I don’t need your support, Jonathan tells Economist magazine

Former president Goodluck Jonathan campaigning. Pic used to illustrate the story.

President Goodluck Jonathan has dismissed an editorial by the UK-based magazine, Economist, in which the paper endorsed Muhammadu Buhari, his chief rival in February 14 election.

In its piece, the Economist said Nigerians have two bad options in Messrs Jonathan and Buhari.

The paper said while Mr. Jonathan has utterly failed as president, with no capacity to tackle growing insurgency and widespread corruption, Mr. Buhari is a former dictator with blood on his hands.

Nonetheless, the paper said voting the dictator is better than a failed president.

Mr. Jonathan’s office on Friday expressed displeasure over the magazine’s assessment, describing it as “baseless, jaundiced and malicious vilification” of the president.

A statement issued in Abuja by Mr. Jonathan’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Reuben Abati, said that contrary to the Economist’s assertions, Nigeria, under Mr. Jonathan has made very considerable progress.

The presidency noted with surprise, the magazine’s “tongue-in-cheek endorsement of General Muhammadu Buhari in the run-up to Nigeria’s general elections”.

According to the statement, the president retains the trust and confidence of majority of Nigerians as the outcome of the presidential elections will undoubtedly show.

Mr. Abati said the magazine’s Nigerian and other readers would be shocked that it had taken the “very ill-considered decision to throw its weight behind a candidate who, as a former military dictator, curtailed freedom of speech.”

“He also ordered the kidnapping of opponents and jailing of journalists,” Mr. Abati said. “The same candidate is also accused of incitement to violence and grave human rights violations in Nigeria’s current democratic dispensation.”

It remarked that The Economist might feign ignorance of Mr. Jonathan’s remarkable achievements as a leader of his country in the past six years.

“But Nigerians, who, unlike the magazine’s opinion writers, will actually vote in the country’s forthcoming presidential election, know that President Jonathan has worked very hard to fulfil all the major promises he made to them,” he said.

According to the statement, Nigerians know that President Jonathan has developed the economy and created more jobs.
“They know that he has given policy support to the real sector of the economy, so that Small and Medium Enterprises can thrive. They know that he has encouraged locally-owned enterprises to take advantage of our resources in growing the domestic economy,” Mr. Abati added.

The statement also said that Nigerians know that the president had successfully attracted greater foreign direct investment to the country.

It said unlike the poorly informed and distant authors of The Economist’s opinion entitled “The Least Awful”, appreciative Nigerians were aware that Jonathan had worked to improve power supply and national infrastructure.
According to it, Nigerians know that President Jonathan has significantly improved healthcare services in the country, revolutionized agriculture, promoted gender equality and women empowerment, and done his very best to stem corruption in government.

“In spite of significant challenges of terrorism and insurgency the nation faces today, President Jonathan has ensured that Nigeria has become a more vibrant democracy with free media, independent judiciary, free, fair and credible elections, and greater respect for human rights. The Economist is entitled to its erroneous opinion on who represents the best leadership option for Nigeria in the coming elections.

“But, happily for the country, it is not the magazine’s lead writers, but more knowledgeable and patriotic Nigerians who actually work and live in the country, that will vote and re-elect President Jonathan for a second term in office. They will do so, because unlike the Economist’s opinion writers, they understand that a Buhari Presidency will, for their beloved country, represent a stark setback and retrogression from the tremendous ongoing positive transformation of Nigeria under Jonathan.”



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  • endingNaija

    Sorry ooo, Reuben Abati, I understand you have to write something. This something you wrote is just nothing, because you do not have something to say, hence you said nothing!!!

    • myjona

      Yes he said nothing, because YOU KNOW NOTHING, hence you didn’t know that he said something. Sorry.

  • Abdul

    Lol, Nigerians also endorse Buhari over you. Abati leave Jonathan now, dont sink with him, with the way Jonathan is going now, posterity will not judge him well and i advise you to leave Jonathan NOW. IYS NOT TOO LATE.

    • Forward_Nigeria

      Nigerians will never endorse a 73 year old uneducated certificate forger who cheated all his life by joining the Officer Corps of the Nigerian Army without WASC ……. DEAL WITH IT

      FYI …. Nigerians have endorsed Buhari for a lenient jail term of 10 years with hard labour at Kirikiri Maximum Prison and as a reward for his cheating, forgery and perjury.

      GEJ Forever

    • Charles Amos

      The fact is clear that Mr president mean well for Nigeria, he will win come February .i cant see an old ditactor rule Nigeria over an educated young civilian who knws the rule of law and democratic rule.

    • Charles Amos

      Nigerians dont we have already choosen GEJ for continuity.Long live Mr President

  • Forward_Nigeria


    The gutter editorial news article from the Economist was so poorly done that you begin to wonder if the writers are not even worse than those who Buhari hired to help him forge his WASC with the co-operation of a school in Katsina.

    How do choose between a dictator (Buhari) with known track record of human rights abuses versus a man (Goodluck Jonathan) without a single track record of human right abuses ……. and this ….. despite the fact that he is vigorously fighting corruption via constitutional institutions, fighting today’s monstrous Islamic Jihadist insurgency which USA and others have not been able to contain but GEJ has succeeded in restraining the insurgency to the North East and have not allowed it to spread while efforts are being made to defeat the insurgency comprehensively.

    How do you choose between a man (Buhari) with an amazing inability to manage the economy versus a man (Goodluck Jonathan) who has developed Nigeria to Africa’s largest economy with more to come …… tell me …. how ?

    How do you choose between a man (Buhari) who has started setting up structures for monumental corruption by promising one-meal-a-day for children in public schools and by promising the return of the discredited Marketing Boards ….. versus …. a man (Goodluck Jonathan) who is demolishing the structures of corruption by proposing the removal of fuel subsidy and re-engineering the process of distribution of fertilizer to farmers amongst his many other initiatives …… tell me how ?

    I can go on and on ……. the Economist have reached an all time LOW … indeed they have attained their shameful best.

    P/S: But one other thing I must say is that the money the Economist collected for this senseless trash belongs to the people of Rivers State whose Civil Servants and Contractors have not been paid for over a year now …… I urge the Economist to return the money they collected to the rightful owners.

    • Wähala

      Deri Redeem…
      Give up! Even Dr. Dumbo knows the end is here. Stop fooling yourself in public bcos of the dirty crumbs you scavenge on, the game is over punk, I warned you about it 4yrs ago on SR. Aborigines are going home… Hahaha!

      • Otile

        Mwana ya zoba, oloba nini songi songi?

        • Funso

          Ọmọ àlè.

  • Lenz

    Why did the Presidency deem it necessary to respond to The Economist magazine’s editorial? Was the editorial directed at the Presidency or at its own readership?

    By responding they have confirmed their acute disappointment and hysteria over the magazine’s preference for their opponent in the presidential elections…

  • myjona

    Yes he said nothing, because YOU KNOW NOTHING, hence you didn’t know that he said something. Sorry.

  • Forward_Nigeria


    PDP must completely ignore the heavy doses of false propaganda from the ALL PROPAGANDA CONGRESS (APC).

    Having failed in their attempt to deceive Nigerians with a 73year old uneducated certificate forger and dictator …….. the APC (All Propaganda Congress) have resorted to massive doses of false propaganda funded by Rivers State people’s money and aimed at creating discouragement in the minds of Nigerians who are strongly supporting the deserving re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan ……. But they have failed woefully and will continue to fail.

    Nigerians are too smart and completely unwilling to tolerate the barefaced lies sponsored by the discredited and rejected All Propaganda Congress (APC)

    Propaganda does not win elections; only votes win elections.

    The facts on ground reveal that PDP will surely win the 2015 Presidential Elections but it may or may not be with as much a wide margin as they have recorded in their previous victories.

    False, loud, alarming and sponsored propaganda News Report as this one are part of APC election psychological warfare
    which Nigerians have completely ignored because they do not represent the POSITIVE reality they are experiencing on ground.

    GEJ Forever

    p/s: The Opinion by the Economist was sponsored and paid by Rotimi Amaechi with Rivers State peoples money at the detriment of the State’s Civil Servants and Contractors who have not been paid salaries for more than a
    year now.

  • Another COLONIZATION?_ Never!

    I have one and only one message for the UK or Britain….that the days of British investment in the oil & gas of the Niger Delta are numbered…because Nigeria or better put, the Niger Delta will NEVER be colonized twice.

    We thank God for the innovative Niger Deltan Engineers & scientists who have long invented environmentally friendly oil refining technology that the useless Nigerian JTF has struggled and fought vigorously to destroy. Bur our inventions are scientific and appropriately documented and have been replicated effectively so, from Benin to Warri to Port Harcourt & Calabar.

    The same stuuuupid Economist magazine surely would have written an Editorial in 1897 when British forces invaded Benin City and committed one of the first cases of state sponsored terrorism by burning a sprawling city rich in arts down to ashes after its crude soldiers stole all of the art works they could lay their filthy hands on……Yet, 108yrs after, the so-called Economist writes an article and a Nigerian media house is unable to reply appropriately. Rather, it leaps in the air in support of such direct aspersion cast on a people who have been so dehumanized for too long by these agents of imperialism. It is a classic case of slaves loving their chains, and remaining slaves forever.

    Why Economist’s Britain commiserated with France and has its Government represented in the protest match, the same useless Britain cared not that thousands had been massacred in Nigeria by terrorists, instead it supports the Terrorist loving opposition in Nigeria bcos France has no opposition parties or leaders. Nonsense! The opinion of the so called Economist magazine is simply animalistic.

    • deltan

      Totally agree with you. The same Britain created this mess called the Nigerian union. Does anyone really care about Nigeria? No. All the folks clamoring for a Buhari takeover are only interested in the control of oil money – oil that is not located in their land. If the oil wells were to dry up today, the hausas and yorubas would be the first to secede, but for now that oil is still flowing they want this fake union called Nigeria. Their patriotism is of oil.

  • Ibitoye

    Someone should tell UK to mind their business.

    • thusspokez

      Blame Reuben Abati for drawing Nigerians’ attention to the article. What an inept spokesperson!

  • Wähala

    Clown Prince of Otuoke…
    Would he say I don’t need your support if The Economist had endorsed him?
    Reuben Abati must be pinching his conscience reading out these eccentric rebuttals… that’s if he has any.
    “The APC have said, come let us wrestle, and the PDP are running away” – Gov. Amaechi.
    If Abati is not lying thru his ahnus, he should tie-up Dumbo’s gloves and push him into the ring with Buhari let’s see how the Otuoke crook fairs at the polls since they claim it’s not the Editors of The Economists but Nigerians who will be doing the voting… Disgusting Clowns!

    • Otile

      Wähala, I am going to track you down, you pretends to be Igbo. You boasts your head off of knowing many languages. But today I am going to show you that there are some European and African languages that I know better than you.

      You cannot continue to underrate and insult Igbo people. We can match anybody in African with anything life can offer. Underrate an Igbo at your own peril.

      Do you hear me?

      • Funso

        Ọmọ àlè ni Otile.

    • Gwazy


  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    I wonder what medications Mr. itabA is on these days?

    Whatever it is must be hallucinatory!

    He is totally disconnected from the Nigerian reality that wants Jonothing out of Aso Rock like yesterday!!

    • Forward_Nigeria

      This is where APC is completely missing it ….. APC is completely disconnected from reality which clearly reveals that PDP will win the Presidential Elections but it may or may not be with as much wide margin as recorded in their previous victories.

      In fact, on a daily basis GEJ is winning more and more of Buhari supporters who are now discovering who the real Buhari is ………. an uneducated 73 year old certificate forger and religious bigot not suitable for 21st Century leadership.

      GEJ Forever

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        If that were to be the case, why is Jonothing and PDP afraid to let the elections go ahead as scheduled?

        Come off the gbana, ol’boy. It is frying what little is left of your brains too fast!

        • Forward_Nigeria


          Nobody is afraid to let the elections go ahead …….. PDP is just working to avoid giving the All Propaganda Congress (APC) the opportunity to repeat what they did after the Anambra Governorship Elections were the APC did everything to discredit the election on the basis of supposed administrative lapses by INEC.

          That is why PDP is insisting that INEC must be completely ready and prepared before elections.

        • Philip Musa

          Demanding for a “right to vote” opportunity is not being afraid, rather it’s a core of democracy. You crave democracy? Then you play by the rules. At least for someone who claims to be an attorney (or so I think), I shouldn’t be the one lecturing you on civics.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            On the contrary, it would be nice if you were astute enough to tell us those who are “demanding for a “right to vote” opportunity”.

            Is it the victims of boko haram that Jonothing has been unable to protect over the last 6 years or the Nigerians on the street that are clamouring to vote?

            How could Jonothing be talking for the same people he has consistently refused to condole with or stand with in their moments of sorrow, grief and loss? Why is their “right to vote” now suddenly become more important to a Jonothing that did “not give a damn” about whether they lived or died?

            INEC is Constitutionally empowered to shift the election dates, but neither it nor Jonothing can shift the handover date.

            If you like, hug a transformer but that would not change anything.

          • MOU

            Philip go siddon!
            Tell me how they want to achieve in 6weeks what they could not achieve in 6years?
            INEC had 4years to distribute PVC’s. After 4years, they had only delivered 66%. They will therefore need at least 2years to distribute the remaining 34% PVC’s.
            Let the elections hold. If you dont have your PVC, go and line up and collect it!!!
            As for Dafti, there is nothing nmore is useless government can do in any regard. He is a falure who has failed.

        • Charles Amos

          That is not even the point whether it holds or not PDP will still win u know why? becos he has the interest of Nigerian at heart and will make Nigeria a better place for us all to live in,even our children yet unborn.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” – Bob Marley.

          • Charles Amos

            its u that i should tell, vast ur self with information before u talk
            try and check who the real buhari is

          • MOU

            My brother how you dey?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Not bad at all, bruv.

            Hanging around. Channels TV for Prof. Jega’s update!


            You nko?

          • MOU

            I come Madagascar for work.
            I dey stuck to my computer waiting to see if they will dare attempt this rubbish!
            Abacha wen strong try am e no work
            IBB try am e no work
            Let me see what they will attempt. I am keenly waiting and watching.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Seems like 16 RECs for and 26 against

          • MOU

            Kai my brother
            May the Almighyty God bless you for this releiving great news you just told me – AMEN
            So this means elections holds right?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Ore, don’t hold your breath o.

            We are still waiting for Jega to tell us the okodoro Oro.

            Seems they are ready but being blackmailed by the military.

          • MOU

            I hope that Jega can call their bluff.
            The Army has not been able to do anything about boko haram for 6years. Now they are suddenly able to do things in 6weeks?
            They have a constitutional duty to protect ALL Nigerians – election or no election. Its not a privilege but a constitutionally protected right we can demand and which we have demanded.
            If they cannot do it, they should be summarily dismissed and tried fro treason for refusing to carry out their constitutional duties!
            Thank yo my brother. I sincerely appreciate your update!

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Sadly bruv, Jega dropped the ball when. It mattered most!

            Nothing spoilt sha. In 36 hours, I shall be landing in Jamaica, enroute Mexico, Panama, Cuba et al for a 14 day cruise.

            Nigeria will survive beyond all their shenanigans and whether they like it or not, Nigerians are patiently waiting for them at the polls.

            They can run, but can’t hide.

          • MOU

            Wow! Have fun men. Buy the timeyou come back we wold have marched closer 4 Buhari
            On the March again…

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Lol, bruv.


            It seems I won’t be around for the Presidential elections either way cos I would be taking my better half away for her Golden Age anniversary around the newly scheduled dates.

            But I guess I should donate more to the GMB funds as the weeks were meant to also inflict financial stress on the APC Campaign whilst Jonothing keeps dipping into our collective parsimony to fund the PDP Campaign.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Ore, down to 21 for within the last ten minutes!

          • Guest

            So this means elections holds right?

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Bruv, hope you have your pop corn?

            The REC level meeting just finished.

            Now starting the ones with the National Commissioners!


          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Safe journey still.

            My apologies.

      • Charles Amos

        long live GEJ he has done tremendiously well trying to transform a corrupt Nigeria,i will vote him again and again.

        • G.Boy

          If you believe he has transformed Nigeria. May God transformed your life the way he has done that. Say Amen.

          • Charles Amos

            my life is already transformed, am not waiting for government to give me a job,after i finished my university i went to learn a hand work not seating ideal waiting for white collar job. Nigeria is experiencing change already all thanks to GEJ

    • Charles Amos

      no drugs when last did u visit the hospital b4 the strike,do u know much women pay for them to him a delivery in a government hospital be now? make sure u have facts b4 u speak. wht guarantee do u have that the so called buhari will do well? becos he has not even tell us how he will about the change he his clamoring about

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        “Charles Amos 5 minutes ago
        no drugs when last did u visit the hospital b4 the strike,do u know much women pay for them to him a delivery in a government hospital be now? make sure u have facts b4 u speak. wht guarantee do u have that the so called buhari will do well? becos he has not even tell us how he will about the change he his clamoring about”

        Ol’boy, I for like say make we chat, but che you fit break down your pitakwa grammar or blow vernacular?

        The one wey you yarn dey give me headache.

        I dey go take APC come back when you don interpret.

  • Ekerete Etukudo

    Well then, Buhari is the crown President of the Federal Republic of Economist! Or of the UK maybe. As for me and my nationhood, we shall Vote GEJ!!!

  • tundemash

    How did a Duncee get to become a presidential aspirant? It is quite bemusing…and sound education and knowledge is the bedrock of any working democracy and a necessary basis for positive developmental changes industrially or otherwise. How then do we bend the rules to accommodate those who eternally claim to be educationally disadvantaged? This is 21st century, anyone so blighted by the affliction of doubt of ability to contest elections at that level, even if a dunce, could have used the opportunity for a debate to prove that his critics erred. But alas!…he runs into the hole…and like a rabbit running away from rainwater, decides to ‘debate’ in a town hall meeting or if you like, ‘an arrangee’ meeting where prepared questions (which he wud have already rehearsed), will be asked. The blind shud not lead the sighted. This is never rocket science. Pure & Simple!

    Duncee pls come for a debate. Nigerians are waiting. Relying on some stuupid foreign media who want a duncee they can manipulate at will will not help.

    • Phillip Gokir Musa

      Typical yoruba response/excuse! But “beware of the naked man who offers you his shirt” Enough said.

    • progress

      You are as fake as jona. Let the real tudemash catch you, you will smell peppers.

    • Hk

      The majority of Nigerians who will decide the next president are in villages and towns and they dont watch debates. Moreover, those who want to watch dont have electricity.

    • tundemash

      a d@ft coward hiding under another man’s name to perpetuate fraud !

  • Lulu Onakpoya

    Reuben Abati must have had a part of his brain shut to say the President has improved healthcare, infrastructure, or power. His assertion that the President has done ‘his best’ to stem corruption convinces me all the more that he is truly incompetent.

    • Philip Musa

      So what are your facts to disprove his “assertions”? Talk is cheap… Unless you’re yoruba!

      • Ukpaka

        Mister, she does not need to prove a thing to you. Get that right!. The onus is on president Johnathan to show how he improved on healthcare. The healthcare workers have been on strike since November, 2014. When was the last time you’ve been to a federal hospital?. When patients have to bring their own toilet tissue to the hospital, what do you call that?. How many times has GEJ visited any hospital in 6yrs of his presidency to see things for himself?. He’s in prison in Aso Rock while being fed all sorts of lies by sycophants that care for nobody but their immediate families.

        • Peter_Edo

          i actually know someone that died unnecessarily due to this strike

    • Charles Amos

      he fought corruption in the Agricultural sector,the fertilizer scam,also the salary scam is been fought, 25000km of road has been constructed,from Lagos to the East is now a smooth journey even the North we are not saying he has done all so give him kudos.

      • Hk

        Can you tell me 3 federal roads he did in north? Kano-Maiduguri? Zaria-Sokoto? Yola-Gombe? Or is it Aba-PH? Onitsha-Enugu? Warri-PH? In south?

        • Dan maikoko

          he has not completed Kano-Maiduguri and the progress of the work is not fast.

      • Peter_Edo

        what % is agriculture and what immediate impact did this achieve? don’t tell me cloned rice

        • Charles Amos

          Nigeria has recorded about 40%substitution program of cassava flour for wheat

      • Peter_Edo

        gej scores 30% in my book. that’s F9

        • Charles Amos

          and wht did u use as ur marking scheme?

  • Otile

    @Wähala, wapi yo? Loba na ngai mbangu mbangu. O yebi?

    • Funso

      Otile ọmọ àlè.

  • thusspokez

    GEJ is surrounded by mediocrity like Reuben Abati, a mediocre spokesperson.

    10 out of 10 spokespersons in his shoes would not issue a statement
    about an article in a foreign journal with insignificant readership in Nigeria.

    What was Reuben Abati thinking, and how long does he [Abati] need to be in
    his job to learn the dos and don’ts of PR. What Reuben Abati has done is give
    free publicity in Nigeria to that article that few would have known about.

  • Okey

    Secondly, a little reading of that so-called opinion by the Economist will indicate that, the editors did not even bother to put even a modicum of effort in arriving at their opinion: their “opinion” is just a copy-and-paste work as it reflected only the media propaganda works of political parties in Nigeria with opinion ratio where the opposition controls 90% or the media whilst Federal govt controls only 10%. The Economist did write anything the Nigeria community has not heard but awaits a decision hour which the Economist has taken for granted. The only thing added by the Economist was the exhibition of the British original desire of a working-class Southern Nigerian subordinated to a ruling class Northern Nigeria.

  • favourtalk

    Who cares, GEJ is gone, nigerians know what they want and real transformation not propaganda. Change is our call

  • ilesanmi

    That Jega has conspired with the APC by handing over all PVCs in the north the emirs and leaders while voters in the South queue up everyday for the PVCs without success, is a serious matter that can not be handled mildly. There is no way we can go on with this election as scheduled, since the umpire has been compromised.

    • Hk

      Haha! Weeks ago while the northerners were collecting their PVCs, you were busy glued to your TVs watching the Buhari certificate brouhaha and shouting ‘Buhari pull over’. Now 1 week to election you are shouting ‘PVCs’. Northerners you look down on and malign everyday are never your mates on political awareness. While you were busy abusing them they quietly went and collected their PVCs. Sorry!

      • Toby

        Of all the things you wrote, this sentence clinched it for me: “Northerners you look down on and malign everyday are never your mates on political awareness.”
        If only the southerners could reason along this line, perhaps things would have been different. More often than not, we tend to confuse education with political astuteness honed over a long period of time…..

        May God Bless you!

        • Hk

          Amen bro. Lol. BBC hausa, VOA hausa, deutche welle hausa, China radio hausa, rafio france international hausa and radio Nigeria Kaduna have done a lot to keep Northern Nigeria abreast with political happenings and systems across the world. A fulani man living in the bush can tell you what happened in USA political arena last night. Tnx to his cheap transistor radio.

          God bless you too and Nigeria!

      • Dazmillion


  • UYI111

    Only the deaf and dumb will overlook the achievements and the developmental foundations that Mr President has laid ! If those foundations were on ground when this administration came on board Nigeria will have been put in the leagua of prosperous countries like Brazil and China 2015.
    Give honour to whom honour is due when they still live not after they are long gone and stop the politics of bringing down the house . The masses is what the President beleives in that is why he has never done things they way they have been done in the past i.e petroleum subsidy ,fertiliser scam. civil server scams , privatisation of the energy sectors and most prominenetly national conference .These are issues that even OBJ or any ther government could not ganner courage to do due to their selfish interest had it been not for the saboutage Nigerians should have been enjoying relativelly stable power by now the infrastructures are on ground .
    Railway is back 2000/3000klm of roads are there to tell their stories etc the west can go to blases they will prefare a mumu president to rule so that they continue to misdirect our country like they have done in the past check all the past Africa President that were friends to them were they better than Cuba /China their sworn enemy ?no way they use and dump Mobutu. Kabila. Eyadema. and Gbagbo of Ivory coast these are former president next doors .Nigeria be wise.

  • Comfortkay

    Jona- natan no amount of prayers and laying on of hands can help you man you are gone. President start parking your loads and hire trucks or use one of the Presidential Jets . Only those that are looting the mone will support you.

    • Progress

      Going where? We will force Buhari NOT to enter into any immunity pact with these band of looters and law breakers. Not after the leaked audio, NEITI and NNPC reports. He should be arrested and charged to court and send to Kirikiri Maximum prison as a deterrent to the future JoNothins

  • Dazmillion

    The Economist is owned by APC and Soludo is the Chief Editor.

    • Toby

      Yes…very true. I like the sarcasm…

  • Awojab

    Is it not strange that the president who should be in control is now the one complaining that INEC is colluding with opposition? Why is it now that the PDP start complaining about INEC? the bottom line is that PDP has observed the defeat coming from distance during their nationwide campaign and are now looking for a crook way out. Abati’s attack on the Economist is not new as it is now the character of Jonathan’s aides to attack any negative comment about Jonathan no matter how constructive or honest it may be.

  • evi

    The editorial is more of an indictment on buhari than an endorsement. The magazine accuses buhari of human rights violation and accuses him of having blood on his hands, he is also accused of performing woefully when he was head of state. The only democratic credentials they claim buhari has is that he has contested three times,how is that a good thing? Even in the UK, someone like buhari would have been charged for crimes against humanity and would have been in jail by now but they want to deceive people to vote for him so that the south would always be slaves to the core north just like they forced this farce called nigeria and gave us as slaves to the north who ruled us for almost forty years with nothing to show for it

    • Toby

      Your submission lacks adequate gravitas to convince even the most uninformed. Yes, the editorial is more of a condemnation than approval…. according to your twisted logic. Why then is the presidency fretting if the endorsement isn’t seen as a shot in the arm for the opposition?

      • evi

        Let me try and reply your uncoordinated rambling. The President isn’t fretting, it is apc that is so desperate that they went all the way to UK to bribe the economist to deceive uninformed supporters of apc like yourself, that tyranny and human rights violation is a virtue all of a sudden and people like you see nothing wrong with it. I agree with you that it is a shot, a shot of indictment on buhari, his tyrannical rule and human rights violation record when he was head of state.

        • Progress

          Just go back to bed, somethings are not right.

          • evi

            You wake up from your slumber !

    • Tobias

      Your submission is replete with sufficient gravitas to convince even the dunce and certificateless school drop out. Yes, the editorial is more of a condemnation than approval… your eagle eyed analysis deserves commendation. No wonder the Duncee frets over election debate as trepidation engulfs his entire being, not knowing how to respond should questions dig out his crooked past.

      • Progress

        I wonder if the materials that made up your and mine brain is different from these peoples’.

    • Adesuwa


    • Progress

      Blood of cocaine barons! Human right of LOOTERS. We will force him again to curtail the right of the looters and throw them into dungeon forever if he wins. Of what faith are you that will be speaking for criminals, blaming the person that enforce the law while lionizing the criminals. JonOthIn, Okupe, Diezani, FFK etc will be duly prosecuted and jailed if guilty.

      • evi

        You are a brainless moron! Just because you have access to.the Internet does not mean you can post meaningless soundbites being fed you by apc. How is jailing journalist and nigerians that criticised his regime, fighting corruption? How is promulgating decrees that clamped down on press freedom and freedom of expression a good thing?You are here posting trash about your president, has anybody arrested you or thrown you in jail? You think you would have dared it during buhari’s regime? Someone that his god father and leader of his party, Tinubu, is the most corrupt human being in Nigeria wants to fight corruption, someone that 25 billion disappeared under his watch when.he was PTF chairman wants to fight corruption, someone that did not build one school,one hospital, not one road in the south, no tangible achievement he can boast of, is promising heaven and earth now. You are as uneducated as your result forger quota system general

    • Dozie

      I hope the TV campaign and other pressure against Buhari does not cause him to change his anticorruption method. This is his main credential and the adverts shock me how Jonathan approaches the corruption issue. In my view all crimes of corruption and human rights abuse must be investigated and punished. Coups and subversion against the Nigerian state and all crimes of corruption which have caused Nigeria to lag behind her contemporaries and caused death and suffering. Like happens in S. America they must all be punished, and others will no that no matter how long it takes corruption and human rights abuses shall be punished. Anyways, Jonathan should get four more years to continue his programs but must correct his weaknesses.

  • longben

    Thes idiots (usa) are really becoming desperate!!!! Their plans to
    carve up and weaken NIGERIA nay Africa is falling apart in their faces
    and all they have left are diabolic propagandas with the intent of
    forcing NIGERIANS to take up arms against their country and destroy her
    like they did in Libya, Iraq and Syria, WE NIGERIANS SAY NO. Take your
    dirty lies to Mexico just south of your border where over 200.000
    thousand people have being killed in 7 years. Where more people are
    killed every month than the combined total of people killed by boko
    haram in a whole years. Where students are kidnapped, murdered and burnt
    to ashes without a peep from your dirty, righteous mauls.

    your dirty propaganda to Iraq where you trained an army of cowards who
    quickly melted away before a few thousand ISIS terrorist and handed them
    billions of dollars of your supposed “superior” weapons without firing a
    shot. Take your useless propaganga to Mali where your trained “special”
    forces ran away from a few hundred terrorist and instead matched to
    Bamako to overthrow a legitimate goverment.

    Your worthless lies
    and propaganda is not worth the paper it is written on and we,
    discenable NIGERIANS know that. How many of your citizens were BEHEADED
    on camera by ISIS? Of what use is your trillion dollar army when a bunch
    of terrorist can behead not 1, not 2 but several of your citizens and
    post the videos for the world to view? Of what use is your billions of
    dollars worth of bombs dropped on Iraq and Syria when the terrorist are
    still sitting pretty and even exporting crude oil? Does Al qaeda still
    exist today? Are the Talibans defeated? Trillions of dollars spent
    fighting both and they are still holding territories since 2001!!

    will fight our wars and defeat the enemies without your dirty lies and
    propaganda, and yes, NIGERIAN will bring glory to AFRICA and the BLACK
    RACE and you be DAMNED in your fears. NIGERIA will make tha rise of
    China look like a f**king sunday school picnic in this generation. DRINK

  • gift



  • Guguru

    Jonathan is in deep sleep and denial. He may never wake up from his day-dreams.

  • Ponmo

    The Economist admitted that we have made remarkable progress but attributed such progress to Nigerians and not to the administration. Such editorial is confusing and narrow. How can an economy grow at 7% and you exclude govt from such development?

    • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

      The West does not have your interest in mind.
      Ignore these meddlers.

      • Tunsj

        Then why is Nigeria begging the US for arms to fight Boko Haram? You are not making any sense at all.

        • Paului

          We are not begging the usa for arms but want to purchase the weapons with our money. USA is not the only nation in the world that fights terrorism. Russia can provide and sell weapons to fight boko haram.

  • anneedu

    The man him self

  • MindYourself

    This Reuben Abatti man can produce nothing but lies. He claimed the President has created jobs for Nigerians. How come Nigerians are now finding greener pastures in Ghana. If you are so sure of victories, why did you encourage INEC to postpone elections? You are fooling yourself. Nigerians have decided to vote for Buhari, and you know it.

  • fancytruth

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  • nigeria1

    It is in the interest of ALL Nigerians to ignore opinions of outsiders like this when we see them. They (especially the western media, Economist magazine, US Senators, British politicians etc ) can be very strong agents of polarization and confusion for many Nigerians when they begin to speak too much grammer and take sides in our national business with the clout of their media power. Nigerians, please be patriotic and publicly disregard their jaundiced views. Yes they may be generous in providing us aids and grants which we would always welcome, but we do not need their support in going to the polls and deciding for ourselves. Simple.

  • Kunle

    Ruben Abate is a man who has been bought and paid for by dirty money. He has no choice than sing the tune of his master, the clown named Clueless Jonathan. Mr Abati within the past four years is a made man with mansions in choice places in Abuja and Lagos. What can you say to a man who has sold his soul to the devil?

  • Oriyomi Kosoko

    I am certain that if the editorial had endorsed Mr. President, we will not be seeing this raving and ranting. Of course, the Economist is a world class paper and carries a lot of influence internationally. It behoves the president’s men to find a way to achieve a more encouraging piece on the President rather than seat in one office and rubbishing the personalities of other parties’ candidates.

  • Liviu

    Is this an article about Mr. Messrs’s statement or is it just a pathetic excuse of the times to attack their competitors?