Jonathan better speaker than Buhari — PDP

Femi Fani-Kayode

The campaign office of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has accused the candidate of All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, of lacking the capacity to articulate his plans for Nigerians, saying during his electioneering in 35 states, Mr. Buhari spoke for only 57 minutes.

The spokesperson of the campaign, Femi Fani-Kayode, who addressed a press conference on Wednesday in Abuja, said on the contrary, President Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP has given a good account of himself, using the campaign platform to “brilliantly articulate and showcase his sterling achievements and to place on the table those projects and programmes he intends to execute and/or implement once his mandate is renewed”.

He said Mr. Buhari has not been able to seize the moment to do the same.

“General Buhari has attended 35 or thereabouts state rallies and in all the rallies put together, he has spoken for only 57 minutes,” he said, adding that the longest time the former Head of state spoke in any single rally was for 2 minutes and 13 seconds, while the shortest was one minute.

“He has used his so-called speeches for nothing but political demagoguery, charging his supporters with a clenched fist and spreading hate speech (with his supporters chanting ‘sai Buhari’) which is symptomatic of a violent character.

“It drives home the point that General Buhari has nothing to say and if he has anything to say, he simply does not know how to say it. That explains why he keeps running from debates even when choice platforms are offered,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said.

Only INEC can postpone polls

Mr. Fani-Kayode rejected reports that the PDP and Mr. Jonathan were planning to have this month’s election postponed.

He also dismissed claims by the spokesperson of the APC, Lai Mohammed, that the PDP are planning an Interim Government.

“These allegations are disingenuous, tenuous and shameful. Rather than elevate the APC, this resort to mendacity and scaremongering further reduces them to a gang of desperadoes seeking power by all means and simply for the sake of it.

“This is because it is common knowledge that the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria does not provide for the Interim National Government contraption that the APC talks about,” he said.

He also said only the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC could postpone the polls.

“We wish to state that our party, the PDP and our government under President Jonathan, do not superintend over electoral processes and elections in this country.

“There is an independent election body in place-the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) under the chair of Professor Attahiru Jega. It is within the purview of INEC to make decisions about the holding and/or postponement of elections.

“It is not within the functions of the PDP or the Federal Government. We take exception to the fact that they keep on making this allegation deliberate.”

The PDP campaign spokesperson said INEC is completely independent. He said all they did as an organisation, was to call on the commission to ensure that everybody has the Permanent Voters Cards, PVC.

Mr. Fani-Kayode said the PDP would not allow APC to damage the good work that the party and Mr. Jonathan has done to transform Nigeria.

“The APC can go on its illusive flight of self-importance, but it is now increasingly clear to every Nigerian at home and in the Diaspora as well as members of the International Community that the opposition party is excessively desperate for presidential power and has imported unrestrained violence into our body-politic.

“The truth is that they cannot win the forthcoming elections and they know it. That is why they have come up with the allegation of Interim National Government.

“We repeat: those who want Interim National Government are the APC and some elements that are secretly behind their party. Their plan is to prepare a fertile ground upon which to discredit our anticipated victory at the polls, unleash anarchy and violence on the country after they lose so that we would not be able to enjoy our victory.

“By the grace of God and the support of a vast majority of Nigerians, their plan will fail,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said.

He further alleged that the APC has set out to intimidate the Judiciary.

He said that it is never an offence for an aggrieved party to seek reliefs in the courts of law.

“To suggest that cases instituted in courts are preparatory to scuttling the participation of General Buhari in the presidential election amounts to intimidation of the Judiciary and it is simply unacceptable.

“We in the PDP have never interfered in court processes. We have absolute confidence in the Judiciary, but the APC must not be allowed to intimidate all democracy-supporting institutions from performing their functions within the ambits of the relevant laws of the land,” he said.


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  • simon tor gideon

    Nigerians are not looking for an orator to rule them,but someone who will make life bearable for them.Period,These are Rantings of a drunken sailor

  • Walter

    Talk is cheap. He talks too much yet does nothing. More like a talk athletes bully. Most people know that those who don’t speak too much are actually more intelligent than those that open their can of odour.


    Good for nothing money worshipers.
    Enemies of the helpless Nigerians.
    You can never out plan Gods no matter your hatred for North and Muslims.
    Tutsi and Hutu crises is enough lesson for the Gud Luk and his allies.
    We waiting patiently while you continue the killing of the innocent and helpless masses of the north.
    You can never take away our faith in One true God Allah. By using enemies of Mankind and Muslims.I

  • justme


    “Obama congratulates GEJ”! GUARDIAN.

    “Jega declares Goodluck Jonathan elected with 26.4 million votes! APC rejects result”!

    “Jonathan declared winner!”. “This is the worst election in Nigeria’s history” (Lai Mohammed)

    “PDP in a historic victory, as Amaechi flees to Ghana and begs for forgiveness”!
    PM NEWS.

    Tinubu says, “this is the most rigged election in the world, Jega must be arrested and imprisoned immediately. We are heading to court”

    “North boils as INEC declares Jonathan winner. Sultan urges restraints and peace”

    “PDP wins Aso Rock again, 70 senate seats and 65% of House of Reps. We are studying the results (Oshiomhole)” – SUN NEWSPAPER.

    “How Jega rigged the polls for Jonathan . . .” &
    “I have forgiven Buhari and associates, President Jonathan calls APC to help Nigeria progress”

    “Mr President did it in 2011, Mr President did it in 2015 again”

    “As Jonathan wins the presidential election, Buhari Pullover becomes number one hit in Nigeria”

    • Sani

      Perhaps, that is why GEJ and his camp are becoming edgy about the elections? I think that is the reason why PDP is pushing for a postponement of the elections?

    • Kanoute

      Amen! Ameen! Amin!!!

    • checkmate


  • Frank Bassey

    You cannot compare a Ph.D holder and one who wishes to pass WASC exams.

    • Sani

      Leadership is much much more than rhetoric. What Nigeria requires is a Buhari. Of all the accusations and lies being peddled by PDP, Buhari still stand out as a better candidate than GEJ.

    • murey

      I see you are as brilliant as a domesticated donkey. No offence intended. Your rational is so ridiculous. #Jacobzuma

  • George Ager.A

    More cocaine induced remarks from a pathological lying sociopath!

  • Maitama Tambari

    Is it speaking Nigerians especially the youth want or eat? For six years how many times GEJ spoke to Nigerians. Femi, I am not referring to written speech, but impromptu talk? Remember over the years the kind of discussion going on on GEJ disposition on impromptu in public? Have you forgotten so soon? CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • Amir

    The president’s deceitful childish speaking attitude can only excite drug ravaged brains like Fani. These charlatans have brought leadership so low. Obasanjo said: “I know Fani, give him food and he will dance for you” D’banj should take note that Fani will become a free agent from Feb 14th for a dancing job.

  • Jika

    Yes Buhari spoke little but more meaningfully.Your principal talks much but with little or no substance.While Buhari says little and let fickle minds like you to assume that he doesn’t know what to say,your principal always opens up to confirm to the generality of the populace how empty he is.Does the saying empty barrels make the loudest noise ring a bell to you?

  • tundemash

    Druggie Fani, how much talk can GEj do ….. OBJ did all the talking in 2007 and 2011 hence the problem we are in now.
    Age propaganda …… failed !
    Certificate propaganda failed….. failed!
    Ethnic propaganda …………. failed!
    Religious propaganda…….. failed

    Now it is about the rhetoric propaganda …… soon this druggie Femi will acusse FeBuhari of being too tall or too thin !

  • CuriousScholar

    “that is not correct” “that is not correct”

  • bib

    Yes GEJ is a better speaker with the following credited to him:-
    “How much did Jim Nwobodo stole? Money not up to price of Peugeot. And Buhari jail him for 301 years. Is that good enough?”
    “I pray one day there will be no single prison in Nigeria.”
    “Let us who are half dead bury the dead.”
    “I will create unemployment!”
    “I signed FOI bill so that you will be free.” Etc.
    Meaningless statements that put to question his education and expose his ignorance of government and governance.
    VOTE APC!!

  • kykkyk

    Yes but one is better achiever than the other

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    “The spokesperson of the campaign, Femi Fani-Kayode, who addressed a press conference on Wednesday in Abuja, said on the contrary, President Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP has given a good account of himself, using the campaign platform to “brilliantly articulate and showcase his sterling achievements and to place on the table those projects and programmes he intends to execute and/or implement once his mandate is renewed”.

    He said Mr. Buhari has not been able to seize the moment to do the same.

    “General Buhari has attended 35 or thereabouts state rallies and in all the rallies put together, he has spoken for only 57 minutes,” he said, adding that the longest time the former Head of state spoke in any single rally was for 2 minutes and 13 seconds, while the shortest was one minute.”

    Does this FFK guy know the difference between quantity and quality?

    Just because a mouth is running loose does not mean it is speaking sense!

    • Oro Sunnunkun

      Let the election go on as scheduled and you will see the judgment of the people!

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Only a matter of days now.

    • Tunde Samuel

      Sir Kay, God bless you…When someone has Diarrhea and keeps opening his mouth with rubbish gushing out….I beg jor…..Better speaker in deed…Noise makers….

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        And you too, bruv.


  • genny


    Fellow Nigerians let’s be true to ourselves, to our conscience and collective responsibility. Is it better to vote a man who is a sterling academician, a PHD holder as a matter of fact, or vote someone to whom producing just evidence of first school leaving certificate is an uphill task?

    Is it better to vote in someone who has held various democratic positions of leadership and who was in fact selected as running mate to his predecessor because of his outstanding loyalty, or is it better to vote a known coup-plotter, insubordinate to his own leaders?

    Fellow Nigerians, again I ask, is it better to vote in someone whose only track record is that of being exceedingly brutal and autocratic under the military dispensation, or a man who has been a patron to free speech in this country and who debates opponents on the media or through assistants, instead of the usual incarceration and assassination that we have been used to seeing with our past leaders?

    Please vote the man of peace, the academic stalwart, the patriotic and loyal GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN.

    God bless you.

    • Ifeanyi

      just shut up period

    • maofemi

      with his PH.D see what nonsense he has made out of the country. we prefer one will provide ordinary NEPA bill as certificate and deliver.

  • Dan Arewa

    “Jonathan better speaker than Buhari”. This is a good reason for us to vote for Buhari. Nigeria currently needs leaders not speakers. The current speakers we have in the Aso Rock have spoken too much to the extent of becoming real NOISE MAKERS.

    • Tunde Samuel

      On point sir…

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      Men who are performers don’t talk too much. GEj made one million promises and has been talking before Ya’Ardua died but look where ew are today

  • Mr. Abdin

    it is better to speak well than beating around the bush, APC all the way.

  • emeka momegha

    the people saying that jonathan is a better speaker than buhari are obviously not watching jonathans interviews. the way he talks makes you to start doubting him. especially the one in which he was interviewed by one of the sahara reporters. even to the extent of banning amampor of the CNN. try going on YOUTUBE to watch interviews of our soon to be ex president jonathan. sorry to say our PDP government has not give the masses an opportunity to enjoy fast WiFi connection.

  • Eze1

    Speaker ko Speaker ni, GEJ use to Gbangan jor….

  • Oro Sunnunkun

    Which oratorical brilliance are you talking about? We all see the rubbish and rambling he was saying on CNN when he appeared and as a matter of fact everywhere he appeared on his campaign train and this put to question the issue of his Phd. Besides, his 6 years misrule has shown clearly that there may NOT be a correlation between governance/administration and academic qualification paraded. Oh we forgot, his wife is an Msc holder too….no wonder she has ridiculed Nigeria in several fora. Will everyone talking about this dunce oratory shut up? GEJ is a disgrace! He has failed and nobody can sell or market a bad product no matter the marketing prowess of the company of people.

  • Hah!

    .. “He who speak much knows nothing, and he who knows much speaks little” – an African Proverb

  • taewo

    True, Jona speaks better as in telling us that stealing is different from corruption.

  • Ifeanyi

    speak ko speak ni mitcheww. who give a dammn

  • Ifeanyi

    GEJ can speak from now till tomorrow, he is a gonna. byeeeeeee

  • Ifeanyi

    yes he is a good speaker who promise to create unemployment.

    • Factual

      Yes good speaker indeed! “I will create an unemployment” – GEJ (“PhD”)

  • berni

    Yes he talks but how I wish he can do the talking without a book. If a president can not speak on his own account except given a written speech then his PhD is nothing to write home about. He has failed. Leadership is not just about educational qualification, there’s more to it.

  • blueeyedkitten

    in a saner country, this moron would’ve been in jail(at the basement).

  • Abdullahi Adamu

    Kaduna rail project under PDP’s GEJ:

    Distance: 186.5Km
    Cost: $874Million USD
    Cost/KM: $4.686M USD or $5M USD if you round up
    Status: COMPLETED!

    Port Harcourt monorail by APC’s Gov. Amaechi:

    Distance: 4Km (lol)
    Cost: N180Bn naira
    Conversion using the rate of N200 to 1 USD: $900M USD
    Cost/KM: $225M USD
    Status: ABANDONED!

    Lagos light rail under APC’s Fashola:

    Distance: 57Km
    Cost: $1.3Bn USD
    Cost/KM: $22.8M USD

    Looking at the figures above, it simply shows that using Gov. Amaechi’s cost per KM of rail line constructed, the Kaduna rail project would’ve cost a princely sum of $41.963BN USD (186.5KM X $225USD); putting it differently, the $874M USD cost of Kaduna rail project would’ve fetched Nigeria a mere 3.88Km of rail line ($874/225) and it will still not be completed!

    The cost of Lagos light rail ($1.3BN USD) is enough to give Nigeria 277.42 KM of rail line ($1.3BN/4.686) if the PDP government under GEJ executed that contract, or would’ve cost GEJ administration just $267.1M USD (57km X $4.686M USD) instead of the staggering $1.3BN USD, and guess what? It would have been completed.

    However, this is just a face value cost analysis of the projects as they are not similar. I am aware that the Lagos light rail project includes a 10 lane highway, construction of a few bridges and the crossing of the Lagos lagoon. Without a break down of these costs, it will be impossible to present a fair cost analysis.

    The Lagos light rail project is an ambitious project that should never have been toyed with. The economic benefits in terms of businesses and the huge reduction in vehicular traffic that Lagos roads would have experienced should’ve been enough reason to push this through and ensure early completion and commissioning. The much talked about fourth Mainland Bridge may even no longer be needed if this project can be completed and put to good use.


    • akin-uk

      clap for yourself.

    • Factual


  • Elis Davia

    Its obvious that APC who is singing ‘change’ doesn’t know how to go about it

  • Elis Davia

    President GEJ is an intelligent man and he will surely take Nigeria to the next level

    • Ken

      I agree with you

    • Ebele

      I concur. Next level of insecurity, corruption, impunity, ineptitude and cluelessness.

      • Elis Davia

        insecurity? Have you forgotten that Buhari said he will make the country ungovernable?

  • MushinSpeaks

    Yes. In corruption, impunity, nepotism, insecurity, and all forms of vices, GEJ is better.

    Reason we have all decided to vote CHANGE.

  • Elis Davia

    GMB has said he will fight corruption and insecurity, but has never told Nigerians how he will do it.

    • Deltans

      What has your Dumbo Jonothing done on them? I know you will say NOTHING.

      • Elis Davia

        Buhari does not know what corruption means and how to
        fight it. He became Nigeria’s Head of State through the corruption of a coup d’état
        and he then tried to fight corruption with corruption. Imposing retroactive
        decrees and killing Nigerians under them is corruption. Putting an Igbo
        vice-president in Kirikiri, while placing the Fulani president under palatial
        house arrest, is corruption.

        • Kagara boi

          It is GEJ dat knws wat corruption is abi? Dats y he said “stealing is not corruption” hmmmm, confused dumbo, I wnder how confused his students always re after evry lecture.

  • Yahaya Musa

    Charles Chukwuma Soludo far much better speaker than Fani Kayode

    • mamadu

      Kayode is very funny! When has plenty talking and eloquence taken to be political will for good governance? I expected a lawyer to be more intelligent than what kayode is exhibiting. PhD without character of transparency is tantamount to zero achievement. It is not British English that will need in this country but discipline and character so leave the old man with his incoherent speech alone. He has stronger character than GEJ. Thank you friends

  • Elis Davia

    We have Just few days to our elections, there are some vital things we must consider before casting our vote:

    GMB threw Former vice President Alex Ekweme in jail even though it was proven that Ekweme never stole any money.
    GMB doesn’t attend the Federal Council meetings yet collects his allowances. Mr. Integrity indeed.

    • Delta


  • Yahaya Musa

    Elis David
    Exactly Jonathan is an intelligent person and when elected will take the country to the next stage of destruction and finally disintegration

    • Elis Davia

      Can you tell me any of his actions that makes you think that he will lead Nigeria to destruction and disintegration?

  • Tunde

    PDP should worry about jonothing staying glued to the prepared text.He should learn to read from the TelePrompTer rather being fixed to the text

  • gbenga bolejo ojo

    Yes Jonathan is a better speaker than Buhari but he speaks nothing.Nigerians dont need the type of speaker like Jonathan anymore.

    • kenny

      But Nigerians need a dull speaker like your mentor?

  • Yahaya Musa

    Elis Davia
    What other evidence do you want apart from what is on the ground Insecurity, corruption, with his bulldogs sending signals of declaring civil war. So the next level to above is more destruction of lives and property and then his bulldogs will declare war that will cause disintegration of the country

  • Gaskiya

    1. The Chibok Girls
    2. NNPC Scam
    3. Police pension fund
    4. Missing 20Billion
    5. $9million Arms deal
    6. Bomb Blasts
    7. Immigration job scam
    8. Petroleum pump price
    9. Devaluation of Naira
    10. Oil theft
    11. Perpetual Power outage
    12. Selling of NEPA to cronies and no results.
    13. Selling of Refineries
    14. Skyrocketed NEPA Bills
    15. ASUU & Poly Strike
    16. Doctors Strike
    17. National Assembly tragedy
    19. Stella Oduah Aviation Scam
    20. Kerosene subsidy
    21. Insurgency.
    22. Pardon granted to treasury looters
    22. Asked to declare assets… Response ..’I dont give a damn’!
    23. Asked questions on Economy.. Response.. ‘I am not in charge’
    24. Refusal to meet Chibok girls parents until a small girl forced him
    25. Foreign reserve depleted to zero
    26. Nigeria debt paid by Obasanjo. Now Nigeria is back into debt!
    27. Not a single criminal in govt has been apprehended or prosecuted
    28. Quote of the year: Stealing is not Corruption! (That from a PhD holder!)
    29. Commander in Chief of Armed Force who couldn’t visit Borno, Yobe and Adamawa to commiserate wt d people but plans to go there to campaign!
    PLEASE VOTE WISELY! A good lover of NIGERIA will never keep this message but spread..

    • checkmate


  • Lawal Clement

    Fani Kayode ,Nigerian needs doers not speakers.thanks for your observation.

  • Man_Enough

    empty vessels make the most sound.

  • August January

    Fani-Kayode is the visible manifestation of Jonathan! Corruption per excellence! It’s Jonathan-led federal government that’s prosecuting Fani for money laundering (a case being handled by Festus Keyamo for EFCC), and it’s still the same Jonathan who has brought Fani on board to be making noise all over the place on his behalf. Shame on Jonathan the corrupt one!

  • Damilola

    We need people who do more of actions and less of talking. Jonathan has been talking talking and talking but less of action.
    Talk 1: i wont seek re-election; 4 years are enough to do something meaningful
    Talk 2: we will bring back chibok girls (talk)
    Talk 3: We shall find the perpetrators
    Talk 4: subsidy thieves will be arrested
    Plenty of talk but no single action.

    Buhari is not a man of many words but a man of action……………

  • arinze uba


    Your future depends on your choice

    Fellow Nigerians, we have Just few days to our elections and below are some vital things we must consider before casting our vote.

    1. Buhari killed Ben ogedengbe by a death penalty for a crime that didn’t carry death penalty when he committed it.

    2. Buhari doesn’t attend the Federal Council meetings yet collects his allowances. Mr. Integrity indeed.

    3. Buhari canceled former Governor Jakande’s metroline and forfeited the $50 million paid for it by the then Lagos State Government

    4 Buhari used Violence to stop the September 1985 National Conference of the National AssociatIon of Nigeria Students.

    5. Buhari jailed Tai Solarin and denied him his asthma drugs simply because he campaigned against military rule and for democracy.

    6. Buhari Jailed Nduka irabor and Tunde Thompson for writing a truthful report which embarrassed his Government

    7. Buhari raided respected Papa Awolowo’s house and seized his passport so he couldn’t travel out of the country. Was he also corrupt?

    8.Buhari threw Former vice President Alex Ekweme in jail even though it was proven that Ekweme never stole any money.

    9. He jailed honest and respected pa Adekunle Ajasin.

    10. He jailed Fela Kuti in I984 for singing against the dictatorial tendencies of his Military Government

    11 Doctors, remember that Buhari banned the Nigeria medical Association (NMA)

    12. Buhari stopped Ooni of Ife for traveling abroad simply because he visited the holy land of Israel in 1984

    13. He broke up press conference of ASSU in 1984 and detained four of their executives

    14 He jailed Beko Ransome Kuti who only demanded for the release of his brother.

    15 He jailed Dr. Sam Onunaka Mbakwe.

    16 He jailed Awwal Ibrahim now the Emir of Niger State before IBB pushed him aside.
    Nigerians must be careful with what they wish for!

    Please share this post to keep Nigeria democratic and free from oppression…….I am a gejite and I endorse this message

    • Preco01

      Yes, Nigerians need more bastards dead and in jail

    • Factual


    • kick ’em out


  • Comfortkay

    Who is listening to Femi Fani-Kayode? he only study history and he has no knowledge about political science.
    About Jonathan better than any other person, stop kidding me if he drinks one bottle of Ogogoro he cannot speak better.

  • Preco01

    Whoever unleashed this uncouth lunatic on Nigerians, God will punish all of them

  • Edward Osadebay

    PDP is becoming a laughing stock. Who can speak better English has now become a campaign issue. I don’t think any of those Nigerians attending APC campaigns all over the country have ever complained. Femi Fani Kayode has nothing better to talk about? Incredible, in a campaign season all this idle man can talk about the APC is the ability to speak English language.

  • kick ’em out

    Your Days are numbered, Mumu criminal.

  • Mrs benita akpan

    Liberalization of the press and guaranteeing
    the freedom of speech in a country where the stifling of the
    press and suppression of the citizens’ right to freedom of speech used to be
    the norm, a legacy of over 30 years of military rule. The existence of
    vocal anti-government media houses and critics would have culminated in some
    high-profile assassinations some years back, but today citizens are free to air
    their views whenever and wherever they like just like any other sane country………… vote for democrats and not dictators vote for GEJ

    • Kagara boi

      Yea! A leader who was taught dat “STEALING IS NOT CURROPTION”. P.hd indeed. Smh. #FEBUHARI 14 2015

  • Barmani

    yea femi you are rite,you can’t compare phd holder and wasc holder so we need educated leader

    • kick ’em out


      • Barmani

        yes o,cus we need intelligent educated leader not local illiterate#GEJ4NAIJA#NO2BUHARI

        • kick ’em out


  • kingsley obi

    Femi, has spoken very well, he has said the truth just as it is in the minds of every Nigerian…………….GEJ till 2019

  • Dr Sam Nwiyordee

    A leader that made the proceeds from Nigeria’s non-oil exports rise to 2.97 billion by the end of 2013, up
    from 2.3 billion in 2010 is worth giving a second chance…..its GEJ till 2019

  • maofemi

    what has his PHD done for us? knowledge without wisdom is valueless.

  • sofia williams

    We would not allow the APC to damage the good works that President Goodluck Jonathan has done to transform Nigeria.

  • ola

    We want action and not talk

  • kemi

    Buhari shld start again with l.g.a chairmanship

  • Yusuf Sabo

    What was Jonathan saying ? speaking too much with no substance.

  • Tugbi

    Then Buhari will appoint him Jonathan as Minister of Information, if he will be able

  • Divine West

    Even the whole knows about that, I have never seen any school built in his name, I have never seen any borehole constructed by him, there is no record of any scholarship awarded by him or for him nor through him. I have never seen him use his popularity to canvass for any charitable work nor any humanitarian effort, not even at the height of the polio scourge where other purposeful and prominent leaders lead the campaign for immunization. No single text book has been donated to any school either by him, for him or through him. Asides from doing nothing, he has not improved himself since his exit from office. No book written, no memoirs, no lectures, nothing. Who is Buhari ?, #GEJ till 2019

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    Even my dead grandfather knows that. #NOGMB2015.

  • geraldine jaja

    The fact that the APC brought out ‘buhari’ a man with no philosophy, drive, passion for humanity or scholastic value to be their presidential candidate beats my imagination… can a Nigerian tell me that he or she can use your voters card to vote a dummy as a leader? what does buhari have to offer Nigeria, what is his ideology of a perfect nigeria, cant he say a thing? or does he have bad breadth..he’s so dumb and empty.GO GEJ O’jare.


    If Femi Fanikayode could describe Jonathan as articulate, then the word articulate must have a new PDP definition. I know to the PDP, anything involving any of them is excellent. Femi, Nigerians know enough of your abracadabra, calling red black and green white, when it suits your evil machination. Femi, sincerely, you most time talk without reasoning or may be, you talk first and think later like garage boys and touts do. Jonathan”s public speaking is not better than that of a school certificate holder. I will always prefer Buhari’s cerebral and well-considered speeches, it is not the volume but the quality and effectiveness of the short messages.

  • ahmed

    out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh….buhari is an empty vessel…he should get back to school…word of advice from a concerned nigerian.

    • Factual

      Empty vessels make the most noise. FFK, Metuh, Asari Dokubo, Doyin Okupe and their Paymaster all fall in this category.

  • Nelson David

    I have watch GMB in his campaign and I just wonder what this man is doing running for President, he cannot even speak/pronounce words well. Even to pronounce APC is a problem for him. There is no way he is ruling country again.

    • Ebele

      “Dat not coret!! Dat not corit!!!” – GEJ (“PhD”). It takes one to have “PhD” to pronounce English words correctly.

  • uko bassey

    what do you people want from buhari please leave him alone, he’s just a dumb old man trying to give his life some meaning, we know he’s dumb and he can never rule Nigeria because its a country of learned people.pls forgive him for even contesting.

  • Nwaobilor

    Is it not obvious!

  • Enumah

    Talking of who’s better in my opinion Jonathan is. I believe there are enough schooling here already so i won’t waste my time with so many details.

  • nwaeke

    Am intotal support of this fact if not why would the APC resort to sheilding their candidate for a debate.

    • Factual

      What stopped Jonathan from attending the same kind of debate in 2011?

  • Etega

    I am convinced that General Buhari does not have what it takes to sustain a coherent argument on germane issues of governance and development. Simple and short!

  • maureen

    Buhari will not smell the post forever and never

    • Abdul

      Shock awaits you

      • maureen

        Abdul u will cry like a baby by march 28,GEJ till 2019

  • jomo omo

    There are many laods hanging on the neck of nig. It will tali time to settle them all. Changing leadership does not automatically change issues. I appreciate the APC’s efforts and strugle. This will help GEJ to h more focuse for d nxt 4yrs.

  • Abdul

    “Mr. Fani-Kayode rejected reports that the PDP and Mr. Jonathan were planning to have this month’s election” Mr Fani, if APC is not right why then was PDP advocating for it at the council of state meeting while APC argue against it?I really dont understand what this PDP people take us for.

  • Remi

    Yes Jonathan is better speaker of nonsense than Buhari. For example stealing is not corruption, I should be congratulated for not doing anything in Bayelsa and Rivers states etc

  • John Daniel

    A learned person and a Lecturer, an inspirer who taught in the University
    is not suppose to be compare wit a common secondary O’level certificate
    holder that is if he really has…President GEJ achievements have been
    speaking for him and I support is Uncommon Transformation.

  • Jangwarzo

    I hate to join issues with the likes of FEMI kayode – hypocrites, double-faced, contaminated stinking thug, unprincipled money worshipper etc. Remove him from his position now, he will change his tune!! May Allah SWT eliminate FEMI and his ilk from this earth!