Nigerian military repels Gombe attack, as Boko Haram warns residents not to vote

After hours of fighting at the outskirts of Gombe town, soldiers of the Nigerian army have repelled a deadly attack on the town by Boko Haram insurgents.

But the terrorists, who fled with corpses of their colleagues, dropped a written notice, warning citizens against participating in the coming elections.

Witnesses in Gombe said they saw the insurgents fleeing in dozens of vehicles.

“We saw them leaving and some of them shouting and telling us not to be scared that they did not come to harm us; that they had come to fight soldiers, said a villager at the outskirts of Gombe, who spoke to journalists on phone.

“We saw some of the vehicles carrying bodies of persons that appeared to have been killed or injured. Some of them were dropping written messages in Hausa”, the source who doesn’t want to be named for security reasons said.


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  • Otile

    Definitely the violence will subside after the elections. When Imam Mohamed Buhari is finally defeated they will know that power is not shifting to the North as hoped. There may be pockets of attacks here and there in the sharia states because Islam can’t survive without violence. But overall we are going to enjoy relative peace. We want peace. We want JEG.

    • amazing2012

      OTILE the English slave and accursed ! Actually it’s not Boko boys that drop the papers, the papers were dropped by government operatives. Helicopters were used for spreading the pamphlets. Please Answer this question; if people refused to vote to whose favour will it be ? Definitely Jonathan ! This mean is Jonathan that is behind “false statements using Boko boys”. Another question is that is the election is conducted and Jonathan wins then what is the difference to them ? But the idea is to avoid Buhari be lying president using Boko haram. Because the only difference to Boko haram between now and after election is when there is change of power. Every jona action is exposed !!
      God will expose all those behind our suffering and cast curse on them generation unborn !!

      • Awarawa

        Amazing, you talk as if your senses have departed from you…

        • amazing2012

          OK, you that have sense, answer these questions:
          What is the Boko haram going to get when election did not hold ? Answer: so that Jonathan will continue !
          What is afraid of when election is conducted? Answer: Buhari to become president and deal with them!
          What is the difference between now and after election ? The only difference is when there change of power !
          Why should Boko haram campign for election boycot ? To give Jonathan offer hand to win or to continue!
          Who are Boko haram ?Jonathan, hence supporting his candidature !

      • Otile

        The accursed one of Ishmael, how many times will I tell you to go back to school to brush up your grammar? We have made education free in the North, why not avail yourself this opportunity? In the olden days Imam Buhari abolished free education, but an gode Allah we have opportunities now.

        Don’t listen to Boko Haram when they tell you that western education is haram. They deceived Buhari and lack of good education is haunting him now.

        Stop cursing, the fact that your forefather Ishmael was cursed should not make you wish same evil on everybody. Live with it.

    • Dr. Ahmed

      U’re stupid.U are d one who can’t survive without violence. U can’t make a comment without putting religion. Bigot

      • Awarawa

        Stop shouting. If you are truly a doctor, education should tell you that your tone would make you appear violent and lend credence to the guy you are trying so hard to correct.

      • Otile

        May your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth. May your right hand wither for calling me stupid.Wherein did I offend you in my innocent comment? I was express hope that the North will stop violence
        and we leave in peace, but apparently you cannot survive without violence.

        May your right hand forget its cunning, may you die a violent death since you love violence. Ahmed say Amin.

      • amazing2012

        OTILE is accursed, prostrated & decieved boy. He preached violence and hate as religion. For instance he believed choosing JONA is choosing jesus and anything that is not Islam then is Christianity. OTILE is daft, he does not read, please read my previous comments where I will quote from the bible but OTILE will avoid the discussion. In several occasion I try to let him know: Jona or Buhari are not representing our religious masters and not God in any way but OTILE disgrace jesus by associated him with failure, with supporters of Boko haram, with hypocrates, with those who hate others for what or where they have not choosing to be (tribe, region or religion). OTILE is a sinner that needs our prayers and surely has demons in him that made him to always think violence as a solution to problems.
        He does not think of consquences of violence, nor does he analyze issues. Only when he is drunk to pour out evidence and confirmation of madness.

    • Wähala

      Hahahahahaa… biko stop smoking!

      • Otile

        Ozali koseka mpo na nini? Translation: Why are you laughing?

        • Baba

          Capital NO to a failed commander in chief. Boko haram entered gombe, did what the wanted to do and left after delivering GEJ message of ” no to election”. If they are not working for Gej, how did they have easy ride upto army barrack!

    • amazing2012

      2. Why should Boko boys try to stop people from voting ? Why would they want Jonathan to continue ?
      Why are they avoiding BUHARI ?

      • MMNNKJ

        Bcoz they are supporting PDP

        • amazing2012

          Excellent, only those with wisdom can see that.

      • betanaija

        Who says Boko Haram is avoiding Buhari? He calls them his people, so he is an extremist. There are moderate Muslims that are against Boko Haram

    • Jika

      Yet,GEJ has Muslims spearheading his campaign team.The National Chairman of the Party,the Director general of GEJ campaign are Muslims and they profess Islam as a religion.The last time I checked there was no violence associated to this guys.In all your posts,you come across as someone who harbors a MORBID HATRED for Islam and Muslims.Do you think that any candidate can win election on the votes of solely Christians/Muslims?You and,your type are some of the major reasons why most Muslims who voted for GEJ in 2011,will NEVER vote for him again.You have succeeded in making more enemies for the President than enhancing his electoral fortunes.So sad indeed.

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    The heat is on B.H .from attacks on there bases by Multi force.we expect this desperate attacks in the coming weeks.The multi force coalition should step up the attacks on sambisa forests to force them out.Then mop action.This is the time to finish them all.

  • Dankasa

    It is now clear that Govt is behind all these killings under a big pretex of Boko Haram and with the contracted mercenaries from Chard and Cameroon. Jona handlers have already forgot that, Some days to elections, PDP Militery spokeman Kolade, Reno and his boys (e-rats) were busy posting flimsy excuse that female sucide bombers will attack polling stations during elections and today hired Macenaries are dropping similar warning targeting same issue, 2015 election because their master is losing momenton toward the rescheduled election. What a childish theory??? People go school oooO! So all these killings we believe are perpatrated govt. but time shall tell, most likely after handingover, the Big Jona will head to Hague right from the Eagle Squre, Abuaj.

    • Chidi Ebere

      Wake up my guy,,

  • DY

    The Association of Nigerian-American Professionals, on Thursday, endorsed President Goodluck Jonathan for the second term.

    A statement signed by the group’s Chairman, Dr. Iheanacho Orabuchi, cited the ‘YouWin’ project and the revamping of the light rail as major achievements of the President’s administration. Part of the statement read; “In the face of global terror, the international community prefers Jonathan. Despite restive electorate and voters who are angry and want change, the change is President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. He is the change we can trust at this time.

    “We strongly believe that President Jonathan is the best candidate for President of Nigeria at this time. He has been tested and has the strong leadership qualities to lead Nigeria to the next level.
    “A case in point is President Jonathan’s recent leadership in curbing Ebola, prompting the World Health Organization declaring Nigeria Ebola free.”

    The group went on to list about 22 accomplishments by the Goodluck Jonathan administration, which informed their decision to “strongly endorse” him.—-They listed some of the establishment of over 100 Almajiri Islamic schools, establishment of 12 new universities, privatisation of the power sector and the completion of the Niger Delta power sector among the reasons why President Jonathan should be supported to continue.—They concluded, “Nigeria needs President Goodluck Jonathan at this time. President Jonathan is the change we need and trust; he has changed lives in Nigeria for better as demonstrates democratic principles.”

    The group of professionals also honoured President Jonathan with the ‘Excellence in Leadership’ Award for his outstanding accomplishments in Nigeria.

    This is the kind of News you never get to read here. Instead, it is Odimegwu’s story they will readily feed u with

    • Chidi Ebere

      Good morning my wonderful friend,,,your number and you no the truth is better. The best president we have ever get in Nigeria for now is Mr. good luck ebele Jonathan is going again in 2015 because this is the only person Nigeria hold on now. APC is just making noises in Nigeria because they have no any agenda in Nigeria.and no better program for Nigeria people from APC. You can see that this is all PDP members before they run away because of bad faith in them.GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  • Ette

    These are PDP political boko haram echoing the desire of their sponsors that there should be no election. Nigerians can now see clearly that wicked PDP and GEJ are using the blood of innocent Nigerians killed by their sponsored boko haram to remain in power. The blood of innocent Nigerians is rising up in judgment against them. They have come to their wit end and must leave power as election must be conducted. God bless Nigeria.

    • Okezie Ejeagba

      you sound like mumu

    • warry

      You forget that your mumu Buhari once said an attack on Boko Haram is an attack against the North.Your ignorance is the biggest problem of Nigeria that GEJ is trying to solve,yet you attack him because power must come to the North now so that some lazy elites can have access to public funds again.The reforms introduced by GEJ like removing ghost names from payroll,due process in award of govt procurements,fertilizer scam is really biting hard.

      • Strong System

        Trying to solve?
        If for any reason elections are not held because of the “insurgency”, then Buhari might be vindicated

      • Chidi Ebere

        Warry your right about what you are saying.because Nigerians people have to no that the problem of Nigeria people today is not president good luck ebele Jonathan is problem of evil ones in Nigeria call opposition leaders. There not happy that the power is in the south east. Good luck ebele Jonathan is a good leader.GOD bless Nigeria.

    • Chidi Ebere

      Ette your still sleeping ok ,,weak up,..

  • Ani Arinzona

    JEG is still the best ok! Let vote again, to support his transformational program!

    • Chidi Ebere

      Yes god almighty we do it for us he will win,, I no that right from time.i am not a dreamer but I have seen it before the election.