PDP welcomes postponement of elections

FILE PHOTO: President Jonathan at PDP Rally in Ibadan

The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation (PDPPCO) has welcomed the postponement of elections as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, on Saturday.

“It is in the best interest of deepening democracy and in the national interest,” the party said in a statement.

The Director of Media and Publicity of the PDPPCO, Femi Fani-Kayode, stated in a response to the poll shift announcement that INEC ”must be commended for showing the courage to shift the elections after acknowledging the fact that its state of preparedness was not 100 per cent.”

According to Mr. Fani-Kayode, “Since this decision has been taken in the interest of deepening democracy and in national interest, we accept it in good faith and we commend INEC’s courage and obvious commitment to ensuring a free and fair election.

“With this decision, INEC has allayed the fears of many of our citizens that they may not have had the opportunity to vote for the candidates and parties of their choice on Election Day.

“INEC has, by the decision, ensured that no one will be disenfranchised and has helped to guarantee the safety and security of every single one of our citizens during the course of the elections.

“We are constrained to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly condemn the opposition APC for its paranoid delusions and its far-fetched and childish conspiracy theories when it comes to the issue of poll shift.

“By insisting that the elections should be conducted on February 14th the opposition was not only dangerously flirting with chaos but was also putting our country firmly on the path of confrontation, division, injustice, disaster and destruction.

“This is especially so, given the fact that no less than 34 percent of eligible voters have not been able to access their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) up till today- just seven days before the original date of the election. A situation where such a large percentage of our people would have been disenfranchised is unacceptable and the fact that the APC was insensitive to that fact speaks volumes.

“We are aware that INEC is having numerous logistical problems and numerous internal challenges and we believe that the poll shift will afford them the badly-needed time to tackle and resolve those problems and challenges before we arrive at the new dates that have been fixed for the elections.

“We believe that INEC must have drawn a useful guide from available security reports from the North-eastern zone where, despite the very serious challenges that our people are facing there from Boko Haram, we believe that elections must hold. We must insist on this in order to ensure that no parts of the country lose their right to freely, safely and peacefully participate in the coming elections and to vote for the candidates of their choice.

“It is against the backdrop of these developments that we commend INEC for finding the courage to do the right thing. In the same breath, we condemn the opposition APC leaders and members who are set to unleash confusion, mendacity and despondency everywhere and who are blaming everyone except themselves for the situation in which we have found ourselves.

“It is a glaring testimony to their irresponsible and reckless disposition that they continue to insist on having an election on a date that the institution that is constitutionally charged to conduct that election has said that it would be impossible to go ahead under the present circumstances.

“The shift of date is a welcome development. It is solely the decision of INEC. The decision is not ours but we commend them (INEC) for showing courage by owning up to the fact that they are not ready to go ahead on February 14th. The shift will help INEC to organise themselves properly, to put their house in order and to put in place all the necessary arrangements for the polls. The shift will also enable the nation’s security agencies to do what they have to in order to secure the north-eastern zone and ensure that elections can hold there.

“In conclusion, we wish to encourage our supporters and we urge them to remain calm and to be patient. Our party is strong; our candidate is confident; our cause is just; our God is mighty and our victory is assured. No matter what happens and no matter how long it takes, we shall prevail. God bless Nigeria.”


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  • George Ager.A

    Bunch of COWARDS!

  • Henry

    Femi had this speech ready because they instigated the postponement. Shameless cowards. Nigerians are waiting for you all at the polls with their cards.

    • Jane

      Is it not what he and his fellow vultures have been working frantically for, thinking it will postpone their day of rustication? With this development, if Buhari was set to win the election by 79% as the PDP/AIT poll revealed, he is now going to trounce these vultures by nothing less than 85% as this provocative effort to shit the goalpost in the middle of the match will surely get more people on the side of change and double the resolve to send home these PDP bastards for the good of the country.

    • Wähala

      Don’t mind the druggie, INEC said they’ve distributed over 45million cards representing over 66% of all registered voters, needless to wonder where FFK got his “less than 33%” voters without PVC’s. Shameless clown, thought they claimed they were ready to trash the APC at the polls, why welcome a postponement of their V-Party? Effects of cheap drugs wearing off on Fani Oloja… No mind’am!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Did anyone notice that the coke-head did not ask or encourage people to go and collect their PVCs?

      At no point was this mentioned in his vomit.

      Does this indicate that PDP does not expect to win through the votes of people with PVCs?


      • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

        So you can’t read too?
        “This is especially so, given the fact that no less than 34 percent of eligible voters have not been able to access their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) up till today- just seven days before the original date of the election. A situation where such a large percentage of our people would have been disenfranchised is unacceptable and the fact that the APC was insensitive to that fact speaks volumes.”

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          I taught your father in school.

          He was the class dummy!

          Not surprised at the seed of his loins!!

          How now, Ifebuche, my online dog?

  • Jika

    The new date will surely come and,by the grace of God I will still NOT vote for PDP.

    • One moment

      PDP the people Deceivers party

  • Spoken word

    Bloody Bastards

    • Tunsj

      Well said. But you forgot A**holes.

      • Spoken word

        And that too

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


          You guys need to go and pray.

          • Spoken word

            They can pray from now to eternity they cannot cheat nature

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


  • Ja’e

    Within four to the six weeks !! The decision of the matter, before and after these events is only with Allah (before the defeat of PDP by APC). On that day, Nigerians will rejoice!!! At the victory given by Allah !!! Shame on PDP !!

  • Centimee

    Shameless PDP and FFK.

  • hummm

    INEC AND GEJ just played the Nigerian community. GEJ has just won the election , yeahhhhh.


    Wasnt gonna vote but with such a development-Am. Gonna gv GMB ma vote…This is a clear case of blackmail by d C in C and his security forces

    • One moment

      Like your style u are such a wonderful, experienced, and a good intelligent person.

  • nnadoris

    Shameless APC this time no one will hear about APC again

    • King Jaja

      Because your dying den of vultures forced a postponement of an election it has lost woefully even before the first ballot was cast? So that means no one will hear of APC again? You are indeed showing you are a good product if a rotten and brain dead PDP! One thing that is certain is that the procured postponement will worsen the case of the thieving cultists in PDP as Nigerians will get more resolved to deal a fatal blow to the vultures that people PDP who are scared to death about their impending sack and their being rounded up to answer for the crimes they committed against Nigeria.

  • Centimee

    FFK and PDP earlier told us that they were not behind election shift but they have just confirmed their desperation and cluelessness. Its sad jega bowed to a coward Jonathan. He has failed and cannot fix the northeast within 6 weeks if as president for 6years, he couldnt. Your plan to plunge this nation to crisis has failed. Whether you like it or not, God fearing Nigerians are tired of u. Postpone it till May 29, kirikiri is your home. I dare to call you ‘a failed and shameless president’. So pathetic that we have enthrone a despot and chameleon as a leader

    • Jujubeans

      True talk.. The guy is such a pathological liar. Look how he’s laid the blame on INEC preparedness when Jega said LIVE that it was because the security chiefs couldn’t guarantee security?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        No wahala at all.

        FFK shall know what it feels like when the keys to his cell in Kirikiri goes missing on the day for his parole hearing!

  • Nkebueziokwu

    Hahaha, thought PDP was working to sack Jega as Edwin Clark and his southern PDP vampires demanded, disband INEC and cancel election or bring in Maurice Iwu to announce the figures they have already compiled? Those are the only ways this shameless brood of vampires can remain in power and nit shift an election whose outcome is already known. I bet their army should start drafting a proposal to defeat Egbesu between March and April or May for holding election means the very end of this shameless thief called Jonathan and his band of rapists.

    • solozo

      They may still sack him at this rate. It is only a matter of time. Give them time to look for a reason. We said it on this forum that PDP’s strategy was simple – try to get Buhari disqualified or shift the elections. Who knows if sacking Jega is next? I weep for my country. We must all say #No to OnePartyState

  • Chike

    Hmmmm so PDP wants a shift so as to perfect their intrigues? The trillions they have stolen have made them real mumus to think they will ever ever steal the coming election and come back to continue wrecking the country through brazen stealing. PDP is as good as gone and nothing, not even the umpteenth postponement of elections will make PDP stay in power beyond May 2015.

    • aliyu

      PDP is making things worst for itself. Those of us having empathy for them have now seen that they are not serious.

  • Sams

    “It is in the best interest of deepening democracy and in the national interest,” – hahahahhahaha Naija is a joke.

  • Ukpaka

    Fani Kayode has no balls…just like his master Johnathan. Both are pee holes, nothing more. I hope the people keep their cool. 6 weeks will be here before you know it. GEJ is only prolonging his misery. We’ll see how the security service will defit Boko Haram.

  • warri man

    It is in the best interest of giving you looters the opportunity to perfect your rigging arrangements as was done in Ekiti. Just yesterday, the same Fani Kayode was saying they have no interest in postponing elections, today, he welcomes it as an attempt to deepen democracy. What democracy are you really talking about? My guess is that their final game plan would now be implemented, ie; protest may very well start tomorrow, gets worse by the hour, and a pre-arranged military coup by Babangida boys would take over government. All in an attempt to stop one man, GMB. Babangida knows that a GMB presidency equals a life sentence for him. So, lets risk it all, even if it means the entire nation goes up in flame. I salute Jonathan for one thing, not out of admiration, but the fact that such a nincompoop have been able to pull of what none has done before him. Either way, you, Jonathan have a date with destiny.

  • anneedu

    God bless PDP God bless nigeria, APC you can’t close the umbrella

  • blackdove

    Bunch of criminals

  • Olu Ade

    You can postpone the election, you are just moving your day of disgrace forward…you can’t change people’s mind with this antic…PDP is heading to the graveyard.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      No mind them,bruv.

      They can’t change the handover date, no matter what games they play.

  • Scatter

    Postpone it 1,000 times and the position of my dog remains the same.

    The fake PhD from Otuoke will leave Aso Rock in disgrace. And you can take that to the bank!

    • eBusinesz

      GEJ 2015

      • Scatter

        Yeah … in your head, eh?

  • MR M.A.R. B

    Why will a droning party headed by a droning man and evil genius will not be happy by their engineered postponement of the day of their disgrace? How long should a party contesting an election with other “party or parties” be sole decision maker on when it would be convenient for them to be ready for an election, simply because they are “Ruling Party”? In fact the law of my land is skewed and terribly sick!!!

  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    A failed government is always a failed government. No security, no electricity, no employment, no accountability and now no election.

    • Hard truth

      Suddenly the claws are out. The foxes are coming out their holes to support their agenda. All of sudden every Abubakar, Abdullahi, Muhammed has decided to locate cyber cafe to garner support for “their own”. The truth is coming out. The agenda is on.


    PdP ‘s loss is assured…..a date has been fixed….It will come to pass…..we will come out enmasse, protect our vote….and supervise the ejection of pdp from Aso rock.

  • Truthometer

    PDP will surely welcome the anti-democratic and anti-people decision to postpone the presidential election. They can now perfect their evil rigging plans. But despite all their reckless machination, they will surely fail, woefully! Quote me, any day.

  • solozo

    FFK must either have listened to another Jega or he is very high on something. If Jega says they are forced to postpone elections not because INEC is not prepared but because some people have insisted they will not do their jobs to provide security, how can this man turn around to claim it has anything to do with INEC’s preparedness? Nigeria we hail thee

    • eBusinesz

      Hope you also disprove all the half information and lies APC spreads. like I always ask what risk would have arise if the election were shifted or not shifted. if it is shifted 35% Nigerians will have the chance to get the voting right! and INEC can do more drill. if its not shifted = APC Chaos

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Yes, PDP will rejoice. A students who fails to prepare for an examination knows that failure is imminent. #March4Buhari#. Simply postponement of doom day for PDP across the nation. PDP needs more time to bribe, appeal to religious and ethnic sentiments, and propagate more falsehood against Buhari. Lol, PDP your day of reckoning can only by delayed, it can not be wished away.

    • eBusinesz




    • eBusinesz

      with over 35% without PVC which wish to go ahead your e-wish abi. Nigerians are confident with the new dates

  • Odogwu

    Their happiness will be shortlived, beware of the ides of march. Change for sure. Maybe they’ll also alter the constitution to change may 29th exit date for this clueless moron.

  • jessica nma

    To save our country Nigeria. Vote GEJ 2015

  • jessica nma

    Let’s join our hands together to vote GEJ 2015

  • jessica nma

    GEJ is our last best chance. GEJ 2015

  • jessica nma

    GEJ is working

    • Jujubeans

      Yes he is… Working very hard with Diezani to loot even more of our money.

      • cookie

        really…. ignoramus

  • Ayo Odunsi


    The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) must vehemently reject the new dates proposed by Jega for the 2015 general elections.

    A situation where Jega has scheduled one election before Easter and the other after the Easter Break is completely unacceptable because it places Christians at a huge disadvantage. It means that most Christians who usually travel for Easter will not be available for the elections.

    The right thing for Jega to do is to fix the elections to hold after Easter or before Easter ……….. a situation where one election will hold before Easter while the other will hold after Easter is completely unacceptable.

    The elections should be scheduled to hold on April 11 and April 25.

    • Sam

      Are you for real?

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Oh, shut it!

    • dd

      Don’t mind Jega, Christian need to protest because if it was muslim, all the imam and aboki will be shouting Allah woo baki

  • jessica nma

    The Enugu international Airport is now open to business with the outside world with commencement of international flight. VOTE GEJ to do more

    • Jujubeans

      The only “international” airline to fly to Enugu is Ethiopian Airlines. Goodluck and Blessings on your next flight!

      • cookie

        its a start… more would follow

    • Advocate

      n235m for two cars

    • eBusinesz

      Good Job Please provide this facts for the world to see.

  • jessica nma

    President jonathan is the first to increase the monthly allowance of the Nierian youth corper from the meagre sum they were receiving to the 19,800, they are now receiving

    • Jujubeans

      What were they receiving before?

    • Advocate

      then increase petrol prices, naira devaluation, food price increase, indirect tax increase

  • Papashango77

    Anything but GEJ!

    • eBusinesz

      GEJ 2015

  • jessica nma

    The construction of rehabilitation of Railways. Vote GEJ, he will do more

    • Jujubeans

      Oil at over an unprecedented $147 dollars per barrel for his entire presidency and all he can do is provide refurbished 1940’s trains? How often do the trains derail because of poor track quality and maintenance. A typical journey (Lagos to Abuja) that should last 9 hrs takes 3 days. Pleeeeease.. Your guy is gone! There’s nothing he can do about it!

      • eBusinesz

        Please which month specifically did oil sell at this price your quoting. this is the APC lies again, deceit and cheap blackmail. Please provide date,month and year oil sold for this price you quoted as they say Facts dont lie.

      • cookie

        oil $147?? bloody liar… as for the trains… which one did buhari build when he was there?

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bet you’ve never been on a real train before if you think those scrap metals are trains!

      • eBusinesz

        At least we have some in GEJ time GEJ2015

  • jessica nma

    The Rapid fight against Ebola virus. GEJ 2015

    • humblefrank

      Shane on you jessica. You are the worst of our country

    • Jujubeans

      What planet have you been living on? The professional and efficient handling of Ebola was achieved by 1. First Consultants Hospital Lagos 2. Lagos State Government led by Gov. Fashola 3. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

      • Hard truth

        Are you for real? And the federal government simply folded hands and did nothing? Are you kidding me. Ridiculousness taken to an absurd levels.

        • Onike24

          Yes, they did! Why wait until Ebola arrived in Nigeria? Did Ghana have one single Ebola case? You think it was sheer luck? Nigerians are being pushed into the wall, and the decades of docility will come to an end, and I pray the fire consumes when it starts!

        • Jujubeans

          No they didn’t fold hands. The minister of health gave press statements about the status of cases. Now if you want to call that doing something, then that’s too bad. But That’s the problem with you PDP theives, you want reset “POOR” as an acceptable standard. We ain’t gonna continue to let you do that .

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          No, the federal government did not fold its arms.

          It appointed its health Minister as the vuvuzela for the LASG & RSG efforts.

          The real works were coordinated by APC led governments.

          • eBusinesz

            so what is this LAGOS State governments achievement on Agriculture and Employment or that is for the FG? Hypocrisy

          • eBusinesz

            so what is this LAGOS State governments achievement on Agriculture and Employment or that is for the FG? Hypocrisy is your second Identity!!!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Do a common Google search and see how much LASG has invested in buying land for Agric from other States around it instead of making futile and uninformed noises here.

            Better still, take your head out of uranus!

  • humblefrank

    When the election postponement kite was flown in far away London by NSA Dasuki, the PDP claimed that he was not speaking for them. Now it that the election plots have succeeded and celebrating it,it is safe to say that they actually hatched the plan having realised that they will be beaten by the opposition at the polls. Now the will have enough time to execute the second face of their plan which to probably set the country on fire make elections impossible thereby forcing an interim government on the people to be headed by the cursed Man called Jonathan. I am so ashamed more so be a cause I am from the Niger delta. But Jonathan and his band of looters must know that Nigeria of 1993 when elections were annulled is not the same. Political Awareness have grown and people will ever be willing to defend democracy even at the expense of their lives. We matched on the street to force the Yaradua cabal allow Jonathan take over as acting president we shall match again to ensure the will of the people prevail.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, I marched on the streets to have the rapacious clown placed in power because I believe in the rule of law; not knowing that I was putting a noose around the neck of the Rule of Law.

      Jonothing will go even if it means evoking another Doctrine of Necessity.

      • cookie

        oga… you just have one vote

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          The mighty ocean is also made up of little drops of water.

          So is the desert made up of single grains of sand coming together.

          • cookie

            sure…. it is…. little drops of water. and it applies both ways. GEJ 2019

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            As long as you know it, no problem.

            It was you started off by discounting single votes as if there is anybody who should have more than one vote.

  • Abdul Ganiyu Ibrahim

    CHANGE IS MY CHOICE.. I HAVE RIGHT TO WHOM I WANT,,,,,,,,, If you like, tell me that Buhari went only to almajiri school,
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Tell me that Buhari never attended any school before
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Tell me Buhari was actually raised in the Bush by wild animals only
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Tell me Buhari is actually an Alien from mars
    I will vote for Buhari.
    Tell me that Buhari is actually 100 years old
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Tell me that Buhari has a AIDS, EBOLA, MARBUG, HEPATISTIS,
    I Will still vote for Buhari.
    Tell me Buhari jailed every single Nigerian that was alive during his tenure,
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Tell me that during Buhari’s tenure people had to apply to government and get approval before they urinate, defecate, eat or drink,
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Tell me that Nigeria would be better than paradise in 4years if i vote Goodluck,
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Last one?
    If you like kill or kidnap Buhari
    I will still Vote for his Picture… Save your words, save your energy, save your keyboards, save your time, and leave me alone,
    # BuhariAddicted
    # IhaveDecidedtoVoteBuhariOsinbajo …Join me if you truly desire a better Nigeria If you have negative thought, keep it to yourself. I
    want CHANGE
    You don’t want CHANGE So, we cannot reason the same way….
    Postponement or not, What will be must surely be.

    • Hard truth

      Simply because you are not after Nigeria interest but your own sectional and religious considerations. Hope you will not go on exile to Niger Republic in the event that there is a shocker.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        …and you’d relocate to Benin Republic or Togo with Asari abi?

    • Oleku 2

      Good follower-ship deserved by a good leader

    • cookie

      you only have 1 pvc.. and one vote…. let others have their pvcs as well…. they might have a different opinion to you

  • jessica nma

    The jonathan administration, through the project Advancing creativity and Technology (PACT) in Nollywood, has provided a N3 billion grant programme for Nollywood. GEJ only

    • Onike24

      Your life and the life of all your descendants will be as ” transformative” as Jonathan’s transformation agenda! Your life will be managed like the way Jonathan runs our great Nation. If you cannot say a simple amen, then go away and enjoy your crumbs; but know that, all the lies you tell will bite you in your nether regions soon.

      • eBusinesz

        There are no lies there bro. everything he stated there are Facts

        • Onike24

          As I said a simple Amen and so shall it be is what I ask for! If you are unable to say it than just go away, simoles

    • Maitama Tambari

      Jessica I think you are sick if you think mortgage bank for police and Nollywood funding is of any benefit to Nigerians. You cannot provide a financial vehicle for a unit of a set if you read calculus and think it will work as expected. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • jessica nma

    Establishment of the police mortgage bank, this is also geared towards better welfare for officers of Nigeria police force. GEJ till 2019


    Let it b on clear record that Jega did wat he needed to do to ensure d safety of personel and materials. If PDP is counting this as a victory they better make it one bcos for me and my family dat were undecided-We will now vote for change. More than 13,000 pple killed by BH and this govt tnks they can play nasty politics of postponement wt it.. Wat a shame

    • eBusinesz

      recall you have only one vote and we want others to also have the opportunity to get their PVC. so votes will cancel out voteS and the BALANCE will be declared. GEJ2015 even if you like huge transformer the election has been rescheduled, what is the risk on your side? rather for us here more citizens will get their PVCs and do their legitimate constitutional duty! God Bless Nigeria Good Luck to Goodluck

    • cookie

      INEC wasnt created to only distribute PVCs to APC controlled areas

  • Remi

    The postponement just confirmed the fact that PDP has lost this election. If they are sure of winning they would have gone ahead. Another thing this shift proves is that the Nigerian treasury has been looted beyond what we suspect and all the actors know that a loss in this election is jail. The woman that spent N10 billion flying about will have no cover just like her sister that spent N235 million to buy 2 cars. It is now obvious that there will be no election and if it takes place they won’t allow Buhari to take over. And what does that mean war and eventual break up of our dear, Nigeria. The PA to Okupe knows what he was talking about when he said they will never allow Buhari. The problem with Nigerians is that when facts of situation are facing them they will say may God not let it happen. These people are more desperate and have so much money than we think. This explains the prediction that neither Jonathan nor Buhari will be president. The reason given for the shift will still be there in 6 weeks’ time. Our army cannot defeat BH in 6 weeks. Even if they do where will displaced people return to? Their houses and businesses have been destroyed. Where is the guarantee that BH or worse groups won’t attack them again. The bridges blown by BH can they be rebuilt in 6 weeks?

  • Latino

    FFK is an A**ehole! Sorry sir, nut thats what u are.

  • absam777

    Coward. This is the new addition for Jonathan, which hitherto includes clueless, inept, corrupt, thief, lier , shoeless, ogogoro master, etc.

  • Abdul

    Jonathan new name is “Jona de Coward” he couldnt face Buhari in an election.

  • SAM .A

    Chicken hearted cowards who cannot face Truth,and deny reality on the ground..You asked Sambo to announce delay in London , and few days after he was asked to write INEC that you cannot provide security for election staff. Now that your plan has materialized in postponement, who is fooling who.this time Your Ekiti project will fail as it failed in Osun . Dasuki and Aliyu are both Fulani from Sokoto, they would remember what happened to Tofa in Kano also a Fulani in distant past.
    PDP (people deceiving party )alias PDPpigs you can no longer deceive all Nigerians ,only the e-rats are celebrating with this your deceit.

  • Sunny

    I hope GEJ/PDP is not fallen for wrong strategists who are making their money out of bad strategies given to the Presidency from time to time. GEJ and his co-travelers should know that Nigeria is bigger than anybody and whatever happen to this country they must be ready to answer for it. Why is election issue always bring problems in the 3rd world countries, Nigeria inclusive, if not because of the fact that the ruling elites are enriching themselves dubiously and not want to leave power. Nigerians should brace up for the challenges ahead.

  • akpan@

    we support what is good

  • Danjuma Lema

    PDP stands for peace, INEC reasons for postponement is commendable #GEJNaija

  • Danjuma Lema

    PDP stands for peace, INEC reasons for postponement is commendable#GEJNaija