Poll shift: Put your House in order, PDP tells INEC

PDP chairman, Adamu Muazu addressing the press.

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party has advised the Independent National Electoral Commission to take advantage of the six weeks extension following the postponement of the country’s general elections to put its house in order.
Speaking at a press conference at party’s national secretariat in Abuja on Thursday, the PDP National Chairman, Adamu Muazu, said the party was also affected by the poll shift and could, therefore, not have been responsible for it.

The INEC chairman, Attahiru Jega, while announcing the rescheduling of the elections by six weeks, said the shift followed a correspondence from the office of the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, saying security agencies would be engaged in special operations in the Northeast and would not be able to provide adequate security for the polls at their original dates.

Mr. Jega said INEC on its part was ready for the February 14 and 28 elections.

Mr. Muazu however, disagreed with Mr. Jega.

“Although we tend to agree with INEC on the security reasons given for the postponement, we are nevertheless not unmindful of the fact that the commission on its own part was not fully prepared for the February 14 election date,” he said.

“Taking the INEC Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega, on his own words, for the 68.8 million registered voters, the commission had only printed and delivered 66.3 million Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) with 1.3 million yet to be delivered and 1.1 million stolen cards yet to be replaced.”

The PDP chairman also recalled Mr. Jega saying that 45.09 million voters cards were collected by prospective voters representing 65.8 per cent of the registered voters and 23.71 million PVCs, representing 34.2 per cent, were yet to be collected as at February 7, which was exactly one week to the February 14 earlier scheduled date.

“Compare this anomaly with the 2011 elections where not a single eligible voter was disenfranchised,” Mr. Muazu said. “By this account, INEC could not sincerely claim to have been fully prepared for a desirable credible, free and fair election at the time when more than 23 million registered voters were going to be disenfranchised.”

Mr. Muazu therefore advised the electoral umpire to use the time provided by the extension to be fully ready for the polls.

“We therefore want to use this forum to urge INEC to use the period of the shift to ensure that it put its house in order and bequeath to Nigerians the desired free, fair and credible elections,” he said.

Jonathan cruising to victory

Mr. Muazu said contrary to the claims by the opposition APC that the PDP engineered the shift because it was heading to failure, he said his party’s’ candidate, President Jonathan, was already heading to victory.

“In the course of our campaign, we discovered that the popularity of our party is soaring, going by the rousing reception we received from Nigerians,” he said.

“While we were cruising in the euphoria of the success of our campaign that was leading us to victory, INEC on February 7, 2015, relying on section 26 (1) of the Electoral Act 2010 (As Amended) announced the postponement of the elections by six weeks, citing what it called security challenges.

“The truth is that the postponement has in no way whatsoever conferred any particular advantage to our party and our candidates. Instead, it came with an attendant loss of time and resources and delayed our celebrations of electoral victory, which with the support of Nigerians, we would have started savoring by Saturday.”

Mr. Muazu called on the APC to also take advantage of the shift to engage in “a neat and positive campaign devoid of lies, propaganda and incendiary statements”.

On its part, the PDP, Mr. Muazu said, will use the next six weeks to continue to patriotically engage in issue-based discussions with Nigerians on its values, manifesto and roadmap for a more prosperous future ahead of the March 28 and April 11 rescheduled dates.

“Our confidence for victory is derived from the fact that we have an array of very credible candidates, which Nigerians are eager to vote for. Also, our standard bearer, President Goodluck Jonathan, with his humility, performance and verifiable record of achievements has stood himself out as the leader best suited for our country at this point in our national life.

“For the opposition, we urge them to embrace positive politics by ensuring that its campaign and utterances are such that will help in deepening our democracy. This country belongs to all of us and its unity, stability and prosperity remain our paramount agenda,” he said.


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  • kykkyk

    The must have perfected their act. So they are very confident.

  • Segun

    Jega should stop disenfranchising Jonathan’s strong hold. He should do the needful and make PVCs available to all eligible voters.

    • Maitama Tambari

      Segun, Aisha, kykkyk and Anene how much are you worth in PDP’s pocket? Adamu Mu’azu cannot put the shifting of election in the corridor of INEC because Nigerians have known the truth from falsehood. You are employed to falsified the truth. This being the stock in trade of your employer the PDP. What a shame. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

      • Etang Chris

        Tambari, how did APC pay u to make this miserable comment. I thought u should have picked his reasons and tackle them head on than this blanket argument.

  • Segun

    Pls let Jega do the same thing he did in the north that made north have about 80% PVC collection against south with only 48% collection. This imbalance must be corrected.

  • Aisha

    Jega should take Muazu’s advice to put their house in order. If this election was not shifted with the shabby preparation from INEC, then Nigeria would have been in mess.

    • Yusuf

      Anene, Aisha, Segun, KkkKk, you will run short of names very soon

  • Aisha

    APC was only ready because they thought Jega would aid their rigging plot.

  • Anene Mercy

    The discrepancies between in the distribution of PVCs between north and south is worrisome and should be looked into by INEC. This singular deliberate act could cause so much crises in this election either way.

  • charles peters

    There must be balance of terror between PDP and APC. The opposition party ad Buhari are becoming too violent and they must be tamed. The humility of Mr president is being ridiculed.

  • Yusuf

    this people lacks conscience and morality, lying doesnt mean anything to them

    • Etang Chris

      Yusuf, who lied here. Are u aware from Muazu’s press meeting today that about 1.3 million PVCs were yet to arrive from China? Jega was not prepared and he should own up to it.

  • Etang Chris

    It is just unfair that Jega used security excuse to cover his tracks. He ought to have apologized to nigerians on his inability to have all logistics put in place weeks before 2015 Feb election

  • inuwa kate

    To me Jega should be blamed, if every registered voter received its PVCs on time, I think the security situation would have been secondary.

    • emmanuel

      No adhoc staff yet oooo.

      The Oyo state REC stated that this evening, just two days before the election that would have held this saturday.

      PVC’s aside, where are the adhoc staff? Jega wonder

  • Ologun David

    Whether Jega likes it or not GEJ must win

  • malik shaibu

    PDP remains the only national party in Nigeria that has the interest of Nigerians at heart despite their not being perfect.The APC are just an amalgam of angry men seeking to grab power in order to corner oil wells and juicy contracts.

  • tunji braimoh

    Watching Buhari yesterday on CNN was like watching a pregnant woman with a basket of eggs on her head walk through a tight rope. You know for sure that a fall is more imminent than your wish for her to succeed. Buhari is an accident waiting to happen.

    I have seen many opposition leaders come on air. They’re at first charming and inspiring. These are qualities scarce with Buhari and essential for modern state building. Could any Nigerian, especially our young ones be positively affected by his performance in that interview with Amanpour? I doubt. How many of us will be proud to say this is my /our president? A man not sure of his words, not sure of his answers and not sure of the issues.

    His audio and comprehension is doubtful, complicating assessment of his health status. It’s possible aging is affecting him more seriously. Obviously, the aftermath of a traumatic and tedious military service(civil war). Most war veterans are like that. They erode and depreciate dramatically but still clung to their past bravery and exploits. Old soldier mentality. I have two of them in our neighborhood. Spent, and washed out, living in the past but always talking tough. It makes them ridiculous. For a bottle of beer you can get yourself entertained.

    Buhari is no difference from our Old Soldier. He carries a lot of baggages that represent the old oppresive order. As asked by Amanpour, “Buhari you are the face of that dictatorship, what has changed? ” Only time has changed was his answer.
    Anybody wishing Buhari on Nigeria doesn’t want a better future for her and therefore number one enemy of this country. Spare your vote or vote wisely. Vote for Jonathan for a new and better Nigeria.

  • oluwaseyi mayowa


    • emmanuel

      Oluwaseyi, Oyo REC – Akeju, announced this evening that they need to employ 20,000 adhoc staff in Oyo for an election he and the APC said he was ready for.

      Infact, FFK’s last press briefing clearly stated that he wanted to conduct a shoddy election and hand victory to the oppostion and USA and their allies will congratulate him as the African electoral umpire who damn the ruling party and genuinely gave victory to the winner, while in essence it was fraud.

      Please I need more voices on this Akeju’s today’s position which clearly give credemce to FFK’s position

      Jega must go or Jonathan should resign if he refuses to ease him out!!!

  • Dankasa

    Muazu is better you and your party leave Jega alone, all these propaganda can not make your candidate win and the whole World is watching any of your moves, all these SURUTU from your party are just cover up, you can’t rig election, not this time around, just forget it, people are tired. Everybody is feeling the failure of your government sentiment apart. Every Nigerian sleep on Gen, are we fools to continue like this? Is this because you don’t know how to buy fuel, on Gen or wake up and off it that’s why you believe let it be? Those commending whatever Jonathan or his co-travelers like you are saying on this election or other sensitive issues are naive, part of you or rented e-rats who are full of sentiment and don’t know that sentiment is nothing but attributes of weakness. No more result writing oooO!

  • shamsudeen sadiq



    Comparing 2011 election, Muazu asserted that no one was disenfranchised. He is wrong and very dishonest. The total number of registered voters in 2011 was 73,528,040 and the number of vote cast in the election was 38,464,463 representing 52.3% voters turnout. If Muazu’s logic on 2015 total registered voters vis-á-vis the number of collected PVC is applied to 2011 election’s total number of registered voters and total number of vote cast, it becomes obvious that 35,063,577 people were disenfranchised in 2011. Just as the total registered number of voters in 2011 did not translate to actual number of voters, so can one not expect total number of registered voters in 2015 to translate to actual number of voters. Temporary Voter Cards (TVC) is vulnerable to multi-registrations which is why Jega has insisted that holder of TVC should personally collect the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) whereby fingerprints are stored in an electronic Card Readers (CRs). According to INEC, the remaining 30 million PVC were available for individual collection as at the end of January 2015 but from what we know ghost voters will not be able to collect their cards. As for the stolen PVC, they will be useless for the thieves since the Card Reader shall expose them as not being the real owner of the voting card. Jega’s introduction of PVC in combination with CRs has eliminated multiple voting and rigging which is why the ruling PDP is against Jega who they insist should allow only Temporary Voting Card to be used in the forthcoming elections. In fact, the collection of PVC is voluntary and non-collection cannot be blamed on INEC or Jega.

    • Sword of Damocles

      Aiyekoto, You are BLESSED. you are clear concise, and to da POINT. what you have written is of the utmost importance. What you wrote is the source of the bruhaha & PDP’s displeasure with Jega. He has checkmated their abilitity to CHEAT(rig). PVC+ CR = Mai Gaskiya Presidency, as no sane & patriotic Nigerian would vote the treason party(PDP). Did you hear the president yesterday, he said it was OBVIOUs that INEC was not ready for the election(due to PVC distribution) EVEN though Prof Jega states they are( specifically more ready than they were in 2011). I love the comparison with 2011 & you see how this hopeless man from Otuoke accepted his “so-called” victory in 2011, even though the numbers for 2015 far EXCEEDS those of 2011. Yeye man like being called Mr President & living the big life as President but wants none of the responsibility.

    • emmanuel

      You need brains.

      A lot did not turn out to vote. The Yorubas also did not vote for Buhari or Jonathan. They stayed away because Tinubu their leader withdrew halfway (I am amused each time they say they voted for Jonathan. Check statistics, the vote pattern in the Southwest were majorly from non-Yoruba South West residents.) very few particulary of Ondo and Ekiti did

  • VOTEoutGEJ!

    PDPigs will never stop lieing!! Were OKupe, Fani Kayode, Clarke, Ofonagoro, Omeri and Metuh who called the postponement working for APC? Adamu Muazu will be among the first to be imprisoned on account of his N19.8bn from Bauchi State.

    • emmanuel

      Mumu, Oyo state REC a few minutes ago said they are to employ 20,000 Adhoc staff for an election which should have held this saturday.

      What does that tell you, Jega has played on Nigerians and the world through sheer deceit, using security as basis of the said postponement.

      Jega is APC.

      I, my family and scores of Jonathan supporters will withdraw our vote for him if he refuses to ease-off Jega. Because those votes will be wasted by Jega who already has written the presidential election result.

  • taiwo

    The statement I’m expecting from Pdp now is outright vote of no confidence in Jega. The handwriting is too clear that Jega has held meetings with Tinubu since after Osun election(recall their joint trip abroad when Tinubu feigned sickness then) and Jega’s body language, utterances, and actions have since tilted towards favouring Apc. I don’t think there is any static or rigid law that compulsorily empowers Jega to conduct this election. Let the president, without further delay, bring in fresh hand to conduct this election because Jega has tainted the credibility of the poll even before being held. That a war torn Borno could be leading the entire nation in PVC collection rate calls for simple suspicion and summary sack of Jega. Please get the president to do that first so that our support for Pdp will not be in vain and for nothing

  • Jack

    Abuja-Nkalagu-Otueke..Bye Bye oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • tunji braimoh

    It is good that the PDP has rid itself of the destructive antics being perpetrated by former members of their party who have all been scavenged from the dustbin of the PDP by the APC . NOW THE BREATH OF FRESH AIR CAN BE FELT ALL AROUND THE PARTY

  • emmanuel

    On the news a while ago, Oyo state REC Akeju said They are to employ 20,000 Adhoc staff for the election on February 12, meaning that the process leading to election, wbich was to hold in forty eight hours if not for the postponement, was actually five weeks behind schedule.

    How on earth then did Jega said he postponed election for security concern as suggested by the NSA?

    Jonathan, biko send this man away, because he had over four years to prepare for this election, but was only pre-occupied with his strategy to rig the election for the APC.

    It took less than fourteen months for him to prepare for 2011 election which was superbly executed by him.

    All news medium should confirm with INEC and the 37 REC’s for their state of preparation and Jega will be gone

  • Otile

    Islam is said to be a religion of peace. In Darfur Muslim soldiers rapped 221 women and young girls with the Islamic government of Al Bashir doing nothing about it. If Christians fight back the Islamic government will accuse them of making trouble. How on earth can Christians live in peace with violent Muslims in Africa and the Middle East? Separation is the only reasonable solution. We know it hurts Yorubas to hear of separation, but we all shall not perish in the name of unity.

    • ICC Hague

      Mr Okupe playing a religious card is not going to work for you this time around, Nigerians are just fed up with misgovernance of GEJ, Moreover, your vice president Sambo in their Niger state campaign rally said your party is made up of more Muslim than in APC, He said Himself, is a muslim, the chairman of the party, the campaign director etc, but APC are fielding Pastor as running made to Buhari. Base on what you highlighted now and the statement of Sambo we are not going to vote PDP because is for the muslim.

  • TC

    Lots of fools and dim lit clowns on PDP payroll leaving dumb comments, so obvious. I pity that country, suffering and smiling for pennies black people smh….. Don’t politicize INEC wake up idiots, he gave GEJ 2011 no one said anything. A dangerous precedent without concerns for future generations to involve INEC… the man sounds like a village head chief when he opens his mouth to talk rather than a president. Muaza sef no get brain….. sad story. I know it’s paid zombies supporting GEJ I refuse to believe Nigerians are that slow, and if I’m wrong there’s no hope for us. Let’s just continue in our mess and hope and pray that the next inhabitants of Nigeria in the next 150 years will do better, hopefully all of us here now will be gone and out of their way cos this is a mess. NEGRO’s chai….

    • Victor Gee

      Who pays u to write against PDP?

    • Victor Gee

      Who pays u to write against PDP?

  • haruna umaru

    PDP remains the only national party in Nigeria that has the interest of Nigerians at heart despite their not being perfect.The APC are just an amalgam of angry men seeking to grab power in order to corner oil wells and juicy contracts. #GEJ4NAIJA

    • Otile

      Allah no go gree.

    • tc


    • hummm

      Your medication had just kicked in, but not at the time of your posting. Thats ok and welcome aboard train #March4Buhari.

      • onyekaokorie

        Hahahaha, it is march into Goodluck

  • Nubia Bukas

    “INEC Wasn’t Ready For Polls On Feb 14

    Two democratic institutions of the United States (US), the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republican Institute (IRI), have submitted that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was not ready for the presidential election initially fixed for February 14.
    The two institutions made the position known in a report submitted to the government and relevant stakeholders, including INEC, after a five-day study in Nigeria.
    The study, which was undertaken with funding from the US Department of State, held between January 15 and 20, was undertaken by experienced resource persons on electoral matters and African affairs.
    The report obtained by the Nigerian Tribune indicated that INEC was not ready for the conduct of the election on February 14, contrary to claims in the media.
    According to the report, the NDI and IRI delegations were in Nigeria between January 15 and 20, with the aim of assessing the current political and electoral environment in the lead-up to the February 14 presidential election; assess the preparedness of all stakeholders for the election and offer recommendations to enhance citizen confidence in the process.

    • TC

      Ka dena karya mallam…

    • ICC Hague

      Are you the spoke man of INEC, how many time the chairman clearly stated they are ready, even at the council of state.

      meeting. Tell us the truth PDP is afraid of failure and the use the security agent to coarse INEC to postpond election to buy time for them, now that it has backfire, you now trying to shift the blame on INEC.

    • Victor Gee

      Thank God that the truths are coming out gradually.

  • Donald Ekeson

    INEC should not be disorganise by the shifting of polls instead they should just put there house in order and plan on how to conduct good general election, election should not be do or die affairs but all about good governance as we have experience under the tenure of GEJ, GEJ will still win it. #GEJ4Naija

  • sophy henry

    PDP is a good party to vote for. GEJ 2015

  • G4

    When these people decided to shift the polls, did they get any advice from the min of finance or independent economic experts about the impact of such a decision on the economy? There are currently three liabilities on this economy, the present govt and its mismanagement and refusal to save for a rainy day is a liability, it is internationally seen as a failed govt this is not a personal opinion it is just a fact(much more than silvio berlesconi’s govt was on italy), the political uncertainty due to the elections has been further excercibated and extended by another 6 weeks (liability no 2), Oil price is the third liability in relation to reserves. Unless there is a miracle in the oil markets, there is a lot more pain to come financially for this country.

  • Shuaibu Buhari

    I dont think that Jega still have his integrity to occupy the headship
    of INEC. From what we have heard, Jega has compromised his dogged
    uprightness that he was known for in the past and as such needs to bow
    out of the job to give room for another neutral person to take over.
    can not forget in a jiffy the accusations of facts levelled against
    Jega by the Directorate of GEJ Presidential Campaign Organisation, which
    Jega has not refuted nor the Directorate withdrew the accusations.
    Please, let Jega do the needful so that Nigeria will not go up in frames because of alleged Jega biased tendencies..

  • Ologun David

    Now that it is getting obvious that Jega wanted to compromise this election in favor of Buhari, what else can APC tell us. GEJ all the way.

  • Victor Gee

    GEJ should summon courage and ask Jega to proceed on terminal leave. Noting will happen. Nigerians are not in support of APC,they are only noise makers.

  • MushinSpeaks

    The PDP has done more evil than good to the country. They keep shielding corrupt individuals and celebrating impunity. CHANGE WE WANT.

  • charles peters

    The truth is that Jega has interior motive. He is biased already. Giving out PVCs to Emirs and northern politicians to share without doing same in the south is an indictment.

  • danjuma

    I think PDP under GEJ has been transformed and they are now truly democratic, compare with what we had under OBJ. They have been very matured in handling the outcome of this postponement better than APC.

  • onyekaokorie

    GEJ may not be the best, but he is better than Buhari. I am aware that he is evading services of the court for contempt but for how long will continue running. He lied under oath and must go to jail.

  • onyekaokorie

    Definitely Jonathan must cruise to victory. PDP is the largest party in Africa. The victory will retire Buhari permanently. It is time he returns to Daura and take care of his cows.

  • jamesbourne

    D PDP National Chairman, Adamu Muazu, said D party was also affected by the poll shift n could, therefore, not have been responsible for it

  • jamesbourne

    Mr. Muazu said contrary to the claims by the opposition APC that the PDP engineered the shift because it was heading to failure, he said his party’s’ candidate, President Jonathan, was already heading to victory

  • grace folarin

    INEC has a head (jega).wonder why you would be putting nigerians through this stress when you had so much time to plan! now fingers are pointed to the wrong person (gej). well i expect you not to fail in the new date given and let us vote GEJ administration into power for the second term. gej all the way to 2019 #GEJ4NAIJA