APC colluding with INEC to withhold our members’ voter cards, PDP says

Former PDP Chairman, Adamu Mu'azu

The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says it has noted a deliberate attempt by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to disenfranchise its members and supporters in Lagos
state by refusing to release their Permanent Voter Cards (PVC) to them.

PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, in a statement on Thursday said the party has observed that officials of INEC are working hand in gloves with the All Progressive Congress [APC] in the state to frustrate the distribution of the PVCs in PDP strongholds as well as to non-indigenes in the state.

The PDP described the development as “unacceptable, illegal and part of the criminal plot by the APC to hold on to power in the face of its dwindling popularity among the people who are now eager to vote enmasse for the PDP and end APC’s dictatorial rule in the state.

“While we restate our commitment to peaceful and credible elections come February 14th 2015, we will not accept any attempt to scheme us out in any state or states controlled by the APC”, the PDP noted.

The PDP said the APC has been jittery over the increasing popularity of President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP governorship candidate in the
state, Olujimi Agbaje, and now seeks to compromise the electoral process by manipulating the distribution of the PVCs.

Stating that INEC has refused to check the trend despite repeated concerns raised by its state chapter and other well meaning Nigerians, the PDP said the onus now lies on the Chairman of INEC, Prof. Attahiru
Jega and the leadership of the commission to prove their innocence by immediately intervening and ensuring that all eligible voters in the state received their PVCs accordingly.

The PDP also demanded that INEC thoroughly investigate the matter and ensure that all those involved are sanctioned in order to restore confidence in the electoral process in the state.


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  • tundemash

    What a desperate party ! Is there anything these rogues haven’t said ? Since the criminalisation of Buhari failed, INEC is the next target. FeBuhari 14th can’t come quicker.

    • Think Please

      Is it possible for INEC to identify PDP or APC member from the list of registered voters? Just wondering.

      • alabi olubunmi

        I tire ooo. People with brains up their arses.

        • me

          You mean down their asses!

      • tundemash

        I wonder O !. They are drowning so anything will do.
        Did you notice they tried to set the locals against the non-indigenes in that rubbish release ?
        That is their stock in trade, use ethnicty and religion to divide people but they have failed this time around by the Grace of God !

    • Jika

      The state Gov did not get his PVC as well.Has he decamped to PDP?

      • tundemash

        lol !

  • Ademola Arowosaye

    APC and INEC’s plan will fail woefully. APC and all their candidates will lose in Lagos. Lagosians are fed Up with their high handedness.

    • alabi olubunmi

      If only wishes were horses. Apc and all its candidates would lose in lagos. I’m very sure u don’t believe what u just spewed out but u just wish it was that way. Don’t worry I would win the presidential election too and become president. Height of delusion

    • tundemash

      No problem. Just ask your masters to stop being jittery and allow the election to hold on FeBuhari 14th.

      By the way, when you registered for your PVC, did INEC ask you for your party loyalty ?

  • Dankasa

    These are bunch of confused chaps who thing Nigeria is in the 80s. Now is INEC because they refused to play to the Galary ko? Haba..! This is childish, non-challant attitude and is beyond human comprehension..!

  • Dandaman

    There is an English saying. If you’re in a hole, stop digging. Please PDP decision makers you need to stop making Nigerians hate you. All this antics only make people want to vote you out.

    Remember this time last year, most regular people didn’t care about APC also in Nov 2014 most regular people didn’t care much for Buhari’s candidacy.

    The antics of the PDP, Doyin Okupe, Olisa Metuh, TAN, GEJ and his election campaign have made APC relevant and Buhari likeable by a lot of people who supported GEJ in 2011

  • alabi olubunmi

    Hahaha, I laugh, pdp stronghold in lagos. What a joke. Apc has the list of pdp members abi.

  • Jide

    Why is PDP talking like an Opposition party when they are the Ruling Party..Sign of the end times!..

    Sai Buhari!

  • solozo

    E be like say na APC appoint Jega and all INEC RECs o. Wonderful Nigeria. So now, all non-indigenes will vote PDP while Lagosians will vote APC? If no be Christians versus Muslims, na North versus South. Divide and rule for ever. Go PDP – GEJ suddenly becoming popular in Lagos!

  • Jika

    Yeah you are right sir!!!! The INEC and APC are really working ‘hands in gloves’to deny PDP supporters their PVC including no less a ‘prominent member ‘of PDP in the person of his Excellency Gov.Raji Fashola!!!!! This Metuh guy is a huge joke.

  • Timothy Aseer

    I very much doubt a Buhari win. Jonathan has an ugly side but Buhari has an uglier side. I predict a jonathan victory.

    • tundemash

      No problem just plead with PDP to allow elelction hold on FeBuhari 14th to make your prediction come true ….. abi ?

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Mr. Metuh is simply ringing loud bells with his mouth because he has not even made any sense or point to justify or support his allegations.

    It is so sad that the laws of defamation of character is so weak in Nigeria. Otherwise, how can any sane, sensible and rational grown up come and publicly defame other people without anything to substantiate it?

    Is INEC asking people if they are APC or PDP voters or supporters before issuing PVCs?

    Mr. Metuh, please be sensible about what you say in public. We are not idi ots!

    • Jika

      Sir Kay,please help ask them wether party membership is stated on the PVC.By the way is Fashola now a member of PDP?The last I heard, he has not gotten his PVC too!!!!Is this Metuh really serious?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Bruv, abeg, no mind Mr. Mentuh.

        E be like say him sef don dey take Sapele Water for da kitchen cabinet!

        I hear say the thing dey shack well, but if this outburst is anything to measure it by, me I go stay away from it!!

  • Preye Aganaba

    APC will not win. Looking at the political map,they won’t be in Aso Rock. PDP will Carry the day as usual.

    • tundemash

      Yeah right … just plead with PDP to stop throwing their toys out of the pram and allow the elelction to hold on FeBuhari 14th to put that your theory to test .

    • Mosaku 147

      Go to bed.

  • Truthometer

    PDP will come up with anything to truncate this election, because of impending historical defeat. PDP is such a pathetic party. Why are they so scared of the coming election? GMB is going to beat GEJ silly, in the Presidential election. Anyway, somebody should remind GEJ to cast his vote for GMB. Why? He is so dumb!

  • Shehu Adamu

    Did you know that under Buhari’s administration, Nigeria signed a pact to export unrefined crude oil to other countries and then import the finished products afterwards?

    This 1984 news article from The New York Times lays it bare!

    • oaa

      You seem to have forgotten that the immediate past civilian government before Buhari had run the economy aground, there was oil glut, our refineries had not ban maintained, letters of credit were not being opened for Nigerian imports, oil prices had crashed with spiralling inflation and shortage of essential commodities, salaries were being owed for monthsthe naira had fallen against other 2 old currencies , etc. Just like our current scenario. Buhari had to 2 ingeniously enter into trade by barter agreements to keep us afloat. The refining agreement was to cater for the refined products shortfall in production. We are back to the depression of the 80s and history is repeating itself. However this time around it is not the Army but the people that want Buhari. Am learning to fear God the more. Hope you are too.

    • Muktsa

      Dude what exactly are we doing under PDP for the past 16 yrs? We have been exporting crude and importing refined. The main difference is then there was no subsidy scam to go with the deal !

  • Shehu Adamu

    Brazil Wins Nigeria Pact


    Published: March 14, 1984

    RIO DE JANEIRO, March 13— Brazil has won an international bidding contest to refine Nigerian oil this year, the state oil company, Petrobras, announced today.

    The $1.2 billion agreement calls for Brazil to import Nigerian crude and return refined gasoline, jet fuel and diesel oil to Nigeria, a Petrobras spokesman said. He added that the accord would allow Brazil to reduce its idle refining capacity and earn a margin of profit.

    Brazil imports about two-thirds of the one million barrels of oil it consumes daily, mostly from the Middle East. It buys 10,000 barrels daily from Nigeria.

  • King Carlos

    That’s why i have always said that APC is a better organized party than PDP. Metuh just speaks , in order to keep pace with Lai Muhammed. How will INEC know if some PVCs belong to apc or pdp. Fashola just announced recently that he’s yet to get his. We can’t afford another 4 more years of pdp.

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Yesterday (28/01/2014) FFK the PDP presidential election megaphone spewed out the threat to pass a vote of no-confidence on INEC, today (29/01/2014) Metuh the real PDP megaphone emitted another salvo that INEC is depriving PDP members of their PVCs in Lagos. What next tomorrow from the PDP, possibly APC collaborating with Merlyn Ogah to arrest PDP members????? Desperation sets in.

  • Joe

    APC is a rigging machine. As long as Tinubu is the head of APC, rigging is a style.

  • Naija

    This man called mettussela doesn’t understand what he is sayin,who is having increasing popularity among the 2 candidates.
    Hos can he possible for opposition to have access to how INEC(federal agency) operates.
    Nigerian are wiser now,continuing campaigning for Buhari.
    GMB will give u minister of uttering rubbish when he won on Febuari 14

    • richkid

      Your not well. You don’t know that every state INEC is independent of the federal INEC they just maintain one law over them. Besides your feeding yourself with lies, know it today GEJ is winning the polls,. Don’t organise stuffs to keep up hopes. Buhari winning cannever be a reality. GEJ all the way!!

    • taiwo

      INEC colluded with Osun state APC to rig the guber election in Aregbesola’s favour and the result will soon be upturned in court .APC has perfected the act of penetrating different strata of our society to carry out evil including the ongoing genocide being carried out by its militant wing in the northeast

  • If apc loses after all this scam, it will be a big shame. They know that most non yorubas in lagos state are for pdp . There is still time to sack the inec chief.

  • richkid

    People and there pranks. Fashola and Tinubu your plans will not work!! Give us our pvc let’s vote you out

  • richkid

    GEJ has been the answer to NIGRIANS quest for a leader but desperadoes like buhari go to the extent of killing innocent people with his bloody BH, and you think GOD is not seeing you? You will never smell that office again, even a leper will win you buhari. Up GEJ for real

    • hummm

      U have uneloquentently spoken like a typical rich kid w/out any brain. Hey, why dont you get a real job and stop crapping on the blog site.

  • hummm

    PDP is still going to have his hand delivered to it through a landslide defeat. All that shinannegan wont work. They didnt get the memo that the train has left the station .

  • taiwo

    This party of crooks needs to be watched very closely,the reports coming out recently on their activities shows they are on a desperate mission to achieve power by hook or by crook.One day it is the DSS catching them with materials for hacking INEC data and various voters cards of under age people,the next day it is the AIT catching them while trying to manipulate and fraudulently influence the opinion poll being conducted by the station,now it is colluding with INEC in lagos to disenfranchise voters knowing very well that their days are numbered in Lagos and Tinubu’s suction pipe is about to be turned off .APC WHY NA?IS THIS THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BRING ON NIGERIANS?

    • boro

      Why are u people so daft?frm ur expression,u are all anti Nigeria.Who is in control of inec,apc or federal pdp. All pdp and their cohorts are bunch if liars,they always say opposite of things,we are all tired of ur deciet and lies. No wonder power is changing hands to apc. Stop fighting like a half cut snake

      • Akinwande Kolawole

        If you are not so daft,you will see Jega is bent on returning power to his Hausa/Fulani clan. The rumbling in INEC is enough evidence.

  • tunji braimoh

    Their shenanigans will not work this time,lagosians and non indigenes are collectively determined to get rid of them this time around

  • malik shaibu

    CATTLE REARERS. To some Nigerians, General Buhari is a proud Fulani man who will protect them when he gets to power! How wrong! Under General Buhari, the obnoxious Jangali Tax system was introduced and this brought untold hardships to Fulani Cattle Rearers and frustrated most of them out of business. A good friend they say is better than a wicked brother. The current effort to create grazing reserves for cattle Rearers must be supported. Buhari will bring back Jangali.
    SAY NO TO BUHARI, SAY NO TO All Progressives Congress – APC

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    Factional leader of the Yoruba group, Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), Ganiyu Adams, has informed the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) not to expect getting a bloc vote from the South-west in the February 14 presidential election. He said a good number of his people are yet to get over their reservations with the Fulani.

    Adams told Nigeria Today that he does not agree with projections made by some pundits that Buhari will make a clean sweep of South-west by virtue of the dominance of his party in the geo-political zone, saying, “South-west is a place that you cannot use the media to deceive. We are highly exposed and highly educated.”

    His words, “For you to say we should go one way, it is impossible. I don’t think that the South-west will vote for Buhari en mass. Don’t forget the pain caused by the June 12 annulment, it is still fresh in the mind of our people many died in the cause of June 12 struggle, many lost a lot of properties. I don’t think our people will trust a Hausa/Fulani man from the north this time around.”

    Adams’ stance aligns with that of the leader of another faction of OPC and founder of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), Frederick Faseun, who has already thrown his weight behind Jonathan, with his party adopting the President as its candidate.”

  • oluwaseyi mayowa

    Jonathan2015 o jare

  • sammyctu ode

    These pdp people and their thugs writing nonsense are all maggots and they will all rot in hell. Instead of addressing campaign issues, it is one personal attack or the other. They know they are loosing and will loose come feb. 14th which is why they come up with bogus issues on a daily basis. These pdp men are so evil and they don’t need to live among civilized people. We Lagosians will not vote for agbaje and pdp because we can’t leave Lagos in the hands of ex-convicts and looters of Nigeria. The 2nd Niger bridge which is only 1.5 kilometer is costing 117 Billion Naira and the people of SE will pay many tolls to cross the bridge for 25 years while the 1.3 Kilometer Ikoyi bridge Gov. Fasola built in record time only cost 50 Billion Naira. Let Nigerians decide who is for them. Jonathan and pdp are owing the international Oil Companies 5 Billion dollars of JV Cash Calls up till date which has never happened in the history of Nigeria. Even Abacha ensured that JV Cash Calls are paid as at when due. Can NNPC pay their contractors? NO.

  • samuel

    Inec which is supposed to be an independent body has shown that they favour Buhari. They have conived with Buhari and amaechi to deny people of there right to vote.. it will all fail as jonathan efforts will be officially crown on feb14 when he sweeps the presintial poll.. Vote GEJ

  • Yusuf

    PDP accusing INEC of rigging, trulyf change has come already

  • ucheJ

    APC should not rejoice yet, PDP will surly take there place for viictoy is always on our side and apc will surly cry again at last.

  • Akinwande Kolawole

    APC is desperate to rig this election,the way they rigged AIT polls,they wont succeed . The party is evil. GEJ till 2019!

    • Nostory

      Sai Buhari

  • Sani Danladi

    Waiting to pick up my daughter at school and I sit outside on the bench with the drivers etc. I listen into their convo while fiddling around with my phone, and hear the following convo:


    A lone voice chips in: “Sai Buhari”

    And the others shout him down: Buhari no get certificate!

    I almost fall off the bench with laughter.

    I turn to one of the drivers and ask him: “You, you get certificate”?

    He replies: “Oga, I get WAEC as you see me so o. Na person wey better pass me suppose rule me o, no be who I better pass”.


    Moral of the story:Ignore APC e-rats .

    • Nostory

      Senseless comment from a jackass

  • Emeka

    How does INEC know who are exactly PDP members out of millions of Nigerians in order to deny them PVC? Or is party affiliation a requirement in the INEC registration form? PDP the corruption machine is really playing out their fraudulent script well. SaiBuhari by the way.

    • Craig Thomas

      Yeah, the corruption machine is really playing out, but aren’t they all the same? I keep asking every single day, what is the difference between APC and PDP? Tomorrow, I’ll wake up to read a caption that says: “PDP Plotting to Disenfranchise APC Voters–Lai Mohammed Accuses.” Isn’t that true? Has there been anything useful coming forth from both parties besides this nonsense? They keep acting like kids, goddamn kids. All that comes to my mind is a bunch of kindergarten kids taunting or accusing one another on the playing field. And aren’t they kids? As silly and useless as kids when it comes to the issues of nation-building, but as treacherous and manipulative as foxes when it’s time for them to loot.

      We’re talking about an imminent presidential election, a very important event in the affairs of an entire nation. And here we have our so-called contestant busy attacking each other. Clowns.

      Everyday I ask God what we–or our fathers–did wrong to put us in this perpetual state of confusion and failure.

      • Emeka

        I feel and share your despondency, but I try to stay sane by choosing the lesser evil of the two, which is a half-baked Buhari over Jonathan who is utterly deceptive, callous, and hyper-corrupt. Several factors are responsible for the leadership we get, and the blame falls squarely on the Nigerian populace who are sentimental, passive, and adept at cutting corners and “managing” mediocre performances. The type of leadership of a nation reflects the value system of the lead. Among the population, those who have the intellect to organize the system and provide guidance to the rest instead circumvent their talent to exploit the rest. The less endowed ones who are badly deprived take out their anger not on the the elites but on their equally pauperized fellow citizens. How many times have you heard armed robbers or bokoharam terrorists kill the high and mighty? Hardly. The common man is always the victim, whichever way the assault comes. We just don’t demand standards from our leaders. When they do 5% of their statutory duties like paving the roads, we roll out drums in celebration as if a world wonder has just been made. That, in part, is the problem of Nigeria. Complete absence of leadership is the other side of the coin. Don’t ask God, he’s already given us the brain with free will to make things happen. Just talk to your fellow citizens, keep records of things for posterity, and try do good with your own immediate environment. Like a seed on a fertile field, that your goodness will spread to others little by little.

  • Eze1

    They can see and smell the defeat that awaits them…

  • Unique Fidel

    GEJ all the way!!!!

  • fresh15

    Whichever way the APC plots to outsmart PDP,they will never succeed.GEJ is the way forward.

  • Hembe Hembe


    Nigerian Masses and Nigerians in diaspora who voted against ex-military
    president, BUHARI, in 2003, 2007 and 2011 presidential elections have already
    adduced the following reasons behind their votes against BUHARI. They have
    insisted that nothing has changed in the life of Ex-Military Dictator( Buhari)
    and as such have resolutely decided to go into election on Feb., 14
    Presidential Election to demonstrate their views and to send Buhari to a
    perceptual political retirement.

    They spoken in harsh tones to our correspondent denouncing Buhari in all
    ramifications . According to them, “below are the reasons we voted against
    Buhari in the past elections and why we are prepared to VOTE against him
    again this Feb., 14 Nigerian Presidential elections”. Reasons:


    NIGERIAN STUDENTS. Remember the person who abolished feeding in

    tertiary institutions in 1984?. Buhari as a military Dictator then had

    no agenda for Nigerian Students, neither does he and his rag tag

    coalition this time.

    Vote to protect our Students.


    Nigeria First Project


    NIGERIAN WOMEN. How many Women were in Buhari’s Cabinet as Military

    Head of State? NONE. Buhari has no respect for the dignity of women and

    regards them as insignificant in national development. That is why he

    recklessly said recently that he will abolish the office of the First

    Lady if he is elected. Women, who today are at the commanding heights of

    Nigeria’s political economy will have no rallying point in a Buhari


    Vote to protect our Women.


    Nigeria First Project


    THE NIGERIAN PRESS. Do we want to risk the freedom of Expression we

    currently enjoy?. Hear Gen Buhari’s vow in 1984 when asked about press

    freedom ” I will tamper with that”. To match words with Action (after

    all, Buhari claims to be a man of his words) he enacted Decree 20 and

    jailed Journalists Nduka Irabor and Tunde Thompson. Many Nigerians were

    detained without trial under his draconian Decree No 2. Can we afford

    to go back to the dark ages?


    Nigeria first Project

    No. 4

    The NIGERIAN POLITICAL CLASS. If you think that the current attempt to

    whitewash General Buhari and give him a human face will make him abandon

    his old habits, we will be in for a rude shock. To him, every

    politician is a thief except himself. This kind of messianic delusion

    has no place in contemporary Nigeria. Buhari looks at everyone with

    contempt and prejudice. His iron fisted misrule lead to the premature

    deaths of political leaders across the country. Let us save our emerging

    leaders and protect them from a rampaging despot.


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 5

    CIVIL SOCIETY. Buhari’s Government enacted laws with retroactive

    effects. Nigerians were given punishments that were nonexistent in

    previous laws at the time the offences were committed! How else can we

    define gross violation of human rights? Buhari enacted and recklessly

    applied Decree 2 otherwise known as Detention of Persons without trial


    He never condones dialogue.


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 6

    CATTLE REARERS. To some Nigerians, General Buhari is a proud Fulani man

    who will protect them when he gets to power! How wrong! Under General

    Buhari, the obnoxious Jangali Tax system was introduced and this brought

    untold hardships to Fulani Cattle Rearers and frustrated most of them

    out of business. A good friend they say is better than a wicked brother.

    The current effort to create grazing reserves for cattle Rearers must

    be supported. Buhari will bring back Jangali.


    NIGERIA first project

    No. 7

    INVESTORS/ BUSINESS COMMUNITY. General Buhari does not believe in the

    principle of a private sector driven economy. He is still ensconced in

    the worn out and obsolete practices of a state monopoly control of the

    economy. All the gains of the current reforms which have made Nigeria

    the biggest investment destination in Africa will be reversed.

    Should we be led back to Egypt?


    Nigeria first Project

    No. 8

    TRADITIONAL INSTITUTIONS. General Buhari as Military Head of State

    undermined the revered and world famous Stools of the Emirate of Kano

    and the Ooni of Ife when he unilaterally suspended the Great Alhaji Ado

    Bayero and Oba Okunade Sijuwade from office for embarking on private

    visits to the State of Israel. At the time they visited Israel, they

    violated no laws. Let’s us preserve the dignity of our heritage.


    Nigeria first project

    No. 9

    THE LEGISLATURE AND THE JUDICIARY. General Buhari does not believe in

    the concept of Separation of Powers. Being from a dictatorial

    background, he lacks the temperament to engage in dialogue and tolerate

    opposing views. That is how he influenced the dispensation of justice in

    his regime. From his pronouncements and carriage, he has learnt nothing

    and will attempt to weaken the other arms of government. SAY NO TO


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 10


    NIGERIAN PEOPLE. General Buhari seems disconnected with the norms of

    politics in his actions and his words. His immensely divisive persona is

    manifest in his recent pronouncements. In an interview he granted to

    weekly Trust recently, he referred to Former Presidents Olusegun

    Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida as his “Enemies”. Nigerians deserve a

    President who is a unifier, not one who has a penchant for collecting

    enemies. A Nigeria President should NEVER HAVE AN ENEMY.


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 11

    NIGERIAN PEOPLE. Buhari and his APC image launders have continued to

    present themselves to Nigerians as people who are going to fight

    corruption when voted into power –

    Buhari whose ADC, Major Ojokolo

    escorted 53 suitcases money into this Nigeria in 1984 even when he, Buhari had

    ordered the closure of the borders.


    Nigeria First Project

    No. 12

    NIGERIAN PEOPLE.. Toppling Shagari govt was the worst of Buhari sins.The

    worst civilian govt is better than any military junta. A man who

    truncated the Nigerian Second Republic and ushered Nigeria into 16 years

    of Military draconian administration cannot turn around to benefit from

    his own wrong. Buhari cannot eat his cake and have it.


    Nigeria First Project

  • Shehu Adamu

    Thursday, 15 January 2015
    Hot pics of Zahra Buhari – but why share now?
    Everybody has been talking about how beautiful Buhari’s pikin is. She is studying in England and there are photos of her on Linda’s blog.

    But why release these photos now? I saw this in an online article today:

    “First off, where did these photos come from, and why they have been released now? It’s no secret that the APC has hired expensive foreign image consultants, whose job it is to make the 73-year-old former military dictator appear more human and increase his appeal. Young people, who weren’t around to experience the General’s draconian regime, which lasted from 1983 to 1985, have been a particular target of the campaign. And there lies the answer to why these photos have mysteriously come out now.

    This is a deliberate effort by the Buhari campaign to trick voters into thinking they know the General, while also making him seem more connected to the world of today because he has a stylish and hip daughter. But the truth is that the General is not a man of 2015, but rather a former president still living in the past, who doesn’t understand the complex problems facing Nigeria today.

    Furthermore, the release of these images also arguably indicates that General Buhari believes women should be seen, but not heard. Zahra is studying microbiology in England, and is no doubt an intelligent young woman. She probably has lots of interesting opinions and thoughts to share with her fellow Nigerians. But we don’t know what she thinks about things because the campaign has decided she is more useful as an object to be admired and used for crass political gain. General Buhari has already attracted international criticism for pledging to abolish the office of First Lady if he is elected, even though this is an important office in all presidential democracies around the world.

    While the release of the photos of Zahra has likely been successful in its aim to attract more young people to the APC campaign, there are signs that it may be backfiring by bringing unwanted attention to Zahra Buhari’s expensive lifestyle. According to media reports, General Buhari may have spent as much as 42-million Naira over the last four years on Zahra’s university tuition and living expenses in Britain. This raises questions about whether the General is being truthful about his personal finances. He has said publicly that his assets consist of only 1-million Naira and 150 cows, but the details of his daughter’s lavish lifestyle in London – one of the most expensive cities in the world – appear to contradict this claim. President Jonathan, who earned his PhD here in Nigeria at the University of Port Harcourt, has made improving access to education and ensuring there is a university in every state a key effort of his presidency. But General Buhari clearly thinks Nigerian universities are not good enough for his children, so he prefers to pay expensive tuition fees in Britain instead.

    General Buhari is trying to hide behind his beautiful daughter, but Nigerians won’t be lured backwards by a pretty face. More importantly, we deserve to know how General Buhari would move Nigeria forward, and the fact that he feels a need to distract voters with images of his daughter would indicate he is a man without a plan.”

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