We have surpassed 69.68 per cent PVCs distribution — INEC


The Independent National Electoral Commission has said that it has achieved 69.68 per cent distribution of permanent voter cards as of February 10.

The Deputy Director, Voter Education and Publicity, INEC, Nick Dazang, said this in an interview in Abuja on Friday adding that as at February 13, the commission had surpassed 69. 68 per cent distribution. He, however, did not give precise figures.

He said “Since we are speaking of three days ago, that means we have surpassed that bench-mark,” he said.

Mr. Dazang advised politicians to invest their time and resources in positive strategies of winning elections rather than buying Permanent Voter Cards from prospective voters.

He gave the advice following a claim that politicians were buying cards and collecting their numbers.

Mr. Dazang said it was also advisable for politicians to judiciously use their time in other endeavours that would help the political process instead of collecting Voter Identification Number of registered voters.

He said buying people’s PVCs would be of no help as the cards could not be used by another person other than the original owners.

“Politicians should encourage those who have not collected to go and collect their PVCs.

“I don’t know of any implication of collecting people’s VIN numbers; they are just wasting their times.

“If I were them, I would encourage those who have not collected to go and collect their PVCs because even if you collect someone else’s VIN number you cannot recreate his PVC.

“They should stop wasting their time; they should channel their energy towards productive and positive ends,” Mr. Dazang said.

He said there were security numbers in INEC PVCs which would make it impossible for the cards to be cloned or forged.

He also advised people not to sell their PVCs as that would automatically disenfranchise such voters from voting on elections days.



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  • Rollingdollar

    The TRUTH is slowly coming out. So even with 70% distribution of PVC you would have disenfranchised 30% of voters if election had held on 14th February? God save Nigeria !

    • Philip Musa

      can you imagine that? The only change APC crack heads and criminals understand is to disenfranchise people.

      • TC

        Loool….. I’m giving you from now till 2025 to go do your research and come up with a nation that has achieved %100 distribution or voter turn out rate. If you do, give me your account number and I will deposit $10,000,000…… promise and unfailingly. GEJ and his almajiri school graduates…..lwkmd

        • Philip Musa

          Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!!!! First grant people their fundamental rights to vote before asking how many voted. You cannot disenfranchise people and claim that statistics tells you that fewer than 100% actually participate in the voting process. Every vote is extremely vital, and most Nigerians are now starting to see the APC gambit.

          • TC

            Like he granted the good citizens of Ekiti state their fundamental rights to vote abi? Abeg go sit down and stop all the turanci kaman jan mage…..nonsense.

      • famaks

        Intelligently I deduce that if 70% was achieved despite 6 weeks postponement and its attendant effect of slowing down the rush to collect. then over 90% could have been acchived within another 3 days given that 7 days ago we were talking of less than 50%.

        Average Nigerian loves last minute rush. Besides you can watch out, there will never be 100% collection.

        In any case this government had 4 years to distribute PVC and it failed just as it failed on Power, employment, and most critically its top Arny commanders said they can not provide security cover in a letter read by INEC chairnan.

        To save face andvrub it in, some GEJ supporters wants inec chief relieved of his job, what a clueless solution to a clueless performance !

        • Philip Musa

          Thanks for writing absolutely nothing! Nada, bull crap!! Total nonsense!!! Listen, you first need to disabuse your mind off the APC coolaid before talking about GEJ. Look carefully, more than 90% of APC top members couldn’t get their way at PDP, hence their reasons for running to APC where their nefarious activities can be condoned. Immunity does not last forever though. They’ll all witness GEJ’s victory, and their eventual queries by EFCC. Just wait and see…

    • Uzoma John

      Is it INEC’s responsibility to force people to go pick their PVCs. The time and money GEJ and his gang of looters are wasting castigating our GMB falsely on NTA, AIT and other medium would have been channeled towards voter sensitization to go for their PVCs. Anyway, it is over. GEJ and PDP have seen the hand writing on the wall, hence needless for voter education which will also increase GMB’s vote margin. Nigerians should begin to smile and look forward to a big relief, where our common resources will be utilized for the common good and not for the benefit of a corrupt few.

    • Strong System

      All pvcs are ready waiting to be collected.
      If someone did make enough effort to collect why the controversy?
      The truth is that pdp are afraid of the electronic accreditation…. no more box stuffing!!!

  • Awarawa

    And that Jega lying through his teeth that INEC is 100% ready….

  • BlackieUmukoro

    We would have gone into the elections tomoroow with 34 per cent of PVCs uncollected and out of the 66 percent allegedly collected, 70 percent of it is accounted for by Jega’s North. That would have been a fact accompli for APC, a fact they have satanically failed to admit. Instead they are busy dwelling in other unrelated matters except the PVC matter and their failed bid to appropriately allocate 22,000 poll units to their spurious satanic strongholds. Evil lots

    • Change

      say whatever nasty thing you want to say, but come March 28, Jegas North will vote for Change. Sai……..!

      • BlackieUmukoro

        If you call the truth nasty, I do not really know what to make of you. A jester or comedian or a man who routinely fools himself. What are you Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • Tpolo

      Is amazing how you claimed to have been educated southerner yet when you speak nothing intelligent comes out of your mouth, just like the Nigerian Army led by southerners but beaten by almajiris from the North, our country led by a PhD holder but when he speaks nothing make sense.Your hatred of us has blind not only your eyes but your sense of reason ,logic and common sense thereby turning you into a goat.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Since you are a product of a donkey, I am not disappointed at all. Jackie Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • tundemash

      You suffer from acute bipolar ailment. You see everything from the perspective of north-south or xtian-muslim. Get medical help if u can .

      • BlackieUmukoro

        That is the way the country is except you are Deaf and Blind, which you really are Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • tundemash

          Creek rat , you apparently don’t have a mind of your own and u are easily swayed by “the way the counry is”.

          Go read a proper and well grounded Igbo man, Odumegwu Festus and get some education. He lives in same country and does not suffer bipolar disorder like you !


          • BlackieUmukoro

            Because he was sacked by Ebele. It is not in my tradition to befriend the killer of my father. It is pure haram. Maybe it is permissible in your clime. No problem Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • tundemash

            Indeed! The London Economists; Thabo Mbeki, CNN were also sacked by Dumbo ! Your ailment is defying treatment. The CHANGE train has left you behind.
            I do not expect you to share same view with a sound mind like Festus Odumeguw since he wasn’t speaking the language of yam and goat ! Keep jabbing the air !

  • Sword of Damocles

    i see some comments below that makes me laugh. what I would like to know(and it would bring context & perspective to this matter) is what is the percentage of distributed PVC or their equivalent in 2011 when our “goat & yam” President was elected compared to 2015’s 70%. I bet you it was MUCH LOWER in 2011 but the President’s cognitively challenged mental midgets are frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs that they are . IF it is what they prefer, then BY THEIR EARS is how we will drag these looters & betrayers to kirikiri & kuje. Worthless traitors the lot

    • Anyasa Umuigbo

      Mr Know It All, there was no PVC in 2011, there was, therefore, no distribution as those who registered to vote were then handed a voter registration card. The whole analysis is based on a false foundation. Finally, one man on the way to Kirikiri is the quota system major general who has been swearing to false affidavits since 1961.

      • Sword of Damocles

        Mr “cognitively challenged mental midget” did you not read the part about “distributed PVC or their equivalent”. Now do you see why you are a brainless troll? I am waiting for all you worthless traitors, oya.

        • Etim Udoh

          Voters were handed registrations cards when they registered as voters in 2011. You cannot hide your ignorance in referring to a vague “their equivalent.” The subject is about “distribution” of PVCs. There was no “distribution” in 2011, so your “analysis,” supposing one can credit you with an ability to carry out one, has no leg to stand on. Catching up on some home training might also be useless – if it is not too late already.

          • Sword of Damocles

            voters where handed TVC temporary voters cards. My question is a simple one, SIMPLETON. since you put mouth in wetin no concern you: HOW MANY REGISTERED VOTERS IN 2011 SHOWED UP TO VOTE THEN COMPARED TO THE 70% DISTRIBUTION IN 2015. is your argument that 70% or more of the REGISTERED VOTERS showed up to to vote. I posit that LESS than 70% of the registered voters participated in the 2011 elections that elected President “yam & goat”. I can see more of his “cognitively challenged mental midgets” are crawling out from their slimy, grimy hole to spew their rubbish . Speaking about home training did your parents teach you that it was proper & Godly to steal from the poor? Did they also teach you in your ‘”proper” home training that it is ok to condone lechery, treason , and ethnic bigotry? Even for a worthless individual like you I can bet money that they would be ashamed of the views you espouse today. The more you reply me the more i will rain insults upon insults on your treasonous behind, nitwit!!

          • Uturu Mgbagbu

            “what I would like to know(and it would bring context & perspective to this matter) is what is the percentage of distributed PVC or their equivalent in 2011 when our “goat & yam” President was elected compared to 2015’s 70%,” you wrote in your first rant. You mean you do not understand your own point? You were initially bleating about distribution of voters cards, now it’s about voter turnout. Shocks!

          • Sword of Damocles

            why must u change your handles, Mgbagbu ati Etim ati Anyasa?LOL, Look I know that its is hard for you to understand, but a lesser % of registered voters showed up to elect your PHD president than the 70% who have so far received their PVC’s. What is so complicated about that? But then again, look at who I am trying to communicate with? ethnic bigots, who can see no wrong with their treasonous brother form Otuoke.

          • Uturu Mgbagbu

            Very daft. What’s your point? You are arguing that because less than 70% of registered voters turned out to vote in 2011, nobody should worry about more than 30% of registered voters who have not been issued with their PVC. Extremely reasonable – Not!

          • elman

            In 2011 election, 72 million nigerians registered. 35 million nigerians (49%) voted in presidential election, while 27 million nigerians (37.5%) voted in gubernatorial election. I believe in 2015 election, we should expect 60% of registered voters to vote.

    • Debo

      No it was not. Almost 100% was achieved because you only needed a temporary voters card which was issued as at or shortly after registration. What you had in mind was the actual people that came out to vote, which is a different ball game entirely.

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    69.68% percent distribution of pVC. Does this means that 69.68% of the population of each state in Nigeria has received their PVCs?

  • Election Watch 2015

    @ Godfrey,

    Good talk, this Jaga jaga man achieved just under 70% distribution
    on the night before the first scheduled election of February 14th,
    and that means if election were not postponed, 30%+ of Nigerians
    would be disenfranchised outright by this Professor Attahiru Jega,
    since ‘distribution’ is not the same thing as ‘delivery’ of PVC to voters
    So now, what has insecurity got to do with this palpable incompetence?

    • Godfrey Etokebe

      I think that JEGA thought the Nigeria People are idiots. That we do not know the difference between MEAN and MEDIAN!!!

    • Frank Truth

      Can Jega force them to collect. He can only print and wait for them to come, which is the case now.
      I think you should be realistic and stop casting blame unnecessarily. Some of the registered voters may not be in Nigeria, some dead,some can not make it to where they registered, etc. How can you help this? Be realistic.

    • harry

      since 1999 till now,the total number of voters has never reached 40% but yet we have been conducting election all this while and now we have 70% almost two times the numbers of voters in the past and yet you dumbles keep complaining about Jega

      • chukzee

        There is a difference btw “ability to vote”, “eligibility to vote” and “chosing to vote”. First you don’t have 2x the no. Of voters cos we have not voted. What u have is a disenfranchisement of 30% of “able voters” ie those who have deliberately registered to own a voters card. Mind you the no. Of eligible voters is probably much more than this. Whether this 30% chose to vote or not is their problem. However if they are not given this “ability” to vote, It is Jega’s failure and could make someone who is not a true representative of the “willing voters” win the election. “This is why we “dumbies” are complaining about Jega . The lopsided ness of the distributed cards is another issue. Put people like you will remain clouded by parochial sentiments and inability to reason deeply so you easily discountenance the deliberate disenfranchisement of 23m Nigerians. If INEC is serious let them create a blog where people can talk of their experiences getting PVC which clearly indicates their state of origin then the conspiracy or incompetence of Jega would be clearly brought to the fore!

        • harry

          my friend if you have not gotten your pvc ,INEC has made it easy,go online and key in your name and number on the INEC website and you will find your PVC ready and waiting for u to collect it. If u still refuse to go and collect then its your headache because dumbo like your master has asked you all not to collect your PVC and blame it on INEC for not making them ready but INEC has spoiled all your short cut of lies

  • chi boss

    This report is very interesting, good work INEC, please put in more effort to reach 100%, the shift in election was a very good idea…#Nigeria #GEJ4NAIJA

  • TC

    Even if INEC reaches %2000 distribution rate, Otueke already planned on using ARMY (ARRANGEMENT) to rig ( e.g. Ekiti)……. who is fooling who?

  • Depreiye Adrian

    Inec has achieved 69% of PVC Collection its a fact that not all people will vote or even collect their PVC due to their reasons, with this i feel its fair INEC has done their best its left for people to do theirs, you don’t expect INEC coming to knock dor to door.