PDP blasts Amaechi over ‘N6bn bribe to Pastors’ claim

Olisa Metuh, PDP National Publicity secretary

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has descended on the Director General of the Buhari Campaign Organization and Rivers State governor, Rotimi Amaechi, over his claim that ‎the PDP offered N6 billion bribe to some pastors to assist President Goodluck Jonathan in the February 14 election.

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, accused the governor of lying.

Mr. Metuh, who stated this at a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday, also accused the APC of conniving with the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to disenfranchise non-indigenes in APC-controlled states, especially Lagos, by refusing to issue them their Permanent Voter Cards, PVCs.

Mr. Metuh said it was stunning that the APC was trying to drag religion into politics. He described the claims by Mr. Amaechi as shocking and challenged him to name the pastors that benefitted from the alleged bribe as well as where the money came from.

“We are shocked that APC Campaign could impugn the character of Pastors and I dare say that this is ungodly; it is a sin against God. We challenge the DG of APC Campaign to state the facts; the pastors involved and where such huge sum of money can come from.

‎”This attack is capable of bringing Christians and Muslims into a major disagreement and major dispute. If truly the person who issued this state is a Catholic as he said, we are asking him to go for confession and seek God’s forgiveness”, he said.

The PDP spokesman noted that the statement is a continuation of APC’s “Janjaweed ideology” to truncate democracy in Nigeria.

He pointed out that the APC has been seeking to create the impression that it was popular but now seek to cause mayhem after it become obvious that the PDP is ahead and that Mr. Jonathan will win the election.

On the plot to disenfranchise non-indigenes in APC controlled states, Mr. Metuh said this was because of the fact that 90 per cent non-indigenes in such states were supporters of the PDP. He alleged that in some states, particularly Lagos, the PVCs of non-indigenes were being burnt.

Mr. Metuh also dismissed insinuations that some PDP governors were hobnobbing with the APC noting that all PDP governors are loyal to the party and have been part of the nationwide presidential campaigns.


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  • Frank Bassey

    Yesterday, it was Rev Fr Mbaka – a Catholic Priest. Today, it is Rotimi Amaechi, a Knight of the Catholic Church. Catholics, please help us. This Rosary madness is getting too much.

    • Wähala

      Shut-up dia and don’t bring the Blessed Virgin Mary into your dog meat ideas, mugu. What has the Rosary got to do with fake pastors for sell? The Pope is the head of over 1.4billion Catholics who can contribute just $1/year to buy him a new jet… but he flies Alitalia! What did Jesus ride in while on earth? Catholicism is the only church directly traceable to Christ so, you clowns can keep wasting your time shouting Alleluia to cultists and donating your hard-earnings to con men. Eteh mumu like you, Rotimi Amaech said the truth as that money has already caused a split in CAN… How do you think police investigators extract truth from armed robbers? Pfool, it’s by interrogating them separately and telling them Peter that Paul said the heist was worth millions thus, raising suspicion among the criminals and extracting the real figure… called, reverse logic. Go back to your dog meat, thinking is not for everyone, some people like you must be banned. Clown!

  • Ette

    May the fierce anger of God Almighty be poured on Metuh if GEJ and PDP have given pastors money to endorse him. May God treat all the pastors who have collected money for GEJ and PDP the way GEJ has been treating Nigerians.

    • odogwu

      You must a highly mentally Retarded Irredeemable buffoon , the fierce Anger of God which is already raging in your incestuous retched Mad family will extend to your Moronic generation unborn, a born coward, why can’t you an Oozing Carcass tell your fellow Millipede Amechi to disclose the name those pastors, You are nothing but a Stench, waiting anxiously for your Mumuish Reply..Dead Goblin!! your failbuhari is with you

      • Fulani Nomad

        If what Ameachi said is true, may the wrath of God Almighty descend on Metuh, PDP & GEJ, and to the men of God, may God turn their churches upside down just the way Jesus turn the table of the merchants in the temple. And for you up here, may you never see good thing in your life.

        • odogwu

          If Amechi fail to provide the name of those pastors, May God and what ever deities in your zone strike you and Family with your unborn generation down, And for a buffoon like you, you shall remain in the state of mental degradation, in the state of abject poverty, Let the death that is already the Portion of your incestuous family continue to rage in your Family and generation unborn, may the good things of life which has Already been Eluding your Retched family continue non stop to your unborn generation, may Madness which is Raging in your family Continue non stop until all of enter your predestined destination which is GRAVE. Compound Moron!!!!

      • Onike24

        Why curse a man’s unborn generation? Why? Because he used a conditional statement? He said ” if”! Have we reached a state that one cannot condemn lying? You do Jonathan far more harm by the foul language you use; there is no need for it.

        • odogwu

          Is like you are very mad by saying this rubbish, why can’t you tell your fellow apc supporters to stop insulting GEJ and their supporters, so in your wild Wrinkled Brain, you will allow your friend to curse people any how without any payback, you Must be Joking, all the insult you and your fellow cronies are giving to Jonathan will heal failbuhari,is that what you are trying to say,huh??????? no try to give me this rubbish advice again!!! Tell Amechi to Produce the name of the pastors, Simple!!!!

    • taiwo

      that fierce anger you talked about is already devouring Amaechi OR haven’t you noticed his looks lately.Extending his madness to men of GOD shows the extent to which his desperation has become,his fall will be as resounding as his desperation had been mark my words

      • wode

        The “men of God” that collect bribe.

  • Ahmed

    Hahahaha! APC dragging religion into politics!! Mr. Metuh!! What an irony. I de laughoooo!!

    • Oskirin

      Amedi,dnt mind him.he started it all with his janjaweed policy.

  • taiwo

    APC’s strategy has always been to drag this country into chaos but they have failed woefully.This latest attempt to drag the christiandom into politics in other to continue their sinister plot of undermining the prevalent peace in the country by seeking to bring about religious crisis will also fail.Nigerian are now so much wiser and majority of the people now look out for their gimmicks

  • taiwo


  • malik shaibu

    I am a proud muslim and will never under any circumstance talk down on an Imam the way Rotimi Amaechi is doing to pastors,This level of anger and wickedness being exhibited by the APC will take us nowhere as a country,even in the north here it is the illiterate street urchins (who has been falsely indoctrinated by Buhari that it is taboo to vote for a xtian)who go about harrassing people and thereby incuring the wrath of the sensible northerners who now prefer to stay with GEJ for peace in the country than to follow a Buhari that seems to leave a trail of blood and tears where ever he passes APC is Tinubu’s expired drugs and the north is now wise enough to know that he doesn’t wish us well. SAI JONATHAN 2015

    • wode

      If any Muslim cleric/leader – Imam or Sheihk – collects bride or found to be doing any wrong doing, he is up for condemnation. The same thing goes for any Pastor or whatever religious leader or cleric. They are expected to preach and caution people against such acts. If they, themselves, are now found doing or close to it, then, they are up for criticism. They are not saints. It’s one of the reasons why religious leaders or clerics should avoid hobnobbing with politicians. The more they get close to the politicians the more they are stained, if in deed they are clean in the first place, and the more they lose their respect. That’s the bitter truth! There is no smoke without fire. They should retrace their steps.

  • shamsudeen sadiq

    When ever i hear leaders of tomorrow i think about people like Metuh and Adesina the agric minister and i know there is still hope for Nigeria ,insha Allah .APC should stop making noise online and go to the wards to get a feel of the real situation on ground,for instance i come from one of the states that the media always give to Buhari and i laugh because i know he will find it difficult to even get 25% because we know him more than every other Nigerian does,Buhari has never done anything to advance any course nor has he tutored or mentored any disciple or help anybody or create any foundation nothing or even help himself by trying to develop intellectually,all he has done is grant interviews on bbc hausa service to stoke violence or support amputation

  • Isa Aliyu

    Its very unfortunate for someone like Amaechi to blaspheme against an ordained man of God. This can never happen in islam.
    This shows the quality of people APC displays that neither respect man nor fear GOD. I weep for my country.

  • tunji braimoh

    “We are shocked that APC Campaign could impugn the character of Pastors and I dare say that this is ungodly; it is a sin against God. We challenge the DG of APC Campaign to state the facts; the pastors involved and where such huge sum of money can come from.

    ‎”This attack is capable of bringing Christians and Muslims into a major disagreement and major dispute. If truly the person who issued this state is a Catholic as he said, we are asking him to go for confession and seek God’s forgiveness”, he said.

    The PDP spokesman noted that the statement is a continuation of APC’s “Janjaweed ideology” to truncate democracy in Nigeria.”,>>>>>>>>>>>I am really amazed at the level of desperation currently being exhibited by the APC,It is high time Amaechi is called to order and made to realise that his antics in his desperation to please his fulani masters is really getting out of hand,No muslim politician will have the effrontery to allude to the the sultan and other muslim clerics in such manner but here is Amaechi castigating great men of GOD like Adeboye,Oyedepo and co because they resisted the subtle move by Osibanjo to get their endorsement through the back door and chose to stand with GOD’S annointed(GEJ),If this is how they intend to galvanize the muslim community into giving them a block protest vote they have flopped because Nigerians now know what the APC stands for and that is divisiveness and we will all join hands to fight them the way we fought ebola

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    Less than 10 days to the election, issues of lack of trust and collaboration between General Buhari and Dr. Osibanjo has become even more noticeable. It was alleged that Buhari’s camp secretly trails and records all campaign appearances by Dr. Osibanjo to micromanage his strategies, speaking lines and comments. Consequently, the General it was alleged had summoned Dr. Osibanjo several times over comments and stories attributed to him in the media, International Guardian reliably gathered.

    The last straw over a strained relationship occurred a few days ago after a secret meeting between General Buhari and Chief Tinubu was revealed in the media. Tinubu, it was gathered had purportedly negotiated with the General over allocation of oil wells in the Niger Delta as compensation for electioneering support and huge financial investment in the party from the stage of negotiations for merger and registration as a political party to the entire campaign engagements. Party stalwarts allied to Dr. Osibanjo were furious that they were excluded from the meeting. Tinubu’s camp were also furious about the outcome of the meeting which resulted in lengthy hours of horse-trading and arguments. Buhari, it was alleged, had not been transparent with the group over his collaboration and agreement with key members of the Northern Leaders Political Forum. “Buhari has not invested a kobo in this campaign from the word go and should not even talk in this meeting,” an aggrieved member from Tinubu’s camp said.

    As of press time, Buhari’s campaign is reported to be in tatters, pitting two major groups in a cold war over pre and post-election allocation of power and resources. Key party members contacted by International Guardian’scampaign reporters declined any categorical comments. “Parties do have issues – yes we have issues just like other campaigns, but those will not stop our victory come February 14” a member said>>>>>>>>>>THE GOOD BOOK SAID IT THAT THEY WILL GATHER BUT THEY WILL SURELY SCATTER

    • Otile

      Rauf Amaechi has wasted SS money to prop up Imam Mohamed Buhari. Rauf has placed jet planes bought with SS money at the disposal of Imam Buhari. What a waste.

  • oluwaseyi mayowa


  • malik shaibu

    Amaechi has always been a loquacious buffon full of himself. He pretended for a while after he became governor because of the circumstances that brought him into office but a leopard will never change its spots no matter how much rain beats it.

  • taiwo

    Amaechi thinks he can blaspheme God with profanity in a bid to score cheap political point.
    He has just heaped coals of fire on his head and will live to regret this if he doesn’t name them.

    • wode

      Where does blaspheming God comes from? Are the so-called bribed pastors the same as God? You should still be able to make the right distinction irrespective of the level of religious gullibility.

      • taiwo

        another blasphemer

  • Otile

    Amaechi is not called Judas Iscariot for nothing.

  • Tope Alab R

    He who swallows a whole coconut, must have complete faith in his anus.. Ameachi the gods sent me to tell u this.

  • taiwo

    Before 1999, Tinubu had none of these:
    1. Oriental Hotel
    2. Falomo Shopping Complex
    3. First Nation Airline
    4. Lekki Concession Company
    5. Apapa Amusement Park
    6. Maiyegun Land Project
    7. De Nation
    8. Renaissance Hotel
    9. Tejuoso Market (Joint ownership)
    10. Ikeja Shopping Mall
    11. TV Continental
    12. Converted Lagos Poly land for TVC
    13. Owned NNPC Office building in Lagos
    14. Radio Continental
    15. Owned School of Nursing building in Lagos
    16. Tax Collector of Lagos State (Alpha Beta)
    17. Wife is a member of the National Assembly
    18. Son-in-law is a member of the National
    19. Daughter is the President-General of Market
    Women Association in Lagos
    20. N4 billion government financed property for self
    at Queens Drive, Lagos.
    Tinubu acquired all of the above and many more
    not listed after he became Governor of Lagos
    State, first in 1999 and won his second term in
    2003. He remains Governor Emeritus of Lagos,
    controlling the State’s treasury through his protege

    • Dumbo

      We don’t give a damn. Sai FeBuhari, Sai APC!!!!!

      • taiwo

        thats why of all names you chose dumbo.Tells the world the degree of your shallowness and stupidity

  • anneedu

    He will still face the rot of God if not careful

  • richkid

    Speaking evil against anointed men of GOD, the rot of GOD will fall upon you oo

    • wode

      You mean the bribed anointing ones?

  • richkid

    All this propaganda will not make GEJ loose, Gej is winning. Ameachi can’t win anything in Nigeria again at worst he becomes a minister but not in GEJ administration till 2019

  • Musa Yaro

    Amaechi is definitely cursed.

  • Akinwande Kolawole

    APC has lost it a long time ago. They are portraying themselves as irresponsible bunch. This allegation clearly shows how hopeless and useless they are.

  • Abdullahi Adamu

    I don’t support this kind of reckless accusations from APC. They should learn to conduct themselves in a respectable manner. You don’t play politics with everything.

  • Ifeanyi Chukwujekwu

    This folly will come back to haunt APC at the polls. They have declared war against the Christians.

  • Ademola Arowosaye

    We have rejected APC and their shenanigans. They must lose this forthcoming elections. We are not surprised at their senseless blackmail.

  • Sani Danladi

    APC and their pack of comdians struggling to lay their hands on anything. Olisa Metuh is definitely their Achilles heel. Bombard them more,they are gone already. GEJ till 2019 .

  • Pls, let him mention the Pastors and the Governors as insinuated. All these are targeted against the credibility of the candidacy of the PDP Presidential flag bearer. And i think, it’s better for APC to re adjust in all of these wrong allegations and propaganda as it can continue to present them cheap even before their supporters and also invoke the wrath of God

  • samson john

    My moslem brother,you truncated democracy with a dastardly coup and took
    away power from me..You made me to suffer,and you took away my opportunity
    to RULE Nigeria. You said you do not want democracy in Nigeria.. The same
    democracy you truncated, you are fighting hard to get with desperation and
    diabolical power..Buhari, you will suffer hard in the hand of Tinubu, who
    will use and dump you as he did to Nehu Ribadu..2011 you cried publicly
    when you lost election,and you made provocative statements that you will
    make Nigeria ungovernable for pres’Jonathan, which erupted into post
    election violence, that brought Boko Haram into existence, over 500
    innocent Nigerians died instantly,their blood is still crying for vengeance
    on your head. Buhari, you will never rule Nigeria again..«««Please forward
    this letter to others until it gets into the mail box of Buhari»»»

  • Elis Davia

    I never expected this from Ameachi, accusing PDP will not make APC win the presidential election. yes?

  • Oskirin

    one thin i always condemn is where some1 makes an allegation witout proof.pls ameachi,do giv us proof.more so,let me giv him d benefit of doubts coz he’s an insider….he knws wht i dnt kw whn it cums 2 governance in ds part of d world…ofa 2 u my broda ameachi….

  • Ahmed usman

    My own is ; was he there to know that money was shared to pastors and to even give an exact amount of it.
    This guy is full of defamatory statements, but this time i decides to pour them on anointed men of God forgetting that God admonishes us not to put his anointed to harm. your name.

  • Christopher edet

    This guy called Amechi is a crazy dude, just looking for avenues to instigate unrest in the church but the fire of the almighty God will consume you for trying to dent the image of the anointed men of God.

  • maggy

    MMM Nigeria should just not return in January 2017. You have killed it.

  • naomi

    smh yo broda send me some money let me feel ur generosity without mmm …. mmm would not b so hyped if nigeria wasnt so bad people in the us and uk r not joining this cos ders something bringing in money regularly i just finished uni no job in site am just here am even talking too much now sef brah the site states the risk clearly and pls dont forget to reply so i can send u my acc details