Defy the military and conduct elections, Group tells INEC

INEC Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega

Sixty civil society groups organized in support of credible and transparent elections in Nigeria called in Abuja, Saturday, for the resignation of military chiefs and security heads including the Police “on account of their inability to exercise their constitutional responsibility to secure lives and property at all times including during the elections.”

The group, otherwise named the Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room (Situation Room), came short of characterizing the actions of the military and security chiefs as a coup against democracy in a strong statement signed by Agianpe Ashang, Senior Programme OfficerPolicy and Legal Advocacy Centre, PLAC, shortly after meeting with the INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega in his Abuja office, Saturday.

Nigerians should be vigilant and be ready to protect this hard won democracy, said the group after Mr. Jega told them that he had received a letter from the security services advising that he postpones the general elections. He said  they based their reasoning on the grounds that they were engaged in a renewed battle against insurgency in the North-East that would require their full concentration.

The reasoning of the military and security leaders is bound to come as shock to many Nigerians who appear to be very enthusiastic about the elections.

According to a political survey recently conducted by the NOI polls, analysis by geo-political zones revealed that the North-West (89%) and South-East (87%) regions accounted for the largest proportions of Nigerians who expressed optimism for voting in the 2015 general elections when compared to other regions, although a majority of residents in all the geo-political zones expressed optimism in voting in the 2015 general elections, with a minimum 76% (North Central). Also, respondents aged 46-60 and 18-21 years showed more optimism for voting in the 2015 elections than other age-groups.

In the letter, Mr. Jega said, the military was demanding a rescheduling of elections by at least six weeks in the first instance. He was was accompanied by 12 of his National Commissioners.

Members of the Situation room told Mr. Jega and his team that the action of the security chiefs “amounted to blackmail and arm-twist the Election Management Body away from its constitutional guaranteed function of conducting elections.

Situation Room also condemns this advisory by security agents that they cannot guarantee the security of citizens, election officials and materials during the election.

The Situation Room is made up of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working in support of credible and transparent elections in Nigeria and includes such groups as Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre (PLAC), CLEEN Foundation, Action Aid Nigeria, Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD), Enough is Enough Nigeria, Wangonet, Partners for Electoral Reform and Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth & Advancement (YIAGA).

Others are Development Dynamics, Human Rights Monitor, Election Monitor, Reclaim Naija, Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, CITAD, CISLAC and several other CSOs numbering more than Sixty.


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  • Alfullati

    Lies.Is it now that the Chadian Armed forces are routing out BH that you are pretending to fight insurgency.Why don’t you admit that you paymasters have directed you to abandon your primary duties to nation and do their biddings.Remember injustice lasts only for a while.The will of the people will eventually triumph.

  • Binta (nee Osinbajo)

    Will these ‘civil society groups’ go and monitor elections in Baga and sambisa? Will they??
    Will the APC and their e-zombies volunteer their children to go conduct elections in Baga and sambisa? WILL THEY? WILL THEY????
    I pity APC, if these elections are postponed, they might not have a flag bearer..UNLESS HE CAN SHOW THAT CERTIFICATE TO THE COURTS!
    Ginger oo…GINGER….

    • Aldame AD

      Shame on the Nigerian military and all the security services, shame on clueless Jonathan, shame on PDP. Unfortunately these people unknowingly lost people’s sympathy by every action they take just because of the ambition of a failed president. God will save Nigeria.

    • olu_kay

      So if the war rages for another year in Baga we won’t have elections by your reasoning. Common sense is really not common

    • Okey

      CSO that accommodate WASC result forgery.

    • Remi

      Your pity is based on ignorance. One the local government under BH control are less than 20. Will you stop election in 750 local governments because of 20 local governments. Secondly why is it now that we want to have election that our soldiers want to battle BH? Where were they in the last 6 years. Thirdly the constitution does not require Buhari to produce any certificate but be educated to school certificate level. Why do we like disgracing ourselves because of politics? A former military head of state that attended prestigious war colleges in USA, UK and India is now being ridiculed because of politics. In all these institutions was it Hausa they use as medium of instruction? How many certificates did Bill gates, Dangote and so on possess to achieve the success they have today?

      • Tony

        They never lied to lay claim to certificates they never had!!!!

  • Uzoma John

    The Nigerian Military is now known to be an arm of PDP. Who again is doubting the revelation of Captain Koli regarding how the Military aid PDP to rig elections. Is anyone surprised at the game playing out here. Now that AU is sending troops, the Military and Police are giving flimsy excuse of Boko Haram. I have now come to the conclusion that GEJ and the top military brass are behind the increase in insurgency attack in the North East. Someone who came in under democracy is truncating same democracy. If they like let them postpone the election for 1 year, GMB is already victorious.

  • babakekere

    Jonathan more devilish than IBB,the only man of God I respect in Nigeria is Father Mbaka,if there is civil war will people still go church,every Nigerian is selfish,self centered & greedy,goodbye to Nigeria.

  • Badluck Ebola Jonathan

    Jonathan, the clueless thief is threading a very dangerous route by manipulating the country’s military for his and PDP’s inordinate ambition and it will certainly backfire. What is happening is an open and clear contravention of the country’s statutes and institutions to ensure that a moronic president that has only achieved the art of stealing trillions in his six regrettable years in power, is saved of the imminent disgrace the people want to mete to him. Nigerians should wake up and start planning for any eventuality that will ensure that our common enemies who are Jonathan and his thueving cohorts are chased out of power by all means necessary.

  • Wähala

    The only strong action these yeye groups should be calling for is general strike to cripple the Govt…
    Postponement once means forever because an Army that could not win a war in 6yrs certainly cannot be expected to win it in 6weeks. They will later claim they’re now winning the war and cannot be recalled from the frontline. Conclusively: The PDP has been using the Boko Haram insurgency to destabilize certain parts of Nigeria to perpetuate their strangle-hold on Nigeria. Only mass civil action on the scale of fuel-subsidy demonstrations can uproot Dr. Dumbo from power because that was the only real voices of Nigerians he heard in the past and admitted almost overthrew his government.

  • Lord Vader

    From: The People of Nigeria
    To: The Officers and Soldiers of the Nigerian Army, Navy, Airforce, Department of State Services, National Intelligence Agency, Directorate of Military Intelligence, Nigerian Police Force, Nigerian Civil Defence and other deep cover agencies
    Re: Order #1 of the Transitional Federal Government of Nigeria
    Date: Feb. 7, 2015

    You are hereby required under the terms of your oath of allegiance to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to disregard forthwith the illegal order issued by the heads of all military and security institutions. You are to stand down and remain in barracks until further orders are issued by the legitimate authority representing the people of Nigeria and the Constitution. You will under no circumstances deploy to Northeast Nigeria or participate in any other internal or external security operation. Should you choose to go AWOL, you will be excused as long as such status ends when the constitutional crisis is concluded or you are recalled by legitimate orders. You are no longer required to follow the orders issued by the former Commander in Chief who as of February 7, 2015 is no longer your C-in-C due to participation in acts of high treason. Orders issued to you are now considered illegal and only Order #1 to stand down is the legitimate order for all the security services to follow.

    • Umar Dendi

      Long live the Republic!
      May the Force be With All of Us

  • Umar Dendi

    Aren’t the police enough to handle civil affairs? What is this obsession
    we have with inducting an obviously incompetent Army to protect election

  • Okey

    For me, I demand that politicians insisting on February 14 MUST recall ALL their children abroad back to Nigeria before February 14 and show them on national television for Nigerians to see, if they are to be taken seriously.

    And let me warn my generation again: A generation caused crisis and civil war when they were young and that their thoughtless act cost this nation over three (3) million lives lost to the civil war that that generation caused. Members of that generation are now very old; some of them still do not realize the need to leave our generation alone run our own affairs; they and their civilian allies still want to drag us along to their graves. It is our patriotic duty to resist them from throwing our dear country into another chaos and civil war. They have spent their time. They should allow us enjoy and spend our own in peace.

    • Mr Igbo Sanity

      You call yourself “okechukwu” and you are supporting this “fraud” calling himself Commander in thief. Is this what over 3 million of our people died for in the Biafran Campaign? Shame on you and all Igbo sellout for a few crumbs you can sell the blood of your brothers who gave their lives for a more fair and just Nigeria, which this FRAUD and cabal running this country CAN NEVER give to your children and children’s children. Anuofia!

      • Okey

        Mr Insanity, I did not tell you my name is “okeckwuku.”

        Since you have gone nuts and started to dance on the grave of Aguiyi Ironsi with Ironsi’s captors, Woe betide the day you were born. Certainly, the bride price paid on your mother’s head is a complete waste.

      • ade

        Man you amazed me…. the only one person from east that sees things as it ought to be. Respect bro

  • favourtalk

    Even if the election is slated back to next year, GEJ has finished his tenure and nigeria need a change

  • shoo

    PDP is a coward. Jonathan is a coward. He is afraid of Buhari, thats why they want the election postponed at all cost. Nad this will never go down well for Nigeria, because I see crisis coming as a result of this postponement. I see it coming, serious one indeed. God help common man in Nigeria.

  • Kunle

    It only show the extent by which this Government has destroyed Nigeria that the military will refuse to fight insurgency and now refusing to help with the elections. The police is no different. Under this government every institution is corrupted. I pray that INEC will go forward with elections because postponement means the end of democratic dispensation in Nigeria.

    • Mr Igbo Sanity

      Does the so called Military ‘command’ themselves or is the fraud called GEJ still their commander in Thief?

  • Yusuf

    with the recent video on Ekiti election you can bet that the military are under pressure from evil politicians and going along with the election may give them some relief against their boss bcus eventually they will have to play their responsibility to the state

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    Who is the Commander in Thief of these so called “security chiefs”? The same jonathan who stated in windhooke Namibia that he has been treating the boka Haran m with “kids Gloves” for over 5 years and now 6 days before the election to throw out this “fraud” the “fraud” cannot “command” his so called “security” personnel to conduct an election which he said he is ready as a candidate.

    Every dog has its day.

  • olawale

    life is full of FUN’ when JEGA was shieldin PDP in 2011′ he was a goodboy bt 2day he is traitor &liar by PDP

  • Life is Good

    In other climates, only the police are involved in elections. They had 6 years and couldn’t conquer the insurgents, 300 innocent girls were kidnapped, they didn’t do anything now the election that will kick them all out of power is here and they are suddenly now going to end that insurgency in 6 simple weeks. Reasoning tells us they will never achieve that. Its that simple.

  • Arogbo

    All these potbelly Army Generals and security chiefs are bunch of rogues, they have already compromised their integrity. We refused to allow them to dictate to us because they have failed in their responsibilities to protect lives and properties. Who are they fooling? We want the election now, period!!!

  • Alcindo Satori

    I support your cause… let them conduct the elections ASAP!! Just don’t conduct elections in boko haram states – Kano, Borno and Sokoto states. Let the rest of the SE, SS, Middle belt hoist GEJ for another 4 year term.

  • MOU

    I hope that Jega will call their bluff.

    The Army has not been able to do anything about boko haram for 6years. Now they are suddenly able to do things in 6weeks?

    The Army has a constitutional duty to protect ALL Nigerians – election or no election. Its not a privilege but a constitutionally protected right which subsists and we dont even have to demand it.

    If they cannot do their jobs, they should be summarily dismissed; and they should be tried for treason if they intentionally refused to carry out their constitutionally mandated duties!


  • Progress

    This is TREASON! What is the business of the military with election sef? Common BH dem no fit conquer for 4 yrs! Let the Police and the NCDC do their work. Or we should ask UN and AU to assist INEC

  • hummm

    Then , we should ask USA and other countries to provide us security on election day, if the fucking nigerian secuirty / military are damn too lazy to do their effing job. PERIOD.They want to protect GEJ and we need to shame him.

  • JJ

    Jega should call for security support from International community. I believe UN and AU will obliged him. He can decide to shift the election for 1 or 2 weeks for these international security forces to be on ground.

    Whatever, Buhari/APC should be ready to form a parallel government.

    Jonathan – the calamity any nation should pray against!

  • Lord Vader

    From: The People of Nigeria
    To: The Committee for the Defense of the Republic

    Re: Order #2
    Date: Feb. 7, 2015

    The Committee and its Special Operations Team are hereby authorized to immediately effect the arrest and lawful detention of the Chief of Defense Staff, the heads of the Army, Navy, Airforce, SSS, DMI, NCDSC, NPF and NIA. These men have willfully conspired with the former Commander-In-Chief, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to commit treason and seek to wage war on the people and government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. These men shall be placed in protective custody at Dodan Barracks until further notice.

    Order #1 remains in effect. All other military units are to stand down, remain in barracks and continue to refuse illegal orders from a chain of command that is actively engaged in treason. Civilians are to be safeguarded and any officer or soldier found firing upon a civilian will be tried for war crimes and executed per extant military law.

    Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  • Faskari Babangida

    These security agencies are inflicting more harm to the person whose personal interest they are yielding to. It seems they can’t be abandoning their grand scheming of denying the Nigerian citizens the right to decide who to lead them!