PDP Rally: I am not sponsoring Boko Haram, President Jonathan says

President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday lambasted those who have accused him of being behind the Boko Haram insurgency in Adamawa State.

“Only mad people will accuse me of executing such dastardly act against his people,” Mr. Jonathan said.

The President, who made the remark during his campaign rally in Yola on Thursday, said that he had no reason to sponsor the killing of children, women and the aged as, according to him, he had nothing to benefit from such deleterious actions.

He recalled that in the last election, he secured more than 65 per cent of the votes in the state, twice the votes he got from his home state, Bayelsa.

He pointed out that even from a political standpoint, killing off Adamawa people would amount to political suicide.
“In 2011, I had two times the number of votes I had in Bayelsa State. Why should I want to reduce that number of votes?” Mr. Jonathan queried. “Only a mad person can insinuate that the president is supporting Boko Haram.”

While expressing his sympathy for the people following the scale of terror unleashed on the state by Boko Haram Insurgents, he promised that Adamawa would be the first among the three states that would be completely liberated from the insurgents.

He told the gathering that Michika, one of the remaining two local governments in the hands of the insurgents, has been liberated.

“We are totally committed to the liberation of Adamawa state,” he said. “Adamawa will be the first state that will be freed. As we are talking to you Michika Local Government area has been recaptured by our gallant soldiers. The remaining local government, Madagali will, insha Allah, be recaptured very soon.

“We are totally committed to Adamawa and it will be the first state that will be liberated. I feel so burdened about the excesses of Boko Haram.”

The president noted that because of his concerns for the victims of the insurgency, his government has floated some mitigating measures such as the Safe Schools Initiative, victims support funds and other measures to cushion the suffering the victims were going through.

He promised to make massive investment in Agriculture and other key sectors for the rapid development of the state.
He enjoined the people to massively vote their gubernatorial candidate, Nuhu Ribadu, for development to be solidly rooted in the state.

“I knew him when I was a deputy governor and as a governor I monitored him till today. He has unique attributes. I believe he will join us to fight insecurity in Adamawa state,” Mr. Jonathan said.

He said Mr. Ribadu has the energy, intellectual capacity and wide range of network across the globe to rout Boko Haram insurgency.


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  • Kadeer

    “In 2011, I had two times the number of votes I had in Bayelsa State. Why should I want to reduce that number of votes?” Mr. Jonathan queried.


    • Olu Ade

      That is Mr. Jonathan’s mindset. He sees everything through the lens of politics and getting votes. We are talking of lives here Mr. Jona, whom you swore to protect as their executive President and Commander in Chief of the armed forces. The buck stops on your desk…you have failed us. Now you remember that you got double the votes of your Bayelsa from Adamawa but you have abandoned them to their fate…your wife called them names on national TV saying Chibok girls kidnapping never happened…It took Jona 18days to believe that he needed to get his butt off the chair in Aso Rock and fight Boko Haram to get the girls back…till today, nothing to show for it because critical time was lost by an executive C-in-C who failed when he was needed most!

      • Kadeer

        I’m also seeking the relationship between number of votes claimed, and a REASON to reduce the number of potential votes. Promoting this theory, only those states that gave him an inconsiderable fraction of Bayelsa’s votes should have their votes reduced…?

        Please help me, how do they connect!? Was that a president who spoke!? Jeeez. #Facepalm

        • Olu Ade

          The more you try to think or analyze Mr. Jona’s speech or off the speech statements, the more he looks like a F— In a civilized country,. he will be fired for making that statement. I cant wait for February 14 to come.

    • Progress

      He knows well that now he can not win in Adamawa. Ribadu is cleverly campaigning without associating with Jonathan. Yet he is going to lose heavily

      • TrueNja

        Ribadu is a loser. He lost in 2011 and will loose again in 2015

  • amazing2012

    ….yes but you are their protector ! Why can’t you arrest and investigates those behind Boko boys ? Why can’t the army of once a great nation under you can not defeat boko ? Why never a big fish is arrested ? Who give fuel Boko fuel for hundreds of their vehicles ? Who drops arms and supplies using helicopter ? Who give them hundreds of new Hilux vehicles ?

  • HassanAbdullahi

    The outgoing Nigerian President

    • tunji braimoh

      yea in 2019,goodluck to you

      • TrueNja

        Feb 14, 2015, say amen

        • Olatunde Arowolo


  • Ukpaka

    Mr. President: With the army, SSS, Navy and airforce and even yellow fever police, you were unable to contain Boko Haram. I wonder how Ribadu will rout Boko Haram with sticks.

  • tunji braimoh

    The evil party with their evil agenda acting the insurgents at night and laying the blame on the federal govt in the day. APC is headed for massive disappointment on feb 14 because Nigerians will show them our level of awareness.We are quietly taking note of all their activities and illegalities like flooding an independent opinion poll being conducted by AIT with fake votes for Buhari and then turning around to scream blue murder when the station pulled down the opinion poll on discovering the malicious manipulations.Hope the international communities are taking note of all these evil plots by the APC to achieve power thru he backdoor,their attempt at cloning the pvc also comes to mind

    • TrueNja

      Emit your venom on late general Azazi who said PDP and your clueless badluck are behind Boko Haram.

  • anneedu

    Mr president leave them say on the D day we will know how

  • tunji braimoh

    Carry on mr president for the power of evil secrecy will never prevail over good,we will emerge victorious at the end of the day and their evil plans to divide us will never come to pass.This country must continue to move forward

  • TrueNja

    Shame on you mallam Shehu Ribadu. You have lost the little respect I have for you. Is it not the same man you categorically condemned as a corrupt president not too long ago. The same corrupt president you’re now portraying to him b’cos of power. You’re nothing but hypocrite and power grabber. You have no integrity at all and you’re politically dead.

  • malik shaibu

    We did it in 2011 and we will do it again on feb14.Forget the noisemakers without voters card in this forum,Sai Jonathan no going back

    • julius oke

      Your dead by hugging transformer mr. Man.

  • richkid

    Go ahead we all know it’s buhari that is the boko haram just trying to give you a bad name because your Governmwebt swt and impeacable

    • kick ’em out


  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    Before Buhari the then head of state, executed (killed) the woman Mrs gladys through firing squad, this were her last words

    before her death, she cried out , i never wish to die in this shameful way, i am not dieing for robbry nor did i die for cocain traficing.

    I am only dieing for saying the truth, may God reward my effort.

    Then the soldiers shut her 6 bullets on the head, chest and tommy………..I HATE THE APC

    • julius oke

      A consecutive liar per see.

  • samuel

    We believe u sir. the APC are busy lambasting u with baseless claims.. come Feb14 u will floor them and they will all defect back to PDP, whcih we all know is home for any right thinking Nigerian. GEJite

    • Nasiru Muhammad

      Wake up from your wildest dream Sam.

  • bib

    Mr President you are not sponsoring BH but:
    1. The soldiers under your command are abandoning their little ammunition so easily for BH to arm themselves.
    2. You have not been arming, equipping or motivating well enough the soldiers under your command to fight The BH decisively.
    3. Even when BH started to excise the country’s land that did not move you to move seriously against them .

    • PROF

      LOL , chei what has happened to the north ?

      • bib

        This is another “phd” response that has no meaning nor relevance. But in spite of Jonathan the north shall remain. And the whole country shall very soon be peaceful under yourGMB.

        • PROF

          Buhari needs to show his certificate ,cos its not good to use fake results ,what does he want to teach alamajeris ?

          • bib

            Let me continue to reason with you. I might be able to turn you to a Prof, a little better than GEJ PHD standard.
            Assume I present a certificate and you don’t agree with its genuine. The best person to certify its genuineness are the issuers. GMB’s school principal has presented his statement of result and backed it with result sheet issued by Cambridge that issued. Better still Cambridge themselves have confirmed the genuineness of the results. What is now your grouse?

          • PROF

            Was it the principal that first presented it to buhari ? Was it the ministry of education katsina ? Or was it Waec cambridge? Buhari is a fraud .

          • bib

            Sorry you can never reach” GEJ PHD” standard. Last word. Cambridge cannot be compromised like Nigerian Army.

          • PROF

            Buhari has the right to use fake results ,its allowed .

  • anneedu

    Lol, leave them till you win

  • Omo Akin

    Mr. President, why were you hobnobbing with Modu Sherif whom you have in the past accused of sponsoring Boko Haram? In the 3rd Quarter of last year, the Nigerian Military was gaining the upper hand in the war against BH and people are heaving a sign of relief, suddenly your chief of defense staff announced a unilateral ceasefire by Nigeria. BH never ceased fire but captured more Nigerian land. The man is still the chief of defense staff. Neither you nor the man explained to Nigerians what happened. It is your style not to say a word (or give a damn) so that you can deny knowledge of what happened. You hear your Ijaw warlords, your home state governor and your special adviser on Niger Delta threatening to go war if Nigerians refuse to vote for you but you kept quiet. I know that when the International Community call you out on this, you will claim you never knew about it. 3 years ago, you announced abroad that you will defeat BH by June of that year, well that was 3 years ago and all you offer the people is a promise. In fact, in all your campaign stops, you only offer promises: you will tackle corruption, you will provide security etc; what then have you been doing since your became President over 5 years ago.
    As the C-I-C, did you ask your military the reason they only defend against BH and don’t go on the offensive.
    When one looks at the people you empower for the purpose of your re-election, it is easy to conclude that you are so desperate that you can do anything to remain in power.

  • Yusuf

    you are not sponsoring BH then WHO is? if 6 good years is not enough to come out with clear evidence of BH sponsors and accomplices then WHEN; if N4trn can not fight BH then HOW MUCH will

  • Wähala

    Ribadu looks like a blind begger singing, ‘Baaabi Allah’ into Dumbo’s uncaring ears… Hahaha chei, how the hunter has become the hunted. Same Ribadu who indicted Lady Hippo for graft now kneeling like Dumbo before Emir Sanusi. The world is truly round, what goes around indeed, comes around. Dumbo needs to stop wasting his time in the North, those Abokis will never abandon their own and vote for incompetence and mass murderer of their sons & daughters, elderly and women. Even Americans know that the Nigerian Govt. is the greatest “impediment” in the war against the Boko Haram insurgents… and, that Dumbo ati Modu Sheriff are their sponsors. Deceitful psychopath… Ijaw President of Nigeria. Biko, Sai Buhari, O’jare!

    • tyson

      that is yr life—u never attempt to outgrow this your childish hatred for those u believe defeated your evil thoughts against them-in d SS—he is more matured than u-who hold a deep-seated hatred against the ijaw nation-JUST -for the fun of it-that is the ijaws betrayed ibos–that is yr sickness which would soon lead to u have to survive on a life support machine- when Jonathan finally wins the 2015 election-

      • Otile

        Deri, will you shut your trap, stop talking thru your anus. How many times have I warned you never to drag Igbo into your senseless diatribe. When the dust settles you and your senseless ancestors will be bundled back to Papua New Guinea where they migrated from.

        You and your clan are parasites to the South South people. Aṣiwèrè

        • Wähala

          Wetin be, “Asiwéré” make I know how to use am course the modafcuker wellu-wellu for you?

    • Alouche

      Ribadu na wayo man, believe me. Him go soon turn tiger after the election. The PDP people think say them get sense, but him don catch them.

  • Dunamis

    Any1 who actually blivs Jonathan is sponsoring BH is delusional. How can he aid in makyn he’s own administration difficult? GEJ till 2019

  • tyson

    Come to think of it: could the militants be right that the assaults and intimidations suffered by President Jonathan and his campaign train in parts of the north are part of ‘the list of actions that our party intends to take’ announced by the All Progressives Congress (APC) at their pre-election Walk Rally in Abuja? It will be recalled that at the said Walk Rally of the APC late last year, where Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State said his Party would not go to court if it loses the Presidential Poll, but would instead instigate anarchy, make the country ungovernable and form an alternative Government. His words: “…in 2015, we will not go to court. We will form our own government. We have met on that and we have agreed on that. We will install our own government and there would be two governments…”

    At the said Walk Rally also, the APC National Chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun, was far more elaborate; he declared among other ominous statements that “If we do not see any discernible change of attitude on the part of the government, then we will move to the next stage on the list of actions that our party intends to take to stop the rot being perpetuated by the PDP-led Federal Government.” He did not however disclose what these other measures are, leaving so much to speculation.

  • dave

    Wonders shall never end,i cant believe this is the same Ribadu who said so many unprintable words about Jonathan is now kneeling down before him.Some people are ready to call cow uncle just because they want to eat meat.Shame on you Ribadu.

  • Guguru

    Jonathan, fine! You are not behind Boko Haram but you treat them with “kid gloves”. Can you not be said to be “mad” as well for doing so? Why would any President interested in the security of his people treat such an evil group with “kid gloves”? Did Jonathan treat the rescue of his uncle from kidnappers, with “kid gloves”? Jonathan’s uncle was rescued within 21 days of being kidnapped.

  • ucheJ

    Some times sporsors are also pretenders GMB should know better we Can not be deceived.

  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    Sorry Mr President, I cannot believe what you said for the simple fact that you are too close to all those alleged to be Boko Haram sponsors apart from being soft in handling the issue of Boko Haram. The Borno state governor said that the Nigerian Armed forces needs better weapons to confront Boko Haram Mr President you nearly finished him on air and today most of your honest officers said the same yet you failed to provide them with appropriate weapons as a result thousands have been killed and being killed daily. So, even if you are not responding you are a party to what is happening.


    GEJ if you are not…Then fight the insurgency….#CHANGE.



    • fresh15

      We are not in a military or autocratic government to arrest people at every instance.Very soon the breeze will blow and anus of the fowl will be seen.

  • Maria

    I knew Ribadu is a wolf in sheep’s clothing… Now the world can see the true colour of real Ribadu…. You can not hide for too long!

  • Nigeria has made significant progress in the area of free speech and personal liberties since, and the thought of another Buhari presidency is already sending chills and shivers down the spines of citizens, civil liberties organisations and the human rights community in general. For many Nigerians, Jonathan has been most tolerant of criticisms and opposing ideas; in fact, he has continued to encourage citizens to speak out as part of their inalienable rights under the Constitution by assuring them that under his watch, no one will be sent to jail, exiled or murdered for expressing his/her opinions as has been witnessed in Nigeria previously… those that promised the nation ungovernable for GEJ well you know what happens when the owner of a dog says “sit” now they promise to come to power and stop the insurgency.

  • kick ’em out

    J O N A H A R A M!!!

  • chinwe davis

    are they nuts?, how can jonathan be supporting boko haram, thats insane.

    • blueeyedkitten

      and you’re not nuts when you keep suggesting that: the northerners are killing themselves just to spite jonathan’s regime.

      • fresh15

        These people are ready to do anything to destroy Jonathan’s image.

        • blueeyedkitten

          which people? and what has jonathan not done to destroy the image of the north and general buhari?

        • Ebele

          A Concerned Nigerian posted this on Facebook.

          A GEJ Fan(Supporters) Asked Anyone Who Doesn’t Like GEJ’s Govt To Go And Hug a Transformer.

          …I Gladly Went Looking For One. After 20 Minutes Walk, I Saw One 33KVA Transformer Worthy Of Hugging. With a Smile, I Hugged It.

          …The Hug Lasted For 17 Hours, Now Here I am On Facebook(After I Used a Generator To Charge My Phone).

          “There Was No Power In The Transformer”!

          • ayo


          • Deltans

            Read my post and understand it. Conclusively, it means No ELECTRICITY SUPPLY in Nigeria which disqualifies Jonathan from seeking re-election.

      • Goodisgood

        They do suicide bombing so killing themselves to drive home their point shouldn’t be a big deal for them…..same rule

  • blueeyedkitten

    thank you jonathan. you have just insulted the people you’re seeking votes from; becos, like it or not, that is exactly how they see you. i.e as somebody who is either sponsoring B/H, or somebody who deliberately refuse to take concrete steps to stop it.
    by the way, what do you expect from them; when your primary responsibility is to protect their lives and properties which you have failed woefully. and your sympathy was not even felt enough. you only remember adamawa now that the election is here….and you want them to throw you flowers?

    • fresh15

      The enemies of Jonathan’s administration brought Boko Haram to frustrate Jonathan’s efforts towards transforming Nigeria.They even used the army to sabotage Jonathan’s effort to combat the menace of Boko haram.God will judge them one by one.

      • blueeyedkitten

        who are the enemies of jonathan? tell me!

  • Unique Fidel

    I never thought you sponsor boko haram,,, you aren’t strong enough.

  • AmericanMuse

    He (Goodluck) doth protest too much!

  • Nasiru Muhammad

    But you are enjoying the killings JONA. Recall anytime there was bombing you throws parties and dances immediately.

  • ICC Hague

    Mr President Adamawa people are not fools, your body language and the statements of your associates shows that you are stake holder in BH menace. You are using the issue more of political gain than solving it, you keep saying that BH killings is a ploy by the north only to discredit your administration, is it not madness? that is why you are handling the issue with kid glove. Your poor handling of Chibok girls, hobnobbing with known sponsors of BH like Ali Modu sherif confirmed what people speculated. Did you ever visit Adamawa to sympathize with the people when a whole northern senetorial zone was seized by BH, thousands died and thousand displaced? Now that you need votes you open your mouth wide talking rubbish. Adamawa will not vote for you again, Buhari all the way in Adamawa and Nigeria at large.

  • Etim Lazarus

    Political sabotage is at work in Nigeria, if am not well guided in anything , i know that Goodluck has the interest of the nation at large irrespective of religious, political, and ethnic background and since this believes is not beneficial to certain individual they decide to tarnish the image and good works of the president through creating sects like boko haram

    • ayo

      bro Lazarus,think and ask yourself why he is talking now.why not explain all these when they attacked Mubi and young cadet officers were murdered? why couldn’t he tour the northern region when the Chibok Girls were abducted? why now when the state of insecurity has increased?
      i pray you Don’t experience the other side of life in the hand of the terrorist in Jesus name.
      if your people are in the North and were among those affected,and the president stays in Abuja doing nothing other than mere political promises of we will soon free the abducted girls daily,am not sure you will reason the same way.
      just reason and think well again my brother.

  • Wole benson

    what could he actually benefit from such venture.I completely agree with the president and his mandate for this nation and without any doubt convinced that he will never put the nation in a state leading to lost of lives and properties. so its even preposterous to lay such claims on the president.

  • Unique Fidel

    Stop painting him like he is a monster

  • olamide martins

    Jonathan can never have a hand in this mayhem ravaging our country. This act is aimed at ravaging the good image of the president and bring his hard work to nothing. But no matter how hard they try it will not materialize. He has brought a new standard into this country a standard that alleviates us from years of bad leadership.

    • amazing2012

      Ok let him stop it ! What is his work ? Who owns solders ?

  • Hembe Hembe


    Nigerian Masses and Nigerians in diaspora who voted against ex-military
    president, BUHARI, in 2003, 2007 and 2011 presidential elections have already
    adduced the following reasons behind their votes against BUHARI. They have
    insisted that nothing has changed in the life of Ex-Military Dictator( Buhari)
    and as such have resolutely decided to go into election on Feb., 14
    Presidential Election to demonstrate their views and to send Buhari to a
    perceptual political retirement.

    They spoken in harsh tones to our correspondent denouncing Buhari in all
    ramifications . According to them, “below are the reasons we voted against
    Buhari in the past elections and why we are prepared to VOTE against him
    again this Feb., 14 Nigerian Presidential elections”. Reasons:


    NIGERIAN STUDENTS. Remember the person who abolished feeding in

    tertiary institutions in 1984?. Buhari as a military Dictator then had

    no agenda for Nigerian Students, neither does he and his rag tag

    coalition this time.

    Vote to protect our Students.


    Nigeria First Project


    NIGERIAN WOMEN. How many Women were in Buhari’s Cabinet as Military

    Head of State? NONE. Buhari has no respect for the dignity of women and

    regards them as insignificant in national development. That is why he

    recklessly said recently that he will abolish the office of the First

    Lady if he is elected. Women, who today are at the commanding heights of

    Nigeria’s political economy will have no rallying point in a Buhari


    Vote to protect our Women.


    Nigeria First Project


    THE NIGERIAN PRESS. Do we want to risk the freedom of Expression we

    currently enjoy?. Hear Gen Buhari’s vow in 1984 when asked about press

    freedom ” I will tamper with that”. To match words with Action (after

    all, Buhari claims to be a man of his words) he enacted Decree 20 and

    jailed Journalists Nduka Irabor and Tunde Thompson. Many Nigerians were

    detained without trial under his draconian Decree No 2. Can we afford

    to go back to the dark ages?


    Nigeria first Project

    No. 4

    The NIGERIAN POLITICAL CLASS. If you think that the current attempt to

    whitewash General Buhari and give him a human face will make him abandon

    his old habits, we will be in for a rude shock. To him, every

    politician is a thief except himself. This kind of messianic delusion

    has no place in contemporary Nigeria. Buhari looks at everyone with

    contempt and prejudice. His iron fisted misrule lead to the premature

    deaths of political leaders across the country. Let us save our emerging

    leaders and protect them from a rampaging despot.


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 5

    CIVIL SOCIETY. Buhari’s Government enacted laws with retroactive

    effects. Nigerians were given punishments that were nonexistent in

    previous laws at the time the offences were committed! How else can we

    define gross violation of human rights? Buhari enacted and recklessly

    applied Decree 2 otherwise known as Detention of Persons without trial


    He never condones dialogue.


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 6

    CATTLE REARERS. To some Nigerians, General Buhari is a proud Fulani man

    who will protect them when he gets to power! How wrong! Under General

    Buhari, the obnoxious Jangali Tax system was introduced and this brought

    untold hardships to Fulani Cattle Rearers and frustrated most of them

    out of business. A good friend they say is better than a wicked brother.

    The current effort to create grazing reserves for cattle Rearers must

    be supported. Buhari will bring back Jangali.


    NIGERIA first project

    No. 7

    INVESTORS/ BUSINESS COMMUNITY. General Buhari does not believe in the

    principle of a private sector driven economy. He is still ensconced in

    the worn out and obsolete practices of a state monopoly control of the

    economy. All the gains of the current reforms which have made Nigeria

    the biggest investment destination in Africa will be reversed.

    Should we be led back to Egypt?


    Nigeria first Project

    No. 8

    TRADITIONAL INSTITUTIONS. General Buhari as Military Head of State

    undermined the revered and world famous Stools of the Emirate of Kano

    and the Ooni of Ife when he unilaterally suspended the Great Alhaji Ado

    Bayero and Oba Okunade Sijuwade from office for embarking on private

    visits to the State of Israel. At the time they visited Israel, they

    violated no laws. Let’s us preserve the dignity of our heritage.


    Nigeria first project

    No. 9

    THE LEGISLATURE AND THE JUDICIARY. General Buhari does not believe in

    the concept of Separation of Powers. Being from a dictatorial

    background, he lacks the temperament to engage in dialogue and tolerate

    opposing views. That is how he influenced the dispensation of justice in

    his regime. From his pronouncements and carriage, he has learnt nothing

    and will attempt to weaken the other arms of government. SAY NO TO


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 10


    NIGERIAN PEOPLE. General Buhari seems disconnected with the norms of

    politics in his actions and his words. His immensely divisive persona is

    manifest in his recent pronouncements. In an interview he granted to

    weekly Trust recently, he referred to Former Presidents Olusegun

    Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida as his “Enemies”. Nigerians deserve a

    President who is a unifier, not one who has a penchant for collecting

    enemies. A Nigeria President should NEVER HAVE AN ENEMY.


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 11

    NIGERIAN PEOPLE. Buhari and his APC image launders have continued to

    present themselves to Nigerians as people who are going to fight

    corruption when voted into power –

    Buhari whose ADC, Major Ojokolo

    escorted 53 suitcases money into this Nigeria in 1984 even when he, Buhari had

    ordered the closure of the borders.


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 12

    NIGERIAN PEOPLE. Toppling Shagari govt was the worst of Buhari sins.The

    worst civilian govt is better than any military junta. A man who

    truncated the Nigerian Second Republic and ushered Nigeria into 16 years

    of Military draconian administration cannot turn around to benefit from

    his own wrong. Buhari cannot eat his cake and have it.


    Nigeria First Projectb

  • anneedu

    We all know who’s sponsoring them, GEJ till 2019

    • amazing2012

      The point is sponsoring or not but stopping it. He fails to act meaningfully on those he said he know them ! On those that were suspected and do nothing to prove those arrested !! He is fully accountable to whatever happen during his time in Nigeria !!