Nigeria2015: Election postponement confers no advantage on us – PDP

Olisa Metuh, Spokesman, PDP

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, said on Sunday that the postponement of the general elections conferred no advantage on it.

Many Nigerians have accused the presidency of instigating security chiefs to ask for the postponement, after seeing that it would lose the poll.

The PDP, however, said that while is supports the postponement based on reasons adduced by the electoral agency, INEC, it was not benefitting from the postponement.

The INEC chairman, Attahiru Jega, had said on Saturday night that the elections were postponed to March 28 and April 11 because security chiefs said they could not provide security in February as they were busy addressing the Boko Haram insurgency.

“We state clearly that the postponement neither confers advantage on our party and our candidates, nor can it ever be described as a set back to our democracy,” the PDP’s spokesperson, Olisa Metuh, said. “The ultimate issue in this regard is the conduct of free, fair and credible elections.”

Read the PDP’s statement below:

Response Of The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) To The Postponement Of The 2015 General Elections By INEC

In the last few days, pursuant to speculations about the shifting of the dates of the general elections, the PDP had restated its readiness for the polls and continued with our rallies whilst directing all our candidates to go on with their campaigns as only the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has the powers to take decision on the matter.

Last night, the Chairman of INEC Professor Attahiru Jega announced the postponement of the National and State elections to March 28 and April 11, 2015 respectively, relying as he said on the powers of the Commission as provided by section 26 (1) of the Electoral Act 2010 (As Amended).

The INEC Chairman had cited an advisory from security forces that they are unable to provide adequate security for the election at the earlier scheduled dates due to the on-going anti-insurgency operations in the northeast part of the country.

Mr. Jega also said that this advisory was reinforced at the Council of State meeting on Thursday by the National Security Adviser and all the Armed Services and Intelligence Chief, who according to him stated “that they needed at least six weeks within which to conclude a major military operation against the insurgents in the northeast; and that during this operation, the military will be concentrating its attention in the theatre of operations such that they may not be able to provide the traditional support they render to the Police and other agencies during elections.”

This announcement has not come without the attendant cost of time and great expense to our party and candidates nationwide. However, on account of the reasons adduced by the security forces and INEC, we believe that this shift, which is still within the constitutionally allowed period, can be accommodated.

The thoughts and prayers of PDP members nationwide and indeed all well-meaning Nigerians remain with our security agencies as they confront this enormous challenge at this critical period.

However, while we understand and appreciate the security reasons given by INEC for the rescheduling of the elections, we hold the INEC Chairman, Mr. Jega to his promise when he said, “as for us in INEC, we’ll endeavour to use the period of the extension to keep on perfecting our systems and processes for conducting the best elections in Nigeria’s history. In particular, we believe that we will resolve all outstanding issues in relation to non-collection of PVCs which agitate the minds of Nigerians”.

This is especially as the INEC Chairman himself acknowledged that only 45, 829, 808 representing 66.58 percent of the total number of registered voters have received their PVCs.

INEC itself has confirmed that as at last week, well over two million voter cards were either not yet delivered to INEC by its contractors, lost or stolen.

We demand that INEC should look inwards and thoroughly investigate the apparent involvement of some of its personnel including ad-hoc staff on the issue of the lopsided distribution of the PVCs. INEC must also use this period to attend to our earlier call to address the issue of denial of PVCs to non-indigenes in select states.

For instance, we are aware that in Borno state, 90 percent of the PVCs were handed over to state government officials, who distributed them by proxy contrary to laid-down procedures. Also, in Owerri North Local Government of Imo state, the LGA of our National Woman Leader, only new registered voters have received their PVCs. Citizens with old voters card have not had any replaced and this scenario abounds in other places.

We do hope that INEC will use the period to ensure that all identified irregularities are eliminated to guarantee that registered voters across the country receive their PVCs urgently.

Also, INEC ahead of the polls should adequately demonstrate to Nigerians the application and practicability of card readers to the allotted time for vote.

For the avoidance of doubt, we state clearly that the postponement neither confers advantage on our party and our candidates, nor can it ever be described as a set back to our democracy. The ultimate issue in this regard is the conduct of free, fair and credible elections.

Lastly, we restate that the PDP position on these issues remains our commitment to the sustenance of free, fair and credible elections, which is one of the greatest legacies of President Goodluck Jonathan.

At this historic period in our national life, let nobody irresponsibly politicise what is clearly a practical and administrative decision that affects everyone and all parties equally. At this present time, Nigeria needs men of history and not hysteria.


Olisa Metuh

National Publicity Secretary


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  • endingNaija

    It does, but you will not get it because Nigerian voters will end Naija the old corrupt Goodluck Jonathan way.

    • justice

      Please help me here. How does it give pdp any advantage?

      • sam

        there is no point my friend because even if I try to, you still would never understand because you forgot your reasoning faculty at aso rock or should I simply say common sense is not common. lol

  • Maitama Tambari

    Yeye chronic liar. Why did you clamour for it for days using unemployed youths to demonstrate to INEC Headquarters and mushroom parties to dance to your tunes for price of dollars? Yeye. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    The postpoement will give Jega’s INEC and APC ample time to rejig their rigging machiinery. I wonder why all these village criers ever cried about the 22000 poll units Jega was to create for the North and he is telling us with bold face that he is not working in tandem with the North and APC. Anyway God deides the fate of all Men

  • Dankasa

    Then why didn’t allow the election to hold as scheduled? Postponement or no postponement, your days are numbered you like it or not.

  • Otile

    Wapi moyibi Wähala? Yo mpe bandeko na yo bazali bosoto, ya solo. Vous êtes un fou. Vous êtes un salaud. Yeye. Schämen

  • G4

    4yrs to plan an election yes you are damn right, it further illustrates this govts endless incompetence.

  • Gbofia Lunar

    Not according to the recording of PDP’s Obanikoro bulling Gen. Momoh.

  • Progress

    “The INEC Chairman had cited an advisory from security forces” Just a letter from Sambo Dasuki! The sooner that nonsense is banished like is father the better. This time though not within Nigeria except to Sambisa forest. That name DASUKI will ever be associated with a curse forever.

    • Gaskiya

      Dasuki family are not descent people. They are always associate with bad leaders because they are bad themselves. Dasuki’s father was imposed as Sultan of Sokoto by IBB and was rejected by Sokoto people leading to the death of thousands of innocent Sokoto people. So NSA Dasuki will help Jonathan to sabotage our democracy as long as Jonathan will be paid his share.

  • Timothy Aseer

    The postponement is a step in the right direction. How can the election go on when nearly 30m Nigerians will be disenfranchised? GEJ till 2019!

  • Akinwande Kolawole

    Olisah Metuh is a thorn in the flesh of the evil party called APC. Keep exposing their propagandas. All eligible voters must be allowed to obtain their PVC,hence the shift was imperative. Kudos INEC.

    • David

      Ever heard of the rigged,free and fair Ekiti state election by your saint good badluck????????

      • Akinwande Kolawole

        I listened to the audio recording but yet to understand how it influenced the outcome of the polls. If you come to Ekiti to say the polls was rigged, you risk your mumu head been broken into pieces. Fayemi lost in a free and fair contest. No doubts. Stop deceiving yourself.

  • Abdullahi Adamu

    If the claim of APC that ‘majority of Nigerians are behind them is true’,why are they scared that INEC postponed the elections to ensure more Nigerians obtains their PVC? APC’s stance is quite laughable. They know by the time most Nigerians collect their PVCs they will face a premature death at the polls. No way they can win PDP march 28.

    • David

      Check out the rigged fake election in Ekiti state.

      • Abdullahi Adamu

        Mallam, walahi you are clearly jobless.Go and apply for YouWin grant and get a life. Stop wasting your time acting as a political thug to a grandfather.

  • Musa Yaro

    APC have some evil intentions up their sleeves,i am yet to understand how the postponement will favour PDP. They should stop crying blue murder. The postponement was clearly as a result of poor preparations on the part of INEC. I learnt that unlike what we have here in Kaduna and most Northern states where INEC gave voters cards to Imams and Emirs to distribute,it’s quite difficult for voters in south to obtain their pvc. I support the postponement wholeheartedly.

    • David

      Ever heard of how the Ekiti state elections were rigged????????
      The whole world knows, check YouTube and remove your head from underneath the sand where it is currently buried.

  • Ademola Arowosaye

    MARCHING FORWARD WITH GOODLUCK AND MARCHING DOWN BUHARI!When APC went backwards 30years to drag and impose a SEPTUAGENARIAN on their party members and consequently presented him to mNigerians as their party’s presidential flag-bearer, not a few Nigeians believe that the party isnt ready to let go our ugly past, they clearly manifested that they aren’t ready for today and the future.Even their CHANGE mantra more than anything became hypocritical and they have refused to tell Nigerians the truth about the type of change they are angling for -is it CHANGE FOR GOOD OR CHANGE FOR THE WORSE?Have the protagonists of this hypocritical change achieved positive change in their lives?DO WE CHANGE BY GOING BACKWARDS OR FORWARD?Now that the elections have been moved from FAILBUHARI TO MARCH, isnt it clear that the BEST option for Nigerians is to MARCH FORWARD, an option possible with forward looking GOODLUCK JONATHAN and PDP? The party -APC that went 30 years backwards to cling unto our DARK PAST can only take us backwards not forward. They do not believe in our youths and our youths are our future.When in the last 30 years they told us that we are the leaders of tomorrow, that tomorrow has come, it is today for us but the same leaders of 30 years back have refused to leave the stage, they want to eat their children’s DESTINY. Say no to Movement to the DARK PAST;MARCH DOWN BUHARI;MARCH DOWN APC;MARCH FORWARD WITH GOODLUCK JONATHAN! MARCH FORWARD WITH PDP!

    • David

      What is rigging of Ekiti State election called???

    • Advocate


  • Sani Danladi

    The postponement is good. Several millions of registered voters are yet to get their pvc. The security situation in the north east is too volatile to conduct elections. Inec has to be fully prepared to avoid issues after the polls. What everybody should be concerned about is the hand over date; May 29th. If May 29th is changed, that is when people should start getting worried.

    • Advocate

      and ekitigate

  • Pam Daylop


    Great leaders say “not one of my people must be left behind.” Instead I see selfish pricks who look at the register and PVC collection list and say “my area has more, let elections hold.”

    Of 37 commissioners, up to 16 said they were unprepared for the elections…16!!! and wicked people are counting the ones prepared instead of counting the unprepared ones knowing ALL have to be prepared and then even, with preparation there are still hitches, how much more not being prepared at all.

    I am sure with the silence in the street and understanding with INEC about the postponement, we now know the party that cares about ALL Nigerians voting.

    1. Registered. Voters – 68.8m
    2. Printed and Delivered – 66.3m
    3. Yet to be Delivered – 1.3m
    4. Stolen to be Replaced – 1.1m
    5. Collected – 45.09m [65.8% of registered voters]
    6. Not Yet Collected – 23.71 [34.2 of registered voters]

    • Yusuf

      that was not the reason given for the postponed; the army and police were going to sambisa forest, all of them, it is now that they remember the people of NE

      • Pam Daylop

        Maybe you don’t know INEC contractors failed to deliver at the deadline given to them. You think INEC is ready? If APC and their e-rats are confident of winning the elections,why are they kicking against the postponement?Yeye is smelling.

    • David

      Do you know what that word means?
      What is rigging of Ekiti State election called???

    • Advocate

      ekitigate, let gej clear himself from the scandal

  • Preye Aganaba

    I guess since APC people declared February febuhari, and now GEJ folks who called it failbuhari seems to have won as febuhari did not happen, can we all now MARCH FORWARD and leave old decrepit 72 years old certificateless WO 2 officer claiming General behind? MARCH FORWARD. FOURWARD. Four more years. Vote Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

    • Advocate

      let your gej clear himself on ekitigate?

  • Bishop

    Extend to 2099 many wil still not collect. Well, we already know the script because we read weeks back about this 6 weeks extension. Or are we prophets?

  • Ifeanyi Chukwujekwu

    If not the selfishness this has either created in us or the selfishness it has revealed why would anyone begrudge whatever that gets more Nigerians participating in the electoral process? We definitely are a wicked bunch. The military’s reason were impeccable, besides even the countless numbers who were set to be disenfranchised…yet people have the gall to protest. There’s something about this GMB NONSENSE that just makes people turn a blind eye to reason. It’s simply shocking.

  • Okafor Emeka


    1. How would you describe a people that have always wanted Nigeria to progress for the past 30 years, but refused to see the rehabilitation of the trains as progress or change from the pass. Did they see functional trains before? NO, If it was not a big deal or an achievement, why did past administrations not consider it? Why was it ignored? AND YOU SAY JONATHAN WASTED 4 YEARS.

    2. How do you describe a people that wants to crucify another man that has put in place a power road map that is already producing results without spending money, but celebrate a man that spent $16bn just to change the name of NEPA to PHCN. AND YOU SAY JONATHAN WASTED 4 YEARS

    3. Why would it take only the present government to rebuild our roads? Can we earnestly say that road accidents and robbery due to bad roads have not decreased? Did it happen by chance? Why did Obasanjo’s government not ever consider to fix Lagos-Ibadan road, or Ore-Benin or Ore-Ijebu Ode that was a disaster for over 25 years? Including the almost completed second Benue Bridge and the commenced work on the Second Niger Bridge. Why did it take this government to fix it? AND YOU SAY JONATHAN WASTED 4 YEARS

    4. Can we earnestly say that even the rehabilitation of the airports is not a process of transformation? Or are they not visible? Tell me which government ever made it a point of duty to rehabilitate what we have years after they were built. For those of us that travel a lot, can we say in earnest that there have been no improvement in these facilities? Remember, as we lie to ourselves about the efforts of a great man that made his efforts to cause real and positive change for our country, it is very likely that our own personal efforts may also be passed off as fraud. BECAUSE YOU CLAIM JONATHAN WASTED 4 YEARS

    5. In this government, our aviation industry has attended the AMERICAN CLASS A category for the first time in our history. Did it happen by chance? Why did other governments you think were better not able to achieve it even after 8 years? Can we remember how planes were falling from the skies at some time in this country? Can we compare that to what we have now, have we not seen the level of comparativeness of our aviation industry to that of the western world. Did it happen by chance? Nigeria has been rated as the world’s 3rd investment destination, did that happen by chance? Why can’t the youths refuse to be taken back? AND YET, YOU CLAIM JONATHAN WASTED 4 YEARS.

    6. Is it also a political propaganda to say that we now have specialist medical centers that can do special operations Nigerians had to go abroad to do? Are we not aware that Nigeria now do Kidney Transplants and other major surgery? Have we realize that all our Teaching Hospitals now have CT scan machines and other major Medical equipment that even as at 8 years ago, only 4 teaching hospitals had? Can we also say that we have not noticed the increased number of health centers and government assisted health services than ever before? Did that also happen by chance? AND YOU SAY JONATHAN WASTED 4 YEARS.

    7. Are we not aware that the world body like the WHO, have rated Nigeria, improved on mortality rate in this administration? Is it a lie that the hunger rate has reduced in Nigeria? We are all computer savvy now, can we not prove these new ratings by doing a quick google? Why is it that WHO, is set to declare Nigeria polio free this year? Note please that polio has ravished Nigerian children since when I was born (My birth year mate was affected by it and has been deformed now). Did it happen by chance? Why was it not controlled or eradicated since? AND YET THEY SAY JONATHAN WASTED 4 YEARS.

    Must we believe everything the opposition say? Remember, they will do anything to get into power. If they were that good, what have they done in their home states? What did they do when they were in position of authority? I am not here to reel out destructive fact against them, am just here to make you reason in sincerity. I may not want you to respond to me now, all I ask is that in your quiet moments, ask yourself if your decision is right. What so ever your conscience tell you in all sincerity, do it.

    But know that what so ever choice you make, will determine where you want Nigeria to be in another four years. By then, you will be four years older. Remember Egypt asked for change blindly, we know what they got and where they are now. Libya too tried, today, they are as good as Somalia. I write these words in earnest, only to those that have a conscience

    • BISI

      Can you please provide informations on how to book the train ticket online if your claim is true..

      • Okafor Emeka

        Mumu,have you gone to a train station and couldn’t get ticket? I just thought you are sensible. You proved me wrong. Nigerians are terrible people.

    • Dr.Dan

      Do you have electricity in your house right now? I bet you are running on generator. I’m sure you have not loss a love one to these beast call Boko haram.if U had maybe you would understand what government failure to provide security means.or if your entire village has been razed to ashes,you Mum and sisters taken as sex slaves by these unclean beast and you are forced to flee into Cameroon as refugees, Maybe you would have understood the meaning of incompetent leadership.

    • Advocate

      ekitigate!! let president gej clear the air on that?

      you have just vomited all the crap used for your tan. tan as in ekitiigate – destroy and corrupt existing institutions

      have you seen a real train before? in the 21st century, we are using locomotives with all moneys spent. it is like using nokia 2010 in 2015. i know you are really taking the mickey by mentioning power or phcn. the evidence is there with all the billions allocated to gej’s cronies nothing just money for the boys. what is the current power output. roadmap after six years? pdp is now planning to fight corruption. the best and busiest airport in the country is mmia, this government messed it up. his boy chidoka is now chopping. and so on and on. yes he has wasted 6 years.

  • Yusuf

    u are a shameless liar.. postponning an election is not our problem, but we are afraid of seeing mass killing of innocent people in the name of BH and more election elongation



    • Debo

      Just like APC now has enough time to plan how to out-rig PDP. Let them go back to their drawing board. Where is the free and fair election?

      • Advocate

        you have no shame. ekitigate is still there

    • Gaskiya

      If they rig this times we will finish them one after the other. Bastards.

  • anneedu

    Yea, is for the interest of the mass yet they are not happy for it

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    The postponement for enhancement of democracy and to consolidate fair treatment. A situation where everybody will pick his/her PVCs and vote on the day of elections. Unlike a situation had INEC gone ahead with 14th date, Nigerians would be disenfranchised.

    MARCH4GreaterElectoralJorney, MARCH4GoodluckEbeleJonathan, MARCH4GEJ.
    UP!!!! GEJ!! GEJ till 2019.

    • Advocate

      ekitigate!!! you people have no shame

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Shameless you.

    • Gaskiya


  • Baron Samedi

    My cousin, with a Masters degree in Petroleum engineering worked in an oil company that employs less than 5000 people and retired this year at the age of 60. APC wants to employ an old illiterate ethnic jingoist without any certificate to run a country of 200 million people.

    • Advocate

      how old was president reagan when he took office in the usa, or roosevelt, or churchil in britain? you don’t know?. use your foi rights for something else. all you people are getting paid for your 419 comments

      • 247don007

        And what year was that? I don’t think it was this century?

      • Baron Samedi

        You are a compound food. How dare you compare a first class country of 99% educated citizens to a ramshackle mallam defiled/raped contraption like Nigeria with less than 40% educated populace,nearly all in the South.. The man you are supporting has no education whatsoever because he has,up till today,failed to produce even his primary six certificate.On top of that,HE LIED under oath. Is this the man that will change Nigeria? Be honest for once in your life.

    • Gaskiya

      You are a derailed personality.

      • Baron Samedi

        …lol. another mallam. A bunch of lazy twats. Always telling lies. Never trust a mallam muslim man. They all lie through their teeth. Look at Buhari,Lie Mohammed,Jega etc…all LIARS.

  • D1

    Yeah right Metuh! Tell us another story! It’s either 2 things, you guys are afraid to lose or planning to rig big time!

    One thing is definitely certain, March 28th will surely come!

  • Nazerine

    No.1: They hide their intentions from you (e.g. At early
    start of the game they shout CHANGE with intention to quickly take over power
    and then later give excuses on why they cannot meet their promises).

    No.2: They hide the details of their fake product from you
    (e.g. they make vague and cloudy promises, shun political debates to explain
    their promises and how to achieve them).

    No.3: Having promised you the benefits of their fake
    product, they want immediate action from you before you discover their tricks
    (e.g. they want election to be held before Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs,
    are distributed to the voters, the more time passes the more people discover
    their tricks and they are jittery).

  • David

    Like the free and fair election in Ekiti State?????????
    Would you all ask Jonathan to address the sick rigging of the Ekiti state election ?

  • Abada Arinze Ehidonye

    my take on this situation is not about the issue of security but rather on the failure of INEC Leadership to intentionally disenfranchise almost half of Nigerians, is a deliberate act that should be condemned by well meaning Nigerians.

  • Advocate

    ekitigate?? olisah should address ekitigate. How can a sane person support a useless party like PDP with thugs as senators, governors and ministers. obanikoro, omisore, adesiyan, general momoh and fayose should clear themselves. the president has refused to comment on this scandal. it will not go away until fayose is impeached. the end of the line for obanikoro and omisore as well

    • taiwo

      You are really a sane person for supporting a janjaweed party that stones the convoy of your president and exhibits such extreme levels of violence and intolerance in a democracy.A party that gets its militant arm the boko haram to explode bombs and kill Nigerians whenever the government of GEJ attains a milestone or records another achievement so as to divert people’s attention from it.A party that boasts of stinkingly corrupt and wealthy men like Tinubu,Atiku,Saraki and co.Pls spare this your type of sanity.We already know that the so called tape is another manipulation by APC consultant firm from US sucking on the corrupt money being siphoned from lagos state by Thiefnubu no level of propaganda can deceive us any longer. Kapish?

  • taiwo

    “US Condemns Postponement of Nigerian Elections”.
    I have continued to believe that Jonathan’s presidency is divine. The plot by America to break up Nigeria through her infamous prediction for 2015 as Nigeria break up year has been defeated.
    Their support for APC is no longer hidden. The visit to Nigeria by the American secretary of state, John Kerry about a week ago was a breach of America’s law which states that no top American officer shall visit any country that is preparing going into the poll.
    So what did John Kerry come to Nigeria to do in breach of its own law.
    Why is America blocking Nigeria from procuring arms to fight terrorism? Are these incidents a mere coincidence?
    If not for the postponement of this election which has doused so much tensions, February 14 would have been the beginning of the end of Nigeria.
    But God is not asleep. The same way He prepared Jesus Chris ahead of creation to Save Mankind, is the same way He picked a shoeless Otuoke man to restore Nigeria.
    America and its gullible Nigeria allies who were to be used to destroy this Nation have failed and will continue to fail.
    We will March into Goodluck on March 28 and the blessings of the Lord upon Nigeria shall manifest fully.
    Nigeria is the emerging super power and the new economic giant coming from Africa, every attempt by USA to create crisis and use it to enslave us has been taken care of.
    GEJ will lead us with his transformation agenda into 2019

  • tunji braimoh

    So many of these corrupt people working with Buhari must by now be getting tired of the monies they are pumpimg into this elections and that is why they are complaining of the shift.Saw a double deck bus with APC campaign advert here in UK AND COULDN’T HELP BUT MARVEL BECAUSE I KNOW IT COSTS A LOT OF MONEY TO DO MOBILE ADVERTS IN THE UK AND YET THESE GUYS PAY TO MAINTAIN THESE ADVERTS ABROAD

  • Ella

    State the reason why you are no longer in the military, don’t cause problem between the two parties if you don’t know what to do, as an intelligent officer it is a big slap on the face to see you published such rubbish about the 32 Artillery and the officers mentioned above after 9months of the ekiti election, what is your PR like in the military? Your brother of 15 was detented lies because I personnel did some research, how much were you giving or rather how much did you still and run away from the barracks.please wash your own dirty lining outside and stop blaming people for your incompetence to do your job as an IO. BG AA ,momoh,major adegoke,the CO and other names you mentioned are heroes of the 32 artillery brigade which everyone in that state are proud off and their PR are excellent. Please tell the truth and stop talking thrash.