Buhari meets Catholic Bishops, allays fears on religious freedom

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, has assured of his commitment towards ensuring that Nigeria remains a multi-religious state where every individual is free to practice his or her religion of choice.

Speaking at a meeting with representatives of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, Mr. Buhari said although he had been consistently vilified and maligned, he had no personal religious agenda and neither would he support any moves by anybody or group of persons to either Christianise or Islamise Nigeria.

In his speech titled “One Nation bound in Freedom, Peace, Unity and Love”, Mr. Buhari, who was accompanied by his running mate Yemi Osinbajo, the Director General of the APC Presidential Campaign Council, Governor Rotimi Amaechi and a host of other members of the party’s campaign team, said he “will not condone any initiative that seeks to promote one religion over the other”.

Earlier in his welcome speech, Bishop Ignatius Kaigama, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, who is also the Archbishop of Jos, said the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria believes in the unity and progress of this country and regretted the wide communication chasm that exists between the leaders and the people.

He hoped that the conversation was an indication of the willingness to establish a sustainable communication platform.

The Bishops expressed their concern with the falling education standards in Nigeria, wide spread corruption, insurgency and the worrisome security situation in the country, amongst others.

Reacting, Mr. Buhari traced the cause of the challenges to unemployment.

In his view, “in a country where a large percentage of the younger generation is unemployed and where no immediate respite is in sight, these challenges are prone to abound. Give them self-improvement opportunities; offer them a view of a greater tomorrow and all these will be in the past.”

Mr. Buhari assured that his government will pursue a well-planned agricultural programme in conjunction with development of the rural areas in order to exploit the multiplier benefits of agriculture, empower citizens and curtail rural-urban drift. He also stated that the solid mineral exploration and exploitation would be given a boost to generate employment.

On corruption, Mr. Buhari maintained that “we already have laws and institutions empowered to fight against corrupt practices. All we need is the will to activate these structures and utilize them appropriately”.

He further stated that Nigeria’s potential for greatness will become evident again and be more appreciated not long after he steps into office.


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  • AM

    GMB all the way, you are a true patriot!

  • Frank Bassey

    A chameleon remains one. Buhari is not a tolerant person. His attitude at the recent National Council of State meeting confirms that. He is being pushed by APC to say all these …

    • Concerned

      What attitude? What force ?

      GMB has come out openly to express a positive view and instead of welcoming the message – you make a nonsensical statement.

      The sooner you open your mind to the realities of this great man the sooner will be your salvation !

      • djay

        You can’t have everybody to support Buhari its normal in life, some just don’t like his face. What matters most is his message for change which is receiving boost and approval all over Nigeria that’s why election must take place for Nigerians to chose who they want as their leader and that’s why Nigerians will MARCH 4 BUHARI.

    • Ukpaka

      I keep saying one thing…ignorance has no cure. People like you see only ethnicity and nothing else. How many Nigerians have been slaughtered under Johnathan’s watch?. How many unemployed youth perished seeking jobs that didn’t exist and yet nobody was held accountable?. Could you look at things the way they are instead of always playing ethnic card?. Could you look at yourself in the mirror and sincerely say that things are moving well in this country?. Open your mind to better possibilities. Under this government, we earned more billions (dollars) than ever recorded by any Nigerian government but we could not save anything. Even the previous savings from previous administration has been depleted. There is nothing on the ground to show for these wasted billions of dollars besides few politicians (PDP) that are now billionaires. Why do you want this administration to continue?……simply because fools like you think in terms of North and South. If you’re dying today, would you refuse a competent Fulani or Yoruba doctor just because they’re not from the SE or SS part of the country?. My friend…..use your head. I am Igbo and I want better conditions for all Nigerians. Stand and be counted for something good.
      How much do you even know yourself before claiming to be Buhari expert. Accept the truth or die in ignorance. The choice is yours.

      • Sani Aminu

        Good Ukpaka. Let us all face the situation on ground and forget about our ethnic differences.

  • dara90

    ON GMB we stand God bless u

  • Arewabetter

    Is this the GMB, who people say is a religious bigot? I don’t think people, who accuse GMB of being a religious bigot really know what it means to practise religious bigotry. A bigot is someone, who has the feelings of worthlessness, and therefore tend to displace this anger and hate towards themselves onto another group. The bigot is simply transferring his or her own sense of low self-esteem and their own self-hatred to another racial, cultural, or religious group. The bigot will stereotype, lie, about and persecute that group no matter what the truth. They will even go so far as to accuse the persecuted of being the persecutor or fabricate instances of persecution. Can those accusing GMB of practising religious bigotry indicate to me that GMB has the features and characteristics of a bigot aforementioned by me? GMB, MARCH THEM UP come March the 28th.

  • Ugo

    “Muhamadu Buhari had clearly and unequivocally stated in public that he was committed
    to implementing Sharia law all over the country (Nigeria). Buhari’s background as a former
    member of the military, reared in the regimented tradition of giving of orders and
    unquestioning obedience of such orders as well as his antecedent as former head
    of the federal military government inclines and acclimatizes him to absolutism and
    autocracy with the danger it poses to the emergence of a constitutional dictatorship
    if elected. We are fully aware that Jonathan’s Administration has not seriously addressed
    the core promises and commitments made to Ndigbo during the 2011 election campaign.
    Inspite of this, it’s in the best interest of our people that he be re-elected.”

    …………Igbo Leaders of Thought

    [Statement issued by its Secretary, Prof. Elo Amucheazi]

    (30th January, 2015)

    • Contact Point

      Tell that to the marines, we are voting for Buhari and he will sanitize the system. The propaganda used by PDPig has failed and Nd’igbo as well as Christians are now wiser.

      • Ukpaka


    • Andel

      Stop spoiling our names.. U moron.. U re not an Igbo but an Osu.. Let the South-South and the Northerners battle their war… South South are neither our brodas or is fulani any better… Why do you lie against one to favor the other? You fake igbos are the reason we are becoming non important or useless in the society. God wont forgive u

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Thanks our incoming president. We March 4 Buhari

    • nnadoris

      Buhar will never never rule our dear country again.just wait and see

  • tayo

    does he even have the power to force religion on people? he’s not God so he should relax………meanwhile are u seeking for a genuine investment that will change your financial status? here is INVEST AND ENLARGE (WEALTHZONE) , an investment company located in Kano, Nigeria where you invest and get a monthly interest according to the amount you invest, I just received by 5th interest payment which has totally convinced me that its no joke..you can partake of it irrespective of where you are, you also get a referral bonus interest the more people you refer and which is my aim of this advert, if you are interested you TEXT your EMAIL ADDRESS to this line 08021341784 (Online customer care line) and they will get back to you with details, please do not forget to tell them I, Mr Tayo Oluwaseyi referred you, thanks!^

  • Etim Udoh

    What a man of false tongue! A man who has sworn to false affidavits as evidence of his qualification since 1961. A man who wrote in his INEC form that his sponsoring party is a non-existent All Progressives Congress Party (APCP). A man who is not a candidate in the March 28 election. Why is he wasting everyone’s time.

    • August January

      Why are you betraying your monumental ignorance in public?

  • Salisu Dan-Gombe


    I am convinced that Buhari should not be allowed to address any Nigerian until he produces his forged non-existent WASC

    • Enquirer


      • tundemash

        yawn !!!

    • August January

      Allow the court to do its job

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Your Quoran has no regards for people of the Book. Your meeting with the catholic bishops is HARAM and you know it. Your party accuses Ebele of going to churches to campaign. Your meeting with the Bishops is what ? Ebele has no business with the Imams because he does not know their ways or body language

    • bib

      Ignoramus. The Prophet (SAW) met with many contingents of Christians during his lifetime. His immediate vicegerants visited churches and even prayed in them. Today with internet you could have googled for for this information for your education. Thank you.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        If Muhammed taught them that, so, why do they kill christians indiscriminately all over the world. Google and tell Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • bib

          Just to educate:
          How many Christian or Muslim leaders know, for instance, that in recognition of Jesus Christ as his predecessor and fellow Apostle, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) signed a charter with some Christian leaders in the year 628 CE and the charter remains valid till today? In that year (628 CE), a Christian delegation from St. Catherine’s Monastery went to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to seek the protection of the Islamic government under his command. The objective was to elicit the support of the Islamic government in ensuring their security against the aggression of the Persian Empire. (St. Catherine’s Monastery is the world’s oldest Monastery located at the foot of Mt. Sinai which has a huge collection of Christian manuscripts second only to those of the Vatican and is known as a world heritage site). Prior to that event, many verses of the Qur’an had been revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) acknowledging the divine mission of all the Prophets preceding him (Muhammad (SAW) including that of Jesus Christ. And because of those revelations, no Muslim can claim to be a true believer in Islam without accepting Jesus the son of Mary as a Prophet of God. One of those revelations states as follows:“The Apostle of Allah (Muhammad SAW) believes in what was revealed to him and so do the entire Muslim faithful. Every one of them believes in Allah, His Angels, His Books and His Apostles. We do not discriminate against any of His Apostles. They say “we hear and obey (the laws brought by those Apostles). Grant us your forgiveness Oh Lord! To you we shall all return….” (Q. 2: 285).The CharterIn response to the request of the Christian representatives cited above, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) granted them a written charter of rights as follows: “This is a message from Muhammad the son of Abdullah serving as a covenant to those who adopt Christianity, near and far that we (Muslims) are with them. Verily, I and all the servants of God, as well as the helpers of Islam hereby make promise to defend Christians because they are my citizens and by God! I hold out against anything that displeases them. No compulsion is to be on them (concerning their way of worship). Neither are their judges to be removed from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries. No one should destroy a house of their religion or damage it or loot it. Whoever violates this has breached God’s charter and disobeyed His Apostle. Verily, Christians are my allies and have my secure charter against all they hate. No one should force them to fight for a course in which they have no belief or compel them to migrate against their wish. Neither is the sacredness of their covenant to be violated nor their Churches to be disrespected. And if any damage should happen to their Churches, they must not be prevented from repairing them. No Muslim should disobey this covenant till the Last Day (end of the world)”. 

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Well said. Could it be that their later day beastly actions are sanctioned by another koran? Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • bib

            Let me say right away that there is only one Quran. The one revealed to the Prophet (SAW). No new edition. The Quran read in the7th century is the one being read today. It is the one being read in Mecca, Nigeria or China. Indeed that is its main miracle. No man or jinn has been able to add or deduct a word from it since its revelation. It is the only book Allah(SWT)has promised to protect. Allah (SWT) does not fail in His promise.
            So don’t blame the religion of Islam but the ignorant Muslims. And there are many ignorant Muslims as there are ignorant Christians. They could be Imams, Pastors, Presidents or ordinary people on the street. They are the killers in the name of God.
            So my friend the solution to our problems is education. It is not surprising therefore that the first word revealed to the Prophet (SAW) in the Quran is READ!

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Well said. Thank you. Let us begin to reason sensibly like this without necessarily insulting ourselves. Cheers Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • bib

            Thank you. May Allah (SWT) give us useful knowledge. Cheers.

        • blackdove

          Its a process of civilization. My fellow Christians use to kill in the name of Jesus Christ (crusade) 1000 years ago. Same thing these terrorist are doing today, but civilization turned the Christian religion around. However killing in the name of religion can only be the handwork of Lucifer.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            So what are you saying exactly
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • bib

          Let me say immediately that there has always been one Quran since it was revealed to the Prophet (SAW). There has never been any new edition. The Quran you find in Mecca is the same you find in Nigeria or China. The Quran people read in the seventh century is the one being read today. Indeed that is one of its miracle. No human being or jinn has been able to add or deduct a word from it since its revelation. It is the only book that Allah has promised to protect. And Allah(SWT ) keeps his promises.
          So don’t judge the religion of Islam, judge the Muslims. And there are many ignorant Muslims as there are ignorant Christians. These are the killers in the name of God.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            Well said. I rest my case. Thank you
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • tundemash

      Ignorance is ravaging your head !

      • BlackieUmukoro

        I have always advised you to cut down on Ewedu intake, it is making your brain spongy and sticky Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • Arrest Warrant

      Apart from staying as neighbours, brothers keepers,advisers…..QURAN has even permitted marriage between Muslim and people of the book..don’t say your disability publicly….inshort are u protestant or Catholic?

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Marry after forceful conversion to their faith you mean ?
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • Abate Dokpu

      Blackie, Blackie, Blackie. Three times I call thee. Jomaotor.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        If you don’t speak out, your mouth could get swollen
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    May God punish these Bishops for granting an Islamic fundamentalist an audience.

    • tundemash

      Omo Ole Orafidiya,
      Looks your known insanity sickness is coming back again.
      Can u tell us what God should do with the churches Dumbo has been visiting and campaigning of recent?

      May you and your generations unborn die miserably as your father did !

    • Abate Dokpu

      Apostate. You are hell bound.

    • August January

      You’re cursed from this day forward! And the curse will pursue you, overtake you, encircle you, and surround you anywhere you go under heaven now and always for those abominable words that came from you!

    • Emeka

      My brother God do not work like that . As leaders they will not reject him. Is only if the ask us to vote for him then God and we the people of God will have issue with them. What the bishop did not ask him is why is that he chose this time to visit them and did not visit them or felicitate with them since Bookharam has bean killing Christians in the North.

  • absam777

    Meeting the Catholic bishop council is a Beautiful strategy. Let the corrupt and Ijaw-lised CAN be side-lined for the christian votes.Next organisations- The anglican, baptist etc.

  • tayo

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  • evi

    Buhari that Lamido accused of telling people in the north to vote for only muslim candidates as it is only muslim candidates that would protect their interest but when he campaigns in the south he preaches religious tolerance, someone that vowed at a seminar in kaduna that he would continue to agitate for sharia to be implemented in every part of the country, no amount of whitewashing can remove the religious bigotry in buhari’s blood

    • Yusuf

      ‘that Lamido accused’ so u do not know the meaning of accusation

  • endingNaija

    Mr.Buhari/Mr. Osinbajo, first let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting the Catholic BIshops Conference of Nigeria under the able and divine Presidency of ArchBishop Ignatius Kaigama, the ArchBishop of Jos. I thank our articulate Governor of Rivers state-Governor Amaechi for creating time to serve the people of Nigeria by accompanying the messengers of Peace, Love, Unity in our country today-Buhari/Osinbajo -to the Catholic Bishops Conference. Thank you Governor Amaechi-May the God of Joy and Peace we all serve bless you and your family eternally-You are blessed divinely. Profusely from the bottom of my heart and soul, I thank Bishop Kaigama for finding time out of his busy schedule to meet the messengers of Peace , Love and Unity in our country today. I say profusely because we have less than one week to commence our Christian 40/50 day Lent in divine remembrance of the Poor in our society as demanded by our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lent period is a period of divine introspection, a period of peace, a period of unity with our God, a period of Love for our neighbors in whose faces we see our Lord Jesus. Yet Bishop Kaigama inspite of your preparation( I know this ebcause this is a divine and universal call for us all) for this period of spiritual withdrawal to be in COMPLETE UNITY with our God, you found time to meet the messengers of Peace, Love and Unity in our country today-Mr. Buhari/Mr. Osinbajo. Thank you so much Bishop. God in his infinite mercy will continue to endow you with the wisdom, strength, love to answer your divine call to serve and shepherd God’s people. I observe the seriousness and serenity that envelope your meeting-God Bless you for that Peace and serenity. Mr. Buhari, it is not by chance that you made as I read in this story “One Nation bound in Freedom, Peace, Unity and Love” the theme of your presentation. I have always maintained that our God is ONE who we serve in “different” limited and limiting mortal and human ways. The period of Lent is a period of Love, Unity and Peace, and these you have made your theme and goal. Therefore, may the God we all serve imbue you/Buhari/Osinbajo with the strength to carry the responsibility God is giving you to serve the people of Nigeria. Before I leave kindly permit me to commit these eternal words of St Thomas Aquinas-a Catholic, and a Catholic scholar – to you Mr. Buhari/Mr. Osinbajo St Thomas Aquinas said: “JOY IS THE NOBLEST HUMAN ACT.” So Mr. Buhari, I pray: May the theme of your presentation “One Nation bound in Freedom, Peace, Unity and Love” offer us in the New Nigeria we are hoping to build after the election -give Nigerian people the platform to realise the divine words of St Thomas Aquinas in our land, our country, on Nigerian streets and neighborhoods, in our Nigerian homes and in our hearts and univerdally in the world beyond the shores of Nigeria–One People One Country Under The Same Loving and Kind God. Peace and Love Always-We are all Blessed-Sai Change oyoyo, Sai Buhari oyoyo.

  • taiwo

    This is Nigeria and we all know what Buhari represents and we will never be deceived into handing over power to such a wicked fanatic like Buhari

    • endingNaija

      taiwo, pẹlẹ o, ibinu ẹ yi pọ- asiko ibinu ti kọja ni Naijiria…”meaning ” taiwo Sorry o o o this your anger is too much…You can do without it Period of anger is gone in Nigeria…” You are so angry. Please keep your anger to yourself. With the candidacy of Buhari/Osinbajo Nigerians have put the past behind them, Nigerians have put anger-caused by the ugliness and corruption of the Jonathan presidency behind them. With Buhari/Osinbajo, this is Nigeria’s moment of divine joy as proclaimed in the Gospel. President Jonathan and his government represents anger, hatred, corruption, pestilence, corrupting every Nigerian national institution including the military-see Ekiti election and the way our military was disgracefully used to RIG election -Just too bad . But we, the people are putting all that anger-you just expressed now-behind us. This is the time of Nigerian people-Peace, Unity, Love, Divine Joy -these are the ululations in the house of our God with Buhari/Osinbajo’s candidacy. Hence everyone wants Buhari. Join the train to end corrupt Naija the old Goodluck Jonathan Nigeria. ending the corrupt Nigeria is a thing of joy. So put anger behind you too and smile a little. Smiles help. You will be healthier in the mind if you do so for anger is the seat of sickness. Vote For Change, Sai Change oyoyo, Sai Buhari oyoyo

      • taiwo

        now you are tired of answering nedling mumu

        • endingNaija

          anger anger anger anger is a major sickness in the land under President Jonathan. With Buhari/Osinbajo Nigerians are ushering a new era of love, unity and joy. Join the train of joy and put anger behind you. It will help you. It will make you healthier. Smile a little my boy. Smile for Jesus, for Jesus loves you inspite of you anger-just as Jesus loves everyone. Smile boy, smile for change. Let us cover NIgeria with joy and smiles of change. Sai Change oyoyo.Sai Buhari oyoyo.

          • taiwo

            stop mocking GOD because of mere pittance from Liar Mohammed

          • endingNaija

            taiwo anger is unhealthy. Stop this anger. You will just become more sickly with anger. Come back to divine joy of the Lord. Join the train of Change where there is true love, unity, and joy! Be healthier. You can put up with some smiles. Smile for Jesus, you angry man!
            One People, One Country, Under Same Loving and Kind God. Peace, Unity, Love and Joy always. Sai Change oyoyo. Sai Buhari oyoyo.

          • taiwo

            i will never allow myself to be corruptlbly induced to join the wagon of evil men and their evil party the APC no matter the incentive so pls stop trying