I won’t talk about elections till after February 14 – Obasanjo

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has said he will no longer discuss the forthcoming general elections until after the polls.

Mr. Obasanjo said this on Wednesday while inaugurating a flyover bridge in Kano city constructed and named after him by the Kano State Government.

Asked by journalists to speak on current national concerns including the elections, Boko Haram and other issues, Mr. Obasanjo simply said, “I will not talk on elections till after February 14.”

The former president, however, commended the state Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, for his achievements, saying the governor has the potential to rise to the highest office in the country.

He said Mr. Kwankwaso has acquired knowledge and experience over time as a career civil servant, minister and governor.

“Rabiu Kwankwaso ministerial job and many other serious jobs he undertook have propelled him to a brighter future,” said Mr. Obasanjo.

“The experience you acquired as minister of defence and other jobs you did project you in a good light for future endeavours and I believe God is not yet done with you.

“I pray and hope that after you step down from here, whatever you do you should be ready for the job and do it to the best of your ability because the future is still beckoning.”

The former president has come under pressure for supporting the All Progressives Congress, APC, ahead of the February general elections.

While he avoided the delegation led by President Goodluck Jonathan to his Ota country home, Mr. Obasanjo had on January 13 adjusted his itinerary to receive an APC delegation led by its presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari.

He not only received the APC delegation but he also expressed support for the Buhari presidency, come May 2015.

“Let me in a special way welcome Muhammadu,” Mr. Obasanjo had said.


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  • Al

    Mafia -in chief

  • Kunle

    I think Baba should comment on the plan by Jonathan to truncate election on February 14. On the other hand, it seems he is confident that elections will hold. Thanks OBJ….

    • eeeesco

      Baba we need your blessings. we are your picture, I saw a man full of years. passing the anointing for long life and wisdom to us. Religion and culture demands that people like you must be respected if we want to see length of days. so do not pass on with your wisdom pass it over to us.

  • Okey

    Let me warn my generation again: Some people caused crisis and civil war when they were young and that their thoughtless act cost this nation three (3) million lives lost to the civil war that these people caused. These people are now very old; some of them still do not realize the need to leave our generation alone run our own affairs; they and their civilian allies still want to drags us along to their graves. It is our patriotic duty to resist them from throwing our dear country into chaos. They have spent their time. They should allow us enjoy and spend our own in peace.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Otta baboon, God will shame you with a Buhari failure. You are a disgrace to yourself, your family, the Yoruba race and humanity.

    • Tanwa Bello

      My dear father General Obasanjo,

      Your attitude is a reflection of the country. It is not certain which came first –
      your attitude seeping into the country’s psyche, or, the country accepting
      your irresponsible behaviour for so long.

      For you to accuse someone else of what you so obviously practised yourself
      tells of your narcissistic, megalomaniac personality. I don’t blame you for the
      many atrocities you have been able to get away with. Nigerians were your enablers
      every step of the way.

      You and your cronies that you mentioned in your letter to President Jonathan have left
      the country worse than you met it at your births in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Nigeria is not
      the creation of any of you, though you feel you own it and you are “Mr Nigeria” –
      deciding whether the country stays together or not. This is the end of my communication
      with you for life. I pray Nigeria survives your continual intervention in its affairs.

      …………Iyabo Obasanjo

      (Letter to my father – December 18, 2013)

  • Navigator


    • Goggy


      Hahahaha. You caught the clever-by-half rogue. He wants to avoid comment on the issue.
      Buhari’s in-eligibility for lack of certificate is the burning issue. Obasanjo wants to dodge it.
      Is that how a wise, elderly person should behave? He now says he’ll talk after the election,
      to avoid a basic duty of honesty. What a rogue! Olusegun Obasanjo is not wise or honest.


    The vindictive OBJ is busy going about looking for his pound of flesh !!

  • mk

    We only needs to thank you, you have said as much as needed at the right time needed..the lights you shared with Nigerians are brighter than those installed in your newly named after, fly over you just launched in kano…thank obj n long live Mr General.

  • shashu

    Baba you are right,till after election Nigerians will know why u backed out on clueless guy running the mafia like devils in the rock.We are waiting EBORA OWU,may you live long

  • Richard

    The time Obasanjo single handedly nominated Jonathan as the Vice President, he was the the most honorable on earth. When he campaigned for Jonathan in 2011 , he was the most deserved elder statesman. Now that he realized he made a mistake doing what he did for Jonathan , he became the baboon of Ota, and the most dishonorable man on earth. Na wa o.

  • anneedu

    Do not see yourself as God because u are no God, u speak or did not the winner must emerge and nigeria will still be happy because during your reign nigeria is not better. U are not perfect and can’t be either

  • Salamander


    There is nothing sacrosanct about February 14th – nothing. The 1999 Constitution
    allows election to hold before May 29th. Anyone obsessed with February 14th is only
    interested in mooting or truncating the court proceeding on ‘Buhari certificate case’.
    If the election could somehow be rushed to end on February 14th there might be no
    reason for the Buhari certificate court case to continue. That’s all there is to this
    ‘artificial constitutional crisis’ being pushed by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

    • Ike


      • Gbolade Smith

        That means the new slogan should be: NO CERTIFICATE, NO ELECTION.

    • Sholly


      Okay, yes 0, it’s true. Buhari wants to be eligible from the back door.
      He would already have run in the election before the court can decide
      if he was eligiible to run in the first place. Mba, Mba, that is mago-mago.

  • taiwo

    OBJ and your third term plot,GOD pass you sha.Nigeria will survive your shenanigans

  • Ani Arinzona



    On February the 14th, Febuhari (forget electing Buhari) & vote for Goodluck Jonathan!!!
    [11:42AM, 2/4/2015] Iky: 19 REASONS BUHARI WANTS CHANGE!!!

    1. No more freedom of speech for Nigerians!

    Opposing bloggers, journalists, artists and critics, prepare to go on exile or be locked up! There will be nothing like fundamental human rights again!

    GMB did it. GMB will do it again!

    2. Retroactive laws will be invoked, again, including, public executions!

    Bar beach Lagos will be soaked in blood, again!

    GMB did it! GMB will do it again!

    3. A minimum of 3 digit jail sentences will be dished out to mostly Southern Nigerians eg 362 years, 277 years, 322 years in imprisonments.

    GMB did it! GMB will do it again!

    4. GMB will bring back his stone age economic policies of trade by barter policies.

    GMB did it! GMB will do it again!

    5. International State sponsored kidnapping of ex officials (ie Umaru Dikko style, in diplomatic crates).

    How can Buhari’s Government fight crime and kidnappers, if Buhari officially sponsors kidnappers, even on a global basis?

    GMB did it! GMB will do it again!

    6. Public flogging of fathers, mothers, uncles and aunties who come one second late.

    GMB did it! GMB will do it again!

    7. Freedom of worship to be curtailed, as Buhari has said that he is supporting the Full implementation of Sharia, ALL over Nigeria.

    What will happen to Christians and other religious groups in Nigeria?

    8. No need for any academic certificates again. Letters of recommendations from “above”, will be the main criteria, as qualifications will become obsolete.

    GMB did it! GMB will do it again!

    9. No more women in top Government positions again, as in his past regime.

    GMB did it. GMB will do it again!

    10. Boko Haram nominated Buhari to negotiate for them.

    When did he meet them, how does he know them and what does he know about them?

    GMB was nominated by BH to negotiate for them! GMB will be nominated by BH again!

    11. Foreigners to be expelled from Nigeria, again.

    GMB did it! GMB will do it again!

    12. Buhari broke diplomatic ties with the United Kingdom. Buhari seized a British Caledonian plane. Buhari committed sponsored a crime of Stare kidnapping, on the soil of United Kingdom.

    GMB did it! GMB will do it again!

    13. Buhari, where is the USD2.8 billion of oil money that got missing under your watch as petroleum Minister?

    GMB did it! GMB will do it again!

    14. Buhari has always had some of the most corrupt sponsors behind him.

    Please, GMB, declare are who your sponsors, and how much they gave you, or you and your sponsors will soon be exposed!

    15. Buhari, you said you were retiring from politics in 2011 and that you will never ever contest for elections again.

    GMB you lied to Nigerians!

    16. You staged a coup in 1983 and truncated democracy. How can now call yourself a democrat?

    GMB, you are lying to us, again!

    17. Buhari, why have you not produced your certificate?

    GMB, you keep lying to us!

    18. Buhari, why did you dodge appearing before the Oputa panel?

    GMB, why are you dodging appearing in a televised debate?

    GMB, are Generals cowards?

    19. Buhari, we hear that you have a case to answer at ICC Haque (International Criminal Court at Haque)!

    Why dont you go to the ICC and clear your name, or are you afraid of joining Taylor and Gbagbo, at the Haque?

    Yet, you are have promised Nigerians more bloodshed, if you lose this 2015 elections, by promising us, “that the baboons and dogs will be soaked in blood”!

    You incited your followers during the post elections in 2011, and 800 people were brutally killed (RIP).

    GMB, Nigerians are afraid of EVERYTHING that you represent!

    Buhari, proceed to the courts & clear your certificate issue!

    GMB, go the TV stations for televised debates!

    Buhari, proceed to the ICC & answer your numerous cases!

    Nigerians, have decided against your CHANGE!

    • victo amadi

      Becos you are a law breaker and you want to live a life of doing bad things and keep counting on tax evasion and law truncated that’s why you feel so, we will vote for him and he will not harm us Becos we are not law breakers for him to arrest us.

  • Lanre

    Sincerely, who cares. Keep quiet forever, it won’t change anything. Keeping quiet for just one week does not cut it. Tired of hearing your sanctimonious preachings.

  • victo amadi

    PDP pls I want you to look Nigeria as your umbrella not that toy umbrella you always carry. If you are so keen to destroy Nigeria your umbrella will be useless. Becos Nigeria is what bring about you holding your toy umbrella. Pls note it’s common to lose or win elections, what really matters is how you did your government so as people to refer to what Yiu do and either vote you or not

  • automaticpc

    Why should you talk again? The last one you said was a lie. Only God knows where you got those speeches from; a service you never attended and you framed your ‘gate of hell’ insurgent sentences against our dear president and the blessed Man of God (Oyedepo). The next one you plan may be disastrous on you.
    Stop using opportunities to unleash your anger because of Goodluck’s uncaptured heart. He has decided to do right not wrong; not to follow you leadings. He has done well in modifying PDP to suit the earnest desire of our dear nation. So don’t be angry that PDP is no more in your hands. It is now in the hands of Nigerians.
    God bless Nigeria!
    God bless our dear president!
    Goodluck Nigerians!

  • Etomi

    Obasanjo is a spent force…..
    Expired, he can only but grandstand…
    And his grandstanding seem to be tickling APCians to no end!!!!
    He no longer has it…
    So, he can’t give what he doesn’t have…
    Repeat: OBJ is a spent force…..

  • jamilddy

    Splendid work done baba you realy trained your son to be vigilant hard working,we are witness cuz kwabkwaso transformed kano 4rum dark to a brighter and modernised city.we aree proud.