Tragedy: 11 women supporters of Nigeria’s First Lady die in auto crash

FRSC officials
FILE PHOTO: FRSC officials

At least 11 female supporters of the First Lady, Patience Jonathan, died in a road accident on Saturday night, officials have said.

The victims were all in the same bus that was involved in the accident. They were Bayelsa branch leaders of an organisation, Women For Change, that is sponsored by Mrs. Jonathan.

The accident occurred at Ahoada axis of East-West road in Rivers State.

The Bayelsa Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, Vincent Jack, confirmed the development to PREMIUM TIMES on Sunday.

Mr. Jack explained that nine persons were burnt to death, two died without burns, while many others who sustained injuries were rushed to Madonna clinic in the area.

According to him, the accident occurred when the tyres of a Toyota Sienna burst and rammed into the bus carrying the women. The bus, which had the inscription of the organisation, subsequently went up in flames.

A former councillor in Ogbia Local Government Area, Gbaregolo Eseimokumo, listed some of the victims as Consider Amadi, a former women leader in Ogbia; Clara Abila, a grassroots politician; Immaculate Amasimua, former Commissioner at the Civil Service Commission in Bayelsa; and Elisabeth Oguru, wife of the Secretary to the State Government.

Others are Zimbra Goma, former Commissioner for Women Affairs; Ruby Benjamin, former House of Assembly member representing Brass Constituency 1 in Bayelsa; amongst others.

A security official said all the women in the bus, but one, were killed. The survivor is receiving medical attention.

The women were said to have paid a two-day solidarity visit to the first lady in Okirika, Rivers State.


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  • Spoken word

    Sad.wasting your lives for Mrs Jonathan is a double tragedy.

    • Law

      This is another national tragedy , Alas , may their gentle soul RIP.

      Naija, alot of lesson to learnt ,

      Solidarity for GEJ by our faithful mother from Bayesa resulting to national disaster.

      Had it been that the ROAD puportedly done by GEJ is true can,t this disaster not affordable ?

      If the election was not postpone, can’t this be averted,

      The answer to the above is Capital NO ,it is only GOD that Giveth and taketh only saddened that the root of their untimely dealth comes tru GEJ wife visitation ( STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE).

      Naija, by wise.

      NO NIGERIAN BLOOD deserve splitting because of GEJ .

      • Spoken word

        Hopefully Nigerians will learn their lessons.

  • Don

    Premium Times, Premium Times, Premium Times, how many times have i called you?
    Look here, there are too many Hausa people inside your newsroom, too many, haba!
    I have been watching you from afar for a long time. You are always looking for bad things
    on Jonathan side but you will never see bad things on Buhari side, not so? How many
    accidents have occurred in Katsina and Daura since January? Did you report any? Why?

    • Thepeople

      Unbelievable!!! In mist of this tragic incident for the victims and their families, someone can see the only tribe and politics. Have we come souless.

      • The Questioner


        • Questioner


          • Ezeani

            I don’t think Muhammadu Buhari has this thing. Since December last year they are asking
            him this simple question. He is just dodging it. Very bad. But is it 12 or 14 years in prison
            the law says they must send somebody who tells lies inside affidavit? I am not sure again.

          • Willie

            It is 14 years only please, thank you, i dey go church, i beg.

          • VOTEoutGEJ!

            You cannot be sure of anything!! That’s why we call people like you clueless

        • Dadus

          Premium Times is not fair at all. They don’t like to publish my own letters.
          When i say that Buhari has disgraced Nigeria they won’t ever publish it.

      • The Nationalst

        Don’t mind the moron. May the womens souls rest in peace jare

        • Iyang

          THE PEOPLE:

          Nonsense! When Buhari said openly he will bring Sharia to us by force
          here in Calabar city, where we are all Christians, what is that one called?
          Is that not tribalism plus religion together? Is it only Hausa and the Fulani
          who can do tribalism plus religion? And when we react you now ask us why.

          • The Nationalst

            Iyang, go and sit down my friend. I know you rejoice in the pain of others, but I will pray for you none the less. May God bless you and give you wisdom. Amen. Being a christian is not only about coming here to accuse others of being sharialists. So because you feel Buhari offended you by this alleged statement that only you know about, you start to degrade Christianity online. What are you doing to our religion ?

            Luke 6: 27-29

            27″But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. 29″Whoever hits you on the cheek, offer him the other also; and whoever takes away your coat, do not withhold your shirt from him either.…

            These are the words of Jesus Christ, not a ‘man of God’ or disciple. I suggest that before you can take your own claim of being a christian seriously, you should strive to follow the teachings of Christ as much as possible.
            I am an APC supporter, but I know these women are just humans like me, doing what they believe is best for themselves and their families. Lets argue politics on another matter, not on the deaths of our fellow citizens.

    • Hassan Lawal

      When i said you people are as dumb and moronic as your Leader(GEJ),Nigerians thought i was joking.Am sure,some close-watchers cant help but to agree with me the more.I rest my case.

  • kenny G

    Husbands be involved in your wives political activities and regulate it. For women to leave their children and families to go for a 2- day solidarity visit in okirika is not ok. But may their souls rest in peace.


    RIP, women! As for me and my household, we will not die for Jonathan or his wife!

    • Guguru


  • julius oke

    A wasteful souls die for the most wasteful souls indeed.

  • sammyctu ode

    Onijekujes, they went to take their own share of our taxpayers money, badluck will continue to follow patience who said over 200 chibok girls were not kidnapped.

  • ome

    What are waste, and for what?

  • Dan maikoko

    They died as martyrs, trying to put food on the table for their kids.May their souls rest in peace.

    • deji

      They died chasing PDPig “stomach infrastructure”. I cant see the martyrdom in that.

      • Dan maikoko

        Some of us have jobs, others create jobs for themselves and others while some hang on to destructive leaders as the only option they have. Why blame them? They are martyrs!

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      They died foolishly!!! Those who follow disaster ends in disaster!

  • Olusola

    I thought Mr Lucky completed 2,500Km of road or is it 25,000Km? The only crime Amaechi committed was to beg this man to complete East-West Road. Too many needless deaths on that road. RIP ladies, sorry it has to end this way, I am sorry!

  • SAM .A

    Political miscalculation resulted in tragedy.May their souls rest in perfect peace.(RIP)


      Keep your crocodile tears to yourself.What has politics got to do with a road mishap you wicked soul ?

      • SAM .A

        Dumb, it is not time to involve in shenanigan, Let the soul of the dead RIP.
        Be warned for the last time Express your opinion & don’t respond to my thread again.


          …But I enjoy your thread so that’s not gonna happen !!

      • VOTEoutGEJ!

        If not politics, who will visit Patience Jonathan? Of what relevance is she outside Aso Rock?

  • Olalere Yusuf

    May their soul rest in peace, and may God give the family the fortitude to bear the loss.

  • jamesbond3

    May their souls rest in peace amen

  • Ette

    The judgment of God upon wicked GEJ, his wife and all their supporters is daily manifesting and our people do not take notice. Prayer that God should deal with GEJ and all his supporters the way he is dealing with Nigerian masses and people think this is a joke. Now we can see that God is at work to revenge the blood of innocent Nigerians killed by boko haram sponsored by this wicked government for their political advantage. Those who love their life should distance themselves from the wicked government of GEJ as more disasters will visit them because God continue continue to answer the prayers of Nigerians who are daily crying for vengance.

    • Wise Head

      Leave your hate politics for awhile and feel for human beings like yourself who were brutally killed in that way. Have you completely lost you humanity just because of APC brand of politics?

    • Guguru


      You are blessed.

  • Kuluwa

    All the blood they are sharing…….hmmmm, diariz godoooooo!

  • Ads

    They will always reap from where they sow.

  • Captano

    President Goodluck Jonathan must cross the Rubicon in his mind.
    With all the blood of his supporters shed he can’t turn back anymore.
    He must NEVER allow history to record him as a mere pimp in power.
    A commander-in-chief of the armed forces must never be intimidated.
    No old retired general must be made to look as the owner of Nigeria.
    Let Goodluck Jonathan start a liberation war against these old crooks.
    He will earn his shiny spurs in history as the founder of modern Nigeria.
    This liberation will be decisively won, so, let it start now for posterity sake!

    • No Wahala


    • Pere


      Yes, i agree, the vultures are circling. These ex-army criminals; disguised as generals,
      took over page 4 of The Punch newspaper today, talking nothing but imminent coup.
      They’ve declared war. Jonathan must take the war to them. May not evil ones survive!

      • Election Watch 2015

        General Obasanjo asks Buhari to cancel the law on corruption:


        “If Buhari has not learnt his lessons, he would be probably
        the most unlearning human being. Now if he has learnt his lessons, he will know
        that you do not fight corruption by putting people in jail for 200 years. This
        was done by my predecessor in office, Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar. He recovered
        over $750m from Abacha’s estate without putting anybody in jail and without
        harming or hurting anybody.

        When I took over, we recovered over $1.25bn from the same
        Abacha without hurting anybody and without harming anybody. What is rather
        unfortunate is the fact that our lawyer who is still alive, who was chasing
        this money all over the world, said to us that there was still well over $1bn
        to be recovered from the Abacha estate.”

        ..….General Olusegun Obasanjo

        (April 15th, 2015)

    • ConScience

      Can you kindly and possibly bluntly state what you are proposing with this your hidden statement? Are you already using this sad tragedy as a conspiratorial theory to drum up sentiments for your warped political delusion. Have you all no shame or boundaries?

    • Folly


      Yes, Ghana too first got rid of its stealing, old army generals before, Ghana made progress.

    • Dan maikoko

      We are taking your statement seriously. We have rumblings that plans are afoot for the assassination of Buhari. The plans will definitely fail.

  • Guguru

    Hang out with the Jonathan’s at your own peril. Nobody knows what the Jonathan’s worship, But it is certainly not God.

    • burning spear


      • glo

        Good idea! Nothing will be lost when they use you for ritualistic oppose, and inturn putting you out of your misery!

      • Guguru

        You would rather hang out with a liar, a deceiver, a thief? Are you okay today?

      • VOTEoutGEJ!

        That’s why you are running from pillar to post using handles like Deri Orbuka, Redeem, Redeem the Redeemer, Tyson and Burning Spear among others.

      • amazing2012

        …..then you are hanging out with curse !

      • musa aliyu

        yes, hang out with the devil if you like, Jonothing is better as a garbage in the history not History of Nigeria. GMB ALL THE WAY


      Shame !!

      • Guguru

        LOL. The truth burns you like hydrochloric acid. Let me see how smart you are: Can you balance the following equation?

        HCL + NaOH —->?

        • Screw-em

          @ Guguru…….Make i help the chemically challenged F9 chemistry student “Tawanda”,…na only divisive comments him sabi…..answer:…..salt plus aqua….NaCL and H2O…….lol

          • Guguru

            Screw em,


    • Gaskiya

      You are frightening TAWANDA, because he kisses Jonathan everyday.

      • Guguru

        LOL. I know.

  • burning spear

    INEC Was Not Ready To Conduct Elections On Feb 14. – US

    **even recruiting and deploying ad hoc poll workers and the training of these workers has yet to begin days to election.
    **a Gallup poll states that, confidence in elections in Nigeria by Prof Jega has eroded from 51% in 2011 to 13% in 2015.

    Two democratic institutions of the United States (US), the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republican Institute (IRI), have submitted that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was not ready for the presidential election initially fixed for February 14.

    The two institutions made the position known in a report submitted to the government and relevant stakeholders, including INEC, after a five-day study in Nigeria.
    The study, which was undertaken with funding from the US Department of State, held between January 15 and 20, was undertaken by experienced resource persons on electoral matters and African affairs.

    The report obtained by the Nigerian Tribune indicated that INEC was not ready for the conduct of the election on February 14, contrary to claims in the media.
    According to the report, the NDI and IRI delegations were in Nigeria between January 15 and 20, with the aim of assessing the current political and electoral environment in the lead-up to the February 14 presidential election; assess the preparedness of all stakeholders for the election and offer recommendations to enhance citizen confidence in the process.

    The report noted that violence was a major threat to the election, including threats of post-election violence and the insurgency already unleashed on the north-eastern parts of the country by Boko Haram.
    The institutions stated that no fewer than 4.5 million persons would have been disenfranchised in the states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe as a result of insurgency if the elections were held on February 14.
    The report indicated INEC’s lack of readiness for the election, by highlighting its poor voter education measures, as well as what it called miscommunication on its part.
    “The delegation is concerned that millions of permanent voter cards (PVCs) have not yet been distributed by INEC. Although INEC plans to move the distribution of PVCs from the local government level down to the wards (which are smaller units under the councils and closer to the polling points), that exercise has not started in the states.

    “Moreover, some Nigerians stated that in a number of states, the distribution exercise has repeatedly been postponed in some locations, leading to further erosion of trust in INEC.
    “Some Nigerians are still unsure whether a voter without a PVC, but whose name is on the register, will be allowed to vote on election day and what arrangements will be put in place to adjudicate such matters.

    “Similarly, INEC brands the voter card readers (VCRs), a handheld machine that will be used to scan the biometric voter cards, as an innovation in Nigeria that would strengthen the integrity of the voting process; however, the procurement of the VCRs is still underway and not all card readers have been delivered to lNEC.
    “INEC is confident the delivery will be made and has issued guidelines to address card reader malfunction. INEC also views the card reader as a confidence building measure that would allow the commission to track the number of accredited voters and make sure they match the figures to be reported on the results sheet.

  • deji

    Some of these people might have died chasing PDP “stomach infrastructure”. What a end.

    • Prof

      If the elections had not been postponed, these women would not have had cause to travel on this fateful day. May God have mercy on their souls!

  • Taster

    When women should be busy taking care of their husbands and children,but, now, running around for politics while the next generation is not well looked after.

  • Remi

    These are bad times for the Jonathan. To even pay courtesy call result in mass death of callers. Is it not the same Jona voted for 4 years ago? This must be a modern case of Saul as it was in the Bible. The grace of the Lord has departed. What a pity!

  • Dr.Dan

    When God forsakes a man,anything he touch goes haywire. God has forsaken GEJ the writing is on the wall. Its a pity that innocent women became victim for showing solidarity to GEJ.may their soul rest in peace.

    • Naira

      Na true, God is completely sad with Jonadaft and his family as well as his supporters. Blood of Nigeria will follow them and deal with them severey.

      • amazing2012

        Good one !

    • jomo

      Don’t rejoice over another man’s misfortune. Life is very mysterious and it could be you tomorrow.

    • John West


  • BTT

    What a tragedy. These things are not signs of good omen. The rate of death in this regime is too much. May God help us in this country.


    See wetin longer throat don cause .Atenuje ran won lo s’orun a re a ma bo

  • Chidi

    Tchai ooooooo! She s been saying at campaign rallies that thiers (PDP) is for women to be digital n not traditional. These women shouldn’t have listened to her but followed the path of their great grand mothers by being traditional (kitchen). Anyway its a lesson to Nigerian women. What a way of sharing blood!

  • musa amina

    if care is not taking it will b one of the APC’s evil plot to bring GEJ down without knowing that it is human beings blood they are splitting. may their souls rest in peace – AMEN. #GEJ4NAIJA #NO2BUHARI

  • bashdo

    I hope this is not a scarifies for election.

    • jomo

      It could have been caused by an act of sabotage by their enemies..

  • musa aliyu

    Death awaits all of us, anyway. Much as I feel for their families and the lot of us, I wish they had died on another different course, not the one crying us to perdition.


  • hummm

    Madam Patience, all that bloods you are sharing, dia ris god o.

  • deji

    I seize this opportunity to pray for all our APC members and supporters all over the world. Blessed shall be thine going in and out. May God grant you all safe and merciful journey as you move from one point to the other in the struggle to liberate Nigeria from those sucking the blood of our people..

    • Emmy Elvin

      why praying for a particular party? instead of praying for the whole nation

  • Emmy Elvin

    May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace. but how can some people rejoice over the death of these women just because they don’t support their party?? I weep for their generation, because they are just laying a foundation of curse on them.

  • fresh15

    What a pity?May their soul rest in peace-Amen

  • Alfullati

    Death is an inevitable end.May the Almighty give the families of the deceased the fortitude to bear these painful losses.May HE be praised.

  • Pst Boye A. Frederick

    Dead is what you are owing, always prepare to give your life account to God. It’s not a matter of politics, people don’t even know when it’s coming, be prepared, repent from your sins and accept Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour. Mr dead will surely visit ALL just one day!

  • hyperbole123

    GEJ and FAKA… always drinking blood… till May 29 2015..