Senate summons service chiefs over election postponement

Former INEC Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega

The Nigerian Senate has summoned the nation’s service chiefs to explain the reasons security agencies were unavailable to provide security during the originally scheduled dates of elections.

The Senate made this decision at plenary after meting with the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Attahiru Jega, on Wednesday.

The Senate Minority Leader, George Akume, moved the motion that the service chiefs be invited for questioning after the INEC chairman said he could not answer some questions put to him.

The lawmaker representing Kwara central, Bukola Saraki, while speaking to reporters after the plenary, said it is necessary for the service chiefs to be summoned because there were only a handful of questions that Mr. Jega could answer.

Mr. Saraki said security issues relating to the elections could not be answered until the service chiefs are present.

“So we are still back to that issue of security,” Mr. Saraki said. “I think that further emphasizes what we were saying yesterday, that the Senate and the National Assembly still need to invite the service chiefs to give us assurance.

“He (Mr. Jega) said categorically that he cannot answer that question that we need to have the Service Chiefs to answer that question.

“If we keep on talking to Professor Jega, we cannot hold him responsible for that. What we can hold him responsible for, he has given a good explanation already.

“The most important thing is holding election on that day and the only person that can answer that as he said is that we should bring the service chiefs to answer that.

“So next week, we hope the leadership will do the right thing,” Mr. Saraki said.

Senators of the All Progressives Congress briefed the press on the need to summon the service chiefs to answer the security questions instead of Mr. Jega.

The lawmaker representing Osun central senatorial district, Olusola Adeyeye, said the service chiefs should be summoned for compelling INEC to postpone the elections.

He mentioned that the army did not have a right to influence the date of elections.

The elections were postponed from February 14 and February 28 to March 28 and April 11 because the Service Chiefs told the INEC Chairman the military would be unavailable to provide security.


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  • Yusuf

    let them explain who ordered them to boycott our election, if the president is aware let him come to the senate and explain the sabotage and if he is not aware let him come and explain his inactiveness. You can only save this country before the elections afterwards u may be running for your own safety


    The bullying of our service chiefs by the APC extremists is unacceptable.These men put their lives on the line to protect this country.What is wrong in communicating the obvious insecurity in the NE to INEC ? Can any one of those hypocrites who are overpaid,lazy and corrupt send their child or relative to work as a returning officer for INEC at Konduga,or Bama ?

    • SAM .A

      U must stop all these shenanigans , the 4 pregnant generals have never been to BH territory ,they can’t even run. They are all impregnated with corruption, worst than those legislators u referred to . Please Mr Defender ,can u explain why billions are giving from budget to these people,plus security vote , yet the foot soldiers are armed with AK 47, why BH have Automatic riffle & RPG ,reason for running away for BH. It was recently when Senate approved $1billion loan that they start getting right weapon. Please no dribble , what has happened to 6 years Defense budget?


        The verifiable and real situation is that the Jonathan administration has procured more for the military than the last four regimes put together. OBJ did not buy a bullet,same for Abacha,they were hell-bent on weakening the army in order to forestall coups. They just share the defence budget amongst themselves and they will tell us that it is top secret but the strongest countries in the world always announce when they acquire new tanks,war planes etc.

        This culture of stealing the defence budget has been there long before Jonathan.check out our retired defence ministers,they are all billionaires. JONATHAN CANNOT PERFORM MAGIC ON A SYSTEM LEFT IN ROT FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS !!

      • Dan Arewa

        Sam, you just hit accurately.

    • Aisha Mammud

      Good question Tawanda! Ask the APC people the same question. All hail our Service Chiefs and Jonathan for the decision to shift the election.

      • Walter

        This really shows you have nothing to offer in your comments… This is your post i am copying here “God bless the service chiefs for compelling Jega to postpone the
        elections, assuming they did compelled him. It was an application of
        wisdom in favour of Nigerians, not jonathan, as OBJ and APC people
        claimed. APC and OBJ will fail!”
        And now you say “All hail our Service Chiefs and Jonathan for the decision to shift the election.”. When will you guys stop your hypocrisy? Bunch of DONKS!

      • Ahmad

        I would advise you to do the needful please. It would be better if you go and learn how to cook indomie noddles than being an embrassment and a curse to Chibok girls, their parents and all women at large.

    • Baba kadi21

      The person bullying the Sevice chief is shekau

  • Chris1408

    Let the goggle wearing, pot belly generals tell Nigerians how they plan to scuttle democracy.

  • Awarawa

    The janjaweeds went to court and got a judgement that military must not be used for elections, so why all these ranting and foaming in the mouth by these desperate men?

    • Baba kadi21

      desperate men as fa as tis election is concern can be found in ASO rock or Wadata plaza

  • SAM .A

    They should also include Sambo Dasuki the NSO, they should be ask to define their constitutional role
    Swear to an oath not to tamper or manipulate March Date. Any attempt we be regarded as coup. Any one among them breaking the oath shall pay the price of coup plotter.

    • My friend, relax. there will be no such thing as postponement again in any way. Forward ever.

  • mama angela

    let Every one keep to his constitutional obligation. the senate should do their job and Allow the Security officer do their own type of Job to the best of their Knowledge. #GEJNaija

    • logmein2nite

      Government is integrated. With your reasoning its little wonder how you came to decide for #GEJNaija.

    • guest

      Why question a bunch of desk generals, to b**t off.

  • Aisha Mammud

    People can be very funny in Nigeria. The other day, Jega told us that he was prepared for the Feb 14 election, only for us to find out yesterday that he and INEC were never prepared. imagine that about 1 million PVCs are still being produced: what would have happened to the 1 million owners of the cards? Lets assume that he was compelled to shift the elction by the service chiefs. Was the action not in favour of the vast majority of Nigerians who would have been disenfranchised?
    Thumbs up to #GEJ4Naija jare!

  • Aisha Mammud

    God bless the service chiefs for compelling Jega to postpone the elections, assuming they did compelled him. It was an application of wisdom in favour of Nigerians, not jonathan, as OBJ and APC people claimed. APC and OBJ will fail!

    • sol


    • Oro Sunnunkun

      Are you saying the service chiefs should be dictating the pace of elections, including giving specific election dates? Are the services saddled with a constitutional role do such? Are they wiser or smarter than our elected representatives? Please convince me why it should be these handful few that must do this. IT IS NEVER DONE in any clime! Please tell whoever you are working for that some of us are no FOOLS!

  • sol

    Nigerians have lost confidence in the service chiefs and there commander GEJ apart from conniving to loot the Nations treasury the compromised on their duties, while in one hand Ngo is appropriating funds to fight Bk HRm the funds are diverted to their private pockets,they look he other way and allow INNOCENT Nigerians to be slaughtered in cold blood by the rag tag BOKO HRM the kiled many poor and innocent souls, the army chief and their CinC and partying and drinking day and night they allowed Nigeria Territory to be ciezed by the Terroist despite the huge sum of money allocated for defence the foot soilders are left without mordern arms to even protect themselves they are killed and disgrace before int. community if the run for their life the catch and say is treason…..God will punish theese unpatrotict and sefish service cheif and their commander in cheif now that all over Nigerias are set to vote against them on seeing the danger the came out with other plan that they can not gurantee peace during the ellection they will require jst 6weeks to bring peace for the ellection to go on….so Nigerans dont know that for six years the have been steeling the money for a war that they can prosecute in 6weeks??????? God will surely catch them and they will pay back the damages they coused to Nigeria
    My dear senators if any of them dare say he can not guarantee security for Nigeria and Nigerians he have no reason to be a service chief let them pack and leave the positions since they can not perform their assigned duties let the leave we can not afford to be feeding fat frogs for nothing….

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    The military is surbodinate to civil authority in a democracy.The senate is on spot.

  • Dan Arewa

    I hope the picture above is not of the service chiefs. If it is, I will agree that these guys are pepper soup generals. They can’t even bear the sun heat nor the rain. I will call them service thieves.