Nigerian President hopeful Chibok girls will return soon

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday indicated there is hope the over 200 schoolgirls abducted from their hostel in Government Secondary School, Chibok, in Borno State will be rescued.

The girls were abducted in April 2014 while waiting to sit for their final examinations.

Mr. Jonathan, during a media chat with a panel of journalists in Abuja said “the story (of the Chibok girls) will be better” in a few weeks.

Asking that additional time be given to the government to rescue the girls alive, the president said there is “more” hope to rescue the abducted girl especially with the collaboration from neighbouring countries.

“I believe the story of the Chibok girls will be better now that we are working with Niger, Cameroun and Chad,” Mr. Jonathan said.

Mr. Jonathan reacted to criticisms that he ignored the abduction once it was made known and went dancing at his party’s rally, saying, “I did not go partying when the Chibok girls were abducted.”

President Goodluck Jonathan only reacted to the news of the kidnap of the girls three weeks after the incident. He then set up a presidential fact-finding committee to investigate whether the girls were really abducted.

The committee, led by Ibrahim Sabo, in its report submitted in June 2014 confirmed the abduction of 276 girls. The report also said that out of the 276 girls abducted, 57 managed to escape from the Boko Haram terrorist group.

The terrorist popularly known as Boko Haram in their attempt to Islamize Nigeria have killed over 13, 000 people, displaced many others and also destroyed lots of property in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, especially, Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states.

The Nigerian government has entered an agreement with its bordering countries – Chad, Niger and Cameroun – through a Multi-National Joint Task Force, MNJTF, headquartered in Baga, Borno State, to fight terrorism which has been ravaging the country.

The terrorists have in their quest, captured many communities in the region, while the Nigerian military have also repelled some of their attacks.


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  • Gabriel Ameh

    As usual.

  • G4

    Very soon, very soon, we are working on it

  • kingsley obi

    we trust in your GOD given abilities, and with HIM on our side we will get over these extremists…..UP GEJ

  • Dr Sam Nwiyordee

    This is a comforting news,we cannot wait to have them back………… we need to give GEJ the mandate again for second term… he can perfect his plans

    • suffernsmile

      which fake plan? he does not have a plan. they disappeared in April 2014. We are in Feb 2015. Zero development. Nigerians please use common sense, we cannot move forward if u dont. Does he think that the Chibok girls all 200 of them are kept in a big room by Boko Haram were soldiers can just swoop in and take them. They were kidnapped which means they have been distributed all over the north. Do they even have pictures of all 200 of these girls? How would they know who is Chibok and who is not? Faces change Mr. President and when you do not have any way of identifying who is who how do u even begin to talk about bringing them back. Bringing them back within the first few days or weeks would have been feasible not a year later when so much could have changed…and there are people on this blog not using half of their brain celebrating the president that he is bringing them back. Are you 5 years old? Can you not reason?

      • D1

        They are as dumb as their President.
        GEJ tried to wish the whole chibok crisis away without any success, then ‘appointed’ his wife, Hippopatience, who turned the whole thing into a drama, that will follow her to her grave by blaming everyone affected except her husband’s incompetence, forgetting that, this was a state under Emergency rule.
        Here we are, almost 1 year after, still hoping on hope for their release. As you stated, there is no PLAN at all.

    • glo

      I am definitely sure that if any of those kidnapped girl is your daughter, you won’t say nor react as you are doing. SMH

  • taiwo



    • sofia williams

      may the good LORD bless your bread and water

    • glo

      My friend…They are monies and items donated by well meaning people.

      • taiwo

        lies lies and more lies,but you are free to drop your head for them to be brain washing

  • well its about time,our girls returned to us…..

  • It took long but we shall prevail, one love, one Nigeria, our girls are coming

    • faith adams

      may the good LORD bless you

  • faith adams

    His wisdom, strategic planning and constructive thoughts has brought us this far,now our girls are coming back soon…….he deserves a second term

    • trutalk

      my goodness I hope your comment is sarcasm.

      • Charles Amos

        Mr president said he his hopeful that the girls will be brought back what is sarcasm about his words,the wish of Mr President is to see that the girls return home safe and sound,Long live Mr President long live the federal republic of Nigeria

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      Pipe dreamer. Wait for a new excuse soon as to why our girls won’t be coming home now. Empty dreams and promises, to keep the people hoping on and on…

  • chinwe davis

    our girls will be back soon, finally..

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Yes of course, our girls would return, long after they have become unwilling mothers many times over. Long after their innocent minds have been bent. Another reason why Nigerians are yearning for strong, decisive and focused leadership. This is beyond the realm of PDP – APC party issues used to divert attention from the big issues. What is wrong here that renders us unable to single-handedly stamp out Boko Haram long before now? Has it got to do with a lack of funds to prosecute the war? The global oil crisis has just started less than 12 months ago. Prices have been good in the past 12 years or more, during the early stages of the insurgency. No PDP leadership including three of its governments has taken the time to apologise to Nigerians for the inability to put Boko Haram down for good. Yet we are expected, even asked to shut our mouths and dwell perpetually on hope, instead. Well some of us refuse to belong to that group of “follow follow” Nigerians. Our girls have disappeared and we are here playing politics with their lives. This is why Nigerians are asking for a complete overhaul; a CHANGE from corrupt and inept leadership. Every where one turns in this country, all one sees is an urgent need for change. Nothing positive is happening here joor. Can’t you see?

    • Etimbuk’showy Okpudo

      why didnt you enroll in the army, so that you can go and rescue the girls yourself.

      • Adendeh

        Should every citizen be in the military? Abeg, think before opening that stinky mouth of yours.

      • Lemmuel Odjay

        Because the work I do, the Army cannot do. Also because they criticize me as well, whenever I stray. I don’t complain, because I found out a long time ago that people have a legitimate right to complain about your services. Especially if you are a public servant… I thought I was only exercising mine. Come on, try some of your own. It can’t be all well to you, unless something is wrong somewhere…

  • Charles Amos

    Mr president on Wednesday during the media caht has told Nigerians that new weapons have been acquired to fight Boko Haram, i know that someone will ask why now? but the truth is that acquiring weapons is not like going to the market to buy tomatoes,its beyond that,the abducted girls we know will have some psychological effect after this period of time that we know but the government is doing all they can to get them back,just like the president said during the media chat,Boko Haram are faceless unlike the Niger-Delter militant. Let us give him some time,insurgency is not like riot that can be controlled easily thank you.

  • Etimbuk’showy Okpudo

    this girls were abducted in the first place because of the incompetence of an APC governor in his state, he knew how the terrorists moved the girls in details but couldnt stop it..incompetent APC folks.thanks to God our able GEJ is always there to clean up your rubbish.

    • uko bassey

      nice observation! what was shettimah and his APC board of trustees doing when they abducted the chibok girls? small bornu that Nigerians gave to APC they couldnt handle, now they are telling us about entrusting them with the country…hahahaha, we are not giving! #GEJ till 2019

  • Charles Amos

    Mr president will do everything within his power to bring back the girls,he needs our support and prayers, let us not use the media as an avenue to say all kinds of words against the president that signed in the freedom of information bill.I will continue to support President Goodluck Jonathan because Nigeria is safer under his watch.

  • uko bassey

    The faliure of the APC brought this chibok girls issue! how can over 200 girls be abducted and moved out of a state without the resistance of even boys scout in your state? is that not an APC state? now its GEJ that will clean it up. yet he’s still not good enough…after the APC were done doing that, they went again to bring a vegetable called buhari, so that one day we’ll wake up and the U.S. have built military bases all over the will never happen! GEJ till we find another good president! for now no substitute! #GEJ till 2019

    • ahmed

      i thought nobody will take note of the fact that the APC failed in the protection of the people of borno, and goodluck is trying to fix it up for them,but they keep talking rubbish about him#thatsbeingungrateful

      • Lemmuel Odjay

        …when the governor does not exercise any control over the security of his domain? What were the security agencies stationed there BY the Federal Government doing while all these abnormalities were being hatched? Now you see the wisdom behind the advice that we should run our federal constitution like true federalism is run, where the state executive is in practice the chief security officer, just as the President is the real commander in chief of all the security agencies? They should control the armed forces at Abuja who must be used for external threats only, but the police, under true federalism, is the responsibility of the state. Recall that at the start, security information was being supplied to the FG at the state level but they politicised everything, ” why should they, APC, be telling us what to do” syndrome. Now that the apple has gone real bad and both APC and PDP members’ lives are in the line, it is the state government you blame, instead of the commander in chief who positioned the security agencies there and controls their every day activities. You cannot be at Abuja and feel the heartbeat of someone at Ikot Ekpene. If you are depending on the governor at Uyo to work with you on this, then do one of two things: run a proper federal constitution, where the governor is the real commander in chief of his or her state issuing instructions direct to the state police commissioner, for example, or respond promptly to security reports emanating from the state, irrespective of the political party in government there. The federal constitution we have adopted is patterned after the American constitution. If it is failing us, it is because, like every thing we choose to do in Nigeria, we are running it selectively. When it concerns the devolution of power, the center must take precedence and every federated unit must “depend” on the center. We are now running our federalism from the center! Futile. Now look what it has caused us. When we set up a judicial or policing system, only a selective people are chased about, leaving others considered as “friends” to walk away. And you expect a clean society to emerge? Joking. It goes with everything we do. We should not expect progress when we refuse to practice what we preach…

  • ahmed

    believe me when i say that GEJ is the best president Nigeria has ever seen, Buhari promised to create unrest in the country if the elections dont favor him
    “Buhari had, shortly after the declaration of President Obasanjo as the winner of the last presidential elections vowed to make the country ungovernable by organising mass action to protest the outcome of the election.”

    P. M News, 19 June 2003

    have no hesitation in rejecting the outcome outright. In the light of
    the clear case of rape on our democracy, I would plead with the
    international community not to recognise a government that is being
    formed on the basis of this contraption because such a government lacks
    credibility and legitimacy”

    “Otherwise, there would be no government from 30th of May in this country.”

    (This Day, 24 April 2003)

    have decided, together with the party leaders, that by the year 2015,
    God willing, it’s either the government does justice in the conduct of
    elections as always claimed by them or it will be a fierce bloody battle.”

    “God willing, by 2015, something will happen. They either conduct a free and fair election or they go a very disgraceful way.”

    – Buhari
    (Leadership, 15 May, 2012)

    “If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.”

    – Gen. Buhari
    (Vanguard, 12th May, 2012)

    do your research..we cant spare him 1 vote…bye Buhari! #GEJ TILL 2019

  • grace folarin

    AMEN Mr. President. those girls will be back soon as the nation shall be so happy. God Bless Nigeria #GEJ4NAIJA

  • C-In-C

    Masterweb Reports: Chuks Ibegbu reports ] – I read
    with great concern the write-up entitled above from one Yusuf Jubril in
    the Vanguard Newspaper of 5th December, 2014.

    The writer wrote characteristically like a typical ‘Born -to-rule’ actor
    from the North. His effervescent pooh pooh is one of the reasons why
    this country has remained where it is today. He is one of the zealots
    that want the status quo to remain in Nigeria just to satiate their
    insular and domineering tendencies.

    Though President Goodluck Jonathan is not necessarily my fan, nor do i
    cherish the lack of internal democracy in the PDP, as witnessed in the
    last congress it held across the country, I am disturbed that the kind
    of mindset Yusuf displayed is still extant in Nigeria today.

    Rather than addressing issues that bother on good governance which every
    Nigerian desires, this micro chauvinist took all his time to pillory
    the entire South and reel our tons and tons of what he claimed the North
    posses over the South.

    He encaged himself in that same faulty analogy and analysis some of his
    colleagues with the same mindset and mentality in the North have often
    bandied about — such controversial issues as the North being more
    populated than the South, the middle belt christains not relevant in the
    Northern calculus, and allotment of divine right to leadership to the
    core North, whatever that means, the North being benevolent enough to
    have allowed power to go down South in 1999 etc.

    He also used perjorative words on Gen Aguiyi Ironsi, Chief Olusegun
    Obasanjo and some past Southern rulers whom he considered incompetent
    against his saintly past Northern rulers of Nigeria. What a warped
    reasoning. Is he from the moon if I may ask. He now exhibited that
    posturing some of his types and ilks up North are known for and which
    has never helped matters —-‘ Buhari in concert with Bola Tinubu will
    win in 2015 so that their God-given right to rule other Nigerians
    forever will not be disrupted again.

    This is the kind of reasoning and posturings that make some of us that
    have some liking for Buhari’s disciplined mien to shudder and rethink.
    If Buhari by any modicum of chance comes to power in 2015 it appears
    that the dyed in the wood rabid chauvinist like Yusuf would dictate and
    define the trajectory of power and governance then and one can imagine
    what will happen to those he now disdain. These are the kind of people
    that will hold Buhari in bondage and see everything only through the
    prism of the the core North and not even the entire North.

    This is the burden, and a big one that Buhari must unfortunately bear
    and which will be a serious minus to his Presidential bid despite his
    taciturn mien.

    Even if one does not cherish the present happenings in the country, any
    discerning mind would see why an unbiased Nigerian(North or South) would
    rather President Jonathan is re-elected in 2015 than a regime change
    that would only emphasis and heighten North /South and religious

    Part 2 to be continued



  • Donald Ekeson

    Our able government is really showing us that is capable of doing it. #GEJ4Naija

  • Donald Ekeson

    Jonathan is the man that can really do it, assuring us security on our chibok girls. #GEJ4Naija



  • Uko akwa ibom

    The certainty of getting chibok girls is as real as sunlight,but it requires time for the president to sort out foundamental security issues and create a valid intelligence gathering structure which the military had completely destroyed.

  • August January

    That’s my prayer too. Honestly, the efforts to rescue the girls were too slow, taking Jonathan about 10 days before even coming on national TV to talk about the incidence. Would American president do that if it were American girls that were abducted? Would British Prime Minister do that if it were British girls that were abducted? If any of the girls were to be Jonathan’s daughter, would it had taken him so long a time to talk about it? So, partisanship aside, on this ground alone, Jonathan failed Nigerians!