Polls Shift: Jonathan afraid of defeat​ ​–​ ​Tinubu

Bola Tinubu

A leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, has attributed last weekend’s election postponement to the fear of President Goodluck Jonathan and his Peoples’ Democratic Party​ losing the polls.​

In a statement on Tuesday, Mr. Tinubu accused the president of engineering the shift in order to extend his stay in office.

“What happened Saturday was actually not a postponement due to security or logistical reasons,” said Mr. Tinubu, a former Lagos State governor.

“What happened was the by-product of overt political interference undermining the independence of the election management body, INEC. The elections were postponed not because they could safely be held. They were postponed because one man, President Jonathan, feared that an election held on February 14 would for him become an election lost.

“While the mouth was Jega, the words were Jonathan. He chose to place our democracy at risk than do what democracy demands by facing and risking the verdict of the people. That he would use our security agencies to provide his excuse only adds insult to injury.

“This act was one desperation of a man in fear of defeat. It was not done for the national good. It was the wrong thing done for the wrong reason by the wrong man.”

Last Saturday, the Independent National Electoral Commission announced a six week shift in the general elections originally scheduled for February 14 and 28 for the Presidential/National Assembly and Governorship/State House of Assembly respectively.

According to the Commission, the election will now hold on March 28 and April 11.

Attahiru Jega, the INEC Chairman, blamed the postponement on the inability of the nation’s security agencies to guarantee protection of its staff if the election went ahead as earlier scheduled.

Mr. Tinubu insisted that the reasons given by the “heavily intimidated” Mr. Jega does not withstand close scrutiny nor the rigours of logical thought.

“It is nothing but a lie draped in a falsehood born by deceit,” he said.

“For the Service Chiefs to be inserted in the electoral process in this manner and at the eleventh hour reveals nothing but a cynical plot to thwart elections.

“President Jonathan has revealed that he only wants elections where the guarantee is that he shall win. This is not the nature of democratic elections. Jonathan’s government has purposefully undermined the electoral process because he is not interested in a free and fair contest where the outcome reflects the sovereign will of the people.

“He wants an elaborate coronation dressed in the garb of an election. The Nigerian people are too smart for this rude trick.”

Mr. Tinubu further described the postponement as a smokescreen, noting that the letter written by the Service Chiefs advising a shift by six weeks is instance subject to the amelioration of the security situation in the North East.

“This is coming from a Chief of Defence staff that vowed to crush the insurgents within four months early last year. A year later, nothing has changed,” said Mr. Tinubu.

“He is now asking Nigerians to believe this government can do in six weeks what it could not do in six years. I ask Nigerians to question why these Service Chiefs decided to launch a major operation a week before the elections?

“What is new about the security situation in the last two weeks that has not been there these past several years? The date and importance of the election was well publicized. Why did they wait till now? They waited because they were given marching orders by the president to delay the elections.

“They have gone on an offensive already. However, the true offensive is not against Boko Haram. It is against the Nigerian people and our democracy.

“If elections could hold in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, why not in Nigeria where only 14 out of 774 council areas are under siege?”

Mr. Tinubu said that the postponement has inflicted a wound on Nigeria’s democracy.

“This postponement may be the prelude to even rasher more authoritarian action by this desperate, inept government. While my party hoped to go into the election and win it that we may offer a new and honest deal to the people. This government continues to feed the people a raw deal,” he said.

“The ambition of one man should not be allowed to affect the destiny of 170 million Nigerians. Nigerians have signalled their desire for change and there is nothing this government can do to erase it.

The former governor also called on APC supporters to remain calm and peaceful even in the face of “this insult to our democracy and common sense.”

“It is inevitable that change shall come and we shall bring it fairly, democratically and peacefully,” Mr. Tinubu said.

“They will attempt more tricks before the six weeks is over. Each time, they will be defeated by the power of our commitment to a new day in a new democratic Nigeria.”


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    Bola you are doing so well these days …… you can take some more of that stuff ……. the WASC you forged for Buhari was so poorly done …… what happened ?

    • abuasmau

      You have not been reading the happenings on the political scene. Who consummated the greatest alliance of political parties in Nigeria? GEJ or Tinubu. Tinubu of course.

    • Benny born

      O boy na that mumu wey him name be agbomojo rasheedi no alter the tin well, before i go set my eyes on d stuff, e don dey online, walahi na heavy yawa but we go still fix am. 9ja people na mumu na.

    • Ojebe

      Up till now, we have been asking Jonathan to publish his PhD thesis for us to see as his intelligence is too low for a genuine PhD holder. David West said also that Jonathan’s thesis could not be found. Can you please ask your incompetent president to publish his thesis as Obasanjo confirmed that he had not completed his PhD as at 2007 even when he was bearing the title. He will soon be charge for perjury.

  • Frank Bassey

    Are you speaking from the office, your room or where? You and your APC said you will take to the street if the election was shifted. Now the election is shifted for 6 weeks. Where are your “people” in the street?

    • abuasmau

      How old were you during the June 12 1992 crises. You probably do not know the role Bola Tinubu played. We are ready for them now. U can keep on sleeping.

      • Ibraheem Aruna

        Point of correction, its June 1993.

        • abuasmau

          Noted and accepted.

  • Usman Abdul

    @ Frank Bassey….sorry to had disappointed you. we know that is exactly what you and the clueless one wanted but we (APC) supporters know the game better you. So hold your breath and waiting for the shock of your life comes 28th March, 2015

    • Benny born

      Guy nothing like shock no more. the game is over for APC, let em go plan for another season. it’s a game, I think PDP counter their plans, now they are shouting. do you think this wicked people want to Change anything? forget it… the both parties are playing real football games. I will continue to pray that, if they cause carter cartar na them and their families go take head carry am IJN.

  • dave jacob

    Jonathan, please take a cue from Julius Caesar, who averred that cowards die before their death. Be brave for once and lose as expected. However, I strongly believe GEJ knows that he will “die” many times after his impending massive loss because of the penetrative inquiries into his/PDP’s past as C-in-C and ruling party respectively.

  • tayo

    no sense here…so does poll shift turn defeat to victory? go have a seat old man if u have nothing to say, no a PDP fan but i see no sense here……………meanwhile are u seeking for a genuine investment that will change your financial status? here is INVEST AND ENLARGE (WEALTHZONE) , an investment company located in Kano, Nigeria where you invest and get a monthly interest according to the amount you invest, I just received by 5th interest payment which has totally convinced me that its no joke..you can partake of it irrespective of where you are, you also get a referral bonus interest the more people you refer and which is my aim of this advert, if you are interested you TEXT your EMAIL ADDRESS to this line 08021341784 (Online customer care line) and they will get back to you with details, please do not forget to tell them I, Mr Tayo Oluwaseyi referred you, thanks!__

    • Dumbo

      You should direct this your advert to Dr Dumbo and his area boys in Aso Villa as they will soon be out of work. They will be happy to invest in any business that can supposedly multiple since they are used to grabbing big money without working for it.

  • Wähala

    Whoever advised Dumbo to arm-twist Prof. Jega into postponing the elections committed more damage to his client than the person who advised Jona to go dancing skelewu in Kano… hours after visiting a bloody carnage caused by suicide bombers. Dumbo is persona-non-grata even in Aso Villa where Doyin Okupe was booed and shouted down with songs of, ‘APC… Sai Bhuar! While the great Egba people say you can delay the burial of a corpse but that will not raise the dead… Ndigbo say, you can delay the burial of a corpse, but even his best friends will run away when it starts decaying. Dumbo is a rotten egg in the sights of Nigerians and can only go away so we may begin the healing and reconstructing phase of his collateral damages to all sections of our lives. It’s no longer about elections, it’s simply about handing over. BAT is right, the postponement can only mean more sinister motives are in the works… but, Nigerians have been there before. Make dem carry come, we go off-load them. Animals!

    • Gidi

      You summed up my thoughts. I don’t get why people would want to jump in front of a moving train, GEJ must be the dumbest President to ever preside over Nigeria

    • Otile

      Bandeko na yo nyonso bazali boyibi.

  • Benny born

    As far as am concern, both of you are playing games, Mr. president would have been the biggest mumu to have allowed the original Feb. 14th general election go on, Walahi, that election on that day would have resulted to what is called a massive rigging, “people no vote, how come we get big big numbers” just as Late Fela said, over 2m PVC’s are yet to be claimed, not arrived in country sef. If you are fooling everybody not us. If Mr.Tinubu were Mr President, Prof. Jega must have been in Jail by now. APC planned it very well, they were in possession until 80th minutes but PDP got the scope and are now in 90th minutes possession. Lets all wait till extra time and after the final whistle blown then we’ll find out who got 3 points. Dan duru wa Shege…

  • thusspokez

    The President is not a clever strategist, otherwise he would have opposed any postponement. After all, the area or states affected are predominately Buhari’s voters. So, this postponement amounts to GEJ giving Buhari, a helping hand. Not very clever people like Tinubu can shout their mouth off in public, but Buhari himself has kept quiet because he know that he benefits from the postponement. That is to say, he voters — many currently displaced, dispersed and in refugee camps — would be able to return home and vote for him.

    • Mustash

      Return home in 6 weeks time? We hpoe and pray it happens.

  • warry

    So Tinibu is now a saint because he has re packaged Buhari.So they know all along that Boko Haram is only in 14 LGA’s,yet they have been campaining that the whole North East has been over run.They went to CNN that no weapons were provided for our forces to fight Boko Haram,until shekau came out to display what our soldiers abandoned for him through sabotage.Now multi national forces have intervened and they are angry.Today i went to check for PVC’s and was still told that they were still expecting from Inec headquarters,especially those whose names were deleted from the register by Jega and were made to re register in December.Who is fooling who?Liars,propagandists and manipulators,all because power must return to the North now.

    • progress

      Tinubu also stole Jonathan’s brain abilities abi? Omugo

  • King Carlos

    Nigerians are too smart for Jonathan’s antics. His handlers should have advised him to learn from history. No president can force himself on the people of Nigeria.

  • blueeyedkitten

    don’t be too hard on Gej. he postponed the elections so that he would lose with a more respectable margin.

  • Intrepid

    This man’s eyes are too scary!! During my school days, students with this type of deadly eyeballs were very mischievous and always full of criminal intentions. One of such students was even nicknamed MACHIAVELLI. Another Pics please!!

    • Ojebe

      But his’ is far better that the tiny rat-like eyes of your father

  • aisha mohammed2015

    i.e what we all hope… let us avoid a crisis by allowing Nigerian pple to choose their leaders atleast for once.

  • Enquirer


    • I go die O!


    • Omooodua

      “Professor Jega of INEC is only trying to shift responsibility by saying people
      opposed to Buhari’s qualification for the polls should go to court. I heard the
      APC saying Buhari has been contesting election for the past 12 years,
      and that nobody said anything about it, so, why now? And my answer,
      in form of question is, if someone has been committing robbery and
      getting away with it, the day he is caught, you are now asking,
      why has he not been caught all this while? Buhari is NOT eligible.
      That is the law.”

      …………….Chief Ayo Adebanjo

      (Afenifere Chieftain)

      (January 25th, 2015)

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    It is only in Nigeria that a certified reprobate, certificate forger, drug addict/retired drug pusher and treasury looter like Amoda Yekini Ogunlere (who has adopted the name Bola Tinubu) can be a foremost politician. In saner climes, he would either be pining away in prison for the rest of his life or would have been executed by firing squad. What a country!!! Nigeria is a huge scam.

    • Omababa

      There is a mistaken identity here: Tinubu is not Buruji Kashamu.

  • John Daniel

    Non sense …so does poll shift turn defeat to victory? Na wa ooo, Mr Tinubu all you said doesnt make sense,The fact that the APC brought out ‘buhari’ a man with no philosophy, drive, passion for humanity or scholastic value to be their presidential candidate beats my imagination… can a Nigerian tell me that he or she can use your voters card to vote a dummy as a leader? what does buhari have to offer Nigeria, what is his ideology of a perfect nigeria, cant he say a thing? or does he have bad breadth..he’s so dumb and empty.GO GEJ O’jare.

  • Omababa

    The peoples’ verdict is only awaiting delivery. Jonathan presidency will not gain anything from d election shifts because of his terrible performance in six years. His shifting d election is like d futile efforts of a drawing man in a stormy water.
    Ahmed Bola Tinubu have proved himself as a seasoned and die-hard politician, a great mobiliser, a crowd puller with leadership qualities per excellence. Even PDP wishes they could have somebody like him. Hating him cannot deny him his place in d anal of Nigeria history.

  • Clean Water

    olumba olumba is trying for this satanic man they call goodluck but his cup will soon be full

  • Lanre

    Thank you Mr. Teniola for taking us down memory lane.

  • Walter Debosky

    Thanks sir, for the history lessons!

  • Tommy Soto

    Hoping one day/century our 9ja progeny colonizes the UK and names areas with African names!