APC criticism of Jonathan’s revolution on agriculture wicked — PDP

President Goodluck Jonathan

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described as highly despicable and deceitful the attempt by the APC to distort the facts on verifiable achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan in agriculture saying such has “clearly confirmed that the APC is a party of liars, fraudulent and desperate individuals completely averse to the well-being of Nigerians.”

PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh. in a statement on Monday said it is unfortunate that the APC has deliberately refused to accept the unprecedented successes recorded in agriculture under President Jonathan as demonstrated in the quantum leap in domestic food production for which the nation has received international applause.

“That President Goodluck Jonathan has repositioned the agricultural sector repositioned agriculture from the traditional subsistence occupation to an investment-driven, wealth and job-creating sector that guarantees food security remains incontrovertible and no amount of lies from APC propaganda machine can distort this fact.

“Why should the APC seek to distort the fact that under President Jonathan, Nigeria has expanded domestic production by additional 21 metric tonnes to exceed its 20 million metric ton target set for 2015, a feat which earned the nation a special award by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations?

“What has APC to say to the fact that under Jonathan, over 2.7 million farm jobs have been created, boosting production in various agricultural sub-sectors to rank our great country as one of the biggest food producers in Africa?

“Should the APC be unhappy that under President Jonathan, genuine Nigerians farmers now have direct access to fertilizers, seedlings and other farm inputs through special intervention initiatives such as the e-wallet system, which allows as much as 14 million farmers to access fertilizers directly using their mobile phones?

“Should the APC be unhappy that millions of our farmers have been empowered to enjoy bumper harvest and that private sector investments are thriving as a result of the investment friendly environment created by the Jonathan administration?

“What has the APC to say to the massive investments in staple food production including the 105, 000 metric tonnes capacity integrated rice mill commissioned by President Jonathan at Olams rice farm in Rukubi, Doma, Nasarawa State as well as the investment of USD1billion in commercial rice production and processing by the Dangote Group with the encouragement of the Federal Government?

“Indeed, Nigerians are worried that the APC has continued to show its unwritten manifesto of attempting to run-down projects for the benefit of ordinary Nigerians. The recent criticism of the achievements of the President in education including the establishment of new federal universities and the Almajiri system of education readily comes to mind.

“Even as APC thinks that continued negative approach to Jonathan’s glaring achievements will help them in their empty campaign, wisdom demands that they should learn to be silent if they have nothing tangible to say”, the PDP said.

The ruling party therefore called on Nigerians to note APC’s aversion towards their welfare even as it urged them to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan so as to ensure the continuity of the laudable projects in the sector.


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  • Awojab

    The question whether the food is now affordable?

    • Okafor Emeka

      a 50kg of rice sells for 8k. Do you live in Nigeria or you are just outright insane?

      • tundemash

        do’t mind him jare , tell us if that rice was home grown or imported ?

  • Sani Danladi

    Change is the only constant thing in life.

    Every human being experiences and undergoes change.

    In the coming elections, change is our goal.

    Change is our desire.

    But not just any change nor change for the sake of change.

    Transformational change that comes from consistency and continuity of performance is what we need, want and deserve.

    Vote for Transformational change.

    Vote GEJ and Sambo come 14th Feb. 2014.

  • Timothy Aseer

    I hope Nigerians know the “change” they
    want. Everything about Buhari seems
    wrong. From the visible hypocrisy on his
    face to the outright lies being sold to the
    public by his apologists, Nigeria would be on
    a long ride if he smells power.
    What annoys me most are comments made by
    the ignorant ones down to the outright fools
    such as “we should try him first, then if he
    does not perform after 4 years we vote him
    out”… Like really Would you still have the
    avenue or opportunity to vote in 4 years
    time? Would it count?
    Nothing beats freedom. If the people of
    Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, et al, could
    have predicted the future, they would not
    have shouted change! Them for manage
    Ghadaffi and dem Mubarak… See where the
    change put them now.
    Same mistake is happening in Nigeria and
    typically, we don’t learn from the past.
    Bringing in a man that contributed to the
    decadent country today, guided by his co-
    perpetrators (Obasanjo, Atiku, Babangida)
    using the mantra ‘change’ is a mockery of
    our intelligence.

  • Christopher edet



  • Akinwande Kolawole

    What amazes me about this Buhari movement
    is how lazy and outright silly most so
    called educated Nigerians are.
    Any one who opposes a Buhari candidacy is
    naturally seen as Pro-GEJ not knowing that
    some of us know this fraud for who he truly
    is and what he represents.
    Having a Buhari candidacy in our democracy
    is the biggest insult ever!

  • Mike

    Pls PDP shame your critics APC by distributing your campaign rice by giving Nigerians the LOCALLY HOME GROWN rice. So that you can use it to PROVE the dividend of the REVOLUTION IN AGRICULTURE. By so doing I promise u my vote. But if you use IMPORTED RICE, then COUNT ME OUT. As simple as ABC.

    • Ette

      Do not be surprised if they fraudulently rebag imported rice to turn it into local to prove the point. Shame of PDP for all the fraudulent statistics they keep churning out. Where is the cassava bread in the market PDP.

  • Abdullahi Adamu

    President Goodluck Jonathan continues to provide proof of what I have always believed – that we can actually be much better. Sadly, there are many who believe that only their old, discredited and outdated ideas can take us forward as a people. We have them at all levels, and in all political parties.

    Personally, I am convinced that if we apply ourselves, we can be amongst the best in the world. Every now and again, in little pockets, a little glimmer of hope appears, in different spheres of life. However, it has all been too sporadic, too unplanned, to drive us forward the way of the Asian tigers, or even Brazil.

    What is required is not a lot of revolutionary mumbo-jumbo, or personality cults, or gratuitous change. What we need is a conveyor belt of bright young things, full of fresh ideas and the energy and vigour to implement them faithfully. Agriculture in Nigeria is changing, because such a conveyor belt has been established in that industry.

    Transport is changing, sport is changing, education is changing, telecoms is changing. Many other spheres of our lives have changed quietly, without fuss or fanfare over the last 6 years, yet some politicians keep insisting on change.

    An honest look at those demanding this new change will set alarm bells ringing amongst reasonable men. Their leader is an obscenely wealthy politician with no clearly auditable and transparent history of enterprise. He is supported by serving and former governors with less than salutary reputations when it comes to financial rectitude.

    The man they would have us change to is mired in all kinds controversies ranging from his secondary school education, or lack thereof, to his doubtful claims to penury in the face of the N27.5m, which he claims somewhat vaguely, was funded by a mysterious bank loan, approved in murky circumstances by an unknown bank manager, and the lavish lifestyle of his daughters, who apparently never got the memo that their father was not, ahem, wealthy.

    As if these were not bad enough, he has never being able to spell out in any kind of detail, any sort of REAL, PRACTICAL, realistic plan of action to take Nigeria forward from where we are. He talked about agriculture once, and it seems journalists present either did not have the courage to point out that our agriculture is now at its best ever, or were too worried about their meal tickets to try.

    In view of Buhari’s obvious educational issues, what plan might he have for the educational sector? How does he plan to fix power? How does he plan to end the Boko Haram and Fulani Cattle reader insurgencies, being a militant Fulani himself?

    Too many questions, too few answers.

    Change? To that?

    Thanks, but no thanks. Jonathan it is, till 2019, by which time hopefully, one of the emergent crop of younger, smarter, better educated and more forward looking Northerners would have emerged as a presidential hopeful.

  • pheliciti

    Even the rice stockpiled by Kashamu for ‘stomach infrastructure’ during the elections is imported so what agricultural success are we talking about? The fact that pdp will attempt to lure people with food is a quiet admission of the poverty in the land

  • olamide martins

    They are laying claims on the most glaring and successful aspect of GEJ’S administration, this guys are serious enemies of progress.How can you out-rightly try to defame the president by bringing his achievements to question are they blind or just trying to deceive the innocent citizens of this nation

  • Ademola Arowosaye


    How can you vote a man who wilfully and unrepentantly terminated democracy and now wants to benefit therefrom?
    Oh, it doesn’t matter!

    But really, how can you vote a man under whose watch Nigerians were executed using a retroactive decree for crying out loud?
    Oh, it doesn’t matter! What do those men’s lives matter?

    How can you even consider voting a man who said Abacha of all people didn’t steal?
    Oh, it doesn’t matter!

    How can you vote a man who though claims to love Nigeria yet does not have a single charity, foundation or public institution to his name as founder or sponsor?
    Oh, it doesn’t matter!

    How can you vote a man who is running under a banner of integrity yet has refused to formally write to the Cambridge Assessment for his disputed WASC result to be made public?
    Oh, it doesn’t matter, education doesn’t matter in choosing leaders.

    How can you vote a man who is so inarticulate and so pathetically trite in his opinions that you yawn in boredom when he speaks?
    Oh, it doesn’t matter!

    How can you vote a man who preaches change but is now in deep cahoots with those he has been criticizing for many years as being Nigeria’s problem?
    Oh, it doesn’t matter!

    Seeing that he who pays the piper dictates the tune, how is Buhari’s campaign being funded and may we know his sponsors?
    Oh, it doesn’t matter?

    Isn’t it dangerous voting a man whose sectional mindset was clear when he said the military onslaught against Boko Haram terrorists was “anti-North”?
    Oh, it doesn’t matter!

    But how can you vote a man who is ignorant of the demands of today’s governance as clearly shown in his interviews?
    Oh, it doesn’t matter!

    Oya, at least let him come for a live debate alongside other contestants so that we can gauge his abilities firsthand?
    Oh, debates don’t matter!

    Ok then, will it matter if these fundamental flaws impact negatively on his ability to govern a complex country like Nigeria?
    No, it still won’t matter because he’s from the right part of the country!

    • Debo

      Hmnnn……. nothing matters anymore.

  • Etang Chris

    Buhari is a school drop out. he doesn’t know intellectual magic of making agric sector a success.

    • The word “dropout” refers to someone known to have started and stopped school for one reason or the other. GMB doesn’t fall into the drop out category. He is a fraudster

  • Pam Daylop

    some of Our youths with no sense of history out of sheer sentiments and myopia rooting for a 73yrs old certificate forger that got elevated to top military positions he never merited is the greatest tragedy of all time. What has become of us? we are officially endorsing an illiterate to rule over millions of educated, intelligent and new edge sophisticated majority, this again is a tragedy. As for those deluded youths and die hard apologist of a retrogressive dictator, I say, you must lose out because GEJ is our man anytime,anyday.

  • Segun

    APC has nothing to offer. it is annoying that they cant even acknowledge the giant stride of this administration. It is obvious that this administration has done well in agric sector.

  • charles peters

    If APC said it is a flute, can buhari tell us what he did in agric sector when he was the head of state.

    • 100%9jaPikin

      There was no inflation during Buhari military regime. The Naira was stable at 2 Naira to $1. They built 2 refineries and kept the other working. The crime dropped, Maitatsine was flushed out in no time. If you don’t know, it’s best you shut your mouth or ask politely. Food was cheap too.

  • Uche ogbonna

    yesterday was insecurity, today is inefficiency in agriculture what will tomorrow be?. All this effort is to discredit the president and his transformation agenda and to deceive the masses into voting wrongly. if change is what buhari can offer, count me out

    • Victor Gee

      they will try hard but they succeed.

      • 100%9jaPikin

        Ok. We will see.

    • 100%9jaPikin

      Because your brother is not doing anything but trying to tell everyone he’s done greatly. If you score 5/100. You still praise yourself for scoring 5/100. That’s a big shame. Don’t you see?

  • Victor Gee

    if nothing else, the fraud free fertilizer distribution, the crash of rice prices are enough for nigerians to vote GEJ.

    • Ette

      GEJ policies did not contribute any dime to price of rice but forces of demand and supply in the international market moderated the price. Does not occur to you that all the rice PDP has been distributing to NIGERIANS for their votes are imported, and if what they brandy is correct, would they not rather give out the local rice? Think and do not be deceived by wicked PDP.

    • tundemash

      Really ? Are those price locally grown or imported ?

    • 100%9jaPikin

      So you think all Nigerian care about is the price of rice. Oh my God! When wil you stop insulting about 200 million people?

  • Okafor Emeka

    what does an illiterate like Buhari know about agricultural policies? The North should give us An educated, sane and updated leader by 2019 and not a senile living Ancestor.
    Its GEJ till 2019.

    God punish result forgers.

    • 100%9jaPikin

      Hahaha… This guys won’t stop being funny. Followers of My Dr. PhD. Shame on you.

  • Anene Mercy

    the majority is with GEJ, he must win whether they like it or not.

    • 100%9jaPikin

      Ok. Get all your families and friends and go vote for him. Nigerians decided enough is enough. Feb14. GMB!

  • Ifeanyi Chukwujekwu

    We all expect Bokohari to win by landslide on social media!

    But when real folks vote, they will unmask the wolf in sheep clothing, by voting the:

    Bringer of Trains
    Bringer of Paddy Rice
    Bringer of good roads
    Bringer of vehicle manufacturers
    Bringer of Hope

    The Transformer

    His Excellency


    TILL 2019!

    • Maitama Tambari

      You are from South East planet call part of sixth Nigeria political zone that sees no wrong of this Administration that gathered the Alaba Traders and Aba shoe makers as its Advisers, courtesy Soludo. When you Find the PDP resorting to abuses like you it means that the head has ran out of ideas. Which agriculture are we talking of? Gombe is a bread basking of vegetables and grains, but this administration has ran the rural farmers out of business and left them with business of managing poverty while the traders have graduated into economic and information technology advisers. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

    • 100%9jaPikin

      Dream on idiots. They will win everywhere because they do not employ paid idiots. They represent what ordinary nigerian need and yearning for. Keep dreaming and turn those into songs. Jona will reimburse you big time. $70 billion is still in their kitty. Nigerians have nothing and we will use our natural God given will might to pluck, and flush you idiots out. Feb14 is the day.

  • Gloria Sunday

    APC has failed woefully this time. this is a product of not going to school, you tend to go left when others are going right vice versa .How can you be able to give accurate analysis on any fact without an understanding.

  • Preye Aganaba

    Buhari has plans on Agriculture ? yet PDP even asked APC to organise a debate for it’s candidate to attend and they chickened out.

    Shame on APC for attempting to force an incompetent man on Nigerians.

    GEJ till Buhari debates.

    • tundemash

      The shame is on your incubent govt begging the opposition for a debate …… look slike the hunter has now become the hunted.

      And by the way , where were you in 2011 when Dumbo dodged the Presidential debate but instead debated Dbanj ?

      • 100%9jaPikin

        Tunde. God bless you.

      • Debo

        I could remember clearly that the opposition then (GMB/Tiniunbu) shouted to the heavens in condemnation, so why are they doing the same thing now. Ok, let him debate with Dbanj, or any debate at all.

        • tundemash

          Go ahead and vote whom ever u want to vote. The hunter has become the hunted and feBuhari isn’t going to give your Dumbo ay leeway ! If it was good for Dumbo not to debate in 2011, why isn’t it good for feBuhari in 2015. According to you, GMB/Tinubu shouted then and heavens did not fall, so Dumbo, you and PDP can also shout now, nothing will happen ! You people should learn toto take as mch as you can give !
          Next e-rat please !!!

    • Debo

      He has plans to ban importation of rice, knowing fully well that with whats already on ground, its only a matter of time that imported rice cease to be competitive.

  • blueeyedkitten

    pdp on defence. ha!

  • geraldine jaja

    what ever the apc say is all rubbish because we all know the facts, GEJ’s agricultural policies are excellent

  • Enumah

    No matter what you do, you can’t and will never please everybody.

  • Those vouching for the tyrant ought to know better. What exactly did GMB do in his time which GEJ has not outdone in modern day?

  • Uncle Charlie

    GEJ has revitalized the agricultural sector in more ways than one. The issuances of service loans and trust funds have also helped those farmers in small scale businesses to also expand. the man ought to be commended

  • AdemolaO

    APC, just accept that you have nothing true counter GEJ’s truthful track record. Not only did he boost domestic production which earned the nation a special award by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, but he also greatly reduced fertilizer scam.

  • Franklin Coteh

    I wish more Nigerians realized that the APC has continuously resorted to propaganda in order to support its very week political debate. They have been axing their whole argument on bashing the Army, bashing the President and spreading lies about his true successes. People are still denying how deep of an impact the Agricultural Transformation Agenda has had on our country. But here you can read the truth: the changes brought by President Jonathan have been so incredible that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations deserved him an award for it. GEJ is a visionary whose true endeavour is not only to bring back Nigeria on its feet in many areas but to make it competitive in all of them.

  • Victor Tondibi

    The APC can talk all they want, Nigerians are taken them less and less seriously as their own bed of lies crumble under them. Many Nigerians realize their treachery and will vote PDP now. Buhari’s own fear to appear live on TV for a political debate only echoes his lack of a proper political program, but also his inability to face other candidates like GEJ who not only are better suited in the role of President but can support their achievements with figures and facts. Buhari only numbers are counted in terms of prisoners, dead and dodgy backers.