We’ll kill 20 for each police life lost during elections — Controversial Police AIG Mbu

Joseph Mbu

The newly posted Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 2, Joseph Mbu, on Thursday declared that the elections in his zone will be “fire for fire” if politicians play any pranks.

The controversial police boss made the declaration at a meeting with police of the Ogun State Command at its Eleweran Headquarters, Abeokuta.

Mr. Mbu instructed his men to be battle-ready for the election and warned politicians to have a second thought over any planned criminal act.

He said if any of his men were shot, no less than twenty civilians would pay for it.

“If one of my men is killed, I shall kill twenty of them but don’t shoot first,” Mr. Mbu said. “If they shoot you, shoot back in self-defence. Anybody who fires you, fire him back in self-defence.”

He told his men that they were the only authority with the power to arrest, before, during and after elections.

He noted that it was not compulsory for the police officers to greet even a governor who comes to vote.

“You have the power to stop the governor,” he said. “We are in a critical period. We are not para-military. We must be bold and brave. Keep an eagle eye on everybody. We are authorised by the constitution to arrest before, during and after election. Our role is to ensure free, fair and violence free election.”

Mr. Mbu came to national limelight following his public squabbles with the Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi while Mr. Mbu was a police commissioner in the state.

Mr. Amaechi accused Mr. Mbu of plotting to kill him and called the AIG a tool of the Presidency.


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  • Shahokaya

    What is this man drinking?

    • Omo Owu

      he drinks sapele water with jona

      • Rufai

        the society is larger than his thought even the police men/women in Nigeria are tired of the corruption. He will collect billion of Naira in exchange of their life, they can go die nothing concerns the same authority he was quoting. all these brought together the idea of the police officers to be part of the campaign to send packing not only Jonathan but all his allied like Mbu and coooo

    • Olamilekan Temitope Balogun

      He drinks Ogogoro with Jona

  • Republican in VI

    Is this for real???what animal country is this we are living in. I bet u he will not be reprimanded for making such a reprehensible statement, such is the style of govt we have right now.

  • Giganto

    I am sure Mbu can easily qualify as the most dangerous and irresponsible Cop in the world. I have never heard, read or seen such a brazen display of arrogance, incompetence and disregard for the rule of law by a law enforcement officer any where in the whole. May God save us from the evils of this man.

  • Omo Owu

    Is this a police officer or a bandit ? This bandit is seriously SICK. He should be sent on compulsory retirement by jona, but i trust jona, he will do nothing about it. This statement is highly irresponsible ans condemned, by all sane nigerians

    Vote GMB for change, someone who can and will clean up all arms of the goverment.

  • Maria

    This man is a criminal… this man is a disgrace not only to Nigeria police but to all black race…animals in power.

  • Abdul

    I cant believe this, if hoodlum kill one police man, the hoodlum should be killed in addition 19 innocent Nigerians. God, what is happening to Nigeria?

  • @Amuwospeaks

    you can imagine? is Mbu protecting the citizen or what?. how can you kill 20 people . these man is up to something in lagos

  • Uck

    I begin to question what kind of education or training mbu must have passed through, he sure a waste of tax payer money. He sure not fit for that position, I pray time change real soon in our beloved motherland

    • Cypo

      That is Police professional ethics. He is 100 percent right.

      • wheingo

        And you are 100% a liar.

      • Jack

        You’re a liar! Shut it

      • Olu Ade

        Did you take your psychosis medication today?

  • me

    This man Mbu is born mentally retarded.

    • Cypo

      According to your medical consultant?

  • adekenny

    If he try his rubbish in lagos or ogun state; he is a dead man! We will show him what we are made up of in yoruba land! Both physically and spiritually we will render him useless! I believe he knew that

    • israel amulum

      You will do nathing

      • adekenny

        Let him try it!! Let him try it! Let him try it!

  • Wähala

    Nigerians are not empowered to carry firearms, the duty of the police is to disarm and arrest law breakers caught with dangerous weapons. No sane or even mad person shoots at police except armed robbers. So, Mbu Joseph Mbu tacitly ordering goons to shoot at sight during elections is nothing short of a call for pogrom and this crude excesses has gotten to a point of alerting the ICC and international community about the dangerous psychopath in police uniform. Going by the leaked tapes of security personnel masked and dressed up to harass the opposition in Ekiti State, what’s to stop Mbu from sneaking in his thugs among peaceful electorate so as to start his shooting rampage? The UN, EU, US and others must be alert to the desperation of the ruling party and quickly call desperado Dumbo to order before sh*t hits fan… No thug has monopoly on violence and shot-for-shot can fly in either direction. Mbu is a fcuking psychopath and should urgently note that he has not and can never intimidate Nigerians determined to exercise their civic rights… no matter his gra-gra. Oloshi.

    • FEBUHARI 2015

      Good talk . Since this AIG is so ‘passionate’ about death of a policemen. I’m pleading to IGP to redeploy him to Borno State to go shoot BKH.

    • Dan-Hausa

      This is simple,the moron should be redeploy to Sambisa forest where he would have enough fire with boko haram.

    • arewethishopeless

      A mass murderer given a gun and police uniform by Jonathan. Only under Jonathan’s government can a government worker threaten mass murder of innocent and nothing will happen.

      Our friends in the US, UK, EU, UN, NHRC and ICCJ should please take note.

  • tru

    His life is at risk

  • Salisu Dan-Gombe

    MBU IS A POLICEMAN TO THE CORE …….. he does not dance to the law-breaking tune of politicians !

    I hope this strong warning from AIG Mbu will be heeded by trouble and violence seeking politicians …….. look at what happened during PDP Governorship primaries in Lagos State …… some people had to wear bullet proof vests …. is that the kind of country we want ?

    Thank God for policemen like in Mbu who are determined to bring an end to all that rubbish.

  • Hassan Lawal

    The present situation in Nigeria is similar to the apartheid South-Africa period, when cops are brutish and are free to make unguided statements,all in bids to scare-off electorates.Could somebody please tell them,we are not scared and we cant be intimidated,we have our PVC and God’s willing we’ll cast our vote!!!…..and when we have a befitting president come April,they shall all be brought to book.

  • Eze1

    Mbu again? This man don turn to star o

    • George

      The is simply telling APC to drop their guns when coming to vote otherwise they will up in mortuaries.

  • Enyi Enyi

    Whatever or whoever is beating the drums for this man inveribly wants him dead. He should watch his back. Lagos is not Rivers by any chance. Mama P no get ground for Lagos! Ikeja no resemble Okirika!

    • BlackieUmukoro

      Did he say anything wrong. Or policemen have no right to life. Kill them and die and die you must if you do. Dead man

      • biodun

        he should volunteer to go to nasarawa where ombumans kill policemen for fun. I hope he won’t voluntarily trek back to his village.

        • BlackieUmukoro

          Is that a threat ? You want to make Mbu mad ? Anyway, Landlord travel and see Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

      • Man_Enough

        he said everything wrong. he instructed his men to kill 9 innocent persons in addition to the one who fires at the police. is that is not wrong by you?

        • BlackieUmukoro

          So don’t kill any police man to avoid collateral damage. Don’t shoot first, to avoid a rain of bullets. Anybody who kills a policeman goes down, that is the generally accepted norm all over the world except Nigeria Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • tayo

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  • Aremu

    ”our role is to ensure free, fair and violence free elections”
    This is easier said than done.

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Waoh from an AIG Nigeria we wail thee.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    The days of policemen who are fearful are definitely over. We are now in the days of fearless policemen and whoever test their will has himself/herself to blame. Be warned and behave as spelt out by the law and constitution

    • Chris1408

      You’re a disgrace to humanity. I hope you’ll fall victim to these untrained thugs branded as policemen

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Befriend trained thugs instead since Nigerian policemen are untrained thugs by your own backward estimation. Hell awaits you eagerly Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • blueeyedkitten

    look at this dondee! so you’re brave? go to maiduguri na. if dem no pluck that your ogogoro eyes. wawa kawai!

  • Collins

    Mbu has dropped another bomb shell again, I wonder how people like this are being celebrated in the reformed modern police.

  • Chris1408

    Calling Mbu an animal will be an insult to the animal world cos they have more sense than this worthless scum called Mbu. It’s sad our tax pays his salary and buys his uniform.

  • kammykazee

    Mbu, animal in human skin, you will meet your waterloo very soon, watch this space.

  • SAM .A

    Kill 20 for one, fire for fire, this man is not a police man , he is a Thug in Police uniform. A vampire & blood thirsty man ,Mr Hatchet jobber , election is not war, where were you June 1993 ?It was peaceful election , no single shot was fired in SW/ Nigeria as whole. This election will be peaceful. Swallow all this your ranting for war. Police are civilians . Do not incite them against the civilians they are suppose to protect . Stop talking like Asari Dokubo in SW.
    We pay your salary . Your appointment will be terminated on 29/5/2015. You will have some refund and explanation to do.

    • amazing2012

      Good one !

      • Otile

        Do not support evil.

    • Olu

      How do you pay his salary? Does Nigeria have taxing system? Do you pay tax for anything in Nigeria? Are you in the Western World like us that pay taxes? I reside in the US, and I know what paying taxes is. By the way, fire for fire for self defense, what’s wrong with that. Nigeria is a lawless State. A lawless State requires force to check those hooligans, garage boys, “bolekaja” people and omo ota people.

      • Otile

        You are right my brother. Self defense is the way to go in Nigeria nowadays. You cannot allow the enemy to take advantage of your rights anymore.

  • Dr. COCO

    This Mbu has gone berserk. What is this country turning to? How can a “trained” police officer, who is paid from tax payers money be speaking like this? May be death will visit him first.

  • Sword of Damocles

    “If one of my men is killed, I shall kill twenty of them(civilians)”

    the above statement speaks for itself. It sounds like something one would have heard in Rwanda in 1994. the astonishing fact is that the above sentence was uttered by an asst inspector General of police(who apparently felt comfortable enough to utter those despicable words in public). Nigeria apparently has a President, a legislature & a judiciary, let see if they think that the above statement is appropriate for a national police leader. As always I suspect this matter will ultimately have to be arbitrated/prosecuted by the ICC(the Hague). And “obeying orders” is not a tenable defense at the hague. By the way, MBU, did you hear what the Nigerien army called your Army brothers? It is people like you who give the truth/credence to the aspersion(being yellow). It appears that the entire Nigerian police, military, and security services needs to be retrained. What a colossal disgrace to the fatherland

    • Oweja

      What Mbu is saying is simply that people should not mess up with his men. And he seems to mean it! If a policeman is shot dead, 19 innocent civilians must die in addition to the person who fires the shot that killed the policeman! For our policemen that had been noted for killing without provocation, I pitty my fellow countrymen residing in that axis. By the time Mbu is through with them, there will be countless orphans, widows and widowers! And that is during an election where the incumbent says his ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian. Chukwu nonso!!!

      • Sword of Damocles

        Please do not direct any response at me. There is nothing you can say on this matter. let the words below:

        “If one of my men is killed, I shall kill twenty of them(civilians)”

        STAND ON ITS OWN. Nigeria is the biggest black nation in the world, if these words bring HONOR to Nigeria, let it be, if these words DISHONOR & HUMILIATE Nigeria, let it be.

        As far as raining insults on you or telling you that you speak like you may have had a “lobotomy” recently, i am not interested. Go with how you are, what you think , how you think, that is your business. “you can take a horse to the river, but you cannot make it drink”. I am truly tired of people like you

  • P. Egwu


  • Dan-Hausa

    Since Mbu is advocating fire-for-fire, they should transfer him to Sambisa forest to face the reality with boko haram. This police officer is a man in woman’s wrapper.

  • Che Guevara

    Mbu has always been mad and this statement by him goes to confirm it. I am glad he has finally nailed his coffin. This statement will continue to haunt him for the rest of his life after he has been permanently incarcerated by the ICC in The Hague. It is mad dogs like Mbu that will finally truncate our hard earned democracy.

  • kday

    Mbu! So in your warped mind, one suspect equals 20 dead civilians? So who gets the death penalty for the 19 innocent civilians you vowed to kill in cold blood? This man is truly deranged if this statement is true. He is now gradually showing his hands and the main reason PDP brought him to APC stronghold. However, he should realise one thing that this is Lagos. And he can literally disappear without trace if he dares to kill any lagosian in coldblood because of politics. Lagosian are prepared for him as well if his agenda is to help rig this election.

  • sadiq

    This guy is a recruitment error!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Mbu will decimate APC thugs. That’s my man.

    • orosun


    • Otile


    • Separate Us…

      Haha….. How he Decimate boko haram

    • SAM .A

      Omo ale ni Femi Kayode Iyafikunya ,oloriburuku,elemi esu.

  • King Carlos

    This guy is craaazy and he should be sent to Boko haram asap.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Governor Fashola should get rid of this savage called Mbu in Lagos State. The ‘fearless’ madman is actually giving his blessings to the police to murder Lagosians!! Please send him back to his Planet of Apes and Gorillas where he comes from.

    • Joe

      Am not sure you know what you are talking about. He is not under fashola, and Fashola cannot anything to the man Mbu. But I think Nigeria need crazy men and women like Mbu. Can you imagine Mbu occupying Jonathan’s seat of power?, Who born OBJ to write all the nonsensical he wrote to Jonathan?.

      • Otile

        You are right. Even in an ordinary blog like this APC minions will always shower you with insults. Some of them may come to the blog with empty heads, nothing to contribute, when someone makes a comment they drop their one line insult saying: omo ale or ole or basta*d. Then they go home fat and happy rejoicing that they have achieved a lot. They now themselves.

      • Sanmi Falae

        I sure know what am talking about. The fact Mbu is not constitutionally or operationally under Mr Fashola does not mean he cannot get rid of him, using various other due processes.

  • Truthometer

    It’s time to change Mbu’s psychiatric medication. The current prescription seems not to be working for him.

    • Olu Ade

      Put him on Haldol to knock him out!

  • coke

    During the 18 days uprising in Egypt that saw to the ousting of president Hosni Mubarak, it was noted that sizable amount of people lost their lives either through direct or indirect order from then then leader, he was thus sentenced to life imprisonment for failing to prevent the killing of the people. I must state here that the core responsibility of the police is to protect lives and property if you choose otherwise you will meet us here.

    Mr. president must call Mbu to order before we get to that place we dared to go all along. Be guided and stop making loose statements.

  • Walter

    This man should be sacked.

  • manta sam

    Simply put, this Mbu man is a disgrace to law enforcement in Nigeria. In more civilized climes, he should have been called to resign, by the IG, because such a threat is unbecoming of any law enforcement officer in any part of the world. The threat to shoot and kill innocent civilians amounts to threatening genocide on the public. The President should note that these irresponsible statements are happening on his watch!

    • Ade

      That language of Mbu is the language that Nigeria and third world countries understand – force. I strongly endorse his stand. Fire for fire but don’t shoot first.

      • Otile

        You are right, my brother. Violence begets violence, insult begets insults. APC does not have monopoly of negativity. Whatever ugliness they bring to the table should be matched in kind. Officer Mbu is right.

        • Separate Us…

          Did Mbu mention APC?Or u just want to show ur stupidity!!! Mbu must be be careful…….

          • Otile

            Without naming names everybody knows the party prone to violence and that is what Officer Mbu is warning against. There is no good reason to insult me. Counter my comment with reason, not insult.

          • Separate Us…

            I will only counter u if he(Mbu) mention a particular party n for u to jump to conclusion that he was referring to APC means he was posted to intimidate APC members.Hope Mbu can handle it though!

          • Otile

            There is no jumping to conclusion here. Who are they ones stoning the President’s motorcade, crashing the gate at National Assembly? Did you not see the pictures of APC student at Obafemi Awolowo University causing disorder? You and I now what officer Mbu is talking about.

      • Ayelala

        Nonsense. What language? Are we talking about the officers who are hiding in Abuja and running away from a ragtag terrorist army of less than 5000.They will measure his size for him if it gets to that. Do not pray for the day when the SW leaders would have to weaponise the region. That day, Nigeria will burn and the burning is definitely not going to happen in the SW.

      • Ayaka

        May ur mother be among the civilians he will kill.

  • NaijaMan

    Mbu is a shame to the police force and the Nigeria nation. This is the same man silencing the noise of those asking the government to bring back our girls and was overruled by his superiors and the court. He seems to take too much burukutu. You know what, he has been transferred to the right part of Nigeria. So let him kill any civilian and see what would happen to him! He speaks like someone who is cursed – the original “epe Ijebu” is on him already.

  • don gordon

    That is what you get when pick an IMBECILE from the slump and give him uniform to wear as a law enforcement personnel.

  • Kitunde

    This is guy is a moron, simple.In civilised countries,this man has just lost his job but this is Nigeria.

    • David Adeniran

      Original and authentic moron indeed.

  • Otile

    Officer Mbu is right APC does not have monopoly of violence. APC minions are very violent up to the level of ordinary blog. When a non APC individual makes a comment hordes of their minions respond with insults and abuses. Who does not see their mean abuses like: omo ale, clown, pfool, dumbo, omokiri, jonothing, baztard and other unspeakable words?

    People should watch out for them and march them fire for fire. Whenever they attack respond in kind, whether in Simbisa, motor station bombing, motorcade stoning, ballot box burning, church arson. In whatever form they attack, whether in disguise as boko haram, or false accusation, hit them back. Violence can go two ways.

    • Ice-Prince

      People like you are worse than empty barrels. Your type will hear sound of fireworks and get a heart attack.

    • Abdul

      You are sick, where is APC in all of this? if not madness what is this?

    • Dr. Mallam Mahdi

      I wish this gallant and dedicated moron will go to Sambisa and kill 20 for one, we don’t need this type of people anywhere in except sambisa and south east and south south.

      • Otile

        You and I are speaing the same language. You have recognized that it is about time we went our separate ways: the people around Sambisa to their Islamic Caliphate, SE to their Biafra, SS to their Delta Republic. The rest can enjoy their one united happy Republic of Nigeria.

        May God grant us this peaceful separation. Amen.

  • Femi T.

    Lol, Mbu, Mbu you started again. Mr. tough man

  • David Adeniran

    This man is really a clown!

    • Tunsj

      A big clown indeed.

  • kwazulu

    Nonsense human being

  • Man_Enough

    when you see a bird dancing on the road, know that the drummer is close by in the bush.

  • SAM .A

    Some body has to put this wild animal ,thug in police uniform,& vampire called Mbu to sleep on 28/3/2015 and wake him up on 3//30/2015.

  • Ogom

    GEJ’s main man. With any luck, we won’t have to endure this primitive after March

    Get ye behind me Mbu!

  • taiwo

    upright police officer,keep up the good work

    • Tunsj

      I expect the comment from you because you are a puppet of Jonathan.

      • linkeob@yahoo.co.uk

        So anyone who does not share your own view is automotacially a Jonathian? Ehn?

  • taiwo

    APC’s plan to use alayes and thugs to muscle the electorates especially in lagos as usual will not work this time around.Every body will come out and vote peacefully and go home.Kudos to Mbu

  • Segun

    I think Mbu is giving this warning to trouble makers to stay away. Though he was too harsh here but we must play by the rule.

    • Duke Imevbore Aigboje

      And the rule is to shoot 20 civilians in place of one murdered police man? I wonder why you people find it so hard to call a spade a spade. Do you think that scenario will discriminate between APC or PDP members?

  • Segun

    Now that Mbu is covering Lagos, I hope Tinubu and his co riggers will respect themselves and allow a peaceful, free and fair election.

  • Yusuf

    u are not para-military, are u military?

  • alex

    God help Nigeria

  • sammyctu ode


  • ilesanmi

    Mbu has proved beyond every reasonable doubt to be of unsound mind. The IGP and relevant authorities should save the lives of innocent citizens by immediately placing Mbu on quarantine.

  • Abu-Muhammad

    Joseph Mumu did the Ebola Jonathan send you to kill innocent APC members? Why you do not make that statement when you were in PDP state? Animal like his masters.

  • Progress

    When a bullet hit that ugly mouth of yours is it your ghost that will return fire? This man Mbu needs urgent psychiatric evaluation. His symptom mirror that associated with arsenic poisoning.

  • Haruna musa

    Mr Mbu days are numbered, his god father that is giving him the backup will not be in power for ever,

    he will surely pay for all that he has done. .

  • alex

    From the exact words of Mr.Mbu he did not ask the police to keep civilians.He asked them to checkmate illegal arms bearer,who might attack and harm them.If you’re not permnitted by law to bear arms and you’re caught with one you’re simply a criminal.The policeman has a right to self defense.

  • Majek tunde

    Only in Jonah’s Nigeria can he get away with such reckless pronouncement.I bet mbu will be going from door to door with a calculator


    That is terror.

  • Bright-78

    It is very unbecoming to hear that a police Aig said such during a press conference. Mbu should be redeployed to Sambisa forest with immediate alacrity.

    • Yemi

      I concur

  • Concerned

    Wow -this cannot be true!

    An Assistant IGP threatening mass murder !
    In saner climes he would be sacked for such bloodthirsty statements!

    It’s a pity he cannot direct his venom against our real enemies BH – rather than threatening to endanger innocent civilians caught in the crossfire between desperate politicians and trigger happy policemen!

    Well we have been warned of the potential mayhem ahead!

    All the more reason to vote out a government responsible for employing such evil people

  • Okey

    Many people are not really getting MBU’s message. He was deployed to the Zone at this time not only to tame , but to kill, not only to kill, but to steal for the relection of Jonah. He is too irascible to be in the South West. He has been given an open check to get rid of anybody . That is the message. I think with this, the people should press for his redeployemnt before he carried out his sinister motive.

    • Okey

      I need to read or hear a second news report on this, possibly from AIG Mbu himself. This is because, from my observation, the press has become accustomed to misquoting Mbuh or setting him against sections of our populace through unfair report. I am sure the Police will speak on this claim by Premium Times. Until then, I will not join in criticizing AIG Mbu.

    • Ken

      So you want somebody that will come and pally with the governors to manipulate elections. no way for them in Mbu’s zone

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    I think getting the right words to use has always been Mbu’s problem. Also he is a pliable agent, always prepared to be used for duty beyond that of police work. When a servant begins to threaten his master, then the kingdom is about to suffer violence. Welcome back to martial law, but it’s going to be a different kettle of fish. It is apparent that PDP’s desperation to snatch Lagos State is beginning to play out here. Koro and co, plus the old man recently freed from prison, well done. I hope historians are well prepared and ready to go? It should be titled: How Koro And Co Burned Down their State In Search Of Power…

    • mkpata

      I disagree with you completely, please read Mbu’s comment again he emphasized “self defense don’t shoot first”. Are you insinuating that if Police officers are attached they should not defend themselves that would be ludicrous to say the least. Those preparing to forment fear or intimidate law abiding voters are warned. “Bravo Mbu” I like the way you speak, no coloration, no bullshit.

      • Hosea

        Then, Mbu will soon kick the bucket I think

      • Lemmuel Odjay

        A policeman is not trained to kill in self defence. Imagine what the society would become if policemen simply kill off any Nigerian they suspected as threatening their lives. Then you are indirectly providing licences to the population to carry arms for self protection or defence. Create the right environment for the RULE OF LAW to thrive. Separate the military from the the civilian populace, because by orientation, they each operate on different plane. Then retrain your police for real peace time civil policing as you have in Great Britain, where the police is truly the friend of the people. That is the reason why we say the British society is more civilised than the American. Notice what takes place during crowd control situations in proper societies: there is no reason why a citizen should gun down a policeman who is unarmed in the first place. Vent your anger but by your orientation, you know well not to kill a policeman. Restructure your institutions by first taking power from individuals and reposing such power in the institutions where it rightly belong. All this talk about citizens killing one policeman and the police retaliating by killing 12 or more is plain madness. You are not making any progress, just existing. My take…

        • MC

          Oga sir abeg stop beclouding this simple matter. Read the article and Mbu’s words first. He never threatened to kill civilians.

          • Lemmuel Odjay

            Did you read the title of the story? It says: “We’ll KILL 20 FOR EACH POLICE LIFE LOST DURING ELECTIONS… That is a statement of intent by Mbu, probably because he no longer believes in the rule of law. So we must all apply jungle justice and two wrongs must make a right. In Nigeria only…

  • Guguru

    Jonathan hangs out with the best misfits in Nigerian society. Nigeria has a crime boss they call President Jonathan. Mbu is simply the hit man who works for the crime boss. Mbu is not kidding. He did in Rivers State and he will do it again in the SW. Was he not the Police Commissioner in Rivers State when Senator Abe was hot with a rubber bullet that led to his hospitalization in the UK?

  • Ette

    This Mbu has gone completely off tract and should be sent packing in the new,dispensation of rebuilding Nigeria. He is not fit to stay in a sane environment.


    This man is not normal! I think he is on drugs.

    • jor

      how many of us are normal in Nigeria, particularly in lagos?.I just read that one of the gov.ship aspirant is not mentally sound. May God give us sound and godly leaders.

  • Festus Olayiwola Akinlade

    The allegations that the Nigeria Police engage in extra judicial killings often denied by police authority in Nigeria has now been confirmed by Mr Mbu. One hopes there will be no more denials since blood thirsty AIG has confirmed the atrocities of our policemen who are paid with our money to protect us but instead eager to to shed our blood at at slightest provocation. It’s now clear police is not our friend.

  • Arogbo

    Oba Akiolu must call out all able bodied citizens of Lagos for a protest against AIG Mbu. This man must be on some high drug.

    • Ken

      So the oba of Lagos has now become what? Mbu is very correct. He is just giving all touts the threat to stay clear of the polling units. Any politician who comes to the polling units to incite trouble will be dealt with. He will bring discipline back to the police in his zone. He warned the police not to shoot first. Are you saying the police should leave miscreant to shoot them? never!

    • Arabakpura

      No, he is not on high drug. He is on madam Jonathan! (mama peace). His movements in the past 16months in the NPF have confirmed what the power of incumbency can do.
      Did you hear him talk about the press siding governor Amaechi because he is richer? He must be an imbecile or a clown. If he is not any of these, then he is a good Nollywood candidate.

  • Stomach Infrastructure

    Mbu’s schizophrenia and acute psychosis has resisted all the known antipsychotic medications. His current statement finally confirmed Nigeria’s fear about his mental state. As a matter of urgency, it’s time to return him back to his village in heavy chains; probably, his people would be able to identify the right concoction and the necessary incantation that could salvage him from self derision and destruction before he finally makes it to the market place. Keeping him in Lagos, doesn’t look like a good idea to me, because Lagosians might cheer him to the market quicker than expected.

  • Ken

    This is my man. I am very impressed with him. Imagine the policemen wearing shabby uniforms and bathroom slippers. It is so sad. We need this man in this country. he is very sound!

    • Arabakpura

      If this is your man, then goodluck! He was only trying to respond in another fashion to the warning issued by the Oba of Lagos

  • Rico

    Using the wrong words to express a simple warning, if his use of English is annoying, he can always use the pidgin English or mother tongue.

  • Reality

    Mbu you are our man, go ahead.

    • kokoro dudu

      He shall kill your sister

  • Matthew keyh

    he is a drug addict ,Jonathan posted him to Lagos to humiliate the people of Lagos Mbu would pay dearly for it .he is an animal

  • vote wisely

    Lagos is not Rivers hope he knows that. As far as lagos is concern he is not a lagosian and if he dear to humiliate the oba of lagos or anybody with gun shot then he won’t return home… sefini.

  • MC

    If you must shoot Police officers or even a civilian, then why are you guys afraid of being shot back? Lagosians have been so used to touting that a fearless AIG who wouldn’t condone it is being called names. Guys, go to polling stations armless and you will be unharmed. Na wetin fit una!


    As one who is to protect the
    citizens, his words should be that of persuasion and not of power. I want him
    to remember that every man killed by Mbu/policemen and whosoever will be
    answered for before God. Both politicians and security agencies should please
    remember that none of them has power to take life even their own life. After
    all, we are sisters and brothers. Let us live in peace before and after