Obanikoro slams Obasanjo over endorsement of Buhari

Former Minister Musiliu Obanikoro
Former Minister Musiliu Obanikoro

The immediate past Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro, on Wednesday said the endorsement of the All Progressive Congress’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, by former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, is meaningless.

Mr. Obasanjo, who spoke in Kenya at the launch of his book, My Watch, endorsed Mr. Buhari at the expense of Mr. Jonathan who he said was courting a military coup.

Mr. Obasanjo opposed arguments that Mr. Buhari would be dictatorial given his antecedents, saying “The circumstances Buhari will be working under if he wins the election are different from the one he worked under before, where he was both the executive and the legislature – he knows that”.

He also said Mr. Buhari is “smart enough. He’s educated enough. He’s experienced enough”.

Mr. Obanikoro, a Lagos State gubernatorial aspirant who lost out in the Peoples Democratic Party primary, said via twitter that “Obasanjo’s endorsement of Buhari is meaningless in Yorubaland and should be treated as such across Nigeria. Nigerians have not forgotten how Obasanjo subverted the democratic process with his failed 3rd term agenda”.

Mr. Obanikoro, an ardent supporter of President Goodluck Jonathan, has been at the centre of controversy having been heard in an audio recording of plotting to rig and rigging the Ekiti elections.

He denied the allegation that he helped rigged the Ekiti elections and described the tape as a creation of the APC.
But the Police Affairs Minister, Jelili Adesiyan, admitted the existence of the tape even though he said it was not evidence that PDP members rigged the Ekiti elections.


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  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Obasanjo has turned himself into a nuisance. He should be expelled from PDP and charged with treason.

    • Charles Amos

      he his an old fool,he should be ashamed of him self

    • Nkebueziokwu

      Good. Not for your clueless Oga to go abegging tomorrow at Otta. PDP is dying because it hates the truth and from May 29, PDP will be history in Nigeria- to the glory of God.

    • tundemash

      Omo Ole Orafidiya,

      I won’t be surprised tomorrow if your looting masters send another delegation of govs to beg him.

  • Duru

    Excuse me, please, after you published the General Obasanjo endorsement of Buhari,
    all my neighbours have said they will now vote for President Jonathan on March 28th,
    because they said nothing Obasanjo did or backed in his life was good or sensible.

    • Onike24

      So why worry?

    • nikoroorire

      Follow your mind, dont allow others to dictate for you. May God help Nigeria.

      • Charles Amos

        ITS ONLY bUHARI that dictate, and he will soon be tired old man that is older than Nigeria

        • nikoroorire

          What has age got to do with this. The new President of Tunisia Caid Essebsi is 88. The idea is the ability to deliver, so my friend think. God bless.

    • 100%9jaPikin

      @Duru. Tell them to go ahead! Listen! It’s one man one vote. We will march4buhari.

      • Charles Amos

        stop coping the slogan of GEJ when it was Febuhari we did not copy so leave that of GEJ its march4GEJ

        • CLEAN THE ROT


        • 100%9jaPikin

          @charlesamos. It should read “copying”. Not “Coping”. Please note. I don’t like English errors. I spent money and time to learn this language.
          On that issue no one owns the slogan Joor my brother. God bless you! But March is 4 Buhari. So March4Buhari!!!

    • Lenz

      “they said nothing Obasanjo did or backed in his life was good or sensible.”

      Then no wonder Jonathan is seen as an “utter failure” not just in Nigeria but all over the world — because OBJ “backed” him to begin with.

      Or have you forgotten that OBJ made GEJ president?

      Of course, everyone must back their preferred candidate. But don’t castigate OBJ for having his own preferred opinion or preferred candidate. The same Colin Powell who not only “backed” but served under President George W. Bush, having regretted his earlier mistake in 2000 (by backing a failure like Jonathan) turned around in 2008 and broke with his Republican Party by backing the Democratic candidate Barack Obama who later went on to become president.

      So, there is nothing new or amiss in OBJ turning from a failure he previously backed to another perceived hopeful option.

      • Charles Amos

        obj didt not make him President,Nigeria voted for him

        • Lenz

          You are very mistaken, Sir.

          OBJ hand-picked Jonathan to be Yar’Adua’s VP.

          When Yar’Adua died and the Aso Rock cabal was trying to prevent GEJ from becoming Acting President and later President OBJ backed him again in his ascension as substantive president of Nigeria.

          So, OBJ made Jonathan president. And you may continue to deny it (for whatever reason). But Jonathan himself knows this and acknowledges it.

      • Walter

        Thank you my brother. This is politics and anybody can say whatever they want when they realize their folly.

    • OJ

      Duru, your neighbors need to be educated enough to know what the man OBJ stand for.
      The first Nigerian in UNIFORM to organized election and hand over to a democratic President.
      Thank God the white beard Rtd General followed his foot steps.
      That is why he moves around the world a free man and so also General Abubakar (Rtd) . These men never became Head of State by force, but by LUCK.
      As you know OBJ is not doing this for the sake of what will go to his bank account unlike ………..

      God Bless Nigeria

    • Uchechi

      No wonder Jonathan is a horrible product and now know that your fictitious neighbours are as dumb as Jonathan if they didn’t know that Jonathan is a creation of Obasanjo.

    • tundemash

      tell those your amnesty camp neighbours we wish them luck !

    • Jika

      I agree.OBJ backed GEJ and practically installed him.Six years down the line,in my opinion,Nigeria is no better off than where we were.

  • sally

    OBJ is best. He did nandover unlike the other vultures.

  • sally

    Oh sycophants all over late Abacha stopped him from handing over. Now history is about to repeat itself. The only sensible one was OBJ. He didn’t listen to them. If only he was siding jonathan, they would have been hailing him.

  • sally

    This obanikoro is so shameless. He should be covered in shame after what happened in ekiti

  • aabello

    In a decent society Obanikoro by now must be resting in his cell in kiri-kiri .

    • tyson

      in a real society boooooooooooooohari would be in jail for forging his school cert-

      • Walter

        Abeg people, Let’s be civil. They will both be in court no matter what.

    • ufoma

      na him thief nubu and co never go jail…, i dey laugh ooo!

  • Repeater Station




  • Chris1408

    This election rigger should be hiding himself, jail awaits you Onikokoro

  • otuuchi nwanneka

    TELL HIM HE IS NOT GOD .President Goodluck Jonathan is the Nigeria ‘Face of Monument’.
    Nigeria is bigger and can’t be manipulated by some group of politicians who
    think they are smart to brain wash Nigerians. Time has come for transformation.
    We shall stand to continue with President Goodluck transformation agenda. That
    era of rascality and bragging is gone. With President Goodluck you are giving
    your life a meaning. Visit the campaign website to see the dramatic
    transformation in His Government

  • Eze1

    Thug Koro with no electoral value. Go and chop the remaining money in Aso Villa before May 29.

    • tyson

      does obj have any electoral value–beyond what the Fulani ask him to do for them–was obj with abiola–b4 he won the elections—after which he helped the CIA to murder

      • Kenny

        When your dumb and useless ogogoro master was kneeling down for him in Otta and sending PDP governors to prostrate for him, didn’t they know he had no electoral value?

        • Kingsley O. Agbontaen

          Excellent. You spoke my mind. Thanks.

      • Eze1

        OBJ remains the only person who can take a southerner to the North for Campaign. Can Edwin Clark do that?

  • Preco01

    What has this ELECTION RIGGER GOT TO SAY? and who is listening to LUNATICs like him?

  • Arewabetter

    General Obasanjo has spoken, Nigerians have spoken and the whole world has spoken! The GMB’s MARCH to March 28th is inevitable. No amount of rigging will stop GMB’s March to the 28th of March. PDP will suffer a shocking and woeful defeat come March the 28th. MARCH THEM UP GMB. March the 28th will be like the day of the elephants, which can be likened to the day of the thunder, tornadoes and lightening. Mr. Goodluck Jonathan can only be lucky to survive. It is like the day when students say NO to school authorities and classes suffer. Or the day labour takes to the street and the economy suffers. Or the day father and mother fight and children suffer. Who wants the day of the elephants? Certainly, NOT Mr. Goodluck
    Jonathan. GMB, MARCH to victory, MARCH THEM UP come March the 28th.

    • Onike24

      how? PDP intends to rig, and they will because Nigerians are too docile as Fela put ” I no wan die, I no build house

  • Comfortkay

    Who knows Obanikoro in Yoruba Nation, Obanikoro is a political harlot, Obanokoro is a Sojounner an hungry man looking for what to eat. He should learn to respect elders.

  • walejohnson

    Hm Obanikoro, if you have a biological father, you will never in your life be so rude to an elderly man like Obasanjo, a man that is likely to be older than your father, politics apart. Opabi Asika was rude to one of our elders in those days and Dr Azikiwe said to him that NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT. Asika passed away after that.

    • Walter

      Let the man say what he wants to SAY. I don’t like him as well, but he has the right to say whatever he wants to say. The problem with this nation is respect this, respect that, respect those on top. We are always using EYE SERVICE RESPECT! Where has that gotten us today? Na our culture be our problem in the 3rd world countries. Oga at top, you cannot speak to him anyhow because he’s older than you., bla bla bla. Forget about all tha

  • NamesAre4Tombstones

    Mr 3rd Term endorses Mr Coup Plotter

  • Arewabetter

    Waiyooo, my poor Nigeria, where a few political clowns and thugs organize a meeting to arrange for the rigging of elections. Oh Nigeria my fatherland, where nasty things happen everywhere with indiscipline here and there and giants looting the nation to bleed. Everyday corruption thrives and recycling of the old looting gang is the order of the day. Nigerian politicians continue to loot the land with yet greater abandon while dutifully disclosing their increasing assets at the time of each election. No questions asked; no answers provided. Are there any established norms for Nigerian politicians? How can these politicians be so heartless and brainless when 65% of the population lives below the poverty line and people die of hunger and malnutrition? Poverty in Nigeria is purely man made and corruption is its main source. Poverty is a curse for human society. Poverty prevails there, where there is injustice and exclaims, where there is high illiteracy rate. The society afflicted with poverty is reprehension of entire human society. Only a fearless society can be set free from all poverty. Where the people are dumb and discounted, poverty exists there. Poverty shows, how many immature persons rule the country. My fellow Nigerians, the time for change has finally arrived, so MARCH together with GMB to March 28th to MARCH THEM UP and I hope the chances GMB has offered to you will not be SCREWED AWAY.

  • hummm

    Koro should be working on how he would avoid going to jail after March election, rather than responding to obj. Oh , I forgot that he has to defend his boss /future cell matewhom he stole the EKITI election with.

  • Maria

    Obanikoro did not tell us how obj rigged the elections in 2007 and 2011 for GEJ…f00l. Is Obanikoro not part of 3rd term agenda? A thug(agbero) who is going to jail is fighting for his life!

    • glo


  • BlackieUmukoro

    OBJ is obviously a study of how not to be an elder stateman or a former military head of state against his personal wish and desire and a foisted civilian president

  • Okey

    It is obvious Obasanjo is actively leading a camp that hold the view: if not Buhari, let the country be burned down to ashes. No matter under which guise, Obasanjo’s call now is nothing shot of invitation of a military coup. But I will keep on warning my generation thus:

    And let me warn my generation again: A generation caused crisis and civil war when they were young and that their thoughtless act cost this nation over three (3) million lives lost to the civil war that that generation caused. Members of that generation are now very old; some of them still do not realize the need to leave our generation alone run our own affairs; they and their civilian allies still want to drag us along to their graves. It is our patriotic duty to resist them from throwing our dear country into another chaos and civil war. They have spent their time. They should allow us enjoy and spend our own in peace.

    • Umukoro

      I’m afraid we all hold a similar views as OBJ. You’re alone in your hallucination..
      Wake up bruv and smell the roasting coffee. CHANGE!!!!

      • Umukoro

        ….a similar view…

    • August January

      What Obj said about coup is to make Nigerians to start shouting, so that Jonathan’s desperation to shift the goal polls at the middle of the match does not take us back

    • glo

      Which peace are you talking about? You must mean poverty!!! Your worthless president, Jonothing, and his passive aggressive style, has killed more Nigerians than any other Nigerian president in history.

      • Peter_Edo


    • Maitama Tambari

      Okey, I have said it before that you have the lowest IQ. The effort you trying to deceive the generation you are referring to with the Civil War that ended way back in 1970, has confirmed my assessment. What a shame? What a pity? We are talking of building a society free of marginalization, religios bigots, cultural and tribal respect like FESTACT ’77 where every body was his brother keeper, while you, PDP, Presidency and Presidential Campaign Team are bombarding Nigerians with divisible propogandar in the Newspapers, Radio and Television. In the Social Media the stock in trade is abuses to any thing, anybody that is against reelection of Mr. Jonathan and PDP. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

      • Okey

        That’s the extent to which your capacity can assist you. What meaning has your life when you gleeful endorse a fratricidal generation that caused war to Nigeria, fought the war they caused whilst living ethnic and religious fractures along the line, to now come to lead you in this year of our Lord 2015 ? Are you not perturbed at all that in their quest to control you and I in perpetuity, they have arrayed South West and North West against the South South, South East and the Middle Belt whilst pretending they “love Nigeria above anything else”? Of course, if you have a sense of entitlement over and above any other person not being of your ethnic stock, you will be deluded and denuded to believe you are making progress with that fratricidal generation still “navigating” you.

  • Funso

    Musiliu Obanikoro is an ọmọ àlè-period.

  • Du Covenant

    Obasanjo is a Nigerian and has the right to express his views and opinion. If a country can allow dogs like Asari to talk, why can’t a patriot like Obasanjo be heard?. All is not well with Nigeria and has not been for the past 6 yrs, lets acknowledge it and correct the mess…

    • Oboro

      Would you start now to correct it? where were you during Obasanjo and even from the creation of Nigeria. Can you remember what leads to FELA to compose and sing THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER??…if there is corruption in Nigeria today you are part of the corrupt system. How many time have you forced some to do what he/she would want to do naturally. Remove the PERK in you eyes first before you go ahead to remove others.

      • Antia

        I really do not understand you. Do you say we must continue the way we are? You must be part or may be deriving something from the loot. Open your eyes your generation will be greatly affected. Mind you there generation shifting out.

  • August January

    Former Minister of Defence (State) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! Minister nominee! This is the kind of people Jonathan prefer to associate with. Obanikoro denied he NEVER took part in ANY meeting to manipulate Ekiti election with the aid of the army as leaked in the audio released online some days back. Fayose, through his media assistant, said the audio release was faked through the use of the software called “natural voice”. Conversely, the Minister of Police Affairs, Adesiyan, confirmed that the meeting did take place and that Obanikoro, Fayose, and co were present, but that it wasn’t met to manipulate the election. (Maybe he thinks people have no ears to hear the discussions anyway.) Are all these people not Jonathan’s best guys? Mr President, show me show friends, and I’ll tell you who you’re! Indeed, birds of a feather flock together! May God save Nigeria from Jonathan and his crooked boys

  • Maria

    I had expected PDP to announce the immediate expulsion of OBJ from PDP for anti-party activities…lo and behold… all we read is sending this agbero to respond to OBJ, lmao!