Nigerian Military retakes Monguno, other communities from Boko Haram

Nigerian troops fighting the insurgent group, Boko Haram, have reclaimed the town of Monguno and other communities in the North East after nearly two days of fighting.

Boko Haram carried out a pre-dawn attack on Monguno, which is about 137 kilometres from Maiduguri, the Borno State capital over two weeks ago.

The takeover of Monguno and other communities brought Boko Haram closer to Maiduguri and the Army successfully repelled the insurgents’ attempts to get into Maiduguri.

PREMIUM TIMES had Saturday reported how the Nigerian security forces launched a huge military campaign to retake a swath of territory in the North East seized by the terror group.

In a tweet Monday, the Nigerian Defence Headquarters said “Operations to Clear Terrorists From #MONGUNO and Other Communities Successful”.

The spokesperson of the DHQ, Chris Olukolade, in a statement also said, “troops in a military operation spearheaded by highly coordinated air assaults have completed the mission of clearing terrorists from Monguno and environs this morning”.

Mr. Olukolade, a Major General, also said a number of terrorists as well as truckloads of rice, beans and other logistics meant for resupply to the terrorists operating around Baga have been captured in the course of the operation.

“Casualty inflicted and arms recovered as well as other outcome of the operation in Munguno, Marte and other communities already secured, will be determined after the ongoing cordon and search in the environs,” he said.

He added that the air and land operation is continuing in the area of operation with aggressive advance towards other designated communities and locations meant to be cleared in the ongoing offensive against the terrorists.

The operation to recapture Monguno and 14 other territories held by Boko Haram kicked off February 14 as announced by the military a week ago – the major reason the security services gave for their demand that presidential and National Assembly elections, earlier billed for that day, be delayed.

Nigeria’s National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, and the military chiefs had warned that they could not guarantee security if the elections went ahead as planned.

According to details referred to by the Independent National Electoral Commission, the military was planning sweeping onslaught against Boko Haram starting February 14, and did not want a distraction.

The military assured that the six-week extension, which will allow time for the operations, will significantly turn the tide in the war against Boko Haram, a pledge re-affirmed by President Goodluck Jonathan during a televised media chat on Wednesday.

Security sources had told PREMIUM TIMES of a massive deployment of troops and military assets, many of them newly-acquired, in the fight to re-take Monguno.

The operation, our sources said, was being personally led by L.O Adeosun, the General Officer Commanding of the Maiduguri-based 7th Battalion and the Commander of the 5 Brigade, Munguno, a Brigadier general Udoh, Mr. Adeosun, a Major General, was recently posted to Borno after the loss of Baga and Munguno to Boko Haram.


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  • GEE

    Well done boys.

  • Don

    Thanks comrades. God be with you all.

    • Nigeria

      My great relentless patriots, may God be with you in this just course and give you more victory. I cannot be a soldier, you fight in my stead that I and many more might live. HAIL OUR GALLANT SOLDIERS, HAIL!

  • Otile

    Utangirma Allah. Egypt says it has bombed Islamic State targets in Libya, hours after video emerged showing the apparent beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians.

    Islam is a religion of peace. They know that weak Christians do not fight back. When they finish beheading and maltreating Christians peace and tranquility takes over. Mohamed Buhari is right, sharia must be applied toevery state of the federation.

    • Good Nigerian

      who are you moron to come here and write nonsense…..are you saying your religion is a religion of violence? is this why you people are fighting everywhere? Spread the sharia to the South and see what will happen to your boko haram brothers

      • Pls leave mumuhari & his foolishness.

      • Otile

        Dan iska, arna shege.

      • Omoluwabi

        Bro!, dont be misled o, You and Otile are saying the same thing. He is just mocking Islam, the religion of “peace” (indeed) . Mohamed Buhari (as written in his Katsina School Certificate), is just a way of mocking the certificate forger bastard…lol

  • Adebenson

    Thanks Comrade…. Go on Go on.. We praying for y;all

  • 247don007

    Kudos to our combatants…shame to all haters especially those who don’t want Nigeria to succeed.

  • comic releif

    Your victory is assured as those who support our gallant army are far more than those who are against the army.

    • bib

      Nobody is against our army. Everybody is against its commanders in general and c-in-c in particular that have been denying the soldiers the wherewithal to have eliminated the BH since. They waited, because of their selfish interests, until many lives where lost, uncountable people maimed, millions displaced, swath of land lost, and the armed forces lost their hard earned respectability at home and abroad, while they smiled to the banks with trillions of Naira defence budgets.

      • Philip Musa

        APC apologist! Take your cool aid elsewhere! We’re here to thank our commander in chief and the real (patriotic) soldiers!!

        • Onome Curtis

          True and sensible talk

        • bib

          PDP apologist. Nigeria shall not give the vampire another four years supply, no matter your entreaty. Save Nigerians’ blood! Vote APC! MARCH4BUHARI!!!

          • Mr Ernest

            yes you so intelligent my brother vote APC

          • J

            @ bib if GEJ get four years more in office what will you do? hang yourself

          • bib

            How about you? If he doesn’t will you hang yourself or follow him to ICC?

          • bib

            How about you? If he doesn’t win, will hang yourself or escort him to ICC?

      • Onome Curtis

        Senseless talk

        • bib

          Junior vampire Nigeria will not supply you and your senior vampire another four year supply of blood! Vote APC! MARCH4BUHARI!!!

          • Onome Curtis

            U nor get sense

          • Foolishness is sin.

      • FortB

        A military weakened over the years cannot be made strong overnight. And what did Obj and co do that led to the problems today? Have you bothered to ask? Everything starts and stop with GEJ in your mind? Lets examine just a few. Who compulsorily retired well trained and experienced officers in the military in the guise of saying that they had held political office? Obj. Under whose regime did most of the military strategic ammunition dump got destroyed, Ikeja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt ammunition depots destruction? Obj. Under whose regime was the military expenditure for procurement drastically reduced such that items for effective training could no longer be procured? Abacha, Obj. Under whose regime were the firing mechanism of fighter jets and amoured tanks disabled and destroyed? IBB. You think the military was happy operating with civil Hilux and Toyota vehicles? Or you believe it was corruption by generals? I laugh. The military was deliberately underfunded since after Shagari regime. At less than 1% of GDP, Nigeria’s annual military expenditure has consistently been one of the lowest globally. Go do the research, you will come back and say I am right. When you want to look at the cause of the military effectiveness decline, you will be wrong to look at the present government only. It goes further down the line. Truth is precious. We need it to be well informed

        • Nigeria

          You speak well. we are where we are because of who we are Goodluck or Buhari cannot change Nigeria. Collective change of attitude of all Nigerian towards nationhood is paramount in this venture.

        • bib

          Rubbish! TheNigeria armed forces no matter what you said above remained gallant. They demonstrated it in Liberia, sierra Leone etc. But under you GEJ they could not defeat a rag tag force of BH that was already seriously weakened before he took over power. The army was deliberately arming the BH by running and abandoning equipment and armunitions even from their fortified barracks. That is if you discount direct supplies to BH, even though evidences indicating that abounds. The question is why are they now confident that they can defeat the BH now? Has all the cumulative damages done to the armed forces by the people you enumerated been corrected so soon?
          Man, vote for change! VOTE APC! MARCH4BUHARI!!!

          • FortB

            My dear, vote for whomever you wish. I am not a politician canvassing for votes. I am only giving you the military perspective as an insider. Shagari placed order for several platforms that the military took delivery of in the late 80’s and early 90’s. These were the equipment used for the ECOMOG operations in Liberia and Sierra Leone. True some of our soldiers abandoned their location and allowed weapons to fall into the hands of the enemy. But I can assure you it was not a deliberate plan by anyone to arm the insurgents. It has to do with bad elements that had found their way into the service due to poor recruitment system when politicians started after 1999 to influence the recruitment of persons looking for employment and not love of d job. Those are being corrected and with the arrival of some new platforms ordered in the last few years, we can see already a new vigor in the war. Let’s pray for our nation and our troops. It would do us a whole world of good to separate politking from national security

          • bib

            How do you know it was not deliberate? Why did it take six years to order the platforms? It is our prayers for the country and soldiers that has sustained the country inspite of the wishes of some of our leaders.

    • Onome Curtis

      True talk

  • blueeyedkitten

    after all the damages has been done. reactive measures indeed! anyways, we’d accept anything. its better than none; but that doesn’t mean, we’re not going to punish you guys at the polls. and at thesame time, after forming a new govt come march 28th (insha’Allah), we’d still probe all your excesses.

  • dd

    We need more time to fight this terrorist so we can vote well. Please postpone the election to another six month as we cannot vote while the country is at war.

    • Onome Curtis

      Na true my friend

  • Debekeme

    Bless our boys. Good news. One Nigeria,

  • Nwa _ Africa

    Our able military God will protect you as you waste the so called Boko Haram and do not bring prisoners to us……We do not need to feed any terrorist

  • Alcindo Satori

    Congrats to the military, congrats to the commander in chief, GEJ!

  • bib

    The vampire is taking break thinking that this will give him another four years supply of blood! No way! MARCH4BUHARI! VOTE APC!!!

    • Onome Curtis

      U nor get sense,na Im b d appreciation wet u suppose show.ekpa lyk u

    • Nigeria

      My brother, talk issues, I dont understand your language sir

      • bib

        Go about with you David West dictionary.

    • kess


  • Eze1

    Welldone, proud of you guys

  • Matthew Oye

    If it were Abraham Lincoln, he would writer a personal letter to the army General who recaptured Munguno from the hands of this misguided terrorists. Let president send a handwritten letter to the army officer. This will boost the morale of our gallant soldiers as they will do more to route out these enemies out of our territory.

    • Pause

      There was no Internet then and AL’s army did not update the population online as modern armies. Yet I share your sentiment.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Well done, gallant Nigerian military. Prove to the world that you are not timid after all, and that you are the same Nigerian military that excelled in many peace keeping assignments around the world. Well done, all the security agents involved in the war. We are slowly getting back our confidence in you. Every Nigerian must raise a loud Thankyou to every one of these brave and strong men and women out there on the battlefield. President Goodluck Jonathan, more grease to your elbow on this one. Keep your shoulders pressed to the wheel, as I’d advised some three years ago. Work is the antidote to criticism, to answer every critic would always cause you to lose focus. Those towns and villages we have retaken must NEVER be lost to Boko Haram again. That is the condition for winning this war…

  • Emmy Cl

    Well done guys

  • ome

    Just if the army were given the order to do this just 4 months ago. My friend Yakubu, his wife and children may have still been alive today.
    May God continue to give our solders the courage to fight this bastards.

  • Almightygodalmightygod

    Although I wish the Nigeria military good luck , I must emphasize that until Jonalist are taken there to confirm the capture ,I won’t believe the claim of these thieving generals

    • FortB

      Thomas continue doubting. Since after the menumental mistake with the Chibok girls report, the defence HQ has been careful to only release credible verifiable information

    • kess

      doubting Thomas, continue doubting

  • Pause

    May God bless our soldiers. Shame critics at home & abroad & yonder too who doubt that Nigeria security services can flush out Boko Haram within 6 weeks.

  • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

    Weldone Gen. Adeosun

  • FortB

    Kudos to our gallant men and women of the military. The nation will forever be grateful for the sacrifices you are making for us all day and night. Those trying to play politics with our national security should please have a change of heart. It does no one any good. God bless our dear soldiers

  • Clay

    Congrats, worthy and gallant officers and men. The entire nation is behind you. Victory against terrorists is assured.

    • Bebeteidoh Oyinkepreye Lucky

      God bless our military

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    Let operation liberate North east continue and the momentum continue.Let everyone be on alert .Victory must surely be ours.

    • Bebeteidoh Oyinkepreye Lucky

      God bless you…that is the spirit of a true Nigerian

  • MarkDonners

    Nigeria is corrupt and overpopulated and has never protected its wildlife

  • warry

    ‘An attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North ‘-Buhari, APC, and ACF. God will disappoint them. Kudos to the Army

    • Okey

      Whether you like it or not, an attack on this boys is an attack on the North. And it must be revenged when Chanjee comes to power !

  • concerned


  • Okey

    The attack on this boys is an attack on the North. And it must be revenged when Chanjee comes to power !

  • Shola Ojo

    It is just a mere propaganda to make Nigerians believe that Jonathan is working

    • Martins

      Propaganda or no propaganda all enemies of peace will not enjoy rest. Those who risk their lives to ensure that will live in peace should be commended. I salute all the security agencies in this country for all they are doing to bring back peace to the North East of the country. God Almighty will continue to strengthen you.

      • kess

        AMEN OOO, that is it

    • kess

      are you there with the millitry

      • Shola Ojo

        I don’t need to be there with the military. As you know Nigerians are bunch of liars, they are dishonest and untrustworthy. All these attributes breed corruption in which the government of today in Nigeria is.

  • jesus son

    once started,never going back.kudos to our nigerian troops.more grease to your elbows.GOD ALMIGHTY WILL GIVE THE LIFE OF BOKO HARAM INSURGENTS TO YOUR HANDS.JUST LIKE HE GAVE THE LIFE OF GOLIATH INTO THE HAND OF DAVID.AMEN.

    • kess

      thats it

  • kess

    Thumbs Up Nigerian Army, God bless Nigeria ,and may the wrath of God continue to befall those faceless BOKO HARAM, UR END HAS FINALLY COME