Bode George, Kashamu, attack Obasanjo over Jonathan


Two chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, on Sunday in Lagos described Saturday’s statement by former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s against President Goodluck Jonathan as unsavoury.

Mr. Obasanjo had in reaction to the postponement of the February 14 polls, alleged that it was done to further the interest of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Olabode George, a former Deputy National Chairman of the PDP and Buruji Kashamu, Chairman, Organisation and Mobilisation Committee of the PDP South West, condemned the statement.

Addressing separate press conferences in Lagos, the PDP chieftains expressed dismay over Mr. Obasanjo’s verbal attacks on the president.

Mr. George, who called for caution, said “it is unsavoury and unjust to compare Jonathan to Laurent Gbagbo”.

“Baba has served his own term, he has played his roles. I don’t want to conclude that his life would end up like Saul in the Bible.

“I will also want to call on our Obas to talk to Baba that he should remain at that pinnacle of respect because it is becoming too personal. No human being is perfect,” he said.

‎On the postponement of the general elections, Mr. George faulted the former president’s position.

“If Baba had attended the Council of State meeting in Abuja, he would have understood why the elections were postponed,” he said.

On his part, Mr. Kashamu called for the immediate investigation and arrest of former President Obasanjo over his statements.

Mr. Buruji accused the former president of making unguarded utterances capable of heating up the polity.

He said Nigerians should not be deceived by the former president’s antics.

“Let us not be deceived. As well-intentioned as Chief Obasanjo’s homily may seem, it is all lies. It is an open show of his manipulative skills and his well-known egoistic craving for power and relevance,” he said.

“I urge Nigerians to be wise and conduct their independent investigations on claims by politicians,” he added.



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  • kykkyk

    One is a thief the other is a drug baron. Both of them are friends to the president. Then is it not right to say that the president is both a thief and a druggie and perhaps also a militant, for the militants are also rooting for him.

    • Papashango77

      Not far from the truth!

    • Republican in VI

      As the saying goes, show me your friend and I will show you who you are.

  • Papashango77

    It’s u that needs to be wise kashamu and not Nigerians. We are wise enough to see what the cankerworms (PDP) has done to the treasury of Nigeria..the evil day is here already, so be ready to account for the sins you committed against this once great nation.

  • Dan Arewa

    US suspected drug baron has spoken.

  • nsikak

    see pot calling kettle black. George is baba made. baba didnt compare GEJ to GBAGBO. george is telling nigerians to b wise. who r those deceiving nigerians? Gbagbo knew if he had conducted elections on the day set aside for presidential election he would have failed. he shifted the election n still failed. even when he failed he refused to hand over to elected president. Baba being globally recognised was sent as an envoy to persaude gbagbo to hand over. he still refused. he was hand cuffed from the presidential palace by rebells supported by France n United Nations. ours is getting to that. All the pple attacking baba should advice GEJ so that he will not b treated as such. how many of the u commenting on this medium was aware of Gbagbo’s issue. i dey lauf cos Militant in the niger delta nor MASSOBs in the east will do such thgs when the need arises. But who the international community will use i guess Boko Haram which will be backed up by military guys from the north.hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh

  • favourtalk

    imagine, who is calling obasanjo names, he has been dare to travel down to USA over the past months and he couldnt, our GEJ habours a criminal in the country and allow him to finance the looters who drank the sweet milk of this nation dry.. we needs change away from the hands of this looters and lairs

  • Chris1408

    A drug peddler and an ex convict that should bury their heads in shame are talking publicly. One should be cooling in US jail while the other should still be holding sway in Kirikiri

    • Scrutiny

      I think you are perfectly entitled to your opinion about Kashamu and George. However, outside our partisanship, OBJ’s conduct, especially attacks on GEJ are becoming petty and irresponsible. He speaks so rudely about the President in a manner that does little good to his own credentials as a senior and respectable citizen. Just imagine how he attempted to push the suggestion that the President did not complete his PhD- so vey petty!

      • Chris1408

        Well, PDP started the credentials BS, so blame PDP

  • Joe Mike

    Its only in Nigeria that the likes of bode George can still talk in public. What shameless old fools! It doesn’t matter if he is right or wrong, he should set an example and spend the rest of his days in peace and not embarrass us the more. I wonder how his children feel reading about him in the papers.

  • Adekola

    Check them now out and see who this failed corrupt president Jonadumb is romancing in the South West; Bode the thief and ex convict George, Buruji the drug courier, Kashamu, Segun the traitor Mimiko, Iyiola the killer Omisore, Doyin the bastard thief, Okupe, Ayo, the murderer and thief Fayose, Musliu, the thug, Obanikoro, Femi the thief Fani Kayode, Reuben the jobber Abati……………….. No wonder his regime is for vandals, killers, treasury looters and idiots. Can’t wait for March 24.







    • Interrogator





        Jonathan’s failure brightens Buhari’s chances -New York Times

        President Goodluck Jonathan’s dismal performance in the last six years has brightened his opponent Muhammadu Buhari’s chances in next month presidential poll, the New York Times newspaper said.

        The US-based international publication said in its editorial Monday entitled “Nigeria’s miserable choices” that Jonathan’s poor record has helped a lot in soaring Buhari’s ‎appeal among Nigerians.

        The March 28 presidential election “presented voters with the dispiriting choice of keeping a lousy incumbent or returning to power a former autocratic leader,” the newspaper said.‎‎‎

        The newspaper editorial said, that Buhari “has emerged as potential winner is more of an indictment of Mr. Jonathan’s dismal rule than a recognition of the former military chief’s appeal.”

        ‎On the postponement of the polls, the New York Times said “any argument to delay the vote might be more credible if President Goodluck Jonathan’s government had not spent much of the past year playing down the threat posed by the militants and if there were a reasonable expectation that the country’s weak military has the ability to improve security in a matter of weeks.”

        It said that “it appears more likely Mr. Jonathan grew alarmed by the surging appeal of Muhammadu Buhari, a former military ruler who has vowed to crack down on Boko Haram.”

        By dragging out the race, Mr. Jonathan stands to deplete his rival’s campaign coffers, while he continues to use state funds and institutions to bankroll his own, the publication sai‎d.

        The abductions and attacks by the group have exposed the weaknesses of Nigeria’s armed forces and the dysfunction of the government, the newspaper said.

        “Although Mr. Jonathan’s government has in the past been less than enthusiastic, and at times obstructive, in response to offers of American and European aid, he appears to be growing increasingly worried,” the editorial said.

        Under Jonathan’s rule, beyond insecurity, entrenched corruption and the government’s inability to diversify its economy as the price of oil crumbles “also caused Nigerians to look for new leadership,” the newspaper said.

        The newspaper concluded that though Nigeria cannot afford an electoral crisis, “the security forces may not be able to safeguard many districts on Election Day. But postponement is very likely to make the security threat worse.”

  • @Amuwospeaks

    you dont have to attack Obasanjo, he gave jonathan the opportunity to make you guys relevant

  • True Nigerian

    Well, maybe Obasanjo has played politics on that one. But I’d rather believe him than to believe a drug baron that is a fugitive in Nigeria and therefore desperate to hang on to a government that habours criminals.

    Worse still, I’d rather believe Obasanjo than to believe a shameless lying and disgusting incumbent president who had enough shamelessness and criminality to tell Wall Street Journal that the audio tape evidencing the mindless rigging of Ekiti State was nothing more than a fabrication which deserves no further investigation.

    The idyotic national embrassment calls himself a PhD holder in the scientific subject called zoology, when he does not even have the intellectual honesty to show some respect to a piece of forensic evidence that authenticates an audio tape recording after scientific testing rigours.

    May Nigeria never ever have another calamitous president like Jonathan. Utterly shameless criminal president.

    • djay

      He is so corrupt and being disgusting lately, the worst president Nigeria has ever witness, no courage, no drive, no value, mindless, lackadaisical,ungodly above all a bare faced liar. Nigeria deserve better and are resolute to change Gej led pdp govt.

  • shegxy

    when we start this campaign people call us names, but now even our accusers are no where to be found

  • Republican in VI

    Can you imagine, a drug baron baron and a former convict are brave enough to ask for the arrest of someone like OBJ. What a country

  • oba

    I will like to understand where they got the moral muscle to speak . . . I think Nigerians need to reign them in line on march 28 so they can know that we still got some values left in our lives as a people

  • Otile

    Egypt says it has bombed Islamic State targets in Libya, hours after
    video emerged showing the apparent beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians.

    is a religion of peace. They know that weak Christians do not fight
    back. When they finish beheading and maltreating Christians peace and
    tranquility takes over. Buhari is right, sharia must be applied to
    every state of the federation.

    • xto

      Irrelevant and unreasonable comment. You better create your own country and implement sharia there.

    • Suleiman dabo

      You are so weak? Sharia promoters all come out to say it, why are you masking yourself? If you are bold, you know where to type this. And you will get cheap popularity. mar. 28 will be here soon and you will understand that people know the right person to vote for. Go rot in hell with your sharia law

  • eddy

    What a country we live in… a wanted man calling for the arrest of another man?! wonders will never end in this country.

    • dd

      How to you know he is a wanted man. OBJ also wanted for Halliburton case.

      • eddy

        Blind follower!!! Pdp is a dead party wada u like it or not. Yeye dey smell.

    • Debo

      Yes, what a country! A former drug Barron (TINUMBU) wanting to rule Nigeria. Sadly, he has a mammoth crowd behind him; the end sure justifies the means, doesn’t it?

      • eddy

        Correction… the support for APC at the polls is for Buhari. no one mentioned Tinubu here. Try and open ur eyes to see what is going on around u.

        Obj is fully aware of GEJ’S game plan. That is why he has been attacking him to keep him on his toes.

        • Debo

          I see, so the support for APC is for GMB alone, Tinumbu is irrelevant. Likewise, the support for PDP is for GEJ alone, Kashumu is irrelevant. Does that make sense to you?

          • eddy

            The problem here is Gej makes these bunch relevant… by surrounding himself with crooks he single handily brought his govt to its kneels. And the thing is he is yet to realize it.

          • Suleiman dabo

            So gmb surrounding himself with worse crooks and collecting funds from them is a saint? Dont you guys think before you comment, weigh things before dropping points is simple common sense. ‘Think before you talk’ – ‘think before you type’, apparently, same rules apply.

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    PDP using n ex-convict and drug busher to reply OBJ. Can you see the party that kept Nigeria down?

    • taiwo

      sure you can now have your navigator in chief fully.Your APC is now an amalgamation of all the crooks and rogues in Nigeria

    • djay

      Include Fayose, Omisore, Koro,Ffk,Mimiko, Okupe etc these are the faces of pdp in SW. Bunch of ungodly people, criminals, drug lords, gangsters etc. They have no values which their supporters can learn from that’s why we read some appalling responses on national issues.

  • taiwo

    He said Nigerians should not be deceived by the former president’s antics.

    “Let us not be deceived. As well-intentioned as Chief Obasanjo’s homily may seem, it is all lies. It is an open show of his manipulative skills and his well-known egoistic craving for power and relevance,” he said.

    “I urge Nigerians to be wise and conduct their independent investigations on claims by politicians,” he added.

  • SAM .A

    General Olusegun Okikiola Obasanjo will be vindicated soon in the contest of supremacy , in the next one & half months. We shall know who is fighting for a unified progressive & stable Nigeria between Obasajo on one hand and combination of President Jonathan, kasumi Buriji (America wanted baron) Bode George , and Fayose the thug of Ekiti,on the other hand. Time will tell& history will record it.

  • parrot

    Obasanjo is like the proverbial tortoise who told his wife he was off to a big party. Asked by the wife when he planned to return from the party, the tortoise replied:” Not until I am disgraced”!
    Watch how the PDP is going to shred whatever remains of the Baba’s reputation.
    If only he had heeded Iyabo’s caution when he started making troubles with Good luck.

    • kykkyk

      Shred OBJ reputation in Nigeria or where?

    • martins

      @ parrot ;I believe the reputation will only be shred within PDP and some part of Nigeria. Can the Reputation the man had in African Union, European Union and United nation be Shred ?

  • Debo

    I see, now “pot is calling kettle black”. So what is “OBJ calling Jonathan corrupt”?

    • Hassan Lawal

      What kind of president will befriend only people with questionable characters in the southwest,am not impressed at all.It such a shame.

      • Debo

        So everybody he knows in the SW has questionable character. You might find solace in also asking your self why a wanna be president will surround himself with questionable characters from all over the country.

  • Gang of thieves and drug pushers. Good riddance to bad rubbish. OBJ carrying the day.

  • Adelakun

    I support Buruji Kashamu. I love him. He has helped us to get rid of Obasanjo.
    Buruji Kashamu is the real hero in this downfall of General Olusegun Obasanjo.
    He must be recognized for achieving this great victory over the demon of Owu.

  • justme

    It’s obvious old age is beginning to tell on u sir,i will advice u go back to ur farm and get busy for the next farming season and leave politics for those that r beta blessed at it,cos I rememba vividly that u neva made dis country any beta during ur time,so pls if u so badly crave for relevance and importance go and do it on ur farm land!

  • Comfortkay

    Was Bode George part of the last Council of state meeting? Why are they all crying because they cannot stomach the truth?
    Kashamu is even asking for the arrest of elder state man OBJ, wonders shall never ends, kashamu is suppose to be in Kirikiri where Bode George served faithfully his terms as a thieve .

  • Omo Akin

    I believe Obasanjo is trying to pay the debt he owed to Nigeria, the debt of failing to institute a culture of fair and free election which brought Nigeria to the present situation. Jonathan cannot feign ignorance of the big economic burden the postponement of the election would occasion but he does not give a damn because he is spending his own money. For Jonathan to tell the whole world in his media chat that he had no idea of the postponement when he tabled the postponement before the National Council of State shows that the man cannot be trusted and he is desperate. Mr. Odemegwu captured the problem with Jonathan squarely when he said that Jonathan would do anything, no matter how wrong, if he thinks it will assist his re-election; he will also refuse to do a thing , no matter how right it is, if he thinks that doing it will affect his re-election. Unfortunately for him, the things he has been doing or left undone which he thinks would assist his re-election have all turn out to cost him voters’ support. For example, those he forced out of PDP are now his nemesis in the opposition party.
    Every allegation Obasanjo made against Jonathan since that open letter is true. So Kashamu wants Obasanjo arrested for voicing his opinion! Kashamu is the South-West leader of Jonathan’s party and that is the party Afenifere supports! Would a person who is interested in restructuring Nigeria into a true Federal system use the Army as it was the case in Ekiti State? We now have Mbu threatening mayhem in that same South-West. Jonathan should come to terms with the reality that he squandered the good-will Nigerians gave him in 2011. His assertion that Nigerians are not poor because we are in the top 10 countries of private jet owners and a Nigerian is on the Forbes list of the richest persons in the world; plus his making light of corruption clearly sent the message to Nigerians that Jonathan does not share their aspiration.

    • Omo Akin

      I mean to say that Jonathan is not spending his own money. In USA, the President uses the Air Force One even when going for a campaign but his party reimburses the Nation for the cost of operating the air craft. How many Federal Government air crafts are deployed to service Jonathan’s campaign and how much does he or his party pay to the Government coffers? The same standard should apply to State Governors using State assets for political campaigns.

  • KG

    When Jonathan called him a common motor park tout, what did Bode George say? Well OBJ has his opinions and is allowed to voice it like everyone.

  • xto

    Sentiments apart, GEJ should wake up to reality. The sycophants around him are terrible and have nothing good to offer him, but eye service and corrupution