How we determined authenticity of leaked tape on Ekiti election – U.S. firm

The New York-based security firm that helped analyse the voices of the characters in the shocking leaked recording on the rigged Ekiti election has given insight into how it determined the authenticity of the audio clip.

In a report, Guardian Consulting said it conducted a forensic examination on the discussion and compared the voices to public record samples of the known individuals.

In an interview with PREMIUM TIMES, Tom Fitzgerald, the President of the company, confirmed that his company did the investigation.

“I can confirm that we did the testing,” Mr. Fitzgerald said.

He declined further comments, referring PREMIUM TIMES to a London-based firm, ATP Advisers, who he said gave his company the job. ATP Advisers could not be reached for comments.

According to his Linkedin profile, Mr. Fitzgerald was a former detective with the New York Police Detective [NYPD] and the Foreign Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He has over 30 years experience as a detective of repute.

Read full report of the investigation below.

Fr: Guardian Consulting LLC
Re: Executive summary regarding Nigeria tapes
Nov. 27, 2014

Guardian Consulting Group LLC were engaged on Nov. 10 to conduct forensic examinations on an audio recording purported to be a private discussion among presumed Nigerian officials regarding disrupting an election (“The Recording”). The first phase of the engagement was to conduct analysis to identify the voices on The Recording by comparing them to public record samples of known individuals. The second phase was to judge the veracity of selected parts of the conversation to a degree of scientific survey.

Executive Summary of Findings:


The following voices from The Recording were subjected to a Forensic Voice Frequency Comparison against known samples and were found to match to a 98% degree of certainty:
• Governor Avo Favose
• Senator Iviola Omisore
• Hon. Abdulkareem
• Jelili Adesiyan
The following voice from The Recording was subjected to a Forensic Voice Frequency Comparison against a known sample and was found to match to an 80% degree of certainty:
• Senator Musiliu Obanikoro
• Gov. Avo Favose was being truthful when he said: …there is no vehicle that left this place without that sticker.
• A person identified as Obanikoro with 80% of certainty was judged to be completely truthful when he said to a person identified as Abdul Kareem: If am a happy man tomorrow night, the sky is your limit, and at the end of the day if am unhappy…I am not here for tea party, am on a special assignment by the president.”
• A person identified as Abdulkareem with a 98% degree of certainty said: “I was the one who created road blocks, I was the officer on ground sir.”)


The primary sample provided to Guardian Consulting is identified as “The Recording” for filing purposes.

The client provided these known samples:

Governor Ayo Fayose- .
Senator Iyiola Omisore-
Honourable Abdulkareem-
Jelili Adesiyan –
Sen. Musiliu Obanikoro
Starting with provided sample, identified here as The Recording, voices were isolated and five voices were positively identified as uniquely identical through voice print analysis. One additional background voice fragment was isolated but no identification was made (n.b. It is possible that the additional voice came one of the five subjects but was distorted due to a recording or transmission glitch). The unidentified voice fragment was fleeting and did not make up a substantial part of the conversation.

The Forensic Voice System (“FVS”) measures including frequencies discernable by the human ear as well as others above and below human recognition. Patterns of the frequencies are entered into the FVS in which a

Frequency Voice Print is then produced and displayed. The Voice Print is quantified for comparison.
The process was repeated with the provided known samples and Voice Prints were established for each of the five subjects.

Identical words were identified from The Recording and the known samples. Each of the identical words was printed. The prints were then compared leading to the following conclusion:
• Governor Ayo Fayose was found to match the public sample to a 98% or greater degree of scientific certainty.
• Senator Iyiola Omisore was found to match the public sample to a 98% or greater degree of scientific certainty.
• Honourable Abdulkareem was found to match the public sample to a 98% or greater degree of scientific certainty.
• Jelili Adesiyan was found to match the public sample to a 98% or greater degree of scientific certainty.

. Sen. Musiliu Obanikoro was found to match the public sample to a 80% or greater degree of scientific certainty.
The prints were further analyzed for veracity. No substantive untruths were identified: 85% of the conversations were deemed to contain identifiable veracity to a 98% degree of certainty. The remaining 15% was identified as inconclusive.

The findings are based on the samples supplied. We relied on public identification of the known samples.
Further analysis of the voice attributed to Sen. Musiliu Obanikoro may result in a higher degree of certainty, but quality of the original recording not the additional publicly available samples are the primary reason for this level of veracity being listed. Further analysis against the new samples will be completed on Monday December 1.

James Mulvaney
James Mulvaney, Director
Nov. 27, 2014
New York City Hudson Valley
Guardian Consulting LLC 120 Ramapo Rd.
445 Park Ave. 9th Floor Suite 348
New York, N.Y. 10022 Garnerville, NY 10923
347-924-6525 – Office 845.271.3366/67 – Office
917.322.2105 – Fax 845.271.3368 – Fax

<em>Editor’s Note: The police minister referenced in this story has been corrected to read Jelili Adesiyan. </em>


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  • Eze1

    Koro and others cannot deny the plot.

    • emmanuel ewumi

      The senate MUST not approved the nomination of Obanikoro as the new Minister of state for defence.

      • Eze1

        He will just take a bow.

        • emmanuel ewumi

          he will take more than a bow, this time around

  • bib

    They are guilty as charged.

  • Night Crawler

    Pdp cannot be trusted, their days are numbered

  • Afuye Olawale


  • okocha wilson

    PDP WELDONE, gradually ur bringing the khaki boys back.

  • Etomi

    Total, absolute, 1d1otic sham…
    The last ditch effort by hopeless APC!!!!!!
    There are a multitude of voice changer software everywhere….
    Only a f00l would give credibility to the utter NONSENSE!!!

    • olu_kay

      Listen to the audio that is 2 hours and 28 minutes long before typing this rubbish. Even if APC wanted to fake it why will they make a fake audio that is more than 2 hours long where only imcriminating statement are caught a few times over the 2 hours.

      • Etomi

        Even if for 1m hrs……
        Certain voice changer softwares work with magical effect!!!!

        • olu_kay

          Name the software that can do that and listen to the audio first before defending your paymasters. Did you read Obanikoro’s statement he never denied the meeting took place,he just stated the audio never implicated him.

          • Etomi


          • olu_kay

            Counter the audio by naming the software.If APC even wanted to make a fake audio they will not make it 2 hours and 28 minutes long. The General that recorded and leaked the audio also swore to an affidavit,hopefully the affidavit will also be released.

          • Etomi

            What would it cost?

    • paul eneke

      Your comments show how poor your’re exposed to stuff like this.please,try and read over once again and feel free to make further contact for verifications.You definitely dont need this anger and outburst, ok?

      • Etomi

        It’s provocative…..
        And it is human to feel riled…

    • Wähala

      Stop making crass comments in public. No software on earth can reproduce exact human voice, name it make I see. Voice changers alter your vocal/decibel levels and nothing more. How did Ibori escape Nigeria and why do you think Osama never used regular but radio phones? That moment in August Osama telephoned with the Jordanian doctor that killed himself and a CIA station chief, was the second he tipped-off his hideout and was killed 6months later. The Americans tracked him after matching his voice records. We’re talking FBI man here not Ita Ennang and Marilyn Ogar. Chump, get a life and stop pissing me off… eteh mbong!

      • Etomi

        What is crass about alerting you to bare-faced forgery…..
        Is the tenor of the recording beyond reasonable doubt???????
        If you are credulous, some of us are not!!!!!!!
        Or, if you chose to be gullible because you derive some high from it, some of us would rather guard the sobriety of our critical faculties….
        Stew in the manipulation, if you will….
        Fits you!!!!!!!

      • Otile

        Mwana ya zoba, Lelo bato mingi batala mama na yo na zando.

  • olu_kay

    PDP has been busted!The audio tape is 2 hours and 28 minutes long it is genuine I listened to it. Fayose,Obanikoro and the other people responsible should get ready to go to jail when Buhari takes over,this is a serious crime,using the armed forces and police to commit an offence against the electoral act. It’s funny how this people plot evil and yet claim to represent the people.

    • kenny

      Continue to deceive yourself

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    And Fayose thanked his “god” for his victory at this election. He wasn’t talking about the King of Heaven who abhors this evil. Any pastor with spiritual discernment should be wary of politicians when they come to them to bless their fruit of poison. Today is the beginning of the end of the PDP travesty in Ekiti State.

  • Abu-Muhammad

    pdp, Ebola Jonathan and it’s supporters are devils, animals in humans form

  • Abu-Muhammad

    I don’t know how some people are. God Is absolute great, He created some in human form but gave them animals sense. They can’t understand even if they wish to. Deaf, dumb and blind can never return to the path.

  • Edward Snowden

    Complete Nonsense!!!

    Complete Nonsense. That useless US firm should give us forensic evidence of how that white Policeman killed the black US citizen in Missouri, New York etc…Why did this nonsensical firm not get forensic evidence against Bush when he lied about Sadam Hussein and the non existent nuclear weapons? …Why no forensic evidence about the espionage by US govt as revealed by Edward Snowden?…Nonsense!

    The firm should get lost in hellllll.

    • olu_kay

      Why diverting issues,why is it paining you your PDP guys have been exposed for the rogues they are are.

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    APC is frantically making fruitless and shameful efforts. To start with, the questions begging for answers are as follows: 1. What are the antecedents of Fr: Guardian Consulting LLC that conducted the exercise in USA? 2. Who are the Directors of Fr: Guardian Consulting LLC(the Directors are TINUBU, FASHOLA & ROCHAS)? 3. Please help me google Fr: Guardian Consulting LLC that is claiming to have carried out the forensic exercise in question?
    My findings have revealed vividly that Fr: Guardian Consulting LLC is a non-registered business outfit that has never brushed its tooth in its own family forensic business let alone in USA. It is a contrived and cooked up organisation to deceive and brainwash suspecting Nigerians into believing their evil farce.
    Fr: Guardian Consulting LLC is a farce built by APC to continue seeking attentions where none has been given to them. This kind baseless propaganda makes one to wonder the kind of integrity in APC or the kinds of CHANGE APC stand to offer to Nigeria. NO!!!!!! Nigerians are wise.
    Please, the only way to prove APC and its conspirator( Fr: Guardian Consulting LLC) wrong is by voting massively against them in all elections in Nigeria. APC is simply a cocoon of fraudsters scheming to advance their business interest at the detriment of Nigerians.

    UP!!! GEJ!!!!

  • Etomi

    APC: A tribe of desperate certificate forgers…
    What wouldn’t they forge?
    They’ve advanced into forging voices….

    • Wähala

      Deri Oloshi…
      Call the man in New York and tell him he forged voice recordings for the APC… stuupidity unlimited!

      • Etomi

        Demented onye-iberibe like the sewer you are……
        Is it in doubt that there voice changer softwares in the market????
        Who the hell is the New York firm….

        • Wähala

          Hahaha… see how easy it is to smoke you out?
          Just as with the recordings, I simply cross-checked your comments on Pointblank News and Bingo!
          The New York firm has is listed in the NYC Chamber of Commerce & Industry for verification, their contact details including phone numbers are published with Koro’s voice. No sense doubting their existence, just worry about your thug Obanikoro not sinking your creek crook even before the elections. Told you you stink like soaked stock fish, remember? Over!

          • Otile

            Mwana ya zoba. Kanga monoko!

        • Uzoma John

          You don’t have a job. Going through every comment looking for who to insult without any meaningful contribution. You are a disgrace to your family, your peers and society at large. In Igbo we call your type efulefu. Aturu n’enwehu onyenche. Lost sheep.

      • SAM .A

        Please ask this amorphous character , why is he changing his name every second on social media, sometimes he uses female handle?
        Thanks for your ingenuity for always bringing his masquerade to dance naked in Market square.

    • SAM .A

      Do you have psychiatric problem? Why is your mind so unstable that you keep changing your handle every second?
      Your chameleon can change his skin color every time ,but you can never change what is inside,neither can you change this your aggressive. style of writing.

  • Mr. P

    What does animal Jonathan has to say on this?


      Only a Muslim write something like this. In your eyes, he shouldn’t even be alive

  • Yemi

    From the analysis above, it takes a f00l to discredit this audio. This is why the security agents in the west are different from that of Nigeria. Marilyn Oga, you see how the audio is subjected to empirical analysis. They don’t torture to extract evidence. Let Koro and co. come out and deny the audio with this analysis

    • olu_kay

      Did you listen to the radio interview he gave when they played the audio for him,he admiteed the authencity,but stated he never admitted or implicated himself in rigging the election in the audio.

      • Yemi

        The fact that he promised general momoh promotion by the virtue that he was acting on behalf the commander in chief of armed forces, Koro compromised!

    • tyson

      Can they use the same system–on buhari sabinkate

      • Yemi

        The pdp govt has all the apparatus to use at thier disposal to know the genuiness of Buhari certificate. Over to marylin Oga to check if the certificate ok

      • Omoagunmate

        ol’ boy abeg keep quiet, you are talking nonsense, the cat is out of the bag, so go sidon.

  • Koophreh

    Obanikoro Disclaims Audio Recording on Ekiti Elections

    Our attention has been drawn to an audio recording released on Thursday
    by Sahara Reporters, an online news website. In the audio recording,
    Senator Musiliu Obanikoro is presented as having a conversation
    alongside current Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, Senator
    Iyiola Omisore amongst other names purportedly identified by Sahara
    Reporters as participants in the said meeting.

    But these are the facts:

    1. That Senator Obanikoro wishes to state categorically and
    emphatically that you will never find him anywhere in the world talking
    about rigging an election in favour of anyone. The context of the
    conversation being reported by Sahara Reporters has been deliberately
    concocted, manipulated and misrepresented to achieve a predetermined
    narrative. Nowhere in the purported recording did Senator Obanikoro
    mention directly or indirectly a plan to rig the Ekiti State elections
    as the Sahara Reporters narrative suggests.

    2. That Senator
    Obanikoro’s team was approached by an agent of Sahara Reporters to pay
    for the doctored recording. Senator Obanikoro’s refusal to be
    blackmailed led to Sahara Reporters going ahead to publish the said

    3. That it is an open knowledge that Sahara Reporters
    is a paid mouthpiece of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC)
    and as such cannot be taken seriously and credibly.

    4. That the
    eventual timing of the release of the doctored audio coming on the eve
    of the ruling of the Osun State Election Petitions Tribunal makes it
    even more sinister. For all intents and purposes, it is a failed attempt
    to compromise the outcome of the Tribunal ruling and set the tone for
    public sympathy in the event of an unfavorable ruling.

    5. Old
    habits die hard. The APC is known for its manipulative antics in the
    manufacturing of forged certificates, hacking, propaganda and now the
    doctoring of audio recordings.

    6. That Dr. Kayode Fayemi and the
    APC have failed to explain how their gross unpopularity led to the loss
    of their wards and local governments to PDP’s Ayodele Fayose.

    That there was a Tribunal set up for the Ekiti Election. Why was this
    audio recording not presented to that Tribunal? Having lost an election
    woefully and at the Election Petitions Tribunal, this is nothing short
    of a lame after-thought and a futile attempt to pervert the minds of
    unsuspecting Nigerians against the PDP in the coming general elections.

    8. That the role the Nigerian Army played in safeguarding the elections
    in Ekiti and Osun States remains commendable, to general acclaim,
    locally and internationally.

    9. The APC and their cronies are the
    ones known for anti-democratic tendencies. Where was Sahara Reporters
    when free and fair local government elections were annulled by the APC
    in Lagos State?

    10. That beyond this statement, Senator Obanikoro
    will not dignify the immoral construct of the APC through its hired
    media platforms with any further response. Senator Obanikoro refuses to
    be distracted by the failed antics of the APC and is focusing on the
    re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan.

    11. That Senator
    Obanikoro is initiating legal action against Sahara Reporters in New
    York and Nigeria for defamation of character.

    Ohimai Godwin Amaize
    Special Adviser on Media Strategy to Senator Musiliu Obanikoro

    • Advocate


    • Tayelolu

      Look my friend. This is an open world now. I just googled Guardianconsulting. That company exists and it does exactly the same job PT reported. So what is your problem? Why must you forget that anyone can google this thing and get information that contradict your lies? Let other readers go and google Guardianconsulting and come back and inform us what they find. Ohimai Godwin Amaize ati Koophreh whichever way you exit in the real world as Musiliu Obanikoro-I will say STO LYING! Stop eating your teeth and jaw. This thing is true. That is your voice Musiliu Obanikoro-Deny it if you can!!! Everyone should go and google Guardianconsulting.

  • tyson

    Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has described the audio clip

    released by the All Progressives Congress (APC), through its media organ,
    SaharaReporters as fake, saying; he never held any meeting with anyone to
    rig the June 21, 2014 election, suggesting that his voice and those of
    others could have been faked using technology like Natural Voices.

    He said the audio clip was APC’s new calculated attempt to discredit the
    election results, having failed woefully both at the poll and the

    Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr Idowu Adelusi said in a
    statement issued on Friday that the APC would have used the audio clip as
    evidence at the tribunal if it was genuine.

    He said; “Nigerians should be reminded of how the APC people lied in 2007
    that they recorded how the governorship election was rigged even in the
    palace of the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti, Oba Rufus Adejugbe, but the party could
    not produce a single photo evidence at the tribunal because their plans to
    do what is known as Morphing and Syncing was exposed.

    “Nigerians should also be reminded of the existence of a technology called
    speech software, which is good at reproducing the sounds, inflections and
    intonations of a human voice.

    “There are softwares that can re-create voices and even bring the voices of
    long-dead notable persons back to life. There are softwares that can turn
    printed text into synthesized speech, making it possible for anyone to use
    recordings of a person’s voice to utter new things that the person never
    said. One of such softwares is called ‘Natural Voices.’

    • Omoagunmate

      Make you dey deceive ya self, our focus for now is FeBuhari 14, fayose and his gang of crooks are small fishes in the scheme of things. Justice will catch up with them in no time.

    • Advocate


  • thusspokez

    “He [ Thomas Fitzgerald] declined further comments, referring PREMIUM TIMES to a [none existing] London-based firm, ATP Advisers, who he said gave his company the job. ATP Advisers could not be reached for comments.”

    I can’t find any company by the name: “ATP Adviser” in the Companies House registrar of companies in the UK.

    With ATP Adviser, anyone would assume that it refers to adviser of Association of Tennis Professionals. For this reason, I doubt if the UK Companies House would register that name. Or maybe “ATP Adviser” is shorten form of the company’s name.

  • ANIMAL in Craze Man SKIN


    Fela, wetin you go sing about?

    Craze (insane) man
    No be outside- Buhari dey
    Na craze man be dat
    Animal in craze-man skin-i
    Na craze world be dat
    No be outside- Idia-gbon dey
    Na craze man be dat- oh
    Animal in craze-man skin
    Na craze world be dat

    He ordered arrest and imprisonment for 5 yrs
    No be outside- dem find me guilty
    No be outside- dem jail me five years
    —I no do nothing——
    No be outside-dem judge dey beg ee-o
    Na craze world be dat, Na craze world be dat

  • tyson

    Ekiti is history—why is APC refusing to subject Bukhari’s certificate to the test————–

  • thusspokez

    “He [ Thomas Fitzgerald] declined further comments, referring PREMIUM TIMES to a [none existing] London-based firm, ATP Advisers, who he said gave his company the job. ATP Advisers could not be reached for comments.”

    I can’t find any company by the name: “ATP Adviser” in the Companies House registrar of companies in the UK.

    With ATP Adviser, anyone would assume that it refers to adviser of Association of Tennis Professionals. For this reason, I doubt if the UK Companies House would register that name. Or maybe “ATP Adviser” is shorten form of the company’s name.

    On Guardian Consulting LLC, nowhere on its website does it mention “voice/person recognition” or “speech/voice biometrics” or services to that effect. You would think that a company offering such very important services would put them at the top of its advertised list of services, wouldn’t you.

    PART 2 of

    Too many Nigerians are ignorant and no doubt, their ignorance is being exploited by unscrupulous Nigerian journalists in collusion with dodgy foreigners and foreign companies. Whether the claims of rigging is right or wrong is irrelevant to me, but I question the claim that any proper investigation had been done.

    These kinds of investigations usually take a long time and also cost a lot of money — I doubt if these journalists can afford it. The voices of all the people involved would first have to be interdependently authenticated before the real process of matching their voices to the ones on the tape can commence.

    IT IS ALL A SCAM. And here is what I also found about Thomas Fitzgerald, the “white-god” whose words all ignorant Nigerians must take as scripture.

    Department of Justice


    Friday, June 10, 2011

    Former Background Investigator For Federal Government Sentenced to Prison For Making a False Statement

    WASHINGTON – Thomas S. Fitzgerald, a former Special Agent of the U.S. Office of

    Personnel Management (OPM), was sentenced today to 90 days of incarceration, 180 days of
    home detention, and 400 hours of community service on a charge stemming from his falsification
    of work on background investigations of federal employees and contractors.
    The sentencing, which took place in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia,
    was announced by U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. and Patrick E. McFarland, Inspector
    General for the Office of Personnel Management.

    Fitzgerald, 48, of Crofton, Md., pled guilty in March 2011 to one count of making a false
    statement. He was sentenced by the Honorable Reggie B. Walton. The judge also ordered
    Fitzgerald to pay $106,711 in restitution. Upon completion of the 90-day term of incarceration,
    Fitzgerald will be placed on three years of supervised release, including the home detention.

    As part of his guilty plea, Fitzgerald, who worked for OPM’s Federal Investigative

    Services, admitted that he falsified work on background investigations of federal employees and
    contractors. Between March 2005 and May 2006, in more than two dozen Reports of
    Investigations on background investigations, Fitzgerald represented that he had interviewed a
    source or reviewed a record regarding the subject of the background investigation when, in fact,
    he had not conducted the interview or obtained the record.
    Fitzgerald’s false representations have required OPM’s Federal Investigative Services to
    reopen and rework numerous background investigations that were assigned to him during the
    time period of his falsifications, at an estimated cost of $106,711 to the U.S. government. The
    restitution in this case will be paid to Federal Investigative Services.
    In announcing the sentence, U.S. Attorney Machen and Inspector General McFarland
    praised the efforts of Special Agent Shantel Robinson, OPM, Office of the Inspector General,
    and Philip Kroop… who investigated and prosecuted this matter.

    • Tayelolu

      I googled Guardianconsulting. The result I got differs from yours. The company exists. So what is your problem. Let others google please. It is an open world!

      • thusspokez

        “I googled Guardianconsulting.”

        You can google but I bet you, you can’t read properly. Show me in my comment where I said the company didn’t exist?

        • Tayelolu

          Keep eating your teeth and your jaw!!! Keep spinning!!!! Readers should google Guardianconsulting and take their own decision. Musiliu Obanikoro already shot himself in the foot. He can keep spinning. His career is dead! He has officially and formally joined the league of Kashamu Buruji, Iyiola Omisore, Ayo Fayose. We in Yorubaland know ourselves. I tell you Musiliu is finished politically with this -at least in Yorubaland. As for you keep eating your teeth and your jaw. You have every right to eat your teeth!!!

  • dd

    This one is faker than the first one. Using white people’s name as source of report or so-called forensic won’t help. Who paid them for this forensic investigation? How come all of a sudden they have interest in Nigeria politics to the extend they go forensic? Why now? This is just Rochas sponsored 419 deceit system to deceive Nigeria. They know once Nigeria see white’s name they will jump and believe. Please note that Jona will win. If you say the election is rigged, don’t provide forensic after ten months of the election. Do it following day after he is declared winner.

    • Niyi Akinlabu

      Of course. Same head with Tyson and Shuaib. Different names, though.

  • Olalere Yusuf

    PDP Thuggery Committee for Rigging (PTCR) in action for Ekiti. The militant wing of the party was unmasked in Government House, Yenagoa, two weeks ago. The Elders Committee on Sectional Division and National Confusion chaired by Clark, Okunrounmu as Secretary gave a press release yesterday. Nuisance across ages.

  • Faruk Al-amin

    preparation for the impeachment of Ayo fayose for the second time is under way

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor


    APC is frantically making fruitless and shameful efforts. To start
    with, the questions begging for answers are as follows: 1. What are the
    antecedents of Fr: Guardian Consulting LLC that conducted the exercise
    in USA? 2. Who are the Directors of Fr: Guardian Consulting LLC(the
    Directors are TINUBU, FASHOLA & ROCHAS)? 3. Please help me google
    Fr: Guardian Consulting LLC that is claiming to have carried out the
    forensic exercise in question?
    My findings have revealed vividly that
    Fr: Guardian Consulting LLC is a non-registered business outfit that
    has never brushed its tooth in its own family forensic business let
    alone in USA. It is a contrived and cooked up organisation to deceive
    and brainwash suspecting Nigerians into believing their evil farce.
    Guardian Consulting LLC is a farce built by APC to continue seeking
    attentions where none has been given to them. This kind baseless
    propaganda makes one to wonder the kind of integrity in APC or the kinds
    of CHANGE APC stand to offer to Nigeria. NO!!!!!! Nigerians are wise.
    the only way to prove APC and its conspirator( Fr: Guardian Consulting
    LLC) wrong is by voting massively against them in all elections in
    Nigeria. APC is simply a cocoon of fraudsters scheming to advance their
    business interest at the detriment of Nigerians.

    UP!!! GEJ!!!!

    • Omoagunmate

      Really???? I dey laugh in Kalabari.

    • Tayelolu

      Did you actually google the site Guardianconsulting? I did. My information is different from yours.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Give me the reputation according to google info.

        • Tayelolu

          Small boy, Shuaibu But you LIED thinking people will not go and google and find out. ! So why dont you deal with that bloody liar small boy?

          • Shuaibu Bola Victor

            Tell us what you made out from google. Nothing.

      • Tayelolu

        But you LIED thinking people will not go and google and find out. ! So why dont you deal with that bloody liar small boy?

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Google well.

    • Niyi Akinlabu

      Shuaib. How much are you paid to think upside down? Is the dough really worth emasculating your own thought?

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Hahahhaa. Niyi. I speak nothing but facts.

  • Statement


  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Fayemi lost in his polling unit. Fayose won in ALL 16 Local Governments. This recording is meaningless and of no consequence.

    • Omoagunmate

      Okay o. If you say so, as you be the courts now. FeBuhari 14 is only 8 days away, all of you go hear am. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Continue to deceive yourself. The postponement of elections will be announced tomorrow.

        • Mojeed Ayodele

          Congratulation Orafidiya. Omisore won at the tribunal. He has just been declared as the new gov. of state of osun A o weeeee o.

    • tyson

      use the science on Buhari’s certificates-pls and let us know the truth

      • Dan maikoko

        Those on the PDP side have no IQ to produce such a sophisticated recording. Is that Buhari’s fault?



    • Niyi Akinlabu


    • tundemash

      Omo Ole Orafidiya …. even when you have truth staring you in the face, “stomach infrastructure” would not allow you to see it.
      Just as your father and that of Femi Fani stole your future in their time hence both of you are now crumb-catchers and live on stomach infrastructure, same way you are “eating” the future of our generations unborn now. Keep on with it !

      • seun

        The first time an incumbent gov lost all the local governments in a state including his village where his parents were given birth to. It’s a shame.what we saw @the last gubernatorial election was a movement and anyone who thinks that election was rigged is sick. APC wins elections on pages of newspaper and social media.

  • Guguru

    Dear PDP, science is not magic. Science is indicting you. If you have problems with this report based on science, then you must also have problems with anything made by science to include your cars and your money.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      If they deny Science, that means they are boko….!

      • Guguru

        LOL. True

  • Advocate


    • tyson

      “Let Nigerians re-elect a President Jonathan, he actually cares for
      the people! “Buhari did nothing for the North and deserves No vote from us”. – Emir of Gwandu Alhaji Al-Mustapha.


        Never for once an intelligent contribution. Birds of a feather…..

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    Hahahhaaa, let that trash called recording be tendered as evidence in election tribunal. Hahahaha. Expert evidence? what are the reputations of the characters behind that fabrication called FOREIGN EXAMINATION? It is never binding and passes through rigorous cross-examinations in the court of Law. It is a trash, indeed.

    • Separate Us…

      Remember the guy that recorded it was still alive Judy!

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Story. Cock and bull story.

  • tyson

    The same way they manufactured Buhari s certificate—how can a political party like APC known to have forged Buharis Certificate embark on such a childish exercise————APC only came up with this rubbish to scare the judges in Osun into towing their line–of reasoning—–a thief will always present himself as saint until caught like Buhari–

  • tyson

    let APC do same with the Oluwole certificate of Buhari ati tinubu and Adams

    • Shuaibu Bola Victor

      LOl, that is there perfect business. the business that APC knows well; FORGERY.

      • mk

        But not rigging and partisan…cooreeccttion jack

        • Shuaibu Bola Victor

          Rigging inclusive.

    • Shuaibu Bola Victor

      LOl, that is their perfect business. the business that APC knows well; FORGERY.


    There is no scintilla of doubt that those rogues were the ones in the tape. They won’t get away for long!

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    I am just watching the live programme on CHANNELS TV now. after the headline news continues the live programme

  • tyson

    “Another question that should be asked by discerning minds is; if indeed
    such a meeting took place, could any of those purported to be present at
    the meeting have recorded the conversation and leaked it to the APC? Or
    was the supposed secret meeting held in the public such that it was
    possible for the conversations to be recorded?

    “This fake audio was obviously manipulated with the use of technology and
    it is known to discerning minds that motion pictures can even be
    manipulated using what is called Morphing and Syncing.

    • Progress

      There are gadgets that can eavesdrop on you and record your discussion from about 10 meters away. Koro did not denied only question the context. One of them indeed release the tape to even score.

    • Niyi Akinlabu

      Tyson, you never can disappoint with your inverted style of thought. Koro did not dispute the authenticity of the said tapes, mind you.

    • Anthony Ikemuefuna Ibe

      Tyson,your annoying utterances clearly reveals,you are under the influence of crack cocaine.Shut your trap dude!!

    • Dan maikoko

      I am disappointed in you tyson. Anybody who can punch a keyboard knows that it is possible today to buy, on ebay, gadgets that are super micro and wireless that will enable you eavesdrop on video and audio of an event in spotless hotel Ado-Ekiti while you are sipping tea in Kano. We have today in the public domain, not the recesses of an intelligence agency, video cameras that are 10mm square and less than 2mm thick that can can zoom and rotate. Tell me will Omisore spot it in the mindset he carries on election period?

  • SAM .A

    Koro has headache ,the e-rats ( Tyson, Etomi shuiab victor ) are taking PANADOL for him. Koro did not denied that he was not @ the meeting . His press release stated that he did not talk anything like rigging .

    • Wetin Naija

      Jobless e-rats Tyson, Etomi shuiab victor are busy thinking new lies to write

  • boliatepa

    Caught with his pants down? But how many times are people caught with their pants down in Nigeria? Does anything ever happen? It’s part of being Nigerian.

  • Wetin Naija

    Now we all know why there was this large presence of the army in Ekiti during the election, even three times more than what was fighting Boko Haram

  • thusspokez

    These Nigerian journalists are behaving like their thieving politicians: They use foreigners (like the ex-convict, ex-FBI Thomas Fitzgerald) to help them carry out their dishonesty on Nigerians.

    • Niyi Akinlabu

      Smoked something? Or is your cape this empty?

      • thusspokez

        Is this the limit of your intellect. Dumb or something? Can’t give a counter argument?

        • Dami

          You clearly don’t need a counter argument. Niyi Akinlabu gave you the best response already.

        • progress

          Where is the argument? Mumu

  • Sanmi Falae

    Waow, I love this. It is pure genius. Premium Times and Sahara Reporters are simply OUT OF THIS WORLD. You guys pioneer the beginning of the end of inept and corrupt political leadership in Nigeria. May God bless you and your progeny.

    • thusspokez

      With people like you, there will always be market for well-polished rotten eggs.

  • Udeme Enobong

    .The election is a struggle for power and control of the resources of the Niger Delta by the North & West…Pure & Simple. The North fearing that it produces nothing & contributes nothing to Nigeria in terms of resources, have decided to get back to power at all costs. Their motivation is further made desperate due to the discovery of oil in 3 core Igbo states of the East.

    Whatever happens, I really mean WHATEVER happens NO aliens from North and/or West will govern the Niger Delta Resources anymore. If Nigerians want Nigeria to exist after 2014 they should prepare for CONFEDERATION.

    • Niyi Akinlabu

      You are blabbing idiocies whereas the article was about people who had your compatriot’s consent to perform illegalities.
      Nigeria may break after the elections as you said, but shoeless clueless must taste jail for all that was done under his watch.

      • Ekanem

        Nigeria itself is replete with illegalities. I suppose you may have learned that there are certain regions in Nigeria that you dare not mess with. When Ken Wiwa was murdered, other regions looked on…but the Niger Delta knew from then on that RESOURCE control was the way.

        If your Duncee candidate is so competent, then let him prepare to preside over Northern Nigeria and use his skills to lead them to prosperity and corrupt free Northerstani or Bokostani Republic…and not dream of laying his parasitic and leprous fingers on my oil & gas resources for which threats have been issued times without number.

        • Niyi Akinlabu

          I understand now, that it was well beneath me to have replied you.

          • True Nigerian

            Exactly! You were talking with one and same person. He merely operates under different names. That is what Jonathan has introduced to Nigeria as his legacy – a recruitment of many unemployed and semi-employed people as e-fools. They are paid at the expense of the public treasury to spread lies online or to defend Jonathan’s horrendous records or to verbally attack anyone who is critical of the government or to derail the conversation whenever they are not able to do otherwise.

            But just like Jonathan, they are usually not intelligent enough to know that their efforts are too poor to deliver on the real purpose of the job – to rebrand the Jonathanian brand which has effectively degenerated beyond recovery.

          • Dan maikoko

            Cant agree more, these people for all they have appeared have very low IQ.Just because Tampolo has acquired a few de-commissioned battle ships from Norway they think they can take on the whole country. They lack modesty, decorum and humility. They are crass in their conduct devoid of any semblance of civility. The Americans work hard to make their enemies under rate them, because the greatest mistake one can make is to under rate an enemy. These pfools are over rating themselves scaring and provoking the rest of Nigeria to prepare for them.

          • Barr. Tamumo Jasper Medjor

            My Dear, truth can be very bitter in the mouth of those to whom it is alien…and when 2 or more persons of like minds and/or opinion are on the opposite side, then it must be one person pretending to be many persons ostensibly to give the impression of numerical strength in its camp. But when many comments are posted to criticize Dr Jonathan, they must be real and separate individuals. Such reasoning is spastic. It has no other name, it is called stuuupiiidiiiity.

            We are not engulfed with trepidation out of the threats of blood on the streets should Duncee lose again. We are a noble people. Proud & confident of who and what we are and have, we are ready to defend ourselves, territory and resources with everything in sight and by all means possible. I am sure in all your life time you never visited the deep South or Niger Delta as some people chose to call it…but I do not intend to waste my time to educate you. However, let it sink and sink deeply that peace is never the absense of war but the presence of EQUITY & JUSTICE.

            After producing 14/15 Presidents in 51/54 yrs since 1960, the North & West tell us they MUST come back to power by violence, propaganda, etc ? We say to you: NO! Not again. Not after you destroyed Nigeria for 51yrs.

            The South & East are not ALLERGIC to presidency…and your opinion on whether the South & East should be in power now or later is completely irrelevant. Nonsense!

          • progress

            Did your tribe man perform? Should we all be supporting a mediocre because he is from an oil producing region? Get a life man.

          • Mique3

            Curious how it is the so called non-performance of only the southern minority that can seemingly “unite” pepole to such a height of hatred against Jonathan. What is your definition of not performing? Is Federal government the only layer of governance? This is a religious and tribal opposition and When the bubble bursts, those of you shouting without knowing why now will regret.

          • cyhi

            when your tribeesmen were in power what did they do?.. they are the reason Nigeria is in this state now. GEJ is trying to fix it…and he is facing a system that has been there right from when he was a kid. You young folks know nothing…seriously. you want to know about GMB?. ASK YOUR PARENTS!!!…we cannot allow religion divide us…

          • Ngozi nkele

            Their thinking and reasoning is unbelievable .just ignore.They are paid hands,they are not nigerians

      • Mique3

        You really believe that Jonathan will go to jail? Like seriously? You must be dreaming in monochrome. He will never be arrested in this country. Mark my words. You think this is 1966? You are either incurably naive or you have a very deep case of selective amnesia. Jonathan is not Shagari. Before it crosses your mind to even think of arresting Jonathan, let alone putting him in jail, go and arrest and try Mohammadu Buhari for planning a coup against a democratically elected government in 1983. Arrest him for killing Nigerians under retroactive laws. You think there are no grounds under the Nigerian laws to arrest and try Buhari. He truncated a democratically elected government. He did not overthrow a military dictatorship. There was a constitution in place when he took over. If not that we are insane in this country, he ought not even have the chance to contest an election in Nigeria.
        Jonathan will go to jail.? You’re dreaming big time.
        This is the extent of the brainwashing that some people are so blind they cannot see any other problem in Nigeria but Jonathan. Smh.

      • CyHi

        You a gaffer… any one that things GEJ is clueless…you are dreaming…wait and see…you guys think you can frustrate his Gov. then turn arounf=d to accuese of whatever. .Let your beloved GMB show his certificate…i prefer another candidate, if there was an option asides GEJ, the lady contesting would even be better. You GMB is a saint ba?.. wait till after he losses the election

  • Fairman

    Let us even assume that Jonathan is given another four years to make a total of ten years as president, would these Niger Deltans still take “their oil” after that? I think that they should also start considering relocating from every other part of Nigeria to their home territory. It is either that this is a national blackmail of the highest order or just that these “people” are not thinking things through. Could your votes from the SS have made him President in the first instance? Suffice it to predict that when the rest of Nigeria is taken out of the equation of “their oil”, they would turn the guns on themselves for control of resource. Nigeria’s future in indeed very bleak, if it has one at all.

  • Okey

    It won’t take more than common sense to know more about this choreography, from their so-called tape to this well schooled straggler, Sagir Koli.

    Soon we will hear how the Chief of Army Staff removed “my WASC” from military records and prevented “me” from applying to UNCLES for proof or disproof.

  • truth

    CONFEDERATION please! ….any objections? Confeaderation is best for Nigeria. So that Duncee can use his magical skills to turn the North around and lift it from illiteracy to literacy by hi own example of exquisite academic qualifications.

    • Tiamiyu

      agreed. On confedration we stand.

  • David Adeniran

    If you ask Jonathan about the voices in the audio tape, he will they you they belong to GHOSTS.

  • JJ

    In a normal clime, this criminals would have resigned their jobs and probably be facing prosecutions.

    Jonathan – the calamity any nation should pray against!

  • Mique3

    I will like this firm to do a voice analysis of the Yaradua voice we heard while he was in a death bed hospital outside the country. Let’s see what the result will be. I de wait o.

    • Ngozi nkele

      you will need to send them a sample and then pay them.

  • Victor

    Fantastic piece

  • GusO

    Corruption is also as a result of the primordial public not seeing themselves as part of the government, otherwise they would be outraged by the public loot of taxpayer’s funds which ultimately deny all of us the fruits of good governance: roads, water, sanitation, good schools, etc. It will take along time to reach a level of manageable corruption in Nigeria but Buhari’s war on corruption is a good start. It will need to be sustained by his successors, otherwise we will return to the cycle of corruption until so much destruction is done to our nation through corrupt practices that the unthinkable, a revolution a la Rawlings, happens.

  • Well written sir!