APC urges Council of State to reject postponement of elections

John Odigie Oyegun, APC National Chairman

The All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Campaign Organization, has urged members of the Council of State, who are meeting on Thursday, to put the higher interest of Nigeria above selfish and other narrow considerations.

Reacting to the heightened fears of election postponement in a statement issued in Abuja by the Director of Media and Publicity of the Campaign, Garba Shehu, the organization said considering the zeal of Nigerians for change and their passion to vote, there should be no excuse to deny Nigerians the right to exercise their franchise.

The Council of State is the highest advisory body to the president with respect to national population census and compilation, publication and keeping of records and other information, prerogative of mercy, awards of national honours, INEC, and other bodies.

Part 1 of the Third Schedule of the 1999 Constitution lists its members as the president, vice president, all former presidents, head of governments, all former chief justices of Nigeria, the senate presidents, speaker of the house of Representatives, governors of the states and the attorney general of the federation.

Mr. Shehu said with the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, which is constitutionally empowered to conduct elections saying it is ready, there is no basis to contemplate on the grounds of politically expedient excuses.

“The Independent National Electoral Commission is the custodian of the electoral process and should therefore be given a free hand to conduct the 2015 general elections in line with the laws of the land,” he said.

Stating that postponement of election is a serious national issue, Mr. Shehu advised members of the Council of State to vote according to their conscience when the issue of election postponement comes up for consideration.

He reminded members of the Council of State that their honour and integrity are at stake, and therefore, they must weigh the implications of election postponement.

He said the incredible enthusiasm with which Nigerians are ready to vote during the February general election should not be dampened and ruined by any idea of election postponement to serve expedient political objectives.

Mr. Shehu said, “As the last count all stakeholders have committed to the conduct of the general election as scheduled. INEC had expressed its preparedness, the military and police have committed to providing adequate security and even the PDP says it is prepared for the election.

“From all indications the only person who is not prepared for the election appears to be President Jonathan who has seen defeat staring him in the face and is pulling all the strings to re-enact the June 12, 1993 scenario.”


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  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Why this desperation from APC? Should the elections go ahead when it is clear that INEC is not ready? Who will foot the bill if INEC false-starts again like it did in 2011? The elections will be postponed and there’s nothing these APC certificate forgers, anarchists and nihilists can do about it. If any APC member disturbs public peace, they should be shot dead. Nonsense.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè Lagere.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Most, if not all, APC supporters are thugs. You are proof of that fact. BTW, what’s your Muslim name?

        • hard fact

          oloriburuku! were!

        • hard fact

          no matter how much u think u r making under Jonathan regime, it can never be enough to save ur soul from eternal damnation! you son of a useless goat

        • mike

          Imagine who is calling someone a thug. Oloriburuku, unam ikot anu affia.

    • TC

      How much is PDP paying you, I need a job too I’m idle?

    • Ahmed

      You can’t speak fo INEC Mr. Man!! The electoral body says they are ready and you are opening your dirty and stinking mouth to say otherwise. If someone refuses to collect his PVC do you expect INEC to deliver it to his bedroom!! PDP cannot run away from reality. That reality is defeat and disgrace!!!

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        I don’t have time for idiots like you.

        • otitoloju

          You do not have to insult him. The decision should be made by the electoral body mores GEJ is a candidate.

    • Wähala

      Did INEC tell you they’re not ready? With over 45million cards distributed, are those not enough to dump your moron? He can run but he will never be able to hide from 170million Nigerians… thought Olisa Metuh and the PDP were making noise they can beat the APC at the polls, how come it’s the APC now begging to be beaten? Some of you should not only be banned from thinking, you ought to be cremated alive to teach other rigid lesson about not thinking out loud. Postponement can only guarantee a win for Buhari whenever elections are held, and we will be here to rob it in. Cowards!

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        PVC distribution is not the only component of conducting elections, twerp. The elections will be postponed and Buhari’s perjury/forgery cases will be vigorously pursued. If that is APC’s fear, it is well-grounded. Useless Islamic Party.

        • Wähala

          Punk, your moron will only be postponing his unavoidable disgrace. Any day longer than FeBuhari 14, will mean more loss of supporters for him if you don’t know. Is he going to perform magic to regain people’s trust? If anything, he will be loathed for his cowardice and deceit. Per perjury, didn’t you read about a group that has file a freedom of information request with the university of Pitakwa to show us his PhD Thesis, refer the world to any papers the olodo published, tell us the topic of his dissertation, etc. Mumu, that means your creek crook being sworn-in as “Dr.” was perjury under oath 3times… Never start a fight you can’t win, either way, your clown is a sitting duck because OBJ told us Dumbo doesn’t have a PhD. He’s fraudster like you!

      • mike

        Bros where have you been? Are you aware of one impostor tryin to steal your identify? Anyway, welcome back. We missed you a lot.

  • otitoloju

    The decision to postpone should the decision of INEC and not by GEJ because he is a candidate. Let election hold,let s not postpone it, Shagari and OBJ never postponed election. If INEC is ready , nigerians are ready, There should be a level playing ground , why should one candidate postpone an election.the decision should be INEC s decision and not GEJ . let s not argue

  • sammyctu ode

    The so called council of state are made up of former Presidents and Heads of States plus their deputies who have cornered Nigerian wealth. One of them is the owner of MTN, Ibadan and Yola Discos. Whether they say yes to postponment or not does not matter because they are mere advisory body, they are part of the evil elites that have ran Nigeria aground so we do not respect them. ELECTIONS MUST HOLD FEBRUARY 14TH & 28TH PERIOD IJN.

  • richkid

    GEJ is still winning which ever way they want it

  • Okey

    APC operatives must not be allowed to edge this nation to the precipice. Right now Southerners of non-Yoruba stock and persons of the Middle Belt in the inner North are receiving text open messages warning that they will lose their lives should Jonathan wins. As I write, these citizens are in the various motor parks of Kano State making frantic efforts leave Kano and down south.

    On other hand, Easterners in Lagos are being discriminated / excluded in the release of PVCs in Lagos State. With all these, and without attending to the of plight of these citizens, people who claim to have conscience and love this country still insist on elections going on February 14 ? That’s sheer wickedness

    Besides, the other day, we saw Governor Fashola of Lagos State on television pooh-poohing INEC over delay and problems associated with the distribution of the the PVCs when he said, “Even I as the Lagos of Lagos State have not received my PVC. “What then has changed between then and now ? Is it the quest for chaos ? INEC used one (1) year to distribute 65%, what magic will INEC employ to distribute the remaining 34% in the next three (3) days ?

    Just yesterday, the APC Governor of Ogun State, Chief Amosun, was complaining loudly that Ogun State has only received 36% of its PVCs. Unless the people desperate for February 14 have alternative method of winning election without the PVCs, or, they have other agenda in mind, there is no tangible, responsible and honest rationale for insisting on immutability of election date. Politicians insisting on February 14 MUST recall ALL their children back to Nigeria before February 14 and show them on national television for Nigerians to see, if they are to be taken seriously.

    Let me warn my generation again: Some people caused crisis and civil war when they were young and that their thoughtless act cost this nation three (3) million lives lost to the civil war that these people caused. These people are now very old; some of them still do not realize the need to leave our generation alone run our own affairs; they and their civilian allies still want to drags us along to their graves. It is our patriotic duty to resist them from throwing our dear country into chaos. They have spent their time. They should allow us enjoy and spend our own in peace.

    • mike

      All you pdp guys know how to do is make excuses. Elections must go on as planned.
      You guys should have thought of all these before approving the time table INEC made.
      The presidency even went an extra mile in influencing the time table; putting presidential election first. Then they were looking for a way to make the governors forum powerless. Now the plan has backfired and they making shameless pleas to postpone elections. It will not work.
      This wind of CHANGE must blow through.

      • Okey

        A man who moves from sick-bed to the mortuary has made a “Change,” a profound one for that matter.

        My expectation from a reasonable commentator is to fault my premise and conclusion.

  • samson john

    GMB the man of many firsts!

    First Nigerian leader to introduce kidnapping in Nigeria, by sending his
    kidnappers to kidnap Alhaji Umaru Dikko in faraway London.

    First Nigerian leader to order the execution of a woman.

    First Nigerian leader to pass retroactive laws and execute people, not
    based on the rule of law, but on spontaneous draconian laws which he
    invented himself.

    First Nigerian leader to introduce jail sentences lasting hundreds of years
    for mostly Southern Nigerians, but just a few years jail terms for Northern

    First Nigerian leader who cut off diplomatic ties with England.

    First Nigerian leader to cancel the Lagos metro line and deny Lagos State
    of having a metro line.

    First Nigerian leader who built no infrastructure for Nigeria as a military

    First Nigerian leader who deported most other Africans living in Nigeria.

    First Nigerian leader who clamped down on most fundamental human rights of
    nearly every Nigerian.

    First Nigerian leader who issued import licenses to his associates for
    everything, and ruined the Nigerian economy.

    First Nigerian leader who took Nigeria to pre-historic times and introduced
    trade by barter.

    First Nigerian leader who jailed anybody whom he perceived that criticized
    him, from journalists, artists, doctors, labour unionists to students.

    First Nigerian leader whose troops publicly humiliated and flogged many
    Nigerians in public. Nigerians please ask your parents about the real
    Buhari, as some were either publicly humiliated, flogged, jailed, tortured
    or even executed by Buhari.

    First Nigerian leader who did not accept defeat at the polls and incited
    his supporters, who killed thousands of innocent Nigerians. This is now a
    matter before the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Buhari may be
    the first Nigerian leader to join Charles Taylor and Laurent Gbagbo at the
    ICC in the Haque.

    First Nigerian leader who said publicly that he is for the total
    implementation of Sharia all over Nigeria, despite the over 85 million

  • Mr. Abdin

    Election is what we want and we hope that Nigerians will surely vote for change.