No matter what, Obasanjo remains our father in PDP — Governor Lamido

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo tearing his PDP membership card into shreds

The Jigawa state governor, Sule Lamido, has described former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, as an icon and a political father to most office holders in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, despite Mr. Obasanjo dumping the party.

Speaking with journalists at the Presidential Villa, after a private meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday, the governor said some of Mr. Obasanjo’s political godsons, including President Jonathan, must have made some mistakes which angered the ex-President for him to have resolved to dump the party.

Mr. Lamido, however, noted that dumping the party was not the best move made by Mr. Obasanjo. He said the former president was more than a party, but a symbol of national institution.

“Baba is more than a party man. He is an icon, a national symbol and a leader and an inventor, a creator of all the institutions today in Nigeria from the presidency to the governors who are his own sons, are all his creations. And so, when a father is angry with his own children, we will only say we are sorry to him. But then we cannot be renounced for whatever it is.

“No matter what we are, we may not be able to live up to his expectations. We might have made some mistakes, but abandoning us is not the solution because the country is first before anything else. So, he is our baba even up to the president. Baba is our baba no matter what. He is angry with us, but then, what do we do? He gave us the life at a time when Nigerians were fighting us, he stood for us.

“Since 2011, in 2007, he stood firm for us. He is our father. And so, if we made some mistakes, we are only human because we are heading human institutions. And I think by the time he reflects, how could he abandon his own children like that. Wherever we are, we are right in his heart. He feels for us, he cares for us.”

On a possible reconciliation move by the party to convince the former President to return to the party, Mr. Lamido said “When there is some kind of misunderstanding between a father and a child, you don’t go to NTA or any other media to say you are going to do this. I mean the bond between us is so strong. I know he is equally pained. I know what he is going through because he is our father. But I will not tell you the strategy because when he was producing us, you were not there; when he was making us, were you there?”

On claims by some PDP leaders that they won’t miss him, he said “But then, the first child is the President, did he say so?”

The PDP BoT Secretary, Walid Jibrin, had on Monday described Mr. Obasanjo irresponsible for shredding his membership card publicly just as the body’s Chairman, Tony Anenih, also maintained that the party’s leadership would not miss the ex-President.

Asked whether he was worried by Mr. Obasanjo’s consistent criticisms of Jonathan’s administration, Mr. Lamido explained “What I am saying is that all of us are parents. When we were born, they pampered us; gave us their love; gave us everything. By the time they get old, naturally, there is what they call role reversal. We became the parents and they became the children. So, what is wrong if our parents begin to manifest those signs of old age?”

Commenting on the activities of the opposition All Progressives Congress in the country, the Jigawa state governor said, “What is this opposition in Nigeria? You must know Nigerian history. Nigeria cannot be governed by an aggregate of pain, anger and frustration. And I have been saying to those so-called opposition who are now abusing us, whatever might have been our crime, it was that crime that made them. We created that for them to become either governors, in the legislature , we created room for them to emerge. So whatever they think is our evil, they are the manifestations of the evil. Believe me, you don’t know Nigeria.”

On the chances of the PDP retaining power at the rescheduled March/April general elections, he said “I don’t doubt it because what is APC? An amalgamation of pain, anger and desperation. And this country is too big for them.”


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  •  мσνιc

    I thought obj was irrelevant? Pdpgs supporters will abuse lamido for saying this o! Awon oniranu

  • Sani

    Lamido spoke the truth. It seems all doors are closing for the PDP. I think one of the reasons that the situation is getting worse for the PDP is the fact they have looked the other way when Nigerians are being massacred by Boko Haram. They do not care to verify the claims made by foot soldiers about lack of equipment to confront the Boko Haram menace. It will be difficult to fathom the damage GEJ’s regime has done to this country. It will take a while for us to come to terms with the damage made.

    • Onike24

      I went to one of the camps in Abuja! Abuja! I wailed for my country!

    • Otile

      But why is none of you blaming Islamic Boko Haram for their atrocities? Many dishonest people talk as if the Nigerian soldiers are they ones terrorizing people in Northern Nigeria, Somalia, Cameroon, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere. Man, blame it on Islamic terrorism not Jonathan.

      • Sani

        It seems you are trying to turn reality on its head. At no point in my comment did I blame the soldiers for terrorising Nigerians in the North. On the other issue you talked about. There has never been a time, in our dogged history as a nation where blame-game has reached such a crescendo. You cannot hide Jonathan’s incompetence by blaming it on Islam. Any right thinking person, within Nigerian and abroad, is not unmindful of the fact that what Boko Haram is not Islam. The crux of the matter is that what is GEJ doing as president to put an end to the crisis? It all point to the fact that we are a people meant to be annihilated and GEJ is wrong all along. By looking the other way while BH continue to ravage our lands and our people, GEJ thought he can weaken our electoral value come 2015. Unfortunately for GEJ, Insecurity is now a campaign issue in the North and there is no way GEJ can win the minds of people in the North, given the neglect and the perception that government, in some way, is aiding and abetting the crisis.

  • Otile

    Obasanjo or no Obasanjo nobody is indispensable. If Obasanjo goes kaput tonight the world will go on. Nonsense

    • Sani

      Your paymasters are not on the same page with you. They truly understand the implications of what Obasanjo did. I do recall the same was said about the 5 PDP Governors when they left party. It is no surprise that almost all the problems the PDP is facing have a direct connection with this. The earlier you guys wake up the better. Obasanjo is no ordinary card carrying member of the PDP. For dumping the party the way he did, I think it is not something you can just wave with a hand. Something is fundamentally wrong my friend.

      • Otile

        Ever since Obasanjo lost power in Jonathan’s administration he has been pouting, trying to act the spoiler. My point is that the world will move on without him. Every human institution comes to an end, his own end is in sight.

        • Sani

          Obasanjo has already created a crack in the ranks of the PDP. We are talking about one of its own and the fact that he,Obasanjo, is an international figure. I am happy that are becoming a lot messed up for the PDP and Obasanjo’s exit is quite a crescendo.

    • Onike24

      Didn’t GEJ just ” sideline” you? Check with Obi before you start posting idiotic comments oh! I hear the strategy is to ” play nice” Awon were Jatijati

  • Festus

    It’s a very sad situation for the country! We have never had it so bad. To the extent that this same drug addict FFK said on 19/01/14 that ‘Pdp is a party that has been rejected by God and whose leaders Are suffering God,s judgement for their unjust, wicked and evil ways’. The same onijekuje has changed today changed batons! The old man is telling the truth but we are in a country where liars are celebrated. May God save us.

  • justme

    An elderly man shud always know how and wen to act responsibly be it in private or public..whateva baba thinks his reason was to behave d way he did isn’t justifiable!!

    • emmanuel

      Elderly man? The man slept with his daughter in-law when he was already over seventy years. Which kind animal elder be that? Two of us for don see God since.

  • Festus

    If you read lamido,s comments on baba,s action, perhaps you will understand better. These politicians can’t be understood. They know themselves. There are some underlining factors which we do not know. Any sensible person will kno that our dear country has degenerated. Is it the army and their partisanship? Or even the so called politicians themselves, with the Ekitigate readily in mind and our President condoning the obvious illegality?

  • emmanuel

    There cannot be two Supe Lamido if this his statement is made in good faith, because Obasanjo most recent grouse against Jonathan was his refusal to have Sule Lamido as VP candidate in place of Sambo.

    I think Jonathan and co should look the way of Lamido after 2019 if he delivers for the PDP.

    This man’s comment is too good to ne true, but then I have also seen Aliyu demonstrate statemanly character since after the days of the dead New PDP.

  • NazirJos

    If I’m correct this is the first pampered statement I’ve heard directed to OBJ since the whole saga started. Every other time only hash statements you hear from PDP against OBJ. They say “absolute power corrupts absolutely!” The power of incumbency corrupted minds of many PDP leaders, so the play little gods and conceive that no one is there to call them to order. If PDP had been reasoning with most of the things they have always been criticized for, and at least say “OK sorry I’ll correct that” then they would have been far more respective. But they are arrogant and would not listen, that’s why every sense mind leaves them. Now they are only left with such cohorts who are simply after their money and who instigate them to add more to their malevolence and their frequent misfeasance.

    A little too late for that Lamido.

  • Musuru

    I just like Sule Lamido! He speaks diplomatically, with full confidence and is a great leader! When others are talking with their mouths full, he is the guy to wait for to speak… Because he does so correctly! Well done Sir!

  • 100%9jaPikin

    The only one that speak with common sense. Thumb up!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    This position is incredibly magnanimous and commendably mature. Good luck with that, Sule Lamido.

  • Busanic

    Lamido is just speaking from both sides of the mouth. He is the guy hailing GEJ to destruction so he will be the default candidate to pick his bones. He is angling for action come 2019 against Buhari. Lamido will be blown away..another wannabe.

  • Yusuf

    A matured approach to OBJ but Lamido is leaving in the shadows of the past, you didnt create any platform for anybody bcus Nigeria belongs to everyone and everyone gave his equal share of support to get our freedom of democracy. You should live and die in PDP since it is your fathers property

  • TrueNja

    PDP is a failed party and already collapsed. Governor Lamido I’m glad you acknowledged baba. Baba Iyabo is an Iroko tree which no builder can ignore. It is a fact, Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan could not achieve his dream without baba Iyabo. From shoeless to the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. Old age has nothing to do with what is on ground. Goodluck Ebele jonathan is an ungrateful soul on earth. Where were Edwin Clark, Anenih, Abati, Okupe, fugitive drug baron Buruji Kashamu, Asari Dokubo, CAN president Oritsajefor in 2007 and 2010? OBJ stood by him with his blood and soul. 2015, this same Badluck son Ebele Jonathan calling baba, his benefactor “a motor park tout”. GEJ is a Christian but he is not in Christ and this is the reason why God refuses to answer his prayers after visiting Christians Holy Land twice.

  • ceweeco projects

    When OBJ is not even a true father to his biological children, how then can he be a father to non children. This is one father that eats the birth right of his children sometime l wonder if God is really there!!! OBJ, you’re so ugly you make onions cry. Wow I can tell that was the smartest thing you’ve ever done. And trust me that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen/heard! Who do you think you’re? Stink bug. Oh, look! The garbage truck is soon coming! You better hide!

  • favourtalk

    This man remain with obasanjo, GEJ should forget about his wicked attitudes because many that are against him are more than the rest that are with him. Change is near and it will sweep all the wicked ones in the country away, those that do not care about the nation except themselves

    • taiwo


  • taiwo

    So whatever they think is our evil, they are the manifestations of the evil. Believe me, you don’t know Nigeria.”

    On the chances of the PDP retaining power at the rescheduled March/April general elections, he said “I don’t doubt it because what is APC? An amalgamation of pain, anger and desperation. And this country is too big for them.”.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Haba governor Jigawa the wind of change has come.

  • Bigzy

    Obj is now batting for the other side, this much is clear. I would like to know, what hold has he got over Lamido?