Obanikoro denies rigging Ekiti election

Musiliu Obanikoro

The immediate past Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro, has denied involvement in rigging the 2014 Ekiti governorship election as captured in a leaked recording of a meeting between him, Ayo Fayose, the state governor, Iyiola Omisore, a former senator, and the Nigerian army.

The recording, published by Saharareporters Friday, provides substantial evidence of a meeting on the eve of the election where the minister and others who were in attendance plotted a devious scheme to unlawfully win the polls.

Mr. Fayose later won the poll.

Details of the recording published Friday correspond to events that took place in Ekiti that day.
But speaking Friday morning on Rhythm FM, a Lagos-based radio station, Mr. Obanikoro said there was no way he was involved in election rigging.
“Whatever they are spreading within the social media, is something that APC made up. There is nowhere in the world you will find ‎me talking about rigging an election anywhere in the country,” he said.

When asked if the voice in the recording was his voice, the former minister said he was yet to listen to the recording.

“Well I have not listened to it, I will listen to it but I can tell you authoritatively that I did not partake in anything that has to do with rigging of any election. And let me add this, how do you explain a governor losing his ward, a governor losing his local government? You have lost, it is about time you behave like democrats. ‎

“That is why you are so desperate in this election, trying to win everything at all cost. If this is about the people, you must respect them, you must show respect for them, you have not shown respect for the people of Ekiti. That is why you will hang on to anything to explain why that election was lost,” he said.

Given Mr. Obanikoro’s defence, ‎ the hosts of the radio show played ‎the leaked conversation for him and asked for his comment.

The former PDP Lagos gubernatorial aspirant said he could only understand that someone was complaining to another and not planning to rig election.

“The recording did not say I have manipulated any result from what I have listened to, rather, from what you have played is someone shouting at someone who is co-operating and collaborating with APC and trying to frustrate something.

“What that is, I don’t know, but from what I have heard, somebody shouting out loudly telling the other person that you are working with somebody else other than me, that’s what I could hear,” he said.

Mr. Obanikoro promised to make a full reaction to the leaked conversation once he listens to the full recording.

Full Transcript of Leaked Tape Exposing Rigging of Ekiti Election


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  • DecodeDaRiddle

    The beauty of the recording is that, it pans out exactly with what happened during the elections.
    The players are: Chris Uba, Fayose, Omisore, GEJ, INEC, Olubolade, Obanikoro and co.
    INEC gave them soft copy which they printed and thumb printed and that is how Fayemi lost his ward and constituency.
    There is an obvious audio confirmation of his voice guaranteeing the authenticity. The party had always won using the same tactics and they were only checkmated in Osun.
    A shame that ministers appointed to work for the nation turn out to be working for only the president.
    Fayose will be the only governor that shall be impeached twice in the history of Nigeria.
    God bless Nigeria.

  • shegxy

    Right there in that radio station, in that moment, Obanikoro conscience where telling him how fuckup they have been busted

  • Don Dan

    Laughing my f**king head off.
    Obanikoro, you have some serious brass balls and for that I salute you.
    Let us be honest, that is you on the recording and you were conspiring to rig the election truthfully that is not the most outrageous thing I have seen or heard from PDP, you remember how you guys tried to muscle out Amaechi at the NGF, that is something like this.
    The worst I have seen so far from PDP, is the Bayelsa Governor allowing ex-militants to threaten Nigeria not just in his presence but in the Bayelsa Government House. Now that is crazy

  • Ola Onanugaola

    I do not think Obanikoro has listen to the audio recording or read the transcript of the recording.

    This is 2015, not 1990s, It is loud and clear enough to identify who is speaking at a particular time.

    Koro, Fayose and their oga at the top should bury the head in sand of shame.

    Naija dey make me laughooooo!!!!

    • paul preston

      so who the Osun election for Aregbesola or was it free and fair since APC won

  • Dazmillion

    Obanikoro you are a bloody liar. Even your grandmother knows you are the one on the tape.

  • Faruk Al-amin

    yes mr obanikoro it wasn’t you, it was an impostor, you think say Nigerians are so stupidd that you will come out and blatantly lie to our face, u think see we be your kids abi?

  • Atom Ant

    Only an Obanikoro can deny a korokoro evidence like this. Even though Musiliu has deadened his conscience, he should not forget that there is God o.

  • oracle of God

    What else do you expect from the sons of belial? Their nature is lies and the truth cannot be found in them. They come from the devil who is obviously father of lies. God deliver our nation from mediocres

  • Kitunde

    Even though you catch a Nigerian politician with his whole arm thru to the elbow in a soup pot, he will tell you he was looking for his car Keys! These people are soulless,despicable plain rogues. And to think they have kids…

  • WALE

    If an armed robber is caught in the act,he will still deny.What is koro and uba doing in Ekiti roaming about during election unchallenged.All A.P.C leader were arrested for no just cause.All this criminals will live to regret in JESUS NAME AMEN.

  • WALE

    Obanikoro is a useless and bloody liar,he is a criminal.

  • blueeyedkitten

    f88KING LIAR! Almighty God is merciful indeed. God should have choked that your lying throat. criminal!

  • endingNaija

    Musiliu Obanikoro, Former Minister of State for Defence of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under President Goodluck Jonathan, ex-PDP-Lagos state Governorship aspirant, now new minister nominee of Goodluck Jonathan administration this is the simple question: Is the voice in the tape your voice? To answer, do the following take whatever you believe in (i) Nigerian Constitution, (ii) the Koran, (iii) the Bible, (2) Hold either or all in your hand (3) Look at God, then look at your fellow country women and men in their faces and TELL US WHETHER THE VOICE IN THE TAPE IS YOUR VOICE OR NOT. Musiliu-I repeat in the name of God and whatever you believe in: is that voice in the tape your voice? Answer honestly to the best of your moral, religious truthful capacity and ability.

  • Ayo Killany

    PDP is a party for rouges cocaine barons fraudster assassins and all kinds of ills a society should not condone.

    • Ken

      So BAT isn’t one?

  • SAM .A

    A million lies & denials from Obanikoro can not wipe out Koro’s voice on that tape, if he is faking dementia, we should call his children to identify him in his presence. Koro’s politics is sunset .

  • Ayo Killany

    Chris Uba, Omisore, Fayose and Obanikoro should be conscripted into the Nigerian Army by the Buhari administration as a matter of immediate urgency and they should be sent to lead the battle against Boko Haram. Their first port of call should be Sambisa forest. They have proved their military skill in Ekiti, so they should replicate it against the terrorists. The useless Brigadier General Momoh should be redeployed to lead them in the fresh offensive.

  • Wähala

    Obanikoro… even your wife recognized your voice in that recording. How can you categorically deny what you’ve not listened to? See why I insist, “some people must be banned from thinking”? Sha, hoping Koro recognizes his own voice… omo ita!

    • Tunsj

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. He is a thug.

    • Ken

      Obanikoro”s wife? That is nonesence

      • Wähala

        You mean he married “nonsense”…what is nonsense in my comment, biko?
        Can’t you recognize your wife’s voice on the phone? Abi, do you mean Koro can’t recognize his own voice?

  • Eze1

    Incoherent and Evasive Koro….

  • Ananas_yolawa.

    Oya, where is that Ole-son-mental? What will you say since it is your governor and your PDPig that is involve. I hope you will not kept quiet on these chapter. There is God oooooo!

    • Ken


  • dd

    nothing in the audio says election was rigged. It was just APC gang trying to rigged election in the audio. I even heard “your excellence”. As at the time of the election, the only person that can bear that was the incumbent governor of APC and not Fayose.

    • progress


  • babakekere

    Nigeria politicians are mocking God,election that you deliberately painstakingly rigged,you now went to CHURCH to prostate to thank GOD,are you thanking God because you commit a crime or thanking the people that act as catalyst for robbing Fayemi of his well deserved victory?

  • Godswill

    This is abuse of power and electoral malpractices… This man must be jailed for such atrocities.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    So, the polls were rigged in ALL 16 Local Governments (including Fayemi’s polling unit)? Obanikoro, you have no case to answer. Ignore APC and its meaningless recording.

    • fem7mak

      Oloriburuku ni o.. U are 1 of d people spoiling this country

    • DecodeDaRiddle

      Did you hear where Fayose said that he got soft copies from INEC, they printed it, does that not tell you that all 16 LGA were rigged?
      The issue is, they wanted so convincing a win that they overdid it and now they are caught.
      I had stated last year that Fayose will make history, he will be the first gov to be impeached twice.
      PDP is a party for not so smart politicians.

  • The problem with most Nigerian leaders is that they are still living in the past. They are ignoring the power of modern communication technology and the social media. The earlier they learn and accept this hard fact and adjust their behaviours accordingly, the more they’ll conitinue to ridicule themselves and further dent the battered image of this unfortunate country.

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Everyone on that tape must be jailed!!! Where are our civil right lawyers. This case must go to court and all the crooks on that tape must be jailed.

  • jjjazz

    it is a pity musiliu ,you are involve again ,i told you stop this nonsense you are doing, stop messing yourself everyday, everytime, there is technology, advanced equipment,forget about cameras, satellite ,radar, and other sophisticated gadget that can monitor you everywhere and see into what you are doing every minutes,do not forget Nigeria is on SAT,those who are into IT will understand better, gone are those days, people eyes are open, you cannot call black white for them anymore, as for Ayo, i have known him during Ibadan poly days ,he can never change, my advise to you musiliu is to repent and change, this character is destroying you and causing shame to your unborn generation.from your good friend

  • newvoice404

    I seriously hope that Obanikoro and all others involved in the tape carrying out rigging would be taken to court and found guilty and jailed for long years, so as to serve as deterrents to others when Buhari is sworn in as the president of Nigeria. We are all waiting.

  • aje

    APC don start again o dey rig election in all d local govt ha ba if PDP win na rig if APC WIN no b rig hmmmm

  • Yusuf

    you are a mad man, threatening a General to arrest political opponents is what u called ‘someone complaining to someone’.. when thugs are made defense ministers the expectation should not be any better than this

  • richkid

    PDP! Power to the people, to the youths, to women and men, and our younger generation!! Not power to our living ancestors!!!

  • richkid

    Fayose is the man. Pdp don’t use to Rigg, except under obasanjo. But since GEJ came around, he is a real democrat will morals, he grew under good parents not looming around the street forcing his way into the army without cert like one man did.

    • Advocate

      lmao!!! ROTFL!!! richkid is crazy

  • Arabakpura

    No, you did not rig election but you have been rewarded with a fresh ministerial slot. Are you the only former minister that lost in the primary elections. Anyway, grateful you have authenticated the audio presentation.

  • dave

    Koro what message are you passing to your children about lying.How dare you deny and pretending that you don’t understand what you said.Shame on you.

  • Mr. Abdin

    koro in trouble.

  • Ayo Aiyelabola

    It is pathetic that people who lead us have lying, subterfuge and satanic traits enbeded in their DNA. God please save this country and bring about the desired CHANGE.