Jonathan will win across board – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has reviewed its presidential campaigns so far and submitted that with the overwhelming support from Nigerians across the six geo-political zones, it is sure that President Goodluck Jonathan will win convincingly by over 64 percent.

PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, who stated this while fielding questions from journalists in Abuja on Friday also said that President Jonathan was well received in the north, noting that the isolated cases of attacks on his convoy by a handful of sponsored miscreants in some northern states does not in anyway reflect the true feelings of the region regarding the President.

“Our campaigns have been very successful and the President has been wonderfully received by Nigerians in all parts of the country. We have ran a superior campaign with our record of performance and Nigerians are convinced that the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its Presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari are no alternatives to the PDP and President Jonathan. If elections hold today, it is certain that President Jonathan will record a sweeping victory across board. In fact, we will win with over 64 percent”, Metuh said.

The PDP spokesman said the campaigns have thrown up very salient issues including exposing the emptiness of the APC and its flagbearer, their lack of policy direction, lack of capacity and right temperament to handle the complexity of leadership at the highest level.

He said the APC has shown that it has nothing to offer Nigerians apart from propaganda, insults, promoting of violence, wild allegations and impracticable promises adding also that Nigeria are not comfortable with the caliber of their candidates and leaders who have proven to be “desperate and selfish.”

Stating that the APC has continued to expose its insincerity, Mr. Metuh dismissed promises by APC leaders that they will solve Nigeria’s problems a year and end insurgency in four months. He recalled Mr. Buhari’s statement in a recent interview he granted The Cable News, an online news platform, in which he admitted that “for any body to come and create an impression that he can work wonders is a lie”.

Mr. Metuh also quoted Mr. Buhari in the same interview as saying that “Nigerians have to be prepared to suffer for at least five more straight years before we can stabilize this country” arguing that such is an admission that the APC presidential candidate has no clear-cut blue print for governance. He said Buhari’s body language and utterances have continued to betray his inner acceptance of incompetence and lack of capacity to move Nigeria to the next level.

Also reacting to the unsavoury utterances of some support groups and individuals canvassing for votes for the President, Mr. Metuh said although the party was not responsible for the utterances, it has already taken precautionary measures to check such in the overall interest of the nation. He said President Jonathan enjoys the support of a majority of Nigerians and not only from the South South.

“President Jonathan can even be more loved in Sokoto than in Bayelsa his home state, President Jonathan can even be more loved in the South-West than the South-South. Mr. President is not an Ijaw President but the President of the entire nation,” Mr. Metuh said.

He therefore urged all supporters of the PDP and the President to be guided by the lofty founding ideals of the PDP for which it enjoys the support of Nigerians.


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  • Spoken word

    He probably means win across his cupboard

    • KD

      Lol !!

  • segun

    Is Olisa Metuh, PDP spokesperson perpetually drunk?

    • Ekerete Etukudo

      No he’s not! The problem is your perpetual yoruba mindset of deceit!

      • segun

        Whereby the Ijaw President gave money and license to Ijaw terrorist Mr. GOVERNMENT Tompolo to buy SIX WARSHIPS ready to commence Ijaw terrorism when the Ijaw President Goodluck Jonathan loses-abi? Is that the perpetual deceit you are talking about Mr. Olisa Metuh, PDP and Ijaw president errand boy?

        • OZ

          He gave money to buy warship…and so what? Give me 15 reasons why it is wrong. Better get set. longer shall parasites be allowed to touch the wealth of the SS again. NEVER!

          • Separate Us…

            If u can stand on ur own so be it,most countries has no crude yet they doing great! Tired of these treats from some of u guys here.

          • segun

            Oz, we are on the same page. In Ijaw tribal logic, it is not wrong for the Ijaw President-Mr. Goodluck Jonathan to give his Ijaw terrorist -Tompolo – “their” /”our” oil money to buy WARSHIPS!!! Nothing wrong my broda. This is the reason Nigerians want a Nigerian president and NOT an Ijaw president-hence FeBUHARI 14th. See what I mean Izon man?

  • WALE

    Mr Metsu has never spoken the truth all his life.He is just waking from slumber.If they have 30 percent vote cast,it must be query.Failure P.D.P

  • anneedu

    Sure he will win no doubts no matter the obstacles

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    A confession of delusion in the face of certain defeat in two weeks, Olisa is entitled to his demons of flattery .

  • Preco01

    Delusion of grandeur!

  • Truthometer

    Dream dream dream. Dumbo can only win any election again, if only he is contesting in either Mars or Jupiter. Vote for GMB!

  • Aminulahi Aminu

    Buhari is our choice.

    • Otile

      Modern technology is wonderful, see how a handful of Yorubas from different scenes in Osun state are merged in a photoshop to give appearance of a mammoth crowd make-believe.

      Sai FailBuhari.

      • Funso

        Ọmọ àlè ni Otile.

      • PROF

        We like to see buhari at the debate. He should come with his translator.

        • checkmate

          Where was Jonathan in 2011 when Buhari and other candidates had the debate? I guess he couldn’t get his translator that’s why he did not show up. Oh! I remember it’s because of his Intellectual laziness. He knew he could not compete against the candidates.

  • Alcindo Satori

    There is no question, when you hold the position of undisputed leadership, your greatest competition is with yourself! And nothing is more extraordinary in that contest, than when you succeed again!! GEJ ’til 2019!!!

  • olabisi abdulsalam

    You will be forced to eat the humble pie come FFEBUHARI 14. Try and be a realist for once. Niger zone B senitoral seat which you rigged just fell. Nigerians are waiting for you and your dirty game plan. Lets see how you will rig when BUHARI wins with a clear margin. Day of reckoning is near.

  • Alcindo Satori

    Like I said before, Mitt Romney has just announced his decision NOT to make a third run for the white house. Hear him — “After putting considerable thought into making another run for president, I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee,” he said. Continuing “I would have the best chance of beating the eventual democrat nominee, but that is before the other contenders have had the opportunity to take their messages to the voters.”
    But Buhari is running a 4th, I mean 4TH campaign; and at age 72? Totally unprecedented! That guy is shameless!!

  • Dunamis

    Dat’s an undisputed fact. GEJ till weneva he wants to leave joor

  • Odumakin


    “Kill PDP before it kills all of us…” ———–Buhari (Whie campaigning in Benin City on 30.1.2015) Vanguard newspapers

    But this man is never tired of killing and asking people to kill

    • Otile

      Well Mohamed needs more blood. He must be very thirty in hell.

      • Funso

        Otile, ọmọ àlè.

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè


    A group of Nigerian Army officers involved in operations against Islamist insurgents tagged “Operation Zaman Lafiya” have written an open letter detailing a series of problems bedeviling their military operations.

    The officers called on President Goodluck Jonathan to investigate massive looting of funds meant for military operations. They also urged President Barack Obama of the United States and United Nations Secretary General Banki Moon to put pressure on Mr. Jonathan to engage in fighting a more focused war on Islamist terror.

    In the open letter titled “State of Operations In The North East As Observed By Some Concerned Officers,” the officers said:

    1. We the concerned officers participating in the North East Operation Zaman Lafiya do resolve to write this letter for the following reasons:

    a. To save our country Nigeria.

    b. To stop the bloodshed of innocent officers, soldiers and civilians in the North East.

    c. To appeal to the president of the United State of America Mr. Barrack Obama, United Nation Secretary General Mr. Banki Moon and other world leaders to as quickly as important to intervene and urge President Goodluck Jonathan to do the needful in addressing the issue of insurgency in Nigeria especially in the North East.

    2. As members of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is our responsibility to defend our country Nigeria which we are ever ready to do so as the call arises. But firstly, the civil authority has the first responsibility to equip us effectively to enable us to carry out such task. This is common practice all over the world. As professional officers and soldiers, we did not want to go public with details of our frustrations concerning this operation because doing so will boast the moral[e] of our enemy. But the persistent neglect of our plight made us to do otherwise.

    3. It is well known fact that of recent, a commanding officer from this theater of operation wrote a letter to our President intimating him of a few out of numerous problems affecting us in this operation which we believe Mr. President will address. It appears Mr. President has chosen to ignore it because none of his relations are among us. In this 21st century, how can an accused [be] a judge of his own case? That letter clearly exposed the rot within the military authorities concerning this operation. This is because, the Army authority that was accused of poor administration in that letter, set up a kangaroo investigation that harass[ed], intimidate[d], and forced the officer to deny the authorship of the letter.

    4. We authoritatively learned that, the Army authority succeeded in forcing the officer to deny the letter through the Provost Marshal (Army) who happen[ed] to be of the same tribe with the officer concern[ed]. For President Goodluck Jonathan to ignore such kind of allegation made us to believe the rumor going round that he has a hand or knowledge in the so-called Boko Haram. We are also aware of how the funds meant for these operations are being looted through the office of the Chief of Training and Operations, Major General J.A.H. Ewansiha. Despite our strong [belief] in democracy, we condemn a democratic government that condones corruption, especially in its military. The President is reported to always turn a blind eye to issues of corruption. For instance, the ADC to Mr.President is presently one of the richest officers in the army. He owns properties in choice places all over the country and even abroad. We are going to make public details of his wealth and assets at the appropriate time.

    5. We are appealing to all well meaning Nigerians and leaders of International Community to please speak out with loud voice in [order] to make President Jonathan to constitute an independent high-powered committee to investigate the content of that letter written to him by the commanding officer. Should this request be ignored, the resultant consequence could only be imagined.

    6. We stand bold to state that we are speaking the minds of all the officers and soldiers in Operation Zaman Lafiya.

    Concerned Officers and Soldiers of Operation Zaman Lafiya

  • Tunsj

    Wrong all the time!! You and your boss, Jonathan, should keep on dreaming.

  • arinze uba

    In GEJ we trust,he has done a nice work. Let’s support him to do more,vote for GEJ for continuity.

  • pdp mouthpiece

    “Jonathan will win across board” – Jokers!!!

    Here is what the PDP director of media and publicity campaign org had to say about his faith in Jonathan:


    -CRAMJONES (Femi Kayode – Nairaland – 30 January 2015)

    • burning spear

      B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G News!!!
      “Igbos Hate Me Because of Biafra War” – Buhari In BBC Hausa.

      Maj Gen Muhammadu Buhari has dropped the bombshell, on the reason he has been losing election in Igboland and parts of Nigeria where Igbos are residing, stating that it is because he was involved in the Nigerian civil war. …

      The former dictator speaking today on BBC Hausa services monitored in kaduna, said with regrets that, “the igbos hate him for what happened during the Biafran war”. “I don’t have any regret, and at such do not owe any apology to them, infact if there is a repeat of the civil war again, I will kill more Igbos to save the country”.

      The APC presidential candidate, added that this was the reason they never bothered to vote for him anywhere in Nigeria.

      It is shame, that a man that is aspiring to rule the whole country, not part of it, will talk in this manner.


      • Otile

        @Deri, cutoff this rubbish. Your primitive ancestors put Nigeria intothe present mess. When they were signing the master-slave bond with the Devil what were they thinking? Didn’t they understand that the
        devil himself is like Islam, once you are in you are in, no going out until you die. Do yo think the Fulanis will ever leave Ijaws alone?

        When Isaac Adaka Boro treacherously invited them what was the outcome? When he surrendered Pitakwa to them didn’t they send Benjamin Adekunle to waste him? When Saro Wiwa smuggled them to Elem what became of Ogoniland? They made sure they eliminated the traitor, and till today half of Ogoni is occupied by the Fulani. I visited Bori and saw for myself that the Fulanis own the place more than Ogoni natives. I tell
        you if they murder President they will come down hard on Bayelsa Ijaws and feed you people to the vultures.

        Be careful, we may like to defend you people but perharps before we cross to Nembe, Brass, Yenagoa
        etc it may be too late, thousands of bodies may be floating on the waters and the vultures will be overflying us carrying away your dead bodies.

        • Funso

          Where is your cerptificate? There will not be election without this cerptificate? Nigeria will fall without this safitikate? Otile omo ale are you tired of this cerPtificate? How can someone without cerptitifcate govern u. “Phd” cerptificate is better than all cerpitificate. If you do not have cerptificate you cannot contest. eh eh this forgery, eh eh e this perjury , you must show your cerpitificate TODAY!!! Small Boy, we TIRED you out. The Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Fraud is so dubious, they think they are smart. Bring up any other rubbish we will smash it. Yeye people !!! Show me your CerPitifikate!!!

      • mike

        Oga you can lie o!

      • Desmond

        Can igbos and Ijaw vote make Jonathan win this election? capital NO day time dreaming

  • Otile

    We thought one hopeless Endingnaija was dead, but as the devil would have it he changed his con-name to Funso, bibi, and Benson Idahosa. The animal goes by different names depending on which paper; for instance in Vanguard they caught him posing with a woman’s photo as Rose Grants. They also caught him calling himself “IS.JESUS.CHRIST.A.CHRISTIAN”

    I want everybody to recognize the omo ale and ignore him, let him continue wasting his idle time insulting decent people. I am glad we held or dignity and ignored him to death when he was posing as Endingnaija. Just isloate him, treat him as a leper.


    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè, you sef dey talk? I just laaafu. Where is your CerPitifikate? You are not talking about this sapitificate any longer? Why? Is the payment from the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Fund drying up? Now you have to show your cerPitifikate!!! I guess that is no longer flying. Nigerian people have frustrated you people.!!!! Paid PDP Goodluck Jonathan Clones!!!

  • Olu from South Africa

    I find this hilarious and decide to share it. Prayer without action is an effort in futility. Is this how other world leaders are laid hands upon before they can succeed with mandates bestowed them? Leadership is not rocket science but when interior motives of stealing public funds set in it becomes difficult to achieve even the simplest stuff. Sycophants laying hands on Mr president whose contract will soon expire. Shame.

    • Funso

      Thanks Olu! That is our President -Goodluck Jonathan-with “Phd” CerPitifikate!!! I just laughed!!!

      • Olu from South Africa

        What a wonderful opportunity to give a dirty knock on the head!

    • Ebele

      Are they cursing him? He is so dumb. That’s why he doesn’t know what to do. A confused mind indeed!

  • olotito

    Awon Ole akotileta…when our clueless president is saying this am quite sure he is planning to rig…jungle don mature…Nigerians can now see things…CHANGE WE WANT

  • tundemash

    Again, these were some of Dumbo’s promises in 2011 electioneering campaign with dates and location:

    In Asaba on February 26 2011, he announced that the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation would create jobs for over 5,000 youths in the region; promised to transform the Nigerian oil and gas industry and make it the destination of choice for investors in Africa; convene a stakeholders meeting across the country where communities will be able to determine their priority programmes.

    In Abakaliki on Feb 25 2011, he promised the South East geo-political zone priority attention, especially in fixing its dilapidated road network and in healthcare delivery; dualize the Enugu-Abakaliki Express Road within one year; convert the Federal Medical Centre in Abakaliki to a teaching hospital.

    In Enugu on February 12 2011, he promised to stamp out kidnapping, ensure facilities that would enhance the enterprising spirit of the Igbo; upgrade the Enugu airport to international level; dredge the River Niger; build a dry port in Aba for easy access to Igbo traders; and complete the Second Niger Bridge.

    In Lokoja on February 21 2011, he promised to revive the Ajaokuta Steel Complex and the Itakpe Iron Ore Company; explore the agricultural potential of the state to boost food security; establish a new federal university; ensure the speedy completion of the Lokoja-Abuja road project, and dredge the lower and upper River Niger.

    This is January/February 2015 and it’s a repeat of same unfulfilled promises !


    Maybe in is hometown otuoke…not in Nigeria again…The agent of CHANGE is here GMB.#CHANGE

    • Funso

      Thanks! He will go and eat his “Phd” cerPitifikate in Otuoke after FeBUHARI 14th!!! CHANGE is here

  • kday

    They can believe what they want. FEBUHARI 14 is around the corner. Nigerians will get a chance to give PDP and Dr. Dumbo their report card.



  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    GEJ is democratic to the core unlike his opponent(General Buhari; ex-military dictator).
    GEJ remains man of the people. The choice of the majority of Nigerians. Minority may have their say, but majority have their way.
    Nothing has changed in the life of the old General(BUHARI) who had ruled Nigeria with iron fist and draconian decrees. That was why Nigerians detested and voted against him when he contested presidential elections in 2003, 2007 and 2011. I dont know why Buhari thinks that he has changed. But cannot deceive Nigerians. Once a General is always a General.


    • mike

      GEJ is democratic for where? Is it where 5>26 or where 16>19 or where 7>19?
      GEJ is just a gentle tyrant who believes in quietly using impunity to achieve his aims.

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        Hahahaha. GEJ is executive officer and cannot do the work of legislature nor judiciary.

  • true talk

    On a lighter note: If you like, tell me that Buhari went
    only to almajiri school,
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Tell me that Buhari never attended any school before
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Tell me Buhari was actually raised in the Bush by
    wild animals
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Tell me Buhari is actually an Alien from mars
    I will vote for Buhari.
    Tell me that Buhari is actually 100 years old
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Tell me that Buhari has a AIDS, EBOLA, MARBUG,
    I Will still vote for buhari
    during his tenure,
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Tell me that during Buhari’s tenure people had to
    apply to
    government and get approval before they urinate,
    eat or drink,
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Tell me that Nigeria would be better than paradise
    in 4years if i vote Goodluck,
    I will still vote for Buhari.
    Last hun? If you like kill or kidnap Buhari
    I will still Vote for his Picture…
    Save your words, save your energy, save your
    keyboards, save
    your time, and leave me alone,
    # BuhariAddicted
    # IhaveDecidedtoVoteBuhariOsinbajo …
    Join me if you truly desire a better Nigeria
    If you have negative thought Keep it to yourself
    instead of saying shit here hey!

    • Otile


  • Omoagunmate

    Blah blah blah… pigs can fly blah blah… 14 days to FeBuhari FOURTEEN, bring it on,

    A vote for Buhari/Osinbajo is a:

    vote for positive change
    vote for a new and a better Nigeria.
    Vote for a stronger Nigeria that we can all be proud of
    vote for security of life and property
    vote for integrity and rule of law
    vote for strong leadership
    vote against corruption and impunity

    and a vote for Goodluck Jonathan/Sambo is a:

    vote for more of thesame
    vote for “corruption is just stealing”
    vote for reckless abandon of responsibility
    vote for weak and bad leadership
    vote for a president that “don’t give a damn”
    vote for waste and corruption in the “living room of power”
    vote for lies and impunity
    vote for more blood on our streets

    Enough of mumbo jumbo
    Enough of Dumbo/Sambo
    vote out Jonadaft

    • Olu from South Africa

      That’s tip of an iceberg.

  • Concerned

    A democratic party will not present a sole presidential candidate!

    Given the internationally recognised closeness of the margins between the presidential candidates – a 65% share of the votes by GEJ can only be achieved through monumental rigging.

  • Olamide Adeyemi

    Jonathan is really doing without any doubt, seeing is believing. this is talkanddo regime……..thumb up for u Mr President. #GEJ4Naija

  • Olamide Adeyemi

    Oga Jonah na you biko………….2015 is very sure for you. #GEJ4Naija

  • mohammed sekinat

    Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is our man, carry on with good work…… jonathan all the way. #GEJ4Naija

  • mike

    Metuh, always living in a fools paradise. If you think your rotten party will win in this Febuhari 14 election then you have another think coming.
    Stop day dreaming. Just go and buy shoe racks for your oga at the top. He will need it when he goes back to Otueke.

  • Hussein Abubakar


  • Hussein Abubakar

    Only the blind we say what GEJ done for Nigerians….. the transport sector transformed, education, agriculture etc, what else do you want, abeg jonathan you have done more than enough carry go with your good work. #GEJ4Naija

  • Elis Davia

    The massive turn out of people in all the states President GEJ visited clearly indicates how he is loved and accepted by people.

  • Elis Davia

    President GEj is man that doesn’t believe in tribalism, He is a true democrat.

  • samson john

    There is no better candidate bt GEJ,he’s d best.GMB cant do anything he as no good plan for dis country dnt be deceive vote for d right candidate in d person of GEJ

  • Yinka Folarin

    GEJ is definitely coming back because he has shown himself to have good temperament and humility to lead a country like Nigeria.

  • Femi Olukiran

    APC should keep on trying to deceive Nigerians with unrealistic programs and utterances , cos it is obvious they are hungry for power without a vision.

  • taiwo

    Jega must be monitored properly because the news am hearing about the distribution of PVC and its concentration in the northwest isn’t appealing at all.No body should be allowed to set this country backward.An iliterate jackboot must not be allowed to rule this country ever

  • Dan Fulani

    You know how people think they know a lot about governance but when faced with the actual business of governance they can’t do anything… GEJ should just come back as our president..shikena.

  • Segun

    It is obvious that PDP will win despite Jega’s wuruwuru

  • Eniola Adeola

    Jonathan all the way,Jega your plans have all failed.

  • Akinwande Kolawole

    Truth be told..No matter Jonathan’s flaws,no progressive society will substitute him for Buhari..Why not other better qualified candidates from APC..why must we even think about returning power to North worst still Buhari of all people.

    • checkmate

      So your issue now is not Buhari, but North. You are a bigot and ethnic jingoist.

  • Ademola Arowosaye

    Today, I challenge those supporting Pa Buhari to tell Nigerians just FIVE developmental PROJECTS that he (Buhari) executed when he was Head of State between 1983 and 1985.
    As for me, I am saying it categorically that:
    “One thousand Muhammadu Buharis cannot match one Goodluck Jonathan in terms of tolerance, compassion, performance or output. Buhari cannot even begin to understand the complex nature of the economy or the immense problems we are facing in this country, and that explains why he said he would tackle Nigeria economic crisis by STABLISING PRICE OF CRUDE OIL.
    President Jonathan not only understands the economic issues and he is making gallant efforts at resolving them.”
    Let Pa Buhari’s supporters, including Tinubu, Fayemi, Amaechi, Lai Mohammed and others tell us FIVE major achievements of Buhari when he was Head of State.

    • Truthometer

      Why are you changing names here and there? In a minute, from Akinwale Kolawole to Ademola Arowosaye? Why is everything associated with PDP must be fraudulent? What fake names are you changing to next? Vote for GMB!

      • Ademola Arowosaye

        really?changing names? sound strange. I should be worried because at your age you are still acting as a thug to a grandpa. Is new Greece PM not your age mate? shame on you and your GMB.

        • Truthometer

          You are busted, bro. Vote for GMB!

    • PROF

      Buhari is a should stop avoiding the debate ,cos of his English

      • Factual

        What stopped Jonathan from attending the debate in 2011 with all his so called “PhD”? Was it his INTELLECTUAL LAZINESS or his ENGLISH?

  • Sani Danladi

    The generation of APC & their politically blind-folded followers is a wasted generation embodied against equal opportunities & betterment of the vast majority of Nigerian masses. Their poise towards Janjaweed politics & low-quality propaganda coupled with evil perpetration in secrecy & denial plus accusation of opposition in the public are enough for us (WE THE PEOPLE) to diagnose that putting a confidence in them (APC) is like chewing with a sore tooth. We cannot afford to live in pains & aches while our collective psyche is at stake. GEJ till 2019 GOD BLESS NIGERIA

  • Timothy Aseer

    100 million bokobuhari cannot rule Nigeria. Bokohari will weep again and maybe go on exile to sambisa forest, to rule over his sects or form his parallel govt in that forest.
    A stark illiterate, a fraudulent character, with a forged certificate cannot rule in the midst of elites.

  • Musa Yaro

    From Tafawa Balewa to Gen. Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi to Gen. Yakubu Gowon to Gen. Murtala Mohammed to Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo to President Shehu Shagari to Maj. Gen. Buhari to Gen. Ibrahim Babangida to Chief Ernest Shonekan to Gen. Sani Abacha to Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar to President Olusegun Obasanjo to President Umaru Musa Yar’adua to President Goodluck Jonathan. Count and it will occur to you that President Jonathan is the 14th Head of Govt/President of Nigeria. How fitting that the 14th will be re-elected on the 14th of Feb! ‪#‎GEJisit‬✓

    • kick ’em out

      HAHAHA!!! Musa Yaro, Stay as Yaro forever. Yaro never Knows. Pity you

  • Aisha

    It is a sure bet for PDP. APC is only making noise.

  • Aisha

    South east, South South, North Central and North east are for PDP. This is for sure.

  • taiwo

    Over 500 innocent Nigerians died instantly, most of them youth corpers because buhari lost 2011 election, and some dey shout sai Buhari,think am nah if na ur pikin or sibling follow die and you dey shout sai buhari,is he the most competent candidate in the north?.

  • Pam Daylop

    Change that has no meaning. Change that is self-serving. Indeed a miserable change. So the way to convince Nigerians on what this seemingly incapacitated 73yrs old man can do is only to shout change! change !! to the sky? Quite a pity! A man whose entire career’s centered on fanatical philosophy?

  • taiwo

    Something very funny but ironical happened yesterday at APC rally in Lagos.
    As APC members were busy floating the sky with their brooms shouting “We no want umbrella again..We want change.. (though I don’t know how much change they are asking for)” Lo and behold, suddenly rain started. And all the brooms went down immediately giving way for the umbrellas to float the sky. In fact no one knew how the magic happened(which means they equally carried umbrellas along in a dry sesaon) … But its real…
    The truth is that what we really need at this point in our nation is an umbrellas not broom.

    What is ur take on this?
    Handwriting on the wall?
    Well time will Tell!

    • Ebele

      For how long will you be carrying a useless umbrella that will not protect you from the HEAT of the wicked PDPigs?

  • Uche ogbonna

    Definitely, he will win by a greater margin.The APC presidential candidate has nothing to offer to the populace, on a personal note i think his presidential aspiration is a mission in futility

  • olamide martins

    This guy known as buhari is not an aspirant that can contend with goodluck. its an absolute mismatch, the result is obvious and goodluck will come out victorious

  • tunji braimoh

    After the elections these APC e rats screaming sai buhari will turn their chants to chai buhari like my ibo neighbours will say

  • Aisha

    I prefer Mr Metu to Lia Muhammed. he is calm and calculative. I hope APC will emulate him.

    • charles peters

      Yes Metu is more calculative

  • Ebele


  • Deltans


  • charles peters

    aisha I support u, Oga Metu is better and more organised in speeches and character.

  • khalid shehu

    We all believe that President Jonathan will back to power by Gods grace and lets join hands together and make it happen and forget about the haters. #GEJ4Naija.

  • henry angelo

    He is president of the nation not a president of a particular region, all Buhari is planning is to hijack the nations resources to the north

  • Comfortkay

    People destruction Party (PDP) please keep on dreaming. Miserable parasites. Your time is Up.

  • taiwo

    Just finished watching a video clip of the interview on sahara reporters conducted between Metuh and Lai Mohammed.The Metuh guy exhibited great intelligence and political dexterity answering the questions put to him effortlessly and intelligently unlike Mr Mohammed that was stuttering and gazing into his papers like a dumb fella,at a stage a lady was even shown with Mohammed giving him hints on what to answer.Turned out that Mr rabble rouser of a propagandist(Liar Mohammed)is the actual dumbo after all

    • seriously

      Liars aka 419 are sweet talker isnt it ? Thats the reason we are in the mess you find Nigeria today. If articulation is how you base performance not action, then you deserve the govt you get, ODE.BTW, your assessment of the interview is off, you cant even comprehend the interview you watched on SR. NA WA O.

  • anneedu

    Sure he will win

  • ucheJ

    GEJ will surly win, he is a man who has the inrest of the nation at heart, he is also a president of the nation not president of a particular region, what GMBi wants to do is to tun Nigeria into Islamic Cuntry and hijack resources to the north but we shall never let that to happen let us together vote for a man who have our inrest at heart GEJ.

  • LindaO

    President GEJ is making sure that every precaution is taken so that his victory will not be contestable. It will be a proud day when he wins the fairest and freest elections of our hsitory, despite the intimidation and slander that has been shamelessly going on in the ranks of the APC.

  • AdemolaO

    GEJ is back in the polls and he will certainly win indeed. After suffering a wave of defections to the APC last year, including five of its governors, the PDP seems to have rebounded strongly. In the battleground South-West, for instance, the party won recent governorship elections in Ekiti State and got the governor of Ondo State to defect from the Labour Party to the PDP. The party is especially strong in the South-South (where Jonathan comes from), the South-East and among Christians in the North. Again, while the PDP remains weak in the Muslim North, it has gained new influential members who decamped from the APC including the former governors of Kano and Borno States. Some are missing the point because they listen to both prose and poetry of the APC. All that the APC wants from the ongoing process is change for the sake of change. The nature of the change has not been properly interrogated because Buhari the change agent being taunted shall flunk big time on all indices if brought under scrutiny. He is being protected and guided by sheer propaganda to the presidency.

  • Franklin Coteh

    While most forecasts by foreign poll institutions have given Jonathan as the winner (take the Brookings Institution/Africa Growth Initiative for example, who has rated President Goodluck Jonathan as the favourite to win the February 14 presidential polls), 64% seems optimistic. Nevertheless we should hope that he scores such a number and crushes by the same way any detractors who would try and contest the legitimacy of his election if the scores were to be closer.

  • Victor Tondibi

    The APC supporters should take good note of what is written in this article. Buhari has been nothing than the APC’s puppet. His true political program is empty and to cover it he’s been using delirious promises and propaganda. Everyone must understand that to bring deep changes to Nigeria, political, social and economical reforms must be undertaken on a long run to be effective. We can already see a glimpse of our future with the way our economy has been diversified, the way that we can stabilize as the top country in Africa despite terrible setbacks like the Ebola outbreak. This country needs someone with the proper qualifications to be President and to drive us forward, not some dusty dictator like GMB.