Obasanjo slams Buhari’s critics over school certificate

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has described the controversy over the educational qualification of the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, as the degeneration of political campaign to triviality.

Mr. Obasanjo who was speaking during the launch of his latest book, “My Watch”, in London, said there was no way Mr. Buhari would have been admitted into the army in the 1960s if he did not have the Cambridge Secondary School Certificate or West African Secondary School Leaving Certificate.

“When I joined the army in the 1950s I needed to have a Cambridge Certificate or West African certificate, GCE, to be able to join the army, and I don’t know of anybody who was an officer at that time that didn’t have similar certificate. Buhari joined the army about four years after me and I needed such a certificate to be admitted into the army, I don’t know how he could have avoided such a certificate,” he said.

Mr. Obasanjo said even if Mr. Buhari did not have a secondary school certificate as alleged, the training and education he received while in the military surpassed the secondary school certificate, which is the minimum qualification under Nigerian law for anyone running for the office of the president.

“Assuming he avoided the certificate, Buhari went through a military academy. He went through what we called Staff College, which would be a minimum equivalent of a first degree. He went through, in America, what they called War College, which would have given him an equivalent of Masters Degree and our constitution or electoral law requires school certificate and rather for us to campaign and debate on real issues we then degenerated to triviality,” he said to a loud applause from the audience.

The educational qualification of Mr. Buhari, who is a former Head of State and retired Major General, became contentious after he submitted an affidavit to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, saying his academic credentials were with the military. The Military, however, said it was not in possession of Mr. Buhari’s credentials.

Following the controversy, the ruling Peoples Democratic Party pushed for Mr. Buhari’s disqualification from the presidential contest, but Government College, Katsina (formerly Provincial Secondary School, Katsina), which is the school he attended, later released Mr. Buhari’s secondary school certificate examination results.
The PDP dismissed the results as forged.


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  • amazing2012

    Jonathan is a confused man with no focus but deception !

    • Otile

      Wallahi, who is deceiving who? Since 1961 in the year of the Lord, Imam Mohamed/Mohammadu Buhari has dazed the Republic of Nigeria with lies, deception, perjury, and pretense.

      Why do you always support evil? Are you an evil man yourself?
      Since Imam’s forgery was discovered people are beginning to see him the son of Shaitan.

      • amazing2012

        Yesterday Buhari was induced by Northwn christians because they discovered to be decieved by the christian leadership of the country to vote for failed leader who cannot protect them from whoever.
        They later realize that he is par of the wickedness using people like Prof J. Gana and others to divide them with their neighbors while northern christian elites family are in Abuja enjoying the money they get for saling their people. Every evil Plan will fail in Jesus name ! Back to sender, !!

  • mike

    Nobody could have explained it better. Thumbs up to OBJ.
    Pdp and their clueless leadership do not have any achievement to boast of, hence their resolve to dwell on certificate trivialities.
    No wonder they call him JONOTHING.
    We cannot wait for Match 28 to march Buhari into Aso Rock.

  • Chris1408

    Only a phool will ask a retired major General for his high school certificate. That’s exactly what PDP are. Well said old man OBJ

    • Bigzy

      Only a General that has not got his School Cert. would allow the matter to drag on for so long in spite of the legitimate avenues open to him to put the matter to bed. Let him phone Cambridge Assessments and ask them to release his result to the public domain. But of course we know that he would not. This is because he either failed woefully or he did not even attempt the exams.

  • Dr WillieWillie

    I do not know if people see what I see. But as I read the story above and the language of Premium Times, and its style of reportage, many questions rush through my head,…………………and I begin to see a reason why Nigeria will never know peace until it disintegrates. For any individual or any set of individuals to feel they can misrepresent facts to suit their regional agenda to the detriment of others, regardless of how or what they feel, is to be bask in that quick sand of naivety.

    • Debo

      I see it my bro, it’s really amazing. For me it’s just a Steven Spielberg classic.

  • Abubakar Gaidam

    Imagine who has turned himself to our moral compass,all in the name of claiming saint,Just because Jonathan has refused to do his bidding so that he will favour him and not favour Nigerians.Time will come when Nigerians will know better,this man doesn’t want the restructuring of Nigeria because the current configuration favours his loots.Nigerians know better Mr Obasanjo.You can not be our moral compass,you are not the ilk to make suggestions to Nigerians because you are a Treacherous leader.You had your opportunity but misused it by failing to develop Nigeria.Allow Jonathan continue his good works.Vote wisely,Vote GEJ

    • Wähala

      Stop using Hausa names to post gibberish allover the net. Why not use Aborigine names like Graham-Douglas ati Blue & Brown to write your useless comments? Baba Iyabo should know because he is not only an ex-President, he is also an ex-soldier who knows Buhari’s credentials were stolen from his (Buhari’s) file by Kenneth Minimah-engineered army goons. Get a life and get to realize that Dumbo is done… accept reality, your crumb days are numbered. Idiyot!

      • Otile

        Shame on illiterate lairs and perjurers. No amount of trash talk will save perjurers.

        As for you Wähala, only fools& harlots believe your lies.

        Moto ya kala lokuta

  • Maitama Tambari

    Doyin Okupe and Femi Fani Kayode, eat your heart out. Your true boss who brought the two of you into limelight has spoken. The War College in the USA has since told us that the Diploma GMB received from them is equivalent to the Master Degree where some current Nigeria Military Officers received from them. I have said it, during Colonial Administration, recruiting Officers were all British, there was no way as President Obasanjo said GMB could have avoided and entered into the Army Officers Rank without the Cambridge School School Certificate conducted by the British. Baba, the empty barrels and the mischievous character are deceiving the youth with falsehood because of the cancer of cheating and malpractices known in the current system thought, applied during our time. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

    • Ken

      Is that the certificate he filled with INEC? Which certificate did he say he has? He lied on oath and he is not eligible. However, let us face him in poll.

  • nnadoris

    Jonathan remid the best we support you Mr Goodluck ebere Jonathan up PDP

    • Tobore

      Yes Sis, up Jonathan!….Great Jona for life. But his name is Ebele nor ebere. Ebele na man, no be woman.

      • nnadoris

        Thank you

  • ModyHH

    The real question of Buhari’s certificate saga is and will always be whether Buhari sat for and obtained the WAEC certificate which he specifically claimed to have obtained. It is a question bordering on Buhari’s integrity and credibility and cannot be relegated to trivialities just because Obasanjo wished it was so. Whether Buhari qualifies to be president with his army education is not the issue here because Buhari did not indicate those army qualifications on his INEC form.


      Biafrian comedy

    • orosun

      He DID

  • Ken



      Whats the use of Jonathan’s Phd. Treasury looting and incompetence. WE WANT BUHARI

    • Scalywag

      Does he really need “certificate” to effectively lead Nigeria out of the woods?

  • Awarawa

    Which one is easier? To present the certificate Buhari told INEC is his qualification or to engage all the media house to help defend non-existing certificate? OBJ should help us answer this.


      We want Buhari. To hell with Biafria propaganda

  • amos

    Jonathan will loose this coming election and Buhari will become our newly elected president come March 28

    • logmein2nite

      Have you collected your PVC? If so, quietly vote for him and defend your vote. There is no voting yet on social media?

  • Bigzy

    Obj is an Ass. If Buhari has his School Certificate, let him produce it. There is no need for a media campaign to convince anybody. Neither is there a need for Baba Iyabo to tell us about he NDA admissions policy, which I am sure he knew little about. The law requires Buhari to show us his credentials as a bona fide Presidential candidate. But of course he is unable to do so because he either flunked it badly or he did not sit the exams at all. We have already been told that he got his admission on he strength of a letter of recomendation from his Principal. Besides, the WAEC headoffice has stated that they could not find the record for the candidate Mohammed Buhari in 1961. Just who is fooling who?

    • orosun

      His credentials are there for all intelligent people to see except those like you who have allowed themsekves to be blinded by prejudice and cancerous ethnic loyalty to a failed and very inept PDP leadership. He attended the staff college and the war college in AMERICA. HE retired as a General in the Nigerian Army and was former head of state. That is why INEC in its wisdom, unlike the idiots clamouring for his disqualification has allowed him to contest

      • Bigzy

        I always pause, sit back and clear my throat when someone claims to be the intelligent one. Usually, in my experience, such claimants turn out to be morons. nuff said!

  • Scalywag

    We have insisted that GMB is not attending interview to be a professor. The issue of certificate came up because Jonathan has no record to run on. He has a dismal performance record. Even with his “PhD” he doesn’t speak English like some one who passed WASC

    • Bigzy

      Instead of prattling about here, it would be more useful to produce the certificate, if Buhari has any.

      • Scalywag

        Do you have certificates? Knowledge and professional skills are not measured by certificates but by competence. Is your Nebu with his “PhD ” competent?

        • orosun

          His PHD is the Port Harcourt Diploma. Produced in ABA

    • orosun

      His PHD Is Port Harcourt Diploma

  • Badero


    Nigeria was first thrown into the abyss by a few school certificate soldiers in 1966,
    and the country has been stuck there under the heavy weight of soldiers’ ignorance.
    General Olusegun Obasanjo is one of such school certificate soldiers burdening Nigeria.
    These soldiers have the like of Professor Kayode Oyediran rooting for them.
    Olusegun Obasanjo is of course utterly ignorant of the actual issues in this Buhari WASC case.
    But yet, Obasanjo feels he himself is educated enough to convince 170million Nigerians –
    on a case pending hearing in a court of law – just by his say-so, as the Aremu of Otta.

    • Badero


      Whereas, the decisive issue in Buhari’s case is NOT whether Buhari’s primary school
      certificate plus his work experience may be assessed as equivalent to school certificate
      by INEC. That’s NOT the issue at all. Obasanjo does NOT have the education to discern
      the issue with his own limited school certificate education.

      Rather the issue is: did Buhari disqualify himself by writing on his INEC INTAKE FORM
      that he sat for and obtained a specific certificate called WASC, which he was then obligated
      to attach a copy of to the INEC Form

      Buhari did NOT attach a copy but rather swore an affidavit. General Buhari swore on oath
      that his WASC certificate is with the Army Board. But the Army Board has made a public
      disclosure falsifying Buhari’s claim as lies. Falsification by the Army means Buhari presented
      a forged certificate to INEC.

      For under Section 137 (1) of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, “…a person shall not be qualified
      for election to the office of President if he has presented a forged certificate to the Independent
      National Electoral Commission

      • Enquirer



  • Otile

    There is no need trying to explain away whether Imam Buhari has a genuine certificate or not. Yes, he has a certificate, and it is oluwale. Cambridge doesn’t have it for him, WAEC doesn’t have it, but his school has one badly cooked up for him.

    Shame on anybody defending Imam on this forgery. With this forgery Buhari has made a big foool of himself.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè no Otile.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      Shame on you for being an incorrigible bigot. No reasonable fellow should bother with your rants any longer.

    • Tunsj

      Otile, sometimes I wonder if you have common sense at all. You and PDP invented this nonsense about Buhari’s certificate, so as not to discuss the issues facing Nigeria. Nigerians want good leadership and a leader with good character.

    • James

      Are you dumb or just illiterate ass? The minimum qualification is
      school cert. If Jamb cut-off mark is 200 and you scored 250, are you to
      be denied admission, all other things being equal. Please be reasonable
      for once and stop polluting the mind and reasoning abilities of younger
      ones to your stupidity.

      • Original_Raskal

        you are rather the one that is dumb! If JAMB cut off is 200 and your principal wrote a jamb result of 250 for you, will uni give you admission?

      • John West

        then where is even his school cert, if it is the minimum qualification

  • Comfortkay

    Baba will always say the truth. He is not a Saint but there is much truth in him . PDP has rubbished their party for hanging on Certificate issue instead of begging Nigerian for their failure to deliver on their promises.

  • evi

    Where are his certificates? Whether school cert, Nigerian Army or US war college cert? No human being has seen it. Even a cleaner looking for job is told to bring copies of credentials and originals for sighting, how much more someone vying for the highest post in land, what message are we passing to the younger generation? That education is not important? That anybody can swear affidavit without proof and no questions should be asked? Obj is a vindictive bitter old man who wants to return power to the north, so they can rule us as slaves like they did for forty years because Jonathan refused to be controlled by him and because he was denied third term

    • James

      Are you dumb or just an illiterate ass? The minimum qualification is school cert. If Jamb cut-off mark is 200 and you scored 250, are you to be denied admission, all other things being equal? Please be reasonable for once and stop polluting the mind and reasoning abilities of younger ones to your stupidity.

      • Original_Raskal

        you are rather the one that is so dumb! If JAMB cut off is 200 and your principal wrote a jamb result of 250 for you, will uni give you admission? mumu!

  • Peter Perceival

    The biggest shame in this Buhari certificate saga is actually the Nigerian military. If military Generals in active service can watch their retired senior in service being called an illiterate and uneducated, and the serving generals keep quiet for the sake of politics or money, then the military is finished. What goes around comes around. Today’s Chief of Army Staff will be a retired General tomorrow. And if for any reason he cannot locate his WASC certificate, he will be called an illiterate, notwithstanding that he has military education that matches some PhD’s. It is shame on the military, that they cannot rise to the defence of their profession. It is not Buhari on trial, it is the military. Sad. Very sad indeed!

    • Ade

      On one hand you people talk of integrity and on another hand you condole corruption. The army simply came out to state the matter the way it is. If today you calim that your company has the originals of your credentials it is the responsibilty of the HR of that company to clear the air what is protecting your own in that. The truth is that Buhari is not alone in this many of them were withdrew from secondary schools in those days into the academy in anticipation of using the military to advance the course of the oligarchy.

      • Lemmuel Odjay

        Mr Complainant and Judge put together, do not judge yet for the case is still in court. There, they would contemplate and conclude the matter and tell us how water got sealed in the coconut. From my own experience, it is impossible to write and pass a level 3 exam when you have not written and passed that of level 2. I am a product of that system and I know that the British would NEVER have allowed any slip in the process. Those days and in all of those many years of British rule, not one certificate forgery had ever occurred. Your generation obviously messed up and perverted the system, so you could forge or buy a certificate! Ye paa! This is another reason why this country is asking for CHANGE. It’s time has come and nothing you say or do could delay or even stop it.

    • Original_Raskal

      he was called an illiterate for failing to go back to WAEC, the issuer of the result to get it! ARMY COULDN’T HAVE KEPT HIS ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE! Army don’t issue certificates and Katsina secondary school don’t issue certificates! ONLY A F00L WILL NOT KNOW THAT BUHARI SUPPOSED TO GO BACK TO THE ISSUER OF HIS CERTIFICATES! We are not doubting buhari got PhD as you claimed, but let him just show the PhD certificate you mentioned! SHOW IT PERIOD! STOP DRIBBLING THE SYSTEM! THAT IS CORRUPTION!

      • Lemmuel Odjay

        U say things u do not know about. Did you think it was possible under British controlled Nigeria to forge certificates as is prevalent in your generation? Did you think it was possible to move through the academic system (from middle to upper levels) without passing your WASC under the British colonial system? I passed through that system: Primary 6 School Certificate, Modern School Certificate (if, like me, you were heading to the technical school) or Grammar School’s Cambridge/WASC. Then the London City & Guilds (Final) Certificates. My first two certificates are missing and their details CANNOT be found on your school system which itself has been overhauled and perverted many times over, while my London City & Guilds certificates are as fresh as the morning dew on the school’s registry in London! There was no way I could have landed those three London City & Guilds certificates without first passing the Primary 6 School Leaving Certificate and the Modern School certificate. They were seamlessly linked, such that the lack of one renders you incapable in many ways of passing the other. Does that not say something about your country? It would happen to you as well, many decades after, just to confirm to you why our country needs CHANGE. Yes, this is my country, but this country is running with her clock decades behind time and any effort at moving the hands of the clock forward is at once thwarted by unsuspecting guys like you. Something must be seriously wrong if you still love and want what you see

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Anyone that describes suspected forgery and perjury committed by Islamic extremist Buhari as trivial needs to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible. This Ota baboon is already too far gone in mental imbalance to be salvaged. Obasanjo is a nuisance.

  • anneedu

    Obj is just saying good of GMB because he’s scared of what buhari will do to him if he eventually wins, scared of been jailed. But don’t too worry sir GMB won’t win in any way will loose like before

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      U’r so thick u never take no for an answer, do u? How did he get through d eyes of d British academic “needle”, slipping into d military in d process? I was a product of that system and know it’s not possible. Beside, d Cambridge or West African School Certificate teaches u proper English grammar, not the trash u have today, without which there’s just no way u could proceed any further in furthering ur education. So, where did he study his English language with which he read and passed d courses at Staff College as well as War College in the US? Without proficiency in d language, u just couldn’t study and pass those exams. If you ask me, I have long lost all of those certificates – my Primary 6 School Leaving Certificate, Modern School Certificate and my London City and Guilds (Final) Certificate or Cambridge cum WASC. Those certificates formed the elementary and middle level qualifications (depending on ur vocation, technical or grammar school) at d time. Fortunately, while the Nigerian Ministry of Education still struggles to furnish my Primary and Modern School certificates, d London City and Guilds registry still holds my details on their system. In my days, there was just no way you could slip through the system and proceed any further on d academic hierarchy – be it in the military, technical or grammar school system, without first passing through ur middle level cadres. Even if u did, u just couldn’t cope and would be forced out, naturally. There were no cases of fraud in the system such as u have today. Does that not tell u anything about ur generation? What is clear here is, u guys have simply preferred to over heat the polity, using such unnecessary excuses, without contemplating what dangerous precedent u are setting. Again, the matter is in court and has not yet been decided upon, yet in ur rush to cover up, u have gone to town dressed in d garb of both complainant and judge and are passing judgement. U probably are a product of d 21st century Nigerian system where anything could be bought, manipulated or perverted. I understand u could buy ur certificates these days. Hahaha. That was totally impossible in my days… I also understand that u are running away from d truth, which is CHANGE. Be rest assured, it would come but some of u doubters would see and not taste of it…