NTA Jos network center on fire

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The Nigeria Television Authority, NTA, network centre in Jos, Plateau state is on fire.

A staff of the organisation who did not want to be named said the fire affected the administrative block of the building.

An eye witness told PREMIUM TIMES the cause of the fire was yet unknown.

Fire service personnel were yet to arrive at the scene at the time of this report.

Passers-by and ​members of the ​taskforce ​on Jos crisis were assisting to put out the blaze.


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  • Naira

    That one no concern me since NTA has turned themselves to PDP branch. They offer nothing apart from Jona is this and that church. This or that thugs have endorsed Jona. How i wish it was NTA Abuja.

  • Adi

    Please, help me. I am a staff of NTA Jos. I am covering an election campaign outside Plateau state.
    Let a good Samaritan go now to the Editing Room, quickly. My school certificate is under the table.
    I plan to run for election in 2019. I don’t want to be swearing affidavits all over the place, please!

    • Emma


      I have checked. Your school certificate is not there.

      Please phone Katsina Provincial School.

      • Naira

        I read cray fish and claimed to have PhD in cray fish drawing, please could someone tell me how to deceive more gullible Nigerians who think like cray fish.

    • Arewabetter

      You set the Jos NTA on fire, because you are a ghost worker. You have seen the handwriting on the wall that says PDP is a sinking ship and is totally finished. You and others will continue to set fire on public buildings to get rid of documents indicting you. Setting offices ablaze will not hinder GMB from bringing justice to the people. Renounce and abnegate any effort for the creation of a so called
      government of national unity to be headed by any PDP embezzler. Once again, we all
      now know that PDP is a sinking ship and is totally finished! Mr.
      Goodluck and his PDP colleagues have finally read the handwriting on the
      wall. There is no going back! I have just read that President Goodluck
      Jonathan has cancelled his political rally in Yobe. Why? This is because
      Mr. Goodluck is afraid of being booed and jeered at during the
      political rally in Yobe state. Haba! It is time for a thorough change.
      Have you people watched the PDP campaign in Kaduna and Jos yet? Did you
      see the tiny crowd that came to welcome President Goodluck Jonathan on
      the Kaduna State soil? Because of the disgrace and humiliation, the
      Nigerian National TV did not show the Kaduna PDP political rally.
      Probably, only a few hired clowns and thugs appeared at the political
      rally. Do you people remember when GMB visited Kaduna? There was no
      enough room to accommodate all his well-wishers. Wait a minute!
      Goodluck’s staunch supporters will argue that Kaduna is GMB’s home.
      Common give me a break! In that case, have you watched and compared
      GMB’s political rally in Jos with that of Goodluck’s yet? Again, there
      was a massive turn out, which resulted in no space to take in the HUGE
      crowd that came to welcome GMB. There was even a stampede …. Whaoo!
      This goes on to show who is really for the TALAKAWAS and that Nigerians
      are desperately eager for better a NIGERIA headed by GMB! Nigerians are
      sick and tired of thievery, robbery, embezzlement as well as the
      practice of tribalism, nepotism, favouritism and so many other negative
      PDP features. Say no to any PDP proposals to prolong corruption in the
      troubled giant called Nigeria. The plummeting of oil and gas prices will
      only further exacerbate corruption in Nigeria under PDP. Do you know
      that the price of crude oil has fallen sharply as of late, trading
      around $45 per barrel down from a high of over $100 just six months ago.
      Currently, Nigeria needs oil to trade at just under $123 per barrel to
      balance its budget, and its economy has lost a whopping $42.5 billion in
      economic output. How does the Federal Government intend to balance that
      HUGE budget deficit? Time for change has finally arrived and I hope
      this time my fellow Nigerians will not SCREW it up. Vote for change!
      Vote for the future of your children! Vote for safety and security! Vote
      for the assurance that your children will have a better future than you
      do now! Vote for a just and fair Nigeria! Vote for wealth
      redistribution and end hunger and malnutrition in Nigeria! Defeat the
      old deal and its reckless spending! Vote out the party that hangs PETTY
      THIEVES, but appoints the GREAT ONES to public office! What PDP has been
      doing to Nigerians for the past 16 years reminds me of Tolstoy’s
      statement, namely, “In order to get power and retain it, it is necessary
      to love power; but love of power is not connected with goodness but
      with qualities that are the opposite of goodness, such as pride, cunning
      and cruelty.” Defeat this wickedness now! PDP has been in power for
      more than 16 years and during this time all that Nigeria and Nigerians
      have encountered and experienced is total regress of the nation. May God
      protect Nigeria and Nigerians from further PDP atrocities and
      calamities! Amen!!! With PDP in government, Nigeria definitely is
      heading to self-destruction.

    • Dan Fati

      You folks have lost your humanity by the way you continue to dog a person who does not have a certificate to back his education. How very cruel and merciless of you to do this to another human being.The way you hounded this man forced him to forge a rather bad copy of a fake. Now that he tumbled you want nothing but his blood.Unlike most of you, I still have a lot of humanity and compassion left in me. We must lift this heavy burden off this man’s shoulder come February 14, 2015 when we vote for continuity ad a steady hand in the affairs f state. GEJ IS OUR CHOICE AND WE ARE NOT GOING BACK TO THE DARK DAYS OF CERTIFICATE FORGERY AND LACK OF EDUCATION. WE HAVE CHOSEN TO EMBRACE ERUDITION OVER PERVERSION.

      • Some of you sound as if you have some education. But in the end you end up worse than an illiterate grand mother in the village. Did a court declare Buhari’s certificate forged? Who is worse: Buhari or Jonathan with a funny PhD? Professor Tam David has said Jonathan’s PhD thesis was not found in UniPort. He has challenged Jonathan to give details of his PhD thesis. Why is Jonathan delaying? Your PhD Jonathan just said Nigeria needed transformation and not change. But have you seen transformation without change? If his so called transformation will not lead to change then what sort of transformation is it? No wonder things are not changing in the country despite Jonathan transformation agenda. He never intended his transformation to produce change. Is this what you call PhD? I think all of you are sick.

    • Professor Tam David West is searching for Jonathan’s PhD thesis at UniPort. Please tell your colleague at NTA Jos to help search for Jonathan’s PhD thesis too and recover it. Nigerians need it as evidence of his PhD.

  • We hope Jonathan’s PhD thesis is not consumed in the fire. Professor Tam David West has said Jonathan PhD thesis is not found at the University of PortHarcout. Maybe the thesis is somewhere in NTA Jos.

    • Pilgrim

      Very simple; he who alleges proves. Otherwise, everybody can say anything worth nothing and it can be taken to mean something. Prof. West just found out President Jonathan’s PhD dissertation is missing? Is he the custodian? Was he an examiner to the President at anytime and he required him to submit a clean copy of his dissertation which he failed to? Was Jonathan ever before a panel to defend the dissertation? If memory serves me well this man has been a professor in Ibadan, not Port Harcourt. The way people go about insulting this man sometimes turns really comical. You can differ on issues but he doesn’t have to be like you. If you don’t want him to continue, use your vote. This speaks better than the captious, denigrating posture West takes. It is beneath his stature. Has he fallen so low too?

  • Remigius Ihe

    Nigeria is back to talk and die mode, NTA aired Buhari’s documentary know is on fire what a coincidence. If you want more of this vote for Buhari. Nonsense, Nigeria must not travel that road again. We been there, done that forward ever backwards never. Vote GEJ for freedom, education, visions, tolerance for FOI, vote vote GEJ for our future. Nigeria more than ever needs GEJ as our president. Even if you don’t like GEJ he is far better than the alternative presented.

  • obiora

    How can a Fulani man Fight Corruption while another name to Fulani is Corruption. The Fulani´s are Born Corrupt they know nothing than Corruption.

    • Larry

      It is kwaruption. That is what Buhari calls it. Nigeria needs a President that will fight corruption and not kwaruption.

  • Lenz

    Trust Igbo man to stand up boldly in defence of corruption anywhere and evereywhere…
    Make wuna continue… True to type…

  • GusO

    Are you suggesting that Buhari should stop fighting corruption because some in his inner circle are frustrating the fight? That was expected and the fact that some in his inner circle are corrupt is no fault of his as long as he eventually fishes them out. He could not have known who is corrupt and he took a long time appointing his ministers in an attempt to find non corrupt candidates. All Buhari needs to achieve regarding corruption is to make a significant dent on this evil and hope that a president coming after him will continue the fight at a high tempo to finally control it. The other two arms of Government — the legislature and the judiciary — are so steeped in corruption that they are not helpful in controlling the scourge. I don’t see you laying any blame on them.