Nigeria2015: Ezeife, Osunbor, others say nine presidential candidates may step down for Jonathan

The National Unity Group, NUG, said on Saturday that nine presidential candidates in the February 14 presidential election may step down for President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The National Secretary of the group, Cairo Ojougboh, told journalists in Abuja that it had been meeting with the parties on the need for them to support Jonathan.

According to Mr. Ojougboh, who did not mention the candidates and their parties, though consultations would continue on February 1, the discussions so far had been fruitful. He said the PDP presidential campaign was satisfactorily progressing in the northern part of the country and urged the citizenry not to feel intimidated but to perform their civic responsibility of voting on election days.

“We are counting on all Nigerians, northerners especially, that they should not be intimidated, they should go out and vote massively for Mr President.

“For this country to remain united and for the progress we are experiencing now to continue, there is the need for all to cooperate with Mr. President and vote massively for the PDP,’’ he said.

Chris Ukpabi, who also spoke, said the group, having critically examined President Jonathan`s score cards in all sectors of the economy, was convinced that he was the right president for the country. He called on all Nigerians to support his re-election bid to enable him continue with his good works.

Also present at the briefing were Chukwuemeka Ezeife, a former governor of Anambra State and Oserheimen Osunbor, former governor of Edo State, among others.



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  • Abimbola

    Sai Buhari

  • djay

    looking for Gej largess

  • abeem

    Spot the difference: he-goat and Ezeife. The former governor of Anambra state needs rehabilitation to trim his goatee from the stolen $20 billion unremmitted crude oil proceeds and the 21 billion Naira election war chest raised by the PDPigs.

  • Wähala

    The ugliest He-Goat on earth is Chukwuemeka Ezeife, the xGov. of Anambra State whose only achievement in office was getting his Secretary pregnant. As if that was not enough, he also got his driver’s wife pregnant. That’s how repugnant Ezeife is. He is among the three Anam River Basin ex-Governors I’ve referenced extensively as “choir boys” for crumbs calling for re-election of corruption personified, Dr. Dumbo… others are, Mbadinuju and Peter Obi. Money-mad fake Igbos mainstream Ndigbo candidly loath. They’re scavengers and Atiliogu Dancers for a universally acclaimed failure, shameless animals disgracing Igbos, I hate them! It took the wise Obi of Onitsha to remind Dumbo that he has not kept his 2011 pre-election promises to Igbos viz: 2nd Niger Bridge, Dredging of River Niger, Onitsha Port, Owerri-Port Road, Onitsha-Enugu Express road, and a million other false promises. Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife is a Harvard-trained unemployed economist, does any discerning mind wonder why? No! It’s because of his smelling He-Goat antics for corruption… dirty ol’ clown. There are two Igbo candidates for the Presidency, why is Chukwuemeka Ezeife and those fake, yeye Igbo groups, Ohaneze ati MASSOB not supporting them? Instead, they’re trying to bribe them to step down for an Aborigine whose forefathers stole my grandfather’s houses in Pitakwa after classifying them, “Abandoned Property”. Maka Chukwu… how I wish I could light a match under Chukwuemeka Ezeife’s goatee, that would teach the clown not to go beyond speaking for his immediate family. Anu mpam. Anuohia. Anam-River osu… shameless He-Goat, the only animal known to “do” his mama. I wouldn’t put it past ugly Ezeife!

    • Chigbogu

      You are pouring insult on him because of his support for GEJ. I guess that makes you man. Jisike. Let another pour insults on you even as you have today. The respect you have given him as an elder let it be your portion. I hope you will be able to speak to strangers at the gate when the time comes and your people have need for such. Jisike , your father trained you well

      • Wähala

        He’s a baztard I’ve hated from that day news broke he got his Secretary pregnant-on-duty. It has nada to do with Dumbo bcos I know his support in this case is inconsequential as Nigerians across board will dump the corrupt creek crook… Ezeife or not, The mordafcuker!

    • Ibraheem Aruna

      You have lost the plot. It is too personal.

    • King Carlos

      Omo.. wahala…u dn finish ds goatie man o. Haba, wetin happen na? Lol

  • larry

    Buhari should step down ,so our party APC can present a candidate that can debate and win .

    • Sholoko


    • mc-done

      Why now! Why do you want Buhari to step down, now you have known that his not capable of ruling the nation. Don’t be ashamed of asking him to step down to GEJ, my dear Larry don’t follow party follow the person you believe not his party. Vote wisely, vote GEJ.

    • Maitama Tambari

      Larry, when’d you decamped from PDP to APC? Yesterday on one comment, you were PDP and today you are APC. Haba Larry. Where you dey, eh? CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • Gaskiya

    Let’s assume we have only 2 banks in Nigeria & the 2 Banks’ managers are Buhari & Jonathan, Buhari ‘s staff are Fashola, Fayemi, Kashim Shettima, Aregbesola, Amosun, Ajimobi, Okorocha, Amaechi & Lai Mohammed. Jonathan’s staff are Fayose, Obanikoro, Omisore, Asari Dokubo, Buruji Kashamu, Tompolo, Bode George and Modu Sheriff. Who would you bank your money with? Send to 15 ppl and see their reply, but answer me first!

    • idri bp

      Of course the integrity bank epitomized by GMB

      • Newsday

        “AIT OR NO AIT, THE ODDS FAVOUR PDP”……Brookings Institute, U.S.A

        The (Nigerian presidential) election is expected to be very
        competitive, the odds still favor President Jonathan. After suffering a wave of
        defections to the APC last year, including five of its governors, the PDP seems
        to have rebounded strongly. In the battleground South-west, for instance, the
        party won recent governorship elections in Ekiti State and got the governor of
        Ondo State to defect from the Labour Party to the PDP.

        The All Progressive Congress (APC) is the (opposition) party
        formed in February 2013 from a merger of three ethnically and regionally based
        political parties. The ruling party – PDP – is especially strong in the
        South-south where Jonathan comes from, the South-east and among Christians in
        the North.

        Again, while the PDP remains weak in the Muslim North, it
        has gained new influential members who decamped from the APC including the
        former governors of Kano and Borno States. And, of course, the PDP has power of

        January, 2015

        • Abdul

          Fake, this study was done last year, long before primaries were conducted, the study did not take into cognizance factors like implosion in PDP, successful conduct of APC primaries, current Buhari momentum.

          Jonathan is gone already.

        • Kunle

          In your dream. On FeBuhari 14 our national nightmare with Jonothing will be over… sai Buhari

        • Oriri

          Liar…. give us a link from where you got this so called news

        • Oriri

          First, the article in question was written by a Nigerian, Jideofor
          Adibe, a senior lecturer at Nasarawa State University, and not by
          Brookings Institution

    • mc-done

      No mater what happens so far GEJ is their in the bank, I will always bank with him, to avoid sharia banking system

      • Maitama Tambari.

        Sharia bank has no interest rate. You collect credit for a project and share with the bank the profit and or loss with it according to agree formula because of operation and administrative cost. If your fear is Sharia, what it means is Justice. The only country that follow sharia to the letter is USA. The Justice in USA does’t discrimate whether you are the President or an illegal migrant. That is what is called Sharia. Fairness without fa our. So shade out your fear about Justice cum Sharia.

        I will go fo General Moh. Buhari. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

      • Ha

        You are leaving in the past. many developed countries are now engaging Islamic banking in their system. Lloyds Bank of the UK is running an Islamic banking window which attracts huge customers. Check and see. The Nigerian Ja’iz Bank boasts large Christian customers. You are alone.

    • Alcindo Satori

      APC bank holds no charter, therefore is operating illegally. Until Buhari writes WAEC to demand for hours certificate, I’ll vote for GEJ!!

  • henry angelo

    Why are they holding back my comments, APC and corruption

  • henry angelo

    Please post my reply for Gaskiya’s question, why the delay,i was not rude, I was just being assertive

  • solozo

    Does settlement have anything to do with this decision? Are these people genuinely saying that PDP and this administration have satisfactorily ruled Nigeria in the last few years? If so, why were they contesting against the PDP in the first place? How many supporters did they originally have? Feb 14, please come quickly

  • sammyctu ode

    Ezeife is a very corrupt governor, totally bankrupt morally and a man who should shut up and die an agonizing death because this is one of the misguided Igbo so called leaders that is confusing and leading the Great Igbo Nation to penury. As for others, they are mere political jobbers who want to collect some money or have collected money from jonathan out of the N21 Billion donated to his campaign. All of them have no voice in their wards and villages. Useless men and women of yester years.

  • Ukpaka

    Between the 9 candidates, you will likely get some 57 votes. These guys are jokers. If you need to extort money from GEj (who’s known to not be the brightest person on earth) you’ll need to come up with a better business plan. This scam is dead on arrival. Yahoo yahoo boys can even come up with a better extortion gimmick.

  • Kunle

    Thieves and idiots voting for Jonothing No surprise there.

  • Spoken word

    Did we even know they were running.they want their own share of the national cake.

  • Oladele

    settlement contestants with bribe giver. He wanted all contestants to agree leaving him and Buhari so that a day to the election one rogue judge will claim they have disqualified Buhari so he can win unopposed. INEC will still hold the elections, we will go and vote and whatever was the outcome INEC will declare the winner. He would have outsmarted himself. If INEC tries anything funny we will not agree. Do you not see that they never left the certificate issue?

  • Wilson Esate

    What is so particular about the news of 9 presidential candidates planning to step down for Jonathan. They are irrelevant and of no significant electoral value as none of them can score more than 1000 votes. I think they are all looking forward to a settlement. They should go ahead and collect whatsoever is offered them as this will not change anything in the equation.

  • samson john

    GEJ will win no matter wat u guys say

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    GEJ 2019

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