how he is infecting every where including house of God ! Surely the way CAN is behaving you know there must be a reason behind such. Judas who sold his master for few coins !

  • favourtalk

    In every aota of lies, truth is simply inside. But nigerians doesn’t care at this moment, they need to see the light themselves and they are on that process. We don’t need any religion leader to tell us how God is really helping us to see the light anymore, we are looking at it ourselves. We know that we need change which will better then lives of all.

  • dart point

    Buhari should stop drafting men of God into politics, methinks he portends to drag the Church into murky waters of politics, the last time it was Tunde Bakare, Now Osinbajo, Does, what does he mean?

    • segun

      Shut Up, your Ijaw President Goodluck Jonathan wants to eat his cake and have it. Why did you Goodluck Jonathan call APC Islamic party? Did you not bring God into politics with that call? Why did you Goodluck Jonathan make Ayo Oritsejafor your business partner one of your campaign managers? Did you not bring religion into politics with that? Why did you Goodluck Jonathan make the business man Pastor in Otta-Mr. David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel one of your campaign managers? Did you not bring religion into politics with that? Why did you Goodluck Jonathan give Bosun Emmanuel money to produce the Hate CD against a religion and a section of the country? Did you not bring religion into politics with that? Why did you Goodluck Jonathan make the Chrstian Association of Nigeria and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria your campaign headquarters? Did you not bring religion into politics with that? You want to eat your cake and have it? Not possible. Goodluck Jonathan STOP bringing religion into politics by stopping divisive politics-ethnic and religion. This has backfired against you. You have started panicking. Goodluck Jonathan, you and your treasury-Diezani Alison Madueke- will be defeated by Nigerian people.

    • Johnson Omale

      dart point, CAN under ayo is a curse. I have said here that if Jo-Nothing likes he can bribe with 21bn thieves donated to him, he can never win the election. Jo-nothing would have resigned if it were in civilized world. He can not continue destroying this nation.

    • tundemash

      Dumbo should stop visiting churches, kneeling before pastors and using the pulpit to campaign!

      When Tunde Bakare was campaigning to have Turai release Dumbo from under the bed he was hiding in 2009, did you not realise then it was also politics or was Tunde Bakare not a Pastor then?
      How does Buhari making a pastors his V.P. candidate same as Dumbo using state money to bribe Pastors ?

    • Adelove5070

      You meant JONATHAN, not Buhari,
      who is going from one church to another for political motives?
      who dole out #7billion state money to some Christian Clerics to wage campaign of calumny in their churches against BUHARI [muslim candidate] as evident by OYEDEPO pronouncement before his congregation that he will open the door for whomever that will against JONATHAN in the coming general election.
      please let us be tolerant of one and other and jointly be patriotic for the good of our nation NIGERIA.

  • tundemash

    yawn !
    Has Ayo Kanye West Oritsejafor’s CAN ever admitted anything ?

  • Adelove5070

    I honestly agreed and believe that CAN is not political body or an extension of any political parties, because its members cuts across every political parties.
    But what could we say of Mr ORITSEJAFOR who is individually denting the image of CAN through his selfish deal with the presidency such as Illegal Arm deal saga, on-savory political utterances, #7billion scandal to work against muslim political candidacy of BUHARI and many more.
    I implore every one not to play politic of divide and rule; be it religious or ethnicity.

  • SAM .A

    The Question everybody here should ask Oritsajale the CAN president and Professor Babayi the Sacretary is why is Pastor Kalamu Musa of Borno after addressing Press confence to authenticate himself facing assassination threat from Christian fold? Why is Pastor Asimi from Kaduna after he and his group Endorsed Buhari as their candidate why is he facing assassination threat. The Secretary Prof Babayi ,instead of stepping in and denounce violence in CAN house only issue a generic statement that Christian should not participate in Politics while the CAN president go all over places with the President Jonathan .