Jon​athan, PDP Plotting to Use Military to Scuttle Democracy, APC insists

Lai Mohammed

The All Progressives Congress has said there ​is a plot by President Jonathan Goodluck and the ruling Peoples Democracy Party to scuttle Nigeria’s democracy.

​​The party also​ demanded​ ​​a probe into ​a ​leaked audio, detailing how the Ekiti governorship election was rigged by PDP officials and the Nigerian military.

The Publicity Secretary of the opposition party, Lai Mohammed​,​ made the a​llegation​ in Lagos while addressing a press conference on Tuesday.

The party made the allegation against the background of the leaked secretly recorded audio of top officials of the Federal Government, PDP and 32 Artillery Brigade; and the “use” of the Military to effect postponement of the general elections earlier scheduled for February.

The audio leaked by Sagir Koli, a Captain and Intelligence Officer of the 32 Artillery Brigade, Akure, Ondo State, exposed how top officials the Federal Government and the PDP, including former Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obani​koro, Police Affairs Minister, Jelili Adesiyan, Osun State PDP chieftain Iyiola Omisore, then PDP Governorship Candidate for Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, and Brigade Commander Brig.-Gen. Aliyu Momoh, of 32 Artillery Brigade Akure, Ondo State, plotted the rigging of the June 21 Ekiti governorship election which PDP eventually won.

While Mr. Obanikoro said a voice software was used to simulate his voice, Police Affairs Minister, Mr. Adesiyan admitted the meeting indeed took place.

“We will also like to alert Nigerians to the fact that the Jonathan Administration and the PDP have perfected the plot to again use the military to thwart the aspirations of Nigerians for a change that will usher in a purposeful government​,” APC said.​

“Already, the Social Media is alight with information that the military is meeting in Kaduna with a view to working out the modalities to help the PDP at the polls. This sends the wrong signal to the polity as well as the international community about the role of the military in Nigeria’s elections,” ​the party added​.

As ​first​ step, the APC said heavily armed soldiers had been deployed to intimidate the opposition, stressing that the party’s national leader, Bola Tinubu’s Lagos residence had been besieged.

It said the Presidency and PDP would continue to abuse the military, which had “been used to postpone the elections by six weeks”​.​

“The PDP and the Jonathan Administration have left no one in doubt that they will again abuse the military and use soldiers to rig the forthcoming elections, in spite of the ruling by a Federal High Court in Sokoto that it is unconstitutional to deploy the military to monitor or provide security during elections. The court also ordered that such deployment must stop. To the best of our knowledge, the Federal Government has not appealed that ruling.

“It is interesting to note that the PDP, which considers itself above the laws of the land, has now vowed to again use soldiers for election duty. According to the Director-General of the Jonathan/Sambo Campaign Organization, Ahmadu Ali, more military personnel ”are needed to be on ground to forestall any breakdown of law and order as well as to prevent political miscreants from tarnishing the electoral process”. What he meant, perhaps, is that soldiers are needed to rig the elections in favour of his lawless party,” the party said.

APC also demanded that the National Assembly investigate the role of the military in the last Ekiti governorship election.

“We urge the National Assembly to launch a probe of the role that the military played in the Ekiti election because of the danger it portends for our democracy. They must invite everyone who featured in that audio of shame to testify about the rigging of Ekiti poll, using the military,” it said.

“We want to assure Nigerians that we will ensure that this issue will not be swept under the carpet, and that those who are found to have played an ignominious role in what is now definitely a plot to rig the Ekiti election will be brought to justice,” it submitted.

But in its reaction to growing allegation of conspiracy with the PDP to scuttle Nigeria’s democracy, the Nigerian military has reaffirmed its commitment to the country’s democratic process.

In a statement, Chris Olukolade, the Spokesperson of the Defence Headquarters, on Wednesday, reassured “Nigerians that the military will while working with all security agencies and stake holders in the process, remain professional, apolitical and non-partisan in all operations or activities related to this crucial exercise.”


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  • Wähala

    The military should prove they’re apolitical by promptly investigating Maj. Gen. Aliyu Momoh and if need be, court marshal him. They’re quick to sentences unarmed soldiers they sent to fight the Boko Haram to death while ignoring a case that has gone viral since almost two weeks. Clowns!


      The military operates with rules,this soldier has to first come out and be counted before any investigation.The APC are hiding him and using him to undermine the military churning out propaganda through a disloyal officer .

      • Wähala

        Didn’t you read about what happened to his innocent brother? Your level of reasoning is too low for human classification, you should give up thinking… you make a mess of it.


          All that propaganda churned out by the APC can only be believed by morons!

          • Funso

            Ọmọ àlè.

        • Otile


    • Otile

      Yo mpe oyo ya yo bazali bana bosoto. Oyeki ngia?

      • Funso

        Otile ni ọmọ àlè.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Again, this Lai Mohammed twerp is crying wolf where there’s none. I think the military should silence Lai Mohammed and many other APC members PERMANENTLY.

    • arewethishopeless

      Who is now the dictator?

      Jonathan MUST be impeached ……

    • progress


    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè Sabo Lagere.


    Why is the APC demonizing the Nigerian military ?


      The APC is not demonizing the military. It is saying that the military hierarchy is compromising the integrity of the military….until they investigate the army’s role in Ekiti. What’s wrong with that?


        The APC are hiding the officer involved and using him to create disunity in the armed forces. If the officer is sure of himself then he has to first come out and stand by his word,after which an investigation may follow. The military operate with laws,you cannot initiate an enquiry without the so-called whistle-blower who is being used as a weapon of political opposition to undermine the integrity of our armed forces !!

        • TRUTH MASTER

          Tawanda, self preservation is the first law of nature. You have to be alive to do anything at all. If that army officer were still in Nigeria, he would either have been killed or he would have been detained in horrible conditions. What any upright Nigerian should be asking for is a probe of what Capt. Koli revealed. Let the probe unravel the truth, and we ll take things from there.


            Self preservation ? you are a joke ! When you are in the armed forces,you know where to report such incidents ,it must be to your superior officer who will initiate action. And if action is not taken he has the right to petition and insist on a proper investigation.

            The officer rather went to the opposition to report and you talk about “self preservation”….you are neither honest or realistic about things !

          • frankydee

            Go tell that to the Marines !!!

          • TRUTH MASTER

            Superior officer? You don’t understand what transpired, I can now see. Therefore, first go and listen to two tapes, the audio of the said meeting and then the video tape of the interview with Capt. Koli. After that you will understand. For now, there is no need engaging you anymore because you are poorly informed on the matter.

          • Advocate

            tawanda’s brain is like gej’s – clueless

          • Omo Olokoaroti

            Please stop communicating with this brainless TAWANDA, he is completely lost and he cannot be redeemed no matter what you say.

          • TRUTH MASTER


    • Wähala

      The military has since demonized themselves by first stealing copies of Gen. Buhari’s certificate from his file…
      Not to talk of bolting from a ragtag gang of criminals masquerading as terrorists. Nigeria’s military for all practical and professional purposes are dead logs. Was it APC that sent 500 soldiers into hiding in Cameroon? Go sitdon!


        The military does not keep the original copies of any soldier’s certificate,if the Army had copies of Buhari’s original certificate then that would be unique to him alone for them to be missing. The military is saying they never had it. The case is in court and the truth will be exposed to all and you would hide away in shame like you did about the PWC report on the SLS phantom missing $20 billion !!

        • Wähala

          You’re a Baztard & Career Liar for that matter…
          Punkhead, go and re-read the press statement by Maj. Gen. Olaleye on Jan 4th, in which he said the Army keeps records of every officer serving or retired. You problem chump, is my memory never fails… magnetic memory, it’s called in pure science. Lying osu mordafcuker. You know I hate lies so never try that again with me… Anu mpam!


            The military never keeps originals,only copies are retained in files and in the case of Buhari,the army claim they never had his O’level certificate but have a letter of recommendation from his head teacher promising that he will pass his O’levels.
            I know exactly what I put down and nothing can change it ,the case is in court so Geduld bitte !!

      • Otile

        Kanga monoko, mwandoki.

        • Funso

          Ọmọ àlè ni Otile.

      • petersen

        Buhari said he ASSUMED, and u here championing for him. take a dictionary and check the word ASSUME. he doesnt even know if he ve a certificate.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè ni Tawanda Otile

    • BlackieUmukoro

      APC is boko haram, so there is o way they can like the military

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Lai muhammed is so adept I spreading lies shamelessly. The lies are so packaged that Satan is now becoming jealous that lai muhammed is satanit more than itself. In all the lies he consistetly toild about the postponement of the electios he has refused to touch on the issue of PVC distribution wahich was lopsided I their favour. Which is lai so desperate

  • Hembe Hembe

    As for me it is high time PDP should begin to overlook these baseless allegations of APC against PDP. APC is lost and confused. They are out dishing out lies upon lies as if it is lies that can vote them into power.

  • Nigeria@heart