New York Times biased, ignorant – Nigerian govt

Nigeria Ambassador to the U.S, Adebowale Adefuye

Nigeria’s Ambassador to the United States, Ade Adefuye, on Tuesday faulted an editorial published by the New York Times on the postponement of the general elections in Nigeria.

“I was shocked and disappointed to read your editorial of Feb.16 titled ‘Nigeria Miserable Choices’ because it distorted and omitted important facts,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

The publication had in its editorial said the main reason Nigeria’s elections were postponed was to frustrate Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the opposition All Progressives Congress.

Mr. Adefuye explained that the decision to postpone the election was made by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, and not by President Goodluck Jonathan.

“The election management body has always been allowed a freehand in conduct of its activities including the time table for the elections. In arriving at the decision to postpone the elections, INEC chief, Prof. Jega, said ‘no one pressurised INEC to take the decision,” the ambassador said.

He said in arriving at the decision, the commission took into consideration the prevailing situation in the country in the build up to the Feb. 14 earlier scheduled for the commencement of the elections.

According to him, the issues involved included distribution of the permanent voter cards, card readers and security.

He said the issues were acknowledged in a research conducted by the U.S.-based National Democratic Institute and the International Republic Institute after a four-week stay in Nigeria.

“The research was sponsored by the U.S. State Department and has been published; it is surprising that The New York Times is not aware or chose to ignore this report,” he said.

Mr. Adefuye argued that Boko Haram constituted a serious threat to the country and that government had in the recent past made appreciable progress in tackling the problem.

“Boko Haram will soon be a thing of the past. It is simply not practicable to be fighting Boko Haram and be providing the security necessary for the elections. It is very clear that this editorial of yours was motivated by bias and ignorance both of which are inexcusable,” he said.



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  • Denis_NG

    This ambassador needs to be recalled the moment Buhari gets sworn in as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He is brash, loud, irrational and lack tact. He speaks when he ought to keep quiet, and maintain deafening silence, when he ought to speak out.

    • The people

      There is no doubt about him been kicked out. He is not fit for purpose

    • taiwo

      shut your trap e rodent

  • endingNaija

    Mr. Ade Adefuye is President Goodluck Jonathan’s ambassador. Mr. Ade Adefuye is not the ambassador of Nigeria.

    • taiwo

      and you are definitely not a Nigerian,olodo

  • Psi Ciroma

    No former dictator should be allowed into Democratic processes. OBJ was a mistake and he is still a problem till today!!

    A european diplomat told my friend that AFRICA WILL HAVE A FRESH WAVE OF MILITARY DICTATORSHIPS because we have not made it clear that it is unpardonable to EXECUTE A COUP against democracy.

  • DD

    Mr. Adefuye,

    Those were the official reasons. Nigerian and indeed the international community know the real reasons. They are not dumb, unlike your employer, Badluck Jonathan.

  • taiwo

    It is very clear that this editorial of yours was motivated by bias and ignorance both of which are inexcusable,” he said..>>>>>>>the answer is not far fetched,they are the ones behind the scene plotting to destabilize our country using the APC. Thank fully the reports of the two foremost democratic institutions they sent to Nigeria to conduct their own private investigation has vindicated our president as usual.We will continue to resist all their efforts to turn our country into another Libya

  • Awarawa

    America and their ignorance on display. If the USA are to conduct elections and the terrorists strike as they did at the World Trade Centre, would they not shift the elections? Nigeria is the only country in the world that will prefer elections to defeating terrorism. Nigeria has been canvassing for the support of our neighbors for long in the fight against these mauraders, now that Niger, Cameroun and Chad agreed to join the fight and the needed war equipment which the USA has denied us are now available, should we abandon all that just because we want to have an election?

  • evi

    New York times being a profit orientated news site is more interested in their bottom line than reporting fair and balanced news. Apc saw that the editorial from the economist ,instead of endorsing buhari, accused buhari of having blood on his hands ,backfired,they decided to pay new york times to endorse buhari, nor caring that credible institute like the national democratic and republic institute confirmed that inec was not ready to conduct the election, any fact that does not help apc propanganda is always ignored by apc.

  • Ekwekwe

    NY Times as paper from, USA, a country that can longer organise a free and fair election (Gore Vs Bush), where fraudsters and gambling magnets finance the political parties and determine election results (Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson), where citizens are deprived of their voting rights because of the colour of their skin (in most of US states), is no longer in a position to teach the world anything about free and fair elections. If, in the eye of NY Times, depriving over 30% of registered voters of their voting card is not enough reason to postpone an election, then the days of the Grey Old Lady (NYT) has finally come.

  • Tobore

    1. In 2011, an amateur video captured 3 US troops peeing on the dead bodies of fallen Afghan soldiers.
    2. I am also aware of one US marine who woke up at mid night at about 2am and decided that the villagers who were on their beds sleeping and whom he was meant to protect, were the actual enemies who deserved to die. That night, he shot over 10 of them dead, right on their beds and in their sleep. Some of the dead were children less than 5 yrs old. Isn’t this poor human rights?
    3. How about the torture cells in Iraq to which even ex-US Marines have confessed in admittance of culpability?
    4. I need not tell you what the US army did in Panama before most of you posting shit here were born.
    5. Do I need to remind you of Guantanamo Bay?
    6. In the raid that captured Bin, the sovereignty of Pakistan was jettisoned, the human rights of children and wives of Bin who lived in that house were violated when blood samples from them were taken and used for some DNA matching which was at variance with the reason provided to the residents.
    7. Do I need to tell you of Drones that have missed their targets and killed innocent civilians?

    Now tell me, between Nigerian Soldiers and US soldiers who has Human rights issues?

    Did New York times write any article against any incumbent US president regarding these issues as he moved to contest for a re-election? …Well, I blame the many ignorant Nigerians and uninformed media houses which take the opinion of these agents of slavery, segregation and apartheid serious. No evil ever commited in human history rivals the evil of slavery…completely stripping man of his dignity in every way…and the US Presidents presided over this evil. How many articles about this appeared in New York times? Leave Nigeria alone. Look at Lybia, look at Iraq. We don’t need your opinion. Go Go go gooooooooooooooooooooooooo



  • Josephine

    Listen to the US at your own peril.——-ask Libyans, ask the Iraqis.

  • Majek tunde

    The job of an ambassador is to lie for his govt. mr. Ambassador, you are doing your job.We are no fools

  • Chris1408

    GEJ and his agents of doom insult anyone that tells the truth about their waywardness, inefficiencies and corruption. They blame everyone except themselves for their failures and they’ll never accept responsibility for their evil deeds.

  • grace folarin


  • Wähala

    The Economist… Biased!
    The Washington Post… Biased!!
    The New York Times… Biases!!!
    Amnesty International, Transparency Internationals, Human Rights Watch, AU, EU, US ati UK… All Biased.
    HABA Dumbo !!!

    Ambassador Ade Adefuye said: “The election management body has always been allowed a freehand in conduct of its activities including the time table for the elections. In arriving at the decision to postpone the elections, INEC chief, Prof. Jega, said ‘no one pressurised INEC to take the decision,” but he didn’t deny that NSA Sambo wrote INEC ‘s Jega a letter of blackmail that security forces won’t be availed INEC to conduct general elections. Thus, knowing Dumbo’s antics with the Independence Day bombing in 2011 pre-elections, it’s quite safe to credit Prof. Jega with possibly saving lives because Dr. Dumbo ati PDP would have bombed innocent voters and blamed it on INEC ati Jega. See what’s happening in Pitakwa today and Okrika comes to mind. Amb. Adefuye’s first job representing Dumbo’s Govt. in America was to bail out his son who was accused of rape… abi, I dey wrong? Adefuye is not interested in the truth, he’s amoral and arrogant, a very crude man for the job actually. Ignore him, biko!

    • prettyriversgirl

      true. However, I take exceptions to the president being referred to as ”Dumbo”

      • Benson Idahosa


    • Shine your EYES

      The Economist… Biased!…in its assessment of American under ground oil deals in Lybia? = YES!
      The Washington Post… Biased!…in its 2009 report on chemical weapons in Lybia! = YES!
      The New York Times… Biased!…in its 2005 report on Gaddafi & his handling of terrorists? = YES!
      Amnesty International, Transparency Internationals, Human Rights Watch, AU, EU, US ati UK… All Biased? = YES! Biased because they are veritable tools in the hands of the mad dogs across the Atlantic.

      Shine your eyes. Don’t be a mumulee for life. Mumu no dey pay.

  • thechangewedesire

    its like we are having more GEJ e-rats here. Guess there was a recent payrise for “em. March 28 we can’t wait any longer

  • Maitama Tambari

    He lied. Fortunately it is New York Times, investigative, forensic and trustful analysis of the situation in Nigeria. THISDAY and Vanguard cannot match, even come closer this level because their editorial would be written for them in the Presidency for publication. The Ambassador has to lie and disgrace Nigerians again. Change is what we all required to get out of the embarrassing situation we found ourselves in. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • prettyriversgirl

    The INEC made the announcement, but the decision was not his. He made it clear at the press conference. The service chiefs forced him to and the president did not know about the intention of the service chiefs. Check out the last presidential media chat. The government and the top men in the army waited for 6years before they remembered they remembered they needed to better equip the soldiers to fight insurgency, when Nyako mentioned it, they abused him and joked/threatened to recall soldiers posted to the state so that he can clearly see he cannot live in the state without soldiers guarding the city. Many months later even the army, top PDP chieftains have all made public statements at interviews saying the army is better equipped to fight and they are undergoing training on how to use the new weapons. Nigerians! for how long will someone deceive you

  • CONSCIENCE_an Open Wound

    1. There are Chemical weapons in Iraq. Lets attack them so we can use that reason to attack Saddam and remove him from power.

    2. There is Genocide in Rwanda, let us not go there because they don’t have oil or anything for us to steal. Instead, let us continue to watch the killings from our satellites and when the killings are over, we can then use the video recordings to prosecute those who partook of the genocide so that we can prove to the world that we love justice and that we love democracy even more.

    3. Let us support the Islamic terrorists in Libya (Now ISIS) so that they can remove or kill our enemy (Gaddafi) and then we can back off thereafter….

    etc, etc, etc,….

    I am a country and I committed the above atrocities. Which country am I?

  • CONSCIENCE_an Open Wound

    Why we are not a Country. Indeed we are a CONTINENT

    Thousands of people have marched in Niger’s capital to protest against Boko Haram, which has launched deadly raids into the country from Nigeria….The demonstrators were led by Niger’s Prime Minister Brigi Rafini and protected by a heavy police presence.

    Demonstrators in Niamey told the BBC, “What worries us most is that they are killing our brothers, our sisters, our parents and friends,” said one. “That’s why we support our military 100% to fight them, to kill them………..This allegiance happens only in countries.

    ——@ NIGERIA ———

    The opposition party organizes protests against the President accusing him of incompetence when ever Boko haram kills or bombs a location. The military is lambasted for not performing even though sympathizers exist within the military to sabotage any fight against the terrorists.

    Furthermore, the presidential candidate of the opposition says the Govt should grant amnesty to terrorists by treating them the same way Niger Delta revolutionary resource control fighters are treated. He further goes to say that he will eliminate Boko haram in 3 weeks if he is voted president. So, till that time, that will sure never come, Nigerians can continue to die………….This division is possible only in continents.

  • Aisha

    I am not surprised, US is in alliance with APC. But GEJ will win.

    • Wetin Naija

      The best thing that can happen to Nigeria is to have US as an allay

      • Tufiakwa

        Like in the US alliance with the opposition in Iraq, opposition in Libya, the opposition in Ukraine, the opposition in Syria. The best thing that can happen to speed up the disintegration of Nigeria is to have US as an ally.