Boko Haram: Don’t commit suicide, VP Namadi Sambo tells Buhari

Former Vice President, Namadi Sambo; Photo credits: Desert Herald

Vice-President Namadi Sambo on Thursday advised the APC presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, against committing suicide by planning to personally lead the war against Boko Haram terrorists, if elected president.

Mr. Sambo gave the advice at the PDP Presidential Rally in Yola, Adamawa.

The vide president said his advice was against the backdrop of the advice given to Mr. Buhari by his presidential running mate to personally lead the war against Boko Haram if elected President in next month’s presidential election.

Mr. Sambo urged Mr. Buhari to ignore the advice from the APC vice presidential candidate, adding that any attempt by Mr. Buhari to lead such a war would amount to “suicide mission” in view of his age.

According to him, the APC should allow President Jonathan to continue to adopt ”a more scientific and modern” warfare in tackling the menace of the Boko Haram insurgency.

“I want to seize this opportunity to draw our attention to a publication, last week, credited to the vice-presidential candidate of the APC that their plan is to ask their presidential candidate, retired Maj-Gen. Buhari, to lead the war against Boko Haram.

“I want to ask you a question, a retired 73-year-old General – can he run? No!

“Okay, let’s assume that he can run; how many metres can he run before he falls? The training of a General that retired in 1985 is it the same training that can address a modern war? No!

“Now we are fighting war with drones, with new ideas that our President, a PhD holder, a scientist that is using (his knowledge) to address the security issues of this country.”

The vice-president urged the electorate to support President Goodluck Jonathan, saying Mr. Jonathan was the answer to the nation’s security challenge and the answer to its development.He described the paln as a suicidal proposal, asking “will he (Buhari) go with a suicidal proposal?”

Mr. Sambo reassured that the PDP-led administration would continue to do its best in addressing the nation’s security challenges across the country.

On the developmental efforts of administration, Mr. Sambo said that the President had earmarked funds for the completion of two hydro-power dams in Adamawa.

“I want to give you this good news that Mr President has approved the development and completion of Kiri Dam and Jada Dam.

“All these Dams will be provided with hydro-electricity power and an irrigation scheme, with which we are developing economic corridors in Adamawa state.

“In addition to that, in the transport sector, I have good news for you. Mr President has approved the dredging of River Benue. Very soon, we will have a river port and ships and boats from different parts of the world will be here in Yola.’’

Mr. Sambo then urged the electorate in the state to ensure that they obtain their PVCs to enable them to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan and all other PDP candidates in the Feb. 14 and 28 general elections.

In his remarks, a chieftain of the PDP and a former Minister, Jubril Aminu, said Adamawa people had resolved to vote for Jonathan/Sambo ticket as well as other PDP candidates in the state during the February elections.



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  • Jika

    Mr Vice President sir,with all due respect to your person and your office,I think you missed the perspective from which Prof.Osinbajo was coming from.Leading the war,does not necessarily mean going into the combat with the troops.What Osinbajo meant is that Buhari will take charge on the way and manner the war is going to be executed as opposed to what is going on now.Sonetimes we need to read between the lines to fully comprehend sir.God bless.

    • Truthometer

      Bro, if you educate him from now till kingdom come, he would never comprehend what you are saying. The level of his IQ is zero. Sambo is not different from his Ph.d (Port Harcourt diploma) boss, Dumbo. Unfortunately, those are the people running Nigeria. But the only solace is that, help is on the way. Vote for GMB!

      • Jika

        Port harcourt diploma!!!!!Lol

    • PROF

      GEJ will win cos of sympathy votes

      • Jika

        You are definitely entitled to your opinion which is your inalienable right.I am just curious though,did I say anything abou who is winning or not?

        • PROF

          Well ,i am just telling u.

          • Jika

            Oh thanks but, no thanks.Funny enough, I can’t remember asking you for that.But then, if you on your own decides to be a busy body, it is definitely your choice which will in on way, shape or form affect how I feel, reason, act or comprehend issues.

          • PROF

            Nice to see that Jika is all nice and tolerant .What’s changed?

          • Jika

            Unlike you,I was neither brought up nor trained to be judgemental.I can see you have constituted yourself into a judge of character and behavior.Wether I am tolerant or not,is not the issue here.What I expect a ‘Prof’ to address are issues not personalities.

          • PROF

            Jika ! Thats fine , i hope buhari wins ,are you happy now ?

          • Jika

            I can’t remember expressing my state of happiness or otherwise as far as the issue under discussion here is concerned. May be you need to read my post from the beginning and comprehend what I said.Wether Buhari or Jonathan wins the upcoming elections is not for you or me as individuals to determine.That, I believe is an exclusive preserve of Nigerians and God almighty.Again, what I expect a’Prof’ to do,is to respond to issues/points raised instead of appearing to comment based on assumptions or from a predetermined or fixated mindset.

      • Owo

        All the sympathy has evaporated due to official acceptance of corruption, sponsorship of book haram to kill Nigerians and government refuse to stop it, lies upon lies, unemployment, sending youths to die in a stadium in the name of employment test, bad roads, lack of electricity, impunity of unimaginable proportion. He cannot win again.

  • Maitama Tambari

    No Namadi Sambo. General Buhari was tested and led Nigerian Soldiers into Republic of Chad during Second Republic chasing Chadian Rebels back into their country, Chad until President Shagari told him to stop heading to capture its capital. Namadi Sambo should limit himself to Archietecture and leave the professional soldiers to protect us. General Buhari has been tested, he had protected us before and we still trust him to protect us, as Nigerians including you. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • Walter

    Like President, Like Vice

  • ignatusamson

    Please buhari don’t commit suicide is u lose this election because you will definitely not win….so just take it easy if it happens

    • Deltans

      “I NO FIT DO AM” – GEJ

    • Andrew Newton M.D

      Agatu Samson, your ignorance stinks to the high heavens!!!

  • Kitunde

    These guys won’t kill me with laughter, Prof Osinbajo was speaking metaphorically for heaven’s sake! It is so comical. Even the assertions by the vice president are dumb and insulting.

    • D1

      Sambo-Dumbo=Mumbo-Jumbo… a la Wähala!

      • Kitunde


  • No wonder… so fighting Boko Haram is all about running. Little wonder we run to Cameroun and Chad. Good point v.p. Buhari cannot run, so we won’t vote for him. LWKM..

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    When the General in his twenties was facing fire in the Biafran front, putting his all on the line for his country, people like Sambo and Jonathan were running around in their pampers. If they really want to test their physical fitness let us have the three men walk 5 miles and see who will need an ambulance support.

    • mc-done

      Listen physical fitness like soldiers is not what it take to lead a country like Nigeria, it takes an intelligent man like GEJ. Vote wisely, vote GEJ

      • mc-done

        A man with his right senses can never vote in a cruel man like so called Buhari (haribubu) on the seat of the presidency. Think about your children’s education so dat they will not buy result in other to become the first son or daughter of their families. Vote wisely

      • ICC Hague

        you are misusing the word intelligent to describe GEJ how can someone who said stealing is not corruption to be intelligent?

      • Deltans


  • ICC Hague

    Very shameful statement, GEJ and his VP are dumb set of people, give them microphone they speak trash, we hope this should be the last time we have this set up people as leaders. Once a general always a general, Prof Osibanjo is talking about professionalism to deal with the issue, Sambo is talking rubbish. Sambo is indirectly saying that who ever join the Nigerian millitary is commiting suicide. Buhari has already given his life to Nigeria by serving in the nigerian army. Buhari all the way.

    • fresh15

      Say no trash anymore.Buhari is inept of ideas to solve Nigeria’s problem.The only thing he knows is how to kill people.We don’t want Buhari at all.GEJ for continuity.

      • Sani

        We are in the digital and technology age where people do dire not make empty assertions because it is easy to unravel the truth. Perhaps, you can give us examples of the people Buhari killed. By the way, do you know that GEJ has questions to answer for his culpability in the BH menace. As Commander In Chief, GEJ is charged with the responsibility of safeguarding the lives and property of all Nigerians. He must be held accountable for deliberating allowing BH to continue killing his perceived enemies of the North East. Baba Iyabo documented this in his latest and to date there is no disagreement or rebuttal from the GEJ or his army of AGIP. In view of this, I think GEJ must and should be made to answer for the many lives lost under his watch.

      • ICC Hague

        You better join the winning team, this your mentor is disgrace to nigeria, how many problems did he solve for the past six years. Buhari all the way.

    • Owo

      Sambo is jittery because GMf will prosecute all of them who are sponsors of book haram in government.

  • Dr. Kay

    The bible say by their fruits shall you know them. Sambo’s fruit I’m afraid is rotten and has a worm and caterpillar nesting inside its juicy inner core. We are so f#cked fellow Nigerians if these are the kind of intellectually challenged buffoons ruling the roost for the past 6 years. We can now understand why insecurity, unemployment, poverty, disease, destitution , nepotism , religious bigotry, ethnic polarization , undemocratic intolerance through abuse not debate, and wanton unmitigated impunity is the order of the day . We have oga Dumbo at the top that can’t even run a bath talk less of running a complex multiethnic , multireligious country , but is all the time clueless and out of depth, then a number two “architect graduate”that can’t understand a figure of speech literally . Chei these lots needs to be sacked , booted out A. S. A. P ! Febuhari where art thou, we just have to kick out these despots and confine them to the dustbin of history , what a country we are saddled with this kind of riffraffs for so long , no wonder , warlords and terrrorists can call a press conference and declare intention to go to war if their preferred candidate did not win an election , without the security agencies herding their dirty arses straight to prison for incitement and ethnic polarizing bigotry. What a waste of potential for our beloved country so be blessed repeatedly with nonentities , that we may never realize unless we do needful next month. GEJ please go, you are the weakest link bye bye and good riddance !

    • Kitunde

      Yes, a press conference in a goverment house and an elected governor of the people in attendance, you could’t make it!

  • tundemash

    You see the wuality of leadership Nigeria has in the last 6 years ??????
    A Sambo cl0wn vice to a Dumbo !

  • Eze1

    Let me quote the VP “Now we are fighting war with drones, with new ideas that our President, a PhD holder, a scientist that is using (his knowledge) to address the security issues of this country.” Drones, in Nigeria, that is a blatant lie. Scientific method, please tell that to the Gods.

  • Amir

    This is what happens when you have cowards as leaders. They consider their life and comfort more important than any national assignment. Jonathan’s government is afraid of Boko Haram because they cannot move from their comfort zones in Abuja.

  • Adetayo Adewale Adebowale

    Ladies and Gentlemen,it seems the VP dont know what to say. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari led Nigeria to route Maitasine and the other terror groups in the 1980s,as a very senior military officer, so what do you expect him to do as a President. He is a most distinguished Military General and Nigerians trust him with our lives. That military strategy and tactics that GMB is so versed in will come handy to deal with bokoharam terrorist group. When GMB is sworn in as Nigerian President Nigeria on May 29th,2015,Nigeria will be able to deal with Bokoharam and defeat the terrorists by ourselves withouth foreign help.

    Thank You.

    • warry

      Buhari should come out to debate his position on National issues even if in channels TV studios. APC a party whose ideology is lies and propaganda. Is capitalizing on misinformation of the citizenry as a political tool Civil war and Maitatsine Riots are not the same as Boko Haram .The US has been fighting Terrorism for the past 20years and still fighting.

      • fresh15

        Tell them more because most of them have refused to think aright.

      • bib

        All Progressives Congress – APC wrote:

        Documentary: The Lies Of AIT/GEJ by Barcanista from Nairaland

        AIT/GEJ Lied To Nigerians

        1. Fela NEVER mentioned Buhari in $N2.8B scandal. He mentioned OBJ. AIT edited that part off.

        2. Buhari did not expel Ghanians from Nigeria. Shagari of the NPN did. AIT made a FALSE assertion.

        3. Gloria Okon did not disappear under Buhari it was under IBB and Dele Giwa was murdered for it.

        4. GEJ went so low to bring Buhari’s daughters into politics. Can one use Dame’s inability to bear a child as a campaign issue?

        5. Fela’s mother the GREAT Funmilayo Kuti died after OBJ Kalakuta in 1978 Buhari came into power in 1984.

        6. All Politicians that was sentenced to prison by the 1984 Military Tribunal were found to either enrich themselves with public funds or diverted public funds. Non were convicted by fiat

        7. GEJ and AIT went after Buhari ’s late wife and daughter. How low and desperate can Jonathan get?

        8. AIT/GEJ alleged that Buhari has been losing since 1999. This is a lie. Buhari’s first shot was in 2003. In 1999 Chief Olu Falae of ANPP/AD contested against Obj.

        9. AIT/GEJ criticised Buhari for Heading PTF Board. Whereas, PTF is till date the most successful parastatal ever in Nigeria. Through PTF, the Amazon Dora Akunyili was known.

        Vote for GMB/APC for Change in Nigeria. PDP propaganda is distasteful and obscene. Should be condemned by all.

        The AIT documentary on Buhari will not make him less popular. President Jonathan is still playing catch up…

        • blueeyedkitten

          thanks bro

        • Wähala

          Intellectual argument backed by irrefutable facts… simply brilliant.
          Thanks… my RESPECT!!

        • Factual


        • OLOYE

          Sai Buhariiiiiiiiiiii

      • Adetayo Adewale Adebowale

        Ok @Warry,when the umpires for the presidential debates are neutral our man will participate. Anyway we are wining judging by the number of court cases,the PDP are running from pillar to post to instigate a stoppage of the February 14th,2015 Nigerian Presidential elections ,to find fault in the Nigerian people’s choice Gen.Muhammadu Buhari .

        Thank You and Remain Blessed .

        • malik shaibu

          To APC every organ of government that seeks to do its job is tagged biased once such action doesn’t favour them one begins to wonder who they want to rule if given the power.Bloody liars always looking to cut corners and undermine every process.Nigerians already know why grand pa is hiding so u guys shouldn’t bother with your daft and senseless excuses even if they bring people from UN to organise the debate Liar Mohammed must see what to say to wriggle out of it.APC are too afraid to face Nigerians and tell them where the certificate of their presidential candidate is or what exactly is his health status or whether or not the mandela option they are now talking about doesn’t entail that the north will only do one term before Buhari either dies or becomes too incapacitated to function.SAI JONATHAN2015

          • Adetayo Adewale Adebowale

            Old issues,nothing to tell you brethren. You can debate yourself Sir,id you want,go and stand in front of a mirror and articulate your points. Then write it down and send it to APC for grading,may be you might be lucky, as me your trial scored you a fat F9 with a big asterisks for failure . Hope l managed to accomodate your inquisitiveness. Seriously the debate must be in a neutral ground not where they already pass the questions to GEJ.

            Thank You.

    • fresh15

      Are you indirectly supporting or calling for military dictatorship in Nigeria again?God forbid!We need leaders with germane democratic principles to move this country forward.I trust GEJ

      • Advocate








      • bib

        No he is not. He is only saying that GMB shall do his job as commander in chief of the armed forces, unlike GEJ who has abdicated because he has no balls or brains necessary for the position.

      • Adetayo Adewale Adebowale

        Sir GEJ have been tested for the past 5+years and we have realised,he GEJ is though a gentleman,but he GEJ does not have the acumen to rule a complex country like Nigeria,hence we will not want to continue to burden him with Nigerian leadership,because he has proven not to be a worthy leader obviously ,that is why we want him out of Nigerian Presidency as soon as February 14th,2015.

        Thank You Sir.

        Thank You

      • Adetayo Adewale Adebowale

        Ok,siddon wait till February 14th,2015,then we will know who the Nigerian masses are listening to,let the Nigerian masses decide who is your daddy,you will be shocked.
        Baba Buhari is your daddy.
        GMB is Nigerian President after February 14th,2015.
        It is written in Gold that Gen Muhammadu Buhari is next Nigerian President on Nigerian Presidential Inauguration day,May29th,2015.

      • OLOYE

        Just wait till May 29th, when we will install GMB as our President with our PVCs.

  • Juokorow

    If running is a relevant measure, I am certain that Buhari will literally dust the grossly obese fat-generals installed by Dumbo and Sambo to head Nigerian Military.

  • philips brown

    Where in the did you sambo heard that generals lead war,u dont understand.generals plan war the juniors execute it,like president like vice.

  • Jubril Abbah


  • Don

    make una see sambo oooo…..he bark is like a moungrel among rottweilers… to Osinbajo, not the General…you were a boy when he was large…

  • Jubril Abbah


    • abc

      Hey mr. whats the end of the relationship between GEJ and Obj the man who brought him from no where, when Obj want to intervane as a statesman and visited maiduguri. Then why are you asking Buhari to waste his time for unsolicited intervention. I believe, if it’s Buhari that visited Mohd Yusufs family and came out unhurt as Obasanjo did by now, your campaing tunes would have been different. Dumbo never ask for their support and even suspecting them all including Obj bcos of the sentiments his people put on him. So if your brain is so small to foresee things, just keep quit and continue with your agogoro.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    If GEJ is actually fighting the war scientifically, then Shekau is more scientific than the GEJ to have severally dislodged GEJ soldiers.

    The Vice is as dull as his master, when the Professor (Oshinbajo) said GMB will personally lead the war aganist BH, does this translate to carrying gun? I no know say Sambo is eqaully mumu

    • BOSSO

      And he calls himself an architect

  • abc

    So this are the kind of people we call CinC or Vp to CinC, who thought Generals also carry AK and be running in war fields. I feel sorry for this country. I think this man also joined his master in Agogoro party

  • bonifacejoe

    It is option 2 plan. In leading the war, if he is captured or killed, who takes over.? Does this need the Doctrine of ……..?

  • D1

    Prof. was speaking metaphorically, taking over the war doesn’t mean he will be in the war front physically.

    Sambo-Dumbo = Mumbo-Jumbo….. courtesy Wähala!

    • Olu

      The Professor that was speaking metaphorically looks like one hungry carpenter. He does not look Presidential.

      • BOSSO

        Stop thinking in shallow forms like dumb Sambo


    This is a great disgrace and lack of intelligence when a whole vice president cant understand this kind of statement in its contextual form. When Buhari leads the war against Boko Haram, does it necessary mean that he will pick up an AK47 and then stay in the war front??? This is a supposed architect talking. Hardly did we know the bunch of semi illiterates in charge of governance in Nigeria….Sambo too? No wonder Nigeria has ended up in this deplorable condition. No serious difference between arch. Sambo and “na only you waka come?”

  • Factual

    Another Dumbo talking.

  • checkmate

    When the head is rotten, all the other organs become so. From Dumbo Jonaharam to Sambo-Dumbo to other PDPigs.

  • blueeyedkitten

    oboy! shame dey catch me. how did we manage to gather two morons to be piloting the affairs of this great country? this wan na world record o.

  • BlusteryKC

    give the vigilantes the weapons!

  • deji

    We want a President who is ready to lead. We want a President who is ready to die for Nigeria. <b?Enough of Kindergarten Presidency.
    Yessooo Doro Change! Doro Mega BUHARI.?

  • Andrew Newton M.D

    And this man call himself an architect!!! Education is clearly wasted on this buffoon.

  • sammyctu ode

    How in the world do we have two morons in the villa? I can now see why boko haram is embarrassing us by capturing many of our local governments in the NE. If we leave this BH issue with these two dummies, the whole of Nigeria will be taken over by the terrorists. A good concerned president and vice will limit their campaign schedule and devote more time in defeating boko haram but their major concern is to capture power at all cost and continue ruining Nigeria. GMB is courageous to say he will lead but the two dummies at the villa interpreted it to be physical lead, they don’t know that a C-C can lead from the villa and still achieve the desired objective.

  • Ette

    These are the wicked PDP people who are telling Nigerians to sacrifice for the good of Nigeria and yet they cannot die for the service of this nation. He is disqualifying themselves from leadership of the nation and must withdraw forthwith. A leader who does not lead in front must be consigned to dustbin of history. Up you GMB the leader to defeat book haram insurgents and save our nation.

    • Big Apple


    • His Excellency

      any youth who is projecting gmb for presidency shud think,at 72 ???????????????? so no younger leaders to take over mantle of leadership? 72 years change??????????? m sorry ,no hope,no chance for apc and gmb come feb 14 2015, mark my words

  • malik shaibu


    • checkmate

      Yah! You are as dumb as Sambo-Dumbo. Pity you!!!

      • Xeexuo

        I agree with you. He really is as dumb as the dumb ass vice president who thinks we would continue to listen to their trash… what nonsense, they don’t even understand what it means to LEAD!

  • babatope

    I stopped reading junks said or press conference issued by jona and sambo bcos it’s usually trash

  • Omoagunmate

    How did we get here for God’s sake? Enough is enough of these morons leading us in this country. VOTE FOR CHANGE, STOP THE RUT, VOTE FOR GMB/OSINBAJO and VOTE OUT clueless DUMBO and SAMBO.

  • blinks

    Just can’t wait for dat day. Doro change all the way…

  • Tunde

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    I cant remember the last time I laughed this much. And this guy is the VP? And did he say GEJ is fighting Boko Haram with drones? Bloody hell, this is truly shocking. How did we get to this situation?
    Dumb and Dumber in charge………..NOT FOR LONG.
    Lets vote these idiots out ooooooo.

  • mcleomat

    See Mumu VP. Chai, Buhari will personally lead the war against BH Bcos he will be in charge as the Commander in Chief and as somebody with a pair of big balls btw his thighs. Not somebody like GEJ without balls.

  • ucheJ

    We have seen the extent that people can go especially when they are desperate pretending he is campaigning, he knows he is not going to fight Boko Haram becuse it is their own creation there are other top Generals like him now who are also pretending, if I may ask is he going to do that from Aso _ Rock? Anyway GEJ will be the president.

  • August January

    I’m not surprised that VP Sambo is saying this anyway, but this is part of why God must deliver Nigeria from Fani-Kayode, Okupe, Jonathan, Sambo, and others in the People’s Desperate Party, Persistent Demons’ Party, aka PDP, on 14 February. I tell you, Nigerians, voting Jonathan is signing up for another 4 years of economic backwardness, unprecedented corruption, etc. In fact, I have never seen or heard anywhere in the world where over 270 young girls would be abducted by terrorists/insurgents and it would take days before the person who called himself their president could say anything on TV about the sad event, or that would never visit the community that was struck with such a tragedy. Only PDP’s Jonathan could do that! He keeps deceiving us that he would rescue them when many of the girls would likely be preparing to deliver their first babies inside Sambisa forest and elsewhere by now, because Jonathan’s NSA, Col. Dasuki, said it publicly, in fact, to the hearing of the whole world, during his lecture at Chatham House in London about 2 weeks ago, that the latest he and the Nigerian government knew about the girls was what everybody were told by Shekau, that is, that they had been married off. Is your heart not bleeding to hear that? So, Nigerians, let’s embrace CHANGE, even if for nothing else, to just try another party and see what its actors being led by Buhari presently could offer us. That’s how democracy grows around the world rather than allowing one underperforming party to continue till thy kingdom come. A word, they say, is enough for the wise!

  • Sams

    Wow!!! I see that Namadi Sambo takes everything literary. To ‘lead from the front’ doesn’t actually mean going to the front line to lead the fight. It means being involved in all decision making process and closely monitoring everything. GEJ doesn’t even know what is going on, he left everything in the hands of the NSA and service chiefs and don’t bother to hold them accountable. He doesn’t give a sh*t.

  • Elis Davia

    One thing I strongly believe is that this insurgency will stop and the people behind it will be exposed. President GEJ will end the attacks soon