Nigerian military confirms PREMIUM TIMES report on arrest of Generals over Baga attack

The Nigerian military on Friday confirmed a PREMIUM TIMES exclusive report revealing the arrest of generals and senior officers following the fall of Baga to Boko Haram terrorists.

The Defence spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, in a statement said, “Nigerian officers in key command positions of the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) are in the process of accounting for their actions leading to the loss of weapons, men and location in their area of responsibility in the mission area.”

Mr. Olukolade said the process is essential in extracting and collating relevant information for subsequent missions.

He also said the interrogation of the top officers would help determine appropriate disciplinary measures where necessary.

PREMIUM TIMES had on Thursday exclusively reported how a Brigadier General, Enitan Ransome-Kuti, his Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel G.A. Suru and some other senior officers were arrested by the authorities of the Nigerian military for failing to repel the January 3 attack on the headquarters of the Multinational Joint Task Force, MNJTF, in Baga.

Mr. Ransome-Kuti, the Commander of the MNJTF, his Chief of Staff and the other senior officers, are being held at the officers’ Mess of the 21 Armoured Brigade in Maiduguri, shortly after they arrived Maiduguri from Monguno where they and their troops took refuge after they were dislodged from Baga.

Sources told this newspaper that among those arrested are the Commanding Officers of the 134 and 174 Battalions — a Lieutenant Colonel Haruna and a Major Aliyu. The two battalions are under the MNJTF but were also dislodged from their locations during the Boko Haram offensive of January 3.

Mr. Aliyu is an acting commanding officer of the 134 battalion. PREMIUM TIMES learnt that the substantive commanding officer of the battalion, a Lieutenant Colonel Etang is already facing court-martial following a previous attack on his battalion on November 5, 2014.

Our sources said military authorities are disappointed that the attack on Baga was not repelled by troops of both battalions and the MNJTF headquarters despite all weapons made available to them.

Also, it was revealed that the Brigade Commander of the 5 Brigade, Monguno, Brigadier General Yekini, who was injured in the Monguno attack on Sunday, is yet to be arrested because he is still receiving treatment for injuries sustained during the attack, PREMIUM TIMES reported.

He has been placed under close watch on his hospital bed, and might be fully detained once he is discharged from hospital, our sources said.


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  • Wähala

    Unless Brig. Gen. Yekini got shot in the back portion as he ran from the enemy, I really wonder why they want to arrest a soldier wounded in action, it just doesn’t add up. Per Brig. Gen. Enitan Ransome-Kuti, he damn sure deserves to lose his boots for going AWOL for four days. If his “Ransome-Kuti” has any relationship to the famous family the world respects, he definitely did not display the kind of bravery late Fela displayed when he (Fela) fought Obasanjo with his bare knuckles wearing only underwear… Enitan ought to be striped naked and walloped 24strokes of koboko before Army sentencing. Oloshi… Coward!

    • Otile

      You are an unjust Nazi-brainwashed man. What are the southern soldiers fighting for in the first place? Why not come back, join the army and liberate Madinatul Islam for us? Patriotism my foot.


      Late Beko Ransome-Kuti’s son !!

      • Wähala

        Beko’s son?
        Thanks oo! Didn’t know that even though I had read somewhere he’s Fela’s nephew. Probably rolled himself a joint and docked in a motel with one refugee woman rather than lose his balls to those heartless Bokos. Who can blame him, with a good catch… no need for phone calls.

      • Funso

        It is getting late. You have to show Nigerians your Cerptficate otherwise no election!!!

        You are no longer talking about this cerpitificate “saga” again? Are you people TIRED? Have you asked his wife to show her marriage cerPitificate too? Small minded people will never stop amusing us!

  • Alouche

    Nigerian soldiers! Their capacity for cowardice is legendary. I will continue to say that the Nigerian military is divided into two groups – the class of frolicking generals drinking pepper soup and chasing small small girls when they are not holed up in air-conditioned offices, and the hordes of illiterate rank and file busy harassing civilians with guns given to them to protect the civilian population. The act of cowardice therefore did not start in the battlefield; it was cultivated over time from situations such as the one that was caught on camera when a truck load of fully armed soldiers led by a certain General Arogundade would pounce on a completely defenseless young lady. That is the classic definition of cowardice. This has gone on unchecked for years, now they are carrying over to the battlefield. They are simply not prepared for real enemies with half their strength but ready to fight with all they’ve got. Until the Nigerian military are prepared to reform themselves psychologically, the situation would simply get worse.

    • Sams

      Wow!!! No one can say it better. God bless you.

  • Was it not the same Brig. General Enitan Ransome-Kuti who a few months back almost lost his life and was wounded in an offensive against Boko Haram. If so, why was he not relieved to go off duty to convalesce?

    • Otile

      This is outrageous. This man should not lose life over the hopeless boko
      haram terrorism. Gen Ransome Kuti did not cause the war unlike Buhari.

      • Buhari did not invent Boko Haram, It was Jonathan’s good friend Modu Sheriff who did with PDP as collaborators, now Jonathan as facilitator.

      • Funso

        Show us your cerPitificate!!!

  • Otile

    The names of the gallant soldiers they are planning to court-marshal sound southern. No southerner should be killed or punished further for boko haram related palava. Leave our people, let the Mohammedans kill themselves if they like.

  • logmein2nite

    Why all the sudden show of strength in dealing with this insurgency? Why does EFCC suddenly wakes up to chase corrupt ex-governors and ministers around? Why the sudden reduction in price of petrol/kerosene? Why the premature launching of uncompleted projects? Too little, too late. We know all this fake love affair (smoochie and lovey dovey) will end on February 2015 once we vote for you GEJ. You and PDP is like dudes trying to get inbetween the legs of a pretty babe. We know what your’e up to – sweet tongue us, rape and dump us till 2019, and we’re not going to let you this time. Arrest all the Generals in Nigeria if you like – we already have a date with destiny. 14th FeBuhari.

    • Otile

      Insha Allah on FailBhari 14, your date with destiny will go sour, for Imam Buhari will lose big. He is no good.

      • Funso

        Where is your CerPitificate?

  • I wonder if the founders, sponsors and users of BOKO Haram had been arrested, more civilian and military lives would have been saved.

  • Otile

    We thought one hopeless Endingnaija fellow was dead, but as the devil would
    have it he changed his con-name to Funso, bibi, and Benson Idahosa.
    The animal goes by different names depending on which paper; for
    instance in Vanguard they caught him posing with a woman’s photo as Rose
    Grants. They also caught him calling himself

    I want everybody to recognize the aṣiwèrè and ignore him, let him continue wasting his idle time
    insulting decent people. I am glad we held or dignity and ignored him
    to death when he was posing as Endingnaija. Just isloate him, treat him
    as a leper.


    • Funso

      You mentioned my name Funso out of all the names you reeled out, so I must reply you-Show me your CerPitificate now now now-otherwise no election. Others will deal with you. But let me deal with you. We will not have this election if you do not present your safitikate now now!!! Oh oh there cannot be election without cerPitificate!!! oh this is perjury. this is forgery oh oh have the 20 billoin Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Fund finished omo ale?

    • saidmamin


      • Funso

        Can this election hold without our cerPitificate? eh eh eh this is forgery. h hm hm hm the is perjury. Buhari cannot debate. he is old the Otuoke clown-Goodluck Jonathan has Phd sabitikate. eh this election , we need all the sabitifkate !!!! Aisha must provide her marriage cerPitificate eh eh this is perjury ooooo!!! Small minded simpletons-has the 20 Billion Naira Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Fruad finished? We do not hear about cerPitificates anymore. What is going on? Is the stolen money -20 Billion Naiara Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Fund drying up? Anyway show your cerPitificate!!!

  • McAlfred Uta

    Back to the famous Police PPRO Alozie Ogubuaja and his famous theory on Nigerian Generals and pepper soup. On the issue at hand the only way to restore discipline in the army is through the current action of the Military. I remember my bid for NDA and my father’s refusal because it is those who signed to die that join the military. Why then should a soldier bulk in the face of war.

  • August January

    What’s happening to us in Nigeria? This is disheartening. This is part of why God must deliver Nigeria from Fani-Kayode, Okupe, Jonathan, and others in the People’s Desperate Party, Persistent Demons’ Party, aka PDP, on 14 February. I tell you, Nigerians, voting Jonathan is signing up for another 4 years of economic backwardness, unprecedented corruption, etc. In fact, I have never seen or heard anywhere in the world where over 270 young girls would be abducted by terrorists/insurgents and it would take days before the person who called himself their president could say anything on TV about the sad event, or that would never visit the community that was struck with such a tragedy. Only PDP’s Jonathan could do that! He keeps deceiving us that he would rescue them when many of the girls would likely be preparing to deliver their first babies inside Sambisa forest and elsewhere by now, because Jonathan’s NSA, Col. Dasuki, said it publicly, in fact, to the hearing of the whole world, during his lecture at Chatham House in London about 2 weeks ago, that the latest he and the Nigerian government knew about the girls was what everybody were told by Shekau, that is, that they had been married off. Is your heart not bleeding to hear that? So, Nigerians, let’s embrace CHANGE, even if for nothing else, to just try another party and see what its actors being led by Buhari presently could offer us. That’s how democracy grows around the world rather than allowing one underperforming party to continue till thy kingdom come. A word, they say, is enough for the wise!

  • mike

    What about the soldiers that were ordered to come and take over the Adokiye Amiesimaka stadium in Rivers State, the ones that came and turned themselves into building materials merchants?
    I’m sure no arrest warrants would be issued for them. This is so as this pdp government encourages and promotes indiscipline, impunity,mediocrity, lack lustre attitude towards anything that is good etc. So why do we expect the soldiers to start doing their work now when they are used to doing other things?
    Is it because elections are near? My people make Una get sense o. Dem no de learn left hand for old age o!
    Let’s all embrace the change that has come. VOTE OUT THIS LAZY PDP GOVERNMENT!

    • Oboro

      I can feel the stench of your mouth even as I am not close to you. If you don’t have anything meaningful to say or write why not stay off. Is it PDP that had the Soldiers abandon their duties, has government not provided enough for them to do their work?…a good mixtures of Agbo will cure you the diarrhea of the mouth that you are suffering from.

  • Etang Chris

    What else can I say, Oga Olisa Metuh has said it all. It is PDP all the way.

  • Etang Chris

    All military saboteurs must be rounded up.

  • Etang Chris

    We in Naija delta are ready.