U.S. fighting ISIS but refusing to send troops against Boko Haram – Jonathan

In what appears an admittance of Nigeria’s inability to deal with the terror group, Boko Haram, President Goodluck Jonathan has appealed to the United States to send troops to take on the increasingly powerful sect.

In an interview with the U.S-based Wall Street Journal, Friday, the president said he had since 2014 appealed to the U.S. government for combat troops and military intelligence to help curb the menaces of Boko Haram, but that the US turned down his request.

The president said there was intelligence about Boko Haram insurgents, currently holding some parts of the North East, receiving training and funds from the Islamic State, the jihadist group whose leadership is based in Iraq and Syria.

Mr. Jonathan asked why the U.S. was withholding help to Nigerian when it is currently involved in the fight against ISIS, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Why can’t they come to Nigeria? They are our friends. If Nigeria has a problem, then I expect the US to come and assist us,” he said.

“Are they not fighting ISIS? Why can’t they come to Nigeria?” said the president.

The president’s claim about request for combat troops was, however, denied by the spokesperson for the United States’ military, John Kirby.

Mr. Kirby, a Rear Admiral, said the U.S. government had not received any request for troops from the Nigerian government.

He said there were no plans to unilaterally send troops to Nigeria, but added that the U.S. is discussing its participation in a multinational task force with African nations to assist Nigeria. The task force, he said, will be designed to help build up Nigeria’s own counterterrorism capabilities.

“These discussions are really just now starting,” Mr. Kirby was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying. “I can tell you that there are no plans as I speak here…unilaterally to send or to add U.S. troops into Nigeria. There are no U.S. troops operating in Nigeria.”

Although the U.S. has helped the Nigerian military with training, equipment and funds, recent allegations of human rights abuse and the refusal of the U.S. to sell Nigeria weapons, have prevented deeper ties between the two countries over Boko Haram.

In 2014, Washington refused to supply vital arms to Nigeria, citing human rights abuses.

Mr. Jonathan told the Wall Street Journal the allegations of human right abuses are overblown.

The president said despite the request for troops, the Nigerian military will retake all territories currently under Boko Haram control within eight weeks.

Within eight weeks, Mr. Jonathan said, “we will be able to take over all the territories that they are holding.”


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  • Omo Owu

    This president jona is a shame. Why should the americans come anf fight boko haram for us ?
    nigeria made billions in oil money,a nd still we can`t arm our soldiers, we can`t educate our university student to be world class, we still rely on help after more than 50years of independce. Jona should just go home and stop disgracing we nigerians further. We need real and strong leaders not thieves.

  • Debekeme

    I try my best, i try hard to respect this man but he makes it so hard. Na real wah.

  • Seriously

    The US will NOT send troops to help you battle BH. Even in the middle east where they’re bombing IS, they didn’t send ground troops. You have your own armed forces. Equip them and tell them to do their job. Nobody is coming to save you.

  • Dr. Kay

    What a Dumbo statement made by this Dumbo of a clueless man, Chei una see why this interloper need to be bounced in March ?

  • chukzee

    Bros Jona, I dey try defend you sometimes ee, but na wa o! If you talk say dem no share intelligence or dem no gree sell equipment, e for beta. But to talk say dem no gree send their troops, chaii; You mean say Naija condition don reach Iraq and Syria where we go dey beg for troops. U mean say u no fit perform ur constitutional duty of security despite all our oil money? U just dey fall my hand sha. In short I agree with Soyinka -“Buhari’ ati “Jona” are problematic candidates.

    • Chris1408

      So true, two rejects running against each other. I’m sorry for my country. Almost 200 million people, we can’t find one good person to lead the country. Sad sad.

      • DD

        It’s easy to blame others. Why didn’t you present yourself?

        • Bidemi Lukman

          He cant afford N22m nomination form

  • SAM .A

    You want American soldiers to come on the ground fight and die for these pregnant generals who refused to armed their own soldiers who ran away @ the sight of BH. It will never happen.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    I hope this guy is not drunk. In recent presidential chart, he said NA will not entirely clear BH within 6 weeks of election postponment but significant progress would be made. Now, he si saying within eight weeks, he will be able to take over all the territories that they are holding. I hope he would not shift election by another 2 weeks

    • Truthometer

      That is Dumbo for you. Confused and clueless, 24hours. No biggie!

  • Chris1408

    Na wao, make una help Jonathan oooooo. This Mumu president spend more than one trillion Naira on military budget but he wan make US come fight Boko Haram for him backyard. Please someone tell GEJ to drop the bottles. This man is a massive embarrassment and disgrace

  • the truth

    I thought premium times always reports what soyinka says. Now he called premium times candidate buhari evil, it did not make news.

    Wole Soyinka Says Muhammadu Buhari Is The Most Brutal Dictator After Abacha

    Wole Soyinka, a professor and Nobel Laureate, has described Muhammadu Buhari, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), as the most brutal face of military dictatorship after Sani Abacha.

    The professor, who spoke to the BBC World, suggested that Nigerians are in a serious dilemma with lack of alternative.

    When asked about his comments about the general as a brutal devil, Soyinka said he did not exactly call him the devil, but a brutal dictator.

    “I didn’t exactly call him a devil, but of course I talked about dinning with the devil with a very long spoon, but he (Buhari), I didn’t even want to dine with him at all,” he said.

    “After Abacha, he represented the most brutal face of military dictatorship, there’s no question at all about that.

    “I’ve got to the point whereby I look at the possibility of a genuine internal transformation with some individuals. I have been disappointed before, and we must always be ready to be disappointed again.”

    Speaking about deepening democracy in Nigeria, the 80-year-old said: “There are many, many actions, especially by the government in power which I won’t say are exactly democratic. Let’s have a fair war, it’s not yet deep enough.”

    He went on to speak about the abducted Chibok girls, branding insurgency in the north-east a failure of leadership by Jonathan and his predecessors. “What happened was a clear failure in leadership.

    One cannot hold the government solely; the responsibility spreads, because the Boko Haram thing began in various ways a long time ago. “There was a time when they announced the Islamisation of Nigeria; they should have been stamped upon by the constitution, using the constitution as a weapon.

    “While definitely, the responsibility of what is going on rests with Jonathan, the bigger problem began with previous governments.” On the options before Nigeria in the coming presidential elections, the erudite scholar urged Nigerians to be prepared to go back to the trenches if the wrong choice is made.

    “Basically, for me, anything which so smells of soliciting permanent incumbency or littling the options is not palatable. But you know, the environment changes, the circumstances change and then even the worst military can become demobilised, self-internally demobilised if you like.

    “All I know is that if a wrong choice is made, we must all be prepared, we should start preparing to go back to the trenches, whatever it takes. “Let’s put it this way: the way you fight a civilian misrule is different from the way you deal with people like Sanni Abacha.

    “So I’m saying Nigerians should be prepared to deal with any new betrayals by any ruler with the same kind of passion, commitment and understanding of a lack of alternative as they did with Sani Abacha, because we cannot continue this cycle of repetitious evil and irresponsibility.

    newswire nigeria.
    bbcnews africa

    • tundemash

      Cl0wn read the topic of the news before u copy & paste what was given to you by Reno Wendel !
      The news is about Dumbo making his usual weekly gaffe !

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      “Basically, for me, anything which so smells of soliciting permanent incumbency or littling the options is not palatable. But you know, the environment changes, the circumstances change and then even the worst military can become demobilised, self-internally demobilised if you like.”

      How come you missed reading the above in your own copy and paste?

      Did you think that was about GMB too?

    • SAM .A

      You really need help, u are confused. The news above is talking about Jona,cap in hand , begging American soldiers to come to NE & fight BH for him. Instead of you seeing the stupidity in that , you are diverting people’s attention to Prof WS ‘s statement .. You are despicable ,deceptive &lack any atom of truth .

  • Contact Point

    Oh no, this is unprecedented and not presidential. Is it not clear to even blind supporters of this man that this is just a crying baby who never knew what it takes to be a C-in-C? Now he is cap in hand begging US to send troops so that BH would be defeated before election and GEJ, PDPig and our failed soldiers would claim victory and glory? Believe me am ashamed.

  • ijawman

    This is probably a joke abi? Except i got it wrong. I thought the FG had always insisted that the govt is on top of the situation and roundly rebuffed any outside assistance in terms of boots on the round, especially from the west.

  • Sir k

    This man called is totally confused,are they not human beings like Nigeria soldiers.See your life,Americans soldiers were trained to defend there citizens and Nation,but Nigerians soldiers were trained to steal and rigged election.Shame on you.

  • Sanmi Falae

    This MAN/CHILD president should just go away and stop disgracing Nigeria. The US knows and sees how you incapacitate your own army by corruption, and now you want them to use their taxpayers money to fund your war and send their boys and girls to die for you. Please stop sniffing petrol, Mr President. Having withdrawn all military personnel from active foreign campaign as an election pledge, it is simple common sense Obama is not now going to send them back – more so that the Democrats have a fair and free election to fight. Reasons Obama and Cameron won’t ever directly and bilaterally intervene in the Middle East. One wonders the point of Mr Jonathan and his hundreds of political advisers if they can’t see this scenario that takes simple common sense to figure out. European and American leaders are too busy, intelligent, and accountable to have time for the childish pranks that African leaders call leadership of Africa.

  • Outraged

    Mumu President.

  • Isaac Boro

    To start with, Nigeria need not make any request for useless US troops bcos they have a very poor human rights record and even poor dead man rights record. Take a look at these:

    1. In 2011, an amateur video captured 3 US troops peeing on the dead bodies of fallen Afghan soldiers.
    2. I am also aware of one US marine who woke up at mid night at about 2am and decided that the villagers who were on their beds sleeping and whom he was meant to protect, were the actual enemies who deserved to die. That night, he shot over 10 of them dead, right on their beds and in their sleep. Some of the dead were children less than 5 yrs old. Isn’t this poor human rights?
    3. How about the torture cells in Iraq to which even ex-US Marines have confessed in admittance of culpability?
    4. I need not tell you what the US army did in Panama before most of you posting shit here were born.
    5. Do I need to remind you of Guantanamo Bay?
    6. In the raid that captured Bin, the sovereignty of Pakistan was jettisoned, the human rights of children and wives of Bin who lived in that house were violated when blood samples from them were taken and used for some DNA matching which was at variance with the reason provided to the residents.
    7. Do I need to tell you of Drones that have missed their targets and killed innocent civilians?

    Now tell me, between Nigerian Soldiers and US soldiers who has Human rights issues?

    The US is just been stuuupid in making such a useless statement bcos they reason that many Nigerians would not call a spade a spade. This is part of an African problem. Perhaps it is inferiority complex or even outright stuuupidity. But I really don’t understand.Even the so called news media & their editors have ‘fallen my hand’. This is one moment that make some of us miss Dele Giwa. How could US be so bold to make such nonsensical statement? And instead of the Nigerian media to attack them for their irresponsibility and queer double standard, they chose to remain deaf & dumb. The way they report stories about US makes me wonder whether subservience at any cost has become their common creed.

    • Bastard Ota Ape

      This is the first damn time a dead person made a lot of sense that even the walking dead cannot comprehend. I don’t think that that lout of a president even gets it. Buhari isn’t all of that either. Finally, anything that keeps the Americans off thew shores of Africa is good news for the continent. Here’s a hint for all of you:THE US IS BEHIND BOKO HARAM!!!!! GOT IT?

    • emmanuel

      Nice one!

  • BTT

    A man watched one of his sons struck a match stick, watched the flames increased and kept quiet until the whole match stick was burned. The fire started burning fabrics and clothes, yet he kept quiet. His children only smiled as the fire spread because daddy told them he had a strong fire extinguisher hidden somewhere. Before you knew, the whole room was on fire and spreading to other apartments. The children starred at their father “but daddy you told us you have a fire-extinguisher”. Daddy said, “I just remembered it expired 12 months ago”. Suddenly the man started crying for help calling the fire service. Who to blame, is it the fire service that didn’t show up quickly in time, or the careless man?

  • sammyctu ode

    Is jonathan really our president, why does he talk like a drunkard all the time, why can’t he think before he talks to Nigerians and International media? I now agree that this man called jonathan is really sick and deranged. The reason for election postponement is that he would wipe out bh in six weeks, just late last year, he kicked out the USA Training Advisers and now he wants USA to send troops to fight bh. The Americans does not use their troops like that because they are serious minded people and they don’t have time for a drunken Nigerian president who does not know anything about his own troops.

    • True

      To say your country leader and someone’s husband and father is sick and deranged is to say least irresponsible. The freedom to express yourself comes with responsibility. You really need help

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        On the contrary, Jonothing needs help.

        So do you, if you can’t see and state the obvious!

      • tundemash

        If you reduce state matters to issue of yam and goats, you need help !
        If you want to help Dumbo, ask him to think before he speaks .

  • alimi

    Make una pit the drunkard president, he needs help

  • Festus

    You see una yeye President!

  • True

    Using such words and language to address a Nigeerian president is not right no matter what. Even freedom of expression comes with responsibility. Premium times are happy to display such irresponsible statement but will block any one against their preferred candidates.

    • tundemash

      If you simplify state matters as yam and goat, u will struggle to gain any respect. A Nigerian President is no god, his conduct is what determines what respect he gets . Serious minded Presidents in other climates get worse treatment; get eggs thrown at them how much more a cl0wn who thinks the amount of private jets determines the well-being of Nigerians.

      And by the way, what exact words triggered you off.
      If PT blocks you, try NTA, Vanguard and ThisDay, u will have a free day there. Stop moaning here except if you are paid by the amount of posts you paste here.

  • tundemash

    Mr. Kirby, a Rear Admiral, said the U.S. government had not received any request for troops from the Nigerian government.

    So this cl0wn has to take his lying to international level again and embarrass us all ? Did US not send in intelligence officers and found that the military lack equipment and the few they had was being channelled to Boko Haram by govt. ?
    Was it not Nigeria, under Dumbo’s govt. who cancelled US raining if Nigerian soldiers???

    • ola

      Dumbo is demented!

  • 100%9jaPikin

    Our honourable president should at the least take pride in the military establishment of Nigeria. What make them work wonders since 1983 until 2010. But now they are bunch of sissy!
    Check your self Mr President. America did not create this mess.
    Get water, get tissue papers and clean up your yansh, plus this mess. Naija people are tired of you begging for America army to come and take care of these idiotic BokoHaram that ravaging 15 of our local government, and we are done with all your excuses. We can do this on our own.

  • Nelson David

    USA are not our friend, real friends don’t abandon their friends when they are in need of help. God will see us through this situation and we will defect this insurgency.

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    I pray we learn from this situation and know who our friends are, USA are not to be trusted in any deal they doing with our country.

  • Divine West

    Just because GEJ refuse to implement the gay law in favor of USA, they have decided not to support Nigeria in anyway that improve President Jonathan administration. To bad we called them our friend.

  • Charlotte

    Jonadaft is what he is DAFT. Why should the U.S. send their troops? What are Mininmah and Badeh there for. To continue to get fat? Jonathan equip the army and stop Obanikoro from eating the defence budget. Lazy people.

  • uzo

    they are not our friend without them we will be even stronger

  • kemi

    GEJ you are doing good without their help.if US will not help us we will still be moving on under your leadership

  • ubong ekanem

    GEJ you will win this war without their help

  • nafisat

    How will they help when they aided buhari to start the mayhem in the first place! Obama is a coward and we don’t need him…GEJ is capable and he has proven that already…

  • uko bassey

    The US are just angry because we do-not support sodomy! Obama is instigating the jelly fish called buhari to stir up propaganda and confusion…well, news flash for the US…buhari wont win..GEJ stays till 2019…Nigeria will never support sodomy!

  • geraldine jaja

    the US is not of any importance…they should go and stop the corrruption in their country that is making about 45,000 americans commit suicide yearly!

  • Enumah

    The writings on the wall is so clear, the U.S has never been in support of this administration. I the past tenures the U.S literally begged to open their army base here in the country but were turned down, now that the country needs all the help it can possibly get they decide to play deaf ears.

  • Nwaobilor

    Every international regulation or policy relating to Nigeria has been adjusted to punish us. Look at the OPEC fuel price, that alone has taken a huge toll on our economy so the issue of delay in assistance for national security comes as no surprise to me.

  • Kufere

    To Hell with them… We can get allies with Russia or China.

  • Etega

    Abeg oo!! dem be god?.