Jonathan inviting military coup on Nigeria, Obasanjo says

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has raised fears that the political posturing of President Goodluck Jonathan – using the military to delay scheduled election – might invite a military coup on the country.

“The signs are not auspicious,” Mr. Obasanjo told the Financial Times in an interview in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital. “I don’t know whether a script is being played.”

“I sincerely hope that the president is not going for broke and saying ‘look dammit, it’s either I have it or nobody has it’. I hope that we will not have a coup . . . I hope we can avoid it.”

There have been concerns among opposition activists and civil society that Mr. Jonathan is excessively courting the armed forces and dragging them into politics.

National elections, earlier billed for February 14 and 28, were rescheduled for March 28 and April 11 following a “strong advisory” and a warning from the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, and military chiefs that they could not guarantee security for the polls.

The opposition All Progressives Congress has accused the military of being used by the Jonathan administration to scuttle the election after it had earlier given a clear commitment to provide security for the elections just three days before making a volte-face.

Many Nigerians also expressed concern when the Nigerian Army addressed a press conference in January, saying it did not have the original certificates of Muhammadu Buhari, the APC presidential candidate Mr. Jonathan’s party is battling to disqualify from running.

And just recently, a leaked audio recording suggested that Mr. Jonathan ordered the military to rig last year’s Ekiti governorship election in favour of his party, the Peoples Democratic Party.

In his interview with the Financial Times, Mr. Obasanjo said the military, especially the army, is in bad shape and had not been properly led.

“It’s a question of leadership — political and military,” Mr. Obasanjo said. “I think you need to ask [Mr Jonathan] how has he let [the army] go to this extent . . . Many things went wrong: recruitment went wrong; training went wrong; morale went down; motivation not there; corruption was deeply ingrained; welfare was bad.”

There are suggestions Mr. Jonathan would prefer to hand over to the military rather than Mr. Buhari if he loses the coming presidential election, but there is so far no clear-cut evidence to suggest that, although the APC has repeatedly alleged that the president’s party is in cahoot with the military to rig the coming election.

In the interview published Tuesday, Mr. Obasanjo, a card-carrying member of the PDP, openly endorsed opposition candidate, Mr. Buhari, saying he is best for Nigeria at this time.

The APC candidate is a former military head of state, who ruled Nigeria between December 1983 and August 1985.

“The circumstances [Mr. Buhari] will be working under if he wins the election are different from the one he worked under before, where he was both the executive and the legislature — he knows that,” Mr. Obasanjo said. “He’s smart enough. He’s educated enough. He’s experienced enough. Why shouldn’t I support him?”

Mr. Obasanjo has repeatedly accused Mr. Jonathan of deepening corruption in Nigeria and mismanaging public funds.

Speaking about the financial crisis facing the country as a result of the crash in crude oil prices, Mr. Obasanjo sees some positives in the development.

“There’ll be less in the pot, for stealing or corruption,” the paper quoted him as saying.


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  • Segun

    This Obj is to funny. He is a bad loser.

    • Obinna

      What did he loss? He is only patriotic. GEJ is not competent even you know that.

      • Segun

        He lost out of PDP power play. He lost out the control of the presidency.

    • talkingdrum

      Shut up!!! Do you you even have brains to understand what Nigeria and Nigerians are passing through in the hands of this failed dictator called Jonathan? Else keep your mouth shut and remain silent forever.

      • Segun

        What are u passing through? What was the achievements ofOBJ for 8 yrs? What was the state of FG roads during his time. He is a bad loser. He wanted to rule from Ota like Tinubu is ruling Lagos from Ikoyi

      • oluwaseyi mayowa

        the fact that you called the most people friendly president this country has ever had a failed dictator shows me the extent and level of your foolery and detachment from the real world .Please do yourself a favour and stop smoking crack

    • Dumbo

      Funnier than Dr Dumbo Clueless? You must be kidding

      • emmanuel

        Clueless? Yet he dey castrate una dey go!

        • djay

          Na you Gej castrate cos if yawa burst neither you nor your family, relation go escape am.

          • emmanuel

            Which yawa?

            Na the yawa we sef want. So that other people apart Fulanis and Yorubas can rule and be given freedom to rule without ethnic sabotage.

            Tambuwal was planted on Jonathan since 2011 by both ethnic groups in addition to Boko Haram, yet you think there should be peace? Irooo.

          • djay

            Na so you think say e easy, where the support wey your Jonathan get both locally and internationally? even the SS na you plus some of those militant they support Gej as oppositions against Gej full SS.

      • Segun

        U are too daft to understand.

    • ODOFIN, Lagos

      Segun! Segun!! Segun!!! You reacted to OBJ comments like someone that’s ignorant of happenings around him and very unintelligent…OBJ can never be poor again. Hence, it is not about him but the survival of this country

      • Segun

        Ignorant of what? That Obj wasted 8 years with nothing to show for. He had 20,000 naira before he became president and today he is a bastard billion. How did he make the money? GEJ remains the best president so far. Look at our Federal roads, look at agriculture, look at our restructuring of civil service where ghost workers syndrome has been eliminated. Look at our electoral process. Boy don’t allow them to brain wash u.

        • ODOFIN, Lagos

          Call me boy? smilessss

      • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

        if you believe what you just said then you are about one of the most hopeless I have come across in a loooooooooong time.

    • djay

      It shows you are a kid and don’t know how bad the situation Gej has led us to. Pray and hope elections are held otherwise you will live to regret it.

      • emmanuel

        Election will surely hold.

        Awolowo went this way then and he helped get democracy out of the way because he failed in an election.

        There is no regrets anywhere. Whatever happens if any negative will be for the good of the different Nationalities.

        Will the military force Crude through pipelines if they overthrow?

        Nigeria is long past that my friend.

        • djay

          I understand your point of reasoning at that level but there are some other things you tend to ignore. Nigeria is an sovereignty accepted by world powers and will not support any form of agitation by selfish interests from SS because they have oil.

    • Richie

      Very correct……bad loser……his irrelevance in PDP is causing all these……wants to get even with GEJ… if you don’t do what i tell you we shall see….thats what is playing out……For me let any other thing happen but not Buhari to rule….let even a northern extract that is muslim from the Army take over…..idiots…..

      • emmanuel

        Any military man who wish do a coup may just engage in suicide mission – the world will do economic sanction against him and Crude will not flow, so he will hide in Aso Villa while Somalia takes place everywhere.

        It will then be a walk over for the ethnic Nationalities to go.

        Obasanjo is completely ostracised in Nigeria Politics. He is now a nonentity in the PDP, yet he does not want Nigerians to see him bow down to the Burdillon god.

        Therefore he goes to naming ceremonies and pepper sellers meetings (wether invited or not) to disparage Jonathan.

  • Segun

    Obj is a failure. A man who wasted 8 yrs and went ahead to seek for unconstitutional 3rd term.what a shame. Nigerians should ignore him.

    • ODOFIN, Lagos

      It is obvious who you are! Silence is the best answer for your class of people

      • emmanuel

        So you agree Obasanjo looted Nigeria? How else could he have become a rich forever man, when he became president a broke man?

  • Shahokaya

    42. Jonathan should remember that he has exhausted his streak of good luck. Providence, Constitution or any other power will not put the Presidency on his laps from 29th May 2015. Because Nigerians are gullible, the President using the ethnic and regional card want us to support him while he has not shown any indication that he is different from Abacha or Obasanjo. For a man who was a Vice Chairman, Chairman, Deputy Governor, Governor, Vice President, Acting President and now President yet cannot be identified with a single achievement shows the kind of imbecile some are dying to support. For a man who has had the singular honour of having being at the helms of affairs at the LGA, State, and National levels to be behaving like this should make all sane men to be sad. While maybe not, because he got to those positions by some serendipity, and he has found it very difficult to rise to the occasion. Jonathan lacks any discernible leadership qualities. Despite his vociferous allusions to the ideal of transformation , he has been unable to articulate that idea of transformation in an identifiable way. Instead, his plodding style of government has hardly moved from the tradition of “dedicated” committees on this and that.

    • emmanuel

      A non stop drive at 120 Km/hour from Lagos Tollgate to Warri Roundabout is now 4.30 minutes (last week Thursday). It is not witchcraft, Jonathan made it work.

      I recalled when Diezani cried after traveling through Benin Highway as works Minister and Obasanjo tell am say cry nor dey work for the job wen i give you, just bring the money voted for the job and wipe your tears, because Nigerians nor deserve good road.

      Obasanjo wanted to hold on to Ibadan Highway by sucking blood from there without a stone on the ground in the name of Bi-Courtney, so Jonathan said no.

      Today, that road will soon be the best in all of Africa, yet Jonathan is doing nothing. Shame.

      • zacchaeus Akinleye

        You are just posturing for the continuity of the rotten system fueled by bigotry and selfishness. Only people of your ilk will compare Buhari to Jonathan because you have outsourced your conscience to tribalism.

        • emmanuel

          Mumu, politics has its route in representation, which could be religious or geographical.

          It is left for you to determine what is the basis of your support for Buhari – the most ethnical biased person in Nigeria is a Yoruba and those from your place who support Buhari do so because you want back to Aso Villa as soon as possible.

          Yet you want me not to be tribal? Nonsense.

          • Tayo Ayodele

            So why do you now want other tribes or religion to support you?

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    Obasanjo’s endorsement carries more burden than relevance to the recipient because it is said that birds of the same feather flock together. GEJ 2015 no shaking

    • Spoken word

      really?wake up from your slumber. right now GEJ is like an infectious disease.If he is not careful he will end up cooling his heels at the Hague like Gbagbo. time will tell how dumb he really is.

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    We say no to Obj’s third term plot

  • Victor Gee

    Pls how can a man who conducted the worst election in the history of this country condemn this electoral process put in place by GEJ. Is it not madness for OBJ to say anything about our elections. Is he shameless? He destroyed this country and I guess he is jealous of Jonathan massive performance.

  • Salisu Dan-Gombe


    The bulk stops at Jonathan’s table.

    I would have expected that all that Jonathan needed to do was to use his executive powers to ascertain if Jega is truly ready for the election.

    If it is true that Jega was not truly ready for the election but still wanted to go ahead with it …… then a right thinking President who knows that he will take all of the blame if Jega fails ………. would quickly ask Jega to step aside or commence terminal leave while a new team is put together to conduct the election.

    At the same time the state of things in INEC is made public for all to see that the President acted in good faith.

    There must be a thorough and comprehensive audit of INEC to ascertain the true state of things at INEC.

    This is what I had expected a responsible President to do …….. it is shame that the Presidency and PDP are buying pages of Newspapers to ask Jega hopeless questions and tell us that INEC was not ready.

    • oluwaseyi mayowa

      you sound daft and stupid,wake up from slumber see the hand writings everywhere.GEJ will win this election with a landslide while your APC will win the online media version but we all know the one that counts

      • emmanuel

        Na true you talk. APC will win the elction online, but GEJ will win the real election.

  • Spoken word

    mr obj why did you give us the clueless one in the first place. Look at how he is wrecking the economy. he has transformed dollar from N150/1 to N202/1. that is some real transformation.

    • Aisha

      What did Obj do? What was the dollar agianst naira when he came in 1999 and when e left in 2007?

    • emmanuel

      Mumu, na im bring I international price of crude down?

      The man is restructuring from total reliance on crude and una dey cry.

      • Spoken word

        I am happy you know that GEJ is a mumu. you couldnt have said it better. lol.

  • Aisha

    If not that Nigeria is a jungle, wicked and failed leaders like Obj would have been in jail for all the atrocities he committed. All political assassinations and wickedness he perpetuated in office. Pls that rant. A failure who has never won his ward. Mtchwwwwwwwwww

  • oluwaseyi mayowa





    • Real Deal

      I think the hominida should shut his gob immediately.

  • malik shaibu

    OBj that lost his ward and the polling unit right behind his house is here endorsing people and the media are carrying it as news. GOODLUCK 2015 SHIKENA

  • Etang Chris

    Na frustration they worry Obj. Yeye man. U want 3rd term by fiat. No way for u.

  • Dodon Doya

    Ja mu je Baba iyabo!
    Nigeria must be freed from the clutches of evil forces. And I wish to remind these forces that Nigerians can never be taken for granted as far as the issues of tenure elongation and truncating the democratic process is concerned. Even though we can be brutally battered in the evil machinations but Nigerians always emerge the winners. The list is long: a) IBB failed in 1993; b) Abacha failed in 1998; c) Obj failed in 2006. As ever we shall resist GEJ and his evil forces and come May 29, 2015 his name will be written in the history as the worst president Africa has ever produced.

  • Etang Chris

    Nigerians be careful, Buhari + Obj + Tinubu + Amechi, chaiiii naija don suffer.

  • malik shaibu


    GEJ: I have built roads.

    GMB: I will fight kuoropsion

    GEJ: I have built schools

    GMB: I will fight kuoropsion

    GEJ: I have built railways and bought trains

    GMB: I will fight kuoropsion

    GEJ: I have built hospitals and health centres

    GMB: I will fight kuoropsion

    GEJ: I have built airports and renovated many

    GMB: I will fight kuoropsion

    GEJ: I have improved our agricultural sector

    GMB: I will fight kuoropsion

    GEJ: I have encouraged technological independence

    GMB: I will fight kuoropsion

    GEJ: I have evolved sound democratic institutions

    GMB: I will fight kuoropsion

    GEJ: I am qualified to run with a phd

    GMB: I will fight kuoropsion

    Can somebody please tell granpa to explain to us how he’ll fight “kuoropsion”??

    • larry

      Buhari is a joke!

  • Ologun David

    Let Obj no provoke me. What did he do? Did our economy regain under him?

    • Tope

      Naira is now N200 to 1US$. You are really doing well economically. Oil is now $40, fell from $150 and nobody is interested in buying the oil, the oil ship stays on the sea with nobody interested.

  • Ologun David

    GEJ carry go? No mind yeye Oby, papa corruption.

  • Anene Mercy

    This GEJ too much, why are all the bad eggs fighting him. Pls we will continue to support him until Nigeria is better.
    On GEJ I stand.

    • Tope

      GEJ is very good in doing nothing. such a low rank.

  • 9ja4life

    Now put your shields before your hearts and fight / With hearts more proof than shields

  • charles peters

    This gang up will never work. The military has said that u guys should them out of this bitter politics u are playing against GEJ. It was Buhari who started this nonsense by saying and swearing an oath that the military has his certificates. It was on this premise that the military has to come out to disown him.

    These desparados should leave alone and jump into the lagoon.

    • Tope

      Which Military said that? The Nigeria Military leaders sponsoring BH in order to get more budget that they are stealing, they have no armunisions, all have been looted?

  • 9ja4life

    We are accounted poor citizens, the patricians good. What authority surfeits on would relieve us: if they would yield us but the superfluity, while it were wholesome, we might guess they relieved us humanely; but they think we are too dear: the leanness that afflicts us, the object of our misery, is as an inventory to particularise their abundance; our sufferance is a gain to them

  • inuwa kate

    The shadow of wickedness is against Obj. GEJ will win this election it is a must. It is a done deal. If u like go to Washington DC and launch ur book, GEJ must remain till 2019. He is the best.

    • Tope

      GEJ is grossly minority, he cannot win any election without North and South West unless it if rigged. But hell will let loose, the President is a feather weight as it is.

      • emmanuel

        We want that hell now.

        For your information, majority of the Yorubas are routing for GEJ if you do not know. I spoke to a highly placed Yoruba man on Sunday. Hear him “all highly placed people i have spoken with on the change they clamour for, have one personal gain in view and not driven my concerns for Nigeria”.

        Posters and propaganda does not translate to votes for a people that have been cheated for long..

        Meanwhile, you seem not to understand Nigeria. The minority ethnic groups in Nigeria are thrice more than the Yorubas and Fulanis put together.

        For your information also, the Igbos are mpre than the Yorubas in Population. Falsehood aside.

        • tundemash

          Indeed, how do u sit and the creek and know majority of the Yorubas are rooting for Dumbo ? In your dreams ! Since when has Fani Kayode, Obanikoro, Bode George, Busuruji command any following ?

          • emmanuel

            I told you people same thing before Ekiti election and you doubted, but Fayemi congratulated Fayose in less than thirty minutes after the result was declared. It was out of pressure from Burdillon than the APC began all the lies and videoshop there after.

            I am not a PDP person, but stop bye Okada park, Mechanic villages, markets etc to feel the pulse of Nigerians. Facts is they are not interested is serving a god father

          • Tope

            Can’t you see what has become of Ekiti election? You cannot see the leaked video? Is that the same plan you criminals have for the presidential election?

        • Ashley

          It is worrying how you could jump to such a conclusion that the yorubas are routing for GEJ from speaking to a compromised elderly man when the overwhelming evidence is to the contrary.
          Without mincing words, in the history of Nigeria, the Yorubas have never been more marginalised under any govt than under GEJ’s govt. That’s the truth.

        • Emeka David

          U said the truth

        • Tayo Ayodele

          Is that what the voters register say? Or your own secret register?

        • Tope

          I cannot understand your awkward thinking. Your brain is in your pant instead of your head. You cannot think straight anymore, you are used to telling lies and you seem to believe your own lies.

      • Emeka David

        Only God has de final say

  • Mr. Abdin

    OBJ is absolutely right. The body language of the government is there and it seems GEJ is confused on what to do. Change has come.

    • David Abiodun

      Mr. Abdin, is this what you call change? History repeating itself? Nigerians like yourself deserve the kind of government they’ll get because your choices are truly a representation of who you are!!

      • tundemash

        And i guess another 4 years of cluelessness isn’t histiry repeating itself in your warped mind ?

  • Uwe

    With people like OBJ supporting GMB, it seems GEJ is set to win this election. OBJ has very little democratic value. Those who either do not know how humongous this man’s selfishness is, or decide not to bother, OBJ may make sense. Those in this mould should find out why the South West from where he hails, and even his immediate family, has very tiny respect for him.

  • danjuma

    It is GEJ 2015. My northern brothers should not listen to Obj, he hates the north so much, he is not our friend, he used us through sick Yaradua in 2007, he is back again. North must run from him.

    • tundemash

      Dokubo, creek rat,, stop impersonating aboki !

  • egoigwe

    Look who’s talking! What does this old despicable man really want?
    Everything he does, everything he says speak to his character. Obasanjo
    is a chameleon if ever God created one. It is clear by his outpouring
    that he would rather see Nigeria burn if he can’t get his way all of the
    time. Obasanjo would make Oliver Twist green with envy. There is no
    greater spoilt brat on our political horizon than Obasanjo.

    is his message to Nigerians here? That there will be a coup if we vote
    in Jonathan? How does he know this? Did his American friends at the CIA
    tell him? When Obasanjo says he hopes we can avoid a coup, it is the
    same thing as saying he knows a coup is already imminent. You can only
    avoid something that is directed or aimed at you. Again, how does he
    know this? What is this extremely resentful man planning?

    He says “The circumstances he (Buhari) will be working under if he wins
    the elections are different from the one he worked under before, where
    he was both the executive and the legislature – he knows that. He is
    smart enough. He is educated enough. He’s experienced enough. Why
    I support him?” In other words, the dictator will learn to change his
    spots in old age and this is why Obasanjo will support him? And because
    the dictator has learnt to do so, this makes him educated, experienced
    and smart enough?

    Obasanjo admits Buhari is used to absolute
    power, which corrupts absolutely, but fails to intimate us of the
    reasons which show that despite his observations, Buhari has indeed
    changed from a cast-in-steel dictator to that of a new-found democrat.
    Oh, okay, he expects decent Nigerians to merely take his word for it?
    Like hell we will! Obasanjo should tell us wherein Buhari’s democratic
    credentials lie? On what is Buhari’s political pedigree grounded? The
    muzzle of a gun or authoritarianism?

    It is not a good thing for
    Buhari that he is being endorsed by Obasanjo. Such an endorsement speaks
    volumes. It says perhaps, Obasanjo and Buhari are birds of the same
    feathers which will only flock in winds of deceit, hedonism and

    • babayin

      We know your pains. Never will your people try another Biafra war again. OBJ was able to achieve that for Nigeria.Your GEJ is on his way to prison after May 29. Mark my word

    • tundemash

      Dd u read this upside down or were u high in ogogoro when u read it ?

  • onyekaokorie

    GEJ is the man. Obj go and hug transformer.

    • john jones

      Your suffer just wan start. Mugu

    • Emeka David

      U said the truth GEJ is light all this people dat fighting him are agent of darkness

  • 9ja4life

    You are transported by calamity
    Thither where more attends you, and you slander
    The helms o’ the state, who care for you like fathers,
    When you curse them as enemies

  • BlackieUmukoro

    The time is over ripe to kick out obj from PDP for anti party activities and his divisive policies in the polity and his romance with a known dictator. They are the same anyway and what obj is doing is self survival

  • Frank Bassey

    The more the man speaks, the more he remains ignoble.

  • Bash

    The clueless ruler shall not succeed by God grace.

  • grace folarin

    now this is an ex-ruler putting fear into the heart ofgood nigerians. hes letting you know that military can take over this country still and we wont be able to do anything bout it. why wont gmb make all the threat comments. military rulers shouldnt be let back to rule.#GEJ4NAIJA

  • Zubairu Usman

    The elder statesman has more to advise, much more than the current inexperienced partners of the existing leadership.

    • emmanuel

      Elder statesman Obj?

      We know self serving Nigerans would accept evilmen as saints as long as their desires are met.

      Zubairu, I am sure all Fulanis wanted Obj dead when he dealt with them during his tenor. He is now an elder statesman because he endorsed your Fulani Buhari. Na wao.

      I conclude that Nigeria should just go

      • babayin

        Yes OBJ is no.1 elder statesman in Nigeria and currently in Africa. Idiots like you wont know because you know next to nothing. How did OBJ deal with Fulani’s? He was fair to all section of the country even the IBOs when he was President. Go and seek forgiveness because history has it that calamity befall people that critise BABA. you are warned.

        • emmanuel

          You sure lack character and very sure your father too.

          Obj is only an elder statesman to slimy character like you who. Time and events determine the values they place on people.

          For your information, morals, good character and ethical values are not determined by crooks. They are the basis for equity and natural justice in law. Can Obasanjo ever come to equity with clean hands?

          If no, then he is not an elder statesman!

          • SAM .A

            e -rat , say all the things that will make you happy and wet your tribal appetite , it will never erase facts, Pa Obasanjo remain a stateman beyond your myopic & moronic understanding .
            He was fair to all tribes , he has no predilection to any religion, he did not govern by dividing Nigeria .
            Shut up and stop insulting your grandfather , a low life e-rat, / ash wiper.


            Always supporting thieves,perverts,coup plotters,plunderers,Jihadists,tyrants,dictators etc……scumbag like you !

          • SAM .A

            You know me , do not insult me again, Osu, ash wiper for aborigine , with apology to Holy Wahala.
            If u post comment on my thread again , I will baptize u next time.Your crumbs will dry up in May.( were,omo Iran kiran)

          • Intrepid

            An incestuous grandfather. Shame on all of you who support abomination in the society.

          • KRP

            If you are talking of morals, good character and ethical values and you are insulting someone`s parents on this forum, I believe you are a bastard.

        • Intrepid

          Who is Baba? the incestuous IGUANA? What did Iyabo say about your Baba?

      • tundemash

        What was he when he was holding Dumbo’s hands all over the country in 2011 ?

      • Zubairu Usman

        Mr., all one is saying was that the elder statesman has more to advise, because he was there. I didn’t mentioned a word support for x or y.

  • Richard

    Obasanjo has nothing to lose but Jonathan has everything to lose. Jonathan has a golden opportunity to write his name in gold and to the good book of history. All the morons, sycophants and boot lickers supporting his actions now are digging hole for him. When they finished burying him they would turn back to start calling him names. We are all witness of history what you guys did to Babangida it was your kinsman who led the crusade. You did the same thing to Abacha , it was your kinsman who organized one million man March for him until you marched him to his grave. History is repeating itself. Can’t you people be on the side of good history for once? All the paid writers on this forum , your job is coming to an end.

  • Musuru

    This is very wicked of Obasanjo, why must he keep confusing Nigerians? He has a lot to answer GOD on Judgement day, because the Almighty is the Greatest WATCH!

    • tundemash

      Yeah i agree he wil have to explain to God how he foisted two sick men on this nation; one has no kidney and the other had no brain nor balls !

  • Okey

    It is obvious Obasanjo is actively leading a camp that hold the view: if not Buhari, let the country be burned down to ashes. No matter under which guise, Obasanjo’s call now is nothing shot of invitation of a military coup. But I will keep on warning my generation thus:

    And let me warn my generation again: A generation caused crisis and civil war when they were young and that their thoughtless act cost this nation over three (3) million lives lost to the civil war that that generation caused. Members of that generation are now very old; some of them still do not realize the need to leave our generation alone run our own affairs; they and their civilian allies still want to drag us along to their graves. It is our patriotic duty to resist them from throwing our dear country into another chaos and civil war. They have spent their time. They should allow us enjoy and spend our own in peace.

    • babayin

      U are talking rubbish. There is no generation that caused Biafra other than late Ojukwu and IBO’s. Okey the Biafra war has been fought won by Nigeria and lost by Biafra. It was a senseless war. OBJ is talking of the likely of a coup because of the way GEJ is behaving. Let GEJ not take OBJ’s advice as quickly as possible and quit in May, he may have himself to blame.

      • Okey

        I don’t want Ojukwu’s colleagues alive to induce us into another senseless war. That’s my own “rubbish” contribution in this matter. For if it happens, there must victors and villains – all at the expense of innocent Nigeria bloods.

      • emmanuel

        Gej will ceremoniously sign out on May 29, 2015, by which time. Igeria would have made significant progress.

        But if you want Jonathan to blame himself after his next swearing in, you can be sure that heads will roll.

    • Abdulkadir

      He is just suggestive of the fact that GEJ may be headed towards allowing a military coup to take place to abort the current trend of uprooting the PDP from the Aso-Rock. His view is that elections must be held and the winner celebrated not denied. He also chose a side in the contest. His choice is a wise one.

  • Dr.Dan

    OBJ should stop this his saint like activism. Nigerians have not forgotten how he forced the Sick and clueless on us. This mess we are in is OBJ’s legacy. We will surely vote out this corrupt and incompetent gov’t come March 28. OBJ should hold is peace and not try to take the glory.

    • Emeka David

      Is President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Really Bad?
      1] Goodluck Jonathan signed FOI bill that Obasanjo
      refused to sign and you join then in saying that Goodluck
      is bad.
      2] Goodluck approved N18,000 Minimum wage from
      N7,500 Which Obasanjo refused to sign and you say that
      Goodluck is bad and NYSC allowance from N7,500 to
      nearly approved N39,500, yet they say he is bad.
      3] Goodluck dualized federal roads (about 25,000km)
      which Obasanjo and past Govts abandoned and you say
      Goodluck is bad.
      4] The rail system is working now, with little budget But
      Obasanjo Sunk billions of dollars without result, other
      pasts leader ignored and you say that Goodluck is bad.
      5] Goodluck has been conducting free and fair elections
      whereas the ones conducted under Obasanjo are Shameful
      and national disgrace yet you say Goodluck is bad.
      6] Goodluck established 12 new universities, 9 in the North
      to improve learning and knowledge and increase the
      Jambites admission rate, yet you say that Goodluck is
      7] Goodluck established the Almajiri system for Northern
      abandoned street children and those deprived of education
      by their own people and you say Goodluck is bad.
      8] Goodluck has been building dams and improving the
      country’s power from 2500mW to 6,000MW – And
      successfully privatized the sector which many analyst
      believed is the best way to go and you joined them say
      that Goodluck is bad.
      9] Agriculture have been revamped and for the first time in
      Nigerian history, Food prices came down during
      Christmas, instead of skyrocketing and you say that he is
      a bad President.
      10] 2013 and 2014 was the Christmas in Nigeria, where
      Nigerian did not sleep in filling stations for 3 to 4 days to
      get Petrol or 100s of people being roasted alive in
      attempts to get fuel in petrol stations, wickedly, you joined
      them to say that our God given President is not
      11] Airports are wearing world class looks and every zone
      have International airport and you say Goodluck is bad.
      12] This administration has employed more people in their
      5years in office than any other in the history of Nigeria
      [Via Agric, Energy sector,16 New Car Companies, 12 New
      Universities, 3,826 primary Health care Centers, Teaching
      Hospitals] SURE-P, YOUWIN and you say Goodluck is bad.
      Now do you think that General Muhammadu Buhari will
      perform magic, which he could not do when he was in his
      40s, if you vote him?
      What else do they want from President Goodluck Ebele
      Share if you agree that President Goodluck Jonathan
      deserves re-election to continue the good works.

  • betrand

    What else will I expect from a man his son accused of sleeping with his wife, till today he is still silent on that issue.instead he has been busy chasing shadows.keep your house in order first, Elder statesman my foot .

    • tundemash

      That is his personal problem. nationally , what OBJ is guilty of his foisting two sick men on this nation; one has no kidney and the other had no brain nor balls ! Dispute that if you can.


        Incest is against the laws in Nigeria,it is in fact a criminal offence . The incestuous gorilla should have been made to face the law in sane climes.

        • Jaja

          Someone informed the other time that President Jonathan engages in the following (i) Diezani Alison Madueke who presumably is married and is also a lover to Aluko, is also President Jonathan’s mistress, (ii) Diezani Alison Madueke’s sister is also a mistress to President Jonathan which means President Jonathan sleeps with one of his ministers and the minister’s sister. (iii) Oteh of SEC is also President Jonathan’s mistress. (iv) Yet President Jonathan presumably has an official wife called Patience Jonathan. Also President Jonathan is presumably a Christian and Christian Association of Nigeria is one of his campaign platforms through his friend Mr. Ayo Oritsejafor. The thing is how an “ANNOINTED PASTOR-Mr. Oritsejafor can close his eyes to all these right INSIDE ASO ROCK, the seat of governance and still uses the Christian Association of NIgeria as a campaign platform for someone-President Goodluck Jonathan who s clearly IMMORAL, IRRELIGIOUS, Un_GODLY and UNCHRISTIAN. Are there issues about his Ebele Jonathan man that we just do not know? Tawanda Incommunicado, what do you think of these? I am just asking for your views-So you do not need to be angry or be abusive.


            Thanks goodness,he has not been taken to the court by any complainant. OBJ’s son swore an affedavit accusing him of incest,in fact there has been no known denial to date !!

          • Jaja

            So in your eye it is fine that President Jonathan also sleeps with Diezani Alison Madueke the aunt of his children from Diezani Alison Madueke’s cousin? Hm hm hm Anyway Is that why Diezani Alsion Madueke just gave 70 million Naira to Bayels PDP to organize ONE RALLY for President for his campaign? Where did she a minister get 70 MILLION naira to give his lover boy-Mr Goodluck Jonathan.? Just asking boy Tawanda-please bring it on make we nak tory small!!!

          • justice

            What evidence do you or anyone have? Abi this na your amebo way of diverting our attention from Obj’s meddling and tacitly inviting a military coup.

          • Jaja

            Goodluck Jonathan get pikin-hm? Who e get di pikin for as e no get am 4 Aunti Patience. ? who be dem mama? Small boy-next time watch how you rub your mouth anyhow- You think Nigerians do not keep tab on these things-!!!

          • Temper

            …my friend, are you aware that the name Jaja is of Royal nobility? Do you know that his Excellency and Highness Dokubo G. Asari is a branch in that deeply rooted tree? Na something dey work you? Make you advise urself oh!

          • Jaja

            So? E good as Goodluck Jonathan dey do Madam Diezani Alison Madueke (as Diezani do Aluko too) dey do di sista? Make yu just answer.

          • Denis_NG

            So Dokubo Asari is “his ‘e’xcellency” now? Y’all keep deceiving yourselves!!

          • Denis_NG

            Tawanda, cat got your tongue or stole your typing fingers? Answer Jaja now!!


            I prefer men who stick to one pseudonym,I really don’t want to waste my time with you !

        • Denis_NG

          Then take him to court. The discussion here is not about Obasanjo’s moral burden, but about Jonathan’s complete failure and his penchant for corruption. Therefore, kindly let’s stick to the topic of discourse!

    • Emeka David

      Don’t mind him he think he is God .let him endorse any person he like. Only God almighty has the final say.


    The mischief of an old trouble seeker whose unrestrained urge for vendetta against Jonathan is indisputable. OBJ is the one inciting a coup through such baseless statements. The army had some explanation to render when facing FOI action to reveal Buhari’s certificate’s custody affair.The Army would actually be obstructing democracy if such vital information is withheld.

    OBJ the puppet master lost control of his “puppet” and he is still licking his wounds and sulking like a baby girl.The restless and greedy corrupt man should leave Nigeria alone,he is a failed leader,he should enjoy his loot and allow peace to prevail !!

  • tayo

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  • David Abiodun

    Is OBJ threatening Nigerian with military coup? Who gave him the audacity to speak? You see, when wrong is not prosecuted, it only gives birth to more wrong. IBB, OBJ, GMB, etc are a bunch of ex military dictators, who committed grievous attrocities in the past, went and pull off military uniforms and resurfaced in government with civil cloths. Causing more havoc by their influences and bent on keeping the country stranded. Small wonder Nigeria government offices are filled with immoral men. What else does anyone expect? Birds of the same character must flock together! They made way for wicked men like Atiku, Tinubu and a number of others who have now also rooted their claws in the fabric of Nigeria society. All forming godfathers, grooming young Nigerians to follow in their foot steps! Is there a hope for Nigeria? Don’t the future looks so uncertain with these men hovering around? I weep for my country sometimes. If young Nigerians don’t wake up and take their destiny from these bastards, they and their children will suffer! That these men are all fighting GEJ just raises suspicion. Perhaps, GEJ is not dancing to their tune and this is the reason they are frustrating him from all corners!!

    • Maria

      Who gave him the audacity to speak? Who gave you too the audacity to type rubbish?… You guys are very f00lish in the way you want to silence people with opposing opinions. You must create a jungle where only you can voice your opinion, not Nigeria. OBJ has the audacity to talk or speak. You either like his submission or hate it. My problem with OBJ is that he brought this curse on Nigeria…GEJ is a curse.

      • G4

        Instead of him to be negotiating his exit, he is allowing people to dig a hole for him that he MAY never get out of.

      • djay

        Obj has realised his mistakes likewise Nigerians who voted for the clown. What Nigeria need is for us all to come together and stand firmly for CHANGE.

        • larry

          Who is the real buhari?

      • justice

        You guys are going to have a burst artery chasing the great Jonah. I was disappointed with some of his shenanigans ab initio but your vituperations on the man has earned him my vote if I could vote. I bet non of you later day internet warriors would have dared to write such against your saint Obj. There lies the difference between the two and I know who I will take any day.

      • wak

        Maria you are a curse to yourself and your generation that is why you still wait for government to provide jobs for you. OBJ and GBM are all the genesis of the challenge we face today. Tell me one good thing Obasanjo achieved in office during his 8yrs in power other than create enemies and EFCC that couldn’t even jail a goat. As for GBM, let him go to Aso rock and see for himself.

      • Mariama

        Everybody knows that the yorubas are the problem in Nigeria. No matter how you dress a pig, even with a 3-piece suit, it looks for the dirtiest part of the neighborhood to sniff dung. Yes! Dung. Big shit. Very big shit….and all of you besiege internet cafes and even use Hausa names to post comments to give them a semblance of representation—-and then you excavate a Duncee and line up behind him asking all Nigerians to understand your logic—that same logic that stuupidly forgets that the same duncee was an active member of the Abacha regime that killed Abiola & Wife etc etc. Yeye!

        • Denis_NG

          The fact is that the Yorubas that you so much like to deride made Jonathan and since they made him, they can also unmake him. Come March 28th, 2015, Jonathan shall be surely unmade and you can take that to the bank!!

        • Maria

          I agree with you that Yorubas are the problem. Otherwise, how would a Yoruba man(OBJ) enthrone a f00l like Jonathan as our president?

        • SAM .A

          Unfortunately u are blogging from Yoruba land whom in your warped & moronic sense are the problem of Nigeria. Since the amalgamation , Yorubas have never chase their visitors except they run away by them-selves
          Yorubas have become the binding rope for the unity of Nigeria. You are free to paint Yorubas with your tribal & ethnic flavor , to satisfy your demonic hate, it will never purge you of your jealousy for a blessed race , neither will it stop their hospitality.
          Yorubas for the 1st time are aligning with Hausa/Fulani for political capturing of the center,u suddenly develop tantrum and abuse them.

        • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

          Kindly choose a different name for your activities here to avoid confusing the venerable ones among us. I am honestly pleading with you. I believe you’ll come to your senses and do what is right.

      • Joy

        Visit this ….youtube………….

        …after watching the video, it will be clear who represent the curse on Nigeria. Mumu

      • Tunsj

        You took the words right out of my mouth by saying that ‘GEJ is a curse’. A curse that needs to be sent back to Otueke.

    • Emeka David

      You said the truth those dat fighting GEJ is agent of darkness. GEJ is light so there is no way all this darkness will see any good thing in him.

  • Chris1408

    Water don pass garri oooooo. OBJ openly endorse Buhari. Water don dry for Otuoke oooooo

  • favourtalk

    word is enough for the wise, let the eltion hold and do not tamper with the wish of the people, that is all what the former president is telling you GEJ, we cant just continue this way, no light, water, jobs and peace and all the promises made werent delivered nor fulfilled, we need a capable hands, we need change

    • Tunde

      Was there light and water during your OBJ’s two terms in office?Please you guys should give peace a chance by allowing the president finish his second term in office,only then can any one judge him.Concerning the insecurity in the north, we all know this is the North’s strategy to make sure that this government does not perform and force a power shift back to the north even killing their own brothers and sisters does not matter to them as long as power shifts to the north.Nigerians be wise.

  • onenigerian2014

    You said no talking till after the election Baba Iyabor, what kind of man is this; Why don’t you go and drink a big glass of shut the f*** up?

    • tyson

      The United Nations has com­mended Nigerian leaders, politi­cians, stakeholders and Nigerians in general for the way and manner the recent shift in election dates was handled.

      A special representative from the office of the UN Secretary General, Mohammed Ibn Cham­bas told State House Correspon­dents after meeting President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday that UN was glad that despite the tension that greeted the issue of postponement, Nigeria across all political divides took the matter with calmness.

      Chambas said it’s the wish of the UN that Nigerians continue to keep the electoral process peace­ful, clean and transparent so that the whole country will accept the election results and move on in peace. But look at the type of callous words coming from the mouth of a former head of state—-That is to tell u that such an unthinking man can rape his own 8 yr old daughter–without blinking an eye.

      • Tunsj

        Keep on repeating the talking points that your hero, Jonathan, gave to his puppets like you.

  • tyson

    He is indirectly asking the army to sack Jonathan because of the Lagos-Ibadan Express Road Contract that Jonathan revoked–over non-performance by B Courtney-Obj is the most evil-minded ex-president I have ever seen in my entire life–Those who yearn to see Lucifer operate need not go for to search for that devil–he is here in Africa as represented in Obj.—He did the same with Abiola when he went abroad to say he was not the chosen one–then arranged to have Abiola murdered—-Now this–rubbish————-How does he expect those who were disenfranchised by Jega to cast their votes——-?

    • Wetin Naija

      Tyson, apart from your GEJ e-rat, no other job for you?

  • frankigh

    the APC has already devised a plan B should they loss the election, they have planned to overthrow Jonathan and impose an interim govt. my message for them is overthrow Jonathan and Nigeria will be history.

  • tyson

    The United Nations has com­mended Nigerian leaders, politi­cians, stakeholders and Nigerians in general for the way and manner the recent shift in election dates was handled.

    A special representative from the office of the UN Secretary-General, Mohammed Ibn Cham­bas told State House Correspon­dents after meeting President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday that UN was glad that despite the tension that greeted the issue of postponement, Nigeria across all political divides took the matter with calmness.

    Chambas said it’s the wish of the UN that Nigerians continue to keep the electoral process peace­ful, clean and transparent so that the whole country will accept the election results and move on in peace. But look at the type of callous words coming from the mouth of a former head of state—-That is to tell u that such an unthinking man can rape his own 8 yr old daughter–without blinking an eye. I have said it b4 that very soon even rats–in the house will begin to spit on the face of Obj–because he has lost all the respect that a former head of state-deserves-

  • Lenton Isokariari

    I’m very disappointed with OBJ’s recent comments : that he hoped the khaki boys won’t stage a coup. Stage a coup for what? Because the political class are having disagreement amongst them? Honestly, this is normal in a democratic space.But come to think of it, is military coup still in vogue?
    Why is OBJ (the man l have so much respect for ) trying to fan embers of disunity? How would he feel if somebody suggested that the military should overthrow him because of the atrocities his government committed in Odi?
    GEJ hasn’t gone to that extreme and his government is not characterised by political assassination .Besides, he’s most abused president in the world. I’m sure Baba won’t take one thousandth of the ‘bullshits’ GEJ is taking from Nigerians every day.
    Other nations are ahead of us not because we lack resources and brains.We trudge behind because of interruptions in our democratic process . Let those who are calling for military intervention have a rethink.

    • Andel

      Which president was tagged a Monkey ? Mumu get ur fact right

  • tyson

    An election that is yet to take place is being rigged through massive disenfranchisement of more than 12 million voters by Jega and Obj is saying its right–abi? Nigerians who are yet to collect their Permanent Voters’ Card (PVC) in President Jonathan’s stronghold are being denied their rights in favour of Mr. Buhari. Whereas in latter’s’s stronghold virtually everyone including the under-aged have been issued PVC – a calculated attempt to edge out President Jonathan in this contest? This, if I dare say, is tantamount to high treason. Yet some Nigerians are clapping and yelling their heads off for such a monster to remain–as Chairman of INEC-with the support of monsters like Obj-what a Shame

    • New Nation

      Deri let me tell you, history will not be kind to you guys that are hiding under all kinds of name to support this evil and most corrupt govt ever. I know many families that are under intense pressure and distressed because they could not sleep at night due to generator fume and noise, yet this useless govt grandstand with fake achievements. Must this useless jona bring down a nation that has been so kind to him? where was jona in 1998? He rose from a nobody to become president yet he’s angling to ruin the nation. Well “those the gods will kill,he ll first make them mad”. May God grant him a listening ear. We are watching!

  • Wähala

    [IRAQ & SYRIA]
    IRAQ — (Size = 437,072 km2 ) (Population = 36,004,552)
    SYRIA—(Size = 185,180 km2 ) (Population = 17,951,639)
    Total…………. = 622,252km2 ) (…………….= 53,956,191)

    NIGERIA — (Size = 923,768 km2 ) (Population = 174,507,539)

    1. So far, 37 countries of the world are in Iraq & Syria fighting with Jets, Cobra Helicopters, Drones, Rockets, Missiles, Tanks etc etc etc and ISIS is yet to be defeated…..
    2. Syria & Iraq put together is just 67% of the size of Nigeria in terms of PHYSICAL Land mass. …
    3. But the citizens of this 37 countries are in full support of their respective countries despite fighting ISIS unsuccessfully for yrs now.

    Why then do opposition leaders blame Nigerian Govt? If 37 countries including US & Co have not been able to defeat ISIS, why do you expect a swift win by Jonathan amidst the peculiar Nigerian situation where saboteurs are everywhere from Lagos to Sambissa?.
    Nigeria’s neighbours may have just carried out the above simple research and realized that fighting Islamic terrorists requires coordination from all angles especially when Northern Nigerian soldiers will not shot at their Boko haram brothers. The same soldiers acting in one accord, ended civil war in Sierra Leone & Liberia. It still comes down to the inevitable – DISINTEGRATION!

    No wonder a confirmed mumulee who should be tied to a stick and shot dead for corruption and assassinations were he a Chinese in China, now begins to diagnose and prescribe drugs.

    • Wetin Naija

      Is Nigeria Army really fighting in the first place? How come in few days Niger captured Nigeria cities from from Boko Haram? How come in few days Chad captured Nigeria cities from from Boko Haram? How come in few days Cameroon captured Nigeria cities from from Boko Haram. Nigeria has no military that can fight war

      • Wähala

        There is nothing like Nigerian army. What we have is Continent Nigerian army—what is expected to fight the terrorists are the Northerstani army of Northern Nigeria but they wouldn’t because they cant fight their brothers. This is why even 5 Soldiers from Chad can kill over 500 Islamic terroristsCan’t u understand?

      • Tunsj

        How can those pot belly army generals fight? They are not taking care of the people below them.

    • emmanuel

      I am sure this is not the same German Wahala.

      Someone should please identify himself properly here

      Even Al-baghdadi cannot stop ISIS himself in weeks, how much more a Buhari

  • Wetin Naija

    A lot GEJ e-rats in attacking every one. With their fake names. They are :Lenton Isokariari, tyson, frankigh, onenigerian2014, David Abiodun, Maria, djay, TAWANDA INCOMMUNICADO, Dr.Dan, Okey, Musuru, tundemash, Richard, emmanuel, Intrepid, grace folarin, BlackieUmukoro, onyekaokorie, Emeka David, egoigwe

    • Tunsj

      Well said. The so called TAWANDA INCOMMUNICADO is the worst among them. They are puppets of Jonathan and they make me sick with their comments.

  • Wetin Naija

    Is Nigeria Army really fighting in the first place? How come in few days Niger captured Nigeria cities from from Boko Haram? How come in few days Chad captured Nigeria cities from from Boko Haram? How come in few days Cameroon captured Nigeria cities from from Boko Haram. Nigeria has no military that can fight war. Stop telling lies and fake comparison

  • The Interrogator


    • Investigator

      General Obasanjo endorses General Buhari…..

      But the demon stalking Muhammadu Buhari is NOT whether he’s deemed educated
      up to secondary school level; no, that’s not the question, but whether he lied in his
      INEC Form that he sat for WAEC examination and obtained a WASC certificate.
      That’s the question.

      Muhammadu Buhari has throughout his life avoided to answer this question affirmatively.
      In 1962, he intentionally evaded to answer this simple question for Nigerian Army records.
      Ditto, in 2014, he declined to answer it when confronted by APC party screening Committee.

      In 2015, he’s once again refused to answer it when challenged on certificate’s whereabouts.
      Whereas, Buhari wrote in his INEC Form that he obtained a specific certificate called WASC
      Because he asserted obtaining that certificate the law requires him to prove it with a copy.

      Since 1962 he’s relied on affidavits which NEVER explain any WAEC certificate’s whereabouts.
      It is a disqualifying offence under the law to present a false declaration to INEC for an election.
      Also, it is a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment to make a false declaration by affidavit.

      • Navigator

        Dear General Muhammadu Buhari,

        Did you commit perjury or not by filling out the Army Form 199A
        shortly after 18th October, 1961, wherein you intentionally but falsely
        wrote that you had obtained specific credits in English, Geography,
        History, and, Hausa (with a pass in English Literature)?
        When, in fact, you had not sat for WAEC examination as of that date
        or at any time provable afterwards, which (inferred) perjury was compounded
        by the affidavit you swore in the year 2014, stating on oath you sat for WAEC
        exam in 1961 and got WASC certificate; being a false statement tantamount
        to perjury – insofar as you had not sat for WAEC or obtained any score by then?

        • A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if he has
        presented a forged certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

        ……SECTION 137 (1) 1999 CONSTITUTION

      • I go die O!


    • Concerned citizen

      Somebody did mention the need for psychiatric. I think OBJ may need special psychiatric personnel as a guide

  • Echendu

    “Who really is a ‘Statesman”?’, President Jonathan asks

    “Some people call themselves statesmen but they are NOT statesmen.
    They are just ordinary politicians. For you to be a statesman it is not
    because you have occupied a big office before but the question is:
    what are you bringing to bear?

    Are you building this country or are you a part of the people
    who tell lies to destroy this country, to create enmity and make
    people who ordinarily would have been living together, fight
    themselves? Are you planning to set the country ablaze
    because you did not get that particular thing you want?

    Hiding under some big names and creating a lot of problems
    in this country, making provocative statements in this country –
    statements that will set this country ablaze – and you tell me
    you are a senior citizen. You are NOT a senior citizen;
    you can never be. You are an ordinary motor park tout.”

    ………..President Goodluck Jonathan

    (January 7th, 2014)

    • Denrele

      @ Echendu,

      The quotation is correct but the date is wrong. Jonathan made this statement last month,
      not last year, even though he blasted Obasanjo in that quote on 7th January, but in 2015.
      Next time If you want to copy other people who post quotations here, get your facts right.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Obasanjo should be arrested for treason. Enough of his nuisance.

    • jamesbourne


  • evi

    Maybe its buhari that is planning the coup because he is the one that has experience in coup plotting and overthrowing democratically elected government. Obj is a bitter and vindictive old man who has no shame, someone his own son and daughter despises that should hide in shame and reflect on the abominations he has committed. He can’t take it that Jonathan has refused to let him control nigeria from his otta farm like he thought he could after his failed third term bid

  • Favnat John

    HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. OBJ but you just said last couple of weeks ago that you will not speak till after the election

    • jamesbourne

      He’s a joker Dats y

  • sammyctu ode

    President Obasanjo has seen it all both from the military and civilian angles. Nigerians who cannot think deep about what he said will be abusing him but let me remind them that what jonathan and the top echelon of the military are doing is what truncated our past democracies which was very dangerous and a big set back for Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The military must be neutral in civilian matters and the only thing they should do is to support INEC in flying their voting materials to Inec designated places. jonathan might be the commander-in-chief but the military is an independent institution whose primary role is to protect the integrity of Nigeria and our borders.

  • Etomi

    I think incestuous Baba Iyabo, who felt no compunctions forking his daughter-in-law, would do well to read this piece written by Uzo Maxim Uzoatu, entitled:

    Jega’s Jiggery-pokery

    Professor Attahiru Jega wants the world to believe that the elections were scheduled because the military asked for more time to finish off the Boko Haram sect. Nothing could be further from the truth. The unvarnished truth is that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was not ready to conduct any elections whatsoever, save to plunge
    the country into anarchy through the announcement of totally fabricated results based abjectly on base motives. How on earth did Jega lie through his teeth that he was ready to conduct credible elections when the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) collection rate stood at a paltry 66 percent one week to the start of the election? The card readers are yet to be tested and perfected. Even the election training manual is not yet ready. The electoral presiding officers are yet to be trained. The 700,000 Ad-hoc workers are not yet recruited.

    Even as I write now, the PVCs are still being printed abroad. The Resident Election Commissioners are yet to print the voter registers. Amid all these benumbing inadequacies, Jega wanted to rush through the dicey presidential election earlier stated for St. Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015. It would have spelt calamity for our benighted country because the pathetic Jega has thusly exposed himself to be working towards a pre-determined end through thoroughly crooked means. A Caucasian source who flew in from abroad has just revealed to me that the game-plan was to just conduct a ramshackle election and announce a winner, no matter the complaints. The opposition candidate stood to be announced the winner of the presidential election; whence America would lead the charge of congratulating Jega and INEC for having the uncommon courage of declaring an opposition candidate a winner in an African election.

    The guaranteed press hype would then help smooth over all other outstanding issues. The nation was indeed saved a great tragedy when the security forces stood their ground and insisted that the elections must be shifted. How on earth could it have been explained that the number of Nigerians currently without PVCs stood at a staggering 23.2 million
    against the fact that President Jonathan had won the 2011 presidential election with 22.4 million votes? Jega did not start his bungling today because even the 2011 election had to be shifted by one week on electionday! It needs to be stressed with all the emphasis at one’s disposal that Jega, as Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe would say, is toying with the destiny of the nation. A manifestly biased umpire is a disgrace.

    Jega started showing his hand very early in the exercise. The INEC’s proposed introduction of additional 30,000 polling units in Nigeria was so lopsided such that the exercise was stopped following very heated protests. The draft of the proposed 30,000 polling units’ allocation gave the North 21,615 units against the South’s 8,412 units. Who can beat such a crooked path except a very dubious referee? It was all broken down in such a biased manner that the Northwest boasted of as many as 7,906 units. The Northcentral came a hefty second with an allocation of 6,318 units. The Northeast earned third place in the INEC allocation bazaar with 5,291 units. The leading allocation in the South happened to be the Southwest with 4,160 units. The South-South was allocated 3,087 units. The Federal Capital Territory of Abuja basked in the allocation of 1,200 units, a figure superior to the meager allocation to the Southeast of only 1,167 units. Jega can indeed be brazen in his undertakings.

    Former Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, had originally alleged that there was a plot to rig the 2015 presidential election in favour of the North. Ezeife argued that the Southeast, which stood as President Goodluck Jonathan’s strongest support base, had been cheated with the least allocation of polling units. According to Ezeife, “The distribution of polling units by INEC is shocking and does suggest a blatant design to do something sinister and to do it with impunity. In that distribution, the North- West had more than 7000 units, the South-East was given about the same number of polling units as Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, just a little more than 1000 units. The new distribution of polling units correlates negatively or inversely with distribution of votes for Jonathan in 2011 presidential election. The South-East is considered Mr. President’s strongest support base.Is that why it received this low, indeed insultingly low
    allocation of polling units? If this distribution of polling units is not a blatant indication of a definite plan to rig the 2015 presidential election, then we should doubt that one plus one is two.” Ezeife did not mince words in stressing that the plot might be the source of the confidence some Northern politicians have expressed ahead of the 2015 presidential election.

    Remarkably, in his letter announcing his withdrawal from the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Tom Ikimi had written inter alia as per “their calculation that the Presidency in the 2015 General elections will be won by the APC through votes from the North West and South West Nigeria became an obsession. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who passionately believed in this theory and who arrogantly claimed custody of all South West votes already picked an aspirant from North Western Nigeria who will run as Presidential candidate with him as Vice Presidential candidate. The National image of the party immediately plummeted.” The INEC has now outdone itself by ensuring that the Northern states have today averaged above 80 percent distribution of PVCs, even in the war-ravaged Northeast, whilst the Southern states lag behind at below 50 percent.

    Little wonder then that the independent political interest organization led by former Kaduna State governor, Balarabe Musa, the Credible Alternative Alliance (CAA), exposes Jega and his INEC’s subterfuge thusly: “Voters in the zones that tend to support President Goodluck Jonathan are massively disenfranchised by the application of the so-called PVCs debacle; 40 percent to 50 percent of voters in these regions who are lawfully and duly registered to vote will be denied
    their right to vote by INEC. That is nearly half of the support base of the President, simply nullified by administrative failure prior to the election. By comparison, the zones that tend to support Buhari are handed a massive voter advantage; nearly 80 percent of his support base will be allowed to cast their votes by INEC.” The CAA finally dismisses the INEC for “a criminal gross disparity of voter spread designed to tilt the election to a pre-determined outcome.” It is very obvious that Jega and his INEC have no legs to stand on the credibility front.
    Running to America to look for validation cannot save the day. The disgraced Jega should just simply sneak away in shame to save Nigeria from the colossal calamity of his jiggery-pokery.

    • emmanuel

      I told Nigerians since Delta 2010 Gubernatoral re-run election that Jega lacked character and nobody bothered to listen.

      The man noted polling booths and wards were ballot materials were snatched, yet he eventually accepted results from those wards in favour of Uduaghan having been compromised. He said INEC has nothing to do about it, but the same INEC in less than four months after, cancelled the Dora Akunyulis Senatorial vote on account of fraud and ordered re-election.

      It was known in Delta state then that the new INEC man was crook,, which he has demonstrated in 2015.

      Jega should let the world know the Corpers and teachers who had been prepared for the election.

      Those who scare Nigerians of perceived doom so that they can have their way are jokers. If this country must go down, let it go down on everybody. But Jega must not conduct this election.

    • Sharp Sharp

      thank you

    • jamesbourne


  • Nsikan

    Look at the Thief’s nostrils like a locomotive exhaust pipe. Nonsense!

  • Ogom

    “There’ll be less in the pot, for stealing or corruption,”

    Just to be clear 🙂

  • Etomi

    It does appear to me that Obasanjo is actually the one plotting a coup against GEJ!
    DSS, Police, the Army, Please set your surveillance on Obasanjo!!!
    This is not the first time Baba Iyabo would be accused of plotting a coup…
    When Gen. Sani Abacha sentenced him to death and left him to catch his last breath in jail, it was on charges that he was plotting a coup against his government…
    It took the rescue mission of IBB to salvage the man from his status as a condemned criminal; cleaned him up, and readied him for for the 1999 presidential election, which IBB won for him….

    • Wale

      na lie;

    • jamesbourne


  • Abubakar Gaidam

    imagine who has turned himself to our moral compass,all in the name of claiming saint,Just because Jonathan has refused to do biddings that will favour him and not favour Nigerians.Time will come when Nigerians will know better,this man doesn’t wnt the restructuring of Nigeria because the current configuration favours his loots.Nigerians know better Mr Obasanjo.You can not be our moral compass,you not the ilk to make suggestions to Nigerians because you are a Treacheous leader.Vote wisely,Vote GEJ

    • Etomi

      Bless you!!!!
      Of course we know OBJ!!!!
      OLE BURUKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ONYE OSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      BANZA BARAWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jamesbourne


  • Comfortkay

    Baba Obasanjo is known for saying the truth and the Bible says the truth will set you free, When Baba is talking please don’t rush listen and digest it. It is very clear long ago that Baba will vote for General Buhari because this is the man of this moment.
    GEJ cannot play the innocent that what is happening in one part of Nigeria is not his business. PDP cannot take Nigeria to Jordan. CHANGE IS COMING.

    • Joe

      What is truth?. A man that has been disowned by his family members?. In some African communities, OBJ should casted to the wilderness without coming back home.

      • Comfortkay

        Because he has turned his back on PDP and you people are now crying? Obasanjo is the most respected high figure in the international arena Nigeria ever had. Take it or leave it. Buhari will win this election nothing gonna stop it.

        • Rotimi Lawanson

          Comfort, you must be insane. How on earth can you say that. Please don’t insult us in Nigeria. Someone who slept with his son’s wife is who you are calling respected. You must be crazy. Maybe it is okay for you to have someone like that but not us. Did you even read what his daughter said about her father? She said she blames Nigerians for allowing her evil father to get away with so many atrocities. Yet you are here talking nonsense. If he likes he can even endorse satan we don’t care. We will vote on that day. Elections are not won in Twitter and Facebook and premium times. They are won by average Nigerians who don’t even read any of this crap.

          • jamesbourne

            Well said rotimi, comfort is a joker obviously Smh. Go and read about object comfort before u open ur mouth and blah.

        • emmanuel

          The most respected man is the one most of his children do not want to associate with.

          You must be a morally bankrupt fellow.

          Comfort ko comfort ni. Abi na Aminu be yiur name.

          Dan Iska!

        • Oladunjoye

          Why OBJ is against GEJ all the time? But you (Obasanjo) inflated Fuel price up to 11-times, even at eleveth hour of handover to Yah Adura. Let Nigerians decide whom they want. However, I believe GEJ didn’t allow you to be his GODFATHER. You rigged Elections in South West, after all.

      • jamesbourne


    • jamesbourne

      If u know baba well ull also know He is a joker and tends to change party b4 due date so am just laffin seeing al Dis comment and mind games he’s playing on social media.

  • jack

    OBJ is a thief like Tinubu.Liars will go to hell!!

  • enejoh adams

    obasanjo is against Jonathan cos his God fatherism has failed him

  • Femi

    I read the comments here and I just laugh. People talking to themselves in monologue! What a life

    • jamesbourne

      How do u mean sir

  • Joseph Ubiagba

    OBJ you be thief. Go and organize the coup. This time you will die.

    • jamesbourne


    • Etomi

      LOL indeed!

  • Yusuf

    “I sincerely hope that the president is not going for broke and saying ‘look dammit, it’s either I have it or nobody has it’. I hope that we will not have a coup . . . I hope we can avoid it.”

    • jamesbourne

      He is not

  • thusspokez

    OBJ’s public utterances and pattern of behaviour would indicate that he is developing psychiatric problems.

  • JamesAdebayo

    The more demagogic the declarations of APC supporters become the more they hurt their pitiful credibility on the Nigerian political landscape. Trying to reelect a dictator and resorting to a campaign of slander is not a sound strategy. They should look for a candidate that has a believable political pedigree, not some washed up human right abuser than can’t even provide his school certificate.

  • Clarion Diallo

    Suggestions without sources or quotes, accusations without proof against a man that has pledged and upheld Democracy and Unity above everything else since he has been in power. I sincerely hope Obansajo does not believe a word he is saying, but of course he supports the APC and their whole strategy has been to spread lies about the PDP and GEJ since the beginning of their electoral campaign.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Ogboni cult man, prophet of doom, angel of death…….that is Obasanjo.

  • onenigerian2014

    GEJ has said it loud and clear, Twerps like OBJ are not corrupt at all, ‘HE IS A THIEF’ OBJ you are so ugly you make gorilla jealous. I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do. It’s normal for an abnormal person to do abnormalities… Why am I expecting perfect from you?

  • Eze Aliche

    If to OBJ, his unconstitutional third term agenda never amounted to whetting the military’s interest in politics, rather postponement of elections within constitutional provisions is, then somebody is pretty mischievous here.

    • Dan Arewa

      The mischievous is the one currently dwelling the Aso Villa who have been abusing his office and that of the military.

  • joshua


  • jamesbourne

    All this wrong allegations thrown to Mr president without any evidence should also be recycled because Mr president didnt tell Nigerians that he’s using military coup as an excuse to rig this election He told Nigerians to come out and vote and if He loses He will leave the office so am confused when I see all this comment about Gej Which is not Correct and factual please ignore and vote,if u dnt Have ur PVC endeavour u get it before March and let’s VOTE AND NOT FIGHT.

    • Umar Jungudo

      Do not get confused. Chibok girls are gone,Boko Haram killings and destroying lives in the Northern states; more arm robbery and kidnapping in the west and southern states and more corruption in Jonathan government than ever before. If all these do not convince you to vote for someone else than Jonathan, then you must have a syndrome of tribalism and sectionalism in your judgement.

      • jamesbourne

        so you feel when you vote for GMB all dis things you listed will change in our country, look, Nigeria has been corrupt since who knows so lets put aside our accusation differences for Mr president and pray for our nation because prayer is what we need and is the only thing that can save us now. not a man or a woman #Nigeria #GEJ

        • Umar Jungudo

          change has come

  • jamesbourne

    2 minutes ago

    All this wrong allegations thrown to Mr president without any evidence should also be recycled because Mr president didnt tell Nigerians that he’s using military coup as an excuse to rig this election He told Nigerians to come out and vote and if He loses He will leave the office so am confused when I see all this comment about Gej Which is not Correct and factual please ignore and vote,if u dnt Have ur PVC endeavour u get it before March and let’s VOTE AND NOT FIGHT. #Gej4naija

  • Matthew Oye

    The wind is blowing;
    it is the wind of CHANGE. The wind is blowing across the length and breadth of
    our nation. This wind will blow away the clueless and incompetent leaders and
    usher in fresh limbs, men of fresh idea and candour and our great nation will
    start to experience an abundance of rain of prosperity, peace and love. The wind
    of CHANGE is blowing, said the Spirit of the Lord and let no man obstruct this
    wind because whoever wants to stand in the way will be blown away with the
    wind. Oh Lord let this wind blow. Let it blow away all the enemies our nation.
    Let this thunderous wind blow away all those who are stealing our money, the
    corrupt politicians. Our heavenly father we cry unto you, let there be no
    obstructions again to the forth coming election. Our people are yearning for a
    change, our nation needs a CHANGE, we have what it takes to be a great nation,
    but we were saddled with inefficient and ineffective leaders. Now let the wind
    of change, blow them away. |Wind of CHANGE we pray, we command blow all over
    Nigeria. Nigerians, good and joyous days are ahead. Let no one throw a pebble
    or stone or hurt one another. God brought us together for His divine purpose.
    We are all God’s people. Let there be no violence in our land. Let this CHANGE
    be peaceful through the electoral process. Let the outgoing leaders concede and
    greet the incoming leaders. Let our nation moved on. The wind is blowing it is
    the wind of CHANGE, let’s expect it, let us receive it and embrace it.

    • emmanuel

      Yoruba liar. Na which time God bring us together for a purpose? Na when your crooked ethnic leader Tinubu want presidency? You these people clamouring for Odua Republic if beta nor reach una?

      By April 1 or thereabout when Buhari looses as usual, you will call for Odua Republic. Yeye fowl!

      • Tope

        And we will chase you back to where you come from.

    • Etomi

      How can the APC leadership, led by Tinubu and Buhari, which had denounced the last National Conference and worked vigorously to scuttle and frustrate the august meet, bring about any positive change in Nigeria?
      The best and brightest of Nigerians are in agreement that with the 1999 Constitution, no positive change can take place in the country, hence the need for a National Conference to fashion out a new structure for the polity, whose report would be adopted for a fundamental break with the past…
      Do you know why AFENIFERE, OHANEZE, OPC, etc have all endorsed GEJ’s second term bid?
      It is because they say that the authentic change that Nigeria needs can only be delivered by GEJ, seeing that he had the uncommon courage to inaugurate a National Conference; and has vowed that in his second term, he would push for the adoption of the Confab report in the first year of his second term….
      That Confab report might just be the way forward for a beleaguered nation….
      APC has hijacked the change slogan which truly belongs to PDP’s President GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN!!!

      • Umar Jungudo

        Must be benefiting Jonathan government.

  • MushinSpeaks

    We need more support from elder stateman…CHANGE we want!

  • taiwo

    Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has described the declaration of support for the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) by former President Olusegun Obasanjo as a political somersault. The Governor asked Nigerians to ignore Obasanjo because he was more of a liability than a gain in the ongoing political scenario. He asked if Obasanjo had any electoral value as a politician since he had been consistently defeated by the opposition parties in his own place before and after he left office as the President of the country.

  • Garden-City Boy

    The Ex-these, Ex-those and Yesterday’s men whom the military have left behind now cry for military coup. This call for Military coup proves one thing: Obasanjo is a hypocritical self-styled “democrat.Obasanjo is a is clearly a pathetic self-styled democrat. He prides masquerades to the outside world as the first ever God-sent military dictator who “handed over power” to civilians. But here at home, he instigates soldiers into making a coup.

  • jat77

    In fact OBJ is angry because he could not use Jonathan as he thought. More so, APC has all what she calls gain today because of OBJ, in one singular act of warning, that led to the dropping of Fashola, when he warn against a Muslim – Muslim ticket. That singular act, gave APC what they call supporters today. But, I’m of the notion that that is too late an action, because with the initial Muslim Muslim ticket, Nigerians saw clearly the intents of Buhari.

    Haven said that, OBJ is known to having foreign influence. Within his state, he is nothing but a bad father. He never won his ward. So its him and his vote for now. I believe that money will yet be the game changer and decider of this election, if Buhari is not disqualified. APC watch it;baba will soon dump u people. What we need is transformation; not change #GEJ4Naija

    • Etomi

      Spot-on bro…..
      Contemplated this too, and thought of expressing it before you took the words from my mouth…

  • Svive Jacob

    Obasanjo is not the founder of Nigeria. Nigeria will continue even after the life of Obasanjo. He should stop putting his selfish ambitions above that of the nation; claiming that he is doing good to the nation. We are fed up with such words form him.

  • chi boss

    I thought Obj said that he will not say anything , until after the election… Obj you are a statesman please help to promote peace and stop causing problems..#GEJ4NAIJA

  • grace folarin

    obj you as an elder stateman, first democratic president of this era, i hoped you would show what that means. but to my greatest amazement! you re inflicting fear into the people you once governed. stop this act and promote peace in the country. so u would be happy when chaos evolves. God forbid and that would never be this great country portion

  • lekanbaraka

    Taking a leave from Ekiti-State number one citizen Fayose, its very clear that OBJ has lost his political relevance, instead of showing some level of maturity you are busy behaving a mediocre. use your position in re-building this Nation and not trying to glory in division.#GEJ4NAIJA

  • Sanmi Falae

    One could also argue that the government’s invitation of BBOG to Sambisa Forest precipitated the bombing of UNIMAID by Boko Haram. This is because Boko Haram saw the invitation as triumphalist and thus had to respond to save face or as a strategic moral victory to boost the spirits of dispirited rank and file Boko haram guerilla soldiers. I think it was a bad move either way, but thank God for journey mercies.