Nigeria2015: Prove your allegations against us, INEC dares PDP

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has refuted allegations made against it by Nigeria’s ruling party, PDP, and asked the party to prove them.

The PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, PDPPCO, had alleged that the commission was deliberately preventing valid voters in certain sections of the country from getting their Permanent Voter Cards.

The campaign organisation’s spokesperson, Femi Fani-Kayode, said at a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday that the PVCS were yet to be imported to Nigeria, and were still in China where they were produced.

Mr. Fani-Kayode added that INEC was deliberately distributing the PVCs in such manner as to disenfranchise many voters from North Central, South-East, South-South and South-West geo-political zones. He claimed those voters were supporters of the PDP candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan.

In his reaction, Kayode Idowu, the Chief Press Secretary to the INEC chairman, Attahiru Jega, told PREMIUM TIMES that the onus was on PDP campaign to validate its claims.

“It is they that should produce proof that we have not produced the cards, because INEC has produced those cards and put them in the public domain. Anybody who says it is not like that should produce proof,” Mr. Idowu said.

While speaking on the millions of registered voters who were yet to collect their PVCs, Mr. Idowu said, “We have extended the collection deadline and people need to make use of that opportunity to come out.”

“INEC cannot drag people out of their houses to collect their PVCs. It is for INEC and the media to continue to sound it in the ears of people that they need to make judicious use of this time; otherwise, anyone who does not collect his card will disenfranchise himself,” he added.

The electoral commission had said on Friday that over 70 per cent of the voters’ cards had been distributed.

The distribution of the cards was a reason the PDP and some parties and groups called for the postponement of the elections, initially scheduled for February 14 and 28.

Although the elections were eventually postponed to March 28 and April 11, that was mainly due to the statement by security agencies that they needed six weeks to tackle the Boko Haram insurgency before the elections are held.


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  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    The fact that INEC postured that it was prepared to conduct the elections as scheduled when that was clearly not the case, is enough proof of the electoral body’s connivance with APC.

    • eddy

      E be like say u don skip ur drugs again this morning… better go and take it, b4 u start to comot cloth again go start for road.

    • Omo Naija

      Reset your brain mufu.

    • Mustash

      I have noticed from your comments over a period of time that are an a pessimist. Nothing positive comes out from your mouth. Please change your pessimism to optimism.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        If support for Islamic APC and its violent agenda is your idea of optimism, I’d rather remain a pessimist. I hate APC with every fibre of my being and I owe you or anyone else for that matter, no apologies.

        • tundemash

          Omo Ole Orafidiya,

          It is understandable why u hate APC. APC represents the end of your stomach infrastructure and by the grace of God, it will also represent your demise. We shall walk over your carcass at Sabo junction in Ife !

          • Funso

            Ọmọ àlè ni.

        • Funso

          Ọmọ àlè.

        • BTT

          Because you cant see beyond your nose. And hatred had beclouded your sense of judgement!!!

        • Funso

          Ọmọ àlè Sábó Ilé Ifẹ̀ ni ẹ́. Nothing to add.

      • Onike24

        He is not a pessimist. He is a troll, simple as! They cannot collect the voter card, because they can’t vote
        Multiple times with a card reader, hence the desperation! Awon ole Buruku

        • BTT

          Hope lost!!! Shikenah..

    • Funso

      Fẹmi Fanikayọde ọmọ àlè Sabo Lagere.

    • ConScience

      The same Electoral body that delivered Mr President his victory in 2011 and threw out Buhari’s grievances. Do you know what is most shocking. Even if my Lord and savior Jesus Christ ran against Jonathan you will tarnish his name for your ‘son’. Remember Jonathan is not President of Niger Delta but of Nigeria. Wake up to your fanaticism. Some people still consider Hitler a great father and leader of men. I rest my case.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè Ilé Ifẹ̀ ni Òráfidíyà. Nothing to add.

  • tayo

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    • Omo Naija

      Get out of here with your scam. Another wonder bank in the making. I lost funds to Wealth creation, NOSPETCO, and
      Silver trust. You people have started again. Please ignore him. This is scam.

  • eddy

    Honestly if GEJ was smart he would realize that the people around him are the ones making his reelection chances even more deem with their baseless accusations and reckless statements.

    • Wizard

      In addition to himself o!

      • BTT

        For calling some ole while he himself is olori ole. Buhari has fake result, GEJ has fake PHD

  • betanaija

    INEC Owerri people are still waiting for their cards

  • Man_Enough

    let the pdp assist their so called supporters to go and collect their cards. it will not be surprising if 80% of the remaining cards are fraudulent registrations. now that they know they could be easily detected, the fake owners are afraid to go and collect them. why are the owners reluctant to collect them?

    • Strong System

      Politicians used a lot of under aged children during the registration exercise to increase the number of voters

    • ConScience

      And that could be a valid point. Why are people not coming out to collect it en masse. No one has considered that a plausible alternative for non collection of PVCs.

      • Olusola

        Plus, if we had an impartial police force; if you grill those claiming not to have card, they may be PDP agents. INEC even have ways people can check the availability or otherwise of their cards on-line so what is it with PDP this time? No more rigging, they are so scared stiff!

  • Ihatesycophant

    Why INEC trying to dignify FaniKayode with reply he’s a born liar. If FaniKayode tells you goodmorning, try and peep through the window to ascertain if truly it’s morning because it could be night not even afternoon. Is one of those I would never take seriously in this nation except he change from his way.

  • ayobamiba

    A political interest organization, Credible Alternative Alliance (CAA) led by former Kaduna state Governor, Alhaji Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa has alleged that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is tilting the distribution of Permanent Voters Card (PVC) to favour areas believed to be strongholds of All Progressives Congress’ candidate, General Muhammed Buhari.

    The group presented a statistical analysis of the distribution of PVCs which showed the number of registered voters yet to collect their PVCs in various zones.

    According to CAA, South-East has (3,287, 530) , South West (7,411,205), South-South (3,844,370) , North-East (2,429,763), North West (4,835,556), North Central (3,907,849) and FCT(421,559).

    On the distribution of PVCs, CAA said it has observed “a criminal gross disparity of voter spread designed to tilt the election to a pre-determined outcome.

    The group insists that all the 68.8 million registered voters must be given unfettered access to freely collect their PVCs and cast their vote as provided for in the constitution, adding that it would be forced to take INEC to court if that condition was not met.

    “Let us call a spade, a spade. There are two main contenders for the Presidency in this election. The analyzed data above depicts a worrying trend. Voters in the zones that tend to support President Goodluck Jonathan are massively disenfranchised by the application of the so-called PVCs debacle, 40% to 50% of voters in the these regions who are lawfully and duly registered to vote will be denied their right to vote by INEC.
    “That is nearly half of the support base of the President, simply nullified by administrative (failure) prior to the election. By comparison, the zones that tend to support Buhari are handed a massive voter advantage, nearly 80% of his support base will be allowed to cast their votes by INEC.

    In an election, which many say will be won or lost by a slim margin, to now disenfranchise 26million voters through a questionable and unlawful rule by INEC is not acceptable by any measure.

    ” CAA condemns in its entirety. This attempt by INEC to undermine our nescient democracy through this criminal enterprise to determine the outcome of this electioneer before the ballot is cast.

    While speaking on the controversy raging over the coming election, Balarabe Musa said there is no way INEC can be able to distribute the outstanding PVCs within the remaining two weeks.

    “INEC cannot meet up with the issuance voters card to all registered voters, even the PVCs is not being realistic because of the past failures in the past. For example, INEC is talking about distributing permanent voters cards. Let us assume that sufficient PVCs have been produced the commission, how is the PVC is still being distributed.

    ” We have credible information that in some places in the rural areas, INEC staff take the PVCs for distribution and because of the disappointments of the past refuse to come out for collection of PVC. The commission staff then leave the PVCs to community leaders to distribute. I believe that should not be the responsibility of the village heads to do that but INEC.

    “Again, how can we realistically expect INEC to make PVCs available to every registered voter within two weeks, something they failed to do in many years.”

    • BTT

      Bros go and sleep…

    • Andel

      Let PDP gather all the disenfranchised pple from their region that they claim is 40 or 50 % nd come to INEC offices for reconfirmation …. person wey no register how INEC wan use give am PVC.. Nonsense. None of FFK words has been proven to date… He claimed Buhari got no certificate yet they want to charge him for Perjury and not the certificate issue… Liars.. them don bribe Army to hide em certificate.. Many General has confirmed the Army took their originals and never brought it bak and yet no one wants to listen.

  • ayobamiba

    The truth is that inec as usual is d one lying here,I am residing in Lagos and any sincere non indigenous person in Lagos especially ibos shall testify to the truth about what metu said about APC and inec. it is a very very verifiable fact that inec have used all manner of games to deny non indigenous people especially ibos from having access to their PVC in Lagos. Even me have gone round all the places directed to me by inec since November 2014 but to no avail and in all the points where I have been,the ibos formed the bulk of people who are unable to get their PVC from inec.APC and inec are into a big fraud in this election and that’s why APC is doing everything possible to ensure that election is conducted under this fraudulent situation. APC is an evil affliction on Nigeria. Nigerians must resist every plan by APC and inec to frustrate Nigerians from voting according to their conscience.

    • Wizard

      Please, go and prove your case. Up APC!

      • Original_Raskal


        • tundemash

          PDP thug. your tag says it all !

          • Original_Raskal

            you only supporting apc because you are yoruba, hence i call you mumu! i’m yoruba as well, but i analyze issues. Ayobamiba raised a valid point and I’ve also verified with my friends that it is true! So be acting f00lish!

          • tundemash

            PDP thug,
            you are worse than an idi0t to have insinuated I am only supporting APC because I am Yoruba .
            Was ANPP Yoruba in 2007 or was CPC Yoruba in 2011? So is Festus Odumegwu or Soludo also Yoruba for supporting APC ?
            Only a warped mind resort to ethnicity when cornered ?

          • Original_Raskal

            Yorubas plus aggrieved jobless and greedy people = APC. Igbo man looking for appointment is the one you think have your time? You are really a f00l!

          • tundemash

            Think outside that ethnic box Mr. PDP thug !
            The ethnic sentiment has failed. By now you should have exhausted all excuses.
            A yoruba man in APC is supporting APC because he’s yoruba.
            An Igbo man in APC is looking for appointment.
            Still waiting on you to tell us the crime of the Hausa man supporting APC.

            And i guess you are looking for stomach infrastructure just like your hero Fani kayode?

            Keep jabbing the air, loser !

          • tundemash

            Yorubas plus aggrieved jobless and greedy people = APC

            Mr D@ft, this just gave you away for what you are; a creek rat using a yoruba pseudonym. You guys succeeded in making Dumbo look like a sectional leader with your unguarded and thoughtless comments. Omo iran ki iran !

          • Original_Raskal

            f0000l!!!! only yorubas of your type and other similar types are promoting illiteracy! you should be ashamed of yourself!

          • tundemash

            A cl0wn who can’t properly spell “rascal” is accusing another of illiteracy…. only at the creek!

          • ConScience

            So you admit there are aggrieved jobless people. Should the be happy and proud for being jobless. Oh wait a minute, my bad, they should be sacrificial lambs in a stadium stampeded to death because they are trying to look for fake jobs. Wait and they are the ones that are greedy. The jobless aggrieved ones that were stampeded to death after being exploited to buy fake forms for fake jobs. Wow Your Handle name says it all. I am so glad this is the spokes people for PDP. Salut!!!

          • Original_Raskal

            i never knew soludo and odumegwu also bought fake forms for jobs! sorry to hear that! next time create a job and pay your correct tax to the govt. Think of what you can do to your govt!

        • Wizard

          I accept that I am mumu and that’s why I don’t want a clueless leader anymore to lead me becuse it will be terrible. Akuya, lol

    • BTT

      Buddy, that’s the result when people are tired of a clueless govt. They want to throw it out at all cost. The same way INEC rigged the election for PDP last time….what about that?

    • Andel

      Shut up.. God punish u for lying with Igbo name … u are bearing a yoruba name nd claiming to be an Igbo… go to INEC website nd complain or use ur video camera nd video d rubbish lies u re saying nw…. many igbos in my poll in jakande ojo were d 1st to get their PVC before lots of yorubas or indigene. How did FFK know that dos igbos or non indigene would vote for PDP? Is PDP now a prophetic party. INEC cannot disenfranchise anymore becos they are not mind readers.. GEJ and Buhari has supporters both in Indigenes and Non Indigenes.. So stop this rubbish.. Prophet of doom.

  • Sunny Omoragbon

    Fani Kayode is a chip off the old block. He’s simply replicating what his father did to the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. I like the way INEC ‘s spokesman responded to FFK ‘s allegations. The onus is actually on PDP to prove that their allegation is correct. This was the same man (FFK) that wanted to rubbish Chief Emeka Odimegwu’ s family name by claiming to have slept with his wife. I can’t fathom the reason why President GEJ seems so comfortable to surround himself with men of questionable characters like Fani Kayode. The only reason one could guess is that GEJ wants to use such odious characters to cause trouble and confusion so that the election won’t eventually hold.

    • Wizard

      You have succinctly said it all!

    • Scatter

      Birds of the same feather fly together! Fani-Kayode the druggie, like Fani-Kayode snr, the ganja-smoking one, should surprise no one. It was Awo who said: “Show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are”. Dumbo Dumbo and Fani-Kayode are all the same. Dumbo is a devious and irresponsible pretender, but like a village clown thinks he is hip or smart.

    • SAM .A

      Imagine their Boss sense of judgement putting two male lion in the same cage, Binca Ambbassador, Femi campaign Cordinator . It is come and chop party without morality . They have their case in court.

    • Enemona

      He loves them all criminals and retards: FFK, Bode George, Alams, Tompolo, Asari Dokubo, Buruju Kashamu, Ayo Fayose, Gbenga Daniel, Reno “Wendel Simlin” Omokri, Musiliu obanikoro, Doyin “Attack goat” Okupe etc. You may add to the infamous list but one thing they’ve in common is criminality and insanity.

      • BTT

        Buhari will truncate their evil plan to finally ruin Nigeria in the next four years. Thank God American didn’t sell arms to Nigeria. Obanikoro would have painted the country red with their politicized security agents when PDP looses. Thieves!!!!

        • tundemash

          Hence they are doing everything to stop him but it is too little too late to stop the CHANGE train !

  • ahmad

    fani kayode just want to know were the cards are produced so that he will go and hack them and buy them using our stolen $20b

  • tundemash

    INEC should not dignify the druggie Femi with a response.
    Jst last year, this same druggie told the whole world Dumbo is a weakling and PDP is a roguish party; thereafter the goat was given yam and the story has changed.

    • Bio

      Is druggie your father’s last name? Speak on the last born of weakling family.

      • tundemash

        creek rat, it was Femi that called your lord a weakling !
        Or are u using same powdery stuff as Femi ?

        • Bio

          Hahaha Ola Tunde oshu, the dosage had a great impart on your hashishi Brain. Sleep and wake up pillS.

    • BTT

      The problem is you find it difficult to see the difference between Education and madness in Nigeria today. And the most untrustworthy people in Nigeria today are the so called educated elites. Democracy isn’t about education, it all about peoples’ choice.

  • warry

    I want to use this medium to notify INEC that unit 3 ward 7,phalga in Rivers State all 500 names in previous register did not appear in PVC register. Some people were made to register again in December, up till now,no single card for anybody from Inec headquarters according to officials of INEC in the ward.

  • SAM .A

    If after 4 weeks , Femi Fanikayode , the crying baby of PDP is still making spurious allegation , he should accept that they are distancing themselves from victory each passing day and week.
    Femi my advice for you , your PDPigs and e-rats quit everything you are doing and go from house to house urging your electorate to collect their PVC. INEC has done its part by delivering it to those centers. It is not their duty to deliver it in individual’s house.
    If you fail to yield this advise , your days of woe and gnashing of teeth is around the corner.

    • Enemona

      Whether they heed your warning or not, they’re out come May. Simple!

    • BTT

      Moreover, why cant these people trust what INEC says? After the election, if any malpractice is suspected, any party can go to court. After all, the previous elections same Jega conducted was “free and fair” just because PDP won. Now same Jega wants to rig election because the ball is shifting away from PDP. Many people no longer have interest to vote because they believe their votes don’t count because PDP is desperate to win. Every cant vote. A credible election is all about the people that voted. You cant drag people out. even with 1 year extension, many would not vote.

  • Shuaibu Buhari

    I am privileged to have access to the press briefing which took place in Asokoro, Office of the Director. PDPPCO. INEC spokesman, Idowu should do the needful by replying to the allegations made against Prof Jega, including his meetings with APC chieftains in Dubai and other parts of the world. The best way to refute claims ought to be point by point. It is not accepted that Idowu should reply or refute in clusters. No! Even in court of law, a siting judge would know that Idowu was playing safe and had shifted from the mainstream.
    Kposaa!! to Femi Fanikayode. He is too intelligent

    • BTT

      No need for anyone to explain anything. Jega may decide to hold meeting with anyone in any part of the world. That doesn’t transpire to victory of any party at the poll. All we need is free and fair election by Jega, whether any party he supports loses or wins.

      • Shuaibu Buhari

        But that is not expected of the Chairman of electoral umpire. That simply shows that Jega is already biased and cannot be trusted by electoral stakeholders.

        • Andel

          So all the secret and open meetings he held with PDP and Jonathan is right but the ones with APC are totally wrong because the opposition are devils and GEJ is an Angel ? Is that your point or the FFK in you speaking. Jega neva had any meeting with any haters of democracy mind you and if you must know.. Jega is 1st a Nigerian wit a Freedom of speech and association so lets stop this image killing… Maurice Iwu rigged massively and nobody complained and now you people are trying to hang the innocent Jega… The election that brought all PDP politicians including FFK and GEJ were all fraudulent but they neva complained… Now they are complaining.. Funny Losers

          • Shuaibu Buhari

            Maurice Iwu was removed when he was suspected to be dinning with devils which paved way for Jega to emerge as INEC chairman. So if Jega has compromised his integrity, let him give room for another neutral person to mount the position.
            Are you trying to say that Jega rigged the election that brought GEJ into power in 2011? If Jega had rigged the election, PDP would have complained and Court would have nullified the elections.

        • RPK

          Let FFK tell us the name of the hotel and the APC leaders who attended the meeting.

  • The PDP is only looking for every means to sabotage the election process.

  • evi

    Inec staff did not start registration in some polling units on time and in most polling units did not even show up.I know of most people that will not vote this election because where they voted last election, inec declared those places ‘illegal’ whatever that means. Now where they showed up,you had maybe two.or three inec staff registering thousands of voters, the inec staff was even charging voters between N500- N1000 just to get their card after charging N100 to register and make photocopy. Inec made sure they frustrated voters so they won’t show up. Mr Kayode, people did not show up because your staff frustrated people and turned it into a money making venture, which was not the case in 2011

    • Enemona

      Show your proof. Show the evidence, damn it! Read the article and stop being a plain dumb***!

    • BTT

      All propaganda

      • emmanuel

        Jega took bribe in Delta state in the 2010 gubernatorial re-run election and delivered victory to the looser. The man has no integrity!

        His desire is to use that template for Buhari, in that case the Baboon may be Jega and there will be hundreds of thousand month keys that will roast!

  • Abraham

    i bet youwill be proud to have a figure of fani kayode as your father. shame. i wonder what kind if kids they have.

  • burning spear

    Nigeria Is Moving Forward Again, After 32 years In Wilderness.

    In 2013, top UK and US Universities started again to accept Nigerian Certificates with requesting the graduates to take a few months remedial courses. Our certificates are no more ordinary papers.

    In 1984, Buhari Stopped the following in our Universities,
    1] University direct funding for research and Development was STOPPED,
    2] Scholarships to study in to Universities overseas to ease Technology and knowledge transfer [STOPPED].
    3] Banned Free education in Universities in our higher schools. [STOPPED]
    4] Stopped Free feeding in Universities (Govt vouchers) [STOPPED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT].
    We are not blaming Buhari on how he treated education during his tenure. He cannot give what he do not have.

    NOW, you don’t need to ask how the standard of Education in Nigeria started going down? The Cabals are trying to bring him back in the name of CHANGE. You must be ‪#‎wise‬ to say NO to the Education ‪#‎Destroyer‬.

    In 2011, a Teacher became the President of Nigeria and he know exactly how to restore our lost glory.
    1] Education took a lion share of our budget, first in History of Nigeria.
    2] Education budget was increased by 200% to ensure that we have enough lecture rooms, Laboratories, Lecture Theatres, Hostels, Libraries.
    3] Special fund for Research and Development in Universities and University Teaching Hospitals.
    4] Goodluck Jonathan started a pilot scheme for Scholarships for Nigerian graduates NOT based on quota system.

    Nigerian New interest in our schools send a message to the world and our graduate in the last 24 months are no longer treated like a Laper.

    • BTT

      All propaganda. Our education had so much declined that the worst NECO and WAEC results were recorded during GEJ’s regime. Incessant strikes are recorded in the Education and Health sectors. Worst of it all, the govt stopped the salary of doctors on strike. You can’t compare education in the 80s with nowadays. Maybe you are referring to another Nigeria.

      • burning spear

        even booooooooooooooooooooooooharis certificate issue was propaganda until u saw his 73 years old pictures on his expired statement of result————-it was boooooooooohari who re-introduced tuition fees into our universities————–after shagari had abolished it–that one (sef na propaganda–abi-)-soon u will tell us the introduction of essential commodities–by booooooohari was also propaganda

      • Joe

        It’s not propaganda. It’s a fact. It was Buhari that stopped voucher feeding in our universities and I was a victim. Unfortunately IBB refused to restore it back. Buhari is anti western education.

        • tundemash

          And on what excuse has your PDP not restored the voucher in 16yrs ? Or same Buhari asked them not to ?

          • Joe

            You are a daft. I have no business with eithe PDP or APC. Am not that shallow that I cannot discern the elements and characters in the two parties as selfish and greedy individuals. When I read a comment and I know that it’s misleading, I try to put it straight based on what i know and that does not make me in anyway PDP or APC. I have being reading your comments and seems too fanatical. Get life man.

    • Tunsj

      Bunch of lies. I’m sure your hero, Jonathan. directed you to write all these nonsense.

      • emmanuel

        What are you talking about? I used my cousin’s ticket (for free meals) in her higher school to have dinner when my secondary school had to go watch a drama in the school.

        Buhari regime actually ended it before I left secondary school ( by which time, the gap toothed crook had overthrown him)

        You guys should investigate issues and do not just attck because one of your guys or you would benefit from a government by a misfit who will never win the election.

        Please tell the world ot was not Jonathan who first increased education budget beyond what any government ever did

        • Arrest warrant

          Its during IBB time that your so called eagerly needed free meals meals and transportation relief to distance students ends during SAP …and which regime SAP Nigeria?

  • burning spear

    INEC Was Not Ready To Conduct Elections On Feb 14. – US

    **even recruiting and deploying ad hoc poll workers and the training of these workers has yet to begin days to election.
    **a Gallup poll states that, confidence in elections in Nigeria by Prof Jega has eroded from 51% in 2011 to 13% in 2015.

    Two democratic institutions of the United States (US), the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republican Institute (IRI), have submitted that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was not ready for the presidential election initially fixed for February 14.

    The two institutions made the position known in a report submitted to the government and relevant stakeholders, including INEC, after a five-day study in Nigeria.
    The study, which was undertaken with funding from the US Department of State, held between January 15 and 20, was undertaken by experienced resource persons on electoral matters and African affairs.

    The report obtained by the Nigerian Tribune indicated that INEC was not ready for the conduct of the election on February 14, contrary to claims in the media.
    According to the report, the NDI and IRI delegations were in Nigeria between January 15 and 20, with the aim of assessing the current political and electoral environment in the lead-up to the February 14 presidential election; assess the preparedness of all stakeholders for the election and offer recommendations to enhance citizen confidence in the process.

    The report noted that violence was a major threat to the election, including threats of post-election violence and the insurgency already unleashed on the north-eastern parts of the country by Boko Haram.
    The institutions stated that no fewer than 4.5 million persons would have been disenfranchised in the states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe as a result of insurgency if the elections were held on February 14.
    The report indicated INEC’s lack of readiness for the election, by highlighting its poor voter education measures, as well as what it called miscommunication on its part.
    “The delegation is concerned that millions of permanent voter cards (PVCs) have not yet been distributed by INEC. Although INEC plans to move the distribution of PVCs from the local government level down to the wards (which are smaller units under the councils and closer to the polling points), that exercise has not started in the states.

    “Moreover, some Nigerians stated that in a number of states, the distribution exercise has repeatedly been postponed in some locations, leading to further erosion of trust in INEC.
    “Some Nigerians are still unsure whether a voter without a PVC, but whose name is on the register, will be allowed to vote on election day and what arrangements will be put in place to adjudicate such matters.

    “Similarly, INEC brands the voter card readers (VCRs), a handheld machine that will be used to scan the biometric voter cards, as an innovation in Nigeria that would strengthen the integrity of the voting process; however, the procurement of the VCRs is still underway and not all card readers have been delivered to lNEC.
    “INEC is confident the delivery will be made and has issued guidelines to address card reader malfunction. INEC also views the card reader as a confidence building measure that would allow the commission to track the number of accredited voters and make sure they match the figures to be reported on the results sheet.

    • burning spear

      what other evidence does INEC require from FFK?

    • objective

      You are Fani-Kayode! All the facts and statistics you have just rolled out are extremely doggy.

  • warry

    FFK should now bring out the evidence that Jega had meetings with APC leaders.

    • burning spear

      where in Dubai—–

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Femi the fair weather man over to you.

  • emmanuel

    Jega and Kayode Idowu should be ashamed of themselves.

    They published distribution list, which even primary School children would review as a home work and ask their parent very valid question why Cards were better distributed in war torn states where most voters had moved from their places of abode than peaceful states?

    The other was why did Jega say in confidence that the APC never planned to hack into its web site, is he not an APC member to know that there was no plan in the pipeline to hack?

    Why did he tell the World that he shifted the Polls because of NSA advice when he knew that was a lie and he was yet to recruit adhoc staff.

    Jega is indeed a rotten egg that should be thrown away.

    • Andel

      Get your facts right.
      1) People in distressed or war torn areas are more anxious and eager to exercise their votes than peaceful areas.. Bcos most pple @ peaceful places are 100% reluctant to waste time or resources in collecting their PVCs and 80% collection rates are only for 5 remaining LGA (in Borno) and not the (21 LGA) ones held up by Boko Haram so terrorism does not affect to them… INEC only meant that d remaining 5 LGAs has achieved 80% collection rate and note the whole of Borno because they are still trying to deliver PVCs to IDP (Internally Displaced People) Camp.

      • emmanuel

        I get you are doing the hatchet job.

        On Thursday February 12, 2015, Akeju the REC in Oyo state announced that they were to recruit 20,000 adhoc staff.

        Does oyo state INEC existt in space or in the moon.

        Please explain how outsiders, imcluding some Nigeria guys were able to hack into the USA defemce syatem which is not internet based?

    • Andel

      2) APC or PDP or any political party can not hack into INEC .. INEC database is neva uploaded on a website, Its a cloud based server that is highly encrypted and cannot be tracked, traced or view over any ip, weblink or server root. It is penetrable because it is Old school .. Database are hardcoded to every of their computers and can only be manually accessed by entering details or inputting a valid command.. You can never print out such database by bulk entry and even INEC officials or staffs cannot even access such data remotely.. So please if you or PDP liars know nothing about Hacking or Penetration please stop voicing it out cos it makes you look dumb.

    • Andel

      INEC was 100% ready for this election. INEC already completed ad-hoc training on 11th of Feb and as at 12th of Feb they already reached 81% distribution of PVC…. No election in Nigeria has delivered 75% voting cards to voters in Nigeria or is GEJ gunning for a Guinness book of record. Stop listening to propaganda by FFK and read between the lines and not inside it.

    • concerned


  • richkid

    Jega is putting up so many questionable attitudes.

    • Abdulsalam

      How ???

  • Otile

    Is Buhari’s name still going to appear on the ballot box with oluwole certificate and perjury hanging on his conscience?

    • hummm

      I suggest you spend the time you are currently wasting here to get your fellow pdp supporters to go collect their PVC.As we all know, they have refused to do so. Landslide defeat awaits you ppl next month.

    • TrueNja

      I would rather have an honest oluwole’s cert holder as president than a fake PhD holder who does not think stealing is corruption.

  • PDP comfussion

  • favourtalk

    They don’t have any proof, it is just a shallow talk from the dogs they hired to attack the other opposition in the nation, we need more than lies to save the country, we can’t just continue this way. We need leaders who talks and care about us not the one that divide the nation. We need change in nigeria

  • Bidemi Lukman

    I expect PDP at this juncture to put INEC to an unprecedented shame by providing proof to substantiate thier claim. Else, they should be quiet for life.

  • sammyctu ode

    A deranged criminal party that has been ruining Nigeria since 1999 making a deranged allegation against INEC after they have intimidated INEC to postpone the elections. The only thing pdp knows is to retain power and not to develop the country. jonathan and pdp are touting roads, railways, agriculture, setting up glorified universities which are mere modern schools, etc as their successes forgetting that the little they have done for the past six years are normal minimum things that a government must deliver to its people. GMB ALL THE WAY COME MARCH 28TH & APRIL 11TH, 2015.

  • Mr. Abdin

    PDP don confused.

  • excel

    Where is that proof? Pdp is a confused party, they are frustrated and desperate. CHANGE is Possible with You. Vote CHANGE, Vote GMB, March4Buhari