Battle-ready soldiers monitoring my home, Tinubu says

For three consecutive days, helmet-wearing and battle-ready soldiers have kept surveillance at the Ikoyi home of Bola Tinubu, a leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, a statement from the politician’s media office claimed Tuesday.

Mr. Tinubu is also a former governor of Lagos State.

According to the statement issued by Sunday Dare, the Special Adviser on Media to Mr. Tinubu, soldiers numbering up to 30, riding in three patrol vans and army trucks, and stationed close to the entrance of Mr. Tinubu’s home, had become a permanent feature.

The statement said Mr. Tinubu was the target of the patrolling soldiers.

“The soldiers were first noticed on Sunday a few minutes to 11 p.m. in an army truck. They stationed about 500 meters away from Tinubu’s gate,” said the statement.

“Later they moved close to his gate as if making efforts to enter. The stern-looking soldiers were around for hours on Sunday and returned on Monday to continue their surveillance.

“Monday night about 10.45 p.m., they returned to the residence in two army vans and were there throughout the night. Some of the soldiers discharged from the van and walked back and forth in front of the house and around the house in what is clearly some casing effort.

“This morning, Tuesday, two vans from the army were stationed on both sides of the house along Bourdillon road their missions shrouded in secrecy.
There were no signs of security forces when PREMIUM TIMES visited Mr. Tinubu’s home Tuesday evening, save for an empty van belonging to the Rapid Response Squad, RRS, parked outside the compound.

An unarmed police officer sat at the gate, while the evening breeze rocked gently giant posters of Mr. Tinubu and that of his wife, Oluremi (who is seeking a second term at the Senate), stationed outside the fence.
PREMIUM TIMES kept watch outside Mr. Tinubu’s Bourdillon, Ikoyi, home between 5.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. on Tuesday. A bus filled with what looked like party supporters was parked outside the gate.
A man seen outside Mr. Tinubu’s home however said he saw “just two army officers” earlier Tuesday and not a truck filled with soldiers. He said the two personnel later left.
At the road median outside Mr. Tinubu’s home, campaign posters of President Jonathan were hung on lamp holders. Vehicular traffic along Bourdillon Road flowed freely.

The statement quoted Mr. Tinubu as saying that he would not be intimidated by the show of strength and possible harassment.

“I remain resolute in my advocacy and support for the rule of law,” the statement quoted Mr. Tinubu as saying.

“Jonathan’s government has through the service chiefs staged a coup against Nigerians and the Constitution and now wants to silence his critics. I will not be muzzled through the barrel of the gun.

“The guns and bullets they should use to defeat Boko Haram are now being turned against the opposition and innocent Nigerians.”

The statement further said that Mr. Tinubu remains committed to the path of change and the “liberating manifesto” of the APC in the face of the “maladministration” of President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Tinubu is credited to have played the most pivotal role in the re-building of the Nigerian opposition and the formation of the APC, Nigeria’s most formidable opposition party since independence,” the statement said.

“The exact mission of the soldiers is not known but it fits clearly into a new pattern of intimidation of leaders of the APC and the opposition. The recent massing of soldiers for 3 days now at Tinubu’s gate might be part of a broader plan by the Jonathan Presidency to intimidate Tinubu and his political associates and scare him from making provocative statements or building a broad coalition against the present government as he did during the NADECO days.

“As the scaremongering by the army continues, Nigerians must come to the realization that the military has abandoned its statutory role and have now (been) dragged into partisan politics.
“Nigerians and the South West should hold the Jonathan led Military responsible if any harm or danger comes to Tinubu and his family. The case of the ‘Unknown Soldier’ is too recent in our memory.”


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  • tyson

    They are searching for the traitor Sagir Kilo who is hiding in your house-

    • mike

      This Tyson must be the son of a criminal or a child of a prostitute who was brought up in an environment devoid of morals.
      I think so because the rate he rushes to defend impunity and the criminal tendencies of the pdp and its clueless rulers.
      Don’t. Worry, by the time you partake in God’s punishment as it will soon be meted out to this evil pdp government, then you will know that it is wrong to justify impunity.
      Anu affia.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      Sagir is a patriot who should be celebrated for exposing crimes by the state against the Nigerian people. Your thoughts are felonious.

    • Mosaku147

      I thought your koro,Fayose and general Momoh by his,and NA silence have denied such meeting ever took place? Tinubu is smarter than all Joeboy’s service chiefs and his entire security team put together. (Don’t forget NADECO under Abacha who was a maximum ruler just like what your guyest guy dumbo is fast turning into.) What he has done to all of your dumbo’s dumbhead advisers,is that he just sold you guys a dummy for your moronic NSA to show himself and Dr Badluck as the direct architects of anything bad that might come out of their recent actions. Why look for the captain in his house?since when did Tinubu’s house become Akure where the captain is supposed to be stationed?NOTE: Change will occur with or without your consent.

  • Comfortkay

    Yeye commander in Chief with Yeye soldiers that cannot fight Boko Haram. Jonathan may end up like some other African leaders to face criminal charges in Hague please warn him to pipe down.

  • Chris1408

    The soldiers that could’ve been deployed to combat Boko Haram are now on PDP intimidation service. GEJ diaris god oooooo in this soldiers you’re using against opposition

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      GEJ will soon die like a chicken!! Abacha is calling him to join his club

    • DazzlingSmile

      I have said it times without number, the mad president is not serious in fighting Boko Haram

    • Wähala

      Do you truly believe a truckload of soldiers were deployed to monitor Tinubu? Wallahi, I am Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe!

  • Benny born

    When OBJ was president, who born una well make una talk. but GEJ has been used as took pick, both tom and harry has been calling him names, imagine Jagaban as a president, who go even fit cough?

    • Funso Ogunsanya

      Just shut ur trap if u don’t know the history. Abacha could not shut down Tinubu when he was the head of NADECO, OBJ and Tinubu was @ cross-roads all thru his time has governor and he could not do anything. He only held his monthly allocations for over a year. Tinubu is not a coward and GEJ is too small for him to handle.

      • Joe

        It’s like you do not know the power of a president. Jonathan is too weak and that is why ignorants like you can write anything insulting and cursing him. Someone is coming sent from the bottom of hell to eliminate all these evil men and women that hold the nation bound. The man that is coming was the very personality Abacha came to clear the way for. Ghana example on the way.

      • Onyx

        Ur brain no go drain jareh… God bless u

    • Mosaku 147

      We no go cough because we go most likely get power,water and good transportation system by this time even if e thief all the cash as a thiefnubu weh dey thief and work. Na gej turn himself into toothpick before we put am for mouth.

    • Onyx

      E be like say dem just born u for this country, who tell u say people no talk when OBJ was there? Do u know how many comedians make jest of baba iyabo when he was there? Even idris abdulkareem also dare him.. go and read ur history book well or better still if u seems lazy to do that go to G-O-O-G-L-E. Ciao!

    • Andel

      Monkey … OBJ was the worst.. Even small pikin then called OBJ a monkey broda… but every1 is scared of GEJ bcos he can plan ur death and give excuse… Bcos that is what he is good at.. How many comedian can joke with GEJ name.. I bet you where born in 2007.. Oloshi… Incase u forgot hw Adams Oshiomole made OBJ life miserable and how even his Vice President dare him… Can dat weakling Namadi Sambo dare GEJ and not be sent to prison…?

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    • Scatter

      A good reason why you and your fake Dr Ogogoro Dumbo Dumbo should be hanged by your tiny balls. And he will soon go down — gbam!

    • Omo Naija

      Just like your parents were shot dead. And your lineage will be wiped out. Omo ale.

    • shegxy

      why wishing death to another fellow, just because you lost your parents to a gun shot does not mean you will wish another person the same death.its not a war its an election

      • Mosaku147

        How did you guess he lost both parents to the ‘superior firepower’ of the police while on armed robbery duty.that’s why he easily forgets this is an election,not war.

    • DazzlingSmile

      Like that way they shot your useless father?

  • Olayinka

    This man called Jonathan is playing with fire,I pity ur mum.

  • mike

    I was under the impression that they were supposed to deploy all their soldiers to the NE to fight boko haram. Or were they lying?
    Isn’t it curious to see that these soldiers were deployed to Tinubu’s house instead?
    The presidency has become overtly desperate and I believe strongly that the fate of Laurent Gbagbo awaits Mr CLUELESS.

    • Omo Naija

      I also thought the weak soldiers have gone to Sambisa Forrest to bring back the Chibok girl, not knowing they were lurking around to harass innocent citizens. Jonathan has lost his senses.

      • Onyx

        It is called “tactical manoeuvre..” His cluelessness will so hurt him unfortunately this stupidity will direct or indirectly robbed on the Niger Delta somehow in future. Selfish imbecile

    • me

      The soldiers probably got a wrong map

      • PeterPaul1

        Ah ah ah, that’s a good one. Those trees on Bourdillon Road sure looks like the ones in Sambisa forest.

    • Colonel Meng(rtd)

      You can be under whatever impression you like the fact of the matter is that the NE is under the jurisdiction of the 7th Division. The military rarely deploys troops like most idle civilians think. Beside keeping a midget like Tinubu under protection requires all but a handful of soldiers and believe me this will not make a dent on the NE operation.

      • D.A

        A most incredible statement. An army that needs 8,000 odd troops from border countries to before it can guarantee an election in Nigeria yet has 30 or more jobless soldiers to look after an aged opposition leader! Dent my foot. All weapons have been moved down south by Jonathan. He has moved Yoruba and northern soldiers up north and deprived them of effective weapons! Colonel Retarded, you are definitely leaving in clud cookoo land!!

    • DazzlingSmile

      Jonathan is a clueless mad man.

      • Gaskiya

        And his supporters are more clueless than he is.

  • Frank

    Good. Shekau must be arrested. It is not impossible that he visits Ikoyi for briefings as well as reporting back to his sponsors and patrons

  • Intrepid

    The drug trafficker should have known that his own safety is also a concern to the federal government, lest anything happens to him. APC town criers will blame the DOVE, Johnathan, again. But most importantly the desperation of the felon may lead him to other sinister moves to undermine this government. Johnathan should show more teeth, nothing to fear, Nigerians are behind you. Things that are happening in the North East, can be planned in Lagos, this is superior intelligence.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    The jagaban is no good at all. The self appointed opposition politician and not leader should slow down on his desperation for crass recognition. Nobody is fooled by your antics of crying wolf when there is none, because by the time the wollves shall arrive, you will be too weak to cry. Show the world the video clip or pictures of the imagined invasion

    • Andel

      You are so dumb to think Tinubu is lying… This is the same way Bola Ige cried but nobody believed him until he was killed… and for the video clip again.. Mehn you are so dumb to look at the time here.. 11pm and 10.45pm … can you video clip within this time… knowing full well GEJ did not provide power for the streetlite to function or do you posses any Night vision camera to help tinubu with… Which media house will play a video of images parading at night if they cant see the image face or color of clothes… No be USA u dey ooo. Wake up

      • BlackieUmukoro

        You are not dumb but with no back up evidence, it is hard to believe because the jagaban has capacity for mischief Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • kolafemi

      Even the military did not deny. They said its merely a routine military patrol exercise. Pity, the ever growing influence of the jagaban in the opposition camp has become your worry as to make u cry more than the bereaved

      • BlackieUmukoro

        The military explanation did not remove from my observations. The jagaban is just being sarcastic Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Adetolure Taiwo

    Tinumbu should have kept under surveillance because if there is no reason military will not have any parading at his resident and mind you army has their own intelligence personnel and they might have getting some vital information about his residence

  • Ayede Ogbese Marginalisation

    Nigeria, oh motherland. We mourn you today. Can everyone see what’s going on now..? See as our children are made to witness all these sad moments in hunger and lack of care. See, just see. We’ve turned laughing stocks of the whole world.

  • Tayo Benson

    Cage that Mujahedeen of Yorubaland…..

    The Nigerian Army is doing the right thing to put an Islamist Mujahedeen on surveillance.
    Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu is an Islamist Mujahedeen who injected Islam into Yoruba politics.
    National politics means exactly that: deny space for co-oordination of Islamic Jihad in Nigeria.

  • Gaskiya

    Fellow Nigerians.
    Please this is the era of mobile phone journalism. Use your mobile phone camera to take pictures and videos of any unfolding event you see.
    People that saw the soldier around Tinubu’s house should have taken still pictures and videos of the soldiers to show to the world.

    Anywhere you see them again just take their pictures and and send to media houses and friends.

    • Andel

      My Guy.. Phone camera or Video camera does not function properly in the night… No be Night Vision camera na .. Cant you see the time 11pm and 10.45pm … Am sure the streetlite wont even have power to shine due to GEJ inadeuacy.. Or are you advising Tinubu family to go close to the soldiers and video them or buy Night Vision camera? .. Abeg come help dem video the soldiers for night if u get mind or sabi take night picture with your Apple fone for nite. LOL

  • Wähala

    Between Tinubu and Fani Kayode it’s hard to tell who’s more paranoid. If Premium Times investigative journalists loitered around and did not notice any soldiers, Tinubu must have seen Ghost Soldiers watching him from CMS cemetery. Coward. Why would soldiers be monitoring Tinubu is the question discerning mind want answered, is Sen Bola Ahmed Tinubu the presidential candidate of APC that it could be said soldier want to intimidate into withdrawing from the presidential contest? Biko, somebody should advise Tinubu to return to his rehab center in the UK because I’m sure his case has relapsed into paranoid schizophrenia. Bola Tinubu’s fairy claim reminds me of that old song by O’Brian titled:
    “I always feel like somebody’s watching me”…Hahaha chei!

    • Otile

      Lokuta na yo, tika makelele!

    • Andel

      Moron you are so unintelligent and blind to note that Media man of tinubu says the Soldiers comes in by 10.52pm and 11pm but premium times went there around 5pm and 6pm… Am sure you don’t know how to count and you are as dumb as premium times not to know difference between 5pm and 11pm (when the soldiers arrives). Soldiers are mainly stationed at midnight and not 5pm.. Premium times are so dumb in their investigative journalism.. Can’t they sleep overnight in Bola Tinubu home to be 100% certain.

      • Ade

        Rubbish! ! When he killed funsho Williams, what was he thinking? Even if the soldiers or whoever kill him, nothing will happen.

  • Otile

    Yoruba Christians should be afraid of Alhaji Ebola Ahmed Tinumbu. He is a dangerous Islamist who has single-handedly islamised the Lagos state government.

    • HistoryisGood

      Welcome. Nothing must happen to Tinubu. Nothing must happen to Tinubu… Nothing must happen to Tinubu. Nothing must happen to Tinubu

    • Jonathan

      Otile, you must be on very cheap drugs. Do you know that Tinubu’s wife is a Christian? A Redeemer…This surely proved you don’t know the man you are talking about at all…. So better keep your stinking mouth shut…

  • niko

    It is
    world-wide knowledge that President Jonathan arm-twisted a reluctant INEC
    chairman Jega to postpone the much-anticipated general elections in Nigeria,
    much to the consternation and disappointment of millions of Nigerians and
    lovers of Nigeria in the diaspora.

    To add to
    the avalanche of vociferous condemnation heaped upon Jonathan and the
    opprobrium the postponement brought to Nigeria were the expressions of huge
    disappointment by the governments of U.S.A., Britain, E.U., U.N., A.U., Canada,
    France, Commonwealth and other well-wishers of Nigeria. We saw how Jonathan
    dribbled John Kerry Secretary of State of U.S.A. who was in Nigeria the
    previous week to address the stakeholders on the sanctity of allowing the
    elections and swearing –in the winner to be held on schedule. But alas,
    Jonathan will have none of that. Sensing a sound defeat at the polls if the
    elections were held as scheduled in Febuhari, he connived with the NSA, and the
    Service Chiefs, after the Council of State had turned him down, to truncate the
    wishes of Nigerians to vote out a rudderless and clueless government. But as
    the Yoruba proverb says – Nigba wo ni maku o ni ku (meaning when will the
    inevitable not happen)?

    We recall
    the sad role played by the NSA Sambo Dasuki in this matter when, at the behest
    of Jonathan, slipped out of Nigeria and announced to the whole world that the
    elections will not hold on schedule. We are not surprised that those who do not
    learn from history are bound to re-live it. Sambo Dasuki is the son of the
    impeached and exiled Sultan Dasuki of Sokoto who was ignominiously removed by
    Abacha in recompense of the ignoble role he played in the annulment of June 12
    1993 elections which was adjudged world-wide to be the best conducted election
    in Nigeria. For it was in the palace of Sultan Dasuki that the decision to
    truncate June 12 elections was taken by the then ruling cabal of Nigeria after
    interviewing Abiola and realising that Abiola will not play ball with business
    as usual, another euphemism for corruption. While Anenih, the then Chairman of
    SDP, sold out and agreed to the annulment of his party’s presidential election
    victory, Sule Lamido, the then Secretary of SDP and now Governor of Jigawa
    state maintained his honour and refused to participate along with other
    supporters of Abiola. The event cascaded into a torrent of other events at the
    end of which Babangida stepped aside, Shehu Yaradua died in detention, Dasuki
    was dethroned and banished, Abacha died in office thus signaling a consummation
    of the evil deeds of truncation of democracy. Sambo Dasuki was then a Major in
    the Army was rusticated by Abacha, fled from the country and later rehabilitated
    by Jonathan as NSA. For what purpose? To replay June 12?

    Rumours of
    impending removal of Jega and most INEC RECs are rife, while rumours of interim
    government, tenure elongation, constitutional crisis are not going away. All these scenario are at the beheast of a jittery
    Jonathan and his cohorts who are grossly desperate jittery of the conduct of a
    free and fair presidential election and its result.

    investigations reveal that the suffering masses of Nigerian are clamouring for
    the conduct of a free and fair election to deliver them from the oppression of
    the ruling cabal under the thumb of one man ensconced in Aso Rock in the full
    glare of the whole world.

    The question
    is – Whither Nigeria?

    Nigerians in
    their millions are patiently waiting for 28th March to cast their

    who have not collected their PVC,s are doing so in their millions.

    will not tolerate the planned removal of Jega and state REC,s at this eleventh
    hour when all hands are on deck to conduct a free and fair elections.

    are watching the Service Chiefs with suspiscion and will not tolerate another
    bogus security excuse to postpone or truncate the elections.

    We advise
    Jonathan to pay attention to the pains of Nigerians and reduce his penchant for
    visiting churches and dividing Nigeria along religious and ethnic lines in
    order to carry out his selfish one-man agenda. We recall that Abacha called for
    national prayers while harbouring insincerity and deceit in his heart. We know
    the consequences of his actions because God does not welcome deceit.

    are ordained to be in Aso Rock on May 29 2015.

    No force in the world can prevent that because

  • Phillip Gokir Musa

    You can’t hide from your shadows my friend!

  • G4

    Just saw the highest number of policemen in a trailer in front of the deputy gov’s house at the end of gerard in ikoyi

  • Dan Arewa

    Army patrolling Tinubu’s house while Shekau is free to plan and execute his terrorism. Surely, he is a president who LOVE Nigeria.

  • johnson

    This story is one sided.Did the reporter cross check with military authorities before going to press?
    To know the mission of the soldiers if they pattrolled that axis.We are fed up with all this biased and sensational journalism.What we need now is investigative journalism.
    Journalists are the ones stocking the fire.This is not right.Try and always balance your stories.

  • Ayodele Eruobodo

    A figment of imagination? Tinubu should tell Nigerians why the percieved intimidation Afterall, the military authorities who should know have denied such occurrence Enough of this propaganda of hatred!