Osinbajo delivers Pastor Adeboye’s birthday lecture, says Christians can influence government policies

Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President of Nigeria

The Vice Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Yemi Osinbajo, on Wednesday said Nigerians of the Christian faith have the power to influence government policies to ameliorate the suffering of the Nigerian people.

He stated this in Lagos while delivering a lecture organised to mark the 73rd birthday of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Enoch Adeboye.

The annual lecture series was sponsored by Triumphant Elders Consultative Forum of the Church.

In the lecture titled, “Harmonising Virtues to Gain Heaven and Earthly Prosperity,” Mr. Osinbajo said that Christian leaders have a duty to stand for the poor in the country.

“We have been placed in positions of greater significance. If we choose to, we have the power to influence government; to say to the government, why do we not have free health care for the poor?” he said.

“To say to government, why do we not have free education, to say to government why are you not providing for the elderly who are poor and for the disable who are poor?’’

The vice presidential candidate, who was also a pastor before delving into politics, said believers should live their lives for others as Christ exemplified, by dying for all to bring prosperity for all.

According to him, Christian leaders who sacrifice their personal ambitions for the good of others were sure to get earthly and heavenly prosperity.

Mr. Osinbajo stressed that true prosperity and significance could only come from a life of selfless and committed service to humanity.

He said, “Serving others is sacrifice of personal ambitions for the good of others. The sacrifice of personal ambitions is crucial and a way of greatness.’’

He recounted that Mr. Adeboye became highly influential because he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and abandoned all personal ambitions.

He said there was need to have integrity and that without it, there was no way believers could show leadership and attain significance.

“One of the big problems that we have in our nation today is an absence of integrity. It underlines every single failure of government,’’ he said.

The APC running mate asked Christian faithful not only to show love to their enemies but also take care of the vulnerable.

Mr. Adeboye in his response at the event praised the organisers and the guest speaker for honouring him with the lecture.

The cleric said, “I just want to thank the Triumphant Elders for organising this occasion, and I want to thank the guest speaker for bringing so much treasure into all of us.

“Whatever I am today is because of only one secret; somewhere along the line I met the Lord Jesus Christ and I surrendered my life unto him and He has done the rest.

“My advice to anyone that might be here who wants to become an influence in the society is give your life to Jesus Christ; that is the only secret.

“Jesus is the way out of problems, He is the way into joy and victory, He is the way forward, and He is the way upward. If you lift up Jesus Christ, He will promote you, and when Jesus is the one promoting you He promote you everlastingly.”

The convener, Tunji Onileaja, a pastor, had in his welcome address explained that the elders came up with the idea of an annual public lecture for Mr. Adeboye by divine inspiration.

“The Triumphant Elders (those above 70-years old), supported by some younger senior pastors by divine vision, joined to celebrate God in the life of our modern hero of the gospel,’’ he said.

Mr. Onileaja said rather than celebrating himself to mark his birthday, Mr. Adeboye had been celebrating God through the special Holy Ghost Services aimed at expanding God’s kingdom.


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  • endingNaija

    Thank you Mr. Osinbajo for remembering the Nigerian poor in your prayer and social practice as exemplified in the lecture you gave. That is the distinguishing feature of the Christian, NOT any other thing. May the Lord almighty our God Bless you and your family mightily as you hopefully assume that public service once again to put your God given talents, resources, mind, body and brain to serve the poor and lift them up as our Lord Jesus counsels. This call to serve the poor is total and final for some of us. And May God Bless you bountifully as you answer HIS call to put yourself and your talents in service of HIS people-the neglected among us. May you not Look back. Our God is with you. He is your strength. We are solidly behind you and your service to the poor.


    Adeboye allowed a political candidate to deliver a message on his behalf and has the audacity to write nonsense on his facebook page according to Punch that politician should stay away from politics?
    I think his old age is involved or is it the Yoruba factor?

    • Okey

      You either work for politicians in cash or in kind. You can collect money to do their bidding or donate your staff to do their bidding. Either way, the church is contaminated. The only decent, honourable way is to ask your your staff / pastors to stay clear and only limit themselves to casting their votes on election day. Therefore, any G.O. who has donated his pastors to politicians either as running mates or fund-raising treasurers / managers, should withdraw them now because of the same wrought of God.

    • Do you mean that a life long pastor should cease to be a pastor because he got a God-bestowed political post which he did not apply for? What jungle law is that?

  • Phicomba

    “One of the big problems that we have in our nation today is an absence
    of integrity
    It underlines every single failure of government,’’
    says Pastor Yemi Oshibajo.

    One way for the APC party to start solving this lack of integrity epidemic is this:

  • Phicomba

    “One of the big problems that we have in our nation today is
    an absence of integrity. It underlines every single
    failure of government,’’ says Pastor Yemi Oshibajo.
    Agreed. So, one way for the APC party to start
    solving this ‘lack of integrity’ epidemic is this:

    • D.Bright

      “And now the conclusion seems to be inescapable in Nigeria
      that what we have as leaders in politics, business, and in the
      civil service, are common thieves in high places.

      The rot is so deep that stealing is now in the family system,
      in the religious system; even in friendly and social clubs.
      Everybody is looking for somebody else to steal from.

      The day our leaders decide they don’t need James Ibori’s
      kind of wealth or Cecilia Ibru’s kind of property acquisition,
      that a good name is better than material acquisition;
      and that leadership at the end of the day,
      is about people and leaving a place better
      than you met it, is the day Nigeria will begin
      a positive walk into sanity and propriety. Until then,
      Nigeria is just a nation of common thieves.”

      …….………..Muyiwa Adetiba

      (Pioneer Editor, Vanguard Newspaper)

      [June 15, 2013]

      • Navigator

        “Under the watch of Goodluck Jonathan, government has become legalised and protected
        robbery. Before the presidential election in 2011, Jonathan surreptitiously invited Bola Tinubu,
        lifting him at night by presidential aircraft from Lagos to Abuja to hatch a plan for Bola Tinubu
        to support one PDP presidential candidate (Jonathan), at the expense of all other PDP candidates
        for any office in Lagos state.

        If in the past corruption was in the corridors of power, it would seem now to be in the sitting room,
        dining room and bedroom of power. Whatever amount of money was given to Bola Tinubu to procure
        votes for (PDP) in the 2011 presidential election election in Lagos state was, to say the least,
        unnecessary. What made this phenomenon particularly bad was that government had raised
        the money from government transactions which fuel corruption.”

        ………General Olusegun Obasanjo

        (November 2014)

        • Ricky

          @ Evangelist,

          What’s the difference between Yemi Osinbajo; and, a dyed-in-the-wool Jihadist, like Tola Kasali?
          The only difference is that Tola Kasali goes to a mosque, and, Yemi Osinbajo goes to a church –
          but besides that fact, there is no difference at all, insofar as Tola Kasali declares Muslim supremacy,
          and, Yemi Osinbajo supinely agrees to it without objection for his own personal benefits.

          • Sho

            APC is a criminal organization – full of Alhajis – signifying nothing.

        • Okey

          Na lie ! Bloody lie ! Corruption was officially stamped “legalised” the day the man filed nolle prosequi (please do not judge and convict him) in court in favour of Dr. Julius Makanjola, his cousin, who stole N460 Million.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Night duty?

            I note the army of nocturnal cockroaches are out in full force!

            Collect the money from Wendel Slimlin but don’t forget to vote your conscience!!

            Sai Buhari!!!

          • Onike24

            Bros, I have also noticed the pattern, they are usually the first to comment on any thread! Desperate does not begin to describe them

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            lol, Sis.

            Good morning.

            Have you also noticed them following on DISQUS? They usually employ Muslim names and starts both first and surnames in ‘small letters’?

            We shall have fun and peace whilst they pursue desperately.

            Have a blessed day.

          • Onike24

            Amen oh!

          • dave

            The blackmailers have invaded this arena.The only headache they have is Buhari,i can see them running a mock soon.

          • Okey

            If you are of normal bodily constitution and have any modicum of honour and dignity, there is absolutely no way you would find honour in rediculing another Nigerian whose “sin” is being a regular comentator as you are (In fact, I copied from you). The duty of a sensible commentator is to disprove an assertion as false if you are in disagreement. But when logic and reasoning fail one, anarchical guttering becomes his response.

            On “Sai Buhari,” I know for sure that you are in your mid- or late 20s and therefore know very little about characters and antecedents, that being the case, I will only enjoin you to first, “look, ruminate and act” with the following:

            “Between 1983 and 1985, Peter Onu of Nigeria was Acting Secretary-General of the OAU. At
            the 1985 Summit in Addis Ababa, statesmen like Julius Nyerere, President of Tanzania, lobbied for his election as substantive Secretary-General. However, there was a major stumbling block to Peter Onu’s candidature: his Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari, was campaigning against him.

            Buhari claimed: “This generation of Nigerians and indeed future generations have no other country than Nigeria.” But when the crunch came, his allegiance to Nigeria disappeared. In the election of the OAU Secretary-General in 1985, Buhari voted against Nigeria and for Niger instead. He secured the election of Ide Oumarou, a Fulani man from Niger; as opposed to an Igbo man from Nigeria. By so doing, Buhari became the first and only Head of State in the history of modern international relations to vote against his country in favour of his tribe.”

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            How old are you, Okey?

            It seems you spend your time online wondering which contributors are feminine and their ages!

            Do you think these attributes have a bearing on the cerebral capabilities of people who contribute to the discussions?

            Learn to respect people for the content of their characters not their gender or ages.

            By the way, I am almost certainly older than you.

          • Okey

            You can never be older. Certainly, you of the “Lol” generation.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            If you state so, but have you heard the term ‘re-invent’ before?

          • Okey

            No, I have not. What I hear you use is “Change.” And I know that a move from the sick-bed to Mortuary is CHANGE and a profound one at that.

          • Supo


            Obasanjo will surely rate above Abacha and Babangida on the corruption index.

          • Okey

            With Tesler of America having been convicted in America for bribing Government Officials under Obasanjo with $150 Million ? Any record of how the recovered Abacha loot was spent ?

      • Okey

        Muyiwa Aditba loudly and conveniently omitted “Jagaban’s kind of wealth.”

    • S n’ S

      Nigeria is closer to a civil war than to a general election.

      • Otile

        Some people are finally going to lose their grip on or oil. Thanks be to God.

        • onyeoma

          What is your assurance that you will survive? or that we Niger Deltans will still have control over our oil if Nigeria is plunged into a state of war? Just asking you same questions have been asking me.

  • Redeemed Church of Satan for I


    The Lord Jesus Christ is the TRUTH.

    If Prof Osinbajo is truly a Christian and a follower of the Lord Jesus then he must demand that Nigerian Army Private Mohammadu Buhari tell the truth about his WASC by simply authorizing Cambridge Assessment to publish his WASC result without further delay.

    He should also demand an explanation from Buhari for the forged result released by the Government Secondary School, Katsina.

    This is the minimum expected of a Christian who claims to represent Christ.

    Forward Nigeria …….. GEJ Forever !!!

    • Otile

      Is this the Devil’s work or does our brother Yemi Osinbajo have no respect for the truth, or respect for God? For an anointed one of God to close his mind to the truth in order to serve mortal man, is a sin crying to God in heaven.

      • Odogwu

        It is you that is actually the devil.

    • onyeoma

      WOW! That you could have a name like this and put the face of God’s anointed on it is a clear expression of your personality. why would i want to be on the same camp as a human who desecrate God’s anointed and God’s own ministry? hmmmm….this election bringing out the beast in a lot of humans. Still can’t fathom it.

  • burning spear

    after he had used amaechi to insult pastors in the house of God–now yearns to pretend that he is not part of the game—that used Amaechi to insult his fathers in the lord–do these people have conscience at all in APC

  • Evangelist Emmanuel

    Yemi Osinbajo as i see him….

    In his public life in politics he’s been barnacled to perjurers; first as poodle for 15 years to Alhaji Bola Tinubu
    a plea bargained drugs running accused criminal on U.S court records, and now he’s sent on fool’s errand
    as side-kick to General Buhari who’s looking like a perjurer without a school certificate. If indeed Yemi Osinbajo
    is a Christian Pastor led by the Holy Spirit he should not be associated with any of these things.

    For the Holy Bible says: • “Let those who love the LORD hate evil…”

    Nowhere does the Holy Bible ask Christian faithfuls to reconcile or compromise with evil for personal benefits
    that might be found in it by so doing. Lies-telling and false witnessing are scriptural evils. I simply do not see
    the signs of the Holy Spirit supposedly leading Pastor Yemi Osinbajo. That’s my own opinion.

    • Otile

      God bless you Evangelist Emmanuel, your comment is most touching. I pray that our brother Yemi Osinbajo will read i it and turn back to follow the way of God before he brings eternal damnation to himself. It is sorrowful to see this man sacrifice his anointing to demon for the sake of APC worldly kingdom, kingdom presided over by the evil one.

      Ab omni malo libera nos Domine.
      Ab Ira Tua libera nos Domine.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Stop fooling yourself, Otile.

        The only sorrow you feel is your impending loss of income from writing online gibberish from Reno.

        Go and get a real job. This one as a PDP e-rat does not dignify any human being.

        • taiwo

          yours as APC e-rat dignifies you abi?janjaweedians

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            There’s a world of difference between us, fake “taiwo”.

            To start with, a real Taiwo would never start his / her name in small letters, but a fake one has no problem with desecrating the name.

            On another level, whilst you and your type (PDPigs and e-rats) are employed on a pay per post basis, I happily spend my money on APC.

            Now, do you understand that?

            Probably not!

          • taiwo

            stop fooling yourself boy,no one is impressed by your lies.And if i chose to write my name in burundi its non of your bussiness.Go help yourself and get something doing or join U-win programme your mates have been enjoying it since

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            If you are broke and desperate, I can set you up in business and mentor you.

            It is not too late.

            Write a business plan and let me know.

            I will give you my email address then.

          • taiwo

            one of your fake email addresses you mean right?broke ass nigga hiding behind the internet to bandy words with men.Thanks to Jonathan that made it possible for a nonentity like you to at least be heard even if you are talking trash

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Someone with half a brain, can find my email address and contact details online without doing anything illegal or even having to pay for the information.

            I am not an anonymous amoeba like you.

    • Dambaski

      Thankfully Nigerians are much more enlightened than ur vain opinion. Fortunately an opinion is really the lowest form of knowledge, it requires no accountability and no understanding. So keep it u

    • 100%Iboguy

      I know you are living in heaven with your god who is not evil as you are now insinuating that Osinbajo should not associate with other Nigerians.
      With your reasoning I am suspecting that they feed you with alcohol in that heaven where you do not come in contact, work or deal with Nigerians.

  • Okey

    You either work for politicians in cash or in kind. You can collect money to do their bidding or donate your staff to do their bidding. Either way, the church is contaminated. The only decent, honourable way is to ask your your staff / pastors to stay clear and only limit themselves to casting their votes on election day. Therefore, any G.O. who has donated his pastors to politicians either as running mates or fund-raising treasurers / managers, should withdraw them now because of the same wrought of God.

    • Onyeoma

      You need help! when has contesting for a political position becomes a sin? A true Christian leader does not choose for his members just as God does not force his will on human. Hence, Pastor Adeboye can not stop Professor Osinbajo from campaigning. He can only advise him against campaigning if God reveals such to him.

      • Okey

        Onyeojoo, and God has reveaved to him that what Amaechi said was true ? And God has told him that even if a pastor collects money to mobilise voters for a candidate, he, Adegboye, should sit in judgment ?

        If, as you said, he Adegboye cannot sit in judgment over two senior members of his church – Osinbanjo, running mate to, and Ben Akubueze who is a chief funds mobilizer for Buhari – then it is absolutely insulting to human intelligence to place cause on other pastors who are not his members. And these two men still retain their active pastorship in the church where they preach “corruption in government at the centre” and “none in Lagos State Government” where, instructively, both pastors served for 8 years as Commissioners.

        Please, to me, religion is not an opium. I should discern whem my pastor is playing undercover political support for any political party or candidate.

  • Otile

    Our brother Yemi Osinbajo don’t let us down. Don’t let the Muslims, and pagans ask us: “ubinam est Deus tuus?”. Don’t make the heathens mock us asking us …Christians where is your God? Uphold the truth for the sake of Christianity. Ask yourself, would Christ compromise His dignity as you are doing today in the name of politics and power? Search your conscience or dear brother. Don’t uphold evil for the sake of power and money.

    O Lord free our brother Yemi from the power of the evil one. All say Amen.

    • taiwo

      amen oooo

      • Maitama Tambari

        Taiwo and Otile how much out of the crumbles you received from Femi Fani Kayode and Otokpe? Both of you do not make sense. Whom do you want to govern Nigerians? Those indicted by the AU report, if you do not like Sanusi, a Fulani man with a fear of God in his mind, or Soludo, Ndigbo who also have the fear of God in his heart, that exposed the milk men of our collective treasury, whom do you really want? Tunisia voted 88 years as President after the revolution and stated reason as maturity, leadership and experience. GMB was Military Governor of old Borno State, he was Minister of Petroleum, he Commamded the Third Batalion Rukuba, Jos where he personally led Nigerian troops to repeal the Chadian Rebels during Shagari and then became Head of State, Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces. I do not know how old both of you are, but Buhari handled corruption to the satisfaction of the Majority of Nigerians and brought sanity at the bus stops, airports, banks, and many walk of life, period. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

    • Maria

      By the way why is Jonathan stealing our wealth and looting our treasury by conniving with the pagans and Mohammedans like Sambo, Aliyu Gusau, Dasuki, Muazu, Babangida etc?

  • Otile

    arinze uba

    17 minutes ago


    GMB the man of many firsts!

    Nigerian leader to introduce kidnapping in Nigeria, by sending his
    kidnappers to kidnap Alhaji Umaru Dikko in faraway London.

    First Nigerian leader to order the execution of a woman.

    Nigerian leader to pass retroactive laws and execute people, not based
    on the rule of law, but on spontaneous draconian laws which he invented

    First Nigerian leader to introduce jail sentences lasting
    hundreds of years for mostly Southern Nigerians, but just a few years
    jail terms for Northern Nigerians.

    First Nigerian leader who cut off diplomatic ties with England.

    First Nigerian leader to cancel the Lagos metro line and deny Lagos State of having a metro line.

    First Nigerian leader who built no infrastructure for Nigeria as a military dictator.

    First Nigerian leader who deported most other Africans living in Nigeria.

    First Nigerian leader who clamped down on most fundamental human rights of nearly every Nigerian.

    First Nigerian leader who issued import licenses to his associates for everything, and ruined the Nigerian economy.

    First Nigerian leader who took Nigeria to pre-historic times and introduced trade by barter.

    Nigerian leader who jailed anybody whom he perceived that criticized
    him, from journalists, artists, doctors, labour unionists to students.

    Nigerian leader whose troops publicly humiliated and flogged many
    Nigerians in public. Nigerians please ask your parents about the real
    Buhari, as some were either publicly humiliated, flogged, jailed,
    tortured or even executed by Buhari.

    First Nigerian leader who did
    not accept defeat at the polls and incited his supporters, who killed
    thousands of innocent Nigerians. This is now a matter before the
    International Criminal Court in the Hague. Buhari may be the first
    Nigerian leader to join Charles Taylor and Laurent Gbagbo at the ICC in
    the Haque.

    First Nigerian leader who said publicly that he is for
    the total implementation of Sharia all over Nigeria, despite the over 85
    million Christians living in Nigeria and this being against the
    constitution of Nigeria.

    First Nigerian leader who publicly said,
    that if he loses this February 14th elections, “the Baboons and Dogs
    will be soaked in blood”, calling for even more violence and bloodshed.

    and only Nigerian leader whom Boko Haram appointed to be their trusted
    mediator, meaning, that he must know them and they must know him, for
    this trust to exist between themselves.

    First Nigerian leader who has presented no manifesto to the electorate, only the empty slogan of change, yet he seeks votes.

    First Nigerian leader who said he will fight corruption and insecurity, but has never told Nigerians how he will do it.

    Nigerian leader who forged his school certificate and has refused to
    clarify the truth about his primary and secondary school education.

    First Nigerian leader who brought in two foreign consultants, AKPD and Burson Marsteller, to run his entire media campaign.

    Nigerian leader who preaches Anti corruption, but is being sponsored
    and surrounded by Saint Tinubu, Saint Amaechi, Saint Rochas and foreign
    Arab backers.

    First Nigerian who shot his way to power, misruled
    Nigeria, was kicked out, yet, he has lost the elections three times and
    will lose this time again, because, he is serially unelectable.

    First Nigerian leader still seeking power at the good old age of 72, when his age mates are respectable retired grandfathers.

    First Nigerian leader exposing his wife and daughters as online models, to gain online twitter hits.

    Nigerian leader who wept and publicly said that he will not seek office
    again in 2011, yet, he can never keep to his promise nor can he accept

    First Nigerian leader who seems to have no certificate and
    claims he had an F9 in Mathematics, yet, he is shameless to still want
    to contest an election to lead Nigeria in the 21st century.

    Let this be the first Nigerian leader, that we the Nigerian youths totally reject at the polls!

    God bless Nigeria!!!



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    • Odogwu

      Yes we know but he is better than bad luck Ebele Azikiwe Awolowo Belewa Ojukwu Ekwueme Jonathan.

    • onyeoma

      The woman executed was a drug peddler. If Buhari did not order her execution, your papa and mama plus including you sef fit be junkies by now. Half truth not allowed! Be truthful to yourself

  • Rubbie

    Pastor Yemi Osinbajo, with fear of God, and with your knowledge of Evidence Law,
    please do the needful now and ask your principal on your APC joint ticket as follows:

    • ICC Hague


    • Rabiu musa

      He doesn’t have, yet he is former Head of state, elder statesman and an achiever.

    • 100%Iboguy

      Waste of data bundle. You should be raising this in the beer parlour. INEC acting within the laws of the country said the guy met the requirements for educational qualification and some comedians still chose to entertaini others by asking a moot question.

    • ode

      With the benefit of hindsight am sure your poserposer is now answered!

  • ICC Hague

    Buhari/Osibanjo all the way, we know that with credible team like this Nigeria will rise again, unlike the bunch of criminals in PDP who dont give a damn about the interest of Nigeria. They milk the country dry and creat religious and ethnic divisions among the people. Recently the Vice president Namadi Sambo was caught saying that Muslim should no vote for APC because their vice presidential candidate is a pastor, their party chairman is christian, they will go to south east and say the opposite. what a shame? Is that a message of hope and development of the country?

  • taiwo

    “The Triumphant Elders (those above 70-years old)” elders who has gone through all the issues of life and came out victorious now sitting back in retirement to mentor the young ones .Osibanjo why don’t you borrow some advise from these fellow men of GOD and extend it to Buhari. Tell your slave driver Tinubu to allow the old man enjoy his retirement by enrolling for adult education so that the young can truly grow as they claim


    QUESTION…: Mr Bokohari, you are very much welcome to the 2015 Presidential debate
    BOKOHARI.. : Thank you very much…but pls learn to refer to me as General Bokohari or Imam Bokohari. Ok?
    QUESTION.. : Ok! To start with, how old exactly are you? Bcos @ 80+ you don’t have a single white hair
    BOKOHARI.. : Look my prend, I am simply younger than Robert…As for the white hair, I use concentrated dye thrice per week.
    QUESTION.. : But why? Getting old is a gracious thing?
    BOKOHARI.. : Yes!…but these PDP people can use that against me. They are very dangerous you know…
    QUESTION…: Oh I see. Now let’s address a burning issue. Your certificates…where are they? Where is your certificate?
    BOKOHARI ..: Look my prend, Walahii I can spill blood here in the studio if you go there again…pls move to the next question.
    QUESTION.. : What’s your position on Boko haram?
    BOKOHARI.. : I have said it before, and I say it again, Imam Shekau is a good man. FG shud grant him amnesty like the Niger Delta
    fighters…he should get the same treatment

    QUESTION.. : But Mr Bokohari, oh sorry! General Bokohari, Shekau has killed too many & destroyed so much
    BOKOHARI ..: Who told you that lie? The streets are not soaked with blood yet.
    QUESTION.. : What is your position on Sharia…the cutting of limbs as punishment etc etc
    BOKOHAR.. :. Let the Muslims bother about that. Is it your limbs that are cut? Let the muslims whose limbs are cut bother and not you.
    QUESTION ..: You arrested Fela bcos he sang a song that you did not like. You asked that he be beaten and thrown into jail. Do you regret
    that action?

    BOKOHARI.. : No. Not at all. My only regret is that I did not punish him well enough
    QUESTION ..: Gen Bokohari, just to test your mathematical skills, kindly tell us the answer to this question: 11 + 11 = ?
    BOKOHARI.. : Oh…that’s a simple one. The answer is 1111.
    QUESTION.. : Ladies & Gentlemen, may we now take a commercial break. The General’s answer has made our transmitters to begin to overheat. We’ll be back in a moment….

  • Frank Bassey

    Prof, you must use the opportunity to clear the air on the N6 billion your campaign manager, Amaechi, said was given to church leaders by PDP. It is being alleged that your G.O. benefited from the largesse.

  • dan


    Men of God are involving themselves in this year’s politics because it’s very crucial. The lives of Christians are
    under great threat. After this election let us not turn our eyes away from politics but become more politically aware. This is a wakeup call that along with focusing on your respective calling, we should stand and defend our faith and country. Vote JONATHAN for continuity.