Sheriff behind violence during Buhari’s visit to Borno — APC

FILE PHOTO: APC Youth Destroying PDP Billboards in Borno

The All Progressives Congress, APC, in Borno State has alleged that the violence witnessed Monday when the presidential candidate of the party, Muhammadu Buhari, visited the state was instigated by ex-Governor Ali Sheriff to justify the cancellation of elections in the state.

Initial reports suggested that supporters of the APC had vandalized and torched several campaign offices and posters of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party​, PDP.

The reports also said while soldiers were battling to control the large crowd at the venue of the campaign rally, some irate youth were seen bringing down PDP billboards that were mounted close to the venue of the rally.

Hours later, thick smoke was seen some 500 meters way from the venue of the rally as the APC youth stormed a major campaign office of the PDP, popularly known as UTC.

Witnesses at the scene said hundreds of the APC supporters, chanting anti-PDP and anti-President Goodluck Jonathan slogans, stormed the PDP office armed with petrol jars, forced themselves into the premises and set the place ablaze.

The APC however, issued a statement Tuesday, distancing their members from the act.

The statement by Ali Dalori, the Borno State chairman of the APC said the party has conducted its own investigation into the attack and had found out that Mr. Sheriff held series of meetings with thugs loyal to him, days ahead of the APC rally.

The party said Mr. Sheriff also doled out huge sums of money to the thugs and asked them to disguise as APC supporters and attack his and his PDP’s properties.

The statement also said Mr. Sheriff’s spokesperson, Inuwa Bwala, swiftly rushed to the media accusing Governor Shettima of being behind the attacks, while it was being carried out.

“The manner in which Bwala rushed to press has further confirmed the findings of our investigations that the whole thing was orchestrated by the PDP affiliated to former Governor Ali Modu Sheriff with the sole intent of causing political violence in so as to create basis for elections not to be conducted in Borno State by March 28 and April 11, 2015,” APC said.

The party also said Mr. Sheriff was determined to cause violence and stop election in Borno so as to pave the way for him to regain the Senatorial candidature he lost earlier.

The party also recalled that on the eve of President Goodluck Jonathan’s trip to Borno for his campaign rally on January 24, Governor Shettima issued a statement appealing to citizens of the state to respect the president and not to do anything that would undermine his campaign rally.

It also said the governor held series of meetings with select youth groups and APC youth leaders in all the wards in Maiduguri, the state capital calling on the party’s supporters not to breach the peace.

“Indeed, Governor Shettima’s efforts paid off as the PDP held an entirely peaceful rally on January 24, 2015,” it said.

It added that Mr. Shettima could therefore not organize violence while his own party was holding its rally.

Sheriff is responsible

The APC said ex-Governor Sheriff arrived Maiduguri last Friday at about 7p.m. while the APC was making preparations to receive Mr. Buhari.

“For nearly three days, Sheriff kept on holding meetings with different youth supporters of the PDP who brandished all manner of weapons every day they were his guests.

“Sheriff kept on sharing money to these thugs before he left the State on Sunday, February 15, 2015 at about 4:10pm.

“Immediately Sheriff left Maiduguri, we suspected he was up to some mischief and from our investigations, his discussion with most of his political thugs was for them to disguise as supporters of APC and seriously disrupt Buhari’s rally to the extent that confusion would spring up such that Buhari would be forced not to appear at the rally,” the party said.

The party also added that beyond the task given to them to disrupt APC’s rally, some of the thugs were equally angered by the inability of their leaders to pay them in full.

“As things turned out, Sheriff’s aggrieved thugs went out of control and descended on the PDP campaign office soon after they started fighting themselves,” it said.

APC said it stands to lose if there is political crisis in Borno that threatens the forthcoming elections considering the unfortunate security challenges being faced.

“As things stand in Borno today, the APC is the number one beneficiary of the current political climate and wouldn’t want any breach of the peace, how much more inciting it. Sheriff on the other hand has been doing everything to cause confusion,” it said.

The party maintained that Mr. Sheriff is very desperate, and doesn’t want elections to hold because he is not a Senatorial candidate, the major reason it said, he moved to the PDP.

It said he nurses the ambition of emerging as Senate majority leader after 2015 if he can’t be the Senate President.

Mr. Sheriff could not be reached for comments Wednesday.


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  • Awarawa

    Violent janjaweeds doing what they know best…

    • godswill Ibe

      Peoples Demonic, the largest clueless,corrupt and incompetent Party in Africa – pdp

  • Es3

    This APC must actually think Nigerians are as dumb as they are in their party?!

    So, Sheriif caused violence and its his new party billboards, offices, etc that his PDP thugs attacked???!!!

    Surely, too much of ‘janjaweed’ has actually relocated their brains from their right location to the lower parts of their bodies!!!

    • August January

      Well, you have your reasons for holding your view. However, nothing, in fact, absolutely nothing, is impossible in Nigeria. Nigerian politicians could do anything to bludgeon their opponents in so far as it would promote and advance their personal selfish interests. Why do some of them engage in their so-called “anti-party affairs” when they’re still in the same party if not for personal selfish gains? May God save Nigeria

      • Es3

        Just like the one at Okrika yesterday being masterminded by APC?!


          Qit is by masterminded by ur pdp in other 4 them to have something to say.

        • Samira Magaji

          That is APC and violence for you

    • Jika

      I hope you read what happened when the President went to Bauchi for a rally.Some PDP members sponsored some miscreants to pelt the podium with water sachet.This was confirmed by the State Governor who is a PDP member.Besides,when the President went to campaign in Maiduguri there was no incidence inspite of the State beign an APC state.Me thinks that Sheriff(who is alleged to be a sponsor of Boko Haram),can do anything to discredit the Governor and try to prevent elections from holding in that state.Just my humble opinion.

      • Es3

        Yes, I did and I know that the two PDP members have been in struggle for popularity with their people and can say anything just to bring down the other!

    • godswill Ibe

      You are ignorant of Alhaji Modu Sherif. Have a look at his antecedents – Found Boko Haram and handed it over to Jonathan and pdp, staged and connived with the president of Chad,Alhaji Idris Derby to dupe desperate and clueless Jonathan $320 million in the recent boko haram fraudulent ceasefire, involved in arms smuggling: a case with the recent Russian ammunition laden aircraft which mysteriously landed in kano but of all persons,Modu Sherif was both the Jonathan’s govt representative as well as himself that came to release the aircraft,etc. You see, APC has not finish saying the truth talk of lying and that remains the last thing APC will do. Therefore, Modu Sherif stage managed the whole thing and even if he denies it in pdp’s way, we still insist he was the one. And one thing every Dick and Harry should know is that APC is God sent to Nigeria for her restoration, the early this sinks into the head of these mis-informed charlatans making noise on this forum the better for them. Jonathan must go in March 28. VOTE BUHARI, VOTE APC

      • Es3

        It appears you know so much about Sheriff, that even the $320 million that your APC rold you was ‘duped’ without a single shred of proof other than their usual lying mouths, must have been passed through your your hand to Sherif and Idris Derby???!!!

        Talking of one cluelessness, it would better that Nigerians realize that anyone that accepts whatever another tells him/her hook, line and sinker without queries, inquiries and verifications, is the real clueless!!!

  • the truth

    I am neither apc nor pdp but the party apc is widely known to be catalyst of destruction, killing,maiming and commiting violence with impunity.they have suddenly brought somalian and sudanese way of politicking into nigeria.we are not surprised by their antics it is their way of life from the leaders up top to their online followers who are mostly abroad with no pvcs

    • Maitama Tambari

      You are a liar. You are PDP. you are either sitting in Femi or Doyin’s. Do you remember late Alhaji Ibrahim Waziri’s saying, siyasa ba da gaba ba. Give it to Aisha or any Northerner if you are not one to translate it for you. Why when President Jonathan was in Maiduguri nothing happen and the Governor is APC? CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

    • endingNaija

      Shut up your mouth there, you are a PDP member and you are a campaigner for the failed re-election of Goodluck Jonathan. I advise you to always redeem the truth. It does not take much to redeem the truth. You only need some honesty to do this.

    • abelxandercel

      who are u fooling? u are neither apc nor pdp……

  • Mr. Abdin

    No amount of intimidation will stop the wind of change that is blowing.

  • Dan Arewa

    Sherif who created BH can commit anything.

  • ceweeco projects

    When people want to win they will go to desperate extremes. However, anyone that has already won in life has come to the conclusion that there is no game. There is nothing but learning in this life and it is the only thing we take with us to the grave—knowledge. If you only understood that concept then your heart wouldn’t break so bad. Jealousy or revenge wouldn’t be your ambition. Stepping on others to raise yourself up wouldn’t be a goal. Competition would be left on the playing field, and your freedom from what other people think about you would light the pathway out of hell. The desperation of APC to grab power is dead on arrival!!!! NIGERIAN SAYS NO TO THEIR ANTIC.

  • evi

    Apc will lie about any and everything. They have no shame! What about the youths that stoned Jonathan? Everybody is corrupt except apc, everybody rigs election except apc, everybody is violent except apc. Apc will commit a crime and turn around and accuse someone else of committing the crime.

  • dd

    If this is the way APC will be deceiving Nigeria, I cry for our nation. I see worse than PDP coming into powder. Just to twist and counter-attack is your desire.

  • ama

    This narrator did a good rehassal. If lies were to be rewarded, this one could win a gold medal. Angry Peoples congress, na waaaaaaooooooo!

  • grace folarin

    lol….. i like that title @ ama. APC aka Angry Peoples Congress. You have cooked up another story to show how power hungry you re. well we the enlightened people wont fall. GEJ administration has brought about transparency, now we read and the truth. Evidence that GEJ is working. #GEJ4NAIJA