Polls Shift: Afenifere group wants Jonathan to “step aside”

FILE PHOTO: President Jonathan at PDP Rally in Ibadan

The Afenifere Renewal Group, a Yoruba socio-political body, has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to reciprocate the patriotism shown by Nigerians by resigning his position.

In a statement issued Monday, the group said Nigerians had made sacrifices without a commensurate effort from the leadership as if citizens signed a master-slave contract with their leaders.

“Because patriotism should beget patriotism,” said the statement signed by Kunle Famoriyo, Publicity Secretary, ARG.

“If Nigerians are being asked to be patriotic enough to suffer the attendant cost of poll shift in order to fight insurgency – a man-made problem – then, is it not normal for an administration that has shown unprecedented lethargy in prosecuting war against insurgency to be equally patriotic enough to admit its failure and step aside?

“To continue on the path of impunity and blatant abuse of the democratic right of Nigerians as the handlers of Nigerian state are doing is the foundation for injustice.

“Yoruba people loathe such insensitivity and will always reject such leadership because you can delay the burial of a corpse, but the delay can never resurrect the corpse.”

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, had last weekend announced new dates for general elections.

While the Presidential and National Assembly election was rescheduled to March 28, the Gubernatorial and State House of Assembly poll was fixed for April 11.

The Afenifere group noted that although INEC had exercised its constitutional powers, the reason it gave for the postponement is “untenable.”

“Nigeria’s defence and security institutions have not convinced Nigerians that they have the capability to curb the Boko Haram insurgency and it remains to be seen that they now possess new tactics and intelligence on how to curb it,” the group stated.

“Therefore, it is difficult to see how a six-year menace will disappear in six weeks.

“Indeed, the events of the past few weeks lend credence to a pervasive public opinion that INEC was coerced into its adopted position. Nigerians were not particularly surprised at the postponement and many actually saw it coming.

“There is no doubt an ‘executive coercion’ whose design and intent can only be to subjugate Nigeria’s premier democratic institution, and until the security chiefs are able to advance believable reasons and demonstrate renewed commitment to their constitutional duty, Nigerians will remain suspicious of a premeditated plan to subvert democratic process.

“The public perception that the defence institutions are being used to forcefully gain partisan ambition is widening and the current federal administration, as usual, appears not to give a damn. In fact, security chiefs are helping to reinforce this perception, in the light of recent revelation on Ekiti gubernatorial election, and it can only lead to truncation of democracy.”

The group further said that the Yoruba people are not blind to the “grave” implications posed by the current crop of leaders pursuing their personal agenda to the detriment of collective goodwill.

“Toying with issues that should be sacrosanct in a democratic process is a shove that will soon turn to push and the Yoruba Nation will carefully consider its options for a desired peaceful and prosperous state,” the group said.

“We wish to warn those hell bent on scuttling our democracy to learn from history because, like they did in 2010 against the infamy known as ‘the cabal,’ Nigerians will continue to resist dictatorial agenda of a few who seek to hold the nation hostage.”


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  • Dan Arewa

    I feel good whenever Nigerians (groups) express their disgust and dissatisfaction on how our shoeless president and his cohorts are handling our young, hard earned democracy and our rights. It is very-very clear that this country is heading to collision under this clueless man. Military have been politicized, DSS have been bastardized and polity deliberately heated up. I don’t think this PhD holder can even lead the animals in a ZOO talk less of leading Nigerians.

    • nnadoris

      Like father like son. for past 48years north where in power what have them done for northern youths nothing stop being selfish Jonathan till 2019

  • BlackieUmukoro

    In recent times, there was election shifts in 2007 and 2011, so why is this one generating so much acrinomy. Is Jonathan so hated that anything he does whether right or wrong is judged negatively

    • Man_Enough

      yes. even the prayer of an unrighteous man is an abomination.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        The prayer of an un righteous must be abominable anyway
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • tundemash

      Mr. Crumb-catcher, has Dumbo confessed to you , during your weekly briefing, that he engineered the postponement or what do you mean by “Is Jonathan so hated that anything he does whether right or wrong is judged negatively” ?????

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Crumb eater
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Otitokoro

    I have a simple question to you Premiumtimes. Are you sure the photograph you use to illustrate this story is correct? I can see Yinka Odumakin and some other Yoruba people who Mr. Goodluck Jonathan has used oil to buy. And I am sure these Yoruba sellouts-Yinka Odumakin and a few sellouts- in the Photographs DO NOT belong to the honorable Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG). Please note that Yinka Odumakin is one of those Yoruba who went to Ondo state in alliance with the other one Gov Mimiko of Ondo state and sold themselves to Goodluck Jonathan in Mr. Fasoranti’s house in Akure. So Yinka cannot maintain the honorable position the ARG maintained here. SO IN THE NAME OF GOD AND THE TRUE YORUBA PEOPLE PREMIUMTIMES USE ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPH to illustrate your story. This photograph is offensive to the true Yoruba sense of honor. I am not sure that the true sons and daughters of Yoruba want to see Yinka’s face in a group ARG which is more attuned to Yoruba sense of honor, dignity, civility and propriety. Use another Photograph please.

    • Otitokoro

      Premiumtimes I checked the photograph again, I can see the face of the murderer and Ekiti election rigger from Ile Ife Omisore if I am not wrong. Please you just have to remove this photograph. That photograph DOES NOT represent the dignity, honor and sense of decency of Yoruba people. Omisore? You just have to remove this photograph. It is wrong.


    Are these “come and eat” groups so blind that they are cannot see that INEC was completely unprepared for the election and that the All Propaganda Congress (APC) had compromised the distribution of PVC’s and had bought over INEC REC’s and Staff including the recruitment of INEC adhoc Staff.

    Do they want a repeat of the Anambra Governorship election ?

    • Dan Arewa

      This shows that you are the BLIND and DEAF one because INEC is well prepared for the election but PDP was not ready because they see failure clearly written on the wall. Again, it appeared that you are more of ‘COME AND EAT’ than them because they described exactly what is happening in Nigeria (something BLIND people like you cannot see) and they expressed their concern.

      Your Boko Haram, shoeless, corrupt president will leave power comes 29th May 2015.

    • tundemash

      INEC isn’t prepared according to you, but Dumbo used the army to write claiming security issues; what exactly is the reason ????

  • Otitokoro

    Premiumtimes one more time I checked the photograph again, if I am not wrong, I can see the face of Omisore, the
    murderer and Ekiti election rigger from Ile Ife. Please you just have to remove this photograph. That photograph
    DOES NOT represent the dignity, honor and sense of decency of Yoruba
    people. Omisore photograph to illustrate the true Yoruba sense and issues? Oh no no no no. This is a serious matter Premiumtimes. You just have to remove this photograph. No! This photograph IS NOT acceptable. It is wrong.

  • Ervine Okuboh

    Otitokoro-I think we get the drift. You want the photo removed !

    • Otitokoro

      Thank you and God Bless you, your family and your company. Peace profound and love always and forever. Thanks

  • UYI111

    Absolute rubbish

  • Omooodua

    Afenifere Renewal Group does not think

    AFENIFERE RENEWAL GROUP which issued this statement is a break-away faction,
    comprising AFENIFERE members in their 40s and 50s. This so-called renewal group
    is yet to make sense on matters of public policy for being impulsive and un-thinking.
    The choice before the Yoruba is between Muhammadu Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan.
    To make a right judgment call is to compare the demerits of both mediocre candidates.
    Afenifere Renewal Group here fails that logic test with its Tinubu-like diktat, without thinking.

    • Denis_NG


    • ODOFIN, Lagos

      Omooodua, my feet!

  • tayo

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    • Statement

      Tribalism is bad.

  • Ogom

    “you can delay the burial of a corpse, but the delay can never resurrect the corpse.”

  • Walter

    What Jonathan doesn’t know is even if he destroys BokoHaram today, Nigerians will not vote for him tomorrow. I think he’s looking for a way to get more votes.

  • ODOFIN, Lagos

    gej is playing God and he will pay dearly for this…where is Abacha?

  • ProHOPE

    rubbish statement that holds no water…it changes nothing…my prayer and hope is to see that this election takes place peacefully and credibly as well…that is the commitment this present government owes us all…GEJ Till 2019

    • blueeyedkitten

      arent you wondering why almost everybody speaks ill of GEJ and his govt?

      • Statement

        Only in premium times.

        • tundemash

          You are right : AU, Thabo Mbeki, The Economists, Afenifere Group, Fr. Mbaka, Soludo, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Obi Ekwesili, Parents of Chiboks girls, Senator Mcain, United States, Canada Tam David West all work for PremiumTimes.

          I beg what brand of snuff do you use ?

  • Mr. Abdin

    Ah GEJ in trouble.

  • Okey

    fake ‘Afenifere’ ! Any Afenifere devoid of Chief Ayo Opadokun and Yinka Odunmaki is fake.

    • Ette

      Odumakin is a cash and carry corrupt Afenifere. The one talking is credible Renewal Afenifere, and it’s presentation here is very cogent.

      • Okey

        So, Jagaban’s errand boy is now the authentic face of Afenifere !

        • Reminisce6

          Jagaban is a consistent,dogged fighter,he along with Buhari are the epitome of the alternative we have today which has suddenly redefine the way politics is run in Nigeria,energize the people and brought the power of the people to the fore which got the power that be jittery for the first time in the history of this country,isn`t it exciting?.Love or hate him,history would be more kinder to Tinubu compared to the pretender,clueless,inept and the opportunists that parade the corridors of power today.

          • Okey

            “epitome” indeed !

    • tundemash

      Shou !, a creek monkey telling we Yorubas who belong to Afenifere and who does not ?

  • John Daniel

    Afenifere doesnt make sense, In recent times, there was election shifts in 2007 and 2011, so why is
    this one generating so much acrinomy. Is Jonathan so hated that anything
    he does whether right or wrong is judged negatively…. #GEJ4Naija

  • Bayo Ola

    ARG, thank you for this well timed press release. The Yoruba people have not had it so bad with these current old Yoruba men like Olu Falae,Pa Reuben Fasoranti, Femi Okunronmu, et al. Can you imagine what Pa Ajasin, Chief Bola Ige and Pa Abraham Adesanya would have done to protect the Yoruba interest from this rampaging Ijaw drunkard? We missed these great foremost Yoruba leaders. These current agba iya are trying to sell the Yoruba people to President Jonathan through Mimiko. Their megaphone is the turn coat hustler Yinka Odumakin, who was incidentally the mouth piece of General Buhari in the last election. I fervently pray and hope the next president of Nigeria will create an enabling environment that guarantees old age income for future generation of Nigerians. Perhaps, such guarantee would dissuade future elders’
    from dancing naked for a pot of porridge by any government in power, at the twilight of their old age; they often soil what would have been otherwise illustrious career with this their old age hustling.

    • Reminisce6

      Disdain for Tinubu`s rise to the apex and their own loss of privilege and power in the SW are the culminating factors that drove those old men into the path of perfidy.There are some among them who,at old age are unable to evil of hatred for certain tribe and people.Some could not resist the gratification and patronage of the Villa and some of them cannot but remain ‘grateful’ for the mouth watering recompense of the so-called National Conference.The financial returns from the conference was like a kiss-of-life to most participant including the Papas of the Afenifere.Old age does not necessarily accord wisdom but the consolation is that most of young people of today are wiser,smarter,better exposed and connected via networking and mostly educated.We can recognize wisdom when we see one,define our path and pursue our goal in that direction.Only a few of us can be misled because our ‘eyes shine well well’.Deference is not respect and i do respect old age as a Yoruba man but if i have to defer to old age,it must come with wisdom because fools does grow old too.

  • Phillip Gokir Musa

    “They say Moses split the red sea,…” GEJ split Afenifere and rolled the fat one, he’s (GEJ) deadly, Yoruba beware… GEJ 2015!!!

    • Scatter

      Oh yeah? The fake Dr Dumbo Dumbo is rolling on his excreta and will sure go down — gbam! You can take that to the bank.

  • Victor Olufunso Fakulujo

    Which Yoruba people are you talking for ? Kunle Famoriyo where are you from? I am sure Yorubas will not deliberately go into slavery to serve Hausa-Fulani hegemony. God forbid !. APC should look for a better candidate, not recycled old soldier. Thanks