Election shift “highly provocative” – APC

John Oyegun

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has just heard over the news media that The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has decided to postpone the elections by six weeks on the strength of a letter by the security chiefs that they cannot provide security for the elections nationwide because of the commitment of its resources to fight insurgency in the north eastern part of the country.

This is clearly a major setback for Nigerian democracy, and our Party is meeting in emergency session to study its implications and will inform Nigerians of its decisions in the next few days.

In the meantime, though what has happened is highly provocative, I strongly appeal to all Nigerians to remain calm and desist from violence and any activity which will compound this unfortunate development. We must not fall into this obvious trap. Change we must. They can only delay it; No one can stop it.

I want to assure all Nigerians that the All Progressives Congress will not abandon its commitment to change and will sustain the struggle to establish a new Nigeria.

John E. K. Odigie-Oyegun. CON.

National Chairman, APC


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  • taewo

    Jonathan wants to fights and end Boko Haram in 6 weeks?

    Before 6 weeks, Jega will be removed and charged for corruption. Another INEC chairman will be appointed (remember Sanusi). A further extension of 6 months will be required for the new chairman to settle in. The public will become disenchanted. An election will be held. Bogus results will be announced. Jonathan will be declared the winner. APC will go to the corrupt Nigerian courts which will affirm the results.

    Nigerians, you are being treated like fools though you will claim to be the most educated in Africa. Tell me any other country
    where things like this happen without the people trooping into the streets.

    No meaningful change will take place in this country as long as people choose to remain silent. APC shouldn’t attempt to be too decent in this matter. They should call there supporters out on public demonstrations.

    The world powers will only come to your aid if you are ready to defend your democracy.

    Your future is in your hands!

    • Abdulgafar ibrahim

      i agreed with you @ taewo. let free our self from sentiment and bias. its very obvious that GEJ has succeeded in his plan through the used of agents of coercion. furthermore,we all know that present administration has un-able to solve high rate of poverty in the country, unemployment has increased and level of inequality and corruption are well pronounced. so what are we saying ? for us to know weather president Jonathan has perform we need to ask our self these question. what has happen to level of poverty in Nigeria ? what has happen to level of un-employment in the Nigeria? and finally what has happen to level of in-equality ? based on these , sorry to say president Ebele Jonathan is a failure!!!!!!!

  • delbod2002

    Thank you John,tell the people to be patient. They are only postponing their evil days. Those of us here in America and the world in general are watching keenly.

  • Ozed

    Dear sirs,

    Would you allow your child to act as a volunteer in an election where there is likely to be insufficient security?

    Incidentally what do you imagine would be APC’s reaction if they lose the elections and there is no voting in Yobe, Bornu and Adamawa States (presumably states which APC will win)?

    This is a 6 week postponement, not a 6 month postponement. Lets not lose sight of reason.

    • Chinedu

      Tell them o.

    • bigboy

      What these overweight military chiefs could not achieve all these years will be achieved within a month? You must be living in another planet if you don’t know whose handiwork is behind this shift.

  • murtala bg

    There will be revolt within the military.GEJ is a militant president that will die like a bush fowl.

    • Chinedu

      Which revolt is the revolt coming from your fulani brothers who think they own nigeria, we are no longer slaves to them, we will crust them cows.

      • Fulani Nomad

        Is that all you have to say? Nwa nwayi uku nnu. Otuzhagbuo nnegi

        • Chinedu

          Sheep in wolf clothing, cow.

      • Jujubeans

        You’re a big disgrace to your Igbo brethren and ancestors…. Anuofia!

        • Chinedu

          Fulani cattle rearer like you. Infact I think you are one the herdsman who invaded my father’s farm and destroyed his farm produce. Isiewu like u.

  • Chinedu

    Your plan to rig the elections in concert with your fulani henchmen in inec have been uncovered. In the next few days with credible evidence within the reach of government your fulani jega and Dr. Wali also of fulani stock of inec will be arrested and prosecuted for allegedly planning to rig elections in favour of your party and their fulani brother. Who says jonathan is a dumbo.

    • Qualiserve

      First deal with your Obanikoro and co. After all their case is no more a secret.

    • zed

      Chinedu Chinedu… I don’t blame you at all. An educated person does not stoop low to religious and tribal differences!!! Don’t type because you can… write sensibly please. we want peace and that is all that matters

      • Chinedu

        Don’t blame u either, oga wey go school.

  • Wähala

    “In the meantime, though what has happened is highly provocative, I strongly appeal to all Nigerians to remain calm and desist from violence and any activity which will compound this unfortunate development. We must not fall into this obvious trap. Change we must. They can only delay it; No one can stop it.” – Chf. John Oyegun

    Blame falls squarely on Prof. Jega’s shoulders for not being man enough to stand up to blackmail by the presidency and his PDP co-conspirators, only means the burden of evidence against Jega is overwhelmingly beyond doubt. I have railed for years that he illegally awarded the biometric machines contract to himself via his father-in-law, that was the Ace Card they waved in front of him that cowed the cattle rearer masquerading as a professor of politics. Dumbo’s only tact is the misuse of EFCC to hound his perceived enemies as evidenced in the cases of Govs. Sule Lamido, Babangida Aliyu and Elechi… Jega does not enjoy the benefit of immunity thus, is a sitting duck. This is therefore, a case of two men fighting to save their corrupt skins at the expense of, and without deference to 170million Nigerians. A sad development because as Adeyanju alluded, Dr. Dumbo would rather hand over to his cousin, Gen. Minimah, than a risky Gen. Buhari presidency. Six weeks is not be enough to defeat the Bokos the Army are better known for running from… but it’s damn too much time for Dumbo and the PDP to catch their breath and re-strategize. That brings me to the above quote: This silly provocation is a momentary setback that all peace-loving Nigerians should ignore, if anything, they should see it as enough time for Dumbo to gather his shoes and empty bottles of ogogoro and vamoose from our Aso Rock Villa. Court or no court…
    Buhari is the next tenant. Shikena!

    • Scatter

      Wahala, wahala, wahala!

    • Otile

      Motherfucker. Allah ya tsine maka Wähala shege.

      • Wähala

        The only mother whose hole I’m pugging right now is your rusty old mother. Die höre mag das gerne! Pray, if your lucky, I may just end as your step-father so I can whup some discipline into your wetback prodigal ass, punk. Have you given up trying to be me, continue impersonating me and making an Asch of yourself… Son of a Sclampe!

        • Otile

          Omo ale, I am ready to match you insult for insult. You do not have monopoly of vulgarity?
          Vous êtes un fou. Vous êtes un salaud. May Shango your Yoruba deity fire your iya’s stinking ass, yeye. Schämen

    • MAFIA

      You are not alone in the feeling of betrayal and disappointment but I am starting to look at the bigger picture, the desperation of this man is far beyond what we all imagined so he needs to be handled with tact. I have a strong feeling that they actually wanted Jega to be strong headed and proceed with the election more than they wanted the postponement. Having put it on the record that they are too busy to provide security they would have used their agents to unleash so much mayhem that nobody will be able to argue with them when they eventually annul the election because it was marred by violence. The stage is now international, all eyes are on him. He has just been given enough rope to hang himself. His next try will be how to rig himself in at all cost.

  • nnadoris

    Because of your so call selfishness you what people to die PDP know them will win election and if them become the wina people in north will die and we all know what jega his planning with northern leaders to rig this election

    • Ogom

      English please

      • arrest warrant

        English is not the matter here Mr A B C D read any how u can ,after all OGOM is Blackman an African monkey so said ur mentors the oyinbo …Mr slave will be better 4 u..

        • ravenfin

          English please

  • nnadoris

    That is power for you wen you have power You can change everything you wishes

    • zed

      The ultimate power is with God… let them enjoy it while it lasts! All will end as the Lord pleases…

    • Yusuf

      we heard even IBB went against election postponement, OBJ the mastermind of a third time is an obvious critic..this is how time rubbish everything, especially bad things. If they do not live to regret the way they are running Nigeria their children certainly will

  • Lord Vader

    Go the streets APCites! If you wait patiently, the rigging plan will be finalized…don’t be fooled. Time for Spring Cleaning! Nigerian Spring is in the air. Go to the streets…We urge all security officers outside of the circles of the CDS and his co-conspirators in treason to stay in their barracks!

    • Chinedu

      In your dreams, if u lead we go follow.

    • Yusuf

      we are facing people that do not have any morality, people that are looking for the slightest opportunity to cause chaos, so we have to extremely careful as people, any action or inaction may not give us the desired result but patience is a virtue

  • Yonponyonrin


    • Scatter

      Yeah, and we are waiting to see the fake PhD thesis in Zoology, animal tief!

  • Frank Bassey

    But APC said they will bring down fire and brimstone if the election is postponed. Why plead for calm now?

    • Chinedu

      Because their evil plan has been exposed.

  • Yusuf

    we share your pains as a party even though we have our own pains, a greater pain as a people. It is a trying time for all of us

  • Original_Raskal

    change to what? illiteracy, certificate forging, rigging elections, boko haram, sharia, looting, etc?

    • nikky

      And selling Nigeria to Tinubu, Fashola and other criminals in APC. Those that are hammering on change, what change have. They brought to their own life? Charity begins at home, someone that can’t change himself can he change others?

  • nikky

    We make a lot of comments and I begin to wonder our level of enlightenment. The elections were postpone due to so many reasons that results from poor distribution of PVC; I wonder people that are making these statement if they even have their own, security not on ground; due to fight against insurgency, logistics etc. We should support the postponement and keep praying for nigeria.

    • Markoo1

      you are accusing others of not being enlightened, did you listened to Jega press briefing?

    • KD

      Are you for real nikky? Are you really this naive, daft or just being mischievous????

    • Sufiano

      Nikky, you obviously did not listen to INEC briefing or you didn’t understand what it’s Chairman said. However, poor PVC distribution is not one of the reasons for the postponement. INEC has distributed 95% of the pvcs nationwide.

  • Yusuf

    You deserve commendation as a party, you followed through the rigorous stages of political formation, and u have followed democratic means to ensure your victory (our victory) even against a highly immoral competitor, we are at a very slippery state of being bcus any of our actions or inactions may not eventually provide a solution to this act of rascality coming the way of our nation

  • anneedu

    Is high time APC should know that everything is not all about violence, as long as people like tinubu and buhari remains in APC, then we don’t expect anything good from them

    • Abdul

      You are the one talking about violence, i did not see any mention of violence is the statement above.

  • Scatter

    Calm, measured and mature response, a mark of great leadership that marks out the APC from the bunch of rogues and bumblers being led by the fake PhD from Otuoke. Change is gonna come. Oh, yes, it will.

  • Screw-em

    LIGHT will prevail over EVIL. Folks,No amount of postponement will stop the inevitable. There is hope regardless of this flip flop, somersault, akpala, JuJu, or atilogwu dance combination by Jega and Dumbo. For all i care, Dumbo can wear a fake Rastafarian wig, Indian wig, perform liposuction, wear fake skin lightening cream.(stolen from hippo and slutty diezani’s hotel room or medicine chest), it will not change the inevitable. Dumbo will lose BIGTIME whenever they decide to hold the election. This artificial delay will only spur the electorate. I for one is not losing any sleep over this insidious attempt to scuttle the election….Je suis BUHARI!!!!

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Marching Buhari to Aso Rock come 28th March, 2015. March4Buhari, change is imminent. Sai Buhari, Change.

    • Ma

      Marching buhari back 2 d home 4 d elderly were he can use his incontinent pad 4 his weak babbler.

  • Ishaq Gazz

    Is better to find a job for your Jonathan at the zoo because we are not animals, that somebody whp study zoology will come and rule us.

    • evi

      At least he went to school and has his authentic certificate to prove it, where are buhari’s certificates that he attended all those schools he claimed he went to? Not the oluwole statement of result he posted on the Internet? If you think education is expensive, try ignorance and illiteracy.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        He will also go to prison!

        Naturally, he can lecture the animal inmates.

        Mark my words, every kobo he has stolen would be coughed out and given back to Nigerians.

  • RA

    Chief security officer was able to provide security for the ekiti & osun elections because of the commitment to rig. Are they not committed to fight insurgency in the north eastern part of the country then?. We all know PDP plans and I can assure u, even it they like let them shift it by 2 months, we (the masses) ve decided to vote them out.

  • evi

    Apc evil.plan with Jega to rig the election has been exposed. Their plan was to disenfranchise the southern voters and pdp strongholds and weaken the voting strength of these areas,how do you explain the core northern states achieving 80% pvc collection but the southern states and pdp stronghold have achieved just 20-30% pvc collection?their are even stories of how children, chadians and nigeriens have collected pvc in the north but millions of eligible voters in the south are still struggling to collect theirs? That was why apc was so sure of a landslide because they thought they had perfected their grand plan to rig result forger quota system general into power but God is Merciful.

    • Waziri

      U have just succeeded In exposing your ignorant. If the north preach to their people to collect PVC up to the number you are talking about, what stop you in the south from telling your own people to go for the PVC. Again to educate and remind you, even if everybody in the southcollected the pvc, the little one collected in the north must outnumber that of the south. The story is northerners are more than southerners. And for this election, we will not give room for rigging no matter what happen. This shift of election date can only delay but cannot deter CHANGE. Go back and study the feelings of Nigeria over the train of CHANGE loading passenger to Aso Rock.

      • evi

        Your rambling is incoherent, how is it the fault of southerners that Jega deliberated frustrated the efforts of the southerners to collect their pvc? Some polling units had one or two inec staff attending to thousands of southerners,inec staff did not go to some polling units unlike what Jega did in the north,even children, chadians and nigeriens collected pvc in the north. Jega even wanted 30,000 extra polling units in the north, if not that people protested and it was stopped. Whether the election is postponed or not Jonathan will still win, landslide. The evil plan of apc and Jega has been exposed.

      • justice

        So Waziri, you are still relying in this bogus census figures churned out by you guys? That an arid desert has more people comparatively to the lush regions? Come on man, don’t insult us here.

  • sophy henry

    President GEJ understands that the government is not for the few, that the government should serve the people, and not the people being slaves to the government.

  • sophy henry

    President GEJ believes on what is politically right and not what is politically easy and popular

  • sophy henry

    GEJ is always willing to make a difficult compromise required to move our state forward

  • sophy henry

    GEJ always says what he means and mean what he says

  • sophy henry

    As a president he understands that serving the people is an extraordinary privilege for him and not the other way round

  • Ayo Odunsi


    The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) must vehemently reject the new dates proposed by Jega for the 2015 general elections.

    A situation where Jega has scheduled the elections before and after the Easter Break is completely unacceptable because it places Christians at a huge disadvantage. It means that most Christians who usually travel for Easter will not be available for the elections.

    The right thing for Jega to do is to fix the elections to hold after Easter or before Easter ……….. a situation where one election will hold before Easter while the other will hold after Easter is completely unacceptable.

    The elections should be scheduled to hold on April 11 and April 25.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Pure crap.

      It is people like you who, at Christmas, wring their fingers and say, “oh, Christmas is really for the children”

      You are not being asked to come out and vote on Easter days, so why are you moaning?

  • Ishaq Abdullahi

    Whatever goes up must come down. Hahahahaha………GEJ

  • dawood

    Hmmm!palpable in their approach,zoological in their thought and lopsided in their administration, the north has had a 6 years of locusts undergej’s watch,Sambo dasuki is a disappointment in the north, march4buhari is a must for every well meaning Nigeria,deposing jega and imposing mimiko is a grave mistake that shouldn’t happenend,may Allah save our country in d hands of demons ameen

  • tsunami1earthquake

    What is this man talking about? Postponement of the election “highly provocative”. How? Why do you think you and your group are provoked? Was the postponement directed specifically at you? Was the postponement aimed at rubbishing you or something? What have you lost by this postponement? Many other parties have voted to postpone the election, so why and how are you singularly affected? The government has cited reasons for postponing the elections and you still think such reasons are rubbish? Even if you think government is lying or playing games why don’t you exercise patience since there’s surely a defined time to end this game? The elections will surely come as we have been told but, as of now, we must respect a constituted government if we aim at becoming a government in future.

    • eBusinesz

      They risk exposure of many half truth and lies they have spread on our streets. like States solved Ebola while unemployment is FG and not state as if there is a place called FG

  • Ette

    Nigerians should not allow wicked GEJ and PDP to get away with this move to scuttle elections. They are not ready for free, fair and credible election that gives power to Nigerians and before the new dates Jega will be sent on terminal leave and acting chairman who will do the bidding of GEJ and PDP will be appointed. Another extension will be made and the military will be used to rig elections for GEJ and PDP. Civil society and labour unions should order sit at home actions and for a week this government will crumble and do what Nigerians want. The blood of innocent people that wicked PDP and GEJ have killed through boko haram is up in judgment against them. How can extension of election dates be based on security situation which GEJ has supported for his political advantage . Nigerians should rise up against this inhuman treatment meted to them by this wicked government. What a waste of a country by very wicked and corrupt people who suddenly found themselves in position of power. May God take them out of the seat of power and deliver this country from their wicked hands. Amen

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Mimiko’ brother is already primed to replace Jega, who would be asked to go on terminal leave like Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

      Nigerians are not the only victims here; pray for Jega. He made a mistake to allow himself to be painted into this corner, although there is nothing illegal in what he has done by postponing the Elections.

      As a law abiding Nigerian, I would urge ALL to resist the temptation to protest in the face of disappointment.

      It is only when the collective will of the people is subverted, that I see the need for people to reasserting that will over a powerful minority.

      • Gideon Orkar

        Bro I beg forget that thing. No law has been broken here and read through the reasons provided.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Did you finish reading before responding, Gideon?

          Dogs wag tails; tails don’t wag dogs!

          Who determines the priorities of the service chiefs?

          Food for thought.

  • Maitama Tambari

    Yes all Nigerians should remain calm even though our Constitution was betrayed by the Security Agencies. We should make sure that this should be the first and last of shifting of the election. Over Aljazeera News, the implication is that there would be a possibility of extension. What a shame? Nigerians should use their sixth senses, be calm, alert, focus and maintain the momentum as PDP continue to make costly mistakes, APC should maintain the coolness of leadership to allow the elections take place without giving them the room to declare State of Emergency because the Presidency and PDP Target now is Professor Jega. We should help him to remain and conduct the election. It is rather unfortunately. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

    • warry

      Changing Transformation in the guise of aimless change powered by power must come to the North now will only cause destruction. Transformation is positive change and we shall stick to it. Let everybody get their cards and we shall vote. No propaganda will deceive us. Did Jega not know that he is still producing cards of people?

    • eBusinesz

      GEJ/SAMBO 2015

  • warry

    APC is worried because the lie on corruption will be a hard sell with the audited accounts of NNPC published. Never in the history of this country has such a thing been done. Not even when Buhari was Petroleum minister and Head state .Even Boko Haram will be a hard sell with the global coalition working hard to push them back. So nothing for Buhari to use in deceiving the people. APC sorry

  • eBusinesz

    We expected them to say they are quitting, or hug the transformer close to their secretariat

  • akpan@

    APC should stop Troubling Nigerians

  • akpan@

    APC is worried because the lie on corruption will be a hard sell with the audited accounts of NNPC published. Never in the history of this country has such a thing been done. Not even when Buhari was Petroleum minister and Head state .Even Boko Haram will be a hard sell with the global coalition working hard to push them back. So nothing for Buhari to use in deceiving the people. APC sorry

  • akpan@

    Na waoooo

  • kings

    with this action, i have developed dislike for PDP, it is not all Pdp i dislike before but everyone of them i dislike them, the man mr jega said he is ready and went ahead to show that he is ready but because of PDP selfish ambition they want to twart the man effort……shame to PDP………shame to military officer, and pastor bakare is the root cause of all this things, he is the one that started this postsponement

  • Mr. Abdin

    Th postponement of the february 14 general elections is unfortunate though the six weeks will soon come and the elections will hold. The condemnation of the postponement of the presidential elections by International communities is a welcome development…

  • Iskacountryman

    obasanjo is a pathetic liar…