APC alleges plot by presidency, PDP to procure court judgment stopping Buhari

APC logo used to illustrate the story.

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has raised the alarm over an alleged plot by the Presidency and Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to mastermind multi-faceted campaigns in a bid to stop its presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, from contesting the February 14 election.

The party also alleged that part of the plot involved scuttling the election to pave way for interim government.

The Publicity Secretary of APC, Lai Mohammed, made the allegations at a press conference in Lagos Thursday.

The party said the campaign to stop Mr. Buhari, using court cases and infiltration of the judiciary, was being pursued simultaneously with the agenda of postponing elections to allow an interim government of which the PDP would be the beneficiary.

“Suffice it to say that this stop-Buhari-at-all-cost campaign is being pursued simultaneously with the push to postpone next month elections, ostensibly because of the low level of PVC distribution but in the real sense an implementation of the stated mindset of the presidency never to hand over to Gen. Buhari, and then of course set up an interim government,” it said.

The APC stated that with only about two weeks to the general elections, “at least four cases have been filed by those who are undoubtedly fronting for the PDP and the Presidency, and all are working towards the same goal: Stop Buhari, Scuttle next month’s elections.”

It explained that since after APC national convention last year, the PDP had been mustering efforts, including forging medical certificate, to smear its presidential candidate.

The party said, “Let me give a quick background of how we got here. Since the emergence of Gen. Buhari as the presidential candidate of the APC at a well-organized and transparent National Convention of our party last month, things seem to have fallen apart for the PDP and the Presidency, and for them the centre can no longer hold. Indeed, Gen. Buhari has become the nightmare for the ruling party and the Presidency, to such an extent that their entire electioneering campaign now dwells on one and one issue only: the person of Gen. Buhari.

“First, they said things will unravel for the candidate and his party over the choice of a vice presidential candidate, but not only did this evil prediction fail, a VP candidate who has been widely acclaimed as the best choice for the party and the country, in the person of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, emerged, further pushing the naysayers into sheer trepidation.

“Next, they engaged in scandal mongering, that our candidate is not qualified to run because he did not have the pre-requisite qualification. In fact, they so much believed their own lies that they swore to have found a fool-proof way to stop Gen. Buhari. Then their house of lies collapsed when it was proven beyond doubt that our candidate sat for and passed his Cambridge Examination.”

The APC further alleged that not knowing what to do next, the ruling party procured a forged medical certificate from the ‘Ahmadu Bello University Hospital claiming that Mr. Buhari was suffering from prostrate cancer.

It added that the “PDP and the Presidency had barely unveiled the 419” ‘certificate before it was disowned by the authentic Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital.

“Not knowing what next to do, they turned their campaign rallies to a Buhari-bashing event, pushing issues to the back burner. Those who lacked even a scintilla of integrity, those who an embodiment of incompetence and cluelessness, and those who need reformation in the aftermath of their self-inflicted, indulgence-induced phrenic impairment all went into a frenzy in an attempt to demonize a man whose integrity, decency and honesty are legendary,,” the opposition party said.

“They produced and aired documentaries that are based, 99%, on lies and twisted facts. But this too boomeranged. The more they pound him, the higher Gen. Buhari soars.

“Now they have moved to the last frontier in their stop-Buhari-at-all-cost campaign: Using the courts. After manipulating some elements of the judiciary workers to embark on strike to stop the courts from hearing cases that could be detrimental to their presidential candidate, the same puppeteers again manipulated the elements to end the strike, so they can kick-start their last strategy. As I said earlier, at least four cases have been filed, all aimed at one and one objective only: Stop Gen. Buhari,” the party explained.

Also in a statement on Thursday, the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation, APCPCO, said it had it on god authority that the kernel of the plan to scuttle the elections “ is to use the subterfuge of the frivolous litigation by some people to get a court pronouncement (from one of the Presidency’s pliable Judges) to the effect that General Muhammadu Buhari – the APC presidential candidate – lied under oath in saying that the military had his certificate, whereas, the military had denied being in possession of the certificate.”

The statement signed by the Director of Media and Publicity of the campaign, Garba Shehu, said any counter arguments by the APC’s candidate’s counsel would not matter because the particular Federal High Judge has been prepared to do a dirty hatchet job.

The APC said “it is their calculation that this wicked pronouncement of disqualification of the APC candidate shall precipitate spontaneous violent protests across the country.”

The organization said the scenario would then make President Goodluck Jonathan, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the election, to declare a six-month state of emergency across the land.

It also disclosed that the three-week long strike action by the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) was embarked upon on the prodding of the PDP-led Federal government as a way to stymie any higher court upturning of the lower court pronouncement which ruled on President Jonathan’s eligibility to contest the February 14 election.

Similarly, the organization said the same trade union had been procured to open the court to allow for this court pronouncement in disqualifying General Buhari from contesting the election.

“We are aware of the intense desperation of the PDP-led Federal government of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in desiring to retain political power at all costs despite his and his party’s overwhelming rejection by the Nigerian people, ahead of the 2015 general election,” the statement said.

“We have brought this wicked plot of the PDP-led government to the attention of Nigerians, from whom any government derives its legitimacy. Nigeria cannot be thrown into chaos because of the selfish and callous desire of a tiny cabal to goad the Nigerian people into its destructive path. The governance of the Nigerian people by any person or group of persons must have the assent of the Nigerian people.”

The APC Campaign called on the International community to prevail on this obviously agitated presidency not to plunge the Nigerian State into avoidable intractable crisis.


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    SIMPLY TELL Mr. INTEGRITY TO SHOW NIGERIANS HIS WASC ……… why is this so hard to do ?

    Is it PDP that asked Buhari to commit perjury and forge WASC ?

    You cannot have your cake and eat it ……. Buhari is not above the law, APC is also not above the law

    • Olu Ade

      How can a blind person like you be demending to see the certificate. Do you want me to remind you that you dont have eyes to see.

    • Ukpaka

      Obviously you’re an animal as your picture shows. So, it’s ok to ignore you.
      The election will hold as scheduled and a winner will be announced. When GEJ loses, he can always go to court.

  • dan

    Lai, your story is too long, why didn’t you follow the law and submit Buhari’s application as the law stipulates. Why saying the military is holding Buhari’s certificate when e should have simply gone to obtain the true certyified copy of his certificate backed with affidavits like others did? If Buhari cannot follow simple details required to apply to the post of the Nigerian presidency, how is he going to perform in office? His application was wrongly filled and submitted, so he must be disqualified! Period! Buhari cannot be above the law!

  • favourtalk

    It is the end of GEJ and they all know that, they should come and see the level of crowd and love here in ibadan before they make thier conclusion here. Yorubas are seriously behind Buhari, we need change

  • Preco01

    God knows and heaven knows that:
    “The emergence of Buhari is a statement
    that Nigerians are prepared to effect the badly needed change in their
    desecrated polity to install honesty, integrity, dignity, truth in the conduct
    of official and private affairs. It is a clarion call, akin to that the
    Macedonians sent to Paul to come over and bail them from despair.” – Peter Claver Oparah

  • Jare

    Mr. Goodluck Jonathan has come to a sad end. Too bad, too bad.

  • Bobo

    Even if election is held jonah we defeat buari no doubt about that.The rules of the game according to the constitution must be played.
    So BUHARI show your certificate.

  • Benny born

    If you think Nigerians are fools, this time we are ready for you guys. Shameless Yoruba fellows, go and listen to Pa Ogunde’s song and bury your heads in shame. For your selfish interest and not for innocent Yoruba’s as you claimed, You went and brought forward a chameleon that hates all the tribes excluding his, he hates even you Alhaji Lai Mohammed. he has not even become a president yet his downgrading Nigerians already. Anyway, Alhaji Lai please advice your candidate to follow due process and declare his cert. Everyday na for thief, oneday for d owner of the house…

  • tyson

    It is shocking to note that Prof Attahiru Jega, the INEC chairman is telling the world that he could only share 53% of the Permanent voters Card (PVC) throughout the 2 years he supposed to do this job.
    Regrettably Jega is assuring us that he will share the over 34Million PVC in less than 2 weeks, while he could not share a similar number in 2years. As you can see that Northern states have received about 73% of their PVC, while the South is about 46%.

    North West
    Registered: 18,616,499
    Distributed: 14,003,964 [75.2%]
    Potentially Disenfranchised: 2,612,535

    North East
    Registered 10,447,410
    PVCs Distributed: 7,456,848 [71.4%]
    Potentially Disenfranchised: 2,990,562

    North Central
    Registered: 10,592,958. [52.3%]
    PVCs Distributed: 5,539,982
    Potentially Disenfranchised 5,052,976;

    South West
    Registered: 13,188,854;
    PVCs Distributed: 6,419,003 [48.7%]
    Potentially Disenfranchised: 6,769,851

    Registered: 8,937,057
    PVCs Distributed: 3,944,142 [44.1%]
    Potentially Disenfranchised: 4,992,915. 4992815

    South East
    Registered: 7,178,185
    PVCs Distributed: 3,144,242 [43.8%]
    Potentially Disenfranchised: 4,133,943

    INEC RECRUITMENT OF ADHOC STAFF: There is an ongoing recruitment INEC adhoc staff for the elections and locals in the North/East and North/West revealed that INEC staff being hired are core APC loyalists and little consideration for NYSC members.

    The opposition party and Prof Jega are working together to ensure that the election is rigged in a justifiable way, without traces.
    In APC States the adhoc staff are supposed to rig. In PDP States, they will serve as alarmists to ensure that elections held in some areas are disqualified.

    • Naija

      Just imagine what u said,full of lies

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      You can spew whatever reason why you think GEJ will loose the forthcoming election. We are tired of that clueless and lazy drunk who thinks that the presidency is only on paper.

  • tyson

    This senseless statement by APC is a clear indication that Buhari has no real certificate to show Nigerians——-if he had one from WAEC or Cambridge University what is the sense in this story—–Already the Head Office of WAEC in Accra Ghana had told us that—————Buhari has no certificate in their archives—no record of his ever sitting for any exams——————————–Buhari will never be be disqualified—its APC that is praying for him to be sent packing—so that their Yoruba man–will neatly take over-from Buhari the fulani General without a cert–its tinubu that will push buhari aside for his VP–did tinubu not hire lawyers to defend late Yara Adua against Atiku-in AC then-? Once beaten twice shy

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      Because you cannot compromise the integrity of Cambridge, you have now moved to Ghana. It’s your coconut head that is playing tricks on you not Ghana. By the way, Ghana also want incompetent and wasteful GEJ out!!

  • Jack

    In a civilised world, these cases should have been INEC v Buhari or INEC v Buhari,APC and ors
    Okafor v Buhari..Hahahhahaha
    Who is Okafor?
    Who is Okafor father?
    Who born Okafor?
    Where is Okafor from?
    Which court gave Okafor platform to file any motion
    Guess we all know the answer.. the Clueless Ijaw man is now the Igbos father
    Does some igbos arguing for Gej here have legitimate fathers? I doubt!
    Okafor and others can go to court, their cases shall be dealt with August 2015, when the Commander in Chief Gen Buhari (Rtd) FSS MNI has settled on his job and Nigeria starts to move on, then we will address the Anti-Nigerians amongst us.
    Vote for Change
    Vote for Buhari/Osinbajo
    May the Lord Almighty see Buhari Through
    May Oduduwa be with Buhari
    May God continue to bless the Asiwaju of Africa, the Awolowo of our time in person of Ahmed Bola Tinubu, God bless you Baba and Yoruba will continue to follow you our father!


      OK ask Buhari to come for a debate but he has to settle his certificate issue with citizens……The ex-tyrant is refusing to debate other candidates. IS BUHARI ABOUT TO UNLEASH ANOTHER AFFIDAVIT TO COVER HIM FROM THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE ?

      • Naija

        Buhari cannot come for such Kangaroo debate organised by biased media station.
        Why did Gej abscond from d one organised by private media then in 2011.U are looking for cheap opportunity to sell this man to us.
        Febuari 14th is the date.

    • Original_Raskal

      you are still living in f00lishness, not knowing that an ordinary nameless journalist impeached PDP speaker of national assembly, salisu buhari. Any 18yr old can disqualify buhari in court! Be living in era of “who are you?” f00l!

  • anneedu

    Postpone or not, jonathan will still win

    • Jack

      Yes he will in Uzbekistan! Oleeeeeeee!

  • petersen

    APC should accept their mistake of fielding Buhari instead of young performing apc governors. When u say CHANGE, u dont present an illiterate, former coupist as CHANGE. If Buhari is disqualified, nothing new will happen different from what will happen when he lose d election.

  • richkid

    Hahahaha. Gej has won like many months ago

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    He said the assaults committed by Buhari and his regime cannot be swept under the carpet.

    According to him, “his assault on Pa Awolowo, Late Bola Ige, Former Gov Lateef Jakande among others cannot be forgotten. The worst crime was his stopping of the Lagos Metro line which would have put Lagos state on a pedestal of sorts.”

    The former minister used the avenue to add his voice to the controversy surrounding the educational certificates of the APC candidate, saying that the issues must not be allowed to be patched up as the opposition party wanted.

    While calling on Nigerians to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan, he explained that the President was serving Nigeria without discrimination and that he had helped Nigeria’s democracy to grow by guaranteeing freedom of speech for all.

    • Buhari should be judged on his past, not what he will do – Obanikoro

    “Jonathan has made Nigeria his constituency and has never discriminated against any tribe,” he added.”

  • richkid

    Gej is the change we need to an illiterate, old fashioned, out of trend religious bigot. GEJ all the way

  • Bobo

    Please APC members let me set a question for you .In this question they are three alternatives.the alternative are a b c.you are told to choose one with proves and the three questions have different proofs
    Then you decided to choose A option with its proof,by answering the question you failed to submit a proof but when you failed, then you said you know answer to the other alternative with prove.
    The case is for Buari
    A option is WAEC with is equivalent to grade2certificate,GCE and city guild
    B option is evidence of going to school up to secondary llevel.
    C option is first leaving certificate with 10 years working experience.
    Bihari chose A option without prove and you are telling people is qualify.
    Is he qualify or not? I want an answer from APC syndrome.
    He should have chosen the simple ones which he can easily give prove. Sorry oo is a failed candidate.

  • Ugbade

    Just imagine the useless story and senseless accusations. Who is Buhari? Who is afraid of buhari? You now sponsor a sham report to prop up the image of Buhari so as to give him some form of leverage. It’s just nonsense! Mischievously nonsensical.

    …and you speak of interim government! Where then will President Jonathan be when you will have the interim govt? If Shagari needed no interim govt, …and OBJ needed no interim govt, why then should there be interim govt during the tenure of Dr Jonathan?…abi na bcos Jonathan is not Hausa or Yoruba? …Sorry…..Una jam rock. There will be no interim govt, the elections will be held,…and Jonathan will win exactly the same way Shagari & OBJ won. Period. If you don’t like his face, then get sufficiently angry and break away from Nigeria …or hug the nearest transformer.

    • Debo

      Yes o, all these noise just about GEJ not being Hausa/Fulani or Yoruba. By the way, what’s with the hugging of transformers gaining momentum in public discuss, or has somebody tried it in Lagos?

  • Khafilat Adeoye


    In filling the INEC FORM Buhari claimed that he has WASC and that his WASCertificate is with Secretary, Military Board ……… a claim that has since been denied and the denial was publicly accepted by Buhari.

    As I write this comment there is no evidence that Buhari has WASC as filled in his INEC form.

    Meaning that Buhari has presented false information to INEC and accordingly stands disqualified.

    If APC is a responsibility political party … they should not have waited for this case to go Court ….. they would simply have demanded explanations from Buhari and thereafter replace him with Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso who came second.

    This noise from APC is very unnecessary …… they must be prepared to endure their self inflicted injury without blaming anyone including the PDP

    • Otile

      I told yo that in due course APC would self-destruct.

  • ucheJ

    The questions I will like to ask is very simple, is Gereral Buhari campain a Nigerian project? What kind of a brand is Buhari to Nigeria? The judiciary have started again with their confusion they should be very careful with their injunctions or order.

  • Sholoko


  • Adaramola

    My People,

    What is wrong with a court of law upholding the Constitution of Nigeria,
    and issuing a court order saying Buhari is not eligible to contest election?
    Is that not what a court of law exists to do? Why is Lai Mohammed afraid?

    • A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if he has
    presented a forged certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

    ……SECTION 137 (1) 1999 CONSTITUTION

  • Yusuf

    they better not start

  • Dunamis

    If the ruling is in favour of pdp den it’s giid riddance to bad rubbish, n if it doesn’t den APC should prepare fr d worse downfall ever cum Feb 14. GEJ till 2019

  • tyson

    Prof Jega And His Election Fraud Uncovered.

    It is shocking to note that Prof Attahiru Jega, the INEC chairman is telling the world that he could only share 53% of the Permanent voters Card (PVC) throughout the 2 years he supposed to do this job.
    Regrettably Jega is assuring us that he will share the over 34Million PVC in less than 2 weeks, while he could not share a similar number in 2years. As you can see that Northern states have received about 73% of their PVC, while the South is about 46%.

    North West
    Registered: 18,616,499
    Distributed: 14,003,964 [75.2%]
    Potentially Disenfranchised: 2,612,535

    North East
    Registered 10,447,410
    PVCs Distributed: 7,456,848 [71.4%]
    Potentially Disenfranchised: 2,990,562

    North Central
    Registered: 10,592,958. [52.3%]
    PVCs Distributed: 5,539,982
    Potentially Disenfranchised 5,052,976;

    South West
    Registered: 13,188,854;
    PVCs Distributed: 6,419,003 [48.7%]
    Potentially Disenfranchised: 6,769,851

    Registered: 8,937,057
    PVCs Distributed: 3,944,142 [44.1%]
    Potentially Disenfranchised: 4,992,915. 4992815

    South East
    Registered: 7,178,185
    PVCs Distributed: 3,144,242 [43.8%]
    Potentially Disenfranchised: 4,133,943

    INEC RECRUITMENT OF ADHOC STAFF: There is an ongoing recruitment INEC adhoc staff for the elections and locals in the North/East and North/West revealed that INEC staff being hired are core APC loyalists and little consideration for NYSC members.

    The opposition party and Prof Jega are working together to ensure that the election is rigged in a justifiable way, without traces.
    In APC States the adhoc staff are supposed to rig. In PDP States, they will serve as alarmists to ensure that elections held in some areas are disqualified

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      Deri Orbuka, go and sleep!! GEJ has been rejected due to ineptitude. Nigeria is too complex for him to handle. On Buhari we stand, with ot without certificate or debate

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    APC is a party of desperate anarchists, nihilists, hypocrites, rough necks and rabble rousers. Buhari’s Nomination Form was not accompanied with any certificates (birth or academic) as required by the Electoral Act. Does any fit and proper person of a sound mind not know that Buhari will be disqualified? How can APC be accusing anyone of beating the party at its game of procuring judgements? Did defunct ACN not procure judgements in the Osun and Ekiti Appeal cases back in 2010 when dirty-looking, semi-literate, corrupt (IN)Justice Ayo Salami was doing a hatchet job for Nigeria’s version of Islamic Brotherhood? This Lai Mohammed sod is a complete nuisance. The earlier APC criminals reconcile themselves to the fact that the Islamic Party is NOT electable, the better for them.

    • tundemash

      omo ole Orafidiya…. his form was accompanied by an affidavit as required by Electoral Act. No wonder you are an omo ale at Ile-Ife. If your GEJ was that popular, why is he scared of facing FeBuhari in an election ??

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        “is form”! Little wonder you are supporting your fellow illiterate.

        • tundemash

          omo ole orafidiya .. what are u grasping at ?

      • Change for the Worse

        The affidavit was not a sworn declaration that Bokohari has (?) WASC but that his WASC was with the Military Secretary, which has since been proven to be false. A false claim cannot make valid an incomplete and invalid nomination form. The on-going cases seeking to disqualify Bokohari should not be a surprise to anyone – unless some/all your brain cells are dead.

        • tundemash

          There was nothing false about it as the military spokesman , same General Oluleye confirmed on January 4th that indeed they were in possession of Buharis credentials, only for him to recant 2 weeks later. So what happened to the credentials Oluleye refered to in his January 4th conference ??


    The GEJ led administration and PDP are not democratic….They plan to manipulate this election,no matter the intimidation CHANGE all the way…#CHANGE.

  • Adetayo Adewale Adebowale

    All you PdP sympathisers,just wait till February 14th.2015 and we will see if Nigeria belong to Goodluck Jonathan and the Mummu lawyers that will produce the injunction to stop this elections or ut belong to the Nigerian masses who elected GEJ in 2011and they telling GEJ okay we have seen how your lackluster leadership will destroy Nigeria if we do not vote you out on time.l dey laugh. This 2015 its the masses saying goodbye Goodluck Jonathan,this guys is an ignoramus nonetity,so unfortunately that Baba OBJ facilitated GEJ ascension to Nigerian Presidency,niw he do not want to go,tgis is not about only GMB,its about patriotic Nigerian do not want GEJ in aso rock villa beyond. May 29th,2015.. Either you losers like it or not Muhammadu Buhari is coming to sit on the Nigerian Presidential Sut on May,29th 2015. U heard losers. Truth is bitter.
    Thank you

  • Ayo Odunsi


    Though his hatred covers itself with guile, His wickedness will be revealed before the assembly. He who digs a pit will fall into it, And he who rolls a stone, it will come back on him. A lying tongue hates those it crushes, And a flattering mouth works ruin.

  • Ayo Odunsi


    Proverbs 26:26 (NIV2011)

    “Their malice may be concealed by deception, but their wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.”


  • Debo

    I dont seem to understand the point of these niose. Just a week ago, APC advised – while quoting the INEC chairman – that anyone who is not satisfied with GMB’s application should go to court. Now that someone has, they are blaming the PDP. As I recall, the law states that anyone can approach the court and not necessarily the opposition party if there is an infringement. What were they thinking anyone would ask the court to do about GMB’s certificate saga, to give him a pat on the back? Besides, no court will rule in favour of a shift in dates simply because one of the candidates have been disqualified.
    This is a game of politics, which includes using any negative report against your opponents to win votes, just like APC themselves have been doing to GEJ. So even if PDP is using this against your candidate, its because you allowed him to goof. APC needs to come to terms that they might have erred on this certificate saga and find ways of minimising the damage before the election, or else they will be the ones asking for a shift in election dates after their candidate might have been disqualified.

  • August January

    Why does Jonathan want to keep Nigeria and Nigerians in the bondage of PDP at all cost? Tell him to remember Samuel Doe of Liberia; that he shouldn’t forget Kadhaffi of Libya. Tell him to allow Nigerians to choose whom they want, after all when they wanted him in 2011, they chose him. So if they still want him, let them show it on 14 February. Any attempt to subvert the will of the people will throw the nation into chaos, and I tell you, Boko Haram will catch on that to maim and kill thousands of Nigerians again (I’m not praying for evil,but that’s how terrorists/insurgents operate – they like chaos, because that will conceal their evil acts.) Finally, tell Jonathan that this desperation to retain power whether Nigerians still want him or not will put him on the wrong side of history. Everybody knows that it was PDP that colluded with the Nigerian army to remove Buhari’s result from his file. Tell Jonathan that there is God oooo!

    • ceweeco projects

      You lie. Nobody will ever want anything to do with APC or Buhari in Nigeria. Unless people like you who are twerps.

  • Frank Bassey

    If you are afraid of going to court, let GMB produce his certificate. This is an alibi.

    • ceweeco projects

      E no get am !!! You can’t give what you don’t have. The man is a great fraud. Anyway lets beg Nigerian to form APC country court.

  • Unique Fidel

    GEJ all the way

  • Change for the Worse

    In all honesty, there is nothing wrong with stopping Bokohari who committed perjury by swearing to a false affidavit, submitted an incomplete, invalid nomination form without any evidence of educational qualification for Muhammadu Buhari, who has yet to show evidence of that qualification, who actually joined the army as an officer without a prerequisite qualification (9 in Maths) and hid his result from the army and thereby rising to the rank of major general on a false premise – a serial conman.

    • ignatusamson

      He is not coming for change he is coming to divide this country……Sai GEJ

  • Comrade Cliff

    Now I’m confused even more. Who said any person or group not comfortable with the Failbuhari fake cert should go to court???? Who is now crying aloud for people doing just what they apc adviced??. Pls I’m coming as well with 15 count charges bordering on corruption, deception, genocide, medical fitness etc just in d process.

  • Wise Head

    Buhari is not above the law. Why should the APC be afraid of court ruling if Buhari has a clean past? Nigerians have every right to get a court order to stop a man who is not man enough to ask the University of Cambridge to confirm that he has a WAEC result, but instead throwing at Nigerians a suspicious paper from his backyard college in Katsina. He indeed has something to hide and he is probably waiting to unleash violence if he a court stops him because of his suspicious “certificate”

  • Confi Ikeh

    The current focus on promoting INDUSTRY,TRADE AND INVESTEMENT, both nationally and internationally accros all sectors of our economy,to ensure that the opportunities available dor FDI are encompassed and that industry in-country is galanvised.

    For the first time a president has recognised ICT as a core aspect of our economy and a fundamental developmental need, and has begun to ensure that the process for economy to grow are met.

    In our AVIATION SECTOR,in just 24 months we have seen across the country that brand new airpot buildings are opening up and infrastructure to make it safer for the flying public are being installed.

    In the WORK SECTOR,major arteral trunklines have been re-articulatedand deployed across the entire country, ensuring that a definitive road and bridge network,appropriate for the needs of the nation, is startin to emergre.

    And even in areas that are process driven such as NATIONAL PLANNING, forthe first time we are beginning to see targeted process and programme key performance indicator, coming out of the national planning sector.

    In OIL ABND GAS,we have moved frontiers that have never been brought to this stage befor;Nigerian content is becoming enshried in our way of doing things and Nigerians are beginning to take the lead in various aspects of the downstream service sector. And there has been no other period, when the government has supported Nigerians operators and independents at the level that it’s supporting them now. What the petrolum industry Bill will do for the oil and gas sector in Nigeria, in terms of competitiveness, transparency, accountability and increased revenues, and as well as what is to come, has never been done before.

    In POWER, the largest, most effective,power-sector reform ever is being carried out in the country. There has been vlear and determine focus on ensuring stability of power in short term, abd increase in output in short to medium term. One by one, the NIPP’s are coming on stream, on Tuesday 28 May2013, Mr president kick-started the Zungeru Hydroelectric Power Project that long-term power needs are addresed.

    WITHIN THIS CABINET WE HAVE WITNESSED THE APPOINTMENT OF WOMEN from every geographical region of th country to strategic roles.35% affirmative action has been achevied and women are playing a major role to transform the lives of all Nigerians for good.
    All this is Unprecedented. So all in all, president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has ensured, in big ways and small,that a very major and robust chang has already been moved into the Nigerian economy, and it is gatherin speed. Momentum and steam.

  • gymer

    APC is always alleging

  • philips brown

    If they do,then pdp will see how nigerians will react and their reactions will never be good for pdp. It may be out of control.

  • bonifacejoe

    You have always cried and shouted for lIon,lion and tiger in place of none.You, Lai lie Mohammed is not the only master in the art of propagander.If you follow election campaign in advanced democracies like the USA, there is no issue they do not explore more so when you create the issues yourselves.

  • Hembe Hembe


    Nigerian Masses and Nigerians in diaspora who voted against ex-military
    president, BUHARI, in 2003, 2007 and 2011 presidential elections have already
    adduced the following reasons behind their votes against BUHARI. They have
    insisted that nothing has changed in the life of Ex-Military Dictator( Buhari)
    and as such have resolutely decided to go into election on Feb., 14
    Presidential Election to demonstrate their views and to send Buhari to a
    perceptual political retirement.

    They spoken in harsh tones to our correspondent denouncing Buhari in all
    ramifications . According to them, “below are the reasons we voted against
    Buhari in the past elections and why we are prepared to VOTE against him
    again this Feb., 14 Nigerian Presidential elections”. Reasons:


    NIGERIAN STUDENTS. Remember the person who abolished feeding in

    tertiary institutions in 1984?. Buhari as a military Dictator then had

    no agenda for Nigerian Students, neither does he and his rag tag

    coalition this time.

    Vote to protect our Students.


    Nigeria First Project


    NIGERIAN WOMEN. How many Women were in Buhari’s Cabinet as Military

    Head of State? NONE. Buhari has no respect for the dignity of women and

    regards them as insignificant in national development. That is why he

    recklessly said recently that he will abolish the office of the First

    Lady if he is elected. Women, who today are at the commanding heights of

    Nigeria’s political economy will have no rallying point in a Buhari


    Vote to protect our Women.


    Nigeria First Project


    THE NIGERIAN PRESS. Do we want to risk the freedom of Expression we

    currently enjoy?. Hear Gen Buhari’s vow in 1984 when asked about press

    freedom ” I will tamper with that”. To match words with Action (after

    all, Buhari claims to be a man of his words) he enacted Decree 20 and

    jailed Journalists Nduka Irabor and Tunde Thompson. Many Nigerians were

    detained without trial under his draconian Decree No 2. Can we afford

    to go back to the dark ages?


    Nigeria first Project

    No. 4

    The NIGERIAN POLITICAL CLASS. If you think that the current attempt to

    whitewash General Buhari and give him a human face will make him abandon

    his old habits, we will be in for a rude shock. To him, every

    politician is a thief except himself. This kind of messianic delusion

    has no place in contemporary Nigeria. Buhari looks at everyone with

    contempt and prejudice. His iron fisted misrule lead to the premature

    deaths of political leaders across the country. Let us save our emerging

    leaders and protect them from a rampaging despot.


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 5

    CIVIL SOCIETY. Buhari’s Government enacted laws with retroactive

    effects. Nigerians were given punishments that were nonexistent in

    previous laws at the time the offences were committed! How else can we

    define gross violation of human rights? Buhari enacted and recklessly

    applied Decree 2 otherwise known as Detention of Persons without trial


    He never condones dialogue.


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 6

    CATTLE REARERS. To some Nigerians, General Buhari is a proud Fulani man

    who will protect them when he gets to power! How wrong! Under General

    Buhari, the obnoxious Jangali Tax system was introduced and this brought

    untold hardships to Fulani Cattle Rearers and frustrated most of them

    out of business. A good friend they say is better than a wicked brother.

    The current effort to create grazing reserves for cattle Rearers must

    be supported. Buhari will bring back Jangali.


    NIGERIA first project

    No. 7

    INVESTORS/ BUSINESS COMMUNITY. General Buhari does not believe in the

    principle of a private sector driven economy. He is still ensconced in

    the worn out and obsolete practices of a state monopoly control of the

    economy. All the gains of the current reforms which have made Nigeria

    the biggest investment destination in Africa will be reversed.

    Should we be led back to Egypt?


    Nigeria first Project

    No. 8

    TRADITIONAL INSTITUTIONS. General Buhari as Military Head of State

    undermined the revered and world famous Stools of the Emirate of Kano

    and the Ooni of Ife when he unilaterally suspended the Great Alhaji Ado

    Bayero and Oba Okunade Sijuwade from office for embarking on private

    visits to the State of Israel. At the time they visited Israel, they

    violated no laws. Let’s us preserve the dignity of our heritage.


    Nigeria first project

    No. 9

    THE LEGISLATURE AND THE JUDICIARY. General Buhari does not believe in

    the concept of Separation of Powers. Being from a dictatorial

    background, he lacks the temperament to engage in dialogue and tolerate

    opposing views. That is how he influenced the dispensation of justice in

    his regime. From his pronouncements and carriage, he has learnt nothing

    and will attempt to weaken the other arms of government. SAY NO TO


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 10


    NIGERIAN PEOPLE. General Buhari seems disconnected with the norms of

    politics in his actions and his words. His immensely divisive persona is

    manifest in his recent pronouncements. In an interview he granted to

    weekly Trust recently, he referred to Former Presidents Olusegun

    Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida as his “Enemies”. Nigerians deserve a

    President who is a unifier, not one who has a penchant for collecting

    enemies. A Nigeria President should NEVER HAVE AN ENEMY.


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 11

    NIGERIAN PEOPLE. Buhari and his APC image launders have continued to

    present themselves to Nigerians as people who are going to fight

    corruption when voted into power –

    Buhari whose ADC, Major Ojokolo

    escorted 53 suitcases money into this Nigeria in 1984 even when he, Buhari had

    ordered the closure of the borders.


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 12

    NIGERIAN PEOPLE. Toppling Shagari govt was the worst of Buhari sins.The

    worst civilian govt is better than any military junta. A man who

    truncated the Nigerian Second Republic and ushered Nigeria into 16 years

    of Military draconian administration cannot turn around to benefit from

    his own wrong. Buhari cannot eat his cake and have it.


    Nigeria First Project…

  • richkid

    APC! APC! APC! Association of past criminals when table turned around, they couldn’t couldn’t accomadate there greed, and they now formed this one! No way GEJ continues no room for ur greed

  • richkid

    GEJ all the way