Fayose attacks Obasanjo, says ex-President is Nigeria’s main enemy

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has described former President Olusegun Obasanjo as the number one enemy of Nigeria, saying: “he is a confusionist who has lost his status as a statesman and Nigerians should simply ignore him.”

The governor, who expressed confidence that President Goodluck Jonathan will be re-elected for a second term, added that: “Obasanjo is only fighting President Jonathan because he prevented him (Obasanjo) from ruling Nigeria from his Ota Farm.”

In a statement issued on Sunday by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose said, “Obasanjo is a cancer in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Nigeria that may never get cured in a lifetime.

“The moment Obasanjo is not the one controlling a house, he will want the house pulled down but this time around, he has failed.”

The governor said; “Obasanjo has always benefitted from the misfortune of others and he is living with the impression that he is the wisest person in the whole world.

“When Murtala Mohammed was murdered in 1976, Obasanjo was the beneficiary.

“In 1993, he said the acclaimed winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, late Chief MKO Abiola was not the Messiah Nigeria needed. Instead of Obasanjo to join the clamour for the actualisation of Abiola’s mandate, Obasanjo was canvassing for an Interim National Government, which he was scheming to head.

“MKO Abiola died in detention in 1997 and Obasanjo became the beneficiary of his (Abiola) death.

“Despite the fact that it was the blood of MKO Abiola that Obasanjo matched on to power, not even a street was named after Abiola throughout Obasanjo’s eight years as president.

“Today, Obasanjo is fighting President Jonathan, the man who has done what he failed to do for Abiola, the Yoruba people and Nigerians as a whole when he was president for eight years, simply because he does not want anyone to equal his record as Nigeria’s longest serving president.

“President Jonathan has made it impossible for Obasanjo to run his presidency for him and for this reason, he is supporting Buhari, hoping that he will be the one to nominate ministers for Buhari if he becomes president.

“However, I have this bad news for Obasanjo. Nigeria is not his football that he can kick around as he likes. President Jonathan will be re-elected, and Nigeria will be freed from his (Obasanjo) bondage once and for all.”


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  • Hills

    Fayose is a thug. I know him very well. He knows me. His CSO before he became governor knows me very well. They know me. He is a violent man. I have to say it. Throughout my encounter with him, with his aides, he was always aggressive towards the opposition. Politics is not a do-or-die affair. It is about being the leader of the people, not dealing with the people. You are a leader and you should lead by example. If you don’t want harm to be inflicted on you, don’t inflict it on others. All Fayose wanted was to intimidate and arrest his opponents.

    • Ekerete Etukudo

      No, Fayose has spoken the truth; the intelligent truth at that! Even OBJ’s daughter annihilated him (OBJ) as well. Think of this, how would you feel if your daughter went public about you the way OBJ’s daughter did with him?

  • Salam

    Jonathan should resolve within himself to save Nigeria from

    the clutches of these evil and semi-literate ex-army generals
    who see Nigeria as their personal property to be used at will.
    If that liberation will take a once-and-for-all battle, so be it,
    Nigeria must be freed from creatures like General Obasanjo.

    • Interrogator


      • Salam

        Jonathan should resolve within himself to save Nigeria from
        the clutches of these evil and semi-literate ex-army generals
        who see Nigeria as their personal property to be used at will.
        If that liberation will take a once-and-for-all battle, so be it,
        Nigeria must be freed from creatures like General Obasanjo.

    • Ikechukwu_67

      Does it make sense to you that the fellow who’s report the this thread is based just “confessed” to using the army to rig election? Are you interested in institutions or just that Jonathan must be reelected whether all institutions die or not? Please read about water gate scandal that uprooted a sitting American president and you’ll find out that it was just a tea party compared to what this fellow did in ekiti.
      This guy is sick!! The problem is that he’s in charge of a state instead of being in jail. That’s a worrying problem to everyone.I know you don’t give a damn so far Jonathan is in control.
      Goodluck to you the same way he’s spreading his Goodluck on nigeria’s assets and accounts. I expect amen from you my my guy…

      • John West

        get out, even when you can not pregnant your wife you will blame jonathan for lack of performers. GOAT HEAD

      • lastp

        In all honesty, APc like to prove like they a saint. They APc were also planning on rigging the election. No Nigeria election is free and fair. Are you not in Nigeria when APc was rigging ordinary local government election in Lagos.

  • John

    Fayose is on point here. Would Obasanjo be speaking against GEJ if GEJ remained his errand boy and was still consulting him on every issue about Nigeria like he did the first one year he came into office? Obasanjo is simply a disgruntled and drowning old man groping for a straw to hold onto. For all I know Nigerians should ignore this unrepentant rascal called Obasanjo.

    • Chinedu Don

      Jonathan is better of as an errand boy to obj than a toy in the hands of Fayose, asari, tompolo , FFK.

  • ConScience

    President Jonathan replaced meddling Elder Statesman OBJ with incompetent sycophants like you Mr Governor. So please do not seat on your high horse and play gallant to the gallery. A House of Cards soon to come tumbling down. In this day and age of instant digital information no one can rewrite their history especially the likes of you and your deceitful leadership. Nigeria will come out of this oppression stronger and all enemies of state will answer to Truth and Social Justice.

  • By Popular Demand

    “Jonathan should resolve within himself to save Nigeria from
    the clutches of these evil and semi-literate ex-army generals
    who see Nigeria as their personal property to be used at will.
    If that liberation will take a once-and-for-all battle, so be it,
    Nigeria must be freed from creatures like General Obasanjo”.


    (February 15th, 2015)

  • John Daniel

    The best word to described former President
    Olusegun Obasanjo as the number one enemy of Nigeria, saying: “he is a
    confusionist who has lost his status as a statesman”

  • abeem

    Fayose the thug and the confirmed election rigger – the one who reaps where he did not sow – should just be ignored. You should tell us what qualities of a leader Jonathan possesses to qualify him as a president of Nigeria. Farthing, as in zero!

  • Wise Head

    Note this: GEJ’s victory will mark the end of the terrible affliction called Obasanjo. He will be so humiliated that he will go home and vanish out of the public space for the good of Nigeria.

  • Hassan Lawal

    I can bet,this guy will go to jail,because Buhari will be elected as our president come April,around September to December,the Ekiti House of Assembly would commence an impeachment proceedings against him which will create a ground for his arrest most likely by January 2016,he would have settled comfortably in kirikiri.

    • ilesanmi

      Mark my words; God Almighty is not wicked to deliver us to the Satan. Buhari is a Devil and no matter the manipulations of the APC and the conspirators God will stop Buhari.

      • BTT

        Have you ever seen devil before? Devil disguises a lot, even sometimes like angel of light. GEJ is the worst devil..

    • the truth


    • Ibukun Tosin

      oshey! Nostradamus

  • Uzoma John

    This criminal and election rigger called Fayose still has mouth to talk. Shameless idiots who call themselves leaders.

  • G4

    How does someone grow up to be such a obnoxious unrepentant criminal like fayose. What kind of family produces someone like this.

  • Abdul

    Jonathan is the greatest threat to democracy, PDP has to push him out NOW.He was not there when the party was formed why would PDP members allow him destroy the party because of his ambition? PDP leadership need to be smart about this, his ambition is not worth destroying all PDP has built all this years.

    PDP will lose the election no doubt about it but that is not the end of the world, they will lose ALL if they allow Jonathan set the country on fire. My advice to them is that when they lose, they should work towards 2019 or 2023. It is not a must that one party must lead a nation forever. Democracy is all about “I win you win” PDP should be very careful with Jonathan or else they will go into extinct forever.

    The chances of PDP providing a formidable opposition to APC is there, they have the capacity of winning up to 15 governors and 40% of senate and house of rep members or even more, that is something and i am sure they can build the party again from there.

    APC will also make their mistake, there will be realignment in future and PDP will someday gather the right momentum to also defeat APC. That is life and it will always be like that.

    They should not allow Jonathan destroy all that they built over these years overnight. IF PDP ALLOW JONATHAN DESTROY NIGERIA WITH THIS HIS AMBITION, THEN I CAN ASSURE THEM THAT THE PARTY WILL BE THE MAJOR LOSER.

    PDP has millions membership from across Nigeria and i do not think this million should allow few people destroy and ridicule the party in the eyes of Nigerians.


    • BTT

      No, they want him there because they are benefiting from his weakness. Na chop make I chop.

    • the truth

      This belief of the north that Buhari will win this election will be the beginning of another unrest after this election. This is so because by the time the election turns against Buhari weather free and fair or not, the north will feel short changed and start to revolt. That Buhari has supporters in the core north doesn’t make him a winner, his undoing is his age and educational background , followed by extremism in his religion… He followers from the south are few and are with him just because of one treatment or the other from their former party PDP. Some of them even their wives and children will vote GEJ.

  • ilesanmi

    Obasanjo always wants to control everybody and whoever resists his control automatically becomes an enemy. This is so because Obasnajo has never achieved anything through his own personal efforts; all he has achieved in life has been reaping the fruits of another person’s labour:
    1) He received the Biafran’s surrender declaration although Benjamin Adekunle did the battles.
    2) He became Head of state when Murtala was assassinated – he neither involved in the coup nor tried to stop the rebellion
    3) MKO Abiola sacrificed his life for democracy and Obasanjo was brought out from prison to become the president as to placate the Yorubas.
    Obasanjo wishes to sit in his Otta farm and dictate to Jonathan.

  • eddy

    Fayose, don’t worry, I am very sure that by may 29th u will start begging this same people u have been insulting.

  • Ndidi

    Please read, “Scheme Afoot To Bribe National Assembly Members To Postpone Elections Again” in today’s Sahara Reporters. In it there are claims GEJ is going to bribe NASS members so that they agree to postpone elections for at least 6 months. GEJ asked Abdulsalam Abubakar to head an Interim National Government but he declined. Also involved are Alison-Madueke, Edwin Clarke etc. Nigerians – we need a free and fair elections, whoever may win not rigging by ANYBODY. Please, read this article and let us be united in doing whatever we can to get fair elections. Let every rigging attempt be exposed! Let there be Light in the Darkness! Let the man of sin be revealed!

    • Ibukun Tosin

      oh please be gone with this folly! u people constantly make claims that cannot be substantiated, its disgusting.

  • Shuaibu Buhari

    Left for me, Obasanja is continuously seeking for relevance when Nigerians are still grappling with the difficulties that he plunged us during his administration. Obasanja administration from 1999-2007 perfected corruption in Nigeria which the present government of GEJ is building different institutional framework to checkmate and is fighting.
    Worst of it all is the fact that OBJ has lost his status of statesmanship that was why he did not attend the last Council of State meeting that was held this month. Heis a partisan unlike statesman.
    Obasanjo is scheming to come back into politics probably to contest for presidency, or probably to become a king-maker. But Nigerians have known his gimmicks therefore careless about his critiques of GEJ government. We know that all his tactics will fail him as Nigerians have decided to vote and return GEJ as the president of Nigeria come March 28.
    Hurray, GEJ!!!

    • talatu

      Chukwudi ure a bastard for changing ur name

      • shamsudeen sadiq

        you evidently talk like one.This election will surprise many people especially those that have the wrong impression that the north are not behind Jonathan .Buhari is not a product of the north but that of Tinubu,Obj and Amaechi and that is why you won’t see any notable northerner on his campaign trains

        • progress

          Are you still there? Mumu.

        • Andel

          Go to the north and see for yoursef.. Nobody has die hard supporters like buhari in the north… I dare you to put GEJ posters in the North…History go be ur fingers if not ur head.. LOL..

  • shamsudeen sadiq

    Obasanjo’s ist son and daughter are living testimonies to how sick and wicked he is as an individual.His claim to supporting Buhari now is another misadventure that is fooling no one especially in the north.His hatred for the north is legendary and well documented and he is merely continuing his penchant of bringing out the last eleven or rather the sick ones from the region.Supporting another frail person from katsina just like he brought Yar Adua who then was equally sick is a gimmick between him and Tinubu to redirect power to the west.The northern candidate will be supported by all Nigerians in 2019 just like we will support Jonathan this year.Historically the north and the south south has always had a sound political understanding and alliance and it is not about to change now. Buhari’s influence is not enough to change that because he is not known to have empowered anybody in the north and neither has he done anything to help his community or even bothered to develop himself.His known associates in the north are made up of restive and drug smoking touts and both the middle class and the elites avoid him like a plague because he is seen more like a militant head than as an elderstatesman

  • BTT

    During the first regime of Fayose, I was schooling in Ado-Ekit. This guy is just a tout. Touting earned this people their positions. The word of people like this should not hold water and should be ignored.

    • Chukwudi Kingsley

      But this guy fayoshe has spoken nothing but the truth,instead of lying against fayoshe,please contradict him on any of his postulations. This enemity,anger,hatred,bitterness that Nigeria is going through now was crafted and planted by obj to get back at Nigerians for refusing him his life presidency project. If buhari is the Messiah for Nigeria, why didn’t obj hand over to him in 2007?.why did obj preferred a terminally I’ll yaradua to a buhari.objs recent fraternities with buhari,tinubu ,atiku ,amaechi etc all former enemies of obj is a criminal and highly malicious afterthought to undo Jonathan. Obj has no honour, integrity or good record .that is the reason why obj have never won any election in his ward.

    • shamsudeen sadiq

      sure and you are who?.a cowering coward hiding behind a fake name to post trash here.You call a governor elected by an overwhelming majority of his people a tout while you an unknown entity that is even ashamed to put forward your real name will then be described as what?.Barrawo

      • progress

        Who vote who? The thief stole the mandate via rigging.

      • prsson

        As an Ekitiman who witnessed that nonsense called Ekiti election, nobody voted that rougue he manipulated the process using apparatus in cohort with GEJ. He is gone to prison where he rightly belongs any moment from May 29

      • Onike24

        Overwhelming majority! That we now know was rigged!

      • Andel

        Wait OOoooo.. Is this the same Fayose with the Ekiti state rigging tape? Abi dis na new Fayose… I tink this is the same Fayose that wished Buhari dead. Hmmnnn abi em don repent and now wishes GEJ dead too.. Wait i think i cant really put which Fayose is speaking here.. The rigger or the death wisher or the Governor ?

      • SAM .A

        You must also be a thug, a rogue, an election rigger, a liar. Only like minds flock together, only the deep call to the deep. You can deceive yourself but not the rest of us.

        • shamsudeen sadiq

          using yet another fake name of yours to abuse your father still doesn’t change the fact that defeat is waiting for Buhari here in the north

    • the truth

      You make no sense. Simply contest his allegations instead of name callings.

  • Funso

    Ọmọ àlè ni Ayọ̀ Fáyọ̀ṣe.

  • musa amina

    He is a confusionist, he wanted ruling nigeria from his ota farm but it didn’t work for him and he started working against him. who cares, come rain, come sunshine GEJ is winning no matter all your evil plots. i pity Buhari who is thinking he has supporters like you without knowing he is mingling with a crock and a betrayal, it will soon clear from his eyes by then it will late for for him

  • babakekere


    • Tunsj

      Well said. This guy should be in jail.

  • Wähala

    Gov. Ayo Fayose should be placed under immediate surveillance once the elections which the results are already known are conducted, as a formality. This type os tirade against an ex-President after calling for the death of another who’s running for President is simply put: Colo! Fayose is going to The Hauge for hos violence and crimes against humanity now and in the past. Only a Thug’ld believe that Dr. Jona Dumbo will be re-elected President of Nigeria in today’s Nigeria… Fayose is a common thug. Oloshi. His prompt arrest and caging is paramount to the rebuilding process of Nigeria… Wallahi !!!

    • the truth

      Dreaming, Dreaming, Dreaming. I don’t know exactly the term to use for your dreams, do I call you “Joseph the dreamer” or “Buhari the failure”.Which ever one you choose, the truth remains that Buhari is going to fail the 5th time. He can never eat his cake and still have it. He destroyed democracy 1984 and now is the turn of democracy to destroy him back. I’m only pitying those of you who live in the north who refuse to reason because the north will still be the center of massacre when the time comes…A word is enough for the wise.

      • progress

        It is because of mumu like you that buhari is Getting more and popular by the day. By the special grace of God Buhari will be our next president and come 29th may 2015.

    • John West

      arrant nonsensical illiterate like you living under illusion, your thinking is pitiable

    • Otile

      Mama na yo azali mwasi ya ndumba.

  • Abubakar Gaidam

    Instead of insulting Fayose,why not dispute his assertions against OBJ.OBJ has refused to behave statesmanly and he will continue to receive such bashing from the Nigerian populace.The records of failings during his administration are there for all to see,murders of Bola Ige,Harry Marshall unresolved,halliburton and siemens scandals,NIPP $16billion scandal ,zaki biam and odi massacres etc.The list is inexhaustible.An honourable past leader will not behave as OBJ is behaving and people like Fayose should continue to remind him of his past so he can leave Nigerians to decide their future.

    • Guest

      All is well with Nigeria.

    • Emancipation

      Obasanjos Failures is a Best record for your Jonathan, if the shoeless man have achieved a quarter of OBJ achievement he wouldn’t have had a course to postpone elections.

  • frankigh

    Obasanjo is a cancer that should be uprooted from the political scene of Nigeria. this ugly immoral shameless bastard plunged us into the political crises we found ourselves in this country today. he had every opportunity and national support more than any other leader in the history of Nigeria to stabilize, develop and unify naija, instead he used personal selfish interest and ego to destroy this country. after failing to actualize his third term dream, he gave us a sick presidential candidate from the north and a weak vice president from the South South, hoping to continue ruling Nigeria from Ota farm, but to his surprise the supposed weak puppets became independent minded and proved to hard for OBJ to control. Should Buhari wins and become the president, he’s gonna have the same problem with Buhari and end up fighting him also.

    • Emancipation

      enjoy your Deziani spree why it lasts.

  • grand

    Fayoe,Mimiko, and others are the brain behind GEJ deeds.

  • Ez

    See who is talking, yeye man

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Obasanjo needs psychiatric help. He is a deranged animal. Most monkeys are finer than OBJ. Even Aregbesola is a fine boy when compared to him.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè akarabata Ifẹ ni Orafidiya.


        Funso, how can I get this yoruba typo pls.

      • The Truth

        Funso please let us know how to get this Yoruba typo

    • Preco01

      Sickos like you leave substance and chase shadows

  • Emancipation

    With Jonathan every animal is talking where decency should prevail.. next will be the ogun state drug peddler Omisore.

  • Dazmillion

    Fayose it is only in Nigeria that a criminal like you would be given a page in a newspaper instead of a space in a prison yard.

  • favourtalk

    Nigeria has grown pass the lies that fayose may have to convince nigerians to vote for his boss, GEJ. We won’t listen. We will vote for the best candidate not a failure to the nation . We need change

  • Fayose is right in a different way. OBJ is the problem of PDP and GEJ.

  • Kayode Jonathan

    It is not in in GEJ’S logic of surounded orators and tragic poets. The truth of our collective progress in the opinion of the reasonable members of the society called Nigeria.
    OBJ had spoken, likewise Wole Soyinka, Keyamo, Utomi and with references to some departed heros for great Nigerian. The opinions of these men are that GEJ’S govt is a disaster, a tragedy in our political space and time. The truth cannot be jettisoned on the alter of politics and sycophants.

  • Anonymous

    Fayose should answer 1st to d audio tape in wch he’s name has been mentioned for rigging d Ekiti State election .Obj has spoken,let GEJ n hiscohorts act rright.Nigerians av bin disappointed severally by ds administratn n past leaders. Didn’t ds administration fail in d subsidy re-investment?Where r d funds?When Dasuki went to London to talk about electn postponement,no like play e take be ,until d script was played out-is it not so dramatic?Pls,our leaders r more selfishly geared than for common good.Fayose is a nobody in Yorubaland ,so let him realise he’s on his own.Let him answer to his ass that’s already out.God bless Nigeria,but punish d ones who r making Nigeria hell for Nigerians.

  • me


  • Larry4gudgovernment

    Look at this highway robber talking. I wonder how Ekiti people as learned and knowledgeable they are end up with this hoodlum. The truth and the law will catch up with you soonest and you will end up in gulag

  • SBA

    Fayoshame shut Up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Prince Kenny

    I wonder why president Jonathan’s government is surrounded by this kind elements and he allowed them to talk any how. They keep on making his government unpopular and make the masses to loose confidence in him. Imagine Fayose also is talking.