Goodluck Jonathan’s 8th Presidential Media Chat – Live Updates

President Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, is hosting his eight presidential media chat since May 2011.

The challenges confronting Nigeria – insecurity, the economy, corruption, dearth of infrastructure – are still largely the same issues the administration is grappling with since his first media chat in September 2011.

Insecurity has worsened since the last media chat. The 250 schoolgirls kidnapped in Chibok, south of Borno state have not been found. Boko Haram attacks have escalated and a large portion of Nigeria is now under the control of the terrorists. Last month was particularly bloody with reports of over 2000 killed during a take over of Baga by the terrorists.

Issues surrounding the 2015 general elections, recently postponed, purportedly for security reasons, and the falling oil prices, will be the new entrants to the discussion.

The presidency promised to receive questions from Nigerians via telephone during the live program. In the past, telephone lines provided hardly got across to the president work during live episodes of the programme.

In case you are able to reach the president on the programme today, PREMIUM TIMES suggest you put these questions to him, in addition to others you might have.

The Twitter handle @mediachatng1 can also be used to throw in questions during the chat.

PREMIUM TIMES will bring you live updates from the media chat, as it progresses, here. Join the discussion on twitter using #presmediachat.




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  • Holla

    Not bad, let the smartest person win the election. Only the smarts wins election, the two party are going to rig’s which is for sure and the smartest party will win. Goodluck to both candidates 😀

    • Samuel Ibrahim Halima

      If not for anything , a well learned and aticulate president is what we deserve in this country of ours with an infinit number of highly learned and brilliant individuals . Here we are considering having a semi illiterate as our president , God help us !!!! They believe they are born to rule , I suggest they should go and relax and wait for 2019 and bring forth a younger educated candidate to represent them , otherwise we will not sit and row with them in a canoe that is going backward.

  • Adebenson

    To be honest, I give it to him,,, GEJ smashed the chat… The issues I wanted to hear, I have heard…. GEJ till 2019

    • Babandum

      Of course he did! When they bought that WAEC question paper for you, didn’t you get all As?

  • rEAL dEAL

    I am surprised to hear a somewhat positive tone about GEJ coming from you guys.
    The man has been honest right from the get go except that those who still view Nigeria as their papa’s piece of real estate will stop at nothing from feeding you a lot of lies. These individuals want nothing but a return to the days when they did as they pleased.This morning one of these provocateurs actually endorsed the candidate he believes will afford him a free hand at our collective common wealth. I am speaking about the Otta ape, that shameless purveyor of incest and all manner of hideous acts against decency.

    • hC

      E go beta for you, my broda, pipo wey dey talk true.

  • absam777

    Even this blatant use of incumbency advantage will not help GEJ. I really don’t like the guy. He lies a lot.

    • The Real Deal

      I cannot begrudge you a personal opinion no matter how misguided.
      Maybe you benefit from lack of infrastructure, the level of which has grippled and stifled development the past 40 years. Count me out of this fatalistic worldview.

    • Phillip Gokir Musa

      just like GEJ alluded in the Q & A session, many young Nigerians (like you) are misinformed. Grossly ignorant should be the right characterization by the way.

      • hC


  • Salisu Dan-Gombe


    1. Prior to GEJ ….. Nigerians really never bothered to get voters cards and they never bothered to go and vote because they knew that their votes did not matter and did not count ……… but GEJ has transformed the electoral process significantly and Nigerians now want to have voters cards and also want to vote because they know their votes will count.

    2. On PTDF ….. GEJ disclosed that his four year old government has done more than was done since the inception of PTDF … GEJ wondered what they have been doing with the PTDF money.

    GEJ is everything Nigeria needs in a President ……… there may be one or two areas of weakness but overall GEJ is everything Nigeria needs for continued peace, continued stability and progress.

    • Lion X

      Jega did it, not GEJ Cos at this moment GEJ and his PDP don’t know how PVC works n Jega is not willing to cooperate with em, Das y the rumor of his retirement started from d Villa.

      • Holla

        but who appointed Jega ? lol, if he don’t want it perfect , Jega won’t be there till date.

        • Lion X

          Jega learnt his lessons during d last elections which GEJ tot 2015 is gonna be Dejavu of 2011. Das y clerk n other cabals are calling for his resignation. The dumbo never realize it cos of his nature of bin dull. Now he can’t sack him cos is late, there is gonna be serious protest more than that of EGYPT

          • Otta Ape

            Why are you so bitter?
            Something from your childhood must be to blame.
            Mind sharing with the rest of us?

          • Lion X

            You are a blind following who never new GEJ n his cabals tried bending the INEC Chairman to ban the Opposition presidential candidate by using d cert issues which he refused. He has been busy taking alcohol not knowing how INEC got transformed until d die minute.

          • Great Otta Ape

            You just alluded to the fact that he did not know how INEC got transformed which tells us that he never tried to control or influence INEC’s decisions in the first place.So why all the hoopla? I hope you are alright and of sound mind because you just shot your own foot.Thanks a bunch for making my point better than even I could have done.Drink’s on me then.

          • Lion X

            Hope u are not blind. Can u please look for this word ALCOHOL in ma comment das the biggest influence

      • Fairgame

        This is the hypocrisy of people like you. When it goes well it is not the president but when it doesn’t go well it is the president. How sad that truth has become a scarce commodity for your likes.

        • Lion X

          INEC is an Independent commission dat met some one that cannot be easily bended. There is nothing GEJ and his cabals did not do to make Jega postponed dis elections, he refused. They had to use security issues what a shame. What de cud not do in six years they want to achieve in Six weeks, blind regime.

      • Salisu Dan-Gombe

        Don’t forget that GEJ is an executive President and created the conducive environment for improvement of our electoral system.

        • Lion X

          INEC is an Independent commission dat met some one that cannot be easily bended. There is nothing GEJ and his cabals did not do to make Jega postponed dis elections, he refused. They had to use security issues what a shame. What de cud not do in six years they want to achieve in Six weeks, blind regime.

          • Salisu Dan-Gombe

            I think Jega should be sacked for attempting to hold elections when only 38% of PVC’s had been collected in Lagos State …… Jega’s head is not correct.

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            ”There is nothing GEJ and his cabals did not do to make Jega postponed dis elections, he refused.”

            IS the ELECTION POSTPONED or NOT?

          • Lion X

            The follower of dumbo is also a dumbo. Let me think for u, Jega refused to accept the postponement by accepting INEC’s lack of preparation which was wat de wanted. So they had to use security excuses like de don’t have enough men to safeguard d voters dat the willy be on a mission in NE Part of country. Hmmm
            DUMBO’s try to achieve wat they cud not do in six years in 6 weeks

          • Godfrey Etokebe

            Good students answer questions directly!!! Others CLONE CERTIFICATES!!!

        • Babandum

          So now GEJ is the one to take the credit but not the blame for the security situation, the bad economy, the chibok girls, etc. Pls shut up!

          • Salisu Dan-Gombe

            USA and their allies say it would take over 10years to defeat ISIS …… why do you think it should take only a day for Jonathan to defeat your Boko Haram.

          • Lion X

            But the U.S. continue try until de end. But ur man n his cabals first denied d abduction of the school girls dat show how on serious they are, n now trying to rescue em in six weeks

            There is GOD Oooo

          • zacchaeus Akinleye

            Your turban may be obfuscating your understanding: Boko Haram operates on Nigerian territory; ISIS does not operate on US territory. And your Pretender-in-Chief doesn’t seem to see the difference, as your naive self.

    • Wähala

      The only reason every Nigerian wants to vote in this elections is to get rid of corruption… Dumbo!
      All the roads/infrastructure his Govt claims to have refurbished were built by Gen. Buhari at the helm of the same PTDF he was blabbing off about. Name one new project the PTDF under Dumbo accomplished. A clown who claimed his Govt. created all of 5,400 jobs for youths in his 6yrs of ogogoro gulping on the job… in a country with 75% youth unemployment rate. You ought to remove that turban around your head so fresh air may blow into your numb brain. Aschloch… Mumu with a turban!

      • Godfrey Etokebe

        GEJ is a DREAM PRESIDENT for EVERY COUNTRY ON THIS PLANET!!! Learn to appreciate the good Things in life that GOD has given unto you or you will END up waiting for the Messiah that will never come!!!!

        • Lion X

          Good students answer questions directly!!! Others CLONE CERTIFICATES!!!

          Dumbo U are not answering anything.

      • Salisu Dan-Gombe

        You are entitled to your views but conscience is an open wound and only truth can he heal it.

        • Wähala

          Akuko Ibadan…akuko!

        • Arabakpura

          Are corruption and stealing also open wounds? What can cure them?

        • hC

          You answer with grace and nobility. And I am sure they do not even have PVCs.

      • hC

        Go to Anambra State. The only PTF road was one short stretch from the Onitsha express to Eke Awka mkt. Visit today…

        • Wähala

          How many kilometers of road has Dumbo built with his brand of PTF transformation?

    • Arrest Warrant

      Point of corrections…THEN no body cares to get his pvc cos of lack of confidence in Nigeria election and worst election rigging…but mark you now a strong team CALLED APC and other strong parties are here to stand and make sure all our votes most be accounted for,and the elected party and person must be given his mandate..

    • hC

      Thanqk you…

  • Arabakpura

    ” the president was asked why he visits only the churches and not the mosques” he responded, ” because I receive invitations from only the churches and not the mosques” now, over to you the Catholic Church, the mosques and the babalawos

    • tyson

      Are u praying for another invitation from Rev Father Mbaka the head of the Catholic Church of Nigeria–in APC-

      • Arabakpura

        If any invites him, it is obligatory that he attends since he has confirmed that he honors such invitations

  • Godfrey Etokebe

    My humble and amiable president GEJ DELIVERED!!! ANY COMPLAIN?

    • Arabakpura

      And drunk, even sometimes confused president

  • Fairgame

    Very impressive. I admire the decorum with which he answered the questions. His refusal to abuse Buhari is a mark of a cultured man unlike what Buhari did on CNN.

    • Godfrey Etokebe


    • hC

      Ah thanqk you, my brother.

  • tyson

    Those of us who retain our reasoning will remember that this same Jega postponed the 2011 elections on the very day of the elections itself and nothing happened. Buhari’s Congress for Progressive Change and Tinubu’s Action Congress of Nigeria did not shout that his action was unconstitutional then. So why now? On the front pages of the Sunday Times of January 20, 1985, there is a headline which states ‘Weeds Overrun Rail Coaches’.
    That headline signified the death, and burial of the Nigerian Railway Corporation, NRC. Who was in power on January 20, 1985? Your guess is as good as mine! Major General Muhammadu Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohari! Carry Go My Presido Na God give u–

    • Great Otta Ape

      But GEJ has successfully resuscitated the rail system!!
      Now is is the incompetent one?

    • hC

      APC get collective amnesiacal psychosis. Dem go soon see say FREEDOM IS NOT CHEAP…

  • Ami

    Honestly the stakes are higher than this man. Jonathan is rather too childish for presidential office, going by his mediocre approach to questions. He may be a good man but with limited thought capacity. I do not think he ever attended any competitive interview in his life. May God help him to hand over in peace.

    • jomo

      What’s your point now???

      • Mojo domo

        The point Ami was trying to make is that the high chair Jonathan occupies carry a bigger responsibility than his midget brain can handle. He has failed Nigerians woefully and needs to vacate the high chair for a more capable hand. Why do you think Jonathan earned the apt nickname –clueless?

    • Philip Gokir Musa

      he failed you right? He gave answers akin to a genius ha?! And you were mesmerized… right?!! Up GEJ!!!

    • FortB

      Did you watch or listened to the program or you are basing your comment on the summary depicted here?

      • tundemash

        I watched it and it was the yellow lady who kept helping Dumbo finish his sentences ! The few sentences Dumbo managed to make he kept repeating himself.
        If you indeed watch it, what was that nonsense about thief (ole) and corruption all about? If you embezzle money not belonging to you, aside being corrupt , are u not in thief ? In China, they are shot to death !!

        • G4

          She kept explaining what the president was saying as a leader you do not allow that. ” What the president is trying to say is….” It looked bad. The part where he said well ” I am not the army chief of staff” was equally embarrassing. After a while the cumbersome village like, simple and purposely ambiguous responses with no follow up became too much, switched over to channels to watch Fashola being interviewed the difference was clear, the interviewer was not smiling with him she was asking him tough questions with follow ups and he was answering them fully and intelligently.

          • tundemash

            It was comical. It took Dumbo well over 10 mnutes to explain difference between corruption and stealing and I’m still wondering what is the difference . Over to you e-rats … pls explain again.

  • Wähala

    Choreographed nonsense. The sheer number of Gejitoes who have thus far commented proves the man is desperate to win lost sympathies. The moderator with her nappy hair kept putting words into his mouth and the lengthy answers is clear evidence the mumu got “expo” before the chat. The most disappointing of the journalists present was Ibanga of Premium Times, he just didn’t cut it and was not articulate with his few follow-up questions, he looked nervous. The sharpest there was Deji Badmus but his aggression was curtailed by the nappy-haired lady and her rudeness in interjecting in-between peoples’ sentences including the so-called President’s remarks. She was a mess just as the whole chat was unimpressive. The amount seized in SA is $15million not $9.5million, when Dumbo said, “the case is in court”…even my dog would have barked, ‘which court?’ Nigerian or South Africa court as in the “due process” requisite to recover our seized money. None of those stooge journalists asked about the forensic report and our missing $20bn at the NNPC. None asked why a Govt. that claimed they know where the Chibok girls were has till date not rescued them… and the most annoying, when Dumbo said May 29th is sacrosanct, none of those clown journalists asked about March 28th being sacrosanct. In all, it stank to high heavens that this was a programmed chit-chat. Online mosquitoes (gejitoes) can buzz all they like, the crook from Marijuana Creeks is going back to his enclave as Nigerians are discerning people who have grown wiser than TV pep talks.

    • Godfrey Etokebe

      You have LOST it TOTALLY!!!

      • Wähala

        Impeach me on points by answering the questions not asked, not just crass comment. Why is march 28th not “sacrosanct” for instance? Look, I’m rather busy right now and won’t bother with you online mosquitoes over straightforward issues… Go to Hell !!!

    • FortB

      Choreographed Nonsense abi? But if it is APC statement you will gloat about it?

      • tundemash

        fake soldier, i thought u guys should be preparing to, for the first time if it happens, attack Boko Haram? How come u have time to play politics online ?

      • Wähala

        Tell me what you’re gloating about in Dumbo’s outing tonight!

      • hC

        These APC Supporters sabi hurl insult ehn. Na de only ting dem sabi. Very cantankerous, always fighting. Living the mantra of their messiah…”i will fight…”.

        Everything no be fight. Life na jeje.

    • Arrest Warrant

      Wat an impressive assessment…wahala keep joke aside you have gotten it right…I wish u r the moderator…not that self advertising slut,that wish another 3 hrs with DUMBO….GO AND REST GEJ..

      • Wähala

        RESPECT! my guy.
        Gulp odeku take forget that rude girl.

      • tyson

        @wahala stop deceiving yourself here—–u are the same below and above–lost and found—APC monkey–

    • Salisu Dan-Gombe

      The harder they come….the harder they fall.


    • Pro-Wahala

      A big kudos my broda for the brilliant analysis. You are simply a cut above all the PDP e-rats .

    • tyson

      The views of a frustrated sevenkate-less boooooooooooooooooooooooooooharite

      • Ty

        The views of a brilliant mind— you meant to say?

    • KD

      God bless you @Wahala.Seriously choreographed nonsense! They had their internet e-rats on standby on all platforms to start typing rubbish. If Nigerians are really this daft, then I worry!! This “media chat” was just a platform to sell his lies and state his own cooked up side of the whole story.

  • Ukpaka

    Did anybody extract any firm commitment from Johnathan that election will hold in every local government area in NE? Otherwise, I have no idea why the election had to be postponed.

  • Tufiakwa

    There should be some soul-searching at Propaganda Times (PT). I’ve just watched Jonathan’s Presidential Chat and one of the four journalists asking questions is a Premium Times editor. How best can a president demonstrate magnanimity. For Jonathan to allow an enemy, a propaganda tool of the APC to this programme says everything about him as a human and as the president. Ask Bokohari, the founder of Decree 4 and Decree 2, if he would have invited an opposition mouthpiece to a chat. Ask obasanjo, under whom Nigeria had the highest number of political assassinations, if he would have done the same.

  • tyson

    The need for 68.8 million registered voters be given unfettered access to freely collect their PVCs and cast their vote as provided for in the constitution, was part of the reason behind the postponment–

    “Let us call a spade, a spade. There are two main contenders for the Presidency in this election. The analyzed data above depicts a worrying trend. Voters in the zones that tend to support President Goodluck Jonathan are massively disenfranchised by the application of the so-called PVCs debacle, 40% to 50% of voters in the these regions who are lawfully and duly registered to vote will be denied their right to vote by INEC.
    “That is nearly half of the support base of the President, simply nullified by administrative (failure) prior to the election. By comparison, the zones that tend to support Buhari are handed a massive voter advantage, nearly 80% of his support base will be allowed to cast their votes by INEC.

    In an election, which many say will be won or lost by a slim margin, to now disenfranchise 26million voters through a questionable and unlawful rule by INEC is not acceptable by any measure.

    ” CAA condemns in its entirety. This attempt by INEC to undermine our nescient democracy through this criminal enterprise to determine the outcome of this electioneer before the ballot is cast.

    While speaking on the controversy raging over the coming election, Balarabe Musa said there is no way INEC can be able to distribute the outstanding PVCs within the remaining two weeks.

    “INEC cannot meet up with the issuance voters card to all registered voters, even the PVCs is not being realistic because of the past failures in the past. For example, INEC is talking about distributing permanent voters cards. Let us assume that sufficient PVCs have been produced the commission, how is the PVC is still being distributed.

    ” We have credible information that in some places in the rural areas, INEC staff take the PVCs for distribution and because of the disappointments of the past refuse to come out for collection of PVC. The commission staff then leave the PVCs to community leaders to distribute. I believe that should not be the responsibility of the village heads to do that but INEC.

    “Again, how can we realistically expect INEC to make PVCs available to every registered voter within two weeks, something they failed to do in many years.”

  • solozo

    Why has our President not been interviewed by any international media house that will not give their questions ahead of the interview? Why has only the certificate-less Buhari been interviewed when we all know Buhari will respond in Hausa and our President would have responded to questions in Queens English? All these APC international media people sef.

  • Shuaibu Buhari

    “Fani Kayode further asked “Can Prof Jega show Nigerians proof that the Chinese company printing the PVCs has been paid in full by disclosing the total contract sum and the amount paid to date? Can Prof Jega show proof of arrival or expected date of arrival of all PVCs for the elections? Can Prof Jega tell Nigerians how he could have distributed 23 million PVCs within 5days to election if there hadn’t been a postponement?”—Thisday

    Truth always stands out. Fani Kayode is really on points always. Forget
    about APC that always cook up false stories to satisfy their greed. Let
    Jega answer the questions..

  • Original_Raskal

    Premium times just like their fellow unrecognised e-rat rumours, sharia reporters will always look for a way to twist what gej says! I pity you guys! You think this is journalism? Even if buhari wins, you will be the one carrying placards and writing all manner of headlines to protest sharia and northern domination! Useless newspaper!

    • Titi

      Nigeria is not your concern, it is sharia and domination that concerns u. It is really a pity

  • Yusuf

    referring to stealing as corruption minimizes the crime. “Ole (thief in Yoruba) should be called Ole and given that treatment,”…In Lagos some Ole’s are burned to death with tire, but in Otueke the corrupts are given a presidential pardon

    • GoddeyNaija

      He is the president leave am Eeeh!


      dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery (Fraud is wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain and that is Stealing. The Law of the Land Stands against it)

      synonyms:dishonesty, unscrupulousness, double-dealing, fraud, fraudulence, misconduct, crime, criminality, wrongdoing; bribery, venality, extortion, profiteering, payola;

      If there are no skeleton in GEJ cupboard he should be more decisive on his fight against corruption. That is the only way we can see light at the end of this tunnel

    • David Abiodun

      How can a thief or Ole or whatever you call it be burned to death in Nigeria in this 21st century? Please shut up my friend. Thats the problem with many Nigerians. They just talk rubbish. A thief if caught will be arrested and prosecuted by law.

  • GoddeyNaija

    He is the president leave am Eeeh!


    or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery
    (Fraud is wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial
    or personal gain and that is Stealing. The Law of the Land Stands
    against it)

    synonyms:dishonesty, unscrupulousness,
    double-dealing, fraud, fraudulence, misconduct, crime, criminality,
    wrongdoing; bribery, venality, extortion, profiteering, payola;

    If there are no skeleton in GEJ cupboard he should be more decisive on his fight against corruption. That is the only way we can see light at the end of this tunnel and way forward no other else it will be a worse 4years if he wins

  • international games

    The Godfather. Stabbing and Smiling.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Did you believe any of those things brother Jonah said? If you did, then you are welcome. Take your seat under the mango tree and prepare to be treated to Tales by the Moonlight Part 2. Me, I am wiser and older to know that once bitten, twice shy… It takes more grains than chaff to ensnare an old bird. Ta!

    • Mojo Domo

      “The words of our elders are the words of wisdom…the wise man hears and gets wiser”

    • Mena Otobo-Martins

      No Odjay Slave Gambari I will only believe what u say

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Bros, I belive his response when asked why he frequents churches for campaign but never visited mosques. He response that Muslims never invited him which means Pastors invited him for campaign is true. Thats why only Adeboye comdemned the act while CAN kept mute since.

      • Lemmuel Odjay

        Now you know better. Blessed are they whose eyes see clearly, for they cannot be deceived…

    • David Abiodun

      Lemmuel, so what other option do you have if you feel bitten by this government? Please don’t tell me your other option is to roll back to those military dictators now putting on civil cloths? Because if thats your option then you really have not been bitten and you really don’t know the difference.

      • Lemmuel Odjay

        Brother Dave, there was never a time when we were free from the shackles of those ex bootstraps you refer to as “military dictators”. They proliferate even in your PDP. The last time I checked, notorious Ahmadu Ali was still there and holding one of the top most positions in the party. Cat-of-nine-lives Ibrahim Babangida (I’m sure you know him better than I do), is still there preferring to relax in the comforts of the dark background, from where he steers the PDP’s navigational machines. Need I go on? You see my brother, anyone can successfully lead this country to a glorious era as long as they are focused, have good intentions, are God fearing and have a cast iron will to bring the hopes and aspirations of the majority of Nigerians to bear, especially if the money is available, as we’d been blessed to have had in the past 14 years at least. Once such “can-do” Nigerians (and they abound) take control of leadership positions, it would be obvious to all within just 2 years that everything good is heading our way. It would not be necessary to try so hard to explain things until one’s face turns red or blue, in a bid to convince the people. According to the PDP’s Jonathan, what cannot be achieved in 4 years cannot be achieved in “100 years”. Remember? Well he had 6 years already as President of Nigeria. Are we now free to walk all the dark streets of our dear country without looking over our shoulders in fear that we might land in the hands of ransom seekers, or armed robbers, or worse still find ourselves in the icy embrace of a far deadlier option as the guy wearing a bomb vest and totting a dreadful looking machete? Have our hospitals become places where the poor sick go to for healing and comfort instead of places to lie down and die? What about jobs? I could almost hear you say “oh please, don’t even go there…” Need we chat about our home-grown brand of corruption in public office that has completely obliterated any hope for the unborn Nigerian child? Should we continue? Political party affiliation is like belonging to a football fan club such as ManU. Nothing you are told about the negatives of your club would make any sense to you, even though all indications do point towards relegation. Please try and be objective, because in the end this is not about Jonathan or Buhari. It is about our great country, our’s and our children’s future. I hate partisanship because it pulls a black coarse cloth across one’s face. Another reason why I do not belong to any football fan club or political party. Try free yourself, and you’d notice how fresh the air has become. Brother Dave?

  • August January

    Obanikoro was a former Minister of Defence (State) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under Jonathan! Minister nominee again! This is the kind of people Jonathan prefer to associate with. Obanikoro denied he NEVER took part in ANY meeting to manipulate Ekiti election with the aid of the army as leaked in the audio released online some days back. Fayose, through his media assistant, said the audio release was faked through the use of the software called “natural voice”. Conversely, the Minister of Police Affairs, Adesiyan, confirmed that the meeting did take place and that Obanikoro, Fayose, and co were present, but that it wasn’t met to manipulate the election. (Maybe he thinks people have no ears to hear the discussions anyway.) Are all these people not Jonathan’s best guys? Mr President, show me show friends, and I’ll tell you who you’re! Indeed, birds of a feather flock together! May God save Nigeria from Jonathan and his crooked boys

  • Ette

    The media chat will certainly drive many voters far away from GEJ as it was a concocted event and despite that president demonstrated again his gross incompetence in handling Nigerian affairs. The following buttress this position:

    1. The questions and answer scripts were handed to GEJ before the event and the moderator was heavily paid to assist direct him to answer the questions according to prepared script. Did we not see the lady joining GEJ in providing answers to some of the questions and fencing off any difficult follow up questions not in the script. It was quite nauseating seeing a moderators putting words into GEJ’s mouth.

    2. GEJ lost confidence in himself and this was apparent on his facial expression and body motions. He was simply pitiable. Nigerians do not have any iota of confidence on this man whose words have been found to be empty most of the time.

    3. On the question of what he will do differently if he is reelected, his answer drove many voters away from him. He believes NIGERIAN verdict of non performance of his government is mere perception and not reality. This is height of insensitivity to the devasting plight of Nigerians under his watch. He just could not see anything wrong in the near zero popularity of his government compared to the level of popularity he enjoyed in 2011. We must run from this man as he is ready to complete the destruction of our country if he succeeds in stealing the election. He simply has nothing to offer.

    4. His reaction to the threats by Niger Delta militants gives him up as part of that threat strategy for electoral benefits. Cannot work man. Was very fluid on our Chibok girls.

    God bless Nigeria and we take bold steps to deliver ourselves from the grip of these wicked PDP.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    “When asked why he frequents churches for campaign but never visited mosques. He
    responded by saying he does not receive invitations from Muslims”

    The message passed by his response includes

    1. The pastors are my campaign managers who organise a campaign rally for him

    2. Campaign managers which includes the pastors needs to have a share of N20b campaign funds raised by PDP

    3. Pastors were actually paid for organising a campaign for GEJ which Amechi confirmed

    4. GEJ is actually a Religious bigot who does not give a damn about the Muslims since they have refused to invite him for campaign.

    5. If GEJ comes back 2015, Muslims might not be favoured by his government for not campaigning for him. Meanwhile, the Nation is yet to be aware of where or when the Muslims invite GMB to Mosques for campaign

    6. GEJ contradicted himself- being an honest liar; that he was not for campaign when he visited Oyedepo church recently.

    7. GEJ has successfully divides this country based on religion as also confirmed by Sambos’s campaign in the North that APC wants to Christianise Nigeria while they come to the south and say APC wants to Islamise Nigeria

    If at this juncture anyone still doubt Amechi confirmation of N6b given to pastors to campaign against GMB , couple with the fact that CAN has never publicly deny Amechi’s statement, am sorry, such person needs advance level deliverance.

  • Bosslady

    Gosh, too many clueless Nigerians. They don’t read history, can’t face reality. Can’t stomach the silly comments

    • steve

      You are the most clueless person I have ever seen.

  • Mohamed Bello

    President Goodluck, The Unsung Hero of Nigerian Democracy.
    It is no gain saying that liberal democracy has been embedded by the administration of GEJ. It is in the light of the above that it is an incontrovertible fact that developmental strides recorded in virtually all the sectors of the economy is there for all to see as the platform for these sublime transformation was made possible by the silent achiever in the person of Dr Goodluck Jonathan. Today, Nigeria is leading the African economy as she is making tremendous efforts to expand the frontiers of the economy of the entire black race. As a matter of fact, under the watch of GEJ, Nigeria is among the few countries to overtake UK’s economy giving the current growth rate.
    Looking within the confines of of Nigeria, the enormous challenges [especially security] bedeviling Nigeria is enough to be a potential impediment to the efforts of Mr President but he has refused to be overwhelmed and that informed the recorded achievements in agricultural sector especially in the aspect of fertilizer, mechanized farming system reintroduced with concrete changes etc, that today Nigeria is one of largest exporter of cassava, also the aviation sector is not left out as we now have viable international airports in all the geopolitical zones as well as revamping cargo airports. Further, GEJ has turned the face of education in Nigeria considering the fact that education is the easiest road out of poverty. He built additional twelve Universities of which eight is in the North, also over 400 almajiri schools are being built and as well furnished with Mallam quarters to afford free education to those who ordinarily would have been on the streets.
    In addition to GEJ visionary leadership lifestyle, he signed the FoI bill and also made divergent political opinion possible not minding if his interest is negatively affected. It may also interest you to note that Youth empowerment has always been Mr President’s watchword as various Youth empowerment scheme has been seriously pursued under YouWin and SURE-P to mention the least. Further, power is becoming nearly stable in Nigeria as I am a witness as I enjoy nearly 24hrs power supply. The railway system has been revamped and in less than a month, 3hrs speed train from Abuja to Lagos will be operational.
    Finally, it is in GEJ’s administraion that corruption is electronically and systematical tackled and this will soon be appreciated by all and sundry. Let us also not forget that before now, Nigerians knew nothing like voters card, but this humble and down to earth President ensured that that should be introduced as it will control election rigging.
    Nigerians, please tell us if since independence there has ever been any Executive President who achieved all this feats within five years? Just like Mr President said, that Nigerians would appreciate his achievements by the time he leaves office.
    Dr Goodluck is God sent and he will make us more proud by the time he leaves office by 2019.

  • Iskacountryman

    we have occupied land for over 500 years…anytime we move down south and return…the kajes confiscate our lands…

  • Remi

    Professor Ibrahim avers
    that: “The purpose of the visit was to express solidarity with the people of
    Kaduna State who have suffered from high level violence for so long…” As far as we know, it is only the people of
    Southern Kaduna State, who fit his description as having suffered from “high
    level violence” for a long time. The Fulani-dominated areas of Northern Kaduna
    State have been largely peaceful most, if not all, of the time. We never hear of
    attacks by Fulani herdsmen on communities or farm invasions by herdsmen in
    these areas. The question to pose is that, is professor Ibrahim trying to be “even
    handed” or being downright mischievous, with his averment?

    Why was it that it was only the Zangon Kataf “religious”
    crisis that was investigated and the “culprits” punished? Given the “religious”
    nature of this disturbance, and the partisan nature of the Babangida
    administration, could it be that the culprits were punished, that one time, only
    because the adherents of the wrong religion got badly burnt on that occasion?

    No serious mind will believe Governor El Rufai when he
    asserts that this time; he will ensure that the culprits are punished. We have
    not forgotten, and can never forget, so soon, Governor El Rufai’s twit
    asserting the notoriety of the Fulani for vengeance and blood feuds. Neither
    can we hurriedly forget his payment of unspecified sums to his Fulani compatriots
    – albeit, the foreign ones, this time
    around – in order to get them to stop
    the killings of the people of Southern Kaduna State, whose protection is his
    constitutional responsibility .

    One question that the NBA panel needs to ponder seriously, and
    make comments / recommendations on, is why a crisis that had been ongoing for over thirty five years,
    could take our security agencies by surprise?

    As Professor Ibrahim rightly reports, the problem has it’s origins
    in ethnicity and religion. The people of
    northern Kaduna State are predominantly Fulanis, Muslims and hegemonistic,
    while the peoples of southern Kaduna State are predominantly non-Fulanis and
    Christians, which made them “fair game” for the Fulani hegemons. Long before
    the advent of the British, the Fulani rulers
    of what is now northern Kaduna State have had imperial designs on the
    peoples of southern Kaduna State. Their designs were serially frustrated, by the
    chivalrous nature of the peoples of southern Kaduna state. However, when the British
    conquered both the Fulanis and non-Fulanis in this area, she facilitated the sub-colonisation
    of the non-Fulanis, by subjugating them to the control of a Fulani comprador
    class. Consequent upon political restructuring, increased
    consciousness and struggles by the unjustly colonised peoples of southern
    Kaduna State, the Fulani hegemons started to lose their colonial grip. Thus, in
    a desperate attempt to re-establish that grip, the hegemons have resorted to
    stirring up trouble, at the slightest excuse, and with the backing of their highly
    placed co-religionists and compatriots in high offices. Besides the “high level
    of violence” that had been visited on the hapless peoples of southern Kaduna
    State, they have also been the subject of blatant and vicious discrimination in
    the civil and political life of Kaduna State.

    Therefore, in order to end the killings, the hegemons should
    first and foremost, drop their imperial designs on the peoples of southern
    Kaduna State, let them be and accept
    them as equals in the Kaduna State project.
    We can draw the line from the last incident, and make sure that all culprits involved
    in that incident are pursued to the full extent of the law and the victims
    compensated for their loss. However, I doubt if the Fulani (racist) supremacist
    Governor El Rufai will be able to accomplish this task. A truth and reconciliation
    commission may also be in order to address the injustices of the past.